Is Adam Redefining ‘Sexy’?

I think many of us would agree that Adam will redefine the current music scene – to what extent, we will have to wait and see.  I believe Adam is having a more immediate impact on how we, as individuals in a society, view our fellow man.  Adam’s “don’t be ashamed to be who you are” message is not just touching his fans superficially, but striking deep chords in many of us.  But is Adam redefining what is sexy in a man as well?

It’s expected that Adam will address his sexuality in the upcoming Rolling Stone issue.  I’m not going to talk in length about the gay issue here because firstly, the media has harped on this and hounded Adam relentlessly, and I’m sick of it. Secondly, if Adam wasn’t gay, he wouldn’t be the Adam we love.  Lastly, it’s nobody’s business but Adam’s.  The only thing I want to add is that it’s been the policy on since day one that we don’t discuss Adam’s sexuality.  Simply put, it doesn’t play into how we feel about Adam, except maybe to love him more for his fearlessness in living his own life. 

Now that the pink elephant has left the building, we can move on.  Okay, Adam is a good-looking guy.  He’s tall, has a body that wears clothes *extremely* well, and has striking features, not the least of which are the most beautiful blue-grey eyes this side of heaven.  With these characteristics alone, many would think him sexy.  But ‘sexy’ involves more than looks.  In Adam’s case it means makeup, eyeliner, nail polish, more makeup, enough jewelry to make Mr. T envious, and clothes that few of us would dare to wear.  These are hardly defining attributes for male sexiness in America, where the standard, according to TV, magazines, and everything else we as consumers get shoved in front of our face — seems to be cookie-cutter washboard abs.  And more washboard abs.

So why do we all find Adam so sexy?  Is it attraction to his good looks in spite of the eyeliner and jewelry or because of these things?  Is it because he’s a “Rock God,” as Kara dubbed him?  Is it traits other than his looks – like his smile and sense of humor?  Or is it just our undeniable reaction to those tight leather pants and striped spandex?

I think that as women, we react to all these things.  If this is true, are we ushering in a whole new perception of what we find sexy in a man?

Tell us what it is that you find sexy in Adam (keep it clean!), and do you think our attraction to Adam’s looks is a once-only phenomenon, for Adam only, or is just the beginning of a shift in our perception of what it is to be sexy?




  1. cmhagey says:

    Oh Jeanette, thank you! You’ve been peeking my notes! I’m so glad you said if Adam wasn’t gay, he wouldn’t be the Adam we love. I’ve been meaning to write this, but just didn’t get it out. Thank you for voicing such an obvious point that so many others have refused to see. And to your question to why I find Adam sexy? It’s the whole package. The way he carries himself. I love the on-stage rock god, who licks his lips and sneers, who flips his hair, who struts with the confidence and satisfaction of knowing what he is doing to his audience. I also love the tenderness he shows when he opens himself up for the judges comments. The balance between these two make him more of a man than any jock out there. Okay, I could go on, but you wanted the clean version! Love ya!

    • Francesca says:

      Everything about Adam is sexy. But what “gets” so many of us are those little things like the half-smile and lip bite in the first line of “Play That Funky Music”, and the way he moves on stage, and those searing, sparkling eyes, and the way his whole heart and soul pours through every word he sings. He is an amazing performer and an amazing individual. Like so many have said, I’d like to put him in a dish and eat him up with a spoon!

      But in reality, I know what would be so fun is to go shopping with him, and sit around and drink wine and dish about people with him, share ideas, thoughts, dreams, and goals with him, listen to all his incredible ideas and plans, talk about our nail polish and eye liner and clothes, and just hang out with him. He is beautiful inside and out. He has an adoreable personality and a great sense of humor. He reminds me of the kind of person Ellen DeGeneres is: warm, kind, accepting, and always above the fray. At the other end of the spectrum, Mike Huckabee is the same way. No matter if he agrees with his guests or not, he is warm and accepting. Mike and Ellen demonstrate that people can disagree with beliefs and lifestyle and still love and accept each other. I think Adam will be like that. Look at his friendship with Kris. It is hard to criticize someone that criticizes no one.

      If Adam has found love with Drake, I wish him only the best. I just hope this fellow is true, honest, and deserving of our glorious golden boy.

      Adam, you have legions of devoted, loving fans who accept you for who you are. We can’t wait to see the wonderful art you will create in your life. Love, love, love you!!!

    • marlis hanson says:

      Wow, Jeanette, and YOU, cmhagey, there you go again–finding the right words! The ‘satisfaction of knowing what he is doing to his audience’ is it for me. And now we know, looking back, that in his mind, at the time of his early AI performances, he knew that there was sooo much MORE satisfaction he can give us, as he was really being mild during what it really is. It is like the first time a boy flirted with me in high school and I got that tingly/fluttery feeling inside, and could tell that he knew that he had so much more he could do for me. (I’m working hard at keeping it clean, here…) Adam would be sexy if that was all there was, and he didn’t even look good. The confidence of a guy knowing what he is doing to me just by looking at me in that sexy way. That few seconds in the Satisfaction performance when he looked in the camera, smiled, put his tongue on his lip, and did that Elvis smile, flinging his hair in the air with a ‘haha–I know what I just did’ confidence is IT for me. Then he looks good on top of it all! And of course, sounds fantastic, and dances like he was born with it. Although I think the singing and dancing was honed to perfection with training, the look was created, but the confidence is what he was born with…)

    • cmhagey, you just described Elvis in your whole pkg definition…Adam has the “it” factor and knows how to use it…no one since Elvis has been able to deliver “it”…and have the vocals…rock on Adam you got “it”..

    • Hoping Adam has a rebuttal to this article:

    • What makes Adam sexy? When I first saw Adam, my initial impression was, “okay – a little weird looking.” Then he began to sing. My entire being was moved. When he hits the high notes, I feel emotions that are indescribable. When he “screams” I want to scream with him. I started out as a 47-year old female that never watched AI and wouldn’t define myself as a music person. Here I am weeks later, suffering from Lambertitis. I can’t get enough of him. I spend hours surfing the web looking for new audio of him, I’m posting entries here, I’ve dusted off my iPod and downloaded most of his performances, I listen to the same few songs over and over again, and I am impatiently waiting for the day that I can purchase a ticket to his first non-AI concert (it would annoy me too much to see the AI tour and have to listen the performances of the other nine) and listen to his first CD. The answer to your question is very simply answered. IT IS HIS VOICE!!!

  2. I think its the way how he was humble during the show and kind. His eyes and the way he smiles are genuine. His amazing voice, the way the camera fell in love with him, how he presented himself and how he just didn’t look like anybody else. He is his own person and i love him for it.

    • SmackYrLips says:

      Carly summed it up perfectly—what you are saying is basically about who he is — and who he is -is very sexy. The good looks and sense of style are just the icing on a very DELICIOUS CAKE.

      But Jeanette spent a whole paragraph on his sexual orientation. The media is driving this and again you played right into it. Actually I am loving all the humors and creative ways he uses to avoid the question and won’t say what they want him to say. It keeps the speculation going and is frustration the media hounds. I am getting a kick out of it. I hope he does not confess in Rolling Stone. It will spoil all the fun.

      I mean really — Is it political or about the perspective fantasy. He is an entertainer, an artist, not a political scientist. If you want to fantasize about a romance or sleeping with him– be you male or female – I’m sure he won’t mind. We- his audience – just want to enjoy him and his talent.

      I think I want to write a blog about this.

  3. In many ways there is nothing new about Lambert’s sex appeal – it is strongly reminiscent of the rock flamboyance of the late 70’s and again of the early 80’s. Is he pathbreaking when it comes to gender and sexuality? Probably not; just think of Prince or Bowie or any other of the Velvet Goldmine rock stars you can name. Hell, even Elvis was on the borderline when it came to acting straight. Perhaps there is an argument to be made that in recent decades in the US, we have delimited straight male sexuality into a sad little box of a very few acceptable behaviors. Too bad.
    Still, though, I must say Yes: Lambert is hot and this because he can play it both ways onstage – and all the ways in-between. This is a rare talent that will, supplemented by his voice, make him a rock/sex god for salivating males and females. Bravo to him!

  4. AmazingAdam says:

    He just has that CHARISMA in him. Whenever he performs, his moves, his eyes, the way he looked at the camera, its just all very hypnotizing and entertaining in the same time. And most importantly he has really good attitude and personality. I like his smile a lot, I think that’s sexy. 🙂

  5. For at least 30 years now we’ve had this “type” of male presented to America and its women have found it attractive, if not sexy. The only thing about it is that it was wrapped around the “Rock God” thing (think KISS & 80’s “hair bands”), the “sentimental crooner” (think George Michael) or the “anomaly” (think Michael Jackson or Queen). I don’t think Adam Lambert’s image/persona redefines male sexyness as much as it expands it. I think America is a MUCH more tolerant place for all walks of life than it was say 40 or 50 years ago. There’s STILL MUCH room for improvement though. As far as attractiveness goes, I think Adam’s attractiveness is defined just as much by his ability to make his fans feel connected to him just as much as his ability to make his fans convulse by a look from him. Adam just displays the characteristics of a genuine, honest, caring, loving, humorous, hard working, loyal, happy, confident, etc, etc, human being. Isn’t this the type of person we’d all like to be around??? Once your tingly “funny feelings” die down, your still held captive by just Adam…the human being…or what we believe/project him to be. And we like it! NO…WE LOVE IT!!

