Jay Leno part 2342341

To move away from the negativity of WSJ, let’s spread some more holiday season cheer! Once again, Jay Leno stuck with his daily Adam-routine. Last night he followed up the mistletoe-skit with a little scene in which he shows the audience his Christmas presents for Adam (nevermind he’s Jewish.. aw, it’s about the thought!). Let’s all get back to the happiness surrounding Adam at the moment and ignore the haters. Jay definitely will help you in doing so:


  1. I LOVE the fact that Jay Leno is doing his little Adam schtick! So fun and I am watching Jay religiously for the first time he’s ever been on just so I can see and hear what he does with Adam next! I love anyone who is going to give our man positive airtime to do his thing and let us bask in the sexiness and fabulousness that is Adam Lambert!

    • After reading your post I had an idea and I tweeted Jay Leno that “people are TUNING IN EVERY NIGHT just to see what positive vibes he will be sending onto ADAM LAMBERT via his jokes”.

      Glambs, you might think about writing your own complimentary tweet, also. Make sure to emphasize the LOVE you have for Adam (Jay mustn’t misconstrue your tweet and think that we’re looking for “bashing” style jokes). Keep it light and friendly! @nbcjay

      • sherry, what a great idea. I have always watched Jay, even when he was on late night. He loves to mention Adam! Light and friendly, my kind of thinking……….

    • Agreed! And Jay is usually not nice when teasing about someone in a monologue- but he is with Adam. Leno likes Adam. Conan O’Brien likes Adam. Jimmey Kimmel likes Adam. Craig Ferguson likes Adam. Ellen Degeneres likes Adam. The ladies of The View like Adam. And business is relationships as much as talent. This will all be influential in his favor,esp if he keeps all his twitter stuff fun and good news., daytime photos at lunch better than evening stuff as well.,just is.

      • Well that just proves that ABC is now biting their tongues for kicking Adam out and replacing him with Allen eekkk. Good luck ABC and enjoy the crummy guitar playing 😀

      • martha, hey that could be some kind of new TV show: “Everybody Loves Adam”

  2. Yes, Jay Leno is a smart man and he knows what he is doing. it will be great to see Adam and Jay together.

  3. Keep the good thoughts going……

  4. Great idea! Love Tweets for Adam to Leno. I am so on it!

  5. Sherry S…….great idea to tweet Jay, and also to emphasize our love for ADAM. Just to show how much we all appreciate him “promoting” ADAM.

    I can’t wait to see Leno on the 21st! It should be a great show….ADAM will win Jay over, and also will win over the studio and the tv audience!

    I think NBCjay will get the tweet to him, unless someone knows another name to use.

  6. mwahahaha;p

  7. Freaking hilarious! I think that Jay has a crush on our boy.

  8. Nothing but love for Adam. I will e-mail this to Jay Leno and look forward to the 21st.

  9. That was cute! Good on Jay! And good idea… anything to promote our bb!!! Getting very frustrated by the radio stations here in Detroit. Doesn’t sound as if they ever intend to play Adam. This DJ just told me “We don’t play Elliott Yamin either”. WTF!! Comparing Adam to Elliott??!! Don’t get me wrong, I liked Elliott, but come on! There’s just NO comparison! Adam is the BEST to ever grace the Idol stage. And one of the very best on the music scene in a long, long time! SO FRUSTRATED!!!

  10. waveridergal says:

    Actually Jay Leno is a really smart guy. I’m sure there are gazillions of people watching his show now because he mentions Adam. I thought the 3 CD covers were hysterical. I laughed and laughed. Side benefit for Jay Leno from people like me. I never watched his show before and did not realize how funny he really is. So now HE has a new fan! Interesting huh, how what goes around, comes around!

  11. I love Adam tons. Jay has his moments. Right now He is tops. Anyone that says funny or great things about Adam is cool. Glamb@534 right here loves you Adam tons.

  12. adam on jimmy kemmel
    no date set yet.-tha would be good.

  13. brandy USA! says:

    omg!!!!! wow. ha ha ha!!!!!! wowza. huzza huzza!!!! oops i farted.