Japanese TV Gives Adam Lambert Serious Props!

Just in! Check out the news/entertainment broadcast on Japanese TV raving about Adam Lambert! They give him nothing but love, and are making me feel slightly embarrassed about the coverage he has received in his own country. Hopefully media in the USA will take a lesson from the rest of the world in diplomacy and appreciation of talent.

~ Carol Glamb #7 ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Blambert says:

    It was great!!!

    I can’t believe I was watching on REAL TIME!

    I couldn’t help the tears of JOY that came as I listened and watched!

    And he was so gracious with all the questions, and aaawwww his smile!

    That’t Adam of the World for you!!!!

  2. Very nice. It’s so great to see how many people around the world love Adam. He is such an amazing performer.

  3. AdamAddict says:

    Watashi wa Adam daisuki desu! Adam kakoi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aishiteru Adam Lambert…to! 🙂 He is anime comes to life,of course Japanese loves him!Yaaaaaaaaay <3 <3 <3

  4. please see this pic of adam.http:// twitpic.com/190z7w.
    adam fye gone gold in newzealand(7,500).platinium is(15,000)

  5. Adam uniqueness with his artistry is out of this world. I remembered how Oprah introduced Adam on her show, stated “one we have not seen before”. IMO, he has no like with the other artis. His one but One! And, his amazingly the best! And, I agree with you Carol, USA must pay attention in appreciating his artistry. For he will be HUGE!!! So people who appreciate him now are very lucky for investing their effort to this amazing artist. I am so proud of where he is now. And, I pray for his good health in and out. More power and blessings to you Adam Lambert. Love you dearly! 😉

  6. Yes the sure love him, hear that guy say he must have a perfect ear, as his japanese was great, he has a perfect ear lright, he has a perfect everything. come on USA wake up to your national treasure as tjhe asian countrys have as well as us downunder.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      What good thing about the Asian is: they are very tolerant and accepting of gays. They appreciate the artistry not just the person. They look beyond the persona. Non-judgemental!! Good for them!!! I am in tears watching how he is being “IDOLIZED” by the Asians!!!! I am telling you this: that is a sincere expression of their adulation, not just a show off…

  7. yes i believe america should now wake up, it’s now time for them to recognize their own talents and stop glorifying trashy ones. Good Music has been absent in America for some time since the 70’s, Asians appreciates good talent, and because Adam is a rare talent and a genius he absolutely will be appreciated by music-loving Asians.
    More power to ADAM and his fans around the globe. Thank you Asians for loving our dearest Adam-
    our ultimate American Idol!!!!

  8. Oh, my, . . Adam is really enjoying himself immersing in other cultures, just as he said before. He seems so at home even in Japan. He might have planned to disguise himself for his arrival in Japan because of his get-up : in big sweatshirt, cap and huge sunglasses. Who does he think he’s fooling? Crap! The Japanese have wanted him for so long, hundreds were lining up with their cameras ready. Where in the world have you seen this phenomenon before? My gosh, Adam never imagined such scenario at the airport, but he handled himself well enough. But until now, he’s still a bit baffled by this new found fame or his effect on people. Why is this different than in the US? Is this like “A prophet has no honor in his own country”, or the saying that “Familiarity breeds contempt”? However, go Adam go! Go Adam go! We love you. I love you when you speak Japanese, like a child learning words for the first time — with innocence in the air. We’re so happy that Japan loves you. They took you, and make you their own too, like their national treasure. Would US be late in the discovery? Many nations would like to take you and make you their own. Adam, you’re so wanted the world over!

    • Although I get angry at some lack of American support for Adam. I am most positive that millions of Americans do love Adam,remember he did come in second on Idol ,not a small feat.

      The news media spends a lot of time on Adam,he has sell out concerts and his music is doing extremely well in a very down music market. It’s amazing how many cds he’s sold when you can down load all of his music on Youtube,or AOL,etc. Even the Parody of Adam shows how popular he is.His name is mentioned constantly.

      For such a puritanical nation, Adam is really opening doors for himself and other artists who happen to not fit our last 30 years of boring pap and rap music. It will take some time for acceptance of different sexual life styles,but it’s coming..I like to think that the glass is more than half full.

      • I hope too that the U.S. will learn to embrace ADAM unconditionally for the beautiful
        person he is!…..Many do I know but a change has to come….the world has set an amazing

      • You are so right Melody!! I think Adam is taking over where Michael Jackson left off. Adam’s popularity is going to soar in all these other countries because they don’t care about all the personal stuff. They just want great talent and music. And that’s what Adam is all about!!
        It seems like it always takes American people a while to realize that “Hey he really has talent!” And look past any controversial issue. I’m with you too, and I like to think that the glass is way more that half full for our Amazing Adam!!!

  9. Evette #419 says:

    What a nice video, & a wonderful way to start my day!

  10. Simon was right when he said Adam was an international star – being a Briton himself he knows the world outside the US and he knew just how the rest of the world would embrace someone like Adam, unlike the US being so caught up in his sexuality – as if that has anything to do with musical talent. It’s really wonderful that Adam is able to feel the love the world has for him.

  11. Wow, Adam speaking flawless Japanese who knew? We Did–didn’t we? He is a great Ambassador on so many levels. The guy is a talented genius-period.

  12. grandjag says:

    Always awesome Adam…vocals, interviews or just standing on stage and looking at the his admirers…love all the international news about Adam,,

  13. He is a global star for sure!

  14. The world has fallen in love with ADAM …!!!!!! …and it’s still happening right now! Just pure
    adoration everywhere he ventures…….! Everyone craving more and more…………….truly a
    Megastar is born!!!!!!! We were waiting for this…….it was only a matter of time before the aura of ADAM shone worldwide and a huge explosion of glitter rained Internationally!!!!!!!! Our Glitter Prince is history in the making……! Our hearts are so full watching it all happening! We love you ADAM!

