Jingle Ball ’09 (Updated 12/15 with Tampa Appearance)

***Updated with video, including the chocolate covered pineapple!*** A few photos from the Jingle Ball hosted by station 101.3 KDWB in Minnesota.   There are a few other meet ‘n greet Adam photos in the gallery here:  http://www.kdwb.com/pages/jingleball/   I’ll update with more photos as they appear.  Is anyone planning to attend any of the upcoming Jingle Balls? Feel free to send in your review of Adam’s appearance when you return. -Dana, Glamb #6

Jingle Ball, Z100 in New York on 12/11:

Jingle Ball, Y100 in Miami on 12/12:

Enjoy “Whataya Want From Me” a capella!

Jingle Ball, Z93 in Tampa on 12/13:


  1. I’m thinking that ADAM LOOKS HOT!!!!!! Oh My GOSH!

  2. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    LOVE when he wears his hair down . . .

  3. Adam is also gonna be on CNN live w/larry King 12-10 at 10 pm

  4. OMG I can’t believe Adam was in St. Paul and I didn’t know about it. Somehow we have to get a better update sooner of where this fabulous, young man is going to be so his fans can come out to support him.

    • Adam is hosting these events, but not performing.

      12/11 – z100 Jingle Ball – New York, NY – Madison Square Garden
      12/12 – Y100 Jingle Ball – Miami, Fl – Bank Atlantic Center
      12/13 – 93.3 WFLZ Jingle Ball – Tampa, Fl – St. Pete Times Forum


      • Thanks Slick. Unfortunately I live in Minnesota but for all the people in NY and FL who are Adam fans, THANK YOU!!

      • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

        I feel bad that Adam can only be a celebrity host and cannot perform at these balls. It must kill him not to be where the action is…..I guess his appearance at these balls was last minute. I know he mentioned that Kris got to sing at Madison Square Garden not him…

    • tutupat, I like to visit mjsbigblog site to find out when all of Adam’s appearances are. Here is the link:


      • Thanks cheeto. I appreciate all the help to keep track of where Adam can be seen. THANK YOU for that information. I’ll check that daily.!!

  5. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I hear Adam is going to be on The View and duke it out with Elizabeth Hasselback on Thursday! Is it true?

    • He said he was going to be nice and call her “Lizzy”

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        I twatted ADAM telling him to give lizzy hell, she deserves all that came to her. Isn’t she just like a brooke from Showbiz? They both just had babies, where did they think them babies come from? the stork?I bet their husbands had their ipods on listening to ADAM’s FYE when making them babies.HA!

        • OK, here it is, it will be awaiting moderation for a while though!


          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            Okay, now we got the “glittery,sparkly,w/ attitude” fist- handshake goin’ on here. ADAM was definitely on top of the game w/ his version. So take that jb! I hope that little kid realizes who he just did the handshake w/. A true star ADAM is.
            I think I’m going to bake some boxed brownies w/ some walnuts today. I’ll need them to munch on later while I’m watching the most fascinating person in the whole wide world!on abc.

            • hey kimber, good idea! Brownies, walnuts and Adam. Tonights the night, fascinating for sure.

        • kimber, I pulled it over,(awaiting moderation)!!

        • kimber, just saw a behind the scene vid of Adam and Lizzy really cute, he is using her phone to twitter!!!!! she says how cute he is……………… aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            OHHH!!! Marrrry CCC!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! ADAM dipping the pineapple was hot!, a vid worth replaying!
            ADAM & lizzy, that had to have been a conversation I’d love to get in on! Do you think she had ADAM tweet a friend of hers or even maybe her husband, ooh that would’ve been hott! Sh..! I’m starting to sound like Paris Hilton, I better quit this. But I CAN’T cause ADAM is just too HHOOTTTT!!!
            I loved those VEVO vids on AO! Loved his lipcolor, gotta get me that color!
            How did the color gold look on ADAM in the People’s mag? I thought it brought a whole new sexy to ADAM, my favs are silver, gun metal, black,blue, & now gold! Ithink I can find some opi gold polish. THANKS MARY C!!!

