Interview with TV Guide

After personally ‘studying’ Adam for months now, I can say that he actually seems just a bit nervous which is not normal for Adam (he is always so at ease, its unreal). Maybe he wasn’t at ease with the interviewer or he was getting drilled with so many questions.

At the end of part 1 of this interview Adam talks about the huge pink elephant on the room:

Part 1:

Part 2 (Adamgasms?):

Part 3:


  1. thnx 4 the vid … can i know pllz what the pink elephant on the room mean ???

    yeah i think adam had better interviews than this … maybe it was the reporter … i luv his interviews 🙂

    • The color pink is associated with homosexuality. Notice how the titles on the EW magazine color was also pink? The phrase “elephant in the living room” comes from therapy circles: meaning the issue that everyone wants to talk about, but is trying to ignore/pretend is not there.

      Adam gave this interviewer several gifts: the pink elephant, ‘gasms, the mustache….I thought Adam did a bang-up job with this one, even if the interviewer was a little snide. He (Adam) is incredibly quick-witted, even when exhausted!

      • thnx finally i knew what it mean 🙂

        God i luv him to pieces .. he is the best thing happened 4 me in a long time 🙂

      • “pink” does not ALWAYS refer to that. pink elephant in the room means its REALLY awkward, but everyone wants to say somthing about it. so the color pink doesnt really mean that always, and i dont think it meant that in adams position right now.

      • Another_admirer says:

        Jory, there is a really good definition of “elephant in the room” and “pink elephant in the room” in WIkipedia. At work, we use the expression as pink elephant and sometimes say green or polka dotted instead of pink, just to get the point across that people are trying their hardest to ignore the elephant. I have NEVER heard the expression used in a way that alluding to homosexuality. But Adam, with his expert quick witted style, did a play on words. (Rolling my eyes and laughing) Love it!!

        • ohh thnx more explanation 🙂 Adam is so smart and sharp and no one can handle this kind of situations like him so we all have to be happy 4 him cuz he really know how to deal with everything around him and that shows how a great star he is 🙂

          • Well PINK is a term relating to sex… for example, the Prince song lyrics “Pink is my favorite color”, and quite possibly the Victoria’s Secrete store called Pink.

    • Sheilah says:

      The interviewer was really quite dry and asked boring questions but Adam still managed to stay adorable as he is.
      More power Adam. Luv you!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Yeah,the interviewer asked the next question while Adam still laughing! He really can’t wait to finish the interview??!!He’s boring because he didn’t react to Adam’s answer.He’s really boring!!

  2. glambertfan says:

    elephant means the issue is big enough taking lots of space, no matter where you you go, you will see it.”it’s pink,isn’t it” is describing what’s color of the issue.wanna know more about it meaning..keep speculation…that’s all I know.

  3. Adam “handled” that interviewer like the professional he (Adam) is. The interviewer…meh.

    “the truth is out” Hahahaha. Adam–what’s not to like about him.

  4. AmazingAdam says:

    Adam you’re funny. Still like you a lot! 🙂

  5. Isabella says:

    yeah, it wasn’t THE best interview with him, but still better than a lot of other people^^ I looove him!

  6. Isabella says:

    it would look like really weird if he grew that Freddie Murcury-beard. what is it he says in that the last sentence?

    • Fandomatic says:

      MATT: John wants to know if you’d ever grow a Freddie Mercury mustache?
      ADAM: I don’t think I can.
      MATT: No.
      ADAM: Plus it wouldn’t come in the right color… I’m a strawberry blond. This is all smoke and mirrors.
      MATT: Oh wow.
      ADAM: Yeah. The truth’s out.

  7. AdamAddict says:

    No Freddie or Magnum P.I mustache,please! 🙂

  8. Adam didnt appear nervous at all. The interviewer in my opinion could have been more casual and less stiff. His Idolatry interview with Michael Slezak is one of the best if not the best. A very intellectual and interesting interview that was!!!

  9. Hello who doesn’t know who The Muse are?

    • yeah! i wish adam had performed starlight by muse 🙁
      one of my fav songs…

  10. Glambertfan says:

    Adam was his usual AWESOME self – and the way the interviewer referred to the “Gay question” as “the elephant in the room” was cool … but Adam saying “that elephant is Pink” was a good stab back in a funny and admirable way only Adam can pull off. LOVE Adam and miss not seeing him performing and his weekly surprises!

  11. Jeanette says:

    It must be extremely hard to do one interview after another when you’re tired and when you’re asked the same questions over and over again. And it’s true there are probably different levels of comfort with different interviewers. That said, Adam handled himself well, as always, and I usually find a tidbit or two about Adam in every interview that I didn’t know before. In this one it was interesting to hear that he didn’t think Black or White was sung well technically. That performance has always been one of my favorites! Hard to beat the Idolatry interview, though, or the interview with Michelle for sheer fun.

  12. TexasWannaHold'em says:

    I thought Adam did great, as usual! I think I’ve seen pretty much all of his appearances since the finale and he’s always charming, witty and adorable!

