Is Adam Lambert Gay or Bi?

While Adam might have a preference for men, there are a lot of rumors here in Hollywood that he also likes girls. The picture below kissing two girls was taken after a gig at the Cat Club. Nothing is official yet and won’t be for a while, but there is continous talk here of previous girlfriends.

We all have our personal opinions and beliefs about how being gay/bi is affecting Adam’s lead on this competition. Feel free to express your own on the comments below but don’t be insulting to others who do not share your belief/opinion. You comment will be deleted if you are in any way disrespectful/insulting.

Adam tongue kissing two girls


Part of the reason why this post is in the first page is because I want to stop people from talking about Adam being gay/bi all over this site and narrow it to this one post. Note, this is not trying to ‘judge’ Adam in any way but the reality is that there are lots of fans who want to know or discuss his sexual orientation. Again, since his music and talent is our first priority, this will be the only post were we will talk about this.

Please do not discuss this subject anywhere else.

“I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Adam isn’t gay, straight, or bi… I think he just is and believes love comes in all forms, gender doesn’t matter.” – DarkShadowsAbove

I’ve received many e-mails asking me what was my opinion about Adam being gay and how that affected the competition. I feel like I’m starting to sound like a broken record so here is my personal view on being gay/bi and how is this affecting Adam (I’m a straight male by the way). I use to think being gay was a psychological disorder that needed to be treated. In time and after years of researching on the subject I feel I have come to understand it. All of us are borned with a percentage of male and female traits. This is both embedded in our brains and our hormones. It has a lot to do with genetics but mostly with the multiple random possiblities that create who we are. Some of us are more masculine than others while some of us are more femenine regardless of your gender. I’m not going to keep going about how I believe we all evolve as a society, how extreme cases can be beneficial and how if Adam wasn’t bi/gay, Adam would not be Adam. In other words, I believe there is nothing wrong about being gay/bi.

Now, how is this affecting Adam?

There are many people that will not vote for Adam because he is gay/bi, mainly because that is against their religion or their beliefs. For those reasons we have to triple our efforts in voting for him to make up the deficit.

At least we can officially agree on one thing… Adam loves kissing people!

IPB Image





  1. Yes,most definitely! he is bi! I have known many gay/bi people in my life and my opinion is that he is bi! That makes me and a lot of other ladies that are hot for him happy!

    • Linda Desplanque says:

      I’m with the majority. It makes no difference whatsoever whether Adam is gay, bi, straight, green, purple, ……We love him because he’s Adam. I’m not sure he’s 100% gay, I think he’s just Adam and to him love can come from anywhere. I would be proud as hell to be his mother. He’s a gem of a person and we love him.


      • Adam Fan says:

        I Love Adam and he should Win. I would totally Date him. He is Bi People.

          DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY AND DONT CARE ABOUT WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • adam lbr says:

          yea i agree is is a really good singer there shoulda been a draw they both deserved to win …. <3 adam and his voice

    • I Agree Please Be bi for the Ladies at lest am happy i love youas you are music is great but give us something to dream about most of us do ido the way am going to say it two I THINK ADAM LAMBERT IS BISEXUAL why you say will, why tell us to continue to wonder about it if the truth is in our face any one with red paint on there hand would say i touched the gate . in other words any one that had picture of them kissing a guy would say you found me out. there a hook in the lake and adam still fishing he hold back on it i think adam will say was i have a boyfriend and were happy but i doand will alwat bat for both team cross you fingers ladies we got a lot of praying to do .

    • mrs.kelly lambert(: says:

      i love him so much. i’m trying to find if he is going to have a solo concert so i can get backstage passes.<3 i almost got to see/meet him at the American Idol concert last night, but there was a riot so i had to leave. ): i think adam is adam. he isn’t fully gay, he isn’t straight by any means, and i’m not sure about him being bisexual. i’m hoping he is so he can fall in love with me, although we have a 13 year difference in age. i want to be able to meet and sing to him so maybe he can get me a record deal or a chance to sing in public famously or something.
      i love you adam and i always will.<3

      kelly<3[: (wanting to be kelly lambert)

    • I think he is so freaking hot no matter what he is iam bi. if he is bi that is awesome if he is gay i like to watch guy on guy that really freaking hot!!!!! i voted 4 him everynight on American idol!!!!

    • i am a bi, im not scared to say it, and judging by adams attitude towards people, in my opinion anyway. he is bi, like me 🙂 its good that you know alot of gay and bi people coz that would give you more experience of what it’s like to be around one 🙂 what you said has made me feel better knowing that women all over the world could have a chance with him 🙂

  2. who cares if he’s gay? he’s hot and an amazing performer/singer. that’s all that matters.

    • Adam Lambert is totally hot ,but it doesn’t matter if he is gay or not he can still win and thats all that matters…plus if he doesn’t win i’m not gonna be happy at all.

      • I will be sad if he gets kicked off but just like Chris Daughtry he will still go VERY far!

    • Bi makes my dreaming of him seem a little more likey 🙂

  3. Gay…Bi… Whatever the Guy can sing, so it doesn’t really matter.

  4. Yup! I agree with lori and the rest. Who cares if he’s a gay or bi? I don’t even know why people judge him like that. He’s a great singer. We love him so much and why bother about it?

  5. I personally hope that he’s bi, because I am a girl and am completely in love with everything about him. His voice, his look, his vibe, EVERYTHING. So hopefully he likes girls too or I’ll be extremely sad. But either way, I’ll always love him.

    • MacKenzie says:

      who cares yeah he might be bi but it only matters if he’s nice, or a good singer it’s like who cares to me, it’s awkward at first but not after awhile, i like him because he’s a fantastic singer i don’t judge him just cuz he’s bi or whatever if you think about it there are probably alot of other people that are bi too i think he should have won american idol even though it was a while ago XD it’s the people that vote for the singers that are “better looking” it’s not about the best singer anymore it’s about the cutest or hottest i guess but most of the time it’s the people that don’t win that go the farthest

  6. Glambert1039 says:

    Gay, bi, straight, whatever… I’ll never have a chance with him anyway. lol If he were bi, it’d make me feel like I have a chance with him, but I don’t anyway, so I don’t really care. I love him because he is an AMAZING singer with great looks and an awesome personality. I don’t really care about his orientation.

    If he is gay, it doesn’t mean I can’t still be attracted to him. The forbidden fruit must be tasted. lol XD

    • Right, I agree. I would still be attracted to Adam, no matter what his orientation. It wouldn’t be the first time that Iv’e wanted a gay guy. It’s the same thing as the whole “gay” issue. You can’t help who your attracted to, and I’m attracted to Adam.

      When I was younger, I actually had a boyfriend who was gay (too personal to explain why he asked me out). He was the sweetest boyfriend I had ever had. Trust me, “forbidden fruit” is delicious!

  7. Lambertfan says:

    i hope he’s bi… 🙂 at least he’s still can loves girls lol but no matter what.. keep voting in him! hey and i saw some pictures when he kissed another man (i think this “another man” was his boyfriend lol) honestly, i dont really like those pics… but i dont know, why i still like him very much??? he’s hot, controversial, amazing singer ever! he’s gay, and that’s why he seems sweet and nice 🙂

  8. LOVE HIM! Doesn’t matter what his sexual preference is. HE is awesome performer and has the best vocals I have ever heard!!! And Adam, you do look like Elvis!

  9. I hope that Adam is bi. He really is sexy and an amazing singer. I totally agree with Emma. I hope that he gets to be in the bottom two or maybe even win but who know’s. We have to wait till the very end to find out if he wins or not.

  10. i really hope he is bi because i am, like, in love with him. haha. and even though i have like ZERO chance with him, it would make me feel better if he were bisexual!! haha. but yeah, he is amazing no matter what his sexual orientation is. i love his voice and he is such a good performer!!! he is just completely and totally fabulous. VOTE FOR ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!

    • haha..i agree too…i know I have 0 chance to be with him…but it will make me feel better to think that he is attracted to girls

  11. iluvadamlambert says:

    So… Adam may be gay. May be bi. It doesn’t really matter, he is AMAZINGLY hot and AMAZINGLY talented and I love and want him as much as the next girl. But the truth is that NONE of us are gonna meet him, let alone hook up with him, so it doesn’t matter. I’m sorry to burst your bubble ladies, but we can love and adore from afar. 😀

  12. ReggiesaurusRex says:

    I hope he is bi. Like all the other girls… I would like to think that I could possibly have a chance with him. My mum thinks I’m crazy, but I really am madly insanely in love with him. I lurve Lamby!

    • OMG! woaa, thts creeyy. i think we two adam lovers think the same! woaa! omg! my lil ‘pet name’ for him is lambie! i thought of it, like wayy backkk. its perfect becausee well, obv. its part of his last namee…….and hes just plain ah-dor-able! haa, and my mom thinks im the weirdest person on earth, cuz i kinda, cry when i hear his amazing voice. hahaa

  13. I agree, iluvadamlambert. Even if he is bi, none of you have a chance with him anyway, so what does it matter? So what if he’s gay? Does that mean you can’t find him attractive?

    • mrs.kelly lambert(: says:

      i agree with you and iluvadamlambert to an extent. i might be meeting him soon. so there is a chance that people will meet him. very very little chance that any fan of his will hookup with him (although i wish i could) but you shouldn’t say it’s impossible because it isn’t.

  14. It really doesn’t matter to me if he is or isn’t gay. If he is bi then that makes him hotter. His voice is amazing & he shouldn’t be judged by any means what so ever accpet for his extreme talent. He is quite hot as well which does help.

  15. heres adam smokin i saw this pick n i put it on buddytv adam yelled at meh

  16. Umm.. He is very hot! So if he were bi it would be great because he is outrageously HOT! I know I already said that but its true, Even tho I have no chance with him. Anyway he is an AMAZING singer so what does it matter if he is gay/ bi/ straight he is on american idol for his true talent (Singing), Not to look for a soul mate. But he was amazing tonight singing Black or White and I just voted for him, I would truley PASS OUT if I met him so I hope he wins and best of luck, I will always vote for him(:

    ~I love Adam Lambert (im probably his biggest fan)~

    Emily from New York!

  17. Ummm can I just say…I wanna be one of those girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Gay guys can get down and dirty with women too. A hole is a hole.. 😛

  19. Who cares what his sexuality is. If he’s bi does that mean he’s hotter? No. He’s beautiful not matter what. For those who hope he’s bi, please get a clue because you sound ridiculous.

  20. I agree with all the girls here… I’m choosing to believe he is bi. Not that I have a chance with him… haha But it’s nice to dream about. 🙂

  21. I don’t think enough people care about his sexual orientation for it to make a difference in the voting, especially If he keeps performing like did last night.

  22. ADAMADDICT says:

    u know, no one should even care about his seual orientation because that is his buissness. if he is more attracted to men thats ok even though alot of us girls will be really sad but really, leave the more guy alone. he doesnt go around trying to find out all of ur guys sexual orientation.

  23. Who cares about his orientaion…all that matters is his voice…which I love…

  24. Makes ABSOLUTELY no difference what his sexual orientation/preference is…in this competition or in anything else in this WORLD.

    This, American Idol is about singing, and as for this and anything else, his being gay, bi or striaght is his business only and shouldn’t be a question or concern in any matter.

  25. DarkShadowsAbove says:

    Well, to be perfectly honest, I really don’t care what “orientation” Adam has because he can sing better than any other male artist I’ve ever heard. Of course, I won’t give up on him until it’s official, but he can always be a friend!

  26. I Have One Question……………….


    We All Luv Him And He Izz Sooooooo Hot 😀

  27. adam is HOT, and a great singer. i dont care if he’s gay. sounds better to me if he’s bi. cuz he is cute!

    z (adam’s biggest fan)

  28. Seriously, does it really matter what his “orientation” is? I don’t care, I’ll love him no mattter what. Leave the poor guy alone, sheesh. All I care about right now is his voice. I love you Adam! Woo-ho! 🙂

  29. gay or bi that’s made him greater

  30. I really hope he is bi. I love him lol. He has the best voice of anyone on American Idol, and I hope he wins.

  31. is he really or not? well if he is i dont care. then im pro gay :))

  32. It doesnt matter if hes gay or bi hes a great singer & HOOOOOOOOOOOOOT to boot. I love ya Adam baby you be who you are & to flip whith those that don’t like it.

  33. I’m kinda relieved that there’s pictures of him with girls too…

  34. Hey hey name’s angel. who ever is the owner of this site you should totally write me up on my email witch is — to me adam is Pansexual! so Yeah meaning the same thing pritty much as Bi. but yeah!! i love adam sooo much. when i thought he was gay i hurt so much inside coz i really really love him. even tho im way to young for him i love with everything! i would do anything just too meet him! =] but yeah !!! write me on my Email! talk to ya there.

  35. doesn’t matter to me, although I would hope he’s not gay, because he is so TOTALLY HOTT!!!!! awesome singer too, LOL

  36. Longshowerz says:

    The way Adam presents himself along with videos and pictures that are out there of him having fun with both girls and guys, I don’t believe he is “Gay” I think if anything he’s more of a Metrosexual/Bi. Of course I know many guys who dress and live that type of lifestyle and are completely straight, they just enjoy having fun and being flamboyant. Nobody really can say either way because Adam has not said anything on this issue so we can all keep guessing and or assuming until he decides to say something if anything….

  37. i to2ally agree with u Amber it doesnt matter if he is gay…i wouldnt matter. We all still love him!!

  38. This pic=HOT!!!

  39. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! But im sooo sad that hes gay! What a waste for all women!!!

  40. i will never vote for him again since finding out he is gay!

    • What really freaked me out was when my grandma told me that u don’t call gay guys cute u call them Pretty!!!!!!That is disgusting but i still think that he is CUTE or HOT but defintly not PRETTY!!!!!

  41. It was evident from the first performance on AI the choice of song (Bohemian Rhapsody by QUEEN)who Adam has taken a flare from-the late & very talented Freddie Mercury. Also there seems to be some Adam Ant, & perhaps Flock of Seagulls influence in his life. Perhaps the era of the 80’s has made a major impact on this extremly talented individuals life. Many BI & Gay people are the most innately blessedly talented individuals . I guess we are fortunate to experience the talent of these people. I know i enjoy the performance. Be careful AdAm.

  42. beca4adam says:

    What difference does it make? Why do we need to know his sexual orientation?

    I have friends who were totally immersed with a same sex partner — declared themselves as having a preference — who later switched and continue to switch back and forth. I have friends who have a rigid orientation to same sex partners and never switch.

    Hot is hot – there is no denying this man is steamy sex hot and it does not matter what his orientation happens to be.

    As the song goes – and very appropriately sung by Adam – all things are not black and white, including sexuality.

  43. I just want him to be bi………………..plz plz God if he’s not …………….plz turn him to be bi…or straight.

  44. jane doe says:

    He is hot either way…You know what they say “all the good ones are either gay or taken” 🙁

  45. gay, bi, straight, slightly bent.. what does it matter? doesn’t make him any less HOT.. he’s an amazing artist who delivers entertaining performance everytime he hits the stage. i saw the pics of him liplocking with another guy, i still think he looks good even in that pic. that guy is just so FREAKIN’ HOT!!!!!

    love you so much adam, i really hope (and somewhere in my heart i truly believe) you’ll win the idol!! anyhow, you’re already a winner to me!!!