  6. You’ve mentioned most of it. I just want to add that one of the sexiest and erotic moves I’ve ever witnessed in my whole life are those four seconds (from 00:52 to 00:55):

    This is what I like about Adam – that he makes me replay his performances over and over again and every time I happen to find something new, something that I’ve missed the first time. Like in this video, where he “melted Paula into a pool of Abdul” and it took him a few seconds longer that usual to “recover” from the emotion at the end of his performance:

    Or the stare right through my eyes and heart at the end of “Mad world (with long coat)” performance:

    So, personally, this is what I find sexy and appealing about him (even the word “sexy” is too ordinary and cheap for him) – not the obvious (eyeliner and bling-bling stuff), but those subtle, invisible at first sight details, that I believe he does only for me. (well, ok, for you too, jeanette 🙂

  7. Norcal2009 says:

    Sexy Is as Sexy Does….And Adam Does…LOL

  8. glambertfan says:

    All I can add is,flirtation is nature male instinction to get attention.nature world,male have brilight color or voice,female naturely have dull color for safe to raise music history.such as disco was start from gay party, aslo glam rock as well. so…

  9. ~his fearlessness in living his own life~

    It’s the superficial–his great looks, great clothes, great, great, great, great, great, but MOST of all it’s what you said…his confidence to be who he is fully. No excuses.

    • speechless says:

      I TOTALLY agree w/ this b/c many of us have been involved w/ straight men & well do I need to say more…

      Adam seperates the men from the boys 🙂
      I really DO believe this is a big factor in what makes him “special” to women

      The visual is obvious…the core of him is the unique “IT” factor, IMO.

      Here’s to Adam staying true to who he is!!

    • Gioconda says:

      Couldn’t agree more…what a man!

  10. I think we all find him ‘sexy’ because he’s different. He’s not like all those typical, stereotyped definition of a ‘sexy man’ out there, with the abs and what not. He’s got this charisma and presence that attracts people, singing or not singing. Moreover, he’s handsome, tall, stylish, and that haircut is just a total WIN!

  11. I love men with eyeliner. I always thought Alice Cooper was incredibly sexy with the eyeliner, as was David Bowie. Then there’s Michael Jackson. I could go on and on. Eyeliner on a man is nothing new at all, not in the music industry anyway. I love it. Sexy as hell. And just to add. I thing the sexiest photo of Adam is the very last photo on the Kiss and Tell video on the bottom right side of this page. He has very little makeup on. And that pose…. I better just stop with that. It’s hella sexy though!!

  12. OK, ladies, I have a secret fantasy that Adam is…BI! I admit. Adam kinda does it to me, ya know???

    Anyway, here’s the thing. Most men are not in touch with their sexuality. The thing about Adam Lambert is he is not afraid to be himself; he is not afraid to project the fact that he is comfortable with his own sexuality. And that in itself is very sexy.

    Oh, my, my , when he was singing “Play that Funky Music” there was a moment when he looked directlly at the camera and I felt like his eyes were searing right through me, connecting in a knowing and incredibly sexy way.

    Do you understand, this guy just reeks sexuality. It drips from his every pore, it projects from his every look, it’s just meltingly good.


  13. Adam is sexy because of the honestly he has. Nothing is covered , he is fearless. He just got it!
    From the laugh , the smile, the eyes, the moves, the screams, the attitudes! In on word he is not BORING and full of surprises.
    When we think he only will look great in black leather jacket, but then he rocked it even better in white!!
    With or without eyeliner, nail polish, he still got that sexiness.
    When David Beckham need to almost strip and show off the six packs to be sexy, most women find Adam Sexy while he was with leather jacket ( tight) pants.
    And I am not talking as American, because I believe here in Asia, most of people also think ADAM IS HOT! and we have different cultures here.
    But for me , personally he is hot! and I am so proud that he said he got nothing to hide , he is what he is!THAT IS SEXY too!

  14. Arianna says:

    EVERYTHING about ADAM LAMBERT is SEXINESS. As simple as that. His appearance, the way he dress, his makeup, his accessories, his charms, his laughs, the way he present himself to people, his humor, his smile, his good looks, smoking hot body, golden voice etc. Just everything about him…makes us weak and spellbound forever!

    Luv u Adam.

  15. Who Adam is oozes from his very being when he enters a space. All the different make up or clothes…it enhances the package…but Adam’s sexiness comes naturally from within no matter how he presents himself. He just has “it”. He was born with it and now he has to figure out what to do with it! I personally think that the his confidence in not being afraid to move his body, move his head, move all the parts of his face plays a big part. Less memorable performers don’t move around enough and actually look funny or ridiculous if they try to be sexy. When you watch Adam in something like “whole lotta love”, he uses every inch of his being to express himself. Way beyond voice. It is not very often that a person with such talent comes along and is also able to be a huge success because people are just drawn to him. His core personality is amazing: genuine, sincere, caring, truthful and very, very hard working.

    It is true that for some reason Americans get obsessed with someone’s sexuality. Such a young country with such a long way to go. I am hopeful because Adam has gained so much acceptance being exactly who he is. But why is that such a big deal. There have been and are so many gay and lesbian performers, you would think that focus would remain mostly on the music, the performance. But we like to pry into people’s private lives….if we buy their music, we think we have a right to see what they are doing at all times of day. This is why the famous like to go to Europe. They can walk in a town and not be mobbed, because they know that they, after all, are just people. I don’t think there’s any hope for Adam going anywhere without body guards. The girls are going to mob him everywhere because he arouses something in us that makes us “feel”. And we crave those feelings.

    Adam satisfies our cravings!!

  16. AdamAddict says:


  17. The thing that makes Adam so attractive is his ability to balance both his masculinity and femininity in a way that makes both sexes feel at ease and comfortable without going overboard in either direction. Women gravitate towards him because he is able to mesh the raw animal sexiness of a man with the honest and powerful emotions of a woman when he speaks. That combination seems very rare and not only makes him a talented artist, but a unique human being.

    • speechless says:

      WOW!! I should have read on…
      THIS says it all Sue!!

    • Wow this is a great way to put it! He is confident, sexy and commanding like a man but he has the beautiful sensual emotions of a woman. That really explains it! How could we ask for anything more???

    • Natiann says:

      Well said! I never thought about it that way, but it’s sooooo true.

    • Spot on Sue. That is exactly what I think too.

      • Sue this is a great insight. It shows how he is expanding people’s way of looking at things!
        I must say I am finding part of my excitement about all this is the response of adam’s fans – like we are all discovering our hunger for something new and we all connecting through our appreciation of him.

    • lamberghini says:

      That is EXACTLY what I told a friend today. He appears to embody qualities associated with masculinity and femininity in equal proportions and both sides coexist so peacefully and are so well developed. It is so rare to see an individual own and express the myriad qualities associated with one gender, (we are full of fear and defenses) much less both. Look at the power in owning all sides of ones Self and developing that which is disowned. For women, the fear and reticence is usually about owning our power and for men the fear is usually about claiming fragility. It often takes the aging process to fully possess and express the whole Self. Example: the poem, “When I Am An Old Woman I Will Wear Purple”. Adam is 27. He risks and dares and transcends his fears. His courage is a marvel and an inspiration.

    • The thing that makes Adam so attractive is that he is a person that is truly happy with himself. Its been an amazing experience watching him grow, each week, he showed us a part of him, and he accepted him for who he really is and his confidence grew. That certainly would make someone feel good about themself. When someone is happy, everything about them changes, the way they carry themself, their eyes and their skin colour changes.

      Its strange how one person can make such a difference in so many people, but it only takes one person to change to the way we all think. He is changing the way we all look at life, accepting everyone for who they really are, and how good life can really be. All his songs have a story behind them. Born to be wild, now that made an impact. I think most people were so wrapped up in everyday life, that we had all forgottten what life is all about, its not just about the everyday things, like work and money, our life is a gift, we should enjoy every mintue of it. Mad world tells us that most of the time, we see people but we never really take the time to find out who they really are. We did with Adam, so why cant we do it with everyone else.

  18. Adam is sexy from head to toe. He walks on stage with such confidence that you have no choice but to sit up and pay attention. He commands that! And..I love paying attention to this man. He is absolutely beautiful. I think he is so appealing because he just has the IT factor. He comes out as the Rock God…but yet has the sensual side of himself. It is like you can’t even put it into words. Anyone who questions is sexiness….watch his Ring of Fire performance…that to me…was so sexy. He looked amazing…was so confident…risky and dared to be different. Does it get any better than that? The fact that he is so mysterious…and kept people wandering what he was going to wear…how was he going to wear his hair….eyeliner or no eyeliner? The whole “mystery” is what I find so sexy. He is just wonderful…I could go on and on…but trying to explain it…you just have to watch him….and you will get it….real quick!!!! Love you Adam!!!

  19. Everything about Adam. His charm, charisma, looks, sense of humor, being true to himself, and lets not forget his wonderful singing ability.

  20. AdamIsOurAI says:

    Adam truly is the total (Adamazing) package, with a “package”, I might add. Magnificent man…..

  21. Wow..I remember, way back during the Idol auditions..I was watching it with my daughter, when I caught a glimpse of Adam in the background. i stopped dead in my tracks and said..’WHO is THAT??”

    From that moment, I have been all Adam, all the time.
    Aside form his obviously stunning good looks, I also think that Adam has managed to meld the masculine with the feminine–creating a sort of new 21st century man.
    He is BEYOND sexy. And his astonishing talent only adds fuel to an already blazing fire.