            • your welcome kimber, Vevo Vids. are sooo hot. Adam in bed with all those girls.
              Smiling talking about the LA expressway. Jumping, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

      • If I know Adam the way I think I do, he will be very classy with her – yet say what needs to be said. I can’t stand that woman!

      • I hope he does !!!! “Lizzy”, that would be great !!!lol

  6. yes it’s true!!!

  7. Yes it’s true!!

  8. “Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls” jingle all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. They sure do keep him busy busy. Tis the season to be jolly! Look at all his layers, keeping warm in Minnesota. Love his look and hair and
    everything I can see, oh and everything I cannot see too, hee,hee! There is a cute video on youtube with him dipping pineapple into the chocolate fountain at this Jingle Ball, he dipped it ALL-THE-WAY
    and ate it up, soo cute! I wann dip with him…………………..

    • MARY C….



    • cheryl 334 says:

      MARY…………….Starting to worry about you! You have a ‘one way’ mind with Adam! What about his music? His talent? His personality? His mom? His dad? His brother? His love of sweets? His love of me? His love of singing? His love? His love of style? His love of his long scarf?……………See, Mary there is a lot of ‘different’ things to love abouot him. Am I getting thru at all????? (somehow, I doubt it).

      • cheryl, no need to worry about me, read my post, I love everything I can see………and cant. Lets put the question this way, What I cant see? OK that would be his voice (I hear) etc. So its all in the mind of the beholder!!!!!! Hearty Har Har………… I do love the ornery side as well, we all know that, no cant hide that at all…………Its all in fun!

        • cheryl 334 says:

          MARY……………………OK, won’t worry. I know you can’t see his voice, but are you telling me that you can see his bulge?!!! Yeah, there is not a cell on Adam tht I don’t love. He is going to be thr WORLD WIDE ENTERTAINER soon, and we are going to be lucky to be able to see him here in the US too soon. Am so excited for him. His talent just cannot be ignored………………..his talent is bigger than anyone on the planet, and I hope he is ready for it, cuz ready or not, it is coming! THE ENTERTAINMENT OF ADAM LAMBERT………..coming soon to a country near you.

          People are astounded at Adam not ‘winning’ AI. Me, too. But, more astounding, and just as astonshing is that Adam got to be 26 yrs old, singing all over LA, the cruise ship, anywhere to be heard, and for someone to take notice of his voice and talent. But, noooooooooooo……..it didn’t happen. Not until Adam put himself on the idol stage, did what he had to do to stay on, and then tour with the others. Did so, no complaints. Turns 27, makes a few tv scenes, etc. all the while he is this uncomparable talent, and people just want to talk about sexuality with him. Even more astonishing, is his lack of sexual relationships or intimate relationships. This is all too wierd! How could someone this talented, beautiful, and singing his heart out continue to be ignored by all the ‘experts’ in LA???? This is what just paralyzes me. He is better than Borceli. But everyone knows who that is and he is so respected. It won’t be long before the US media will have to admit that they are in awe of Adam. His voice and his looks. As he grows, matures, he will demand respect that is rightfully his, not by verbally demanding it, but just by virtue of his being. We all continue to have fun and talk about really unimportant things,. me included, but I can’t shake the feeling of his awesomeness and the recognition to come. Then a lot of us can look back and remember when we hugged him or he kissed us. Me, of holding his hands, looking into his eyes and talking to him, etc, seeing him on stage where I knew that the stage belonged to him, and no one else. It is all so mind-boggleing that I hope Adam will soon realize that he is so much bigger than he even dared dream. It actually can’t be measured – his talent and all. It’s all-consuming to me. Like someone said on this site, he is almost ‘unbearable’ for the heart and mind to comprehend without being kind of ‘blown away’ in the real sense of the word. He can do NO wrong. He can make mistakes, cuz he is ‘human’, but thank God for those ‘mistakes’, as they only ‘prove’ that he is ‘human’! Else, I wouldn’t believe it!


