Insane Paparazzi Attacks! … poor Adam :(

On this home video Adam is caught WITHOUT a body guard and gets slammed with Paparazzis inside a building. YES, they can get away with this.


Regardless of the circumstances Adam is nice as usual yet some ‘people’ have the nerve that he acts like a spoiled diva and has an attitude?? Speaking of which, I hope you all know that was just an attempt from another looser trying to make the headlines. Adam is the nicest guy on earth and everyone knows it.

This, my friends… is the price of fame and it is just the beginning for Adam. I am finally starting to understand why Britney Spears went crazy for a while. Can Adam handle all this pressure?

On the positive side note how Kris doesn’t get THIS much attention 🙂

Here’s another point of view on the first attack:


Below are the resulting pictures:







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  1. JRZGRL1 says:

    Wow, I appear to be the first one to comment. What bullshit. These a-holes make disparaging comments about the driving when they’re the ones that made it necessary in the first place. I do feel sad for Adam – he doesn’t deserve this crap. I hope it does calm down after a while. These people doing the chasing suck.

    • Exactly my thoughts, the paparazzi’s are running all the stop signs and they made that comment…

    • This a great demonstration of how RUDE – NOT Adam is. He is so cool and collected throughout the entire bombardment of rude, indecorous agitators. Thank God for that kind, caring women! I don’t think I, or many other people would have been as polite as Adam was.

    • Grannee says:

      Adam loves to wear costumes. He should go in cognito so they won’t have to threaten his life in a speeding vehicle. Remember Princess Diana. We don’t want any tragedies in Adam’s life. Be very careful to make shure he is safe. We love Adam and want to make his journey to success with him.

      • Evelize says:

        I though exactly this when I was seeing the movie. We really don’t want anything bad for ADAM. His life must be safe over all.

        • These papparazzi is crazy, they put his life in danger, all we need is another crazy to harm him. Princess Dianna’s lost her life due to the crazies. Adam has to become incognito, and invest in bodyguards….his normal life is over, sad but that is the price you pay for becoming such an icon and it’s going to get worse for Adam. His career is only cicking off. Sad isn’t it to watch that car chasing Adam’s driver, and all those illegal turns is to get rid of the car that is following putting Adam’s life in danger. After the staircase episode, Adam kept his cool giggled and kept on laughing about it. Don’t know how long he will be able to keep this up. Adam travel with your boduguards buddy, your venturing out on your own is dangerous, we all saw that now.

    • OMG! My heart was racing when he got trapped in the stairwell and I wasn’t even there. I can’t imagine getting stuck in that situation!!!

      • Tuesgone62 says:

        sorry to repeat dreamsound, but thats exactly what i was sa ying to my husband as we watched Adam being stalked.Princess Di, much? This crap will only increase over time. He needs major security!!!

        • I remember Diana’s death quite clearly. I had a show open that weekend. I came home from dress rehearsal, put on the news to try and de-stress – and it was all about Diana. I know the paps were exonerated – but they instigated the chase. And they did nothing to help once the accident happened. I remember one witness saying she ran up to help and saw photogs taking pictures of Diana as she lay dying. They then ran off as soon as the police and ambulances arrived.

          Adam needs bodyguards (and not just to control the looky-loos). He also needs drivers who won’t turn into lunatics behind the wheel. The guy driving in that video needs to be fired by AI – immediately if not sooner. In the end – the paps got the photos they wanted anyway – while he needlessly risked everyone’s neck in that car. You just can’t escape them. It’s the nature of the beast. Just get professional help in dealing with the situation. I really wish California would pass anti-stalking laws that specifically target paparazzi. If not – it’s only a matter of time till another Diana.

    • GMeAdam says:

      Wow…that was scary…I hope and pray that God would always protect and bless Adam especially in moments when he’s in papz infested territories. He’s still gracious enough to wave at people who haunt him… God bless him all the time…

    • Vixx4Adam says:

      Does anyone have an idea if the The Young Hollywood Awards (on JUNE 7) will be televised? Adam will get an award! Congrats Adam! You deserve it!

      #1. Adam Lambert: Young Hollywood Artist of the Year

      Though he finished second on “American Idol” to cuddly young dawg Kris Allen, there’s no doubt Adam Lambert is practically composed of star-power. He landed the cover of Entertainment Weekly, and he’ll soon adorn the sleeve of Rolling Stone. Throughout his tenure on “Idol,” he copped an unmistakable image that works for him and him alone. Most of all, however, he is an outspoken, articulate dude who boasts crazy-zany talent. He’s going to FLOOR the denizens of Young Hollywood.


    • Tweeter says:

      I totally agree. I would love to reverse the tables on them and see what they would do. Where are the police? I would say this is harrassment.

  2. hey, the paparazzis do what they do. they’re all a bunch of lowlives, so they act like it. Poor adam! I LOVE YOU BABE!! I’m hope adam can take the pressure and not go all Susan Boyle-ish and Britney Crazy.

  3. This is very disturbing! OMFG How many pics those papz want? Adam was too cooperative. I would snap BIG type, Woody Harrelson or Kanye West style. No one can, after seeing this say that Adam is not a nice person.
    But seriously, that paparazzi craziness is going too far. I get it, some people earn their living by chasing the popular folks, but when I watch some of the private videos of paparazzi, they are just vicious and have no disregard to whomever they trying to get. Dangerous filed to be part of. Good luck Adam.

  4. Theresa says:

    Adam, next time just drive to the police station. I bet they will go away.

    • Lisette here,
      Definitmente agree with yu thinq Adam can lose thes obsesse reckless paparazzi if only his drivre hed driven to police au firestatione to deter them. I do feele so sorry for Adam an also recall l’sad demise of belove Princess Diana an her illfate..As her drivre was speedinge al reckless speed all to avoide “Mad World” of l’paparazzi frenzie thet were such a parte of her high
      profile life aronde l’monde. An also like Princess Di she was alway very gracious to all l’press,,fans,an internationale paparazzi.. I only pray Adam will nevre be l’same endangermente
      in his now very espose life given his estraordinaire talente reknowne worldewide. Bless him always an hope ther’s angel to watch ovre thet poor Princess Diana did non have!
      bonwishes Lisette!

    • OMG!

      That´s so dangerous!Don´t those papparazzis have an own life? Love you Adam! Thanks God he has fis family and friends close to support all this bullshit.

      Be strong dear!

      Love you!


