Instant Downloads of New Songs Available Now!!!


The Collector’s Edition available from Adam Official “Adam Lambert Store” of For Your Entertainment now includes 3 instant downloads – “For Your Entertainment,” “Master Plan,” and “Whataya Want From Me.” An additional bonus track will be available for download on Nov. 23rd.

This is NOT iTunes! This is the collector edition from Adam Official – the one that comes in the mail with the picture book. Originally FYE was a download gift when you pre-ordered this. Now they are including the additional instant downloads as bonuses. Sorry for the confusion!

Please go to for details.

If you are like me, you’ve already ordered your Collector’s Edition and you can get the instant downloads.

For those of you who pre-ordered the iTunes Deluxe version, below are the two tracks:

‘Master Plan’ :


‘Whataya Want From Me’ :


Happy Friday!!!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5



    • Ofra, what is Master Plan like? Ballad, dance tune, rock, or what? Tell us, please!!!

      I won’t be home until late tonight, so I’ll have to wait quite a while to hear them.:(

      It’s quiet here this afternoon. Nobody around except me, Dana, and Dreamsound. Where is everybody?

      • Jeanette can only those who buy the collector’s edition get the other songs? I”ve already bought 3 cds and 2 on order so cannot buy yet one more whole album.

        • Jeanette, Ofra seems to have bought the album. I just went into my itunes store and there is no feature for me to buy the album except to pre-order. I am confused… (he he, I weakened)

        • This is NOT iTunes. This is the hard copy collector edition from Adam Official.

          If you have already pre-ordered the Collector Edition from Adam Official you can still get Master Plan. You have to go to AO for the details and links. Did you order this collector edition already? Is it available to countries outside the US?

          • Nope, I just went to AO and tried to do anything and I am registered at that site, no luck!

            • Terry, the current AO message reads:
              For our friends outside of the US, we’re still working to offer the “Collector’s Edition” in your country, but our international vendors are having some difficulties. We should have this available for purchase on street week!

              Not sure what street week is, but I hope it’s SOON! (Damn! I hate being treated like a second class citizen!) I guess this means I’ll eventually have the Deluxe iTunes version I have pre-ordered, the “regular” CD which I will buy at HMV on the 23rd AND this other Deluxe version with booklet and extras from AO, plus, of course the singles which i have already got! FABULOUS, isn’t it!?

              Glamb #20

              (Can’t believe I forgot to state the obvious: I am LOVING, LOVING both of these songs – the longer version of WWFM is AMAZING!!! and Master Plan has a really catchy beat. Adam was SO right! He makes me wanna DANCE!!!!!!!!! (and do other things too!)

              • Geezzzzz, Been off line for most of the weekend and miss all the good stuff.
                Master Plan is a Rock sound to me. Bless Adams heart, just look what he has done. People were wanting more of a classic rock song coming from him and he Has delivered Again. OMG, he is Awesome. He so wants to please his fans, look he has given an extra bonus to please…………
                Long version of WDYWFM is fantastic.
                Adam, I love you , you kind wonderful soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Ofra and Jeanette and Jane, seems like you all got these news bites first. Lucky you. Ofra still dancing? Jane I am loving these too.
                Jeanette, I’m sure you’ve heard MP by now. Its Sunday afternoon, this is making for a great day.
                Thanks everyone………….

    • Ofra, I’m here now. Oh yes love love these songs. Ready when u r to go dancinnnnnnnnn

  2. I MEEN 01.20 AM…..


  4. these songs are AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG *_*

  5. Dianne Hill says:

    I know Mary C was going out tonight with friends, she sent me an email earlier. I can’t download any of the songs, because Mary has ordered the deluxe edition for me, but I am sure she will when she comes here and sees what is going on.

    I was just thinking, remember only a few weeks ago when we were desperate for any news of Adam. Wow, look at what has been going on the last couple of weeks and it will only get better because there will be appearances and interviews with Adam promoting his album. Isn’t life just wonderful with Adam in our world.

    • I know, hard to believe we were in deprivation mode a few weeks back. This next month is going to be SOOOO crazy! I’m sure there will be tons of interviews and appearances coming up that we haven’t even heard about yet!

  6. I’m momentarily stuck getting my copies of these songs…I must be on the S L O W email boat to receive the links…??

    Anyway, I have to admit that I listened to all of Whataya Want From Me on Perez’s site…desperation drove me to it! It is really awesome…with more ups and downs to the music and vocals than just the snippet showed us.


  7. WOW….IS WAS FAST MAYBE SOMEBODY WAS AFRAID OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Shawnassee says:

    If you have already purchased the Collectors Edition, go to your confirmation email that you received on the day you paid for it, and click on the Order Number. This will take you to the website where you may download the new songs “Master Plan” and “Whataya Want From Me”.