    Adam makes ME feel sexier, which has added so much to all areas of my life.

    I can only say that can’t remember the last time I have been so turned on by a man, (except my husband, who thinks i have lost my mind,) 😉

    Thank you ADAM.., For sharing yourself with the world.


    • I agree with Laura 100%.He got my attention right away and he kept getting better.Even my son who is 12 and not gay at all loves him.He has the same David Bowie charisma,men and women loves him

    • marlis hanson says:

      LOL!! Laura, you are not alone! Adam makes ME feel sexier also! My husband his happy about that part.;) AND my husband thinks I have lost my mind as well. I am so much happier these days, with Adam in our world.

      • AdamAddict says:

        I’m from Malaysia & I remembered I was watching the A.I audition and they show who’s next after the commercial. I remembered I saw this hot guy going to be next and I didn’t dare to go anywhere because I want to see how this guy is going to be.
        And believe it or not, I recorded it because I just had this feeling and I don’t know what.I mean, it just an audition,at least wait untill he’s in top 13,right?!And then this hot guy sang “Bohemian Rapsody” and I was so happy because I was afraid he was suck.Well you know,some people say they really good and they have been told they sound like this star and bla bla bla. I’m glad he’s really good. From that day, I recorded all about Adam.He truly has this wow factor. Love him from the audition?? He had this power to make all of us remembered him from the beginning he enter in this entertainment circle!

  22. Adam has something that I have not connected with in a man in many, many years. The eyeliner and black nail polish are nice finishes, but not required for what I find attractive in this young star. It is as someone else said….the vulnerability and respect he showed to us as he awaited and listened to the judges’ critique on the show, the gracious responses to even negative feedback (of which there was VERY little !) It is the way he creates a personal gift of pure and delicious entertainment for us and poured it into our hearts every time he performs. It is the love and complete commitment he makes to us every time he steps on a stage. His voice is a beautiful and rare instrument that can sway us softly in Bend To Me, or take us to the peaks of excitement with Whole Lotta Love. Adam’s smile and beautiful eyes let us see into a soul that shares a home with humbleness, tenderness, intelligence, and humor. Now you take all of that and dress it up in a nice suit for Tears of a Clown, or slither it into a pair of hot leather pants or tight jeans and boots, and THIS tall drink of man has women and men of all ages hungering for MORE!

  23. pokergurl says:

    I think Adam is a very sexy man because of his confidence. Everything else molds itself around that. His look, his talent, his smile, his personality, his style, none of it would be possible without his confidence. I find it fascinating to watch him in an interview, he always has the right answers, says the right things without making himself look stupid. Very articulate, thoughtful, quick witted and just oozes confidence. People feed off of others who are comfortable with themselves and their situation. He knows the whole world is watching him right now and it doesn’t seem to bother him. Instead of hinding, he goes out on a date and allows himself to be photographed with his boyfriend. If that’s not confidence I don’t know what is.
    His sexiness may not always be thought of in a sexual way. I try to, and altho alot of women do fantasize about that, I don’t. I see someone I could go shopping with, gossip and share hair and makeup tips with while idolizing him for his talent at the same time. He’s someone I would feel comfortable being friends with and I think just being around him would make me feel better about my own self. I guess sexy is different things to different women.

    • Sun&Stars says:

      Thank you Jeanette for this thought invoking process. I agree with pokergurl’s response. I think a lot of his sexiness comes by way of the confidence he exudes. Adam is such a genuine person and it shows when he is interviewed. He has an infectious laugh and smile. It makes one feel good to be around others who aren’t afraid to exhibit positive feelings and happiness through their laughter and smiles. He is such a good sport. Adam has such a warm and friendly personality. People are just drawn to him. He is a “feel good” type of person and people crave the warmth and love that he generates. Going back to pokergurl’s response, he is someone that I could go shopping with and be comfortable with. He has given me the incentive to be more courteous to people and to improve my appearance. I can only wish Adam all of the good things that life has to offer; peace, love, happiness, success and good health. I hope that he will be able to keep entertaining us for a long time to come. Let us know when the “Rolling Stone” edition goes on sale. Luv u Adam!

  24. Hi peeps

    Love the discussion – yes I feel he is creating new grooves in what SEXY is. We NEEED this now.
    Hope you dont mind that I point out another interesting discussion on how older women are finding him to be an APHRODISIAC

    here it is, enjoy!

    • AdamAddict says:

      From babies to granny, everybody loves Adam! I’m 32 and I was like 16 year old teenage girl when it comes to Adam!! LOL!! 🙂

  25. AdamIsOurAI says:

    Also wanted to say Thanks! for such a great site to come to for Adam Adorers. The writing contributions are spot on every time, straight from the heart. This is the first place I come to every day. I have made a new friend (in person) through the chat – a friend who “gets” me. This has been the coolest thing for me. Much appreciated!

  26. I dont crave washboard abs and male god perfection. I just like a plain ol guy who knows who he is and you can tell he’s comfie with it and makes you feel the same. That’s Adam and that’s sexy. Yes, he does have looks that make you drown into a puddle. But, it’s the essence of a person that draws you in and keeps you, not looks. One can get lost in his voice, that’s sexy too. Wishing Adam only the very best and looking forward to the AI tour.

  27. IveBeenAdamized says:

    I am not sure that what is attractive about Adam is completely describable. Well it is obvious that he is a gorgeous man physically from head to toe, but it is really more than that. When he talks, when he sings something comes over you. I am completely put in a trance and it is saying to my brain give me more give me more. You read about all these women old enough to be his mom being so wrapped up in everything Adam and they are all kind of confused because this is not their normal behavior. That has happened to me also. I am totally obsessed with him and am wondering if I am crazy. I am not a stupid women and I am a married with children women who is in total Adam withdrawal since the show has ended. It doesn’t matter what he prefers or who, because really when you think about it what would it make a difference anyway. When I watch him dancing to Kiss and Tell with the two male dancers I don’t think eww. I think wow, wish that was me. The funny thing is I have never dated anyone who looked like Adam. But I think now if I were young again I would love a man who looked like this. So maybe he is making a change in what we find sexy, because boy do i ever think that now, move over Brad Pitt hello Adam. And you know I wish he was the boy who lived next door, that’s the kind of neighbor I would rather have. To sum it up, the only thing I keep thinking in my head about how I feel is that he is just so beautiful to me, in every way.

    • IveBeenAdamized says:

      Sorry I meant Woman!!! Great that I said I wasn’t stupid then wrote Women instead of Woman.
      See I can’t even think straight!! Thanks ADAM!!

      • marlis hanson says:

        Adamized, WOW!! I am also a married mom, who now has confirmation that I am crazy. I was a Brad Pitt fan too, before Adam. I forgot all about him until you mentioned him! I seached him every week on the internet to see what he was up to. Now it’s Brad who? Brad now means Brad, Adam’s old BF, aka Cheeks. Yes, and ‘all kinds of confused’ is a good description, although I have become used to it as my normal state of being. Like when Kara said ‘all a bit confusing’ about Ring of Fire, and used ‘confused’ again for a later performance–what she really was was HOT for him but did not know what was really going on in her head and body…so we are not alone.
        My husband and I am going to the AI top ten concert in Dallas, and he asked who was going to be there–a lot of young kids, or what? I said NO, a lot of married moms, most of us in our 40s and 50s. Heck, my mom is even going to it in Pittsburgh, with a tour bus of retired women, and she is 80!! heehee

    • What she said! Yes, I’m the same way. Can’t explain it and I feel silly and slightly ridiculous about it, but it’s a real phenomenon. The funny thing about Adam is that sure, he’s sexy, but his magic is more about how he makes everyone else feel like they are sexy, too. It doesn’t matter whether I see him with men or women, the effect is exactly the same. It’s just hot and full of life and passion.

  28. I truly believe that Adam has beauty. What is beauty? the combination of qualities that make something pleasing and impressive to look at, listen to, touch, and smell. He clearly holds this beauty within his soul that is exemplified through his eyes, appearance, personality, mannerisms, smile and singing. What makes an individual sexy is NOT by the depth of one’s surface, or sexual preference but within the depths of one soul that permeates and touches all senses.

  29. I agree with everyone on this site. Not since Elvis has there been anyone who just walks on stage and you go WOW, yes there is a lot of good looking guys out there in the pop world and films but Adam has the Zing and wow factor he is beyond good looking, sexy etc and I am a 65 year old Gran in Scotland who wishes she was in her teens again. Good luck to Adam but I know he will be a big star I have pre-booked his first album.

  30. When I found Adam the sexiest was when he auditioned without make-up and his cute hair cut and body. The natural Adam was so sexy. I also think his movements on stage make him sexy. But mostly his personality is so pure and makes him sexy. If a guy without any thing than the raw self is sexy, then anything after that cant damage it. I think Adam needs to show us the raw version too from time to time. Believe me I grew up in the 80’s and glam was appealing to me, but Adam as just Adam is so awsome!!!!!

  31. Leticia says:

    His charisma, confidence, humility and vulnerability! And of course his stunning looks and cute mannerisms all make up the total package that all his fans cannot get enough of!

  32. Suse1701 says:

    How do you describe the indescribable? Adam is intensely sexy for all the obvious reasons: his looks, voice, charisma, presence, courage … but I really thing what gets me is all the contradictions that culminate into one beautiful package that has our heads spinning.

