Jeanette, The Extraordinaire!

Not only did she land an interview with Barnaby of the “Barnaby and Friends” morning radio show on WLHT 95.7 in Grand Rapids, but when Barnaby interviewed Adam she got mentioned! Who am I speaking of? It is our one and only Jeanette, of course!

Now personally, I think Jeanette should have gotten more credit for Barnaby’s question regarding Adam’s cruise ship photo in front of the Twin Towers right before 9/11. I doubt that Barnaby would have known that information without Jeanette! But hey, any mention of Glambs and a fan is a good thing. It’s all good. 🙂

So all hail Jeanette! Here’s Barnaby’s interview with Adam:

~Dana {I usually put “CatEyes” here, but today I write: “Jeanette’s Biggest Fan!”}
Glamb #6


  1. Pure Genius! Few more months for Adam’s Debut Album! YeAhhh!

  2. This was an excellent interview, and congrats to Jeanette for representing us so specifically!

    About Adam: he is so impressive in his responses, and demeanor. I have watched many interviews via the internet and on TV, etc., and he is always very articultate, thoughtful and patient. He is a truly classy guy, and I hope the protection afforded by this symbol, and by the prayers of so many of us, will keep him grounded and safe throughout his amazing career, which I am sure is full steam ahead once this tour is over!

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself, Vicki. 😀

    • Vicki W. so well put. I agree with you. Love and Peace and Safety to Adam. His patience just
      outshines him when he is approached by people. Such a calmness.

      Jeanette was ever so lucky to represent us Glambs with Barnaby and then to tell Adam
      personally in GR who she was. So happy for you Jeanette!

  3. I look forward to GREAT things ahead for you, Jeanette, you just keep going forward in leaps and bounds! Perhaps you could join Famous Mary C. as one of only two of Adam’s personal ‘handlers’ in the near future…I will Tweet him and let him know to be expecting you two, and that no two people could take better care of him than both of you. Actually, I’m half serious here, something big MAY just indeed be looming on the horizon for you, it seem that events have played out in ways that all lead to Adam and you being linked. I anticipate that the Glambs will become quite well-known and that you yourself will have more interviews in your future. Keep on trusting that ‘Adam Glow’ you’ve got going on around you, and like Mary C.’s ‘Adam Karma’, you should again be crossing paths with Adam in the not-too-distant future. Congratulations on all that you’ve accomplished so far!

    • Lorrin, the Glambs were not only mentioned then but again at the barricades. We were mostly standing in a row at the fence and Adam was ‘told’ again, and ‘met’ Jeanette.

      • This is just too much, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stand anymore of this good news….you wait and see, SOMETHING BIG is coming for Jeanette and the Glambs! We just have too much love going on this site for it not to be noticed, and maybe, just maybe, Adam himself will read our words one day! That would be my ultimate goal, for Adam to read something that we have written about him…I would just LOVE for that to happen! In the meantime, we are just going to have to somehow get Jeanette on Adam’s staff, it’s the only logical outcome of all this Glamberousness! (And Terry, I posted the ‘Adam At The Grand Rapids Barricades’ back on the Grand Rapids Tour Vibe page….maybe you can all find yourselves somewhere in that LONG line!)

        • Lisette here..thenks Dana for sharing thes video of Adam’s interview with Barnaby..And agree Jeanette estraordinaire glamb leadre. Bonmatin Lorrin always lovli reading yur posts
          and kinde words! Hope yu’re fine an merci for l’tweets belle amie..j’espere vous recive mine..left on passe threads to smile hopfull.!
          Re: Jeanette so happy thet she recive some acclaime lovli news for her an all dedication to him an this tributesite! An yes ther’s much amour between us glambs an for this beauhearte,artiste as Adam toches all our heartes always! Thinq he will realize ther’s thes very wonderful international group of fans’/amies from many parte of l’monde an USA av been sharing so much from time of American Idol til presente AI Summer Tour..So now..aside from his mentioning in interviews of “glamberts”..thinq of his glambs too!..We can only hope when his schedules permitte,will visite here an see beautiful people an ther heartfelte sentimentes of affection an amour for him!!.So feel blesse once agan to be parte of thes famille of frendes who av bonded all thru Adam’s estraordinaire gifte au chante,his musique,humanitie,charm,an voix angelique! Blessings to all glambs gals/fellows Jeanette Dana for posting..Lorrin,theresa,Cheryl,Ingrid,Sue,Mary,Cindy an many more!! Luv Lisettexoxo An nous ange d’musique…Adam!

