Adam Lambert (and us) on Jay Leno


Hi everyone, this is Fernando, we just got back from attending the concert live with our fans. We got to see Adam from up close! I got there and met up with Lila, Carol, Julie, Glenda and two other fans.

The live atmosphere was INCREDIBLE. They did an amazing job in pumping the audience up by bringing a comedian before the show. We were all laughing histerically. They also had the band playing and a singer keeping us ‘pumped’ during the breaks.

I use to not really like Jay all that much until today. When he spoke to the audience before the show, you could tell he actually has a lot of charisma and that he looks way different and better on ‘real life.’

Adam sounded great live and thankfully that translated well on TV.

Well… enjoy the videos:


About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Richelle Barrish says:

    Best tV interview hands down…Jay Leno now has “Glamily” status and we just dont give it up to anyone. No efing way, they have to earn it> Jay Drooled and we applaude him. Clever, smart, hilarious, thanks for the memories…

    • You mean no “plucking” way!

      • OMPG that was hilarious. I loved the interview. I didn’t want it to end.

      • I loved this interview! By far the best one yet! I like how “real” Jay seemed with Adam. At the end of Adam’s set, I like how Jay came up and said “Thank you Buddy” to Adam. Conan seemed kinda fake, how the hell did HE take over for Jay? Adam was also great on Jay. Not only his interview but his singing brought up to a new level (if that is even possible) for Adam and I have watched it like over 30 times since last night! No wonder I am tired this morning…..I also watched all of his Idol moments too. My coffee cup is my best friend today!

        • Notice how many times Jay was touching Adam. Like everyone else, can’t keep hands off. Can’t blame him for that.

        • glamb# 442 Paula says:

          best interview to date jay actually asked new questions!! so glad he played down the ama old news. adam feeling welcome really made his performance stellar! love him!!

    • Leno is brilliant and Adam is up to it, articulate as hell and equally quick witted !! The “plucking” was unplanned by either, that’s what made it hilarious. The play on words became immediately obvious to both, and both ran with it. And to see Adam’s ever-so-slightly-embarrassed look … made me drool and melt more than ever, if that’s possible.

      And Leno’s reference to the AMA controversy, and Adam’s adorable response (What Controversy?)… World, AMA is official history now. Adam smartly always took the high road and has emerged victorious. Leno just might be his biggest fan. LUV IT ALL. OMPG.

      • I agree with everything you said, Ellie. Adam is gifted in sooo many ways.

        “He has a great disposition. I always said he was like sunshine. He just walks into a room and he, he just glows.” Leila Lambert

        I just want to kiss Leila Lambert right now. And Jay Leno. And the whole plucking world because Adam Lambert is in it!

      • DEE GLAMB #458 says:

        HI ELLIE,





        • This is so true– written by a man o another site– I thought it was a good explanation.

          He is re-introducing all of us to the true art of entertainment in popular music. I have heard many beautiful voices in my day and have catalogs of “groundbreaking” music in my library, but it has been so long since I have connected to music in such a primal way.

          Listening to and watching his performances are almost “out of body” experiences to me. His “art” is his connection with his audience through his performance. It is because of this connection that I become more than just an observer. I am able to shed my inhibitions and get out of my head for a while.

          Adam’s vocal gifts are extraodinary, but it is his gift of entertainment and connection, not just to his music but also to his audience, that has allowed me to embrace some of this freedom in my life. The kind of freedom that is primal, present, and real.

      Adam is so real, funny, open, quick witted and sweet with Jay. I did notice how many times Jay touched him..11 TIMES!! So insightful.. and the third Plucking comment Jay made about being “Painful” was a definite reference to sex! What was that about?? Do you even think Jay knew, or like his subconscious mind took over. Adams expression is PRICELESS- almost embarrassed for Jay and shocked, then quickly made a joke of it. DOES EVERYONE WANT ADAM??? It does seem that everyone that meets or interviews with him is just mesmerized and or captivated by him. Even David Lettermen, who is cool and aloof, was MORE then kind, excited and complimentary with Adam as he greeted him after he sang.