    GO ADAM!!!!!!!

  46. I could care less either way the mans voice is absolutely amazing and my friends daughter is friends with his former “Wicked” cast mates… in which I could kick myself for not going when invited now… and they all agree he is a musical genius.. so Gay … Bi… who really cares… I just want to see more of him.. all the time.. and hear more… the man IS pure sex anyway… everything about him… He reminds me of a mixture between Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley… lol… I really want him to win this.. but even if he doesn’t… he will sell more than any of them anyway.. 😛

  47. my opinion of adam ~ he is the living embodiment of all things sensual. his face, his body, the way he smiles, the way he walks, his voice, his performances, all make him so desireable. i am soooo glad we all found him, and to watch him makes me happy.

  48. God, he looks like a devil in this picture.
    Who cares anyway?

    • Who look like a devil on the picture/??


      if you are keep your evil comments to yourself….. you must be one of the axis of evil that we love to hate.

      Okay…for the LAST TIME… let’s not dig in to Adam’s sexual orientation…. This need to end cuz Freak people are making an issue about it… I read in some blog they even calling the American Idol Producer and talking about some sex video that Adam made that is floating on the internet… IS THAT SICK or what????
      I think those STUPID people are just plain STupid.. miserable in their PATHETIC LIfe, nothing better to do than DISTURB someone that DID NOT do anything to them.
      All they basis their so called Opinion is base on the pictures that floating on the Internet. SO FREAKING DEAL ABOUT HIM HAVING A DRAG COSTUMES… geez THIS IS THE 21ST centruy… this is AMERICA… Freedom of Speech… Freedom of Expression… Free spending Money from the Current Government(welfare peeps including the illegal Aliens)…

      All Adam Lambert wanna do is make records.. join the American Idol contest (which last time I check if you have Talents feel free to join) .. Perform… entertain.. make music .. hopefully to be a recording ARtist someday… So .. why “YOU” ignorant people(you know who are) are trying to LABEL him as GAY?? … why because of his Style?? is this the first time you seen a guy with eyeliner nail polish huh???? Do you know man wear nail polish.. some of them are popular Actor.. do you know that they do pedicure as well? Except they use clear Nail Polish cuz they don’t want people talks about them…. In Adam’s case he likes attention… so get a clue peeps…. simple is that. All men in entertainment Business wear makes up by the way. They have eye liner but not heavy so there.

      Stop……. Enuff….. talking About Adam’s sexual Orientation we are sick of you Accuser out there… I have one more thing to say…. Go TAKE A LOOK OF YOURSELF… and tell yoursefl what have you done lately???? Make sure you are PURE no Sins before talking Sh*t about other’s Gender.

  49. Well, if he is bi, that gives us – the girls lots of hope, because he is absolutely hot and gorgeous. But even if he is gay – this will not change my opinion about him whatsoever. He is the best contestant AI ever had on stage and I will be his huge fan forever. I love you, Adam!

  50. well idc if hes gay or not let me keep dreamin i luv adam always and will forever

    • Pete_Wentz_fan#01 says:

      I love adam and I always will. who cares if hes gay? and I dont think that people should really figure out whether he is or isnt. You should like him only because of his talent and thats all. PS- I really doubt anyone will date him beacause of his new discovered vocal range. get over it. i did, LOL!!!

  51. tyler and leah says:

    well i think he loves the cock purley, yet i must say he is my number one competetitor on the entire show from the beggining.

  52. rebecca says:

    i dont think it matters as hes extremely talented and people need to butt out of poor adams life.

    • anonymous says:

      i totally agree with u!

      to all the people that say this is in the bible… where in the bible does it say that being gay or bi is wrong? please…tell me…because people tell me that it’s in there all the time…but can they show it? no. and don’t tell me it’s implied, because the ten commandments weren’t implied, and neither were any other rules we follow, so if god had wanted us all to be straight, he would have outright stated it, and gay/bi people would be bur we at the stake like witches were…but they’re not…so i guess that since nobody’s burned at the stake, were allowed to fall in love with whoever we want

      also, Mary was a virgin, so if u tell me that this gay/bi stuff is wrong and implied, then god must have implied that we all must remain virgins, too

      oh and im straight…just stating my opinion on this whole thing. but seriously, what if one of ur kids were gay? would u not want them to be an idol for their adopted children?

      this isn’t a personal attack or anything…like i said, just an opinion. i hope that nobody takes offense to this or anything if u see it…just wanted to state the other side of this. my parents believe love comes in all forms, and i support that and think we should leave the guy alone

      • adamlambertfan says:

        to answer your question, the bible talks about it being wrong in Leviticus chapter 18. But I have yet to see where Adam has openly admitted that he is gay. Yes, I’ve seen the videos and the pictures, but we have to remember that Adam is a performer and he has admitted that he likes to get attention. I am amazed at how diverse he is. He is the most unique contestant AI has ever had and he has amazing talent. I will remain a loyal fan even if it does turn out that he is gay. It doesn’t change the fact that he has beautiful God-given talent and I am crazy about him!

        • OM MY GOSH YOU ARE SUCHS A HYPOCRITE…. That was never admitted… You claim yourself A crhistian?… What are you ??? are you A Satan Woshiper? You sounded like NOT a Christian…. Listen I am a Christian and I am not judging Adam.
          Again if you listen to what he said… he is NOTt telling to the World that he is gay. He is only explaining (he shouldn’t have to) that he is who he is.. in, he believe in free expressions. If you are intelligent you should know or try to understand of what Adam is trying to say to the world.
          1. Adam only trying to show to the world the he is in the entertainer business, he is free to do what he wants.
          2. He is an Actor after all. If he wants to act like a macho man, he is free to do so… if he dressed up as a female for a show… Who care’s he is just doing it for fun and acting.. just like the rest of the Actors that playing the parts when making a film. IN Adam’s case he is doing it in a theater.
          3. I think Adam is very Stylish….there is nothing wrong with that.
          4.. What I’ve seen so far if you listen carefully with his statement from his interview and friends. He is Attention getter, he wants to be over the top. So, Adam maybe acting as a flamboyant just for fun, to get the attentions and be talk of the town.
          5. Those pictures from the Internet that is floating around. Who ever posted them they should be ashamed to themselves. But, if you see those pictures in reality, they are poses during Adam’s engagement. So, everybody poses when they are dress up, consider that exactly what Adam were doing. But those idiot posted them make it sounds like he wanted to have a picture taken like that.
          I am giving Adam the benefit of a doubt. I am not judging him cuz of those sleazy photos. I listen to him, he is a normal person.
          Don’t tell me you are a Christian you better read the Bible over and over again hundred of times. But then there are two type of Christianity… a Hypocrite one (like yourself) and a True Christian.
          If Jesus would a show up today, he would forgive the sinners.
          Nobody is born GAY… to be gay is being influence by other to act that way or hormone imbalances(i think that’s what the doctors said) but then we don’t really know for sure.
          Any thoughts…??? Please… do NOT judge Adam sexual orientation is non of anybody’s business. NOt you.. NOt me… NOt the Media… Not the Internet people.

    • anonymous says:

      you are a load of crap you know that……..its in the bible you are suppose to love date marry or whatever the opposing gender and adam is gay……..just cuz he is with a girl dont mean he likes them and you should get in church and you would no as to weather or not its wrong!! It is wrong that isn’t an opinion neither its a fact! and i am straight been in one relationship for 4 years and i would much rather have my opposing gender…and im really sorry i took that offensively its just im a christian and i’ve been in church my whole life and i know right from wrong…

      God Bless You,

  53. This is everything that is wrong with the world today. The attitude that anything goes. He is no “idol.” I don’t want my children looking up to what he represents. It is wrong in our creator’s eyes and wrong to those of us who believe in the Bible and what is right and wrong. The Bible says it is wrong and it is a sin.

    • What should it matter what the bible says? If he likes guys, there’s nothing he can do about it. If “God”(If there even is one) didn’t want him to like guys, he wouldn’t have let such a thing happen. Kay thanks. (:

      • i totally agree with what u are saying….i believe in God… but people who say that God is goin 2 damn all gay people 2 hell are just hypocritical…. they say that god makes all things happen 4 a reason… so therefore God decided 2 make Adam gay.. or bi…. or straight…there is NOTHING wrong with gay or bi people…. so what? they like the same sex? LOVE IS LOVE! if god didnt want gays in this world he would not have made some people gay and some straight!

        • stacy sweet says:

          It’s called free will people. It is what God gave us that permits us to sin. If the bible says it is wrong then it is wrong. There is no way to justify sin. Everyone has the choice to sin or not to sin. We are not the judge of the decisions or behavior of others, only God is. We need to be concerned with our own sins before we start worrying about what our neighbor is doing.

      • I love God and the Bible and beleive it is wrong to be gay…..I miss the good ol days when what we noticed om a person was weather they were nice, funny, cute or had talent. Now what seems to matter is hey r u Gay? or hey I’m Gay shut up people….Lets go back to the good ol days when it was don’t ask don’t tell. lets strart to notice a person for there talent GOD BLESS you and yes Adam is a great performer Amercian Idol maybe not but time will tell

        • Good Ol Days….Those were not good ol days for many gays and lesbians….Those were the days or repressed feels and back alley hook ups…The good days are ahead of us when gays and lesbians can live equal lives.

    • The “idol” for your kids should NOT be someone on TV. My parents were my “idols”. Maybe you should work on that.

    • This is NOT about finding an Idol for your children..if that’s the case you really need to RE THINK where you are having your children look for an Idol/ Mentor….ON REALITY TV?? Plleeeease! You need to go to your community church or something……This is a singing please, let’s quit with the “that’s not Idol for my children” bit.

      • Wasn’t there also something in the Bible about not worshipping idols? So why do you care if he’s called an “idol” or not? As long as you and your family don’t worship him, you should be ok.

        By the way, grow up. The world today is different than the one in the Bible. By several hundred years, in fact. And you are wrong – there are SEVERAL instances of homosexuality in the Bible. In fact, earlier versions of the Bible (prior to the King James version) insinuated that even Jesus Christ was gay. If you don’t believe me, watch the History Channel sometime. they have a series called something like Banned from the Bible. It has some stuff from the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient texts.

        Somehow, whether Jesus was gay or not doesn’t seem to have affected his popularity. Nor should it affect Adam’s. Seriously. And if we are all supposed to live our lives based on what the Bible says, we’d all own slaves.


        • Seriously? Several hundred years? How about several thousand. Wow, I guess I should believe you because this is such a well-written and researched statement. Incredible! This is going to turn the whole world of Christianity upside down! Not.
          Read the Bible before commenting on it, people. I wouldn’t be so ignorant and bold as to pretend to know anything about a book I’ve never read in ALL of its context. All sexual immorality is wrong, and not just because the Bible ‘says so’ but because it hurts people and God knows that. People, especially gay people, are trying to fill an emptiness with sexual attention. God didn’t create homosexuality – it just happens like disease or any other condition of the mind or body.

          • Also, watching history channel or any other channel for that matter is not where you get your facts. Do you believe everything you here? Yes, I believe that homosexuality is wrong, but if we are judged because of our sins, we will all go to hell. Believing that Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins will give us eternal life. What ever Adam is or does is his business, I just pray that he believes in Jesus.

          • No, I did not “research” my answer. it’s called having intelligence and knowing how to apply it. But thank you for the well-written comment.

            Contrary to your opinion, I am not trying to “turn the whole world of Christianity upside-down”. I was simply trying to make the point that because the world has changed since the Bible was written, perceptions have also changed. And yes, I have read the Bible on numerous occasions all the way through and I’d like you to actually name the passages in it that say God or Jesus is against homosexuality, or that it is wrong and hurts people. Because I’ll bet you can’t.

            So… animals exhibiting homosexual behavior are sick and diseased? I doubt that. I also doubt that they are trying to “fill an emptiness with sexual attention”. All people try to fill emptiness in their lives. Some do use destructive means – drugs, alcohol, etc. But I don’t think gay people are any more likely to feel an emptiness inside than heterosexual people. I agree that some people also try to fill emptiness through sexual means. Whether you are promiscuous in same-sex relationships or opposite-sex relationships, the fact is that you are still promiscuous and it’s usually to try to fill a void, as you say. But I don’t think that those people who choose to do that are thinking, “hey, I don’t like men but if I have sex with them, I’ll feel better about myself”. That’s ridiculous. So if youare feeling particularly empty inside and lonely, does that mean you’ll go have sex with someone of the same gender? I doubt it, unless you were already inclined to do so. People seek companionship (if even of a sexual nature) when they are lonely. They don’t seek out relationships with a gender they wouldn’t normally be interested in just because they are lonely.

            Heterosexuality also “just happens”. Science has proven that neither is a choice we make. Yes, sexual immorality is wrong but it is not up to you to define what is immoral. How do you know that God feels like homosexuality “hurts people”? Again… where is that written? My version of sexual immorality must be very different from yours. I consider rapists and pedophiles to be sexually – and otherwise – immoral.

            So, I’m supposed to believe your argument simply because you are a Christian? How about some facts to back up your argument? I’d be happy to listen to you then.

            And by the way, Penny (see below), no I do not believe everything I see or read. However, there has been a lot of independent research done regarding the Dead Sea Scrolls and much of it reflects what was shown in that particular program. Also, Adam Lambert is Jewish so I doubt he believes in Jesus. At least, not the way you do.

    • Fran, I actually applaud you! I find it interesting how the entire world will shout out in defense of society’s increasing moral decay and pummel a person who chooses to live their life according to the laws of God. Very sad actually. Not for those of us who believe, but rather for those of us who don’t. Non-believers have the right to be non-believers, please accept that we believers retain those same rights, regardless of your protests. BTW, I believe, and I think Adam Lambert is an outstanding artist!

      • Here’s the thing. I don’t have any desire to sleep with Adam. I just want to look at him and watch him perform and hear him sing. That is a pretty child with an AMAZING talent. I’ve been a professional singer since 1972, so I’m qualified to say that he’s one of the best I’ve ever heard. He has the whole package…stage presence, looks, intelligence, and tremendously gifted talent. Is he gay? That’s really none of my business. That’s HIS choice/problem/sin to answer for. I am a Christian and the Bible tells us that the ACT of homosexuality is detestable in God’s eye. How will it play out when he dies? I have no idea….again, not my call or my problem. I wish him well on Idol. He certainly deserves to win. Stellar performances week after week. Best wishes to him and God bless.

    • betcarml says:

      I really do not think that God cares. God loves everyone, and for God to give such talent so such a wonderful singer and performer is a great thing, your children need to learn that GOD loves everyone, not just ” perfect People” . Oh, and are you saying you have never sined. Please!! stop bringing up the bad things in someone because they aren’t just like you!!!!!! get over it.
      I am a christian and I love Adam and Im sure his parents love him too. Have you even noticed how humble he is and how thankful he is and maybe you should check out his performance in the 10 commandments!! he plays Joshua, mmmm imagine that.
      God Bless you

    • look , its a singing competion and if you say being gay shouldn’t be allowed, then wouldn’t “god”(if there is one like Jushi said” then people wouldn’t be gay or damned to hell just because they are different! adam is allowed to express himself as an individual and gay, bi, or straight, he shouldn’t be looked apon as a bad influence, but a good influence that teaches people to express themselves and not worry on what everyone else thinks of him. even though i am straight, i believe everyone can express themselves in their own way and not be judged by their own decisions. do not insalt Adam just because if he is different and he means no harm to your kids!