    • YES! This worked! Thank you, Shawnassee!

      I’m one happy girl…my own MP3’s of both of these. “Whataya Want From Me” is my favorite of the two, but “Master Plan” is also brilliant. I can see the first being a HUGE radio hit.

      My interpretation of “Master Plan” is Adam saying, “I’m going to be who I am, no apologies!”

      Glamb #6

    • YES!!! I also did this, and it worked! Going now to listen…

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      Yes!!!! This worked for me too! Thanks for the tip, Shawnassee!!! I”m loving both of these, but especially WWFM….Speaks right to my heart…Go Adam!

  9. I am already madly in love with “Master Plan”. It is incredible!!!!! The lyrics are SO powerful, so edgy, so exciting, so fresh! The beat is strong and rough and deep. Put Adam’s voice in all of that and you’ve got one amazing song!!! I want to know more about it. Who wrote it? What’s the scoop? What’s the Master Plan? I would absolutely love to hear Adam tell us what it MEANS!!! It’s big, it’s leading edge and it’s revolutionary! I really really like that! And I LOVE the song!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      A comment on YouTube said Ryan Tedder wrote the lyrics for this.

      I love this song after only listening to it once, incredible. And Whataya want from me. I knew I would love this but oh the whole song is so much more than I expected. Just brilliant.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        That is meant to be Ryan Tedder wrote the lyrics for Master Plan. Not sure if it is true, that was just the comment on YouTube.

  10. already ordered the collectors edition a week ago. now just waiting for the email to download the new singles! i heard the new songs on Perez. sounds great!!

  11. Thanks to Ofra I have been playing the two songs over and over via youtube, but us ‘foreigners’ still cannot access either through AO or itunes, but it will come in time. For now I am enjoying, Master Plan must get released somehow in the US as well, as it is a real anthem type song. I love them both, of course!

  12. Thank you so much, Shawnassee! I was waiting for an email & never got it. It said on AO that to wait til tomorrow before contacting customer service. I thought I’d freak not having it before then!!!!! I have to admit I love both of them, in fact, I’m pretty sure I will love all the songs on his cd. But, I am really waiting for “Soaked” written by Muse. I think his vocals are gonna be out of this world on that.

  13. Does anyone else hear a hint of a British accent in Master Plan??? Maybe it’s the one for the UK. Or one of the ‘ones’ as in singles.

  14. I love the songs! Beautiful!

  15. AdamAddict says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I know I want to hear Soaked first buut these two are amazing. I love Master Plan.Make me want to dance…again.It’s a little bit like Britney Spears’s song and QUEEN a bit but don’t care if sound like Anthem,Adam sing so beautiful.I have to stop doing whatever I was doing that time(replying email) just stare at the screen and start nodding my head and yeah baby,dance baby!!I LOVE IT.Adam Rock!!

    Then Whataya want from me.Oh also loveee it,DUH!!!Especially at the end where Adam reach the high part.ADAWESOME!! But they keep leaking fast song.Give us slow song now.Adam’s slow song can give me goosebump.I haven’t got that for along time.Come on,leak something!LOL!!Chill,if the whole song leak,I still gonna buy Adam original CD fo sho!Deluxe one!Yippie!!Not sure when the album will be here but thanks to my beloved adopted ‘mom’,I can hear earlier.Love yer,Cindy!
    Emili glambs#19

  16. Brilliant! Brilliant ! Brilliant!……better than brilliant. Loved them both – Adam’s beautiful voice once again rendering me into an emotional state of pure joy. With “Master Plan”…want to get up and dance – love the electronic soundsand “Whataya Want From Me”….I just went to heaven and back. Nine more days to go…I know you can all count but I was talking to myself. Tomorrow I will be saying ……eight more days to go!!

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  17. More hits from ADAM! He can do no wrong with his music! With all of his appearances coming up, I won’t make plans to go anywhere….I’ll become a recluse! I’ve got my DVR filled up with ADAM appearances already…I hope I don’t run out of room on it! I don’t want to miss anything about ADAM!

  18. What did we do before this beautiful man entered our lives???? This music is beyond wonderful.

  19. what amazing songs to wake up in the morning to…. Adam’s voice thrills me -always-and I can’t get enough of him ! W hat is wrong with me???? I don’t want it fixed!!! Whatever will I do when i hear the ballads on his album???????

  20. Just beautiful!!! I can’t wait to get my Deluxe CD! Few more sleep…woohooo! Thanks Adam!

  21. Tweeterpie says:

    I LOVE BOTH of these songs and can’t wait to get my hands on the full album. He’s in and he owns my heart…for sure!