    We’ve talked about that “transformation” that happens after he owns the stage as a performer then coverts into that adorable boy with the radiant smile. He was a fierce competitor, but his open, unbridled affection and joy for his friends and co-contestants was palpable.

    He is confidence and vulnerability. He is darkness and light. He is in your face but intensely deep. He is male and female. He is young and old. He is flamboyant with substance. He is edgy, yet unbelievably sweet. He is supremely fearless yet eager to please. He is everyman but absolutely one-of-a-kind. He is challenging but completely supportive. He is candid yet tactful.

    And of course, going back to charisma … that is something so indefinable the way he lights up when engaging someone else, anyone else, including the camera (and then he’s engaging millions). He has the ability to make people feel like they’re the only person in the world. Those eyes, that smile, that voice, that confidence and vulnerability and to that a million other subtle details and you get the mystery that is Adam.

    He is talent, joy, music, art, beauty, love, passion, strength, sex, wonder, dreams, fantasy, reality …. I tell you, the people that don’t see it or get it completely dumbfound me.

    • Charlotte says:

      What you say about his seemingly contradictory qualities is so right on, and it’s long been what I’ve thought of him and what makes him unique.

    • Kateydid says:

      Well said, Suse1701. I think you described Adam’s sexiness and appeal perfectly! Thank you.

    • Brilliant!

      • Hi Suse!

        Great post! I SEE what you say! As i read your post I wondered if this is how it can be for an “old soul” (I believe in souls coming back and back) – this wonderful paradox of qualities that they manifest?

        I remember when I first saw Adam – it was an online newspaper picture with him and Kris and headline something like “Sincerity wins out over showmanship” (we dont follow American idol in Australia) As I looked at the picture I felt immediately – there’s something wrong with this headline – the runner up looks deeeeeeep – even from one picture his aura was radiating! and then I drilled deeper and I fell.

    • Salaam Gray says:

      You put it so well Suse! I find him beautiful and I can’t stop watching and hearing him, and reading about him…What I find so attractive (and I’m a middle-aged lesbian) is his sweetness, his sense of humour and fun, his incredible voice, his showmanship, and his confidence in himself. I love him for how he has been since the final – always sweet about Kris and positive and upbeat. He is a superstar! Go Adam…make us a fab album.

    • Lisette here..
      Thenks agan Jeanette an Dreamsounde for thes lovli articles an place for all Adam’s “Angels”
      fans,frends to gathre. An agree with Suse1701 as ther’s many contradicte felings to define Adam’s sensualite was display fin everi performance,his charmant demeanor,eloquant manner towarde judges critiques ,Then subtle boyishness,wit,intelligence,his stage presence an oui l’way he looke into camera, beautful aqua eyes were hipnotique as if for onli me,vulnerable yet confidente,vocals ranges from tender in “Tracks of My Tears”,to sensual in “Ring of Fire”, exotic style,reminde me of Elvis from”Comeback Concert”,rock/danse ones of Black or White,Funky
      Music an estraordinaire danses, an ethereal angelique tone in “mad world” with all theatre acoutrements,longcoat,fog,bells Adam hed sense of mystere,romance, an sensualite for sure..An silly but reminded me of “Phantom” as one can imagaine being swept away as ‘ballerine of Emmy Rossum hed in l’film.An then ther’s vulnerable side in theatre songs
      “Bend to Me”, an songs from Wicked..So many facets to Adam’s artistique genious,diffirante
      styles thes is whet makes him charmant an sensual..Also his humilitie,humour,compassion,
      an all interviews display all above mentione..An agree Adam is one yu’d adore to chat with on any subjecte,dine with,go to a movie,shop,etc,etc,etc. Wel can go on forevere. An also see him
      being an innovative artiste/vocaliste in same way Elvis hed influence an a fascinatione with all ages,men,women,children ..Adam too has thes same charm,sensualite orignalitie an superbe talente .An thinq he’ll be here for many yers to come an adored arounde l’world..
      Wishe him all l’best an Adam truly is one of a kinde,avantgarde,a passionate,yet innocente,an a genuine..truly beau l’homme(handsome),bothe inward an outwarde. Many blessings always
      an bonwishes Luv,Lisette!

  33. My infatuation with Adam was originally (and still largely is) based on his talent. I’ve always had a thing for a great male singer. But now he has created this whole persona that I find hypnotic. He commands attention. He maintains a perfect balance between extreme confidence and humility.

    Looks wise, those smoldering eyes and curled-up lip seal the deal. I was also digging the hip action when he sang with KISS. I love his asymmetrical jet-black hair. I prefer is shorter, they way it is now, as opposed to earlier on in the season. And his fashion sense has inspired me to update my look. Just because I’m a mom and teacher in a rural town doesn’t mean I have to look like it.

    He is sex personified!

  34. Adamforevercayman says:

    I agree with you all, Adam is sexy anyway you look at him from a rock god sexy tights clothes to a formal suits what ever he wears he is always sexy. One thing is he can carry his self very well he is a true artist.
    The way he perform, talk, sing and dress very articulate, anyway and anywhere you put the camera whether up, down,side,back and top Adam always looks so sexy. YOU are the ONE!!!!

  35. In a word, yes, Adam is redefining sexy!

    To use more words, I would say his appeal comes in the wholeness of who he is: his dynamic and exciting stage presence, his physicality and ability to move his body, stratospheric talent, joyful sense of humor, warm and emotive personality, articulate and wise-beyond-years approach to life, oh, and I guess I will have to include just how physically handsome he is–eyes, smile, long legs and all!

    I believe that in America today, we have a straitjacketed notion of what is attractive masculinity for the straight male. I am hopeful that Adam can help push the boundaries a bit since women find him so appealing. Europe seems to have a more fluid sense of what is acceptable in a man’s appearance and manner. Adam may take us away from the norms of the gangsta rap stars, the ignorant jock, the dull cowboy and the uptight executive. I would be thrilled to have the “guyliner” as my “guy next door”!

  36. OnlyAdam4Me says:

    Yeah I think Adam is really redefining sexy because I never would have thought I would think a man in make-up and designer goat-tee would be sexy and it is. He is the only man dressed as a women that I think looks sexy (is it because I know?). Every single picture I have seen of him not only does he look great but brings on interest. We hold our head like curious dogs. How old is he in this pic? He looks flawless I wonder what has been done to this pic because I know he has freckles but he looks so natural? I prefer him with dark hair rather than blond? I wish I knew how to put on those drama eyes? How come his make-up is so perfect. Ohhh he’s flirting with me and him. Haaa Haaa I just love everything about you Adam and I truly believe you have a lot more to come up your sleeve. Your truly Adamazing.

  37. sylverine says:

    Wow Jeanette another good article – love reading them! And huge thanks to Fernando and all who run this great site – it really is so very good – so much better than the so-called official website which is probably just run by 19 Entertainment at Sony and has virtually nothing to do with Adam himself unfortunately. And is also relatively pretty bad.

    How can we make Adam aware of this site rather? Fernando? Does he know about it? He should! It would be so wonderful if in the future he would occasionally let us know what he’s thinking and experiencing. I know he’s going to be very busy – but just maybe every now and again?

  38. I think women LOVE Adam so much because he is gorgeous on the outside….. bold, daring and edgy in his appearance; but on the inside he is kind gentle, funny, sweet, etc. He is the whole package and can carry all that off with a confidence that no other person in his position has ever done. He went from obscurity to stardome in a few months and(so far)has not let it go to his head.

  39. Charlotte says:

    I’m quite impressed with this site and the overall level of the postings. As a 31 year old PhD student, and sudden, inexplicable, obsessive Adam fan, I appreciate the intelligent conversations here!!! I have lots of thoughts about Adam, but as for his sexiness: 1) Of course he is naturally very handsome, which is an essential element. 2) But while there are lots of other artists who engage in provocation through there looks, (right now Lady Gaga is a good example) his provocative ways of presenting himself never detract from his beauty. In fact, I think they almost always enhance it. He wears eyeliner because it makes his eyes look sublime. In his wings and glitter at the finale, he seemed like an image that we had collectively dreamed up. 3) He also mixes a certain over the top theatrical style with pure authenticity of self, which is also unusual. Just a few thoughts!

    • I think Adam inspires intelligent reflection in part because his intelligence is part of what draws us to him. I know that’s been a huge part of his appeal for me. I was drawn in to the point of swooning over my laptop repeatedly watching Ring of Fire…but it was while watching the Iphone “Confessionals” that I really lost it! I loved listening to his reflections on the Idol process, his past, hopes and dreams. He is a fantastic interviewee–always interesting, funny and sincere.

      “Getting to know him” over the past couple of months has made me feel like I would VERY much like to be his friend. While I find him sexy, that is not what I would want from a relationship at this point. I just like him (or at least what I can know in this weird virtual world) so much! I certainly have had crushes on friends before…but it’s been a long time!

      And, I’m with you on the Finale! When the camera first caught him, up there with the wings and the incredible sparkle around his eyes I screamed with happiness for him! It was like he was finally able to be all the glittery wonderfulness that he wanted to be all season. He was gorgeous!

  40. His eye control during performances. He is attractive. The performances are my favorites. When he’s working he’s got my attention.

  41. You know, I wish Adam could read these posts and realize the effect he has on all of us! I think he would be thrilled to know we all find him so fascinating. I don’t know what it is about him that I find sexy. Other than just about everything. I think mostly it’s his confidence and fearlessness. His ability to be exactly who he is and not let anyone push him around is sex too. The way he carries and presents himself are unique and fascinating. There is just some magnet attraction that has made me obsessed with him, and not exactly in a sexual way. I just can’t put my finger on it. I guess that’s what they cal the “IT” factor.