  13. He´s benn great as always, and I don´t mind if the elephant is pink or gray or whatever. The most important thing for me is to see Adam as the great and complete artist HE IS.

    The world loves you Adam!

    From Brazil,

  14. Adam makes me laugh…..he is entertaining even when he is not “entertaining”….. the final statement of the final interview “the truth’s out”.. coupled with “this is all smoke and mirrors” was hilarious to me, particularly the wry delivery. He is never nonplussed by the questions…….what a great sense of humor he has, which makes him just that much more lovable!

    • what exactly is smoke and mirrors?

      • Fandomatic says:

        Smoke and mirrors originated out of the theater/movies and is widely used to mean something that deceives or distorts the truth.

  15. adamsgpfan says:

    The interviewer asked many questions that were similar to some other interviews before this one. I guessed the environment is less conducive for Adam too…tiny chair that looked uninviting and in dull colour. I thought Adam was very professional in answering all the questions. The lack of excitment in this particular interview was due to the interviewer who lacks energy. I found Michael Slezak’s interview is more engaging. Boo for Matt Mitovich!

  16. halfpint4adam says:

    I didn’t think Adam was nervous at all! I thought he did great, as usual! And the interviewer did not bother me at all! It’s great to see someone like Adam who is so articulate, so mature, great sense of humor and such an incredible vocalist/performer. I cannot wait to see him on tour and get my hands on his CD when it comes out! What an awesome guy! And the pink elephant comment was hilarious! 🙂

  17. I really love this interview. I didn’t pick up on any nervousness on Adam’s part. I would guess that he has got to be feeling some exhaustion at this point–just out of AI and immediately onto the interview circuit. He remains graceful and sweet and is over the top cute and appealing.

  18. I didn’t find any nervouseness on Adam’s part at all, I do, however, feel he might have been tired and hey, who wouldn’t be at this stage of their lives…steady go. His Idolatry interview with Michael Slezak is one of the best though, if not the best….. A very intellectual and interesting interview. Slezak did a fabulous job as an interviewer and Adam responded in his same great professional fashion. Kudos to both of them!

  19. Lambert seemed perfectly relaxed to me. Think the venue was unattractive and interviewer lacked zip. Adam’s just an extremely attractive personality – obviously damn smart, realistic, funny, and dauntingly talented. Being that handsome is nothing to sneeze at either. (And, yes, the Slezak interview was far superior in depth and interest.)

  20. I think it was a pretty good / decent interview for Adam! lots of the same questions all around, but I guess that’s expected! He seemed irritated in this interview more than in the others . . .could be all the same questions so many times just put in different wording . . . It’s ok, STILL love ya, Adam! BTW it doesn’t matter that your hair is naturally strawberry blonde,. . . . I think you look ANY way!

  21. That interviewer is lame. Not engraciating, funny or even intelligent. Almost to the point of condescending. P’d me off a little. It’s almost as if Adam wanted to get a rise out of him or tell him to LIGHTEN UP DUDE but the guy was a whole lot of NOTHING. So far, Michael Slezak RULES!! at EW.COM/Idolatry.

    • AdamAddict says:

      So true. I was like “WTH with this interviewer?” He’s very boring,he should consider to change a career!

  22. madworld says:

    Adamgasm. LOL. A new word in my dictionary. Another wonderful interview. Thanks for posting.

  23. FinnAdamFan says:

    Adamgasm! Love you Adam!

  24. The Legend says:


    A new national media study among 300 viewers of a news clip which discussed the recent controversy surrounding “American Idol” and AT&T revealed that 59 percent of respondents feel that there should be a re-do of the voting process for the season 8 finale show.

    The study, conducted by the Web site on May 28, focused on “texting parties” hosted by AT&T in Arkansas which were thought to give Kris Allen an edge in the competition.

    The study also revealed that half of the participants have a less favorable view of the AT&T brand after this incident was made public, and 87 percent of respondents feel that “power texting” — texting one’s vote multiple times for the same contestant — can influence the voting system for “American Idol” and similar competitions.

  25. Whoever wrote this perspective about how Adam seems nervous???? What planet are you from?? To me, he was his usual articulate, relaxed, candid, personable self. He’s so awesome and he looks so boyishly handsome here. I adore him!!!!

  26. adamfancajungirl says:

    I don’t think Adam looked nervous at all. I just love looking at him and hearing him laugh.

  27. Leticia says:

    Adam nervous?? He does not appear that at all to me – I thought he looked relaxed and just as engaging and loveable! The interviewer might have been a little serious but he managed to do a pretty good interview. At least I get to learn some new things like “an elephant in the living room” and “pink elephant” (thanks for those who explained it). And I also got to know a new vocabulary – Adamgasm! So cool that Adam is creating new vocabulary besides a new wave of music and style!

  28. Kiwausnz says:

    I didn’t think Adam was nervous either. I think Adam had no repore with the Interviewer, who was actually quite boring, poor Adam. That guy would be better as Newspaper reporter, so we wouldn’t have to listen to him. Adam did great under the circumstances, of course!!