  5. Scaramouche says:

    I agree Theresa, he should drive to a police station. That would show them. I really don’t understand how this can be legal… I really hope Adam can handle this. At least he knows that this is what he really wants. He’s been working for it for nine years, he’s prepared.

    • Heather says:

      I think going to a police station is a good idea. I have been followed before and that is where I headed. Adam does get it I think because he has been in show business in some form and I think he does know what he is getting into, but he is so extreemly nice to these guys and I would be frustrated. I hear how they try to goad him into anger with “are you a diva” and different comments to hit a nerve. But Adam keeps his cool no matter what. And he still gives them a happy comment such as “you guys are crazy” What a nice guy!!!!

  6. Norcal2009 says:

    There should be rules for the paparazzi. There should be a distance they have to keep and once the person goes inside a building or car…they are off limits. Kinda like the red carpet…take your pics….then leave them alone.

    That said…I bet Adam is having the time of his life.

    • Nope, no rules in Hollywood, is part of the ‘culture’ here.

      This is only going to get worst…

      • AdamAdmirer says:

        I wish Adam would consider moving to the “Right” Coast, I live in NYC and it’s a little less crazy as far as the paparazzi goes.

    • i agree.there should be a law against many people have these papparazzis have victimized already. i know they are celebrities but there should be such a thing as personal space.they can use long lens camera if they want to take a picture but they shouldn’t be allowed to get in their faces like that.

    • adamdevotee says:

      I agree, there should be some rules for the paparazzi, just for safety’s sake. However, the boobs that buy their pap, feed into their making more money, which feeds into their doing anything, regregardless of the danger, just to make their moneyshot. it’s the nature of the beast and adam signed up for it. that being said, i think a code of sorts should be honored, like on the red carpets, take your shot, then give them some peace. there’s a way to play the paparazzi’s games, just give them a little, don’t pull the big star attitude and always try to avoid them or punch their cameras. pissing them off will only make them more agressive. give them a little and i think most of them will work with you.
      this i found very disturbing though, the car chase. very reminiscent of diana. what a tragedy and not worth running away from them. didn’t u see how they caught up with adam anyway. if not them, then another paparazzi would have. not worth risking adam’s safety. just drive to where you’re going, let them get their pictures, but get there in one adamazingly intact body! where are all those LA cops u always see doing those stupid freeway chases on the news when u need them? maybe if they ticketed the hell out of these bozos enough, they’d start losing their licenses or get some jail time and think twice about going so extreme and endangering peoples lives, just for the almighty dollar. anyway, don’t think adam’s the type to lose it a la britney or boyle. one started way too young and the other lived way too an obsure life before the explosive fame thrust upon them. adam’s been playing this game a while, albeit not on this level, and he’s mature enough to handle the leap from local fame to worldwide fame. PLUS, HE’S JUST SO DAMN COOL! he’ll do just fine. let’s all pray he does it safely, that they let him do it safely.

  7. adamfancajungirl says:

    I can’t understand how the paparazzi can get away with this. There should be a law against it. And this is only the beginning. Adam will be a huge star so I hope he can take the pressure of being famous. He is so kind and respectable to everyone. We love you Adam!



  9. I hate that these Paparazzi are allowed to get away with what they do. They should be able to use anti-stalking laws against these creeps. Adam is such a nice guy and so open about everything, but stuff like this can make people turn inward and close themselves off. I pray that Adam can handle all this craziness and actually use it to his advantage but I also worry that something horrible to come from all of this too. Is it going to take another Princess Diana before they do something to stop this Madness?

    • AdamAddict says:

      I watched that 2nd vid long time ago and I’m thinking the same thing!Don’t let the tragedy that happened to Princess Diana happens to Adam! The driver should just ignore the paparazi.Concetrate on driving because he’s risking his life,Adam’s and whoever in that car!Just ignore them! Safety first! I’m seriously worry about Adam!

      • Agree agan AdamAddict as I hed reade Theresa’s commente before seeing yurs..I too recall the very illfate of beloved Princess Diana who like Adam was high profile givene her adoratione aronde l’monde..Both are very similar in facte Adam is alway gracious,humble..even seen in l’first video when they chase him upsteps..Poor Adam j’espere he can endure thes l’reman of his musique career.Perhaps he sholde av bodyguardes like politiciane for moste teme..An sadli a risque of being famous.Let
        pray an hope he’ll nevre be endangere or hurt by obsesse paparazzis in future.An mabe use some guises,to av some sort of privacy. Imagaine being followe even to a restroom!
        Que domage..hugs an be safe Adam. bonwishes Lisette

      • Evelize says:

        I agree the driver must ignore all paparazzi and all press. Just leave ADAM where he want s or must go with maximum security.

  10. Deiondra says:

    its just so sad, even when adam tries to give the pap what they want, its no use. And he’s so polite, never raising his voice and always saying please and thank you and excuse me, its just so sad that being a celebrity has become such a burden…

  11. those assholes!! have they no shame?! there are limits, you know!! sheesh

  12. AmazingAdam says:

    Whoa this is crazy! Well, the fact is, this is what happened when someone become famous or turn to be a superstar. This is the price he has to pay, this is the fact he has to face.

    As success career brought him to become a public figure, it ain’t no surprise that everyone wants to know about his business, because that makes money to those magazines/news. Especially he has that mysterious look on him. 😉
    In a way, he’ll become the most talk person at the moment. (either +ve or -ve)

    Its sad and kinda sucks for Adam. 🙁 I feel sorry but happy in the same time. Sorry that he can’t have his privacy and his quiet life as an individual. Happy in the same time that he has this attentions all around him, which means he is very popular and in demand, he is as famous as A list star! I guess it takes awhile to adjust, but if Adam a smart business person, he will know how to deal and make use of the paparazi to his own advantage. 😉

    As a fan and Adam supporter, I believe we should speak loud and clear and let Adam hear us, that we supporting him through the good and the bad times.

    Adam, there’s tons of people all over the world that loves YOU for who YOU ARE and YOUR Talent, not the gossip and the -ve news around.

    Adam hanging there and keep being +ve and concentrate on your career!

    • Evelize says:

      Well written AmazingAdam,
      He also must konw about this space here and about all his fans all over the world. He has so many fans and in so mny different countries, I think he would be very proud and happy if he knows that.

  13. I can’t believe how many violations that driver had. It’s scary and it reminds me of Diana getting away from the press.
    Well, be careful what you wish for.

  14. AdamAddict says:

    The paparazi interested in Adam because he’s hot stuff right now.That means Adam is really famous!That ‘s a good thing! But yes,those paparazi should give Adam some space. He just walking down the stairs and looking for his car.Nothing interesting there,so leave him alone!