          • Lisette, thank you for your always beautiful posts….and yes, like you, I am finally SO glad that Adam knows of us ‘Glambs’ and now it won’t always be’Glamberts’ we will hear all the time…and Mary C., I have been looking everywhere for more videos or photos of your barricade line, I will put a link here if I find anything!

            • Oh I so hope you do find one. I know Jeanette, Cheryl, Terry, SueAnn all of
              us would love that.
              I’m still looking for JosieNurse, she had a camera and we havent heard from her
              yet. Maybe she will be our savior.

        • No, they didnt get us on this film . Maybe theres another one out there????
          This film was only 9 minutes of the 45mins. Adam was out there.
          boo hoo!

        • Loirin, I was able to see Jennifer (from Toronto with the adam tattoo), might be jaysjen online?? and her daughter with the big blue and white banner, specially made, and Nadia and Vera (Gala), the two pretty blondes, but we were just a few more people along the way after them.

        • Lorrin, I hope Adam floats into our site one day too. I have a feeling he already has, especially
          since giving him our card. He seems to be notorious for going online with his laptop!!!!!
          He mentioned in an interview, this is what he does in spare time as well.
          We know he is a busy man, but there’s always room for Jello, or should I say our Glambs

    • Lorrin, You are soo sweet and you know I love your way of thinking. My Adam Karma is all
      around me. I had a couple of people come up to me thinking I was Adams mom. I have to
      take that as a compliment. They looked at my T shirt and one girl, was like almost afraid to ask
      and then did. Another girl came up and said ” Oh you have Adam and his mom on your shirt and
      then looked at me, and realized that was me on the shirt. Geezz. So Adam I guess you have 2 moms now!!!!!!!!! Oh yea, I would be sure and take good care of him.

      • Oh my gosh, that’s IT, Mary C! That’s why I always saw this magnetic aura around you in all the photographs, you remind me of Adam’s Mom…you look like you might be Leila’s sister or cousin, and Leila herself is just a darling person…well, there you go, trade on that as MUCH as possible, Mary, you might be gliding behind stage one of these days with that going for you!

        • Indeed! There is a strong resemblance – thumbs up for our ‘Famous Mary C’. The down-side is that Adam could have been your son, so stop drooling – no more incestuous thoughts. Anything, to narrow down the competition for Adam, hee hee!

        • Lorrin, I could dig that thought. You know I would always bring other Glambs with me
          to share the experience too!

          • Mary C., you and I have always been friends…

            • Mary C, I saw Jeanette holding up the pic of flat Mary D – how clever! We (AA, Silvana, Lisette, Ofra, AdamRocks … all the Glambs outside of the USA) could have sent our pics accompanied by a copy our national flags to you folk, asked you to print it and hold it up at the concert. I would have been happy to pay for the printing etc. Don’t you think that would have been sooooooooo cool. I am sure that it would have attracted a lot of attention. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, now why did I not think of it earlier. On second thoughts, why narrow it down, all the glambs pics could have been put on posters. I am usually very creative in coming up with these ideas but I was a bit ‘delayed’. Hugs and mwah.

              • Ingrid, that was a nifty idea you came up with. Then he would have seen pics
                of all his fans across the world!!!!!! Next time think faster, so we can help.

                • Mary C, first you compliment me on my nifty idea and the next minute you tell me to think faster! Thanks, thanks a lot Mary C. Mwah back at you!

            • Right on sista!

      • There IS a resemblence, Mary, so bank on it.. no wonder he was so free with his hugs that time!! He likely sees it too.

  4. I agree! Jeanette and we Glambs did the homework, not Barnaby. Wasn’t Adam eloquent yet again? So out there and not full of himself at all! And I think Jeanette is younger!!