  15. k. morgan says:

    For all you Glams….if you want Adam merchandise ….go to Cafe Press and type in search his name …they have tons of t-shirts…etc…it is awesome!!!!!!

    • Yes, yes, yes!!! Cafe Press! I bought 2 wonderful Adam T-shirts there! And our beautiful Glitter Prince IS in the making,,,I’m soooo thrilled and proud of him I’m crying as I type this!! I LOVE YOU ADAM, NOW AND FOREVER!!! Janice K

  16. ianaleah says:

    Adam is fantastic, and deserves the recognition for his talent that he is receiving from foreign countries. He is an internation superstar talent and that is rare, too much settling for less has been going on-now Adam comes along with his outstanding singing and it shows us what we’ve been missing.

  17. adam lambert was born fmous and popular is in his birthyear chart. and very popular sign also an aquarian- a friendly sign.he tall-handsoem and intelligent.great singer a good dancer.

  18. cheryl 334 says:

    Much appreciation to the Japanese people!!!! They treated him like he deserved, and he got a big kick out of it!!! Love for Adam! Yeah, Love for Ambassador Lambert!!!! His talents are limitless. The world is begining to ‘get it’!

    Love it!!!!!!!…………………………………………………………Adam!

  19. earlzagurl4u says:

    I’ve been going back & watching some Idol performances. I thought he couldn’t get any better in looks, clothes, voice. But I was wrong!! Everything he does, says, sings, wears is perfect to me. I have told many friends and fam. that if they didn’t care for Adam being OTT they should listen to Brigadoon, Come Home, I Just Love You, etc. His performance during Chabad,,I had my 83 yr. old mom listen to Adam sing that song and she cried.(she couldn’t see the vid as she is legally blind) Also I have told them to listen to an interview or 2 or 3 or 4,, and get to know him beyond his talent and sexuality. I’ve loved Adam from the beginning,,long before he told the world of his orientation. Again, Adam has such amazing talent. He can sing any song ever sung. There is something to love about him if people would only “open their minds.” BTW, I watched Adam sing during his hi school grad. again. I can see how shy he was then, but I can also see that beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. Even if he didn’t feel comfortable in his own skin then he was still beautiful to me. IJLY, Adam. PLL~

    • cheryl 334 says:

      EARLZAGURL4U…………………………….. Love the comment on your Mom. Music has it’s way of gertting thru any physical or emotional issue such as the inability to see. Yes, I agree with everything you said. He may not have felt comfortable in his own skin in h.s., but his voice carried him to places he could never have imagined! Adam was a very strong person. The only difference now, is that he is just stronger and gets more beautiful and iconic by the minute.:) Your comment is just more proof of his genius!

  20. I’m furious with the USA!!! I’m SOOOO thrilled people in Japan love our Beloved Adam!!! As well they should, as there has NEVER been anyone or anything like him!! I just hope the USA wakes up and realize what a treasure we have in him. I’m furious with USA!! I try & try to get radio stations to play Adam & they WON’T —( they’re finally waking up!) —– but as that certain song says, “You Never Know A Good Thing Until It’s Gone” —– Adam is beautiful, handsome, TALENTED WITH A FAB VOCAL RANGE & CAN SING ANYTHING, intelligent, fun loving and SOOOO NICE and further more unmoved by all that is swirling around him – the good & bad press! He just goes on “being himself”! Dear God I love him sooooooo much! Janice K

  21. Ima Ramorah says:

    *divine voice*
    *flawless japanese, good ear*
    of course!

    INTERNATIONAL superstar.. but we knew that 😀

  22. Retrogrrrl says:

    Forget American Idol, Adam is the UNIVERSAL Idol!!!
    I am holding my breath to see what happens when he arrives in the UK…could it be “Lambertmania” will surpass Beatlemania? I also believe he may be the Elvis of the new generation. As soon as I saw him on Idol I knew he was something special. Now that other parts of the world are discovering his talent, hopefully the USA will wise up and embrace him the way he deserves. It’s awesome to watch history in the making of a true superstar. Someone who is not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well. We love you Adam! The world is YOURS!

  23. I’ve uploaded another video from Sukkiri w/English subtitles. This is the first segment of his appearance before he performed. I will have another segment translated soon and will upload then.

    I heard Adam stayed another day in Japan doing more interviews and media coverage. I hope UK fans didn’t show up at the airport waiting for his arrival.

    Here’s link to the new video. Enjoy!! 🙂


  24. How amazing – I’d have killed to be there!! I just hope Adam realises that he also has thousands of fans in the UK and comes to London SOON! What about supporting Lady GaGa? That would be a fantastic way to start the European awareness campaign!! Love you Adam!

  25. I agree with Kate, Adam is an Ambassador. Europe loves him, as do the Japanese. It’s sad that in this country we have people who condemn gay men and woman. To hell with them!
    Adam Lambert, you rock! You strut like no one else can! You sing like no one else can!
    That is why you are so unique!!

  26. That’s why I love Japan (I’m into Visual Kei Music ) they are really sweet people and are very accepting 🙂
    I’ve had bad stuff happen in Japanese stores here in the US. I’m hispanic and they just used to follow me everywhere like I was going to take something hahaa. After they kept seeing me go in and buying stuff. They don’t follow me anymore hahaha
    Their fandom over there is crazy – seriously! At most of the concerts I go to here for Japanese artists alot of people dress up as the members of the band. It’s awesome!


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