  42. Ill say What makes Adam sexy besides his physical look: HUMBLENESS ladies!!! What would matter if a guy is smoking hot but passing the superficial view he is a total douchbag/ Nucklehead??!!!


  43. By the way… No boundaries is no longer on top 100 itunes 🙁

  44. i think ADAM is so apealing because he is the perfect balance of male/female. I feel that we are responding to him like this because we are so out of balance as a society that he is a conduit for us to help bring us back into balance. I am not sure if he is all that aware of his power….he will help us balance our sexual energycenters….ADAM to me has redefined SEXY…….amen

    • yes Karen I see it. The aquarian in action! but this time through embodying himself the balance rather than just talking about it – we are out of balance we hunger for it and Adam is showing the “inner marriage”.


  46. This is my first time being an obsessed fan of anyone, and I have been trying to figure out why I instantly became an Adamaholic. I really think that it is the his complexity that makes him so interesting and sexy. He is confident but vulnerable. He is intelligent but then does those silly cartoon voices. He can be fiercely intense and then be the nicest guy you can imagine. He a stunning looking man but he looks great in drag. Plus, the whole package is irresistable — he’s intelligent, funny, polite, knows how to dress, always looks great and almost always knows exactly what to say. And my list goes on. But most importantly, he makes me simultaneously want to protect him (the Mom in me) and attack him.

    • Lol, I feel the same way, TKate: I want him to be safe and well and healthy and happy….AND I want to attack him! Actually, I want to hang out with him, because aside from his sexiness he is everything I want in a friend: fearless, funny, tender, witty, sweet, outrageous, kind, creative, supportive, and on and on. I just LOVE the guy! I especially love that his confidence has absolutely no arrogance associated with it, as it sometimes does with others.

  47. ejw89109 says:

    Merrian-Webster defines sexy, 1) sexually suggestive or stimulating, and 2) generally attractive or interesting. The bonus is Adam Lambert is a mega-talented singer and performer.

  48. Fandomatic says:

    Creativity tempered by wisdom is sexy. It helps to be attractive, too!

  49. I love reading these posts, they make me feel like I am not crazy! I too am in the 40 set and I cannot get enough of Adam. I find myself Cyberstalking him everyday. My family just laughs at me. I have almost forgot about Brad Pitt.LOL. Adam is so sexy that it is hard to put into words. Like others above I also watch the Kiss and Tell video wishing I was there. I totally agree his confidence is the key. He is just in command of every situation. I love the EW interview! His smile, his laugh! Man I cannot think just typing about it.

  50. sashabxgirl says:

    SESY to me always is the initial attracton at first glance. But to hold my attention is the personality. He exudes confidance, niceness and compassion. Adam is unmistakenly a gorgous guy. The striking black hair with the blue eyes and picture perfect smle? A package that is already wrapped with a bow.

    Aside for the fact that I think people are more cuious (in my opinion) to what Adam will do next, not Kris says it all. He gives you enough to fill your palate, but leaves a little off the fork to make you want more!!!

    As Kelly said “I cant wait”

  51. Kat4Adam says:

    I have said this before with other posts, but the sexiest move Adam has ever made in his performances was at the end of Beth. The move with the raising of the eyebrow…I have played that
    performance over and over again! Wow he could add that to some more songs along with a wink or 2.
    Did anyone else find it sexy???

    • Yes.

    • Suse1701 says:

      DROOL. Completely. There is a U2B video (I think put out by KISS fans where his opening is CUT OFF! Um, insanity. That’s the BEST part of the whole thing. He looks so gorgeous and joyous and delicious and sounds phenomenal!

    • Yes, I’ve replayed Beth so many times and I just watch his beautiful eyes the whole time and the eyebrow thing he does is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Plus, I love the way he kind of smiles in that song at certain places…..along with his voice…..and the costume and handcuffs.

    • rhymingrealtor says:


      Beth was it for me I have watched it over and over and over. I bought the video for the itouch I wish he would have sang the whole song. The look in his eyes when he says Me &the boys will be playing all night……………..

  52. To me it’s the way he handles himself… the confidence… the way he looks you right in the eye and smiles like he knows your soul (even if it’s through the TV).

  53. It’s how he looks at you through the camera. It’s how his lip curls up like Elvis sometimes. It’s how he jerks his head back in that sexy way when he’s singing…I could go on and on, Adam has sex coming out of his pores.

  54. He’s ADAM. I couldn’t put his epic sexiness into words if you handed me a dictionary.

  55. AdamAdamAdam says:

    Mary Poppins: Practically perfect in every way!
    Adam Lambert: Practically perfect in every way…and sexier!

  56. Katie Noelle says:

    Oh my this is getting wayyy out of hand. Why do you care? He doesn’t care about anyone who isn’t famous. All these people wanting to “marry” or “date” him, it’s ridiculous! I am not one of those people I can tell you that! The only thing that I even like about him, is his voice. But I would never “like like” him. People just need to not care about it anymore, who cares!? And I hope Adam reads this, because he needs to be less self-absorbed…

    • Kat4Adam says:

      You are not in to him and that’s okay… I will speak for myself and thousands of others who feel he has awakened something in us that hasn’t been there in a while. I do not want to date, marry or even be with him one on one.. For me I love his music, self confidence, the way he carries himself, his laughter , the element of surprise with each performance, it makes my heart pound!. He is caring, has love for his family,he can truly take a song and make it his own.
      I really haven’t cared this much for a musician except Elvis and Elton John and the Beatles. All of which have that same “it” factor to me. But Adam is even far and above them. I can’t seem to get enough of him. I at first, was disappointed that he didn’t win but seeing how people in the industry have shown they respect him as an artist, I think he is better off doing his own thing. He will be a star and I will and millions of others as well, will buy his music. Keep on sharing your talent Adam. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    • I don’t usually find celebrities sexy, either, and don’t really care about most of them. But, Adam has this way of singing and performing which are mesmerizing. He’s fearless and kind of “dangerous,” yet underneath it all he’s sweet, sensitive, and “safe.” It’s kind of like while you’re watching him, you can be wild and sensual along with him, and that’s exciting. He’s also really gorgeous and so confident in the way he carries himself, too, which is a big turn-on.

  57. What makes Adam Lambert sexy? There are so many reasons. Here are a few:

    He has OOMPH and he has IT.


    There is a sense of WICKEDNESS combined with BOYISH CHARM. A powerful combination.

    His sheer TALENT and VERSATILITY.

    He is very PERSONABLE, WARM and ATTRACTIVE (inside and out)

    I could go on and on, but I have work to do. Suffice to say, Adam Lambert is a force to be reckoned with. I hope all his dreams come true and then some.


    Suzanne XO

    I could go on and on, but in the end, Adam Lambert

  58. wholelotta lambert says:

    I love reading everyone’s opinion on what makes him sexy…he is all of the above. But he also has an incredible ‘sense of self’. We are obviously all addicted to him. I love the guyliner but don’t think he is any sexier with it than without….

  59. God this is a very good subject .. 4 me ADAM is sexy from the top of his head till his feet .. i swear every inch of his body pure sex .. i love hims god so much i can’t speak any more he really makes me weak .. i love everything about him his 1 million dollar smile , iresistable laugh , god his sexy eyes , his great hair , his adorable personality , his flawless voice , his golden heart , his kindness and the way he care 4 others every thing about him lovable and sexy .. i love him with every vein n my body 🙂 ohhh god this subject made me sick thinking of ADAM qualities they r just unlimited 🙂

    • ohh never foregt his sens of humer dear god .. i really never saw someone have it all , CUTE , SEXY , HOT , HANDSOME , ADORABLE , FUNNY , LOVING , BEAUTIFUL .. I swear he have it all and 4 me this is a Mystery . i always think is it legal to have everything !!!! cuz he hace it all god bless him .. i luv him to pieces 🙂

  60. quatsch says:

    I prefer the word “sensual” to describe Adam…”relating to or consisting in the gratification of the senses or the indulgence of appetite (fleshly)”. His style is so refreshing. Seems to me the young “stars” of video TV think they have to be mostly naked to be sexy and mistake vulgarity for sensuality.
    Beyond his obvious vocal chops, I heartily agree with previous posters that it is his self awareness and confidence that moves me.

  61. petra2222 says:

    I think Adam is a prodigious and magical talent. His sensuality on stage is part of the appeal of his artistry. Now that the competition is over, I’m glad he is able to be himself and go out on the town with Drake. I must admit, though, as a woman I was a little disappointed watching an (old) video of Drake LaBry waiting for a train, repeatedly referring to females as “bitches.” I cannot imagine Adam doing that. Still, no one – including me – should judge Drake on the basis of a few off-guard seconds captured on video . . . just noting that it caused me to wince. I’m still and forever a die-hard Adam Lambert fan of both his music and his person. What a talent!

  62. I take issue with Jeannette’s article. Didn’t I just read the words, “……. if Adam wasn’t gay, he wouldn’t be the Adam we love.”? This woman is clueless.

    First of all, where does she get off telling us that Adam is gay? On one of my posts, I wrote about how one should Never Assume. Was she in his bedroom? Does she want some sort of kudos if he admits being gay? Secondly, she states that “….it’s been the policy on since day one that we don’t discuss Adam’s sexuality.” Again, I say, this woman is clueless. She doesn’t seem to realize that her words are in direct conflict with the policy she so proudly expounds. Compounding her stupidity, she adds that his sexuality is nobody’s business but his! Oh really? Obviously she thinks it is HER business otherwise she would not have written about it.