      The “Bill O’Reily- Lovely man he is” LMAO!! I can’t stop!! Adam is too funny!! i’m so glad he got to stick one to Bill after the nasty comments he made about Adam!!
      And if Adams brother is more quick witted and funny, then they must be hilarious to be around!!

      Here is a cool quote about Adam I thought was interesting

      Adam as Male Siren

      Adam as a male siren, I really like that concept. It is evocative of the difference between sexual and seductive.

      Most male singers that try to tap into sexuality, go straight to SEX. The lyrics are, well, more graphic and the beats are very primal. Adam’s music and especially voice is more often sensual and seductive, very like Odysseus’ siren, than graphically sexual. I think that may be one reason the AMA did not seem quite right.

      Adam’s “sexy is sexy” even when aggressive does not resonate in an “in your face” way, the pull is subtle and ultimately more satisfying. Adam’s siren song.


      Adam trying to get into a night club

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      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Thanks Summer! you bring up some pretty good vids! Loved MASTER ADAM’s pants! Damn he’s tall! He’s just THUD!

        • Your Welcome– Master Adams PANTS??? Which one??? LOL
          Can you imagine that GLAMBULGE in real life?!! It’s lIke he’s a walking Hard on!!
          drives me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            Hey Summer! I love all of MASTER ADAM’s pants, my fav is the brown zippered pants from Citizen Vein, but the pants he was wearing in the vid you just brought up, they looked hot & cool! I love that a “walking hard-on” I have overdosed on Master ADAM so many times, It’s almost just naturally to me to react the way I do when Master ADAM cums around. Well, it’s that natural feeling he gives you, it reminds me of an ol 70’s tune actually .Can’t think of it cuz I was a kid when I head it last, so maybe someone will know what I’m talking about.

  2. I LOVE this Adam Lambert fan site!!! You are always my GO TO spot for Adam news. Thanks for the Leno update!! I hate waiting for California time. You ROCK. Thanks so much for all your dedication and Adam support. Adam was amazing.

  3. Thanks for the great interview and performance. Love Adam and his band. Just can’t get enough of Adam Lambert. Jay is a fan of Adam…he’s a smart man :-).

    Now bring on that Adam Lamber tour!!!

  4. sunshine1705 says:

    What a great interview. Think it is one of the best I have seen.

    • I totally agree, sunshine! and Jay did his homework, or his people did as the questions asked and the topics covered were, oh relief! somewhat different, and so so witty and funny.. love the play on words..

      And when Jay said, “if you come out with a mascara line I will wear it”… and he should be held to it in the future.. never thought Jay could be so hip!! (must be thanks to his amazing wife, Mavis)

      • terry, I be wearing the mascara line too,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

        • Hell yes, ofcourse we all would be wearing the make up! Wouldn’t this just be an fabulous way to endorse him. I understand he is busy…..and actually the tour is more important. I can’t wrap my head around that idea as I didn’t go to any of the AI concerts. Smaller venues, how will we be able to stand it, we will all be melting…….

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            MASTER ADAM really does want to be intimate w/ all of his fans. OOOOhh!!! I just can see it now! Gawd I can’t stand it anymore I am so waiting for that show! His concert shows are going to be very classy.

  5. Wow, such a great interview. Finally someone came-up with some NEW questions to ask Adam,. The thing about him working about Starbucks, didn’t know that one. And I know EVERYTHING about Adam (no, I am not a stalker by the way lollll). And asking about his family things like that, it makes Adam so much more relatable, not that he isn’t already. But it’s just that among celebrities, its hard to find someone who just seems genuine. Adam definitely does. Go Adam 🙂

    • I thought it was a great interview. Every time my daughter and I see Adam on TV she says he seems like he would be such a great friend and she would love to meet him. I love his CD and watch him every time he is on TV. I hope the back lash about the AMA’s is over and the focus is on how talented he is. Hope he tours soon and comes to Houston, TX.

      • Deb (Deemoonpie) says:

        I’m with you, dclark…Houston HAS to be on his tour especially since the AI tour didn’t make it here!!