    • It’ll be interesting Fran when you end up going to Hell with all these gays for believing all this CRAP

    • Fran-homosexuality is no bigger a sin than killing, stealing, lying, etc. So don’t play it up to be. And as others said, it shows pretty pathetic parenting if you let a singer on a tv show be your child’s idol. I wasn’t aware that anyone was perfect, but the way you talk, you must be. It’s hypocritical people like you that kill TRUE Christianity.

      • anonymous says:

        no! Jackie its hypocritical people like you that kill true christianity. because if you were truely a christian you would know its a sin.

        God Bless You,

        • Throwing that first stone, huh?

          I hope you don’t play football or wear anything other than cotton/linen clothes, because those things (along with eating shrimp) are said to be abominations in the SAME PASSAGE as the one you guys are using to decry homosexuality.

          You don’t get to pick and choose your sins, people. Either you believe it or you don’t. Either you’re open to intelligent reasoning about the Bible or you’re not. But don’t quote PART of a passage and expect everybody to just accept your self-righteous judgment. Get the chip off your OWN shoulder first.

    • anonymous says:

      amen! i totally agree with you.and i dont want my kids to look up to him neither. Finally someone else knows right from wrong and will stand up for what they believe in

      God Bless You,

    • cheerleader girl says:


      I AGREE with you 100%. I don’t want our chidren exposed to this kind of thing. Our kids DO look up to these people, just take Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana in perspective. If their favorite star is gay, then they will think they should be gay or that its okay to be gay. I don’t mind his decision of which sex he prefers. If he wants to go and fool around with guys, let him. he should just at least do it behind closed doors. Everyone doesnt need to know all about his personal business and about his sexual liffe.

      AND for all of you that say the Bible does not say anything about gay marriage being wrong in it, i’ve got something for you to read; READ THIS!!!! v

      “IF a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” Leviticus 20:13

      IN Leviticus 20:13 is stating that a man shall not lie with another man as he would with a woman, and if he does, this act will be considered an abomination in the eyes of God.

  54. Brittany says:

    I am a HUGE adam lambert fan! i dont care if he is gay or not! he is amazing and probably the hottest guy ever! and i have seen alot of hot guys! lol. i love you adam!

  55. this definatly changes how i c him but hes still hot and is who he wants to b soo stay out of his personal life american idol is about his voice wich is awesome and i dont care wether hes gay , bi, or strait and i love him…GO ADAM

  56. 1st of all that doesnt even look like him and how do we even know it is him? second of all idc if hes gay bi or straight! hes hot nand is the best on idol by far!!!!!!!!!!!! i lov adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  57. 1st odfa ll that doesnt look like him and wat if thats just a fake pic? 2nd, idc if hes gay, bi, or staraight hes hot! no on prop 8 equality 4 all!!!!!!! i lov lambert!!!!!!!!!!1

  58. okay well first of all i dont think adams gay or bi or whatever. his hair is awesome and the eyeliner just makes his beautiful eyes stand out even more. but even if he is who cares?? thats his business. and his sexuality has absolutly nothing to do with his amazing talent. hes freaking gorgous for one thing and if he doesnt win American Idol everyone in America is insane. what he has is god given talent. no mater how many voice lessons you take, you cant train your voice to be that amazingly breathe taking and beautiful. hes my idol and a huge inspiration no mater what. i love you adam, im voting for you, and i wish you the best.(:

  59. Shleyaa says:

    Oh my god i love Adam no matter what his sexuality is. And the bitch who is all “it’s a sin” can i tell you i went to church and jesus was tasting a little stale today.

    Leave him alone, if you can’t except it why are you here.

    Shut the hell up Fran( commenter who i f***ing hate!)

    I love you Adam you are the best.

    • anonymous says:

      you know what you need to chill if you been in church you aint learned nothing and you can hate me to for all i care because it is a sin…

      God Bless You,

      • It is a sin.
        I agree with you.
        but i guess he just can’t help it , and he is who he is and i guess he’s just created this way.
        and did Adam himself say he’s gay? LOL
        ADAM’S voice is great, he deserves to win.
        😀 Mad world! (:

  60. hey people!So what if he’s a gay or bi right?It’s his own personal life and he has the rights to choose what to be but what’s most important is his talent and his awesome voice!What’s the point of having a gorgeous AI and with good background but the talent isn’t there right?AI is all about talent and voice!So who cares if he’s a gay or bi!And for those of you who thinks that he’s not a good idol or you do not want your children to look up to him,then do not let them watch AI!It’s as simple as ABC!Get it?Adam Lambert should win AI coz he has a very unique voice or even if he doesn’t win,i’m sure he’s gonna be popular too!So all the best Adam!We’ll all support you all the way! 🙂

  61. Adam Fan says:

    Fran, the bible says anything that is not of Faith is Sin, that pretty much covers it all. Don’t point out one thing. An idol is an image of a god, used as an object or instrument of worship
    in monotheistic belief, any heathen deity
    any object of ardent or excessive devotion or admiration
    a false notion or idea that causes errors in thinking or reasoning
    Archaic anything that has no substance but can be seen, as an image in a mirror…. Therefore According to the Word Idol….Adam Lambert is One.

  62. AdamAddicted says:

    What’s the difference gay he or not? His sexual life is not our business at all! Adam is totally amazing! Love him more and more after each performance on AI!

  63. Marty M says:

    Who cares? As much as I like some of the other contestants this year, they don’t stand a chance. He outshines everyone every week and that is what matters. I haven’t heard anyone complaining about some of Idol’s other contestants who were definitely gay and it has no reflection on his talent.

  64. We continue to be such voyeurs as a nation. We peek in to every ones private lives only to tear them apart with what we find.How we love to find something wrong with others and tear them down. Why…so we can feel better about our own defects? It seems so many have to find some one they can feel better than. And to use Gods name to behave in such unchristian ways is an abomination. These very same christians supported George Bush as he led us in to war and the worst economy in decades.
    AI is a talent show…and may the most talented win. Adam is by far the most exciting, and innovative contestant in a long time…maybe ever. So we should see his talent as a blessing from God and his private life none of our business. I can’t wait to see how he will entertain us each week and that’s enough for me.

    • “We peek in to every ones private lives ….”

      These misfits of society would not be a concern if THEY were not stuffing THEIR lifestyle in the publics faces. If they don’t want others to be concerned about their unnatural sex issues, they should have kept it in the closet. Heck, if my dog went around humping male dogs, I’d keep him out of the public.

      How are you going to feel when your idol gets AIDS? Might it then upset you that he like to give it and take it up the rear?

      Grow up.

      • Actually Obama, drug adicts and non safe hetero relations are the principal cause you can get AIDS…make some research maybe you learn something…
        By the way my mom’s dog seems to be gay! LOL..

      • toplesswithElvis says:

        If you’re so easily offended by someone’s sexual orientation, what are you doing on this site?

        Since you are here, don’t embarrass yourself with your stupidity. HIV/AIDS is a virus that doesn’t care whether anyone is gay, straight, Republican, Christian, Hindu, Jew, black, or white. Again: IT’S A VIRUS. As long as people are careful with whatever partners they choose to be with, they are no more at risk of getting the virus than you are when you’re screwing your sister or dog or whatever.

        Incidently, you seem a bit unnaturally fixated with males humping males and taking it up the rear? Anything you’d like to share?

  65. What a shame. All that talent and the guy takes in the ass. You folks need to wise up. Enjoy his music , I guess, but remember, when a fag has sex–he stinks like poop.

    • betcarml says:

      You should know because your a real ASSHOLE!!! your just jealous so shut the *&%$ up!!!! you make me sick.

  66. Who cares if he is gay or not. He is an amazing singer and has an incredible falsetto, not to mention he is gorgeous.

  67. To Obama say:

    How about it is a free country and if someone as talented as him wants to pursue his music career he should be able to without judgement`s being passed left and right. Who are you to say he is a misfit. Just because someone is gay and likes to express themselves in different ways doesnt mean anything is wrong with them and what is natural to someone doesnt mean its natural to everyone else.

    • “Who are you to say he is a misfit.”

      So you think stuffing Mr. Happy up some other guys poop-chute is natural?

      “How about it is a free country ….” Well. thats only temporary now that the libs are in power, but that’s another subject. With freedom comes responsibilities, such as not supporting a sickening behavior that kills and destroys the lives of our youth. I admit, Adam has a great voice, but he is not an example anyone with a brain would want for our children.

      “……. doesn’t mean anything is wrong with them and what is natural to someone doesnt mean its natural to everyone else.” Their choice is wrong and there is not more than one definition of “natural”. Do you also think that sex with animals is natural?

      I think Adam is extremely talented, his voice is incredible, he’s a crowd pleaser and he’s going to make a ton of money….. it’s a shame he went for the flaming fag thing. I wish him well… perhaps with all the money he’s going to make he can afford the help he needs to get his head straight.

      He won’t get my vote, there are other very talented folks in the competition that might actually be “natural”.

      • While I referred someone else to the History Channel, perhaps the more appropriate venue for you would be National Geographic. There are many species in nature that would be considered “homosexual” or “bisexual” were they human. In fact, these types of behaviors have been seen not only in mammals but also birds and insects.

        So you might want to use another word to make your point, because if it exists in nature then it follows that it is in fact, “natural”. Obviously you have an issue because you feel that what he is doing is wrong, if in fact he is gay. But that is that is based on the mores of the society where you grew up. If you had grown up in a society that saw nothing wrong with it, I think your opinion might be different.

        What I think is sad is that while you acknowledge he is talented, his voice is incredible, etc. you won’t vote for him simply because you believe he might be gay. Although nothing has been confirmed about that, as far as I am aware.

        And intolerance is also a sickening behavior that kills and destroys the lives of our youths. Literally.

        Personally, I am voting for him because he is extremely talented and because I would actually buy his record, if he were to make one. I can’t really say that about the other contestants. While they are talented, in my opinion they are also (vocally) boring. This most recent show, I ended up fast forwarding through everyone but Adam. I personally can’t stand Tears for Fears or the song Mad World, but I still listened to every note he sang because he is a compelling performer. When someone has a talent like that, it is not something you should dismiss because of something else in their life.

        Think of the millions of fans who supported Elvis (and still do) even though he abused drugs and alcohol. That is also a sickening disease and makes him a terrible role model… but my parents certainly didn’t stop listening to his music just because of that. Maybe you lighten up just a bit. After all, American Idol certainly doesn’t take iteself too seriously. It’s a talent show, not a morality show.

  68. elizabethtaylor says:

    Adam takes it in the ass? Ick!!!!!! I won’t vote for him now. He’s a sicko.

    • Yes, with that behavior, he is a “sicko”.

      I have enjoyed AI for years. I love seeing talented kids get a chance to reach for the stars.

      However, if AI doesn’t have better standards than this, I am afraid I will find something else to do when they are on.

      Our society has degraded and our youth has been dumbed down almost to a point of no return… I won’t participate in helping to fund those that work to bring us down.

      If our youth demanded higher standards with their votes, they could change lives, behaviors, even save lives, as well as set the tone for their future and their children’s future.

      We all need to quit listening to the faggots…. they need help, not support for their sick, depraved and filthy sex habits.

      Again, Adam is very talented and gifted, and it’s a shame that he’s taken this destructive road in life. I hope he takes a turn. Instead of setting a bad example, he could change and set a good one that could cross generational lines.

      • I have a couple more things to say.

        I rather doubt that Adam takes time out of his schedule to read this fan forum, but if he did, I would want him to read this.

        -Admit you’re a gay, that you know it’s wrong and that you intend to change. Ask that you fans hang in there for you. I would.


        -Explain that you have never been gay, but that your love of the art, and need to eat, has caused you to be willing to take on jobs that allowed you even greater exposure and those included gay gigs….

        Sir, you want to be a star, you want to spread your wings and fly, you want to sing your heart out and show the world, and your parents, how far you can go…. being the poster boy for the gays won’t get you to where you could have otherwise gone.

        Good luck Adam, you are far too talented to risk it all over this twisted gay trap…. or should I say crap.

        • Dear Obama….you left me wordsless….it brought me back to the Apes Era!!! got some serious issues up in your head…

        • Obama, you don’t deserve to even think about that sweet boy, Adam Lambert. Why don’t you shut up and let God do the judging. He’s definitely going to judge you someday!
          Oh, btw, Adam’s behavior on AI is awsome. He is the most gracious and polite contestant on there. I think he is a great role model for young people. I think he’s holding pretty well considering that he has to put up with crap like yours being written about him all the time. I have a daughter that is close in age to Adam. If she turns out to be half as professional and mature as him, I will be proud!

  69. OK. I’m shocked with all the nonsense nazi stuff that the last ones, like Obama, are saying.!!!!!!!!!!
    Are you prehistoric??? No, you are soooo short minded!!!
    Let me tell you, cause it seems you might not know, you don’t become gay by watching a gay singer actor or whatever….could it be possible that right in 21 century be people thinking that way?????
    I would be proud if my sons look to Adam as an idol!!!! He is gifted with a huge talent, and is sooo smart !!!
    Thanks God the people thinking like you are just a bunch…if not what would it been for Freddie Mercury, Sir Elton John and many many more outstanding gay artist!!!!!!!!
    You are the ones who need your brain fixed….

  70. DarkShadowsAbove says:


    I am a Republican, Christian, and straight. However, your ideas about sexuality sicken me. No one CHOOSES to be of a certain orientation and no one can become straight, gay, or bi from watching people on television.

    If you are so insecure that you need to blame others for your inability to cope, then you need some serious therapy. I, personally, know at least ten professional psychologists, psychoanalysts, and psychotherapists who would love to screw your head on right. After all, 25 out of the 26 male homophobes I’ve known have turned out to be gay. You might want to check up on that.

    Moreover, no matter what you believe about his sexuality, this is a singing competition and his sexuality does not change his talent. I’ve seen some wonderful support for Adam on this site and many others, and I am immensely proud of every new post I see stating that Adam’s true fans don’t care one way or the other.

    Adam is an amazing singer (the best I’ve ever heard, to be perfectly honest, and I’ve listened to just about everyone out there) and he deserves whatever good things come to him for his hard work, intelligence, and determination. I would be proud if any family member, friend, or acquaintance of mine decided to look up to him as a role model.

    • Great point! Whether you are Republican or Democrat, Christian or not, straight or not, does not make a difference. Those say something about you, not about whether or not Adam has talent. And he has that in spades!

      I too am proud of everyone for supporting him the way they have. While I’m not a Republican (I’m Independent), I am Christian and straight as well and see absolutely nothing wrong with him having a personal life that is … PERSONAL. Who he chooses to have that life with, whether male or female, is entirely his business, and you are right – it is not a choice. I didn’t choose to be straight, after all. It’s not like someone came up to me when I was 2 (or whenever) and asked me whether I wanted to grow up liking men or women. I don’t recall that conversation!