    You are no friend of Adam’s.


    • I didn’t read your comment until after I left one. I actually read several comments before I posted mine, and thought that I was the only one finding this hypocrital!

  63. Scaramouche says:

    Well, to accurately compose a post about the highly topic of Adam Lambert’s sexiness, one can’t ignore his sexuality. Adam isn’t ashamed of it. Adam’s not hiding anything. He was just photographed on a date with his boyfriend, for heaven’s sake. There is absolutely no implication from his actions that he’d like us to hide from the topic. Why should you feel that you have to, Suzanne? Also, there’s a difference in diction: remarking upon something is not the same as discussing it. Nobody is disputing or arguing about it. We’re simply admiring it!

    On that note, I think Adam’s sexiness comes from his confidence. There’s a desperate lack of real confidence in men these days; it’s the reason why men always complain about women eschewing the nice guys, and “going for the a******s”: we like confident guys, and when we can’t find one with true inner confidence, we go for the next best thing: the outer confidence.

    Boastful men with washboard abs are attractive to us, whether we like it or not. But what REALLY makes us crazy are the men like Adam: those who have the quiet inner glow of confidence, who know who they are, never say something they regret, never stumble. Adam has a pillar of inner strength, and everyone can see it. And that’s why he’s sexy.

    Of course, the smoking eyes, sultry smile, and sexy moves don’t hurt either.


  64. What does your sexual preference have to do with sexiness?

    Mouche, you completely missed the point.


  65. adamsmydogsname says:

    He imbues every song with personal relevance. He OWNS each song that he performs because he sings with not just that magnificent instrument that he has but also with his heart, soul and being. That, more than anything else, makes him sexy.

  66. SheaGlambert says:

    I don’t even know what drew me to him first. He’s nothing like the guys I would usually find hot. I usually like the jocky boys, the type with the washboard abs. Honestly, I think the fact that he shouldn’t appeal to me at all, appealed to me the most. If you would have told me a year ago that I would spend so much time obsessing over a guy who wears more eyeliner on one eye than I wear in a week, and paints his nails, and wears tight clothes, and was in Wicked, I would have called you CRAZY! But, it’s happened. I’m hooked on a guy that is absolutely nothing like my ‘type.’ I think his rebel-ness, sexy eyes, not-sure-about-him attitude, button-pushing ways, are what draws me to him in the first place. I like the fact that I shouldn’t love him at all.


    • Suse1701 says:

      Totally agree, Shea! I always have gone for the GQ, clean cut, actor/model types. I’ve never been a rocker chick at all. Jewelry on men was a deal-breaker with me. Then I caught “Satisfaction” and was blown away. I couldn’t tell anyone apart up to that point. I have never been into Idol but decided to tune into Michael Jackson night and again was blown away by “Black or White,” but what REALLY got me is how he smiled during his critique. So vulnerable, gorgeous, charismatic, adorable … I’ve never seen this comparison, but he reminded me of David Cassidy in the ’70s and suddenly I was 6 years old again.

      All those previous “tastes” just dissipated … completely melted out of me. And then I was like, “Okay, loving the eyeliner, jewelry, nail polish, you name it!” This guy gets a free freakin’ pass from me. And my obsession has only grown worse …

  67. This isn’t meant as a criticism of your post, just don’t understand what you meant by “…if Adam wasn’t gay, then he wouldn’t be the Adam we love.” It’s like the opposite of someone saying they would like him only if he were straight. It doesn’t seem like ANYONE is getting away from the topic that they say should be left alone. First step is with yourself.

  68. It’s a combination of everything that makes him sexy, voice, looks, actions and OMG that smile. He evokes strong maternal feelings as well as some Other kind of feelings for me. I just can’t stop listening to him and looking at him, it gives me such a great feeling. He’s like a really good drug without any harmful side effects. Every time I look at him I gush “God he is beautiful”.


  70. Stephanie says:

    Adam is sexy because he’s comfortable being himself. He’s confident, playful, flirty, handsome, sensual, photogenic and has one wicked voice. He has a devilsh sense of humor and you can tell by looking into his eyes that he’s mischievous. He’s kind and polite. That’s what I think makes him sexy.

  71. Stephanie says:

    For you other 40 somethings like me, your reaction is pretty darn similar to the one that Clay Aiken stirred up within me and the rest of his 40 something (50, 60 and beyond) fans. I don’t know what the heck it is about Clay or Adam (take your pick), but believe me, this is normal. LOL!

  72. there is NO comparison of ADAM to clay aiken. clay had an ok voice but we are talking Adam Lambert here. NO COMPARISON!!!!!

  73. Lambert is an extremely intelligent, clever, handsome man who has been given spectacular gifts and is in the process of using them (believe me, he knows what’s he’s doing) to advance his ambitions. That he can use these gifts in doing that which he loves more than anything in the world must be a source of great happiness to him. It’s fun to watch – even more so the responses that he elicits. Marvelous entertainer – believe one of the greatest of this new century.

  74. It’s the whole package – looks, dress, gorgeous smile, hair, height, eyes, personality, sense of humor, intelligence, that he’s well-spoken, can dance very well, sings like no other, is a good friend, is humble, gracious, hs humility, can laugh at himself, treats others with respect, believes in diversity, on and on I could go…

  75. How do I love thee Adam? Let me count the ways. The way he sang those high notes and made it his own in Satisfaction. The way he sends a message about civil issues through singing BOW. The way he looks at the camera (those eyes) when he was performing ROF. The way he slicked back his hair and sang a sweet and slow tune in TOMT. The way his hips move when he was singing PTFMWB and did a shout out to Rickey Minor and his band. The way he sang “nervous” in MW. The way he had the whole band performing with him in BTBW and having fun with it. The way he connects with the audience without moving an inch in IICHY. The way he had the band performing with him in BTBW and having fun with it. The way he strutted down the stairs in FG and held that note for 30 seconds. The way he gave us “every inch of his love” in WLL. The way he brought out the best in Allison during their duet in SR. The way he made Simon gloat about a great song choice in ONE. The way he was able to hit those high notes, unlike Gokey, on Aerosmith’s CRYIN. The way he sang the blues in ACIGC. The way he did not forget the words in No Boundaries. The way he looked like a beautiful fallen angel in Beth. The way he was able to “Stop and Sing” in those boots in the KISS medley. The fierce look on his face in WATC duet with Kris Allen. Last but not least, I love his over the top, craziness, and brilliant performances!!! I wouldn’t have him any other way!!!

  76. I’d still like to know how Adam wasn’t on the list of 25 Top Sexiest Idols that aired on TVguide network a week or two ago. Kris was #16, I believe, and Carrie Underwood was #1. I think maybe he exudes so much sexiness that they couldn’t put him on there because it would be unfair to compare the rest of them to someone so sexy.

    • It must have been a “cuteness” contest rather than true sex appeal. Carrie Underwood is very pretty and really talented, but SEXY? That word would never come to mind to me.

      The same with Kris…. TV Guide and the like have very narrow and whitebread visions of sex appeal I would gather.

      • I agree, this omission made no sense at all. I mean, seriously! Adam is beyond sexy!

  77. Adam’s spirit of innocence and goodness and rightness of the gift of sexuality comes through and that is one of the reasons he is sexy. His self confidence is sexy, his individuality is sexy.

  78. Lisette agan!
    As mentione above in detaile there a many facets of Adam’s personalitie thet defines his sensualitie an I agree with so many of thes wonderful frends/fans of Adam’s.An also wishe to adde anothre note here..Forgot to adde whet I fele also is unique an sensual is Adam’s openness,an redefining his persona in eache songe an abilitie to singe any genre,his artistique creativite
    in eache one is estraordinaire an evry performance he made me forget l’bleus an realities of daily life..An become totale mesmerized,anticipatione of whet he plane for nexte episode of Am.Idol.
    An in thirty-something age felte as if I were 20 an nevre have I been so captivated by an artiste
    as Adam an totally felte as if was place undre a spell,as in his plays which if yu see are very
    romantique an sensual..a place to escape from our “mad world” so to thes gifted,multitalented artiste. An also if yu see earlier theatre an Caberet shows ther he displays
    a truly beautful,sensual an softre side to his glam/rock/ pop style. In intimate settinge Adam
    has a boyish,yet very sensual demeanor an he interacte with audiences agan seeing as Elvis
    hed thes same charme..But Adam has his owne estraordinaire style,vocal ranges not many
    have ,an such a humble manner,caring,witty,charme,artistique,intelligente,engaging,angelique
    yet playful,kindness,eloquante an a grande entertaineur..An he has a beautful hearte an soul,adored by all ages from children,teens,20thru 50s,grandparentes,even babies can smile
    as see on thes site (video of a petit child)..Thet is also what defines Adam’s charm an sensualitie..An all his songes,performances truly displays artistique/vocals/danseur an even see as an actor in film too One favorite songe from earlier days “Kiss from a Rose” Adam has a vulnerabilite an gentle inflectiones thinq if yu listen..defines his hearte an sensualite too!
    Look forwarde to more songes,concertes,cds,dvds an interviews ..sure to keep all mesmerized, an entertained for many yers to come! Bonwishes an J’adore Lisette

  79. sylverine says:

    Message for Fernando!
    Hi Fernando, I can’t find another way on this site to send you an email, so have to ask you here if you have been able to find a way to ensure that Adam himself notices this excellent website of yours?