        Deb (Glamb #381) Stafford, TX

    • Yeah, I think Adam enjoyed talking about his brother rather than himself for a change. It’s nice to see other things brought up. It was indeed a fun interview to watch-but it was too short! I want more!!

  6. At last an interview too! Loved it!……Always watched Jay and clearly we know why!
    Adam stunning yet again and sooooo breathtakingly out there! Always love
    the band !

  7. Three cheers to Jay Leno!!!! His interview was wonderful….like two friends talking to each other!
    Adam was so comfortable and natural…as usual…and looks gorgeous…as usual!!!
    Finally, someone (Jay) who finally asked questions to ADAM that were interesting and new.

    I thought I was going to miss ADAM tonite because at 10:00pm my t.v. picture went green on both of my tv’s. I was silently screaming, and thought who sabotaged NBC at 10pm????? I called my Dad (93 yrs old) in PA, and he was getting the show down there. I listened to the first part of Leno over the phone, thinking that if I couldn’t see it, I would listen to him over the phone!!!! lol My Dad
    asked if there was another channel that I may be able to get the show on……didn’t think of that…and so I searched the guide on the tv. and guess what! I got the show on HD NBC!!!! I was sooooo thankful, I didn’t miss any of ADAM!!! I DVR’d it there. I honestly thought that I was cursed when I couldn’t see NBC at 10pm. Every other channel worked but that one! I was blaming ABC,
    the PTC, WSJ, Comcast….anyone that I could think of! LOL

    I’m a happy camper now…I had my ADAM fix for tonite…but it always makes me wanting more!!!!
    ADAM was wonderful, and I’m sure that he has many more fans tonite thanks to Jay Leno!!!!
    People saw him as we Glambs have seen him from the very beginning!!!!

    • Judy, it was very astute of Jay not only to have him on to perform, but to build in a little talk as well. Jay is trying hard to attract a younger hipper audience and using Adam is one way to do it.

      Twitter is atwitter with tweets to Jay re. such a good show!! We had asked that he let Adam have a littler interview, and he did it! Bravo for Leno!

      The stage setting for WWFM was no less than gorgeous and made Adam look rather ethereeal like he was onstage with Mad World.. and he even dressed similarly. Some one is giving Adam very good advice!

      • Duhh! meant ‘little’ not ‘littler’ having problems typing tonight with all the Adamexitement.

      • Terry, good advice for sure, always changing it up for his fans. So glad they had the conversation
        going on before he performed. Kudos to Jay……………….for the chair talk!

      • That was sooo cute, Judy! I am happy for you that you was able to see Adam!!! He looked amazing!!! (as usual)…. Love his hair! Love his outfit! Great interview!! Lots of new questions…. Never heard about this feud b/w him and his father before…. Stupid media!…
        Love you, Adam!

      • Yes, the “urban” look was so perfect for this show, then the “all out” look from last week’s SYTYCD was completely in sync with the theme and the audience as well. I don’t ever want to hear complaints again from men that their clothes choices are limited. It is all in their heads!!! My husband, who is a LT.Colonel in the army and therefore wears the same uniform day in day out, is looking for more Adam like clothes wo wear in his free time.
        Some business must be doing really well since Adam burst upon the scene!

        • Irena any retailer would be wise to carry a complete assortment of BLACK, silver, grey, dark blue clothing, with several chic jackets, both blazer type and leather.

          OH, and let’s not forget the accessories!!

    • jaberone, I bet you were fit to be tied, when your TV’s went out. Now at least you know you can get the
      other NBC stations and HD is a much better picture!
      Always love to get my Adam fix too:)
      Love your last line…………………

  8. Great, great interview. I think those shows that just had Adam on to perform really missed out, because he is Mr. Personality. Jay did a great job interviewing him, and didn’t spend the whole time rehashing the AMA’s. Instead, he let Adam shine. Definitely Glamily status is in order for Mr. Leno.