    Adam surely look like a “DIVA” to me! He started yelling at those paparazi,swear at them and pushed them down the stairs and with evil eyes said “you deserve that !” WTH!! Those Clay’s fans got nothing else to do??!!They all such a “sweetheart ” trying to kill someone reputation & dreams by those rumours!And thet think Adam is the evil one,huh?

    I wish Adam already prepared physically and mentally for all this because he surely going to get this for a very long time!Be strong,Adam!

  15. No “people” said Adam was a diva. One person did and claimed unnamed sources. We can all do that if we have a grievance against someone. Courtney Hazlett’s grievance? Not being granted an interview with Adam.

  16. AdamAddict, the “diva” piece was not the work of Clay fans. The guy who started that rumour was someone with a grievance against Clay so no better than Hazlett.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Really,then I owe Clay’s fan an apology!
      I remembered when I was in high school,someone started a rumour saying David Duchovny was dead and all the students talked about it.(X-Files was very popular that time)Then we found out this girl just trying to experiment the magical of rumours!!
      How powerful can rumours be,and how scary it is!
      Again,if what you said is true that Clay’s fan got nothing to do with it,from my bottom of my heart,I apologize!!

      • AdamAdmirer says:

        Yeah, it was some wannabe gossip guru that was trying to get a breaking news “story”, just using poor Adam to get noticed.

  17. Jaylambert says:

    These paparazzi are really scary and they are like scavengers. I’m really worried for Adam. But to be honest, paparazzi exist only because of the public’s hunger for celebrity news and gossips. Without these hungers, there wont be any paparazzi to feed. Take care of yourself, Adam.

    • Gran-bert says:

      I hate to state the obvious here, BUT someone at this website is either employing or paying a videographer to chase Adam — either on foot or by car — so really this website is as responsible for the safety of Adam as well as his management team, limo drive, and bodyguard. I noticed that these videos were shot close up on the stairs and then directly behind the car that Adam was in and didn’t leave until his team surrounded him upon his exiting the vehicle.

      My limited view of Adam’s responses to the paparazzi is that he is a super kind and gracious man; however, I’m sure even Adam has an off day, is cranky occasionally, and may say something inappropriate to these wolfhounds. Regardless, that will never take away from my personal feelings for him.

      As much as I am into “all things Adam” — videos, photos or the written word — my first concern is and always will be that ADAM IS SAFE!! I believe all of us Adam fans could lift him up in our prayers because, as stated in one response above, the paparazzi are only going to get worse the more famous Adam gets and will continue to chase him all over the world eventually.

      Does anyone else have similar thoughts?

      • Linda Desplanque says:

        My thoughts exactly. Who is filming the paparazzi??? Adam took it pretty well I thought. I hate to see his driver put his life in danger like that (and other people). Adam better get another bodyguard or 2 because it’s just gonna get worse. He was so good natured about it. Some other stars would have punched them, kicked them down the stairs and run over them. He’s too good hearted to do anything like that!!!

        • Obsidian Eye says:

          There was something so PREDATORY about it…the whispering…And then pointing out the driver in the end and castigating his driving…Tell me if you get the same sense I’m getting–These guys who followed Adam (was one named ‘Steve’?) felt they were WATCHING/DOCUMENTING Adam rather than being paparazzi. If they were the usual paparazzi, I would think they’d have tried to get close to Adam after the ride (and on the stairs in the 1st video). I get the sense that the point of the second video was the STALKING/PURSUING, rather than photographing Adam. Most disturbing.

  18. dharmalati says:

    Like you said :”it is the price of fame”.. It means because Adam is famous, even he was the 2nd winner, he’s more famous than Kris. I hope Adam can get used to this situation and can handle the paparazzis, without put him self in danger.

  19. ih8expectations says:


  20. You paparazzi are the dangerous ones, your stalking could get someone killed. I hope Adam doesn’t start to feel like a trapped animal. He just wants to make music and be happy.

  21. This is crazy! Another crazy thing Gokey is in 6 place on mr twitter universe ;O wtf???? vote for anyone but him I say (press + u dont have to be registered)

    • Yes but Adam isn’t on Twitter I don’t think. I’ve heard that there were just various people using his name. Plus I’ve tried it, and you do have to be registered otherwise nothing happens after you press +

      • Obsidian Eye says:

        No, Adam isn’t on Twitter. Saw a video wherein he said “I’m not on Twitter, and to you people pretending to be me…Shame on you!”

        • AdamAddict says:

          Yeah, I remember that part “Shame on you” because he looks so cute! 🙂 I don’t want wasting my time voting anyone else.

        • HeidiJoergensen says:

          well if you go to and check out the live chat archives he says that he is on twitter now, and that it is himself writing the tweets… but he still haven’t got a facebook profile…

  22. Disgusting behaviour – the paps need reminding THEY are the cause of the death of Princess Diana with their unacceptable behaviour. So they think it’s funny goading Adam, when every single pap has blood on their hands.

  23. From UK says:

    Its easy to loose the paparazzi…head for a Wal-Mart parking lot and mingle with the cars coming and going.

  24. marlis hanson says:

    Actually, the paps are doing their job–those videos are how they get paid. Yes, it is a bad thing fo rAdam, but a good thig, as he is now FAMOUS! All th eother big stars do it and have to life with it. Adam needs bodygaurds and a driver who drives SAFE! That driver could have KILLED him many times over, turning where it is illegal, running yellow and red lights, etc. He could end up like Princess Diana–killed by a crazy driver trying to lose the paps. So what if they get photos of him–we all seem to like those photos. As long as people look at the photos, the paps will be able to sell them.
    He needs to hire ME as his manager and I’ll handle hiring all the right people to be around him and protect him the way he needs protected!

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      What’s going on with his management, isn’t he still under the AI umbrella. Didn’t they give him a body guard and handler?? I’m sure his new record label will want to make sure he is safe, does anyone know what’s going on here? So worried about the safety of our Adam.

      These guys are hound dogs and don’t need to go to this extreme. They can get one or two pictures, which he was so gracious to let them have. They don’t need to ask him those idiotic questions either. This is unprofessionalism at it’s worst – shame on those stalkers, I wont even give them the benefit of calling them paparazzi.