      I would absolutely be proud of anyone I know who looked to him as a role model. Here is someone who has worked hard the majority of his life at pursuing a dream. That kind of drive is something to be admired. How many people can truly say they’ve worked so hard at something they’ve wanted for so long, and been (at last!) successful? He deserves to reap the rewards of his hard work, and deserves to be proud of everything he has achieved. I know he is an intelligent person, so I’ m quite sure he’s smart enough to ignore the negativity and enjoy the positive comments everyone else is making.

  71. hello all Adam Lambert fans 🙂

    this is my first time writing and put my comments on web site. there is some points that i would like to voice out

    1st. i’m not a regular AI watcher, you can said i actually never care so much, but this season, Adam really captured my eyes, his performance, his voice, the way how he sing… it’s amazing, he sing with his heart, he connected to the song he sing, not memorized it, now i can’t wait wednesday to see him perform (i live in Asia, so i need to search for a site to watch him performed, not only that,i like to see how the judge praise him also ). Last time i used to think time pass so fast, now i felt time pass too slow… coz i can’t wait to see Adam to perform again, i really wish this AI wont end, coz after it’s end i don’t have chance to see him anymore …. sad 🙁

    2nd. i keep asking myself, is AI is an original america tv show ? how come i saw somany people making this sex issue so big deal ? i guess even some states in america already make it regal for same sex to get married, whether you are gay, bi, or lez we are all human… come with flesh and blood, feeling… and freedom to chose… so give some respect ! think about it, those gay, lez or bi ppl never attack people who are straight right ? they never scream “lets join gay, lez or bi” think… who you are to judge people ? i think… if someone looking for a role model they should started it up from themself first, not looking at other people…honestly… like adam song… this is mad world, all you need to do is just to adjust in it, don’t judge ! when i first saw adam, i know he is gay already… i sigh a bit coz i know he wont like me haha… (i’m a woman) and i smile a bit coz i know i wont read in the news or magazine “adam hooked up with …. and …. ” (i don’t want to name named lol, dun want make people upset … keke)

    3rd. this is to adam….. other people please skip this one :D, coz it’s my personal message to adam 🙂 Adam… whatever you are,… win or not AI (i’m sure the judges keep this ticket for you) be yourself,… i love you whtever you are 🙂 my heart melt when i heard you sing “mad world” even my elder sis who’s never watch AI, when i play your “mad world” song she nod her head and said “this is the best”, i want to said more, but i have to sleep now 🙁 nite Adam… and

    4th. NITE ALL ADAM FAMILY keke 🙂

  72. bobbiejo69 says:

    ok, seriously, did you people NOT read the part that said “nothing is official yet” or how bout the part that says “no one knows what his orientation is??????” God also says you shouldn’t sit in judgement of another, what are you all doing? you are judging him…. and until you know one way or another you should stop JUDGING this guy and even when you do figure out what his preference is, it is not for you to judge.

    • just thinking…Is there anything we HAVE to know?? who are we? all we need to know is that he is an incredible artist, and support him as much as we can!!

  73. adam is an ah-mazing singer.
    he has great vocals, and is a great performer.
    he shouldn’t be persecuted, because of his sexual orientation.
    it doesn’t matter if he is gay, straight, or bisexual.
    american idol is a competition of your vocal skill.
    we shouldn’t vote based on their looks, personal life, sexuality, mistakes they made, or anything else.
    VOTE for adam, he is the best singer.
    leave the guy alone.
    i know this is a big religious deal, but overlook that and just see his great talent.

    • chinadinger says:

      totally agree.I’m a gril ,and i know he’s gay,but it doesn’t stop my love of my eyes he’s perfect,
      he will be the icon of music circle,he will wrote in the history of music just like michael jackson.

  74. i love adam is is my favorite singer and it does not matter if hes gay or not we shoud not be baseing it on what he feels, we should be basing it if hes a good singer or not.

  75. bobbiejo69 says:

    Adam is an amazing person, his vocal ability as well as his musicianship is unlike anything i have ever seen, I say God bless you Adam, we vote for you every week and you deserve to win. We wish you all the best, so just keep doing what you do so well. 🙂

  76. I love the way Adam embraces his parents. I love that he is happy with himself. I love that he is thankful for this opportunity on AI.If you think he has had an easy life think again. But his experiences have made him into who he is today am I am happy for him.For those that are sad,watch Adam. He will make you happy. It is okay to not be like everybody else.

  77. i think its extremely hot hes kinda a rebel.

    he kisses girls..HOT

    he kisses boys..Even HOTTER

    idk im into BISEXUAL GUYS(HOTTEST) lol.


  78. i want him to be bi cause than i can have him but not ganna happen cause im ugly ive got brown hair and brown skin and hazel eyes big breast just pure ugly but i love adam lambert and i think he should come down to st leanards and walk to gilsman hill and see me but he wont i only see one famous person ands thats emiem and dj snake please answer is he bi? 🙂
    🙂 :*

  79. im not jugeing him i love him but i do wish i dream and i sing but none of my dreams every come ture so there no point

  80. I think ADAM has love for MEN AND WOMEN.

    There may be a good thing about it. Or maybe not. 🙂

  81. Adam is by far the best Idol has ever seen. It doesn’t matter if he is gay or not.

  82. Obamasucks says:

    Tonight, he sounded okay, but not as good as last week.

    But he still looks like a rump ranger. That’s a shame… it really is.

  83. im a huge fan.. really….
    i dont care if he’s gay or not… it doesnt matter to me..
    i just enjoy the music..
    but the things i read in here… god… you guys are really confused dudes…
    let me set things straight….
    being gay or bi or straight is a choice..
    its not god’s gift…
    its just a choice we make… ppl around us also play a big part….
    and we answer for the choices we make….
    we choose the wrong path.. we answer for it..
    thats all there is to it…
    whats right and whats wrong remains right and wrong…
    lets not justify nor condam it….
    just remember… its a choice.. and they answer for it..
    does it affect us in any way… i dont think so…
    so.. let it be…
    lets just enjoy the talent god has given adam…
    and appreciate it…
    *ps im from singapore and im a huge fan

    • Adam4Life says:

      Actually, all evidence shows that sexual orientation is NOT a choice, but just how you are born.

      But anyways, who cares what sex Adam is attracted to? He’s still going to be an amazing singer and insanely gorgeous, no matter what his preference is. I know people are surious (I am too), but it really makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. I love you, Adam, and I support you all the way!!

  84. SuperStar says:

    LOL I’ve been reading all the comments and tbh they amuse me alot!
    Just saying lets not get all ‘Jesus-y’ about it, k? Just an article and no one will be ‘damned’ and go to hell. Lets not preach- save it for church, not a fan site. This is about ADAM incase we all forgot! Religion and singng are kinda different!

    Btw, Adam is gorgeous, talented and would be be a great boyfriend to whatever sex he choses- END OF. If you don’t like him, no need to offend other people who are being respectful to the artist.


  85. “fran” its his choice if hes gay or straight , i really dont think he cares what you think , its his life and he can do what he wants with it , i have read the bible and it has nothing to do with that . if you think its wrong , dont look at his pictures and watch american idol . sorry , but its the truth .

  86. FUHK HATERZ LISTEN UP YOU FUHKING HOMOPHOBICS !!!!!!!!!! –> ! i’m a strooooong believer in god , but there is NO WAY in this world that a loving person like God would EVER send someone to hell for being in LOVE . love is love , and God wouldn’t ever want somebody to be unhappy in their life because they’re scared to go to hell for loving the same sex . adam isn’t an idol , you say ? i don’t think that i could ever admire anybody more . because not ONLY is he an amazing singer , but he has to go through people like YOU’S critisizem , and people like YOU who are closed-minded and immedently won’t accept him just because he’s gay . somebody who has to go through all that , with the american idol pressure , and still perform his best (and THE best) every week , how could you admire anybody more ? so go get an education , and learn how to accept people for who they are , and get it through your head that LOVEISLOVE . and i dont even know if he really IS gay . maybe he just got drunk and kissed some guys . but either way , WHO CARES who he is attracted to . it shouldn’t matter . i can tell he’s a humble sweetheart , and an amazingggg singer (duh) and somebody that i truley look up to . so stick that in your juice box and SUCKIT .

  87. Wow, existential crisis for Americans? lol Yeah, right. Things are changing. People actually talk about homosexuality now instead of acting like it’s taboo or impossible. “omg, he’s not gaaay!” I’m not reading as much of that as I used to about stars. Like, if he didn’t admit it, then by default he’s not?

    Adam is obviously not straight. My impression is he’s gay. I like him all the more for it, for his transcendence of gender, too, because in the past you wouldn’t get to see a mainstream celebrity like that. He’s honest, and we could always use more honesty from celebrities and role-models.

    I’m thinking that one day in the not-too-distant future, being open about celebrities’ homosexuality or bisexuality or transgender identity will be as ordinary as having a Latino up there. That’s how relevant it is, as relevant as race. It just is.

    Would it matter if I said I were “gay”? No. No, it wouldn’t. The only places where I ever feel uncomfortable about NOT talking about my sexual orientation are those places where people would deny its validity.

  88. As a christian, it does change how i look at him, especially after seeing his “wild” pics on youtube. But honestly, I don’t really care. His sexuality does not pop up in the show and I doubt he will go around and promote it in his album either, so why bother? Will I want my children to look up to him and adore him with a blind eye? Surely no. But I will like it if they can appreciate his talent which is kind of the main thing of the show.
    Seriously, to all other christians, I don’t think it’s a natural thing to be gay either. But I wouldn’t go as far as saying that he should be voted off because of that. As long as he performs well, he can be as gay as he wants and win the competition!

  89. Oh god. I guess these old, “back in my day” people still don’t understand that… younger people are more accepting of gay, bi, whatever.

    Does god make mistakes? He makes people gay, straight, bi…it doesn’t really matter in the long run, doesn’t change them as people. Its not a choice, more proof is out now more than ever. And I don’t think its anyones job to judge if someone is going to hell or not.

    I couldn’t care less what adam is. He is an ammmmazing singer and seems like such a sweetheart.
    I read an interview where he reads bad things about himself on the internet, and has been picked on his whole life. That breaks me heart.

    Some People are such idiots… its pretty pathetic.

    • i know! thank u for saying this. i have also been picked on forever because im bi

    • I think you’re right about the younger generation. I think labels like “gay” or “bi” might eventually go by the wayside like the “N” word. Race and sexuality are both becoming less and less relevant. People just are.

      I have to admit being one of those who does not like labels. I have a non-discriminatory view of who I’m attracted to, but I refuse to take on a label. I just am. I don’t hide it from those who are open and non-judgmental, but what goes on in my bedroom is my own business. I don’t need a label so society can impress a stereotype on my forehead.

      I would imagine that my stance would be harder for those who hare only attracted to those of the same sex, but it works for me and that is all I am concerned with. If others are comfortable being more vocal about their preferences then I’m glad it works for them.

  90. adamlambertluver says:

    Adam i dont care what u are i am voting for u because u r the BEST and u r amazing and i love You

  91. I don’t care either way if he like the ladies and/or the gents but I sure hope he does like the ladies b/c then I have a chance w/ him…though I don’t think my fella would like that very much lol 😉

    AND, he’s the best damn singer I’ve seen in a LOOONG time, rock on Adam!!

  92. Oh come on! Shut up with the bible talk. Please, that’s all some big rubbish! I respect that you belive in god, but it’s not wrong being gay, or bi, or pan, or straight.. WHATEVER!! (Like you say in German) The point is, he’s a Great performer, and he shouldn’t be jugded of his sexual orientation. That’s just wrong. If god really was true (Sorry everybody, i don’t belive in god) Then he putted every human to earth for a reason. And so gay shouldn’t be a sin. It’s human, and it’s people’s own life. Stop jugding of that. Homosexuals can’t choose either if they’re gay or not. It’s in the brain.

    But WHO CARES!? He’s handsome, he’s cute, he’s talented, he’s a great performer!

  93. ok i hope hes bi cuz he is fucking sexy

  94. i dont care what he is i still dream. 😀
    he just loves, whether guys or girls thats all that matters.
    and besides HES STILL FUCKING HOT either way.

  95. After reading most of these comments re sexual-orientation, it is too funny to be taken seriously!!! None of us has the “right” answer. As far as ADAM is concerned, it is ONLY HIS business and whoever he chooses to be with intimately-so we all can ramble on as if what we say is relevant, but, in reality, it ISN’T!!!! So-there!!! everything ADAM LAMBERT is, I love, period. ……………………………………………he is PERFECT, just as he is !! – Love Adam exactly as he is – perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. In my opinion, suxual orientation is ‘A VERY PERSONAL ISSUE’ and should be treated that way. People who practices ‘good etiquette and good manners’ ALWAYS stir clear away from this PRIVATE SUBJECT.

  97. Adamlover says:

    There is one thing bad about reading the Bible. You need to read it Chapter by Chapter, and verse by verse, because if you don’t you won’t get the whole picture, and what exactly is being said. You can’t take verses out of context, and really make truth or sense of it. Even now, and for centuries there has been insane bigotry regarding gay people. The problem is people believe what they are taught. It’s even taught to their children. That’s why it is still going on. But in the future it will change.. Why? Because they are finally, with much support from gay activists and others who are compassionate, doing research on the male and female homosexual. And what they are finding out, just blows Bible bigotry out of the water. Homosexuals are like cats, and heterosexuals are like dogs. The male and female gay person have the opposite brain in what they are supposed to have. eg. If they have a male body, they have a female brain in different degrees individually. Their hormones are even different. Now think very carefully. Your brain is your spirit. If you are a female you’re going to be attracted to a male are you not. Okay, but oh my, your body is different. But you can’t go any other way, because women will make you feel gay. It is not natural for you. Hence, you are gay. Are you sinning? No, because it is not your natural way. You just have the wrong body. In the Bible God speaks of heterosexuals who lost their natural ways, because they stopped loving God, and worshiped false idols, so He left them to their sins. There was no help for them. They weren’t gay people. Gay people are born that way. You can actually see it when they think, talk, etc. How, can God possibility condemn these people when they were created this way. It is not the result of sin. In the Old Testament one verse totally creates God as a bigot. That’s where this is going to really make people start thinking. All along it’s been the devil’s trap causing so much hate, because it has been an interjection by mankind…his own sin. How can God be a bigot, when He is without sin. Bigotry is a sin. God’s going to toss cats out because they aren’t dogs? I don’t think so. So, people the devil’s having a field day, because hate is coming out of the Bible, because man’s translation is tainted. That’s why Jesus died for us. Man is imperfect. “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. Even Paul in Romans says not to judge these people, for we will be sinning. So, it’s okay to be nice to gay people. They need their own ministers, and churches, to finally be blessed by God. They should not be denied marriage, because they have their own culture. They do have a purpose in this world. They need hope, that God loves what He has created. And you should too.

    • OK look … the Bible FLAT OUT STATES OVER AND OVER AGAIN that homosexuality is an abomination and a sin!

      You are simply too scared to admit that the Bible isn’t perfect because you KNOW in your heart that it’s wrong to judge homosexuals as immoral sinners!