  9. Great interview on Jay Leno. ADAM is so amazing, very articulate, fun, charming, humble, and intelligent. I enjoy tonite show so much. Thank you Fernando for quickly post it on this site so i can watch it over, over and over again !!! Another performance, beautiful !! i can’ t have enough of his concert, everytime, ADAM gave us little different TASTE of that song….I LOVE IT !! Thank you Mr Jay Leno to invite ADAM to his show. I start to like Leno much more (as long as he is kind to my ADAM… 😉

  10. Your so funny. I love it. Thank you for bring back music in our lifes. It really makes me feel better.

  11. THANK YOU so much Fernando, and we are anxiously awaiting Carol’s account of the face to face experience!

  12. Adam looked absolutely amazing and as comfortable as I have ever seen him….He knew he was with people who truly get him. And what a terrific looking band he has! The time they are performing goes far too fast…………Thank you Jay Leno….I have a new respect for you for the great interview…Our boy was in good hands with you……You obviously know great talent (and a wonderful person who deserves respect) when you see it.

  13. ElianeBrasil says:

    It was great intervew. So fuuny. I’m so glad at the same day a receive my Collector’s Edition and my Glamb number. Thank you Fernando. I aprecciate that (sorry my English)
    GLAMB # 577

  14. Kudos to Jay Leno for a very interesting interview.. and ADAM as always
    brings us great response to interviews .. oh! don’t forget his
    fantastic rendition of WWFM!!

  15. LuvAdam476 says:

    This is the BEST interview ever with Adam on any of the talk shows! Jay Leno really got into it, brought out new questions and answers. Adam and Jay were both so very natural and down to earth. I loved the bantering when Jay was talking about so many people getting plucked over and
    Adam coming up with as long you pluck safely. I laughed my butt off. GREAT GREAT interview and SUPER PERFORMANCE by the band!!! Jay Leno definitely deserves GLAMILY Status!!! He needs to know that!

    I DVRD this interview as I do all, but this one I will record on a DVD for keepsake!!!

    • Hey LuvAdam I feel like we are sistas in Adam LOVE! I don’t think I have seen you post before. Nice to see someone else with the same Luv……. I think the interview last night was terrific! Finally a REAL interview. Kudos to Jay for treating him like any other STAR and asking real questions…..Not just the same old AMA’s..blah blah blah…..the gay thing.. blah blah blah. He was FINALLY able to show the rest of the world what we already knew. He’s an intellegent, articulate, funny, hunk of talented MAN!! Oh and SOOOOO HOT!! Let the REAL storm begin……. Love you Adam!!

  16. KO's smiling says:

    This is off topic, but has anyone noticed that all the AdamBombs videos from the idol tour are no longer available on YouTube? “Copyright infringement” all I can think about is a DVD I now think is coming. Does AI always release a DVD? I need these vids!

    • KO's smiling says:

      OK go ahead and delete my last post and this one. I found replacements. That was really scary for a minute, though.

      • KO’s, I dont know, but I’d love to have a professional DVD of the idol tour performances. If anyone does know, please tell!

      • I bought all the AI performances from itunes–but stupidly did not save them and then got a Trojan! Lost everything and itunes has pulled all of Adam’s AI performances so they cannot restore them. I’d also pay $$$$ for a DVD but I don’t believe AI has ever singled out one performer for this. Itunes also is not selling his AI songs either–but that I burned thank god.

        So, where did you find the AI performances? I hate the ones with the AI banners across them and the judges and most that I have seen are not quality–they look awful.


        • Deb (Deemoonpie) says:

          Kate, I have a DVD of all of Adam’s AI performances plus tour vids…if you’d like a copy, just let me know…

          • Wow….that would make my year…I have been so upset that I lost those. Watching those vids was like taking a happy pill! How can I get that from you? I hate to put my personal info on this public forum.

          • KO's smiling says:

            Wow. You thought ahead, Deb. I wouldn’t mind a copy, either… ?

          • Me too – just tell me how and how much and how we can go about it.

          • Hi DEB,

            If it’s not to much trouble could you put me on your list for a copy>> Let me know!

          • Deb, count me in, too. I don’t post here often, but I visit here all the time. This is the best Adam site of all. Have been coming here since the beginning. Everyone is so great! Let us all know what we need to do to obtain a copy of your DVD. Thank you so much!!