  9. I love him. I like it when he dresses down and his hair is down. I like when he does go all out but I like it better when he doesn’t. I wish he would come to Tx. Love u Adam.


  11. cheryl 334 says:

    ADAM……….is Always COOL!!! Never seen a scarf worn that long before! He’s fierce with his wardrobe, too. Thought my favorite hair style was this way, ‘down’ in his face, but coming in at a close 2nd is the way he wore his hair on CBS’s morning show. It was moving, shinny, aunatural looking. So shinny. But, on Ellen, when he sang and his hair fell in his eyes, that was too hot! The only way I don’t like his hair, particularily, is when he makes the sides real close to his head, and short, and the top too heavy. Other than that, I can’t think of another thing to change. His clothes are impeccable! LOVE his style! Love him.

    peace-love-light-truth-hope-fun 4 Adam.

  12. Oh boy, does he look good here! I’d like to jingle his……never mind….’nuf said. I agree with Cheryl that he also looked fabulous on the CBS morning show that day. I thought he looked just about the most handsome I had ever seen him. Major fantasies all that day long and since!!

    I tried to get tix to the Jingle Ball here in NY at Madison Square Garden this Friday evening (12/11) but by the time I found out about it, it was sold out. Adam is so busy appearing so many places, it’s hard to keep up with him!

    The OUTMusic Awards are being held tonight at Webster Hall in NYC. There are rumors that Adam might pop up there, even though I don’t believe he’s an official nominee in any category. I found a place where you can vote for him for the LOGO-sponsored popularity award “Next Gay Icon 2009”

    As you know, he hosted LOGO’s NewNowNext Pop Lab last night, which I missed……grrr.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      CRIS……………Think I know what you would lilke to ‘jingle’, ah, Cris! I’d give my right eye to get my hands on that thing and give it a nice slow gingle with a firm grip. Ahhhhhhhh…………………………I have my fantasies! That is what Adam says he wants his music to do,k give us ‘sexy feelings’, welll, Adam, my dear little Big Bulge, you are a complete success in that area as well as any area you put your mind…..ahem…..or anything else you want to put something in. Hey! You’re gay! I get that, but, why ‘limit’ your options???? You no longer have to do that, my hot little iconic lkove machine! Hey, you can have what you want. Regardless of it’s gender. You do like to be ‘fair’ don’t you???? Cris and I are all for that! Just sayin……………………………….don’t close any doors mr. Music. That’s what I’m going to call him, MR. MUSIC. THAT IS ONE NAME ADAM DESERVES. There are many others, but MR. Music is universal, who would have a problem with that? ADAM IS THE MUSIC MAN-ROCK-GOD-PERFECTO-ONE OF A -KIND. HE CANNOT BE SURPASSED. CAN NOT BE. SIMPLE FACT. gOD I WISH i COULD LOVE OTHERS THE WAY I LOVE ADAM, BUT IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. I loved Elvis, Eric, Vince, Lyle, Heart, Muse, and others, but there is one problem………………….not anywhere neregardless of what he does as long as he continues to make us, ar my love of Adam. Will never be. Adam is one in the universe, sent to us to give us the beauty of his talent that reigns above all the rest on earth. He is taking care to do his part very well, and we love and support him thru all he will face. So much that is not known yet. But, he will need us,l his true fans, to have ‘his back’ in this world, regardless of where he might be. Not to ask anything from him as he is giving us evedrything he has already with his talent. We watch out for him, protect him, love him, b/c he gives us what no one else can – his beautiful voice, self, and person. Always thinking of making us, his fans happy with what he does. If we are not, he will try something else to give us what we want. What we want is HIM doing what he wants. That is unconditional love. That is what everything worth having is about. Love, unconditional. Now, that does not mean love everything he does, but love him, as long as he is still loving us, his fans, and wanting to make us as hapy as we want to make him. That is the recipe for a long term relationship. Elvis had it. No one else did. No one else thought of his fans and loved his fans the way Elvis did, and his fans knew it. Without his fans, there would be no Elvis, and he was intelligent enough to understand that even when everyone else did not. He was preparing on going on tour when he died. To please the fans who put him where he was, and that place was a very special place in this world. It was sitting on the throne of the KING OF ROCK ‘N ROLL. No one could keep him there but his fans. ………………….Albeit, that is what Adam is facing, and his fans are fierce and fanatical and strong. We help him even when he is not aware of it. We act in partnership with him for no pay, for no ‘thank yous’, just for his love of us. He gets all that for one reason – he has earned it, and deserves it with his greatest talent on earth. If he acted like an ass, he could sing and perform till the cows came home, but without his fans, no one would hear him. What fun would that be? Whether they be middle age rockers, or older, doesn’t matter. We will carry the reigns until the younger people catch up with his talent and give him all their love, too. But, we are in it for the long haul. We are not dull little old white haired cookie baking wrinkled women. Though we may do some of those things. But, just by the mere fact that we have come out of our own lives to be connected to Adam’s shows exactly how intelligent, understanding of greatness, loving music, not just the same ole same ole, but we found someone who is spectacular and above any nordm, and we are determined to be sure the world KNOWS Adam. We don’t just sit by and sew and tap our toes. No! We are the women of the 60’s! We KNOW about change! We brought change! We are comfortable when things need to be ‘changed’ and we are up to the task of helpling our leader do just that! We are strong, intelligent, educated, cheerleaders, players, and guards, plus a whole lot more. But in great numbers we are able to do what no other peer group in the world can. We can move mountains for those we love, and we do!