      I read the Bible in it’s entirety twice by the time I was twelve years old … and have studied it’s passages since … it CLEARLY states that homosexuality is an abomination, is immoral and a sin! You can twist it twenty ways from Sunday and that remains the fact! You are simply too much of a coward to face the fact that the Bible is NOT everything you’d hoped it would be … it’s not perfect … it was constructed by mere men … and according to itself, cannot be perfect!

    • Poofdcat says:

      Simple. God made us tall, heterosexual, short, brunettes, blondes, homosexual, smart, not so smart…..

      What did Christ say was the first rule, again? Oh, yeah, love thy neighbor.

      I may not understand why God made everyone the way he did (including me), but I can appreciate all of his creations. And, I thank God for this wonderful talent, this wonderful voice – and I mean that. I’ve lost many people close to me, and sometimes, well, I get lonely. Listening to Adam sing is a true comfort. It moves me, and makes me feel good.

      Oh, yeah: Judge not lest you be judged. It’s God’s business. I will just continue to appreciate His creation.

      Thank you, God!

  98. ObsessedAdamFan says:

    I’m a straight, 26 year old christian female and i’m obsessed with a gay guy!!!
    I really could care less if he’s gay or straight! my obsession is not at all any less. He just is hotness! Whenever i see him perform, i get all hot and bothered i only watch idols for him.

    And yes people i really do think he’s gay. I saw this video of him on youtube were he talks about kissing a girl. and saying: even though it’s not my preference, i liked it.

    But that doesn’t make me love his amazing vocals any less. And it doesn’t dim my huge huge obsession with him hahaha. I mean i can still dream right?! I have as little chance hooking up with him as i have any straight star so what difference does it make if he’s gay or not. What matters is he’s hot, and he can sing.

    And weird “Christians” on here who are just downright sprouting nonsense and hate. Notice how i quotated christians?? Because you people just do not follow Jesus teachings, so you cannot be true Christians. Jesus was all about love and trying to get people to accept others the way they are. So the question to all of you is, have YOU read your Bible thoroughly?? or are you all stuck in the Old Testament. There is a reason for the New Testament you know. It is a book full of tolerance and love and will help you understand the Old Testament better.

    • Whether you like it or not, Jesus Christ considered homosexuality an abomination in the eyes of God … CLEARLY … as stated many times throughout both the Old Testament and the New Testament! Do you need me to start quoting scripture … because it’s pretty obvious that you have not actually read the Bible. The Old Testament flat out states to stone homosexuals to death else they’ll corrupt your society! I’m sure if you ACTUALLY read the Bible as I have you’d know this.

      You know in your heart that it’s wrong to view homosexuals as immoral sinners, but you’re too afraid to admit that the Bible isn’t perfect! I’ve been there … you’ll eventually grow up too!

      • Whether or not homosexuality is stated as an abomination, the Bible also states it is not our right to judge others. From what I took from the bible (and of course we all can take whatever we want from the Bible and say we’re right), we are tasked with loving our neighbor and even showing compasion to our enemies. It is our task to make decisions about our own life, live our own life based on those decisions and then stand judgement before God for those decisions.

        In fact, judging others and treating them harshly based on an imperfect knowledge of their situation might even be considered a sin in itself.

  99. i sure hope hes bi otherwise that would be a devastating loss for the girls

  100. The simple fact is that the religious right cares if the next American Idol is gay or not. Most Christian churches … I’d say about 99% (except for a very few minor sects that exist) believe homosexuality is an abomination and a sin … as is clearly stated in the Bible throughout … clear as day! So for those of you who are afraid to tell Mommy and Daddy that you aren’t REALLY Christian … shut up and get out of the way … you’re holding society back with your weakness!

    Personally, I believe (as most scientists do) that being gay (for the most part) is a genetic mishap … don’t take mishap as a bad thing. When the brain forms, it develops (based on genetics) triggers for all of our responses … including sexual arousal … which in gays is triggered by someone of the same physical sexual orientation. Don’t get me wrong … I believe in God … and “morality” … and I’m sure that “some” immoral homosexuality is practiced by insane people as is heterosexuality … but I also believe that Moses for example was just a man … a prophet, but a man none the less … who was uncomfortable by gay men (as I admittedly am) … and therefore added to Gods laws as “he” believed they should be … but those are just my thoughts personally.

    So this question is MUCH LARGER than most of you are giving it credit for … if America as a whole “knows” that Adam is Gay or Bi will they vote for him anyway? I hope that the answer is yes since he is by far the most talented of the contestants … but I’m not sure! Adam might be smart to keep it under wraps … at least until American Idol is over … I don’t think America has shown the progressiveness to vote him the winner with that knowledge.

    So “who cares if he’s gay?” Everyone’s saying that on this posting … but the fact is that most Americans are mainstream religious … meaning that they practice one of the “major” religions … which means that if they really are faithful to their religion, they obviously should care. My point … this is a very serious question … whose answer could have very serious societal consequences for America. We should take note of this situation and learn from it so that we can help our society continue to progress into a more fair nation for all! Rather than simply state “who cares if he’s gay, he’s the best singer!” Understand what he’s facing should mainstream America find out for sure that he is gay … and then understand what we’re up against as a society … so that if your son or daughter should turn out gay, he/she is not driven to a life of drugs and/or obscurity by a cruel/uneducated society!

    It doesn’t really matter though, because I think Adam will play it smart … keep the controversy going (which just provides even more attention to go with his exceptional talent) win American Idol and go on with his career … he doesn’t have to choose whether to announce his sexual preference or not … he just has to sing and enjoy himself!

  101. Adamlover says:

    Hello, to the people that think people that question a stance in the Bible is not being Christian. It takes a lot more than that to not be a Christian. I believe in Jesus, and He died for me. I pray, and care. I am good to my fellow man. In Romans Paul says if you hate gays you sin as they do. Read the first two Chapters. Jesus said for us not to divorce. That went out of the window didn’ it. However, I do not believe that God hates gay people, and calls them an abomination. That’s man talking, not God. God is merciful. There are gays when their young end their lives, and lose their faith in God, because they cannot love. If they do, they’ll go to hell. People kill gays because of this. If you don’t have a choice, I don’t believe that God forsakes you.. Is that a merciful God that condemns them? No it’s mankind. I remember in Roanoke, VA one year, when a man who hated gays went in their bar, and leveled the place with gunfire. Killed three people. They were good, and nice people too. You see not all books in the Bible are in the Bible. However, with the new research there is hope. It takes awhile for people to stop their hating. But it’s a sin as big as the heterosexuals who lost their natural way, because of sin. The devil is the one that defined this bigotry. His name is written all over it. It’s a matter of time in the next generation, and things will be different. Gays need to be blessed. I’m sorry. I love God very much, and he understands that compassion in my heart. I pray for them all the time. Just because of this compassion, I won’t be going to hell. Far from it. I’m a loving person, who believes there is hope for those who can’t change who they are. If gays go to church, love Jesus, be good to their fellow man, and love the way they were created God will be merciful. Jesus saved us, and opened the door to all mankind. You better read the New Testament. Jesus is a God of love. Case closed.

  102. Adam Lambert is the best contestant on American Idol this year. He’s got the looks, the talent, the stage presence, the personality, the experience, the originality; as Paula would say, “The whole package.” What his sexual orientation is should not make a difference. He’s the best. That’s all there is to it.

    I would like to say, though, that I think DarkShadowsAbove’s comment was profound and beautiful. And probably truthful. As we can see from these pictures, Adam appears to like both men and women. But again, like DarkShadowsAbove said, I don’t think he maybe intended to be bi. I completely agree with them when they say that he just loves whomever he loves, regardless of gender. And that’s perfectly fine.

    If being gay or bi was wrong, then G-d would not have made gay or bi people. Love is love, whether it be between a man and a woman, two women, or two men. I don’t understand how people can say that G-d doesn’t approve of bisexual and homosexual people. You cannot help who your soul chooses to love. If you happen to love someone of the same gender, so what? It doesn’t make you any less of a person. If G-d didn’t want people to be gay or bi, he would not have created gay or bi people.

    And to all the people who say things like, “Adam’s obviously gay, but he’s awesome so leave him alone!” I applaud you on being open-minded and accepting, but don’t assume. For all we know, Adam might be straight and just enjoys taking pictures that would cause controversy. We don’t know for sure. ‘Obviously’ is a word used a lot by these people, and it just isn’t accuarate. If all I had to go by was this picture, I wouldn’t assume that he was gay. Keep an open mind, but don’t assume.

    Whether or not Adam is bi may remain a mystery to the public for a long time. However, it should not make a difference on whether people choose to vote for him. He is undoubtedly the contestant most deserving to win, whether he be bi, gay or straight. I think people should stop worrying about what his sexual orientation is and should just watch his performances. Every week I look forward to seeing Adam sing. It literally is the highlight of my week. He’s so amazing. And he just seems like a sweetheart. I’d love to hang out with him. He seems like a lot of fun.

    Adam, you’re simply the best. I hope you win, because you deserve to. I will continue to repeatedly vote at least 100 times for you every week. Good luck, but as I said before, with the looks, the talent, the stage presence, the personality, the experience, and the originality that you have, you don’t need luck. You already have everything you need. Keep being who you are–that’s why we love you.

    • DarkShadowsAbove says:

      Thanks for that comment, Serenity.

      • Serenity says:

        You’re very welcome. 🙂 If Adam doesn’t make it to the finale, it will be an even worse mistake than letting Taylor Hicks beat Chris Daughtry (or anyone, for that matter). I’m voting for him as I type.

        Go Adam! We love you!

  103. I’m a christian and a science teacher, but all of these philosophical comments are making me think too much! I take comfort in Matthew 7:1 – 5. I try not to judge others’ percieved sins as mine are too numerous to count.
    The bottom line is this: Adam is one of the best singers I’ve ever heard.
    He’s absolutely adorable.
    I don’t care if he’s gay.
    I still want him anyway.(rhyme not intended).
    See, I’m such a sinner.

    • Oh Abbey, you’re so right! Isn’t it also a “sin” to lust over your neighbor’s wife? Well, he’s not my neighbor’s wife, but he is kind of my neighbor… and I do so lust after him.

      I am also such a sinner!

    you are so true to yourself and that is someone i would definitely admire to be.

  105. he is a starr!! and that is all matters for him at this moment.

  106. doesn’t matter if he’s gay or bi, he has an AMAZING voice and he is sooooo HOT!

  107. gay, bi . . . who gives a crap ? he is still hot, sexy, a great singer/performer, and hopefully singlee!! iloveyouadamlambert

  108. Obamasucks says:

    “gender doesn’t matter”

    If gender didn’t matter, you wouldn’t be here making silly statements.

  109. I can’t believe we almost lost him last night!!

  110. Audrey Anebeth SCENE says:

    Does it matter if Adam is gay or bi. Either way he’s hot and a great singer!!!!! Y is evry1 making a big deal out of this?

  111. well who cares if adam is gay, bi, or straight i think his amazing and cute and his the next american idol all the way………………….go adam you rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  113. Matt Giraud revealed in his exit interview, US Weekly and on Seacrest’s radio show that Adam was unhappy with his performance on Tuesday. He knew he was in the B2 and thought he would be voted off. When Ryan asked Adam to pick the group he felt he belonged in that night without declaring him safe, he picked Allison and Danny. “I was definitely surprised that Adam was down there with me but he didn’t like his own performance. We were both goofing off from each other waiting for Ryan to call our name out to try and make it all less serious, y’know? That’s what we do. It was a cruel twist for him to have to pick who he thought was in the bottom 3. Me and Kris were giving him a hard time backstage, like, “Why didn’t you pick US!! Because we were almost certain WE were the Bottom 3. We love Adam so that was really uncomfortable. But you know Adam, he’ll be ok, he’ll bounce back.”

  114. John Doe says:

    God I hope he is gay, I would love to have him sing me a tune. NOT

    Should be locked up with all the other faggots in the world, and America is in love with him, oh well, so much for our American way!

  115. phoebe says:

    People make me sick. Adam’s sexual orientation should have no affect on your thoughts. So pictures surfaced with him kissing the same gender…WHO CARES?????!!!!!!! Whether he is gay or bi or whatever, he is still kick ass awesome, and that’s all people should really judge on. Adam, i don’t care who you are or what your preferences are, you still are so cool…Don’t change!

    Oh and just so you know, if he is gay, the chance that you will ACTUALLY date him or even meet him is so slim it’s ridiculous. Also, the majority of the bloggers are probably hormonal thirteen year olds…good luck…

  116. straight for adam says:

    So i’m a lesbian and Adam totally makes me wish I was a gay man. FTW.

  117. adamlambertobsessed says:

    who cares if hes gay hes a hottie with a bodie

  118. Adam Lambert is going to be not only a huge star throughout the world, but also a big movie star, that is my prediction, he is what we have been waiting for for a very long time. He’s even good for the economy. I love all men, bi-straight-gay, they are all acceptable to me, some of the best people I have ever met have been bi-men, or gay. It does not matter. He’s a beautiful person just the way he is.

  119. Who cares? I just want to know if he likes older women…ha ha ha

  120. i dont care his amazing and he is the best

  121. Everyone is a little bit bi lol!!! I think adam definately prefers men way more than women though, he said so himself, so im gonna go with he’s gay. most of those photos were from plays except for the top one – and we all know hes all about livin’ it up and flirting with ALL his fans so that probably doesnt mean anything. He likes men more

  122. Rebecca says:

    I think we all need to take a step back for a second and think about 2 things. The first one being, would we all want to be judged and scrutinized in such a way. No matter what he says about I am who I am, I am sure if he reads those comments they would hurt.
    The second thing being that if Adam were let’s say a serial killer or the like, then I would have a problem. So what! He may or may not like girls. What does that have to do with his talent?
    Finally, at the end of the day we are all human beings. We make mistakes, we have feelings, and we need to learn to respect each other. So go ahead and have your opinions, but think when you do…. would I want someone to say that about me? If not then SHUT UP!
    Thank you

    • Yeah,you are so right about the hurtful comments. I cringe when I read them. I hope that Adam or his family members never read them.People are so cruel. Even to the nicest people. I don’t know any of those contestants, but Adam apppears to be one of the nicest. I don’t for the life of me see how people call him arrogant and all the other homophobic names. They need to watch out for themselves on judgement day. But you’ve got to understand why so many girls and women want him to be bi. We are attracted to him.Just like he can’t help who he’s attracted to, I can’t help who I’m attracted to.It happens to be guys, and Adam’s one of them.But I can tell you this ladies,gay men can be attracted to women. I had a boyfriend that was gay, not bi…gay. When he told me, I asked him why did he ask me out then.The reason is too personal, but it can happen. I’m not delusional about Adam. I know I’ll never meet him .Anyway I’m married (and very much in love with my husband).I would never take anyone over him.
      Oh, and there is one other thing people say about Adam that I don’t understand. This “over the top” business?? I don’t get it. Adam’s not “over the top”, he is the top!!

      • Rebecca says:

        I guess I understand. However, no matter what he “prefers” you can still think anything you want to about how sexy or attractive he is. Gay, Bi or straight I still think he is gorgeous. No matter what he is he is by far the MOST talented singer of our era.