          • number8gurl says:

            Ummm hi Deb…I don’t post here much either but read a lot…this is in fact one of the first Adam sites I ever came upon way back then…I have all of Adam’s Idol performances on iTunes but sometimes I just crave to see him on my TV…I’m without DVR so once they are over on TV I’m relegated to the computer..I’d love a DVD of Adam’s Idol performances if it’s not too much trouble…I will pay for shipping/packaging/ etc. You can mail me at I would be so very grateful. Thanks in advance. (also, since I’m already asking for favors…if you have any of Adam’s recent performances (Early Show, Ellen, Conan, View, STYTCD and Leno) and could burn them onto a DVR that would be a dream come true.

            • Deb (Deemoonpie) says:

              Hi All! Anyone who would like a DVD, contact me at…Put ADAM DVD in the subject line…I think between my sister and me, we probably have all the interviews…but I’ll double-check…I put together the original DVD with just AI performances for her birthday – then it kinda grew from there with Mad World, Whole Lotta Love, Bowie Medley from the concert tour…just can’t get enough of our Master Adam!! Only charge would be for shipping/packaging, etc…just want to share the Adam Glow!!

              Deb (Glamb #381)

  17. AdamAddict says:

    I love this interview so much! Jay is super cool!!All hosts should be like him and Ellen. That riley whatever can retired!!And WWFM is exactly like in his CD.If Adam didn’t add the ‘yeah’,I thought he just miming it.The vocal is incredible.But I miss the falsetto.Hee hee,that was the best to me.Adam is gorgeous as always.I love Adam so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I too liked that falsetto he does it so pretty! He is pretty, & he sounds pretty, Just a beautiful human being!

  18. Leno did a great interview as did Adam as usual.

  19. I thought he couldn’t top his own performance, but this is the best one yet! Love the vocals and the whole presentation of the song. I think his band is awesome and they are really coming together as one more and more. Thanks for this website. It’s been my “one stop shop” since the beginning!

  20. AdoringAdam says:

    I am always amazed at Adam’s drop dead gorgepus looks and his amazing voice and stage presence. Jay was so sweet and supportive of our boy. I hope his sales go through the roof and I hope we can all see him NY’S Eve somehow. I wish I lived in LA.

    Thanks for this site and all the good work you do for the fans.

  21. AdoringAdam says:

    I made a mistake I’m so excited. Drop dead “Gorgeous.”

  22. Fantastic interview !!! …. and yes! it was good to have some different questions. Have you noticed that everyone that meets Adam falls in love with him and Mr. Jay Leno was no exception. Adam has a certain ‘Aura’ about him that is irresistable. This was such a funny interview and, importantly…minus the tension of previous interviews where Adam has had to continuously explain himself.

    Adam looked simply stunning as always. I loved his grey toned shirt and long coat. Loved the snake charm round his neck. His fashion sense is immaculate. Wonderful performance again by Adam and his very fine band…. and I thank you Fernando for these two great vids.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Yvonne, I so agree with you, “everyone that meets Adam falls in Love with him” He is a hunk a hunk
      a burnin love…………………….

  23. Great interview. I loved the “safe plucking” comment and the backhand slap at Bill O-Reilly. Adam is just a geniunely nice guy. You can feel his popularity and success starting to explode.

  24. lourdes stone says:

    great job adam! hope next time you will sing another song.

  25. AdamRocks! says:

    SO PLUCKIN’ COOL that you guys were there! Such a great interview and performance. . . but after all, it’s our Glam Rock God!!!

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  26. What a way to end the year almost, less the NYE bash!
    Fernando and all the fans that were there in the flesh, we could hear you ……. was great ,all the cheers from the audience!!!!!
    Adam looked amazing and sang amazing. So did the band.
    He and Jay got along like best friends, so funny, loved how he cleared up the Rumors, esp. about his
    Dad. No sexuality brought up………well almost, when asked if he and Neil are alike?? so cute how Adam smiled, OH I just want to kiss him! Always have liked Jay and I think he likes Adam too.
    Jay has one ornery show (Mrs.Claus, OMG) anyhow, bet Adam was laughing at that skit!
    Adam looks like he is loosing more weight, oh so handsome………….And his Mom was with him again,
    Adam you are just One Special Guy, Luv Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I just love it every time they mention his Mom being with him, it is so frikkin’ Gay! I can not imagine that there has ever been another Rock Star who has his Mom travel with him. But
      Adam walks to the beat of his own drum and we love him so much for it.