    • Hi Terry, seems like you have recovered and resurfaced. Good to have you back! Before I ask for your account of the GR concert, I will first go and check the other threads. Hugs, Ingrid

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Theresa welcome back..hope yu enjoie thet special concerte with glambs gals an sure now lifeteme amies yes?!Ah true Jeanette shold av gotten little more attention in interview,yet surely Adam will visite thes site even if nevre leaving any commente..but just observe some of lovli posts an sentimentes,articles,tributes in musique videos,photos an much more..This site seeme to be very user frendly,wel organize an just thinq othres I av visite will nevre be as personal eithre..We all seme to connecte with one anothre an thet’s what makes it a very special place too in celebratione of Adam who is truly a legende for l’millenium,with a beau couer an soul..blesse in all aspectes mainly his voix celestial,face d’angeli..let me non go on agan..pardon just difficile not to say thes! hugs an luv Lisette!

  5. Beth/Canada says:

    I thought that was one of the better interview that I’ve seen. Adam is SO articulate. He let’s you see into him as a person…he has so much depth. Thanks to Jeanette for providing some research for the interview…you can tell that Adam really appreciated it. And wouldn’t it be nice for Jeanette to be a handler so we would know Adam was WELL taken care of! Let’s put our minds to this…

    • Well Beth, as Chief Butt Kicker and the credentials to prove it, she certainly is the right candidate … and has just the right side-kick, to boot! Jeanette can handle Adam’s safety and I am volunteering to handle the rest of him. Well Lorrin and Terry, I can do with some support on this one. Don’t be shy to support me on this one! Love ya all, mwah!

      • Ingrid, dost thou mean that thou wantest me to support you ALONE as handling the ‘rest’ of Adam? What? What happened to ME as being chief ‘dresser’ of Adam? Are you hoping to ‘slink’ in there unnoticed? Hmm, well, I will support you being on the staff, you may have part of Adam and I will have the other part…and I’m absolutely certain we are going to get nowhere with this idea fast…the contingency from Malaysia will be here any minute to foil your plans..

        • Lorrin, your are right about that Malaysian contingency & Co. (from the Argentinian districts) but all they are interested in is the southern regions of Adam! Sigh! Oh, I don’t know whether you saw the cat-fight between Silvana and AA over Adam. Now this suits me fine because while they are fighting, claws out and all, I will just snatch the booty! So my strategy is to remain almost inconspicuous and then pounce, like a flash of lightning and pounce with nimble feet and whoosh!! disappear with my Adam, into the night!

          • Lisette here.. an Ingrid what aboute toi amie here Lisette..Hope yu’re fine?I av left yu notes on passe threads..So counte me in thes petit ensemble of amies here in ma touriste towne.An hope someday too yu an I will see beau Adam in his solotour..donte forget we’re all to av a meeting place..An cant forget thinq was our lovli Cheryl who commence thet idea! Where is she hiding..wel I’l hopful to catch her online too soon!
            Take care an know Im thinqing of yu across l’mers Ingrid too! Luv an hugs Lisettexoxo!

            • Lorrin and Ingrid,
              You’re too much. I’m still laughing now! “contingency from Malaysia” That’s good one. LOL!! Jeanette handle Adam’s safety? Should we really trust her??!! Lorrin take care of his dressing?? If you thinking T-Back, I’m right beside you,Lorrin! I vote Lorrin for taking care of Adam’s clothing!! And Ingrid, you want to take care of the rest??!! It’s too much to handle, my friend! I will help you with that. You no need to pay me, I’ll pay you!! I babysit Adam! I shower him or maybe I can take shower with him ,well you know it’s hard to scrub your back,and I’m good at scrubing! Let me do that! I can put him on bed, you might think I’m weak but sometimes my adrenaline can surprise me. I can pick him up if he fall asleep in car and put him in my bed,put him in nice warm blacket with me besides him! I can make him delicious food to eat, I can chew the food for him, all he need to do it swallow me…I mean the food! I can make his life very easy,simple, with me around. All he needs to do is sing which he love so much, the rest I’ll handle it. I’ll hold the mic for him,for god sake.You might surprise if I tell you this, Mr. Donald Trump beg on his knees asking me working for him and I turned him down! You tell me, who can be better than me to take care of Adam? Nobody,I’m telling you! I’m the right person! 😛

              • I just had dinner,and thinking how selfish I was. We are the Glambs, we have to share.~sigh~ althought I really capable doing everything but I need to share the job.~nod~ Ok, Jeanette want to handle his safety! Ok, what she’s trying to say is ,she wants to a be bodyguard! Let her if she really like it.Afterall, she got interview in radio!!Let her choose first!