      • Wonderful post Cheryl, I especially loved the part about having his back because I am sure he will need it again at one point. We are all in this together!

      • cheryl, great post my dear. I do love how you said Adams music is about giving us sexy fantasies, thats what I’ve been talking about for months now. See there, instead of worrying about having those thoughts just let him take you away, just like Calgon! Only better. I’m with you and Cris, on wanting to jingle his (nevermind?)………………
        Cant thank Adam enough for sharing his talent, he so beautiful inside and out. Yes we his fans are with him thru thick and thin.
        love and peace

      • Cheryl334…..you certainly know how to pour your heart out. I wish I could express myself that passionately….so, instead I just have to read your posts to give myself another Adam ‘hit’….because I am thoroughly addicted !!! Thank you.

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • I went over and voted.

  13. Hi Glambs, just a question from this Kiwi girl in NZ. “What exactly are the Jingle Balls”? You have over there I realize it is probably to do with the Christmas Season,.

    • Yes, it is a Christmas decoration…a tiny metal ball with a little piece inside that jingles like a bell. There are lots of photos if you google… 🙂


      • Dana, I think she wants to know what the Jingle Balls ( the celebration concerts are about).
        you have me laughing, metal ball description, hahaha. that was funny.

        • LOL! I was trying to be funny! 😉


        • Mary you are onto it, Iknew Dana was being funny, so they are celebration concerts held thru the country is that right? Do different people perform etc?

          • you girls are funny! I’m not to sure what these balls are all about. Seems like its concerts with artists performing and in Adams case he has been the host and keeping these going in between acts. Looks like a lot of fun, hell looks they even have fun back stage in the hallways……………. Handshakin and all……………..Real cut ups they are 🙂

          • Jan, I was wondering the same thing….what these ‘Balls” were about ????

            Cheers, Yvonne (Australia)

  14. adamsdelicious says:

    So Adam actually ‘performed’??? That’s what I’m hoping for – I am going to the Jingle Ball concert on 12/12 in Sunrise, FL….

  15. MORE NEWS FROM NYC!! Adam was spotted at SPLASH bar in New York last night (12/7). Great article and photos at:


    He’s in town filming The View to be aired this Thursday.

    As usual, he was reported to be “so sweet” but “much skinnier” than the writer thought he would be. I’m worried! Between the crazy schedule and the recent bout of stomach flu, our beloved might be running himself down. Don’t lose too much weight Adam!! We love you just the way you are (were)!!