      • pa rump pa pa pum, me and my drum……………………..

        • and oh those SILVER PANTS!

          • AdamAddict says:

            If I’m his sister,I will be following him around too.Like A SHADOW!!! Ooh,if I’m his sister,that blondie will never get that job,fo sho!!LOL!!Family comes first!Hee hee!!His mom must be very happy Adam wants her to be around.That’s so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Every time they panned the audience I kept looking for you guys, but it was all a blur!

    Leno is one cool guy! I can’t think of one thing that would have made the interview better. And while I don’t think this was my favorite televised performance of WWFM…it was still very good – when is it NOT good? I can only imagine that the live experience was stellar.


  28. Adam does such great interviews! He’s intelligent, articulate, polite, funny, cute, sexy, adorable, etc. etc., okay I’m getting carried away!!! I could tell Jay was enjoying the whole interview too. And another great performance of WYWFM! Adam, you are just the best!!!

  29. Adam is just so adorable, funny, honest, beautiful, wonderful, charming. He walks right in to any and every situation and takes control. As much as I think I know what to expect from him, he always brings a new excitement. Oh gosh, here I go gushing again.

  30. Two adults having an adult conversation. Breath of fresh air. Thanks Mr Leno for a plucking good interview. What I liked most was the fact that he didn’t introduce Adam as the AMA kisser, but led with a stunning introduction of Adam’s amazing achievements, great opening montage!

    • Right on Karen. Agree100%! No reference to his sexuality either! Finally someone who put some thought into an interview with our guy! Almost as good as we could do! Loving him so much! GO ADAM!

  31. Beautiful, intelligent, humble, funny, quick witted, down to earth, out of this world singer and performer, loves his family, loves his fans, articulate, best smile and eyes I have ever seen! There are just not enough adjectives to describe Adam! I feel like I have known him all my life. He is the best gift ever! Merry Christmas to us!!! GO ADAM!

  32. Two of the most adorable guys in show business – Jay because he just sparkles with we-humans-have-got-to-laugh-at-ourselves good humor. Did you notice how many times he TOUCHED Adam?? Have NEVER seen him do that with any other guest – EVER. I think he just genuinely likes this young guy (kind of the same mentoring, sheltering love that Ellen has for him). You can just tell he sees SPECIAL in this kid and he won’t pass up any opportunity to connect with and support him. And Adam, just electrifies every interview because he is just himself and that “honest guy” he always promised us he would be and it WORKS baby!! I’m grinning from ear to ear and wishin’ I could hug the bejeebin’s out of him. Thanks for this precious video – I have put it on my list of Christmas joys to open over and over and over LOL, glambs UIMA

    • coloforadam, I love your comment ” we humans have got to laugh at ourselves good humor! Jay’s
      sparkling personality, that so fits Adam too! 🙂

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      When I touch someone when I am talking to them I just want them to know that they can trust me. Say whatever is on your mind. & I think MASTER ADAM got that message & was very comfortable with Jay, that’s a really good start, being buddies w/ Jay Leno, I wonder if they’ll follow each other on twitter. Just a casual tweet here or there.
      MASTER ADAM is so real! He’s just totally so ……. MAGICAL!!!!!!!!!
      (I bet you just knew I was going to say that, huh?)

    • Well said, coloforadam! I just love how you always put things!! You’re always spot on and you speak for us all!

  33. The whole thing was fabulous and Leno surprised me with what seemed like a genuine affection for Adam! It looked like two guys just hanging-out and the message was that , Adam could just take a seat in your living room and he is as down-to-earth as anyone else! And there was a little stick it to you ABC–because NBC is more enlightened!

