Interview From the Front Porch… Again

This is just a repeat post because it seems to have gotten lost when we were down those couple of days. It is a really great interview with a calm and content Adam just sitting out on a front porch.

In part 1 of Adam’s front porch chat, Lyndsey Parker and Adam talk a little bit about his influence on American Idol season 9 and his depiction in the media (which sadly rarely actually focuses on what he’s doing musically) before getting into the fun stuff: his superstar collaborations with the likes of Muse, Lady Gaga, and Rivers Cuomo; how he maintained his artistic vision during the making of his album For Your Entertainment, and what really happened that fateful night at Burning Man.

Adam Lambert: Reality Rocks’ Front Porch Interview, Pt. 1 from Yahoo! Music on Vimeo.

During part 2 of their interview, they covered her personal favorite song on Adam’s album, “Music Again” (penned by Justins Hawkins of the Darkness); rumors about another Justin (Timberlake, that is); his dream collaborations; his upcoming remixes EP; and why/how he’s tried to strike a balance between electro and rock ‘n’ roll in his music, while staying true to himself

Adam Lambert: Reality Rocks’ Front Porch Interview, Pt. 2 from Yahoo! Music on Vimeo.

It is so nice to have the focus of their interview actually be the MUSIC, what a concept. Thank you Lyndsey!!



  1. Loverof LifeNH says:

    I’m soooooo happy you’re back! You all were sorely missed. I didn’t realize just how much I enjoyed my daily check-ins until I couldn’t do it anymore. You all do a wonderful job keeping us up to date on all things Adam! Thank you very much for all your hard work. Please know it is appreciated by all Adam’s fans. Anyway, here are a couple more very good interviews that Adam did for Australian radio. I posted before but they were lost when you were down those couple of days. ENJOY!

  2. Lisette here..thenks for sharing Adam’s very heartfelte interviews always honest,charmant an seeing he’s having remixes with songes.Hope he can collaborate with some of above mentione artistes..Bowie,Timberlake an sureli thet would be wonderful blends in ther creative styles an vocals.An as always thinq Adam has a special talente in whech he can sing so many musique genres an non be limited to just one..An he truli does wish to “Entertain an plese all his fans as well as musique producers an those who as he says has bit of control..Let’s pray he can be permitted to do what he most luvs best an know we’ll all be there to support an adore future songes,upcoming concerts an can see him also pursuing a flim career..Many blessings,an bonwishes to cette beau l’homme an estraordinaire artiste/vocaliste an all arounde entertaineur.May he always know happiness,peace,an luv an be one of musiques best luved an respected artistes..I still can see him being up there with legends as Elvis,Michel Jackson an his luved artistes of today.He’s already on his way for sure..Happy Valentine’s Day to a beau l’homme inward/outward..Keep making beautiful songes thet toche within le couer an soul..J’etaime toujours..LisetteMarie an luv to all glambs too!xoxo

    • Happy Valentine’s Day and love to you , too, Lisette!!! (Always enjoy reading your beautiful and expressive postings…hope you are well.) Linda from Motown

  3. patricialemire says:

    I just have to say this; I have listened to every song Adam has sung in public, but his new album is the best I’ve ever heard. Is it ust me, or do all of you see the possibility of a movie script being written using every one of the songs on this album? Those would be fabulous movies.

  4. I love the album!!! The songs are just right for Adam’s fabulous vocals! I’m missing his style watching this seasons American Idol–but I’ll try to keep an open mind. Last season was the first time I voted, and then I only got through a couple of times! I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam’s songs keep finding their way to the big screen–maybe even Adam himself!

  5. I love the album too. But I love to watch Adam Sing the songs as well as listen. The new AoL sessions are just incredible. Love his expression and total performance of each song. I like a couple of them even more than I did before. After listening to this interview I enjoyed going back to the performances and thinking about what he said about the production of each. Love to listen to him talk also. So it is nice that he loves talking with people.

    • Sooo agree with you, renogirl! I love to listen to him talk, also. (And laugh!) Have mentioned this to a few people and they look at me like I’m nuts. Obviously these people know NOTHING about Adam, therefore they are not under his spell. How can this be? LOL …Linda from Motown

  6. Loverof LifeNH says:

    AL1877 speaking of casting spells, you should check out the forum page under the intrduce yourself link. I found a beautiful picture of Adam as a dark angel and put up the link to the site. This website has all kinds of Adam pictures. Maybe the GLAMBS who run this site could add a link to the home page? I am in no way affiliated with the site or any of the pictures on it. Just would like to share with other fans what I discovered.