  123. Braidead says:

    He’s just Bi…i hope so..coz we dont know what his sexuality is and it doesnt matter he rocks our socks!!go adam!

  124. AdamAdmirer says:




  125. Christians are like Republicans – their tent keeps getting smaller and smaller. Gay, Bi, whatever; this kid can sing! Why are people so judgmental? The ones left are very good singers, but none is in the same league with Adam as a singer, unless I’m mistaken and this is a fricking popularity contest.

    • Hey Sue – I couldn’t be any more right wing than Attila the Hun. So leave the politics out of it, huh. You just don’t know what you’re talking about. In fact, my enormous family is mostly Republican and we all love Adam. It’s people like you that are judgmental.

      • I don’t think she meant this offensively and it is true that christians and republicans are decreasing in number (unfortunately).

        But then you are right, let keep politics out of this though.

    • I’m liberal, but very much a Christian. To imply that Christians don’t love Adam is not correct. But you are correct in saying that the others are good. They’re just not in the same “league” with that angel!!

  126. Christians are like Republicans – their tent keeps getting smaller and smaller. Gay, Bi, whatever; this kid can sing! Why are people so judgmental? The ones left are very good singers, but none is in the same league with Adam as a singer, unless I’m mistaken and this is a popularity contest.

  127. I’m glad this post is back in the forefront because it seems to be the one thing everyone is concerned about. We, his diehard fans, know it doesn’t make a heck of a difference as long as he keeps entertaining us and making us happy. Unfortunately, others continue to find it a big deal and place it above his talent. I sincerely hope that most of the voting public votes based on his wonderful singing and not extraneous issues like sexuality.

    • I’m glad some people understand why we put this on the front so we can ‘consolidate’ everyone’s comments here. People are going to talk about it, might as well do it at one spot and not everywhere.

      Thanks for sharing!

  128. I think they’re being unfair to Adam, why can’t they discuss others like Danny & Kris, they maybe married or widow, but that doesn’t mean they’re not gay secretly or bi & Allison, although she’s a teen & she can be a lesbian , why why why nobody try to find out the truth hidden of others!! haha!

  129. Amanda says:

    It doesn’t matter if he’s bi or gay or straight even, but some of our most special and talented male performers are gay. They have no reservations about expressing themselves and love going all out to put on a show – no necessity to be the he-man.

    I love Adam and his special ability to bring us all into his world and feel every note. His voice is amazing and even if the unenlightened Americans don’t vote him to win (I so hope they do) I’m sure we won’t have heard the last of him – I’d particularly like a live DVD as then we’d get to see his theatrics, they make him so special.

    (I’m from New Zealand by the way)

  130. dreamsound:

    as others said, i too am thanking yhu for posting this. it really cleared things up, though this is the only comment i am going to post on this page. i dont want to get involved with all of that maddness, i alredi posted 2 i think agreeing with people, but, as i read on, it just got a lil more crazier.


  131. Chrissy says:

    Although I really like Adam, I have to admit that these pictures circulating the net, and all the talk about his sexuality is really getting to me. I mean, cut it out with the pictures!! I think I’ve seen more than enough. I know maybe that’s what makes him him, but it’s disturbing. And call me old fashioned, I believe guys should be with girls. And only girls. Sorry if I offend anyone but personally, I do not think being bi is any better than being gay. Stick to one! The right one, by the way.

    As for his talent though, it’s no doubt his voice is amazing and from his performances, he’s already very much like a star. 🙂 I’ll support him alright, ignoring the fact that he’s GAY. Heartbreaking as it is, LOVE him all the way. 😉

  132. PS DREAMSOUND: omg! i saw yhur twitter, i didnt know yhu were gunna try out for american idolnext year! if yhu go far enough(prolly will) i soo will vote for yhu, and then, who knows, mabe then i’ll be leaven comments like this on YHUR fansite! =D any adam fan is a friend of mine.

  133. I think he is bisexual.. he might like guys more than girls .. or he maye likes girls more than guys.
    He has idols in his life that are openly bisexuals…for example: David Bowie.
    This is my opinion..i just have to wait until specifically says it in live television.

  134. At last check, the show is called “American Idol,” not “American Lifestyle.” If it was the latter, it might matter what his orientation is. But, since it is “American Idol,” there is only ONE contestant that’s left that embodies what it means to be an “Idol.” That person is Adam Lambert! He has the vocal ability, the stage presence, the creativity, and the flare that is needed to headline a concert tour and be a draw. Not to mention, he’s probably the only one left that will not be a flash in the pan with one record, but the potential to go on and on.

    I hope that America wises up and realizes that his orientation doesn’t effect what it means to be an “Idol.” It’s not like Adam Lambert needs the title of “American Idol,” but darn it, it’s deserved! This guy has single-handedly brought me back to watching the show after giving up on it years ago.

    -Sean 🙂

  135. “I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Adam isn’t gay, straight, or bi… I think he just is and believes love comes in all forms, gender doesn’t matter.” – DarkShadowsAbove
    I absolutely love this quote. I think it might be true about Adam. I obviously don’t know him, so I can’t give an educated opinion. But it makes sense to me regarding Adam. And it makes me love him even more! I promised myself that I will meet him one day, not as an obsessed fan, but as an artist.

    • I made the same promise (as an artist) and I also completely love that quote one of our members posted.

      • DarkShadowsAbove says:

        Thanks to both of you! And moreover, I’ve made the same promise, too. As much of a fangirl as I am, working with Adam on any level would be the height of my career.

  136. First of all, it really does matter to some people whether he’s gay or bi–it’s their choice to believe whatever they want to believe according to their moral values, just like it’s Adam’s choice to choose his sex. orient. The people will decide who they want as their next am. idol and his lifestyle will play a huge part in their decision–it is, what is! If Adam wins, I hope he’s ready to hear the media have a blast with him- and believe me his sex. orien. will definitely come up. When he entered this competition he automatically entered the huge public entertainment industry. I don’t even want to get into any debate, any debate, whether God made him gay or straight–all I know is that he was born a male person and enough said about that.
    Secondly, imo, there has never been a singer, entertainer, performer in Am Idol quite like ADAM. He could sing any style of music and I would simply love it! He seems like a genuine good person and to me he’s an entertainer, he entertains the mass of people in any form, fashion and he’s excellent at it! Regardless if he wins or not, America has seen the most talented guy ever and he will succeed in whatever he does whether in music, theater, motion pictures, he will succeed and many of his fans will cheer him on!

  137. Glambertfan says:

    This year I start to watch AI,and I love this boy,then I notice something is more and more interesting than how his performance on his turn to be huge huge topic all over the internet. then I realize there seems two type love him and have idea :that he just a singer and enjoy his song,feel this kind sexuality topic are real love his song and also dream to have him private.why can we just cease the fire.let us shout out matter girl or boy.we just dream to have sex with he should be have sex with all the fans or kiss all of basically we just wanna adam be slutty…and I think this won’t be sin for specific hot person as adam.we just damn him say: “adam,why won’t you be slutty boy.make us dream bubble broke,come on sweet,slut pls for your fan.”

    • This is a great post! I love it! It is the absolute truth! He is sex incarnate. I’ve been skimming past this AI season (as I have the 7 seasons prior) having only a passing interest. Then Adam got better, and better and sexier and sexier until one morning after Ring of Fire I woke up having dreamed that I totally made out with him. This is where my obsession began.

      The best thing is that we ALL get to dream about him because he has not voiced a preference. There are more than enough pictures of him kissing both genders for us ALL to use as a point of reference for our fantasies. It really doesn’t matter if most of the ones of him kissing girls are on stage… the stage is a fantasy and what goes on in my mind is a fantasy.

      He is an entertainer. He embodies fantasy. None of us ever have a chance with him, but we ALL get to fantasize about him.

      And yes, we all just want him to be slutty… “be a slutty boy, Adam!”

    • Glambertfan, your comment is funny and absolutely right.Why should Adam fans be preaching to each other about how and why we should like him. If someone likes him just for his talent only, then good for them! Also if someone likes him for his talent and his hottness and want, want, wants him (like me!) then good for them, also.The most important thing is that we all love Adam! We know that he’s gay or possibly bi, but we all look beyond that. United we stand. United he wins!!

  138. i was in the theatre dept. in hs (yeah, i know-not a big deal) and knew a bunch of gay guys. let me tell you, they are the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet. i don’t agree with people being gay, but that’s their decision. i still care about the person. and adam, whether he’s gay or not, is obviously a really sweet guy and knows what he’s doing. and yes, i will say it. he is really hot. but isnt it true that a lot of gay guys are? anyways, adam, you’re awesome, i hope you win with every fiber of my being, and when you eventually go on tour, i hope i can be there! you’re incredible and you’re voice-AMAZING. 🙂

  139. This entire posting is so worthless. The purpose of this site is or was to support Adam in his professional ventures, American Idol and beyond…anyone’s sexual preference is their own business. American Idol is a talent competition. Being in the public eye, its only natural that his sexual orientation will become a topic of discussion, but this forum really is ridiculous. People are ALL worked up over something that 1) is none of your business and 2) has no merit on his talent. Some of the comments I’ve read on here make me sick to my stomach. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about gay/bisexual/lesbian issues, but I believe the first sentence at the top of this blog is to keep the discussion respectful….I personally think this entire discussion thread should be taken down because it completely goes against what this website supposedly stands for and that is to do nothing else but SUPPORT Adam. If the creator of this site is reading this, it should be taken down. Just my opinion. Adam is a talent that America hasn’t seen since the likes of Freddie Mercury (GAY) and Prince (questionable) and Michael Jackson (even MORE questionable). Being gay has nothing to do with talent and despite public opinion, Adam will rise to the top regardless of those that “don’t approve.” Adam is beautiful, articulate, mature, talented, smart, informed and knows how to present himself in a manner that alot of peopl don’t. The photos of him that are circulating are from long before he was ever in the spotlight. He has never denied he was gay….in fact, there is a youtube video in which he blatantly says that women are not his preference. He has handled himself with grace through everything and I have no doubt thats how he would handle himself should he become the the next American Idol. Leave the ignorant comments to yourself…not on a site that is supposedly SUPPORTING Adam.

    • What you might not realize is that people are talking about this ALL over the site. People are going to talk about it whether you like it or not. That’s why we made this section and we are secluding those comments here.

      • Dreamsound, I agree with you. People are going to talk about it if they want to – if not here, then somewhere else. I love this site. I think most people on here are very supportive of Adam. Even some of the people that disagree with a gay lifesyle have commented that they still like Adam. They recongnize his amazing talent. That and his apparent graciousness is first and foremost what I admire about him.

    • dude are u serious have u seen him i mean come get a grip and loosen up

  140. For all the Bible thumpers…isn’t it a sin for you to be in this blog???!!! See ya!

    I’m married so the whole issue doesn’t mean anything to me except that if he is Bi then at least he won’t run from me in my fantasies!! LOL!!!!

    The guy is a genius and one of the most significantly versatile entertainers I have ever witnessed. I get the vibe that he is not only one of the most sensual people I’ve ever seen (or felt from afar…seriously), but also compassionate and full of this over the top God given talent that he is now sharing with all of us. If God could give him that, then I suppose he gave him everything else as well right?!

    So begone you hypocrites, if you can’t simply enjoy his kind of talent, artistry, beauty, and total hotness for what it is, then you don’t deserve to witness or be a part of it anyway.

    • Cherrisse says:

      LOL, Niecy! You made me laugh with your comment about Adam not running from you in your fantasies. I feel the same way, lol!!

  141. I could care less if Adam is Bi or Gay…he is absolutely adorable. He can sing better than the others and is by far the best candidate AI has ever had on the show!!!!! If he is not voted the next American Idol it will be a very sad night for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am southern-born and southern Christian raised…but I am not an idiot. People who do not vote for Adam purely because they think he may be gay or bi are stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am old enough to be Adam’s grandmother, and I would be very proud to have him as my grandson!

    Adam, if you read this blog….you are the most-talented, sweetest, sexiest, most creative singer ever on the show!….just keep being you sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!

    Loving Adam in Florida!!!!!

  142. Heather says:

    hey i love adam lambert and i am his BIGGEST FAN!!!! i dont care if he is gay or bi (just to let u kno he is definetly bi)!! i dont think people should care but if they do then thats their problem i just kno that he rocks!!! ADAM U R MY IDOL!! I LOVE U!!!!! (and your voice) HE IS TOTALLY HOT AND HE OWNS EVERYONE (in my opinion)!!! O AND I GIVE HIM PROPS AND ALL OF HIS PERFORMANCES!!! ADAM + HEATHER FOREVER!!! <3 <3

  143. I am so fortunate to have a brother that is with the same wonderful man for the last 32 years. I love them both so much, and I care not one wit that they happen to also be of the same sex. It’s kind of rediculous, if you think of it. I mean….it’s about love. Who would be so cold to not consider any kind of love to be acceptable? I am a member of HRC, and PFLAG and I know that makes me something of an activist, but think about it…you love your brother…he falls in love…you love his partner. They aren’t allowed to care for each other. It is law that if one of them passes, the other is not eligible for the others benefits. They actually live in NY, and are able to share medical benefits…but…not like a “hetero” couple. They pay more. It’s just so depressing to think that there are laws that determine who we are allowed to fall in love with….I will never get it. Sorry about the visit to the soapbox.

    I can not think of one reason why Adam’s sexuality is of importance in this situation. If I had people up my butt about my 34 year marriage to my DH, I’d wonder what the heck their problem was. Isn’t that just a bit personal? Does Adam owe us that? NOT!!!

  144. I failed to say that, Dreamsound, you are shockingly special. You inspire me to continue my fight for love. Love is love is love. Let’s just quit trying to define it. Right???

  145. Heather says:

    I totally agree with u Di!! and as a matter of fact i am happy for ur brother!!!! so yea… and ur right it shouldnt matter!!! I LOVE U ADAM LAMBERT!! NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!! bye!!

  146. markus says:


  147. Who cares about Adam’s sexual orientation anyway, he is an awesome singer/performer and he is absolutely gorgeous….LOVE HI NO MATTER WHAT!
    I am voting for you : )

  148. Obamasucks says:

    I hereby SURRENDER.

    I do not like fags. I find what they do for sex to be disgusting.

    HOWEVER, Adam flat blows me away!!!! (no pun intended)

    My God that guy is good.

    I just hope he’s not really gay….. or I just never hear anymore about it.

    I am a handsome, to many, happily married 60 year old straight guy that has fallen in love with Adams talent… I WILL buy his albums, but I will punch out the first guy that thinks I’m gay or says I’m cute.

    Adam…. you now have my blessing to win.

  149. Obamasucks says:


  150. First of all, Adam is awesome and deserves to be the next American Idol. There is no other contestant who has the breadth of talent he does.
    As a gay man, I find it very fascinating that this topic is posted on his site. I wonder if Adam knows this or if it’s a ploy by the producers of AI. Why is it that when someone in the entertainment industry is gay the “establishments” (i.e. American Idol, studios, record labels, etc.) always play the bi card -as if to lessen the negative perception of being gay. I NEVER hear of straight people being exploited in this manner.
    Quite frankly, from how he conducts himself I think Adam may finally be the guy who can shatter such homophobic concerns.