    Such a smooth operator that Leno–I have never given him that much credit until now. The mascara quip was adorable. Men sharing make-up tips, I loved it. Adam should be do a Maybelline commercial. It would be so damn cute.

    They guy hugs were like a cherry on top!

  34. I loved the interview! He looked…ahhhh…stunning (of course) but it was the giggles and yeah yeah yeahs that I loved. 🙂 SO ADORABLE!!! The set for the performance was awesome, loved the mist and the blue lighting. I am sorta sick of wwfm, BUT, watching him perform it is brilliant each time. LOVE ADAM!!!!

  35. delibel (Nederland) says:

    Fantastic intervieuw,Love Leno(and Adam ofcors)

  36. delibel (Nederland) says:

    NEWS LETTER.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTENT.




  37. I am sure you all notice the way EVERY person who interviews Adam is compelled to 1.) hug him, 2.) reach out to touch him during the interview. It is really interesting. Adam is not the one that touches but is always so welcoming to the touches, but it is the show host who feels that need. Even Jay was reaching over to touch! I just love that!

    • When I saw him in Grand Rapids MI after his concert….I had to touch him!!!!! The last thing I did was say “I just have to touch you” and then I rubbed his right arm!!!! He let me do it and smiled! I JUST HAD TO DO IT!!!!!!

  38. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    To save the best for last night shows, this interview was so “plucking” terrific! Master ADAM looked hotter than hell, sexier than sexy, he was just beaming w/ happiness! I am so happy for him & I am so very proud of him. His style was as cool as always, I loved the coat & the jewelry, & the jeans.
    Okay! Here I go, did you see the glambulge? Oh , that was very nice, too. Enough of that for right now, maybe later.
    He sang like the most beautiful natural sound there ever was. More melodically than birds chirping in th early morning. More beautiful than two turtledoves’ mating calls, & more exciting than the early morning lovemaking ritual sounds of two human beings. Sigh.
    Master ADAM just simply amazes me . I see his magic is spreading throughout the country & the world! I am so happy for him, I am in awe, I am speechless, & all I want to do now is go to bed & dream of him all day.
    I will have to go thank Mr.Leno for having MASTER ADAM on his show, wonder what the ratings were for his show. I don’t watch Leno cause I work fulltime, so I only make my personal spare time for this site. My daughter is out of school for awhile so we’ll be together for a couple of days while I’m off. She wants to go out for chinese food for Christmas! Can you believe?
    Thank you very much Dreamsound for posting the vids so soon! & Thank you for giving me a second home with a full house of GLAMBSISTAS & GLAMBROS!
    This is one terrific journey MASTER ADAM has brought us on!
    PS MASTER ADAM you look great, but please don’t lose anymore weight, it’s not healthy to be overweight but it’s not healthy to be underweight either.

  39. Debbie Glam# 2473 says:

    I never did think that much of Jay but he just came up a few notches in my bk for being so nice to Adam! I know everyone loves him. Does anyone know how to put the AI videos on dvd,?? do I just use a dvd cd instead of music cd???

  40. OMG….just love him !!!! thats all i can say !!!!!!

  41. kd23morgan says:

    For his What do you want from me video he said he is working on I think he should do something along the line of the stage set here….maybe be on a street at night, foggy, image of his lover walking away and him trying to plead with him (can be done so it can be either gender to not piss off homophobes) and hence the song…can go between that and stage singing or stay with theme…love this kind of haunting stage set…like that he did in Mad World.. He should also start singing some of the ballads on the cd…they are so moving…Broken Open and Sleepwalker are my favs…Aftermath, not a ballad, showcases his amazing vocals….any of those…

  42. Princessshakeitup says:

    I can’t believe I fell asleep and missed it [living in the Caribbean everything is so LATE…by the way, Adam, you keep talking about getting away to the Tropics…how about ST KITTS where you have fans who are CRAZY about you!?] Anyway, 2 of my Sisters in Adam and I were SURE he was saying “Black Colada” in “If I Had You” instead of “black colored liner” and I thought it was the name of the brand of eyeliner he wears SO…IF Adam does come out with his own line, I think it should be called: “Black Colada” and I and my sisters will definitely buy it!!!
    Thank God for video and what a GREAT interview! Christmas came early…