    Especially this particular page ‘Is Adam redefining sexy’ The article and these comments here are so good. Would be a great pity if amongst all the myriad of other stuff about him on the net, he somehow misses this…..

  80. His free sprit, self-confidence, modesty, love of performance, graciousness.

    I am a 40-year-old mother of three. I don’t watch television, but sat down one evening that I had to myself and tuned into American Idol. The joy Adam had in performing was infectious.

    I read an article that called him “the boy who fell to earth.”

  81. Shirlee Hara says:

    Adam exudes sexiness in the following ways:
    -his eyes (with or without eyeliner). I especially loved the eyes on the close-up singing “Beth”
    The only other entertainer who accomplished as much with his eyes was Elvis.
    -his mouth. By contrast, Kris really turned me off early in the season with his lip scrunching. Kris has changed some of that but Adam’s mouth and lips are a real turn-on. Don’t particularly like the “Kiss”-like tongue hanging out he did at the end of “Whole Lotta Love” on AI but I’ll take the whole package.
    -his perfect teeth
    -his infectious smile and his engaging laugh
    -his humbleness and his willingness to help others
    -his hugs (I especially loved the two hugs he gave Kelli after his song on Regis and Kelli and the Kris “huggle”) He engulfs you and transmits a warmth felt through the TV or computer.
    -the way he carries himself; the inner confidence he exudes
    -his positive outlook on life; the ability to look forward; spill out happiness and make others feel good in his presence
    -his sense of humor (he can laugh at himself; take a joke; respond to negativeness with a style that is enviable)
    -his sense of fashion (my favorites: jacket worn for “Ring of Fire”, silver suit worn for “Tracks of My Tears”, outfit worn on finale when he first came on stage and apparently worn under long coat when he sang “Mad World”)
    -his professionalism about his work (compliments others; gives credit to others; works hard at his craft; gives a polished performance not only on stage but also in interviews)
    I could go on but I think we all get the new KING. May we enjoy him for many years to come.

  82. This fabulously talented man has shown us all what a true superstar and entertainer should be. His vocals are like nobody elses – he can reach notes that I haven’t heard anyone reach before. His stage presence is totally unequaled; I haven’t seen anyone with more charisma in ages. We are never going to find anyone who can sing all genres of music the way he does – nobody possesses his chameleon – like qualities. The entire music industry is in for quite a jolt and surprise – nobody is going to hear music sung the way Adam Lambert interprets and sings – he is truly a unique entertainer who is going to be a major superstar in the music industry.

    In addition, it would be wonderful if all men could take an example of what a “true man” should be like. Adam has shown that a male can be drop-dead gorgeous, possess so much sexuality that it oozes out of his pores, and still come across as humble, caring ,sensitive, and confident and comfortable in his own skin. All I can say is that Adam Lambert is really the “total package” – he should enjoy a long career in the music and movie industries, and we will all be the better for it. GO ADAM!!!

    • Oh, very well said, Dorothy. Men can learn a lot from Adam, and I wish they would hurry up and do so!

      Also, in Adam’s original song, Kiss and Tell, there is a lyric that I cannot forget: “Sex is not the enemy.” To me, that is both a plain simple truth of how things should be, and a revolutionary statement in a culture where sex is both glorified and vilified as something shameful. Sex should not be associated with shame, and I love Adam for stating that so clearly.

  83. Redefining sexy? I think Adam Defines Sexy. My MOM and I both have the same reaction to him and I’m in my 40’s…. I think it’s because he has the total package, incredible voice, beautiful body, amazing face and he shares body and soul with us when he performs, and mama can he perform! Then I saw him doing interviews and fell for him all over again because he’s just … positive about everything that is going on around him and really enjoying life.



  84. sylverine says:

    Hi again – anyone seen this article and comments? Amusing and spot-on:

    • Yes, I liked this article a lot, especially the part where the writer says, “…Adam disturbs me…” Lol, I love this reluctant fan who has been won over in spite of himself!

      Best part of the article, for me, was at the very end, where Billy Jo Armstrong of Green Day (love Green Day!) says, “That kid that’s on there — Adam — hitting those high notes?” Armstrong told AOL’s “Pretty badass, man.”

      Right on!

    • Suse1701 says:

      That article is one of my all-time favorites. And I particularly LOVE the comment from poster #8. It’s perfection!

  85. Malocari says:

    Of course Adam is redifining sexy!!

    His personality is so strong, he is such a well put guy… the whole package, talented, humble, pretty, he is an amazing artist, one of those that we haven’t had or seen since Elvis probably, one of those that will make a huge impact within the music industry.

    I think it’s his charisma and that beautiful smile that have us all waiting to see more and more..

    I love ADAM!!

  86. Donna Cooper says:

    Since I am nearly 62 years old, my idea of what’s sexy is probably a bit different. I think Adam is absolutely gorgeous; I mean all around gorgeous! Yes, his eyes are beautiful, his style is unique, his voice is amazing, but that’s only 1 little piece of what makes him sexy. He has such a great personality! I love his smile, and the fact that he can be goofy. I like that he is able to talk to anyone with ease, and has something interesting to say, but most of all, he’s NICE. I am looking forward to his CDs, but I must tell you that as great as I know they will be, something will be lost because I won’t be able to watch him.
    BTW, something keeps going around and around in my head. I think I would give half the farm to see Adam Lambert and Gregg Prichard do a show together. Wouldn’t THAT be something!!!?

  87. Is Adam redefining sexy? Definitely! And it goes way beyond looks! There’s a sensuality that exudes from Adam because he does evoke multiple senses….from his multi-faceted evocative looks (loved Ring of Fire), to the magical sound of his voice, to his soulful demeaner, and his infectious laugh…can’t wait to see him in concert…counting the days…

  88. Candace Green says:

    For me it all comes down to one thing–his awsome personality. I find his willingness to be open, share, help and inspire others puts him way over the top. Adam has tremendous confidence tempered with humility. I love his candidness and humor, especially when it comes to defusing an uneasy situation. His radiance promotes good will. He conducts himself well and is quick to remember others with gratitude. Most of all, I love the way he honors his mother publicly. What a tribute to her.

    We may love him for his outrageous sex appeal and dynamic voice, which has entertained and enthralled veiwers the whole season, but his refined social attributes raise him to the level of endearing. Certainly we have the ability to learn from his example. Adam is ultimately my idol because he exceeded being another talented, pretty face and has inspired me to be a better person.

    Thank you Adam. You’re not just a sexy “Rock God.” No, you’re so, So, SO much more!!!

    OX Candace OX

  89. Deborah says:

    Wow what a question! It’s almost a question I daren’t answer in fear of still not being able to reach the very depths within my heart, head, body, soul and inner being..with mere words. It’s a question I feel I want to answer in acting it out somehow or in joining and bonding with others who feel the same way. I feel I have to celebrate this newfound love or shout about how this man makes ME FEEL when I hear him or see him…Adam is an incredibly powerful aphrodisiac for sure!

    All I can add as many here already have very eloquently put into words, is that Adam’s sex appeal is boundless….it simply OOZES from every pore in his core from the tip of his gorgeous head to the tail of his theatrical boots and when a man can make many many people of all ages, backgrounds and genders simply QUIVER ..well then that has to be sexiness re-defined!!! Christ I can’t breath again..when will this feeling subside?? LOL…………..( It’s ok..I’m enjoying every bit of it).

  90. inawwwofadam says:

    Adam stated his greatest moment was when he fell in love…. I believe that he is still in love with “cheeks” Brad Bell, and that every song he picked was really being sung to Brad. Think about it. 1) Tracks of my tears, the makeup he wears since his breakup. 2.) If I cant have you, I dont want nobody baby. 3. Cant get no satisfaction without him. 4. Brad is a white boy who makes music. 5. Cryin to forget you. 6. Want to give you a whole lotta love.
    And in interviews he said he wanted to sing Prince “you dont call me anymore” and Muse Supermassive Blackhole “””Oh baby dont you know I suffer? Oh baby can you hear me moan? I thought I was a fool for no-one
    Oh baby I’m a fool for you” Or Muse, Starlite “Starlight I will be chasing a starlight , Until the end of my life, I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore, And hold you in my arms, I just wanted to hold You in my arms, My life, You electrify my life, Let’s conspire to re-ignite”
    He’s telling him he wants him back.

  91. first i love about Adam is the way He sing and the way He do with the song, He is AWESOME, it remind me when i was 20 to 45 years old, He make me feel alive again.
    I am telling you, ADAM will make the whole world happy, Just keep singing ADAM LAMBERT.
    We Love You, I cant wait til your first album, it doesnot matter Who.

  92. First time responding, however I have been following this site as well as others in regards to Adam. I am laughing to myself as to how many “obsessed” fangirls there are out there. I too fall into this category LOL. As a 44 yr young mom of three teens I am totally hooked. First, I have used him as an example to my 15 year old daughter by simply stating, ” follow your dreams”. \Stay true to who you are and dont settle for anything. ie. live your life how you want whether its traveling, going to college out of state, staying single until your 30, have kids ,dont have kids. Achieve your dream. We only have one life to do what we want. This is the message I hear from Adams many interviews.
    But, as a woman still in her prime……….. this guy exudes sexiyness to no end.

  93. Star Catcher says:

    Oh Jesus there is so much that attracts me to Adam.

