Interview with FOX5 New York from the Blonds Fashion Show

Here is an interview with FOX5 New York from the Blonds Fashion Show. ENJOY!!

Adam Lambert Heats Up Fashion Week

MYFOXNY.COM EXCLUSIVE – Fox 5 caught up with Adam Lambert at the Blonds show at Fashion Week. The Blonds are rock and roll: They’ve dressed Britney, Beyoncé, Fergie.

Lambert’s voice captured America. His makeup brought us the term “guyliner.” And his style is sharp — literally. At the fashion show, he wore a glove with claws, designed by the Blonds.

What’s to come for Adam: World domination? He is about head out on a promotional tour to raise awareness for his album, “For Your Entertainment.”

How about this for awareness: Adam’s video for “What Do You Want from Me” is the number one video in the country on VH1.

Adam admits that relating to “For Your Entertainment” might be a tougher pill to swallow for fans, especially after his controversial AMA performance.


  1. everything begin from your self…


  3. Oh Adam ww are so excited to see you in the uk.
    You are an amazing person xxx

  4. Another awesome Adam Lambert interview! What an amazing human being!!!

  5. patricialemire says:

    Sweet Adam, with the voice of an angel, you now have your wings! Go!

  6. Adamazing…as usual…Definitely a world-wide super star…

  7. Simply beautiful and amazing…Adam Lambert!!!

    • You said it. Adam is simply ——— the whole package, never see somebody like him before. Just love you, Adam.

  8. Adam amazed millions during american idol with his singing, now we are discovering his personality in every interview and he has it all..What a spiritual person, he is like a world messenger of love…The most unique talented person in everything he does….

    Love you Adam

  9. Love your claws Adam. Truly it’s the Year of the Tiger, coz’ you’re clawing your way to success. Your jacket should have tiger stripes to complete the ensemble. And of course whiskers on your face. Ha – ha – ha! And your songs should have those man-eating growls. Fierce- fierce- fierce! Dance with tiger-stealth moves, and lunge forward to capture your prey. Guess many would like to be your prey, even if it’s just play. Hope you’ll have” The Eye of the Tiger” too. Hope you’ll have live concerts, not just Promo Tours. Your fans are hungry for you, live on stage. And even if I can’t attend these concerts, just hearing your voice and the fans shreiking in YouTube can thrill and enliven. It’s the Year of the Tiger for you!

  10. I personally love the song FYE…it is so catchy…such a good beat and I love that it is sexy….Hey what person on this planet does not want to tell their lover…I am here for your Entertainment!!!!
    Does not hurt either that you have one of the sexiest stars out now singing it…OMG!!!
    He is so talented and so hoooottttt!!!!