  16. forget adam lambert (although he does look delicious) . . . I want some of that chocolate w/ strawberries etc . . .

  17. Forget Adam . . . chocolate and strawberries would be !!!

  18. love adam lambert; miss his music; hes my real american idol form the beginning.

  19. Glambs, saw a VEVO commercial clip on his official website. Mary C, Kimber, Cheryl , Dana, Lila Emili…..MUST SEE…Adam in a HOTEL BEDROOM….OMG ! !

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Thank you glamasia! That was a hot 241 special! ADAM looked incredibly delicious! Loved the lipcolor, just confused by one thing. Those girls shouldn’t have been in bed w/ Master ADAM, I should have been, along w/ Tommy, & the rest of the band. I loved the way he was sipping on that champagne, I’m thirsty, for ADAM’s lust!

    • Micki (Glamb 535) says:

      Where do you find this? It sounds interesting.

    • glamasia, I first saw that last night. That was a MUST SEE….. OMG hotel and bedroom and Adam, on the bed laying back all sexy, holy smokes I can hardly stand it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then when he is jumping around laughing, land on me baby……………..

  20. OKAY so….I watched all of the vids and links and stuffs…OMG I am too dead this early!! LOL!!! I knew EH wouldn’t be able to resist his CHARMS!! 😉

    I don’t know if there is really anything AT ALL That I could EVER say that hasn’t been said about how sweet, charming, kind and fantastic to US, his fans, he is!! PLUS so DELISH??!! WHAT?!!

    I am calm. I promise. :p

  21. Can’t wait to see him on SYTYCD especially. Wish he could sing FEVER that night and cop a few moves of his own. I don’t really understand the whole system of releasing singles and he can’t perform songs until they have been released??? Is that right??? My silly dreams about Mr. Gorgeous performing each of the songs on FYE are getting wilder and sicker!! Broken Open should be nominated for a Grammy. When he finally performs that, I will have to be holding onto a tree or something. All these appearances are so wonderful – like christmas over and over but when I really want to experience him, the headphones go on and he is there. ( I blogged a lot about the hundreds of songs I now have on IPOD because of Adam (“you make me wanna listen to music again”) but now, I only listen to 14 songs…………Imagine that!! UIMA

    • coloforadam, you had me at the headphones go on and he is there! So true. Yes, I can see him singing “Fever or Strut” on SYTYCD, dancing his Adam moves………………..

  22. In this video, Adam referred to himself as “the evil Jonas Brother”. Hysterical!


    YEAH !!!!!

  24. Penny Curtis says:


  25. Sharon Whitney says:

    I was actually at the Tampa Jingle Ball–only went to see ADAM of course!! My sister lives in Tampa so it was doable…We had Celebrity Club Seats which entitled us to a meet and greet picture session with ADAM…I was first in line when my turn came up..went behind the black curtain..and THERE HE WAS!!! JUST STANDING THERE..waiting for the next group to come over!! I walked up to him…held his arm..and told him how AWESOME he was and that this was the 4th time I saw him…He smiled down at me (he’s very tall)…and said..AWWWW..THANK YOU!!! By now the other 9 people gathered around him…with my sister on the other side of him…(WE MADE AN ADAM SANDWICH!!!LOL) I then put my arm around his waist and LEANED ON HIM for the picture!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! I’m on such an ADAM HIGH right now I just HAD to share my latest encounter with people who I KNOW would understand!! To be in his presence and talking to him is just SURREAL!!! He has such an AURA surrounding him you can’t help but be OVERWHELMED by how GORGEOUS he is in person!! He just melts ya!!!! WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!! TOTALLY LOVE HIM!!!

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      How wonderful for you and sister to meet Adam!!!!!! Forth time, even better.
      Love how everyone who has met him describe the experience as overwhelming, and him being even more gorgeous in person.
      it truly must be something. Would love to meet him or at least go to one of his concerts.


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