                Then, Lorrin wants to dress Adam! Ok,ok,what she’s trying to say is she wants to be fashion designer for Adam.If she got top 3 in “Project Runway”, let her be!! ~nod~ Only top3,if top 4,you are out,Lorrin! We have to respect her decision but sorry Lorrin,we can’t vote to make sure you’re in.It’s Heidi Klums and the gang!

                And here is our Ingrid,she’s so sweet and brave! She wants to take care the rest??!! Bravo!! What she really trying to say is, if something bad gonna happen, we all run with Adam,find him a safe place while she will stay behind and take care of the rest!! ~applause,standing ovation~ I feel safe just hearing that!Yes,confront all those bitches,Ingrid!We wait you at the hotel!

                All Glambs only can pick one job,remember we have to share!! Give him satisfaction in bed is not an option,that’s not a job,that’s blowjob!! It’s different! LOL!!So, I’ll pick …hmmm,just one…let me think, I pick, help him mosturize his lips!!!I’ll be his lip balm! He always lick his lips(yes Dianne,with his TONGUE,FYI Dianne really obssessed with Adam’s tongue) Adam must be really tired doing it over and over again,so I can lick for him,make sure it’s moist and wet all the time! LOL! There,I have great pick,haven’t I? Remember just one job! What’s yours? 😛

                • AA, arent you so cute. You be the tongue licker and What do I want to Lick????

                • Ha, ha, hee, heeeeeeeee! Yes AA (also stands for Alcoholics Anonymous, but this AA is you), I am laughing so hard I have stomach pains.

                  NOW, don’t get ahead of yourself! In order to wait for me at the hotel, you have to know WHICH hotel … and I am not saying. Remember, you and Silvana will be fighting over Adam when I make OUR (mine and Adam darling’s) gettaway. So whatever job you intend doing on hip, i.e. lip job whatever other job????, you first have to find him. BY THE POWER VESTED IN ME (BY ME OF NATURALLY), I am the newly appointed … tara .. CHIEF OF ALL ADAM’S BODY PARTS!!! Yes, I know , hee hee, you and AdamRocks, Silvana and the rest CAN EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT! I promised LORRIN, CHERYL AND MARY C that they could look but NOT touch!!! Cheryl, did you hear me, don’t even try to moleste Adam’s hand.

                  Oooh, I see a couple of missiles coming … have to duck!

                  • Sssssssssssssssssh, Lisette, you can two looks but you promised that your lips are sealed, okay!!!!!

                  • meant by me naturally – there goes the grammar, spelling and everything when thinking of all the delicious things I would …..

                  • Ingrid, you have truly LOST YOUR MIND! I am quite certain I could hold off all of you at the pass and grab Adam right out from under you as you whoosh by without any trouble whatsoever! The very idea that you could escape for any length of time is simply outrageous. I will have Adam back with me safe and sound before you can say ‘Jiminy Crickets’! And I will have no more of this ‘going it on your own’ talk, my friend, oh no, we have too much to do TOGETHER to make off with our Adam and ditch this crowd for you to disappear on me now!

            • Lisette, thank you! I know that I can always rely on you! Cheryl is exhausted. The excitement of the concert together with the sad news of her aunt’s passing and everything else related to it really drained her. I hope she is having a good rest. Thanks for your constant concern for others. Love ya lots dearest Lisette! Mwah Ingrid

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            I see you’ve been talking of me behind my back. HAHAHA.
            You all may keep your jobs, as Emili says: Lorrin fashion designer, Jeanette bodyguard, you taking care of the res, she licking his lips……I just want after all of you have done with him: dressed, fed and kept safe, have daily a grat chat with him, sharing thoughts, great music, etc……..I´m sure he would NOT be interested in the other stuff that I would most gladly share with him…..
            That’s a perfect job: keeping him company, long convesations

            • Silvana, see my post above with my new title! Hugs, Ingrid

              • Silvana/Argentina says:

                Oooops….I see I was too late…..Soooo selfish Ingrid, i din’t expect that of you….

                But well, I’m an optimistic …..always believing that something great will happen, or that something good will come from any experience…..I’ll figure out a way to get round all of you and have my chats with Adam………

                Well, that’s not being optimistic….it’s UTOPIC…..maybe if he comes to Argentina…..none of you will be around…..I’ll just have Marisa to deal with….