    • AdamFan says:

      While Adam is probably gay, please realize: there is much more discrimination in our society against bisexuals. Everyone thinks we are big ol sluts. Or killers, like in Basic Instinct and lots of other movies. Gay people are insanely rude and rejecting of us. So in no way do I think it is possible that the “bi” possibility is being put out to the public to make him more palatable — because the opposite is true. See how bent out of shape you got about it? He will just lose the gay male vote . . for being simply who he is, if he is bi.

  151. ILOVEADAM! says:

    wowwww! i’ve been in love with adam lambert from day one. when i watched his audition. how can anybody get bent out of shape over his sexuality? he’s amazing in every way shape and form.. his hair, his eyes, his body, his LIPSSS! (: and his teeth are perfect. he is the sexiest/hottest/best looking guy i have ever layed eyes on. his performance of “whole lotta love” last night by led zeppling was priceless! simon knows :] we all knew rock week would be the night that he OWNS IT! and of course he did, like usualll. i’m hopefully going to the american idol tour concert in reading in september, and trust me i’ll be balling my eyes out when i see himm!!! no girl will ever and i mean EVEEERRRRRRR be as obsessed with him as i am!!!!! like seriously, he’s just the most amazing guy ever and i willllll be crushed and break into tears if he doesn’t win.. so for all you ladies that agreee with meee, KEEP VOTINGGG!!!! 😀 I LOVE ADAM LAMBERRRTT WITH ALL MY HEARRRTTTTT<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
    ( those poles were rigged when they put him in the bottom two. proof? check out for the votes. )

  152. I hope Adam is HAPPY first and formost. Beyond that… I hope he is gay so I dont have to be insanely jealous every time a new pic comes out of him with a girl. LOL… I can handle pics with men! HA

    I have a feeling that Adam transends gay/bi/straight… and loves who he loves.

  153. I do not really feel the gay vibe from him… I think that he is either bi or straight. But hey, who cares? He is the best singer in the competition and he will win. He already won, they just need to officially give him the title of AI.

  154. yoyoyo says:

    I love him hes so so so so sexy. im single and im lookin for him

  155. adamsdelicious says:

    I am a 42 year old married woman & think Adam is hot, sexy, amazing & humble all in one. He is my current fantasy (LOL). Regardless of his sexual preference, I wish I was 1 of those people he was kissing…I can only dream!!

    Enuff about my wants – he is an amazing singer, dancer & entertainer!!! I think he wil be around for a really long time!!!

  156. Hes a good singer and good looking guy, as long as hes happy who cares if hes gay or bi its whats inside that counts.

  157. It doesn’t matter if hes gay or bi it matters who he is inside and he seems like a sweetheart. He is an amazing singer very good looking and hope he goes very far.

  158. love adam

  159. yoyoyo says:


  160. love love love Adam Lambert i will be praying that he wins

  161. I love Adam! I think he is great! If it makes you girls feel any better, I have A LOT of gay male friends and I have been intimate with most of them…lol I really don’t see him ever totally giving an answer, I kind of think it would be better if he didn’t. It keeps him mysterious. I sort of see him playing with the media after all this. It’s like just when they think they know what he’s up to – he makes them look like idiots! lol

    I could be wrong, but that’s what I would do…lol

  162. adam fan says:

    bi gay or straight he is the best signer!!

  163. I saw a video of him on youtube from the upright caberet. He was talking about kissing the lead actress from Wicked. He said, “that’s not really my preference…..but it was still nice.”

    The girl in the video with him at the top of the page(the one he is walking arm in arm with) is beautiful. I think she’s related. I’ve seen her with his mom(and dad) at the Idol concerts. She clearly loves Adam. She gets so excited when and after he performs. I think maybe she is his sister.

    Does anybody know if he has a sister? Regardless, she is SMOKIN’ hot.

  164. Miss Independant says:

    Although many rock singers tend to be bisexual or straight. I think he’s a homosexual. He doesn’t seem like a bisexual to me. Bisexual men tend to be more on the masculine side.

    • AdamFan says:

      ??? How man bi men have you met? I’ve met many and it isn’t necessarily true that they are on the more masculine side. LOL. Both the bi men I briefly dated were cross-dressers and fairly effeminate.

  165. Heather says:


  166. adamlambertfan says:

    If Adam gets voted off, it will be because of this one issue. I think everyone agrees that he is the most talented, but some people just can’t get past this and so will not vote for him. It’s a darn shame too. Adam is the only one who deserves to win.

  167. azn_dorkk says:

    ..Whoever stopped voting for him just because of this gay or bi issue would totally suck! He has an awsome Voice!!! What about Katy PErry Kissing a girl?!!?..Da….He is Still getting my vote ;D!!

  168. Based on his song choices on American Idol, it’s clear that Adam likes to surprise people. He likes to shake things up. David Bowie, in his biography, declared that he was a “closet heterosexual”. He played to the crowds and for years he didn’t broadcast the fact that he was straight and no one was sure about his sexual orientation. Adam is a huge David Bowie fan.

    In the photos that are on the net with Adam and other men – Adam is in costume every time. He loves to dress up and act – that’s one of his things. So who’s to say that those pictures weren’t posed? No one believed Heath Ledger was gay after watching him act in Brokeback Mountain.

    In the Upright Cabaret, when he talks about kissing his cast mate in Wicked, he said “that’s NOT NECESSARILY my preference”. But he may be talking to a predominantly gay crowd – I don’t know. So he may mean it or it may be part of his act. He said the title of his album would be “chameleon”. Fits him to a tee.

    The woman he was out with has sat in the front row with his parents and his brother. He does not have a sister. After his first performance (Black and White), she blew him kisses. It’s very possible that she’s a close friend, or she could be a girlfriend. In the “date” video, it looks to me like they were holding hands before the camera guy came up and then switched to her holding onto his arm.

    So …. we don’t know what his sexual orientation is. He doesn’t want us to know. And that’s okay. When he does his moves (like he did on the dress rehearsal of “Satisfaction” – killer video), he is SEXY. Everyone in the country is talking about him. Eighty-six year old grandmothers are salivating for him. He’s playing to the crowds and delivering everything (and more) we could ever want from a performer. And, on top of all of that, he is clearly a very nice guy. All the other contestants said when they had a problem – they went to Adam for help and encouragement. He’s kind. He’s respectful. He’s polite. Even when a strange camera guy accosts him on the street when he’s out with a friend/ date. I have utmost respect for him — this guy is a true class act.

    Since he doesn’t seem to want us to know about his sexual preferences, let’s just keep it that way and then we can fantasize to our little heart’s content. He certainly gives us TONS to fantasize about! All I know is — he is HOT! And a breath of fresh air! He has the total package – great moves, insanely incredible voice, great intuition about song choice, fantastic arrangements, great participation with the band and audience – everything we could ever ask for from a performer.

  169. Heather says:

    ur right linda i agree completly!! and 4 everyone else she is right i mean i rly want to kno but w/e and now we can fantisize all the time!!!! ADAM LAMBERT I LOVE U SOOOO MUCH!!!!!


    Why is he hiding his “secret self”??

    Let him French Kiss Seacrest who is also homosexual.

    Stop the hiding. That is my only objection.

  171. Heather says:


  172. I am totally NOT judging! [I’m old enough to be his mother] Whatever his ‘preference’ is…he’s VERY easy on the eyes!…AND talented beyond belief! IF he’s willing to “share” on “both teams”…go on dude! I kinda think you got enough to go around…and your career is just waiting for you to GRAB ON!!….AND AMERICA BETTER HOLD TIGHT!!! Adam could be the “NEW KING”…and go right off the planet…Bravo Adam…the world is waiting!

  173. AdamFan says:

    OK, him kissing girls in plays totally doesn’t count. But I hope he’s bi . . . because I am, and anyway, that way we can ALL fantasize about him. (I guess we can either way, but you know how fantasies are, they are much easier to indulge in if, in some universe, they could actually be realized).

  174. I LOVE ADAM!! Personally I hope he’s bi, coz I’m a girl, but whatever, I’ll most likely never meet him… 🙁
    NEW ZEALAND LOVES YOU ADAM!!! (the whole world does!)

  175. Who cares whether he is bi/gay/straight, he is the most AMAZING singer, and that’s all that matters. Although… it would be kinda good if he was bi…tehe, but I’ll never get to meet him… but I can dream.

  176. Eddie Campbell says:

    What matters about him being gay/bi is that his career will be short…buy his music quick as it come out before HIV/Aids takes him away like it did Freddy Mercury….

  177. Heather says:


  178. i honestly don’t think it matters that much if he’s gay/bi/straight! he’s a reallllyyyy great singer and that’s all that should matter!!

  179. Heather says:


  180. queenrosered says:

    Let me start by stating unequivically, I have voted for Adam every Tuesday and will continue until he wins AI!! I am a middle-aged married woman whose husband is a musician and he also thinks Adam should and will win.I am a retired nurse, from Las Vegas originally and allow me to share a story that may help some of the speculation re: Adam’s sexual preferences.
    I was friends with a Vegas headliner…and all boy, female-impersonator’s show and the show had “boy dancers”, the crowd favorite being a gorgeous man named Troy.We became friends and when I first met Troy, he had had many gay lovers.He has also been immersed in “Theater and Dance” all his adult and teen years.In fact, he had never had a female lover when I met him.He simply assumed he was gay, period.Then, he met a beautiful, petite Las Vegas “showgirl”, a real female, and fell in love with her and they married. He was expossed to much ridicule from the gay cast and crew of his show, but he knew then that he was in a wonderful relationship with his wife.Sadly, Troy found out, soon after his marriage that he was HIV positive.I last saw him at an Urgent Care where I worked, (his T-cell count was low and he was ill) and his parents and wife were with him.When they left to go eat, Troy told me that even if it meant being able to be HIV-free, he would never change the love he had found with his wife for the life he had before.I cried and he told me not to worry, that he was truly happy and content and so in love with his wife.
    My point is, it doesn’t really matter what Adam Lambert’s sexual preference is, but I believe he may be Bisexual.HE is the only one that has to figure that out and whatever he decides, we fans will support him, always.He is a force of nature and a gentle soul. God Bless You Adam!! Love Ya!!

  181. alright. so you all say he’s gay or bi or straight. well, i read before all the comments that he just believes that love comes in all forms. that would make him pansexual. no, he doesn’t love animals or anything like that. look it up if you really are interested. whatever he is, he is an AMAZING singer, and very handsome. either way, it’s his choice. 🙂
    -Ari (15)

  182. adina adams biggest fan in the universe says:

    i was soooo dispapointed when i found out adam was gay , it ruined my fantasys and dreams of him . now the only thing that is on my mind when i look at him or think of him is , he likes boys , i used to think hott sexy babe and what not but now its weird , but i stilll love him and hope to meet him and becomes great friends with him , im on my way to the top and im gonna get there with the inspiration of him . i dont care that your gay adam , i will get over it , i love you , i wish you the best any one can wish you , i love you with alll my heart

    ~ Adina ~



  185. megan paige says:

    i fucking hope he likes girls cuz he is so cuteeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn he is hot!!!!!!!

  186. guys,, just focus on his talent !!
    maybe those photos manipulate by someone who hates Adam,,



  188. Who gives a shit? He’s AMAZINGLY talented. He makes brilliant choices in the songs he sings, the arrangements, the staging, everything. It was clear from the first audition that he is a treasure that’s been waiting to be found. His voice is INSANE, it has blown my mind from day one. I kept thinking, “holy shit, we haven’t heard a voice like this since Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury.” That’s so rare. His performances are moving. He seems like a genuinely nice guy.

    I can’t say for sure about his sexuality. Whatever sex (or sexes) he likes is not important to me. Love is love. Hell, I cannot say I am straight, because if I found a soul mate in a female I would not pass it up. I’ve been intimate with males and females. Gender doesn’t matter man, it’s about the love! (well AND the good times)

    I just admire that he has stayed true to himself and doesn’t try to hide (at all) that he likes make up and dressing up. I’ve never bought an AI contestant’s cd, EVER, but I would buy his. I don’t even like modern music, I’m a classic rock/blues kind of chick. I think that’s why I find him so appealing, because he can sing anything; he can make the old style songs relevant. We need to expose the youth to REAL music (ahem, NOT Britney Spears or boy bands or Kanya West or any of the other crap that is passed off as music) and he can be the one to bring back the rock and roll sound and music with substance. He’s a star, man. And yes, he’s great looking, but for me, it’s about THE TALENT, and you cannot deny he has it in boat loads. On a superficial note, the pic of him kissing the guy is hot.

  189. stan mccormick says:

    I think Adam and Danny were the best singers on the show…hands down. I would have been happy with either one of them.
    By picking Kris, a mediocre coffee shop crooner, the show “jumped the shark” and exposed the flaw of the program. Whether it’s a fatal flaw is yet to be seen.

    The photos of Adam kissing other guys didn’t help his cause on two fronts;
    girls out vote guys on this show 6 to 1
    girls by more records than guys.
    My fear is this contest was not based on talent versus talent and that has to be Adam’s fault for letting these photos get into the conversation.

  190. Adam lambert lover says:

    i love adam lambert

  191. who cares if hes bi/gay

    and serously why are there so many strict rules about being bi/gay becouse not everyone likes just girls

  192. i love adam

  193. i love adam lambert! i dont think he is gay at all! he is bi. either way i think he is totally HOT! and he should have won american idol. this is all in my opinion so no one start freakn out on me!

  194. Heather says:


  195. Kathryn says:


  196. Jillian says:

    Adam Lambert is AMAZING – I cannot believe he did not win. Does not matter anyway, he will be around forever, unlike Chris! Adam – Gay, Bi, WHO CARES – he is amazing no matter who he is “doing”!


    South Africa

  197. Whatever he is,I really dont care that much.I mean I think he’s really hot and even if he is gay,he’s still really hot.Unless your planning on meeting him and actually thinking that you would be in a relationship with him,why does it matter.To me he’s insanley tallented so I’ll always be a fan!

  198. o well adam babi u can rock mi boat gurr yur so s3xii omqee

  199. RiannIShere says:

    i dont get why ppl are making a big fuss over nothin why cant the whole world let the poor guy be! we all kno he shuld have won but cuz of stupid racist/ overly crazied religion ppl he didnt. He seems bi/meterosexual, cuz hes not femine really when he talks and stuff like that….but idc its his life he can be who ever he wants

  200. Saundra says:

    I am just so jealous! This is hot!

  201. Adam is bi.oh come on if he was gay why is he with a girl?…duhh:/Adam is a cool persone,no matter what.HE ROCKSS:)

  202. confused 1 says:

    Gay bi. Straight…..Idk all I know is u shouldn’t judge a person by who they like

  203. i wish i was one of those girls 🙁

  204. SLehman says:

    He could be bi, he might be straight, he could possibly be gay. None of us can really say for sure. But one thing we all DO know is that he is a GREAT singer!

  205. Heather says:

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 me and adam forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. Heather says:


  207. love the pic of him with women. gives me hope. i am a fan no matter what.

  208. Gay
    Zebra print

    DONT CARE! Love Adam to death.