      • marlis hanson says:

        I don’t think AI has a contract with him for anything other than the record label having first dibs on recording him. They haven’t made any money off of him directly yet, so NO–clearly they do not have a handler for him and/or a bodyguard. They had a handler for him for the NY interviews, but that is because AI set up those interviews for him. They have no control over what is going on now that he is ‘home’.
        SO–TA DA!! Here I am Adam! I’ll be your manager, hire your hair stylist, fashion stylist/buyer, manicurist, bodyguard, driver, handler to travel with you and make sure you have Dryer’s french silk ice cream in the freezer of your hotel room if you want it, etc.
        I think part of the issue is, no other Idol (or top ten even perhaps) has lived in Hollywood, where the paps are crawling around like fire ants here in Texas do. So wherever Adam goes, they pop up, because they are all over the palce there, looking for photo opportunities so they can sell photos. This is what they do for a living. This is why Princess Diana died. And it is NOT worth trying to get away from them. He needs to have the right people around him to plan his day and drive for him so he can be picked up at the door of wherever he goes. No more driving Drake to the airport–he can take him, but with a driver taking them both.
        Obviously, bodyguards, drivers, and handlers want to be paid, and Adam has a tiny bit of funds rolling in from the iTunes sales, and will be paid for the Top Ten tour, but I don’t think he has stacks of cash sitting around yet to pay people. So he is in an odd position at the moment–famous, but poor.
        I think after the Top Ten tour he will hire people, as he might have the funds to do so, if he continues to live in Hollywood. He can move, if he wants. His brother Neil will be in New York by then–hey, Neil might by moving there about now. On his website he said he was. A lot of stars move away from all that. But Adam seems to like it there, so we’ll see.

  25. SUsan L says:

    As I watched these yesterday, I wonderered about my own part in this. I want to see pictures of Adam, because I miss him! I feel complicit in these assaults. Yeah, we might try to justify it as “just a part of being famous”, Hollywood, the low lifes that take photo-stalking as their chosen “profession”, etc….but WE are the ones who click on the links, buy the rags, etc.

    I am trying to think of a way to at least do my part to stop them. I have vowed to myself to no longer click on the links of any of these gossip rags. I will BUY Rolling Stone (and probably sleep with it!)–and other legit entertainment news sources, but I will try to refrain from giving these other vultures any of my support. They tabulate every click through online and then use those numbers to sell ads, to make money. Let’s all try to boycott the paparazzi!

    Adam, please ask the powers that be for protection. You alone created the buzz for American Idol this year. You are going to be making a lot of people a lot of money. It is in their best interest to help you be safe.

    • Suse1701 says:

      Very good point! I too am addicted to reading all things Adam, but I can’t watch these videos. I got midway through the first one and clicked off. I have not seen the second. I know it will freak me out. I now look at the URL before clicking to make sure it’s not linking back to TMZ or other sleazy (that I’m familiar with) site. We are putting money in their pockets and motivating them to keep doing it. I know many of the clips have come via U2B, or been embedded in other sites, but they can still track the views. And the weird thing about the first one, what is so newsworthy about him going to his car? That’s desperation. (Good thing he remembered where be parked, could you imagine?)

      It’s a crazy thing because we want to keep Adam a hot topic until his album comes out, but I hate to think it’s at the price of his safety or his ability to enjoy his life right now.

  26. This is only the beginning with the insane antics of the paparazzi!!! I agree with the person who said that our Dear Adam needs to get a good and safe Driver!!! Please may the powers that be who are hired by Adam to keep him safe, see that this happens!!! The paparazzi do not care about anyone but themselves, and how to make that next buck, and get the next million dollar photo no matter what it takes!!! Adam, please be safe, and take the best of care of yourself!!!! God Bless!!!

  27. Note to Adam :Wear your seat belt
    Note to driver:Slow down-do not put Adam or yourself in danger to escape those papa
    Note to Legislators: Make it illegal for papparazzai to chase celebs in cars or come within 100 feet of them
    Note to paparazzi:F*ck off!

  28. Jane416 says:

    I agree that this is INSANE. I too was thinking about Princess Diana the whole time I was watching the car chase. I guess it’s gotten to the point where Adam is now that famous that he DOES need a full-time body guard (that huge guy who was with him in NYC on the morning show tour looks like he could do the job!)

    Susan L. you summed up my other thoughts exactly – as much as I can’t get enough info about Adam, I will NOT support these rags and unprofessional sites who spread venom and unsubstantiated gossip as “news.” When I saw those headlines yesterday about Adam’s “Diva” behaviour, after I swore out loud as I KNOW it’s BS, I only allowed myself to read ONE bit and then blocked it off. We KNOW that Adam has demonstrated nothing but the patience of Job in how he has been handling things.

    I offer Adam nothing but the best and plan on supporting him in ANY way I can by buying his music (have already bought EVERYTHING from Itunes) and seeing him in concert. Be careful, Adam, we – your REAL fans – want you around for a VERY long time!!!

  29. I think Adam handled that situation pretty well! He left with a light-hearted comment (You guys are nuts!) and a big smile. When I first saw this video, it was a short version that just showed the part where he was trapped in the stairwell, and that did seem pretty annoying. But the whole video that shows him getting to his car and leaving seems to show that he wasn’t really that upset. He wanted to be a star, and WOW! he got his wish! (but maybe a bodyguard would be a good idea)

  30. Stephanie says:

    Actually, by posting these videos, we just justified their reason for doing this.

    One of these days, and maybe not with Adam, someone is going to get seriously hurt or killed, like Jane416 mentioned about Princess Diana.

    I don’t ever want Adam to regret becoming a contestant on AI.

    • I don’t think Adam would regret being on AI – in his own words, it was a platform to get himself out there.

      It’s unfortunate that with success comes fame, hotly pursued by the paps. 🙁

  31. This is horrendous! I had a horrid feeling that this would all start when Adam returned home….arghh!

    I, too, will not support these rags in any way…..there has to be a way from preventing this stalking….it is so dangerous and I will now worry about Adam every day.

    I love reading and seeing his interviews but his private life has to be that….private!

    Be safe Adam…….we luv you!

  32. We all watched Lady Diana throughout her life, we all saw how unhappy she was during here marriage, but she came back fighting and took control of his life, she didn’t let anyone stop her being happing. She was an inspiration to us, she proved that no matter how many times sometimes tries to pull you down, you should always be true to yourself, and that’s why everyone loved her. We all love to see someone happy with themselves; it makes you feel good about life. It becomes like a drug addiction, we wanted to see how happy she was, and we needed that. Everyone became obsessed by her, she had no privacy at all, we can’t even blame the press, we showed the world how much we loved her, we wanted to know everything about here, and that’s why the press hounded her. In a way, we all were to blame for it, and look what happened to her.

