Interview from Sweden with Adam Lambert’s Glam Band Members Tommy Joe Ratliff and Isaac Carpenter

By hunting around the internet, I just came across this interview (here) with Glam Band members Tommy Joe Ratliff and Isaac Carpenter. It was conducted in Stockholm on November 9th, either before or after the Debaser Metis show. Interviewers Emelie, Amelie and Marie were so lucky to score this. I need to get their secret!


I love hearing how thrilled these young men are to be playing with Adam. These two musicians have been around for a while with various bands, and even though it’s Adam’s first tour as a solo singer, they credit him with so much natural instinct and trust him completely.

I haven’t met Isaac yet(!), but from my time spent talking with Tommy Joe, I can totally hear him saying these quotes. He has so much like, love and respect for Adam.

Enjoy reading the first part of the interview, and be sure to click here for the continuation!

Love ya!

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How are you enjoying the tour so far?

Tommy Joe: It’s been amazing, it’s been surreal I’ve always wanted to do something like this. I’ve never actually been on a real tour like, you know what I mean, just like kinda slumming it in a van and this is actually like my first big deal so it’s been a lot of fun.
Isaac: Amazing, it’s amazing it’s a really fun group of people and really fun, fun challenging show to play every night and to play drums behind Adam, I’ve never really, it’s pretty amazing to play behind a voice like that.
TJ: Yeah you get kind of spoiled you don’t ever wanna be in a different band with a different singer
I: Yeah, every band I’ve played with has it’s strengths but playing behind Adam’s voice is just super. Extraordinary.

Is that the biggest difference?

I: No, many things kind of differs from what I’ve ever done. It’s really, before I played with them and I went and saw this show I just really liked kinda how dramatic and almost like theatrical it is. It’s kind of like a play or something it’s kinda like a set story that gets told every night and that’s kind of different it’s kind of like there’s a lot of emotion in it but it’s kinda rigid schedule in show you know

When did you decide to go for music, to start focusing on music? At what age and why?

TJ: I was twelve. Well, I’ve always been really into music ever in like my first and second grade I was like Depeche Mode is my favorite group and then I was into like Midnight Oil, remember that band? I loved them, I loved all these tons of bands Metallica. I grew up listening to that, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix and everything. And then when I was twelve I used to see my uncle playing guitar and it made me wanna play. And then I just kinda picked up like a cheap 20 dollars guitar was all I could afford one so I had to like wait and you know and yeah it was pretty bad. And then I ended up just like learning Nirvana songs and Jimi Hendrix songs and everything and I started going from there.

So you’re self taught?

TJ: Mhm, I’ve never taken a lesson I’d actually like to now
I: And this is his first band he plays bass in you guys know all about that.
TJ: Yeah, so I’m actually becoming a bass player now it’s cool.

How about you Isaac?

I: Similar story. I really loved music from a young age. I was buying vinyl at like age five or age four and like when I was like eleven. I actually wanted to play music when I was seven but it was just too hard. I tried to learn some Guns and Roses songs and it was too hard but it really took on when I was eleven and actually I started out as a guitar player too and then I moved to drums later. I never had any lessons either I was just lucky enough, my dad is a musician and my brother is a drummer so I was just lucky enough to start out learning by playing with other people.

What instruments do you play?
I: I’m an okay guitar player which makes me an okay bass player and I mainly play drums and percussion.
TJ: I just play guitar and bass.
I: You can play drums too!
TJ: A little bit kinda, I can keep the beat. If I had a drum-set I could get kinda good but I really. I’d love to play the drums, I’m always beating on things.

But no singing?
TJ: Not at all
I: I sang background vocals in a bunch of bands that I’ve played for and I don’t do it very well. I can do a background vocal like in albums and stuff if it’s in just the right range I’m an okay background vocalist.

Do you have any more say in the creative process with Adam than with previous bands?