  29. wholelotta lambert says:

    I’m glad he’s causing ‘gasms too!!!!!
    He is wearing the necklace Paula gave him.

    he i sos chuteeee!!!the truths out lol

  31. muse is wonderful, adam is beautiful… i laughed so hard at the “adamgasm” part :]

  32. The Legend says:


    It’s official everyone. Adam is presenting tonight, Sunday night on the MTV Music Awards.

    If you want the link . here it is. Obvious that they picked the real Idol, not Kris.

  33. The Legend says:

    Update: Announcement that Adam was scheduled to be presenting on MTV Movie Awards tonight (Sunday) but it has been cancelled.

  34. yeah,elephant in the room to me is obvious issue but everyone avoiding it.
    but ‘PINK” to me is a hallucination, an assumption, not real
    so, in my circle, pink kelephant would mean the issue is an assumption.
    There is that old saying though”there are as many worlds as there are heads” can apply here. Time and Adam will tell us, probably, although I like a mystery.

  35. I don’t think he seemed nervous! I thought it was another Great Adam Interview! I Love my American Idol!!!

  36. AdamRocks! says:

    I thought it was a good interview. . . can’t get enough of Adam!

  37. hahahaha. “truths out” OK GUYS, I HAVE A QUESTION. ITS REALLY LONG, BUT PLEASE READ IT, I WANNA KNOW IF IM THE ONLY ONE. READ- im still not used to waking up every tuesday morning and realizing i will not be seeing adam lambert that night. for many months during idol, i would have somthing to look forward to all day at school on tuesdays. i would try and guess all day what song adam would do. i wouldnt even try to figure out how in the world he would make it his own, because hes so unpredictible. i would be excited to see what he was wearing, if he would wear a nice suit with no eyeliner and no nailpolish, or a sparkly, outgoing outfit with rocker guyliner and the signature black nail polish. and i would wonder “what is he gonna do with his hair?” every tuesday i would guess all day, and i never once got anything right except for when i guessed he would sing “whole lotta love”, but hes so unpridictable i could never get anything else right. every tuesday i would count down the hours, and then put my adam lambert necklace on to show my support. but now, i no longer feel this every tuesday. its kind of depressing. i dont have much to look forward to on tuesdays now. i know it took me a while to get to my point, but for those of you who are still reading, am i the only one who kinda feels “lost” on tuesdays? if you have an idol account, go online to and comment on my page if you are like me and dont know exactly what to do with yourself now that idol is over. my username is adamaniac1.

    • I feel the same way 🙁 To fill my Adam void, I just watch his old performances and listen to his songs on Tuesday nights… it really helps!

  38. The interviewer was plain dull. he was asking boring questions and he didnt even react to adam’s answers. and most importantly, he didnt know who muse was. like wtf?

    and i didnt really get what both adam n the interviewer were trying to say at the end of the first interview session. the dull interviewer asked adam something about the elephant in the room, to which i suppose refers to all the speculations pertaining to his sexuality and all that bull. and then adam replied by saying, “that elephant man. it’s pink isnt it?”. i dont get what adam was trying to say. what does “pink” mean here? lol

  39. JRZGRL1 says:

    Adam might have been a little nervous during this interview but he was still amazing – he has such a wonderful sense of humor. I agree that the interviewer was (basically) a major yawn. And just for the record, a pink elephant does not have anything to do with homosexuality directly – a pink elephant is something that is in a situation but that is being deliberately ignored, usually something that by it’s very nature should not be ignored – in particular, this phrase is used in situations where a member of a family might have a problem with alcohol or drugs but people are talking about everything EXCEPT that. I think Adam was taking advantage of the situation to sneak in a little humor of his own – but I don’t think he even was talking about homosexuality per se – but just commenting that the “elephant” was attracting a lot of attention – maybe more than it warranted – and therefore it was REALLY pink.

  40. Adam’s pink elephant comment showed how eloquent and how sharp his mind was even in front of camera. The interviewer was polite enough to say “elephant in the room” without asking the obvious question about Adam’s sexuality.
    Adam’s “pink elephant” comment confirmed to his gay and gay-friendly fans that he is in fact gay, without saying it. Others can still be happy in their naive assumption that Adam is straight. Still OK. This shows that Adam is very careful to come across as politically correct (always) and extremely skilled in walking around the minefields that interviewers have laid for him.
    I don’t condone his sexual lifestyle, but big fan of his talent still the same.

  41. addictedtoadam says:

    Wish they would just let it go. Talk about his singing

  42. anoria jones says:

    I just laughed!!!
    Adamgasm. LOL. . Another wonderful interview. Thanks for posting.
    love you

  43. Adam is perfect to me in every way. Dang I luv this cutie.

  44. Adam constantly amazes me! He is good at everything he does. I am in awe any time he opens his mouth, whether he be singing or interviewing. That boy has some serious talent! I can’t wait for the record!

  45. adamsgpfan says:

    Look forward to more good news from Adam!