                Love you all,

                What did you say about Cheryl? About her aunt?

                • Ingrid,
                  “CHIEF OF ALL ADAM’S BODY PARTS” ALL means a lot. No way! I said only one job.If you taking care all his body part,that’s not one job,that’s a lot of job! You’re not the only Glambs! Share Ingrid,learn to share! See, I become mature all a sudden.Choose again!

                  “keeping him company, long convesations” You mean you want to be his psychiatrist? With all that stress,I bet he need someone to swear at!To let all out from his chest…firm chest,ohhh!! Anyway,he’s so busy, maybe he will only see you once in 2 weeks! But good choice tho! LOL!! Who’s next??

                  • Silvana/Argentina says:

                    I know…good choice….. better every two weeks than never……it could be very interesting…he could “let all out from his chest” about all of you girls….

                    • LMAO,that’s good one Silvana! LOL!! He will say all bad thing and how pain in the ass they all are except for me. I’m sure he will tell you after he got my tongue lick his lips all the time, he thinks he’s going to dump Drake for me. He’s in dilemma for sure.If you give him a good advice, I’ll let him see you twice a week!!How about that? Deal?? LOL!!

                    • Silvana/Argentina says:

                      I think that could be a nice deal….at first…..then I’ll talk him out of that too…..and …maybe introduce him to my daughter…that would be perfect……Young, beautiful, smart, funny, loves music, dancing….not mother bragging…just professional…..

                    • Ingrid, I heard you call my name!!!

                      Emili and I forgot to tell everybody, these are DAY jobs that you have all taken! You get to do your jobs during the day, but since she and I are vampires, and we’re up all night, WE get Adam ALL night!!! And, well, we have some VERY NICE ideas about how to keep him safe and HAPPY!!! 🙂

                      Cindy in MS

                  • KO's smiling says:

                    I’ll “check” the butt of his pants before he buys them to make sure they fit properly.

                    • You mean, you want to be the salesgirl? I have no problem with that!! LOL!! Size S will fit him completely! Tight and verrrrry tight! Ooh,I like!! 🙂 “You take credit card,miss?” LOL!! You’re not going to hit me,aren’t you??!!

                    • KO's smiling says:

                      Not if you don’t mind me checking by feel. 😉

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            your strategy of remaining inconspicous and then getting you booty, is to be all round the site answering everyone… will never get to Adam doing that…..we’ll get there first with AA


            • Silvana, do you really trust AA. She will lead you down the garden path, making you think that she will share with you whilst wanting Adam for herself. Go back and read all her posts. SHARE is definitely NOT part of her vocabulary.

              AA, no I never mentioned day jobs. MINE is a twenty-four hour, that right AA, TWENTY-FOUR HOUR SERVICE TO ADAM, Hee hee! Lova ya both, from the ALL-NIGHT-LONG HOOD! Mwah

              • Silvana/Argentina says:

                Maybe you are right, I’m too naive trusting her……but at least she maid me a deal, I have no chance with the rest of you.

                Do you image if Adam actually happens to read this site? He’ll die reading all our plans and schemes….. of laughter.


                • Silvana,
                  The deal still valid! Don’t listen to Ingrid,that’s her plan.Forget your daughter,it will be too crowded for 3 people. BTW,why you want someone that is “Young, beautiful, smart, funny, loves music, dancing” Adam will see you as invisible. Me, on the other hand, old,ugly,stupid,boring,deaf tone,and krumping is the only “dance” that I know!! Adam will definetely see you but what can I do,as a friend I have to make this sacrifies! Come on now, think again!
                  Hey,Drac, you know what we sucking at night,right? Yeah,shhh,just between us!! LOL!!

                  • It does NOT PAY to be gone from this site during the night hours, I can see THAT right now! If you don’t mind, Miss AdamAddict, I meant that I would ‘DRESS’ Adam, I meant actually, with my hands on the material, DRESS Adam….you know, get the clothes off the hanger, shake them out, and put them ON Adam, then do any tailoring that might be necessary…I think that would be very satisfactory, oh yes…..and you see, it would also leave many other jobs for other Glambs….Adam and I could laugh and talk while I work on getting those beautiful clothes JUST right for a perfect fit, mmm hmm….Oh, and hey, Miss Ingrid Smarty Pants, I happen to KNOW which hotel you will be staying in (a little bird told me), so watch out, here we come! I truly think all that A.L.T. you downed at the Lambertarian Party sign-ups has COMPLETELY gone to your head and maybe some other parts as well! I might even need Vice-Principal Cherry’s help in here pretty darn soon!