TJ: We kinda, we like you know, we got hired after the album was done and everything so we never got to put our own twist on the album. And usually if he doesn’t like something he’s like let’s do it this way and it just happens but you know we put our own edge to it and I mean the album obviously sounds a lot different from the live shows and just kinda like, the albums great but we kinda add our own things to it.
I: Yeah, he doesn’t micromanage what so ever. But it seems like we all really trust his instincts. So he kinda leads just by, just by being confident, but he definitely doesn’t micromanage.
TJ:And he definitely has a vision what he wants and gets his point across when your in a soundcheck and stuff like that if he wants something in a certain way he knows.
I: And things slowly. I’ve only been playing in the band for two months or what ever but things slowly take on a life of their own without anybody telling anybody what to do you know.

Sounds great!
I: Yeah.
TJ: Oh yeah! I couldn’t even imagine playing with other people now like that would just be weird.

For the continuation of this interview, click here.

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  1. Isaac is such a good choice. He’s so likeable.

  2. I read that the girls recorded this but agreed to only use for the story. Wish we could hear it! They are very sweet and definitely know they have a great boss and great gig. Hope they all can stick together. Cam also has a video interview out there from Finland. Also very happy to be with Adam!

  3. Isaac is a superb naturally talented drummer. He actually follows Adam’s movements and gives the Boom ! Bang ! cymbals, as he feels Adam’s slides, tilts, bends, walks, kicks, gyrates and thrusts. Watch Adam’s Strut in Europe and you’ll feel these.

  4. Really glad to read this! I love these guys too, especially after reading how much respect they have for Adam. When it comes to fame, they haven’t seen nuthin yet. So happy for them and for Adam!

  5. What instruments do you play?
    I: I’m an okay guitar player which makes me an okay bass player and I mainly play drums and percussion.
    TJ: I just play guitar and bass.
    I: You can play drums too!
    TJ: A little bit kinda, I can keep the beat. If I had a drum-set I could get kinda good but I really. I’d love to play the drums, I’m always beating on things.

    love this, they are so funny and tommy cant say “like” enough lol
    would of been great to hear it, love tommy’s voice he is so cute
    and yep they really respect Adam

    • I agree about the “likes.” I didn’t want to say anything in my story intro, but there is such a difference listening to them/most young people versus Adam. They could take a few lessons from him!! 🙂


  6. sun-n-stars says:

    I loved this interview. Thank you for sharing. Tommy is so sweet – I met him in Norfolk. He is just so adorable and nice! I wish Isaac the best. He truly is with a great group of people. I hope that all of them will have many memorable years together.

  7. kat23mogan says:

    I find it so ironic…the people whose view of Adam is the one from AMA performance where he was trying to be sexy and a bad ass…They think that is the way he is and it is so far from the truth. Everyone who is a friend of his or has worked with him professional praise him for being such a kind, open, down to earth person who just happens to have a truck load of talent and is very smart. It really infuriates me to hear negative comments about him from those who know nothing. Great interview.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Adam is the kind of guy that seems truly to be such a nice human being, not to mention tremendously talented and sexy.

    • Yes I agree Kat23. and I hope he gets another opportunity to shine and show his sweetness to a big audience again.
      I think fans learnt a lesson from Adam when he started performing with his dancers and everyone gave them a hard time and now everyone loves them on a personal level, as Adam stood up for them and said this is the way it is I love these people and want them with me.So Issac has been loved from the beginning.
      Another life lesson on acceptance and love from Adam Mitchel Lambert.

  8. I hate to change the subject but I have to change my email address and I really don’t want to miss any of these great ADAM LAMBERT emails. I replied to the address that this is sent from but have not heard anything back yet. Can anyone help me?

    • tweeterpie says:

      Dear mandytwo,
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  9. Diane #610 says:

    I loved this interview! I didn’t mind their casual way of speaking, or all the likes, it seemed they both spoke from the heart. It must be wonderful to be friends with everyone & feel accepted like that. I wish I was a musician so I could join Adam’s band!

  10. This is a great interview and helps put more prospective to how you all get along and perform so beautifully. Thanks! You guys were so lucky to catch up with these two wonderfully talented and optimistic performers. And thanks TJ and I for communicating with all your fans. We luv you all, and with Adam’s talent also, we hope you go on FOREVER!!!! 😀 Luv, Rita & Donna, forever fans!!!

  11. chanelle cooper says:

    this is a really cool interview, sad to only read it now 🙁 but its AWSOME!! hopefully someday they will come back to NZ but for the time being LOVE YOU GUYS!! 😀