    Are we going to end up with history repeating itself with Adam? Adam is having the same effect as Lady Diana. He has become a role model to everyone, he is showing us that we should be happy with who we are as a person and to enjoy your life. Take the time to really listen to what he has to say, his journey has not been just about him, it’s always been how he can help people to love who they are, to appreciate everyone around them, and to live life to the full. He talks with passion and honesty, and never has a bad word to say against anyone. Listen to his songs, they all having a story to tell about life. Life is not about power or money; it’s about enjoying every part of it, even the bad times. Life is about learning, and when we look back, the bad times can be the best times of our lives, because we are living and feeling life. We are only here once, so we should all make the most of our lives and the people in it. Nobody’s life is better than anyone else’s, we are all born the same and we all die the same. If you take the time to listen to someone, you will find out that there are some amazing people out there, who have had fantastic experiences. If you have a dream, then you should fight for it, and never let anyone pull you down for it.

    Adam has showed us who he really is, but all the way through the show, he has stated on numerous occasions that what he does in his private life is his business. Why should he tell us whether he is gay or not, it has nothing to do with who he is as a person or his performance? People say that its part of being famous, its not, just because he is famous, doesn’t give us the right to intrude into his private life. We should give him the respect that he deserves, his private life is his and should not be shared with any of us.

    We have to give him his privacy, otherwise he his going to pull away from us or we could end up repeating the Diana story

  33. Very scary watching both of these vids…in the first vid, Adam is a true gentleman from beginning to end, even with the manic paps’ pushing and shoving on the stairs, and the manic laugh in the background at the end. He stopped three times to try to reason with them, but to no avail.

    The car chase was very disturbing. OMG…that is our boy in that car !!! and it is frightening to think of the danger he is in on a daily basis because of the world’s obsession with him. He clearly needs more protection. The sad thing is…what is the driver supposed to do? Adam may have been trying to go home, and of course they cannot lead the media to his doorstep. Clearly, for safety’s sake, he needs a bigger force field, multiple cars to divert attention….too sad. He is a beautiful person through and through, but the fame he has earned because of his astonishing talent will shrink his privacy in the world to practically nil.

    I have to agree with SUsan….we as a fanbase need to not support the gossip sites if at all possible. I crave any news of Adam, but if I know that this site will keep me informed with Adam’s safety as a priority, I will limit my contact to here and maybe one or two sites that do not use these crazies for their information sources.

    Does anyone know how to discern which magazines or websites are not vultures? I am fairly new at this as Adam is my first obsession in many years….lol.

    • One thing I have noticed is that many of the same small sites that have published the “journalism” that spoke of Adam being a diva, will reprint just about anything–no ethics. I am going to be watching their behavior closely, expecting my conclusion to be that they are useless for real or trustworthy information. I love this website that we’re on right now!

      One obvious video source seems to be TMZ–they are ALWAYS in Adam’s face–(can’t you recognzie the guy’s voice at this point?). seems to be another trashy video creator. I haven’t really been able to identify anyone else specifically…maybe others out there in adamfanworld can join in.

  34. Galambert says:

    go adam!!! you can do it;)
    lol it’s amazing how these people can do EVERYTHING to get some money… even if it means to humiliate someone to the lowest level…

    but it’s only the beginning …. and Adam’s reaction is the best. he knows how to behave with them. the most annoying thing for them is to see that no one gives a shit about them and stay cool.
    never attack them.. even though it’s hard, lol;) its just making more money for them… lol

    love you Adam:)

  35. This just sickens me to have to be right up on Adam to this extent to where he cannot even have time to catch a breath. I know they have a job to do but there are plenty of other people out there and by the way, Adam is not the actual american idol winner Kris is so go on and pester him for a while. He may not have as much you want to see but hey give Adam a break he is in mu deserving of it to this point. It has been nonstop with the pops even before shows end. Give it a rest for goodness sake. You already know Adam is great he is much adored and is most definitely LOVED by many world wide, and of all ages. Why don’t you go see if you can find this information out about some of the other toop 10 that will be on tour as well give the best a break.

  36. Why are the stalking laws not applied to these idiots?? I would think after what happened to Princess Diana someone would get a clue.

  37. Isabella says:

    i get so sad when i watch this! it’s not fair how you loose all privacy, jut because you’re forfilling a dream! Paparazzi don’t have any pride in their lives! a-holes…
    But Adam is such a big person, asking in a nice way, if he can just go to his car, instead of just saying f*** off a-holes!

  38. There ought to be stalking laws for papparazzi, together with bans on the photos they take during incidents like this from being sold for profit. If there were no money in it, it wouldn’t happen…. so the magazines are as much at fault.

    The sad thing is Adam has not yet found the financial success to afford bodyguards and drivers to protect him from this. He ought to just saturate the market with photos for free…… take the money out of the papparazzis hands.

  39. mishelle says:

    The second video is really disturbing, out of line and so dangerous. I was getting car sick just watching it. That is taking it way to far. And for Adam to get out of the car and just wave, amazing guy.

  40. I’m wondering if it is sinking into Adam’s head yet…..that he is on a totally different level than other stars…..he’s up with the big one’s. The one’s that can’t just walk out to their car and go somewhere anymore. He will have to be more secretive and strategic. What happened to Lady Di. She lost her life because of the paparazzi. Adam might begin to have the love/hate thing going with the celebrity status and fans. Adam, take care of yourself and make sure you have guards with you when you go. For crying out loud, Michael Jackson had to get hair ripped out of his head before he figured out you just can’t get out of a car and walk in somewhere like Joe Blow. Why do Madonna, MJ, Brad Pitt and the like live out of this country??? I bet it’s sinking in right now since he had to be a little nervous today I would think. See, Adam is such a good person, but he is going to have to toughen up where accessibility is concerned. Does he have an agen, or someone through A.I. to look after his well being? I’m just as guilty, because I watched the video clips which will make the hounds want more. Boycott tabloids, TMZ and the other trashy sources. ZERO HITS ON THESE SITES AND VIDEOS FROM ADAM FANS!!!!!! I’m worried about him.