    I’m not going to lie, I hadn’t always paid attention to Adam. I was kind of hopping the train until my list of favorites ran dry. I wasn’t going on talent yet because Hollywood week wasn’t over. However, when Hollywood ended and my last boy got booted out, all my attention turned onto what Adam could do and if he was good. I heard his audition and loved it and him, so I was glad my first instincts hadn’t been wrong.

    What attracts me to Adam mostly, is his personality. His looks are a super awesome bonus, but his personality is just amazing. He has a sense of humor and from what other Idol contestants have said, he can be rather random and hyperactive, which I love because I feel like I can kind of relate to that. I like guys when I can relate to them personality and action wise. Plus, Adam has that wonderful clothing style that just continues to shock people everywhere and make stupid fourteen year olds like me drop their Oreos and drool onto the couch. Adam is seriously that powerful and chrismatic that you stop thinking just to watch him sing for a mere couple of minutes.

  94. glambertfan says:

    Just for some fan wondering where was those high dressed photos come from.this video can give people some clue.this was on oct 2007 before amercian idol for L.A club commerical promotion.

  95. BBBunnie says:

    Adam is definitely one of the beautiful people !
    He is incredibly handsome. . . love his hair, eyes and smile.
    He wears clothes extremely well and has a wonderful sense of style.
    And I like his laugh.

  96. The guy makes me feel sexy. There. I said it. Please don’t “out” me. lol. Adam Lambert is one sexy man!!!! I need to go to the library or the DMV or something to get him off my mind. Adam should be in People’s most beautiful issue. He is so amazingly beautiful. And don’t listen to the meanies, Adam. They are SO jealous!!!!

  97. Ok, I’m fify-ish and I love Adam. What I want to know is why did he not make the list for one of the most sexiest guys around? Instead, however, that knucklhead AI got one the list. Go figure. Adam has my vote there because HE IS THE MOST SEXIEST MAN around!


  98. Adam goes beyond sexy. He makes you lose track of what you were doing and all sense of time. I will log on at night to check for any latest news on him and of course start to listen to a download or watch a performance and before I know it….2 hours have passed!! I am mesmerized by the sight of him. That lip curl, those sexy eyes, those tight pants…..Definitely sexy! I’m so glad to read that there are others like me on here. I’m a 40-something mother of 3, so I should be passed the age of having a crush on a star. But Adam snuck in and grabbed my heart before I realized what was happening. I like the phrase that’s been used…fanlove. That fits perfectly. And I feel protective of him also. I don’t want his boyfriend or the media hurting him. That’s where the Adam-lovers come in—we have to protect our man. Keep on Rocking Adam!!!

  99. Adam_International_Fan says:

    To me Adam is sexy because he is not only gorgeous to look at but his personality (being humble) on screen drew us all together, made us fall in love with him. Like everyone said he is the total package. Every time I read articles about him, I feel like I love him even more. I just cannot have enough of him. Love you Adam, no matter what.

    There is a great aritcle below that all Adam’s fans must read.

  100. I just wanted to add something to all of these great comments.

    I am sure that most of you have noticed this, but just wanted to point it out.

    Whenever Adam is on the screen—I CAN”T SEE ANYONE ELSE!

    It’s as if everyone else fades into the fuzzy background, and Adam just shines standing there.

    Its a very magical thing.

    He is so charismatic.

    I love You Adam.
    Blessings on your life

    • Laura I so agree with you, Adam’s aura is all consuming. A friend of mine and I were re-watching some AI peroformances(for the umteenth time) when she said, “Oh wasnt that cool how the string section was waving their bows in the air to the music”. I said string section , what string section–so I rolled back the tape to watch it again and the whole orchestra was on the stage with Adam that night. I had never even noticed them, even after rewatching the performance dozens of times.

  101. I totally agree with Laura–Adam just lights up the screen.
    I could listen to his voice all day long and he is so charming, charismatic and passionate whenever he speaks.

    I dont think I have ever seen such charisma and talent since Freddie Mercury. Adam has a certain presence that just lifts you away and you only come down to earth after his image is off screen.

    Not to mention that voice ……………………..a voice that lifts me away to unknown universe………I just dont have any words that can describe the feeling I get when I hear him sing————–We love you Adam ……Thank you for bringing so much joy into my musical life again…………God bless you

  102. Adam is like the sun. He blocks out everyone around him, just as the sun blocks out the stars. I could not tell you if the others on AI are good singers or not. All I saw was Adam. When anyone else was on, all I was thinking was “Hurry up, hurry up, let Adam sing”. When his performance ended I replayed him over and over, sometimes not even waiting for the show to end. I have NEVER been affected by any other performer like I have been by Adam. I bought an MP3 player just to download his music because I cannot wait until he releases his CD. I watch and read everything I can find on him and replay his AI performances over and over again. He has the most incredible voice I have ever heard. He is the most beautiful, handsome man I have ever seen and he has the most charisma and the sweetest personality. He is the sexiest man alive. People Magazine, are you listening? I am going to see him in Indianapolis in September and cannot wait. I love, love the man. And I hope he and whoever he chooses to love are very happy.

  103. Melissa says:

    What is sexy about Adam Lambert? Everything!!! When I saw him in his AI audition, I fell in love immediately with those gorgeous blue eyes, that sweet face and smile, the incredible hairstyle, and most of all—his charming personality! He was so connected to the judges, and when he kissed the girl’s hand I thought, “This guy is HOT!” He continued to get my blood pumping. When he performed ROF, I was really mesmerized. He just dripped with sexiness! Let’s start with the clothes—those zippered pants! WOW!!! (Enough said!) His style of clothing, his eyeliner, his nails and hair—it’s all sexy!! His body is perfect. Long and strong, with deliciously thick thighs. (The striped pants and WLL outfit—THUD!) Adam can be sexy no matter what he’s wearing. Whether he’s on a couch stretching or sipping from a water bottle, the man just oozes sex appeal. And his personality just magnifies that even more! Plus, he loves to laugh! And he’s even expressive when he does that. Adam’s whole outlook on life is sexy, too. He is who he is, and is proud of that! I could literally go on forever.

  104. adam is just a sexy person. what really got me was his personality. he is so upbeat, very intelligent, and always flashing that gorgeous smile of his. His eyes are amazing. His facial structure. Just everything about him screams sexy!!! His style is hott. every day it is something new,, different, and completely him. adam means sexiness in a whole new way. What more can i say adam is just plain sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. I think it’s the whole package, his integrity, kindness, humour, originality,clothes,, face, voice etc etc… that makes him sexy…!

    BTW does Adam know about this site? I find it a very sane , literate site, and I do applaud you for ‘keeping it clean’ and just discussing Adam as a person, not his private stuff…

  106. I think Adam just fell from the heaven, a messenger of love! Adam said that music is his medicine and therapy and it is doing the same thing for me when i hear him singing. All his songs are coming from his heart with love and people can feel it. lov adam!!

  107. Joxe Arkaitz says:

    I am from Europe and we don’t have A.I. here but I was fortunate enough to find out about Adam Lambert on the www and watch one of his performances. He hit me hard. His voice and his singing and his presence are like nobody else’s. He is unique. He is the 21st century Elvis. I hope he creates lots of art for us and we enjoy Adam Lambert for all the years to come.

  108. his VOICE and FACE and BODY and STYLE and EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Hi all Adamlovers! Can you believe that Askmen rate Kris higher than Adam even in sexiness? You need to go to to vote for Adam in the list of 49 sexiest men of the year 2009. That’s a great site, but the editors are blind to take Kris higher than Adam in his own league. Go go guys! defense!

  110. Hi all Adamlovers! Can you believe that Askmen rate Kris higher than Adam even in sexiness? You need to go to to vote for Adam in the list of 49 sexiest men of the year 2009. That’s a great site, but the editors are blind to take Kris higher than Adam in his own league. Go go guys! defense!
    You go to the site than type Adam Lambert. Adam has the name on it, but rated lower than Kris.

  111. I am still looking for answers. It confuses me so much, this complete obsession that I have. I can list reasons all day for finding Adam sexy, attractive, hot, beautiful, sweet, charming. I go from wanting to squeeze his cheeks to wanting to sink my nails into his other cheeks. I am so totally a wreck, I can’t go five minutes without wanting to take another look. I feel like my head is on a spring, I want to look at his face, his eyes, his hair, his shoulders, arms, and so on and so on. Never have I had the pleasure to gaze upon such a remarkable man. I came from the 70’s where we had so many rock idols to be excited by but this is so much more.

  112. adam is — gorgeous, talented, one size fits all kind of guy
    he is so sexy people (both men and women) don’t know how to react
    he is like no one before him especially on AI – did he set the bar high or what

  113. He just is……some people got it and some don’t, and he has just GOT IT. I think, for me, it is his charisma, creativity, and singing ability. There are many “fine” guys out there, but he, not only is beautiful looking, but on top of that, he’s genuine and just overall INTERESTING. All in all, HE REEKS OF SEX! He makes me want to be more sexy, so my husband appreciates him too 🙂 Thanks Adam!!!

  114. Jen the Glambert says:

    He’s nothing but PURE PURE PURE EYE CANDY!!! Everything about that man oozes out sexieness and increases my lust for him. I love how he moves when he dances (and walks lol) and most definatly his eyes. THOSE EYES!! He most definatly redefines sexy, without a doubt. <333 His sex appeal on stage is so increddible. -licks lips- 😉

  115. Adamissosexy says:

    Adam is sexy. END. OF. STORY.