Interview with SYTYCD Australia’s Nat/Kyle and Jackie O Show

This first video is with Nat, the host of SYTYCD Australia. She is so cute because you can see she simply adores Adam!! She actually embarrasses him because he doesn’t know her last name…He is so cute about it then. By the end, he is talking about getting big down under… did he just say that??? Totally hilarious. ENJOY:


The second video addresses his opinion of Susan Boyles c.d.:


  1. OMG you can hear Voodoo now on Why is the international release getting it and we’re not!

  2. How come You guys aven’t put thi up on TWITTER where have you been??????????? I’m sure all would enjoy this!!!

  3. adamita says:

    That was SO FUNNY !!!!! Had to watch it twice, good laughs =)

  4. Libraglam says:

    I love to see him being teased and embarrassed sometimes….he is so cute and charming . but only on rare occasion like this….Don’t anyone try to embarrass my Babe. Love ADAM ! Thanks for this. I had good laugh and enjoy the interview.

  5. Top video not there anymore, but here’s a link to his performance (if it doesn’t go away). 🙂

    • retrieved at Adamofficial:

      • Oh my gosh. They were all over the place at the end of the interview. Buy my album and I’ll come. Buy MY album and I’ll come. I want to be big down under…. not that I’m not….
        Too, too, funny. What a play on words. LOL

  6. I have never seen anyone, anywhere,….where you can stop the video and the person looks good!
    No matter where I stop a video, ADAM always looks beautiful. Sometimes people will look weird, or whatever, but not ADAM! Mouth open, or eyes closed, whatever face….handsome, handsome, handsome!!!


    Adam getting his nails done.

    Sorry if you’ve already seen this. I hadn’t so thought I’d post it. 🙂

  8. great interview;p hehehe shame on you natalie for putting adam on the spot but it’s a rare treat=)

  9. Although SYTYCDA has blocked the Natalie/Adam interview, you can still watch it on my blog, where I have it preserved on Photobucket! (ADAM LAMBERT ROCKS AUSTRALIA!)

  10. Gale, thank you so much. I was so disappointment to see it had been pulled * heading to your blog to view it now*

  11. Deb From Oz says:

    Nat is an amazing singer. She was in a band called Rogue Traders (and was in a soap called Neighbours in Australia for quite a while.) Check out their songs “Way to Go” and “Voodoo Child” – they are fab! Wish I was still living in Sydney because I would be at the Mardi Gras catching his set right now.