  43. Well thank god for Jay! Finally an amazing and fun interview that doesn’t revolve around the AMA debacle. I loved all the questions that were fresh and new. It gave us even more insight into the person that Adam is. I think both Jay and Adam related very well to each other and to the audience. When Jay talked about the “plucking” and Adam stopped, put his finger to his mouth and chuckled with just the slightest hint of embarrassment (or naughtiness), that was the cutest thing ever. Hopefully, people will see that interview and realize that Adam is a human being who is genuine and true only to himself. Like many of you, I can’t wait for a tour. Hope he plays in California (S.F. would be good).

  44. Glambertgirl1 says:

    So bummed. I went to the studio at 7 in the morning, got the first standby ticket and after waiting in line right around 4 they told us if you had standby you weren’t getting in. It was soooo disappointing. Drove back to San Diego after my 8 hour wait to not see Adam.

  45. waveridergal says:

    Great interview…..great performance. That’s our Adam!
    Jay used to be on too late for me, but his new time slot works for me. I really like Jay and did not realize that he is so funny. So now he too has a new fan. So far I feel that he did the absolute best on his interview with Adam who was so funny, adorable, respectful and, well, he’s just so real. What a gift he is to all of us.

  46. Dreamsound, I wish I had known you were there, as I would have liked to meet you. I got up at 5 AM to get standby tickets, got ticket #7 and then…didn’t get in. At least I got into Conan last week, though.

  47. Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

    ISN’T HE JUST A DOLL? loe you ADAM.

  48. Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

    Gosh darn it!! clicked to fast AGAIN! LOVE YOU ADAM!

  49. Sherry K Glamb #445 says:


  50. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    It was so fabulous seeing him live and the fact that he was basically the only guest and we got an interview as well as a performance [sigh]. It was a wonderful day!!!

    • Lila, so glad for all of you that were there live and in person! Adam always looks into the audience
      and grins to his fans:)
      Did you have good seats?

      • Mary,
        Hi this is Julie (thanks Fernando for mentioning me, this was my first mention on the internet having to do with Adam, got tons more to go to match Carol (cmhagey, my sister)). As to your question, good seats….unbelievably great seats!!! We only had about 20 people in front of us in line to get in so we were in the 3rd-6th rows right in front of where Jay interviewed Adam.We also had Adam’s mother sitting a few rows behind us. It was like having Adam in your living room at home, so close it was hard to believe. My first time at a TV taping, first time seeing Adam in person, what a day. Sure glad I was in town from Austin, Texas when Adam was on Jay and sure glad Carol and Lila got tickets. I finally got to meet Lila and Fernando (who Carol talks about all the time) and met other friends of theirs too and had a great time.

  51. leilani aloha says:

    Adam’s so so adorable last night with Jay Leno!!!
    Great interview & an amazing voice !!!

    My sister ‘s visiting & she saw Adam for the 1st time & she could’nt agree more what a great entertainer Adam is , amazing vocals, good looks, charisma & ADORABLE, well liked by all:):):)

  52. Best interview ever, loved Adam’s reaction to ‘plucking’, the tongue going to the upper lip, the look in his eyes, the finger on the upper lip, OMG how cute, and you can tell that Jay really likes Adam. The performance was superb as always, loved it that they kept the back hug in, and Adam really looks good.

  53. I have a .gif of Adam doing that cute laugh on Leno but it is a huge file and don’t know if it can be brought over for this thread??? Dana?? Dreamsound??

    In the meantime you can see it on the gossipcandy site.

  54. Cannot wait until Adam comes in concert!!!!!!!

  55. supppppppppaaaa cool!
    loved it!

  56. adam is so wonderful, AND super talented AND handsome (love his hair this way)! a genuine nice guy who is always true to himself, no wonder he is so successful! i love how he does not let the media or negative comments get to him. in the history of american idol, he is the one to remember.
    adam, wish you would do a concert in honolulu!