  209. Brendan says:

    i don’t care if he’s gay or bi or straight he’s an amazing singer

  210. Heather says:


  211. i only know that he is cute, well more than cute, sexy, hot, he sings like an angel, and it is kind of mysterious and I LOVE IT!!!

  212. ok seriously everyone cares about his sexuality. it personally wouldnt matter to me whether he was gay bi straight WHATEVER!!! but i do want to know just like everybody. and yes he is the most talented artist since the great freddie mercury, absolutely no doubt about it but its really annoying that all everyone talks about is the “pink elephant”…

  213. I think he is just a very horney guy who will do what ever sex’s him up. There is no gender limits for him, as in his music he has no limits that he is bound to. Realy who cares, unless if you are going to have a close relationship with him that his lifestyle will effect you directly, there is no reason for any of us to stick our nose in it. None of us are qualified to judge anyone, we all have issues, one way or another we are all imperfect. Wish people would spend more time on their own issues rather than others peoples life. Adam is living his life and he has to figure out his personal stuff, I just want him to sing so I can listen to him.

  214. justloveadam says:

    Even my 3 and 9 year old daughters love you!! My 3 year old says you are smart and cute! and I think my 9 year old has her first crush! You are awesome! I was sick over the fact you didn’t win. But I feel much better after seeing all the attention you are still getting. You will be successful and you deserve it!!!! As far as the whole gay thing , who cares??? You are hot. and talented. Love you

  215. Heather says:


  216. Heather says:

    LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!!!!! YAY THIS IS MY 12TH COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE!!! <3 <3 <3 ME AND ADAM FOREVER!!!

  217. Katie Noelle says:

    Seriously I could care less what he is. What does it matter? Not like he is going to date anyone who isn’t famous. He is probably going to be like every other self absorbed “new” celebrity and not date anyone but other celebrities. So personally I think it’s pointless to be all over him and say your gonna marry him cause it ain’t gonna happen! I think he is a good singer but I would NEVER want to date a Guy like him because I think he cares too much about his reputation being ruined.

  218. Heather says:


  219. Heather says:


  220. when you see the way he kisses the girl in wickit with an open mouth makes you quirver. He may have been with men, but the guy will do women. He is what they call sexual. He can have anyone he wants and i think he is at a place the quailty of a person out weighs the gender or race or religon. He is a kind soul looking for the right person. his choices have improved. who knows what that will mean in the long distance of a life. Girls may not get that but women do.

  221. Heather says:

    ADAM I LOVE U I LOVE U I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i rly hope that u get that sometimes some people r mean and judge u but u rly shouldnt listen to them cause wat they say doesnt matter… LOVE U BYE!! <3<3<3 :):):)

  222. LOVE U LOVE U ADAM!!! hope ur album is coming along well i cant wait to get it… LOVE U BYE!!

  223. LOVE YA!!!! HEHE BYE BYE!!

  224. i think im in love…. with some one other than adam lambert (not saying who tho) but its all good… LOVE U BYE <3

  225. LOVE YOU STILL ADAM!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3

  226. Adam Lambert is so gay, he’s getting bashed by other fags.

  227. Shouldn’t the name of his album be

    ‘A Fag For Your Entertainment’

  228. I think Adam Lambert is an AMAZING singer. I’m listening to one of his song’s now. I am so glad he won, also I love the video “For Your Entertainment”. Also I think he’s HOT!!! 😛

  229. hi i dont think it really matters if he is gay bi or striaghti think it matters tho if he he lieing about something i mean im his friend kinda like alil sis or something like adam i kno u and we lole one and other but as famiely just leave him ALONE OK PLZ I HATE IT WHEN PPL R LIKE THAT LEAVE HIM THE HELL ALONE HE DOENT DO ANY HARM TO ANYONE LEAVE HIM ALONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  230. adam lambert is so !!HOT!! i dont care if his gay i luv him!

  231. adam lambert is so !!HOT!! idont care if his gay i luv him!

  232. adam lambert is so!!HOT!! I DONT CARE IF HIS GAY ILUV HIM!

  233. I luv adam he is so hot who cares if hes gay or not i have to say thuogh i hope hes bi cause then i still can have hope lol. hes amazing. my fav song by him is “For Your Entertainment”

  234. LOve luvs PUnk says:

    l0l ikr i luv that song but rlly it dsnt matter if he gay or (bi) or not i am 2 xD so ppl dnt need to be surprised it dsnt make a differance,
    his super hot! every1 knows that xD but ppl shudnt talk about him if it isnt nice cause ppl r just jelouse of Adam so y make a big deal bout it…

  235. you know, i agree that it doesnt matter weather or not he is gay/bi/straight, but if he is gay, i would be disappointed because i wouldnt have a chance! i am bi, so i see nothing wrong with him being in love with anybody (boy or girl) because i can understand where he is coming from. he can kiss, love, hug, or do whatever he wants and i wouldnt care. i think that people need to shut up about his sexuality so that we can enjoy the music and the amazing artist that he is. 🙂

  236. wow, i just read all of these comments and i think that some of you people are completely pathetic. i cant believe that you take time out of your day (although if your taking time to do this, then obviously you have no lives) to bash somebody you have probably never even met, just because of the fact that he likes guys, or girls, or both! why does it matter??? if he is happy and the people around him are happy, why doest it matter whether he likes boys or girls?? you know, i like boys and girls- and theres nothing wrong with that because that just means i have a higher capacity to love than straight people do. and even if he is totally gay- who cares?? cant you just enjoy his music and his amazing voice?? he hits notes i didnt even know EXISTED until i heard his music. so, if you think that liking the same sex makes you superior to adam, YOU try singing like him, and you tell me how that works out for you, you ignorant homophobic ass-holes

  237. oh yeah, and all you men who are making fun of adam, think of it this way, if hes bi, then that just means hes getting laid TWICE as much as YOU. so dont talk bad about adam, you dont know him for the person he is, you only see him for his AMA performance and the “bad” things you use againt him.

  238. Adam is so gorgous. I droll over the tv ever time his video comes on. It would suck if he was gay but I don’t think it makes much diffrenence he’s an amazing preformer and knows how to use contreversy. This is coming from a goth chick who listens to mostly metal, and hard rock as a pop artist he has to be doing somthing right to draw so much attention to himself. He’s a genius.

  239. Natala Lambert says:

    hye. i dont think adam lambert is gay. who cares anyway. he is my second cousin anyway

    Love ya adam 🙂

  240. wants to go out with adam lambert says:

    i luv adam lambert. and you know what i dont give a damn if hes gay, bi, or straight.but all i know is adam lambert is hoter then hell.and if he can i want him to bring out a song by the title hotter than hell.because thats what he is i can feel him all the way from vancouver…i loved adam lambert and i luv adam and i will remain luving adam lambert…thank you .
    you cant judge a book by its cover, if you know what i mean….


  241. Okie Dokey. Who do Hermaphrodites love? Do special needs people get to fall in love? Get my drift?Everyone deserves to be loved.

    If your lucky enough to find real love, hold it tight. When you are really in love it dosent matter if the person has a disability. Rosemarie (Rose) Siggins, look up the name and story, She has no legs, barely a torso, she found love and has two kids.

    Who do we think we are as a society to shame someone for finding love? A mis-match to the world might be absolutely perfect for the two persons in love.

    Even people in Taboo situations where they purchase love dolls to fill thier need for companionship might be a bit off the normal track but it is much better to express your whole self than to be sad and bitter because you have wasted the blessing of your life and your love on nothing. Unless you can wear the experiences of the person just the same as they have through thier lives you cant be sure that the choices they make are not the best for them.

    I also agree with polygamy (with all parties consent) or just living together as long as nobody is being taken advantage of.

    I dont even think it is wrong to choose to be alone or to have, or not have children, but it makes me wonder why a person is here on earth if they cannot share thier gifts and selves with one another. All we can hope for is to find our own happiness. Adam will be fine when he discovers his.

  242. look idc whether he is gay or bi i wanna hit that …and i wanna marry him….he is SO FUCKING SEXY ….my dream and my goal is to go to one of his concerts and backstage passes just to meet him omg i think i would probably faint…oh yea i mention that he is so hot there is no other word that i can think of to describe his SEXYNESS and another thing he is so down to earth… usually guys that hot are so conceded but he is not …like when i hear him when he talks to ppl he is so nice to them and he wears makeup …EVEN HOTTER… if we ever get married i could do his makeup and his hair ( i love doinng makeup and hair)

    p.s. i bet its hair is so soft when there is no gel in it

    p.p.s. Mrs. stephanie lambert ….shit that sounds cool …….remember that i wanna hit that (;

  243. I don’t give a DAMN to all who say he’s GAY OR BI. Because he isn’t. There is always a psychological explanation why he did that! I am not insulting or disrespecting, I am just trying to take the side of ADAM. =] So don’t hit me with words like, S***,B**** and F*** You. I’m just trying to be good and honest.
    Everyday there are haters and lovers. But today, I LuVV Adam Lambert. OK?
    Nice meeting you all!
    MarJ [marh-ge]

  244. stephanie says:

    hey dont be afraid to show your sexuality becouse me im bi and i think it is hot for a gye being gay/bi it dontmatter it is still sexy

  245. stephanie says:

    i love your singing

  246. oh my goodness,
    does it really matter if he is gay,bi straight or anything else?
    hes an amazing singer and he is GORGEOUS<3
    and anyone who thinks different,you have your opinions, i have mine,and if you disagree with me, quite honestly, I DONT CARE!! adams sexuality isnt what makes him HIM. he is what makes him him.
    so quit being so judgemental you guys!<3:)

  247. hey umm well not in a bad way or anythng but i hope adam is bi because I LOVE HIM and imma giirl so yeah…

  248. and adam i love you ur like my feuture husband (from what i tell everyone) haha its a joke but i’d marry you in a heart beat. I LOVE YOU

  249. Adam_Lambert_Is_My_Type_of_MEN says:

    Adam is awsome no matter what, I LOVE HIM for who he is, it would be good if he was bi than me and my friends would be soooooo happy, but no matter what he is my FAV singer EVA and he is soooooo HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  250. Adam_Lambert_Is_My_Type_of_MEN says:

    Adam are you GAY or BI ???????????
    i really want to now

  251. L'money says:

    i reallllllllllly love you adam lambert and i really don’t think your gay nor bi soooooo…yeah any way i hope your reading this because i just want you to understand that im yo biggest fan ever plz listen nice pik of kissing the gals hahahahahahhahahalol:)!!!!!!!:x3 i love you!!! i listen to you music 24/7 before schoool during school and even after i never get tired of ya never!!!!!!!!! JUST REMEMBER IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!!!!!! then again i might come to one of your concerts!!!! see ya and good-luck in the insalts of people calling you gay and alllllllll…..!

  252. i dont think hes gay at all

  253. i think adam is bi because i mean hes a great guy very sexy great personality now some of you sont agree but this is my opinion i love adam lambert always will

  254. adam i hope ur reading this cuz first i wish i was older and second i wish i was gf but i do think ur bi but if ur gay thats ur choice and nobody should judge u by that

  255. ps i love u im your biggest fan

  256. Dinosaur says:

    In my book, Adam is an amazing singer and a really cool person. Gay, straight, bi, alien from outer space…whatever. Who cares?
    …that said, I really hope he is bi, cuz he’s hot as HELL. Yum yum!

  257. I absolutely agree that it doesn’t matter what his sexual orientation is. He just seems to be an affectionate kinda person! I’m bi, but it doesn’t effect who i am as a person! I also agree that he’s hot, but damn, I love his singing and the way that he can make each style of song sound fantastic and heartfelt! Keep it up Adam!

  258. Shamailee says:

    I don’t care what his preference is he’s just plain HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  259. Breann Clayton says:

    I think he is bi!!!!! y else would he have girls and guys in his music videos???
    it only makes sense. but he is he is a beautiful piece of work 🙂

  260. degrassi_fan13 says:

    Adam lambert is super cute! but i think he is bisexual but that doesnt matter to me

  261. aha i love adam lambert! he is so hot! it may change people on how the way they see him, but it is ok if he is bi! 😀 aha i love his song if i had you! its like so awesome ^_^

  262. penguinman says:

    hes gay!!!!!!!!!!

  263. I think he’s bi, it doesn’t really matter, he has an excellent voice and he’s probably a very nice person none the less. It really sucks that he didn’t place first in American Idol, but he got to the final 2 and we should all be super happy that he did. He’s an excellent artist and I think that we shouldn’t judge his talent or just plain judge him just because he’s attracted to both men and women (or just men, idk).

  264. cutiepie31095 says:

    I Dnt care If Adam is gay and/or bi. I Still Love him and his music!!(: He is awesome!!!! <3

  265. I LOVE ADAM! He’s just awesome! Best in singng and performing! It doesnt matter at all whether he’s bi or gay!! His real fan wont ever mind about that at all!!!!! I AM HIS REAL FAN!!!!!!!! Adam ROCK!!!! OH! I am gonna attend his very 1st concert here in Malaysia in 14th Oct and it would be great to be there to watch Adam live on the stage!!!!! Come support Glamberts!!XD

  266. silentsoul says:

    who cares if hes straight bi or gay im bi and think he is lush why do i all ways like the gay men but oh well love his music and his style LOVE HIIIIIM <3 3<3

  267. as if you girls have a chance…pls. he is not gonna get in your bed ,get over it.

  268. as if you girls have a chance …pls. he is not gonna get into your bed , get over it

  269. I don’t know how old this is but I just came across it and all I can say is this. It doesnt matter if hes gay or bi. We love him, hes hot, he sings great… and either way most of the female population will be wishing their boyfriends were more like him

  270. OMG hope he is bi

  271. ur the best now matter wat sexualitty u like dont listen to wat people say bout u ur the bomb and u rock my world so keep doin wat u do best if ur bi so wat to me ur just like the rest of ys but more adventurous and courages then all of us so wat if ur bi ur the bomb i love you:)

  272. maybe he just does this, so that he shows his love to his fans- guys or gals

  273. ppl, who CARES if he’s gay??????????????????????????????????it really dosnt
    the point is that he has the most amazing voice ever and hes HOT!!!!!!!!!

  274. Ohhh, adam he sexy . I love him so much
    please adam give me a long kiss really i need it

  275. christin says:


  276. I think its great that Adam is gay/bi he has his say in how he wantes to love someone and other ppl hav their say in love… Honestly i dont listen Adam that much but i do listen to him… I listen to a diff music group… Ppl hav said many things about my music and i tell them that if theu dont like what i do/say/listen to then dont look at me dont talk to me and dont listen to what i listen to then we wont hav an issue… If ppl dont like Adam being gay/bi well they can get over it cause its his life and he can do whatever he wants… I am proud that he pretty much told the world hes gay/bi because hes not afraid to hear shit from ppl… I support gay/bi ppl even though im straight i still support and love Adam <3 c: :3

  277. Omg i luv adam lambert he is soo f ing hott!!! I hope he is bi so that ill hav a chance with this guy im a girl and i hope he likes girls too! Luv him soo much i wanna kiss him bad???????????????? but if hes just gay ill support him no matter what and ill luv him forever and ever???????????????????????????????? ADAM!!KISS MEE!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  278. Isa1998sch says:

    i hope he is bi 😮
    i luvvvv his face and singing :3