                    • Ha ha, the hotel bit is just a ploy which is working wonderfully! Come on, do you REAAAAAAALLY think I would share my strategy with you. Watch me do a Houdini on you. Lorrin, I considered letting you in but you have switched alliances, so here’s where I go solo.

                      You guys are something! I think we could write a book based on the posts on this site.

                      Silvana, you are soooooooo right! Adam would not believe his eyes if he saw these posts. Love to ya all and mwah!


  6. Hail Jeanette! Here I am on my knees waiving my arms up and down! You deserve this although Barnaby took the credit for the research. Ah well, if it makes him look good! I am just delighted that you were mentioned.

    Adam is such a natural conversationalist and a dream to interview. In fact, he has this ability to make the interviewe look good!

    Dana (CatEyes) I was so warmed by your comment re Jeanette. The Glambs love each other and the love and respect amongst the Glamb leaders is also very apparent – so cool! I looked at the pics that Jeanette posted with some of the Glambs. She has this perpetual smile on her face. I can just imagine how she beamed when she spoke to Adam … probably a blush or too, as well! Nice, very nice, a Chief Butt Kicker who also sports a blush … when around Adam at least!

  7. RED ALERT – CALLING ALL GLAMBS! Clay is catching up again, please VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! Please I have been doing my best during the night shift and now you have to get cracking!!!!!

    • Lisette here..alrite now Ingrid..calling out SoS for our beau Adam as l’chanson goes we’ll av to rescue him from thes situation ..are all l’glambs femmes in here to toss him a life preserver..ah being silly now..but thinq where Adam’s concerne all will vote more an leave him lot of heartes an amour!!In ma having companie am finding wee heures an in discomforte..Adam is what soothes any pains mabe feling! Seeing too thet interview he’s very charmant,gentle an a smile an crystal bleu thet truly fele swept away undre a spell an forget bleus,worries over daily stresses..vanish poof far away..hugs for thet monbeau amie..Adam! Luv to all glambs agan too!xoxoLisette.

      • oppps aftre reading above..mamamia here I go agan..I(somhow am thinqin of play now aftre watching on cable..oh an realize I left out in above post crystal bleu eyes(not his smile being crystal bleu..what av I done here..truly aving a blonde momente now!)An thes is yur fault Adam thinq yu’ve gotten me all flustered..blushing thinqin of him in watre needing a lifeperserver an perhaps loss of his swim attire.what?..I must go before I mette l’pied in mouthe agan! hugs Lisette

    • Back with you Ingrid on the Day Shift, will keep voting! And Lisette, your post about Adam’s ‘missing swim attire’ is so cute….your ‘blonde moments’ are most welcome..

  8. Wow! Great interview. Thanks Jeanette and Barnaby.

  9. Thanks again, Jeanette, for EVERYTHING, that you have done for all the GLAMBS. I too think that you should be working for Adam, on our behalf of course! He should be thrilled to have such a loyal and dedicated person on his staff. You have my vote, for sure! Great interview and, yes, you should have been given full credit for providing all that research!

    Glamb 20

    • Hey Jane, are you hitting another northern concert? I hope you can hook up with Jennifer (from Markham) and Gala, Veronica etc, Helen ….. some time. How about an eastern Canada regional Glambs group?


  11. Im so happy for you Jeanette!

  12. Great interview, but I think more credit should have been given to Jeanette for passing such good information to Barnaby. First the interview with Jeanette, next Adam’s interview, the banner at the barricates, the GLAMBS are becoming famous now, thanks guys.

  13. KO's smiling says:

    Thanks for representing us so well, and for letting Adam know that we’re out here and we love him!



  16. NH Glambert says:

    Jeanette! We love what you do here. Help us again to help Adam on this World Idol vote on the Tweeterwall! Please write an article to help activate the voting from here! Maybe the people that don’t read all these blogs will read your article!!! I know you must be busy but it would be so great to see him win this one!!!

  17. Are you frends voting? go to
    and vote. Please

  18. Dear friends, is very important to vote every 15 – 20 minutes because the difference between Adam and clay is very small.