  41. I may be going off the mark a bit, but I wanted to express my concern on the press
    Its not just Adam who is being hounded by the press, in the UK, we have Susan and Shaheen from Britain’s Got Talent. The press coverage is not as bad as Adam is getting but it does still raise a concern of what is happening. Shaheen is my friends son and has always loved his music, its all he has ever wanted to do. From the time he was two years old, he would be running around with a microphone in his hands, even though he was only two, he knew every word of the song. He had always look up to Simon Cowell, he was his Idol, he thought he was amazing and wanted his approval. He was overjoyed when Simon said he loved him, it was all he talked about.

    When I first saw Susan Boyle, I thought it was amazing. She was this woman who lived in a little village in Scotland; she was 48 and had never been kissed. She was a loner, who kept to herself, she didn’t bother anyone, she just got on with her life. She was a great character; totally happy with herself and had no problem larking about in front of the camera. As soon as the audience saw her, they automatically judged her as being stupid; she didn’t help either, by messing about on stage. Everyone thought she was stupid, but all she wanted to do, was to be able to sing in front of an audience. Can you imagine how she felt when she started singing and everyone stood up applauded. She was no longer the woman they had judged as being stupid, she was the woman who had the voice of an angel. She proved to people, that we should never judge someone by their appearance.

    Everybody loved them both, but the press turned it into a competition between the two of them. As with Adam on American Idol, nobody else was in the running, it was between Susan and Shaheen. The press coverage they had was unbelievable for the both of them, it was exciting at first, but then it got a bit too much. We cant just blame the press, we are as much to blame as they are, we are the ones who promote it, we show how much we like them, We even start blogs on YouTube, or other sites, saying that we think Shaheen should win because of some reason, or Susan should win because Shaheen was professional. I couldn’t believe that some people were criticising a 12 year old child, it was unforgivable. The press were ringing his house all the time; they wanted his comments on other contestants. What they really wanted was for him to criticise another contestant, it was absolutely ridiculous and his mother would have none of it, she kept informing the press that he wasn’t home and didn’t have any comment on the other contestants.

    I felt sorry for Susan Boyle; they hyped her up so much that she was petrified that she was going to fall flat on her face in front of millions. Look what happened to her, although she was loved by millions of people around the world, because of all the pressure, she ended up having a breakdown in front of millions of people

    I don’t think any of us realise what we are actually doing to these people. What does that say about us, what type of society are we turning into, where we can criticise a 12 year old child for doing something that he loves, or causing a woman to have a breakdown, just for our entertainment.

    We need to give people the privacy they deserve. Too much pressure could stop Adam, Shaheen or Susan doing something that they really enjoy.

  42. sashabxgirl says:

    if this is a precursor to what is to come…then at least his handlers got a whiff of the potential insanity and will have enough poeple around him to keep him safe and sane.

    At the core, he is a good guy. So all of the glitz and
    GLAMour wont change the essence of who he is (keep our fiingers crossed)

    just protect my Adam!!! and Paps LAY the hell OFF!!!!!!

  43. SquidGodWs says:

    yeah this is really, really sad :(The paps need to leave him alone.

  44. te_amo_adam says:

    I hope Adam’s mom doesn’t see this! I’m “scerred” for Adam now after seeing that awful video!
    Why isn’t anyone complaining about his driver? Where does he get off driving like that? The whole chase is too unreal just to end up with the Pap still glued to their asses.
    It is part of the fame yes, but it’s not worth dying for. Laws really need to be passed. We as a group should start a letter writing campaign to the Senators in California and show them this video. Protect their safety! We should demand it. Who cares if we don’t live in California. Let’s start something! I’m willing to do some research.

    • Te_amo_adam: I would love to be any help I could with this. Something needs to be done to stop the papararzzi leeches!!!! It should have been done after the death of Lady Diana! Wasn’t one death too many??? Please let me know what I can do to help!!! If all of Adam’s fans started this, and there are a LOT of us-and we made our voices heard of our concern for Adam’s safety and all other celebrities-we could make a difference!!!!

  45. Ifelt so bad for Adam on that first vid, i would have flipped if i was trapped like that and they say Adams a diva 😮 no way he is. That guy saying give me a piece sign and i’ll let you go what an asshole who does he think he is to trap someone on a stairwell and demand things of them aarrgghh makes u so angry to think of it.
    That woman was so sweet 🙂 she scared the paps away for a sec 🙂 thank god she was there.
    They really should start making the law against paps stonger they should not be aloud to treat people like this.

  46. This made me sick. Sadly, this is the price for fame.

  47. Glambertfan says:

    Sadly, Adam is going to have a lot more Paparazzi to deal with soon as his ablum and Tour are a go – this is nothing compared to the onslaughter to come so I hope Security gets beefed up FAST!

    Paparazzi don’t seem to stop for stop signs either… somebody in California should submit this video and get the Paparazzi a ticket via Citizen arrest!

  48. The problem is that we consume these paparatzi videos. The media knows that the fans are starving for info on Adam and is therefore stocking him. If we will ignore this trash, there will be no demand for it and Adam will not be haunted by these wolves. There is a connection between our actions to what happens to Adam and we can begin the change by ignoring this paparatzi trash and nasty gossip (about him and his boyfriend for example).

  49. This is how celebs get hurt or killed from these a-holes. I know being a celeb is hard and your life is no longer private but omg, If this is how it is for poor Adam already I feel so sorry for him to deal with this.
    They do take the pics and video to get us fans to watch but when it comes to safety I don’t want to see it.
    I’d rather see him safe somewhere instead.
    I mean I feel badly for his and Drake cause this is what causes break ups with celeb. This bs that goes on. Adam has always seems to let things role right off his shoulders bu thow much can one take.
    WE love you Adam……. Stay safe

  50. Melissa says:

    Can we talk about Quween for a second, who stepped in to “help” Adam with the paps? From my perspective her intervening didn’t seem to be all that helpful. Adam was gracious to Quween as well, but did she make a bad situation worse? Adam appeared downright flustered, and I’m not sure that was just from the paparazzi.

  51. I’m curious if this has happened to any of the previous Idol’s? Does anyone know?

    • Of course it did! this woman helped Kathrine McFee just a couple of months ago (and she has not been in the lime light for a while now.) there is always a lot of oo-ha around new idol competitors though I assume Adam does creates more buzz than usual.

  52. I suspect that as the photographers and reporters get to know Adam Lambert as civil and good-natured even in the most stressful conditions, they will treat him with more respect and back off a bit. He seems to appreciate that this sort of attention comes with the territory and without the publicity, one can so easily be forgotten. There are many entertainers who would give their eye teeth to have this paparazzi problem, but I do appreciate the safety issue. It IS worrying and one can only hope that Adam will plan ahead responsibly so that he doesn’t get into any more tight spots. One also hopes that he absolutely INSISTS ON safe and responsible driving and not to get into a vehicle unless he is certain that by doing so, he won’t put himself, and others, at risk.

    It has to be remembered that these people are only doing their jobs and the competition is fierce. Adam will just have to work out how to safely accommodate them (and therefore himself). He possibly does not quite appreciate yet how insanely popular he is and until he does, he may continue to find himself in situations that are potentially dangerous.

    In the meantime, we, his supporters, should also learn a thing or two from Adam Lambert about how to be gracious under pressure. Some of the postings, while well-meaning, should lay off the extreme language.

    Love You

    Suzanne XO

  53. GorgeousGlambert says:


  54. Omg.. this is insane.. that just tell you how popular Adam is… being followed everywhere now just to get a glimps of Adam or ask question?

    I just hope Adam driver is excellent driver… we do not want anything happen to Adam.

  55. Isabella says:

    i know this has nothing to do with this post, but just felt like writing. American isn’t over in Denmark, it comes on every saturday, and today was rock-week^^(YAY) and it’s amazing how i turn in to a little girl when i see him! i just get all hyper and exited when i see him, or even just hear his name.
    but i was also kinda bommed that alisson had to leave, she and adam would have been a perfect finale…
    Man, he rocked this week!
    LOVE ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Rock week? Wow,that’s way long back!That means last week you got scared by that bottom 2 crap,huh? Hmm,remember back that time….we all get scared like hell!! 🙁

  56. Time to hire a bodyguard.lmao let him do the cussing for you Adam.

  57. AdoringAdam says:

    How scary the car chase was!!! This is so dangerous. I hope Adam and his bodyguards will start using disguises so this doesn’t happen again. I also remember the horrible Diana accident. So Sad.
    I can not believe this type of stalking is allowed in America. Adam is so sweet. He even waved at the stalkers–and yet people say he’s rude?????????? Somebody out there take care of our guy, PLEASE!!!! We love you Adam!

  58. poor adam and he handled it so well. or at least tried too. stupid paparazzi. time to hire a body gaurd

  59. AdamRocks! says:

    Who was the woman in the first video trying to get Adam away from the paparazzi?

  60. Papparazzi needs Adam, Adam also needs papparazzi. Adam won’t be another Diana, since he can handle those situations well. He is brave and smart, and candid. I like the woman who helped Adam away from papparazzi, most of his fans ‘d like to protect him in the same way. That’s funny, but don’t you guys feel this way, regardless of your age and sex?


  62. I, too, had to look at how I contribute to the paparazzi insanity by reading articles / viewing videos like the ones above. In the future, I will resist the temptation to “click” and see Adam on clips like these. I’m going to hope for good things for Adam (including a body guard!) and trust he will make capable decisions in learning to navigate his stardom!

  63. TheFeyNan says:

    Hellz Bellz….that was dangerous enough!!!! The paps never gave up & they never will. This is his “Mad World” now, and I believe he is SAVY enough to handle it and to know what to expect now.
    I live in Memphis and was around when Elvis was still alive, he used to rent different places at night after they were closed for business, just so he and friends could get out and try and do some normal things, and still we would see it in the paper the following morning. Thanks to modern technology, we now know e-thing we want to know about celebs. I like the rest of you Pray for his safety, but being the “World Idol”, which is where he is headed will definitely have a price tag and that my friends is his privacy….God Bless And Keep You And Your’s Adam…..Be safe, Enjoy, and as Paula sayz…”Take it all in my dear”!!!!!

  64. There was a lot of drama generated here, but Adam handled it all with his usual grace and aplomb. What struck me, while watching these videos, is how they were baiting him to try to get a rise out of him. “Adam, do you want to go to a little movie? Do you want to go to the Red Lobster?” “Do you think we’re a joke?” They’re not trying to record the news, they’re trying to MAKE the news.

    Yes, Adam’s a big boy and I’m sure he can take care of himself and his own life and I’m sure he realizes he will soon have to take measures to deal with the paparazzi. But even if he wanted to become a star and paparazzi are a fact of life, it doesn’t have to be this intrusive! Susan and others before me have hit the nail on the head. We can all keep from being complicit in such behavior by not feeding it or buying into it. We can all refuse to support irreputable sites that gain their following through the kinds of questionable tactics that were displayed in this video. If you truly do not like the measures that were used here, don’t patronize the types of photos that were obtained in this manner. Instead, admire the photos that were obtained through acceptable measures, such as photo shoots and performances, not this trash from cornering someone on the street.

  65. Wow.. what a mess. American idol should provide some kind of protection for ” our Adam “.. I won’t type what I really want to say on here. I just want Adam to know, We Are “Skerd” for him !! Get a good bodyguard or two for heaven sakes.. We love you Adam. Stay safe !

  66. Question: Who is Quween?

  67. Courtney says:

    Wow…. Poor Adam, but I guess this is what you get when you want to be a star (like Adam already is)… But still, these paps just keeping pushing it. I know they have laws in California about paps, but they are hardly ever enforced. California needs updates and reevaluate the laws and start to REALLY crack down and enforce them.

    PS – People who are dying to be famous and have everyone idolize them etc. should really watch this video. They will change their minds very quickly.

  68. I’m shocked but not surprised. Look at the way they hound other celebrities. Look at the way they can’t even buy a cup of coffee without it being news. Try to park your car and go into a building. Wow, what news! Every minute must be captured on video.

    Any one who read and believed the bs about Adam being a Diva should take a look at this cr*p he had to go through. See if you could do it and remain friendly enough to wave at them.

  69. NWLambert says:

    As I watched this as a true Adam fan, I thought to myself, if people didn’t watch these types of videos, or buy the Enquirer-type of magazine, maybe these jerks would not need to run after him so much. This is really disturbing to see an upcoming star take this kind of abuse. I hope it doesn’t ruin him.

    We Love you ADAM!!!!

  70. SheaGlambert says:

    Ok..someone is seriously trying to call my Adam a diva? That’s why whenever the paparazzi asks him to do ANYTHING!! he does it. All he was trying to do was get to his car. Leave the poor (beautiful) man ALONE! Get off his back. Everyone is so obsessed with trying to get a story where there isn’t one that they’re risking putting his life in danger. Any other celebrity would hav punched any one of these guys in the face, but Adam was a perfect gentleman. He smiled for the pictures when you could tell he was terrified. Let him live his life. He wasn’t doing anything wrong.