    • Admfan1 – Clay is f&%^&&*(*( ahead – excuse the strong language! We can catch up if we keep at it. Ready, aim, vote, vote, vote! Clay, your fired!

  20. Glambs, my son’s name is Clayton but we call him Clay or Buddy. As of now he will NEVER again be called ‘Clay’ (despicable name).

    • Oh Ingrid, Haa! Nickname his Adam

      • Ingrid, I meant Nickname HIM Adam

        • Oooh Mary C, that may be dangerous. I might just get carried away – you know we had this conversation about incestuous behaviour … but maybe I will nickname his … Adam.

          • Ingrid,
            Stick with Buddy,buddy! LOL!! Clay is a beautiful name but Clay Aiken ruin it for us!! Darn it!! And Mary C, Clay’s nickname Adam??!! LOL!!
            Guy A-What’s your name?
            Buddy- My name is Clay but my mom call me Adam.
            Guy A-Why?
            Buddy-My mom loves “Everybody loves Raymond” and Everybody hates Chris” So, Raymond is Adam Lambert and Chris is Clay Aiken!
            Guy A- Huh? What it got anything to do with your name or nickname?
            Buddy-I’ve been asking her the same question!
            Guy A-What did she say?
            Buddy-I haven’t ask her yet.I haven’t see her after she got a job as “CHIEF OF ALL ADAM’S BODY PARTS”
            LOL!! (for those who don’t get it,you have to read all post above,everybody are insane,except me,of course)Ok,not that funny, I still have that panic attack after saw that dude beat Adam,ok?Urgh,no wonder Adam got sick,he sick of him!!I’m sick!!Uweek!!

            • AA, it took me five minutes, five whole minutes to stop laughing before I could respond. By the way, I have been promoted to SOLE OWNER OF …. TARA … ALL ADAM’S BODY PARTS and … wait for it… TARA … and his HEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART!!!!!!

              I am sure that Clay (aka Adam, Buddy) – I am so confused I can’t remember his proper name would be in stitches if he read your post. He also has a very sharp sense of humour!

              What would we do without you???? I know … be nice decent ladies!

              • Ingrid,
                You’re so greedy.Now his HEAAAAAAAAAAART too??!! And “be nice decent ladies!” Yeah,right!! I’m younger, I learnt from the senior!! Let me be more specific,I learn from you! All the horny and horniest,I learnt here! And I’m so proud that I’m a fast learner!LOL! So, your son,Buddy aka Clay aka Adam, how old is he,is he single,is he Adam’s fan,is he looking for an asian wife?? I can be your best daughter in law!! Yippieeeee!! LOL!!

                • Well, since I only have one son, whoever ends up being my daughter-in-law, will most probably be the best. He is Adam’s age, good looking (takes after his father) and he has a brain BUT you beautiful child will just corrupt him!!!

                  But just as a matter of interest, can you cook????? I need a nice obedient girl who can cook, clean, say Yes Mama, No Mama, anything you say Mama!

                  I am sure that last bit will have the desired effect!

                  Oh AA, you are the salt of the earth! Mmmwah, mwah and another mwah for Mama! Hee, hee!

                  • Oh darn it, I can’t be your daughter in law! First I don’t date younger guys! He has the same age with my younger sister! Cook?? Is instant noodle count? Obedient??OMG,this is hard!! Is this some kind of trick question?Is all mother want a daughter in law like that? Bummer, I will never get married!! 🙁
                    BTW,you shouldn’t say he has his dad good looks,you should say he has his mom’s good looks and his dad’s brain! Now it’s fair and square!!

                    • AA, have you lost your sense of fear! Let me say he has his parents good looks and brains and his father’s athleticism.

                      Seriously, I would never encourage any daughter-in-law to be obedient, permanently pregnant and in the kitchen and I would have failed miserably if my son expected a subservient wife.

                      … and I put out the bait and you TOOK IT! You don’t date younger guys, so back-off my Adam. I was waiting for you to put your foot in it and you didn’t disappoint me. YOU PUT BOTH FEET IN IT, HEE,HEE! Ah AA, you are something else! Love ya lots and mmmmmmmmwah!

            • AA, thats a good conclusion. U R too funny..

  21. Lorrin, Cheryl and Mary C, WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE ARE YOU!