  71. you know this is not happening to kris allen, that’s for sure. be safe adam. we love you.

  72. poor adam !!

  73. I felt for him at first, it seemed they were blocking his way in all directiions, but when that black woman came upon him, all hell broke loose!! ha ha…

    As every black man in N America would tell you, do NOT mess with a black woman who has a cause!!! Bravo, Miss!!!!

    And as usual Adam showed calm and class, and gave her her just rewards… a nice hug!!

  74. Go into youtube and listen to Pop Goes the Camera if you havent yet. Amazing how it follows exactly what is happening now.. you can get it with audio and the lyrics, but no video has been made for it. I think Adam knew a few years ago what the whole “Hollywood” thing is all about… hope he can keep his head and his body intact! You go, boy!!

  75. Adam, come up to Canada, we respect our celebrities and give them lots of space.. !!!

    • madworld says:

      Yes, we sure do. When Brad and Angelina were here, people gave them space, no paps to hound them 🙂 Yes, come to Canada, Adam.

  76. Ah yes…it is definitely time for Adam to go on tour!! A few months out of LA and maybe the craziness will die down.

  77. IvonLambert says:

    Poor Adam,………wish I could hold and protect you…I love U

  78. IvonLambert says:

    I Love U, Adam
    Wish I could hold and protect you.

    GO ADAM just keep soaring high just dont mind what other people say about you and all those negative media reports, just keep moving we are all here(your fans) at your side supporting you all the way till the end. No matter what NEGATIVE news they gonna say they cant take away that ADAM LAMBERT is TALENTED and has a SUPERB VOICE> love always Khyle_Barnes from Davao City, Philippines

  80. Hi, i wanna join the glambs fans club i already posted my comment a few days ago but i was still not given a glam number. i hope any staff of will read this and approved my comment so that i can have now my glam number please . . . . im khyle and im a PROUD,LOYAL and FOREVER FAN of adam lambert from the Philippines.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Look at the recent posts on your right,click GLAMBS:FanClub .When the page is open, follow the intsruction! Look how other people do it! Check the page again later,see if you already got your number! I’m Glamb # 19 🙂

      • hey that is my problem as well

      • adam addict i read the instructions carefully and followed it but still until now i still dont have my glam number. i was already subscribed so i will now proceed to step 2. i really i wanna join they just dont know how PROUD,LOYAL and TRUEBLOODED adam lambert FAN I AM! plz can anyone help us plz. . . . . . . .

        • AdamAddict says:

          Are you sure you did it right? Arne got the same problem but I noticed she already got her number! Try again,okay?
          1st: You type Glamb # (don’t put the number,they give it to you in 48hours)
          2nd: You type your name and then Khyle_Barnes From Phillipines in bracket, and then from Phillipines
          Try again,don’t be sad! 🙂
          Salamat pok! Wait a minute,that’s thank you,right?I want to say welcome. What’s in tagalog? 🙂 I hope it’s working this time!

  81. Poor baby. =( I think he handled himself well, though. And at least he’s getting the publicity he deserves. =)

  82. YvettevY says:

    adam is such a nice person and great at handling crazy stuff happening on the street. i just hope nothing bad happens to him coz of these annoying paparazzi!. leave the great guy alone…

  83. after all that..he still has it in him to WAVE to the cameras…..diva, my BUTT….
    he is such a kind soul – i really do wish they would leave the guy alone…

  84. AdamAdmirer says:

    WOW, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t – if Adam says anything negative, they call him a “diva” – if he’s nice, he can’t get rid of the stalkarazzi (these are not paps by the way) they are definitley stalkers. I’m sure Adam will handle it all of this, but he needs to get a better driver – what the hell was that?

  85. Anyone else notice in the second video that Adam seems to be at a music studio? I wonder what he’s up to?

  86. check out……..Adam will be awarded The Young Hollywood Award tonight…..Hope Adam got himself a bodyguard for tonight…..Rock on

  87. Ref: Paparazzi video. What is the talk about is Adam upset with Rolling Stone?
    What does that mean? Am I out of the loop?
    I relistened to the video again and really am disgusted by what the “P” jerks said. Then after all that they trashed him called him a loser? We have all got to write the State Congresspeople in California asap to get legislation passed quickly. There is no excuse for their behavior. Such idots!

  88. I thought the Young Hollywood Awards is on tomorrow night? It’s advertised for 6/8.

  89. Galambert says:

    omg even when the fuckin paparazzi catch him he looks hot!! may be hotter! lol
    i really hate paparazzi but…i thank them for these pics:) lol its not because of them 😉
    adam looks amazing doesn’t matter what he’s doing!!
    love ya:)

  90. How terrible! Adam please be careful.

  91. Did I miss it or did Adam not put on a seatbelt? I hope he is wearing one to protect that fabulous self of his!

  92. AdamAdmirer says:

    In the new video (top), WHO IS THAT GUY WEARING THE FUBAR T-SHIRT AT THE END?? I WISH SOMEONE WOULD HIT HIM OVER THE HEAD — HE HAS SOME NERVE TO KEEP REPEATING “SECOND PLACE” , meaning Adam was in second place and the his other derrogitory comments toward Adam.

    Adam was so nice to them, he was even laughing and joking (saying it was all good) about the whole thing and then at the end he backed out his car and stopped again to say “peace” – ya gotta luv Adam, who else in their right mind would be sooooo nice and kind – did he even take money out of his wallet and pay them to leave????

    I can’t believe how nice and kind hearted Adam is and has a loving Soul and Spirit. Great things are coming to Adam for all the light he shines on this planet – Go Adam, and keep the Spirit!!!!

  93. mamarufus says:

    He can not go out anymore without a bodyguard. If it’s like this now, can you all imagine in one year after concerts, more popularity and fame. Let’s all keep Adam in our prayers for safety at all times!

  94. star_child08 says:

    They are doing this to Adam (and other celebs) because there’s a market for the videos and photos. Just like they’re ported on here! If we really want to keep Adam safe, we should boycott TMZ and other agencies that pay for his pictures.

  95. I want to hit the guy at the end so bad. Second place loser? They are all bullies.

  96. Lady Gray says:

    I couldn’t watch much of either video ‘cos it made me sad for Adam – to think his old life is over and now he has to put up with this kind of crap. Come to New Zealand Adam when you need a break from it. You are an amazing guy and I hope the pressure doesn’t get to you.

  97. jnellie says:
  98. I just wanna KILL those paparazzi….So mean. 1st video that guy was talking Sh*t. Just wanna punch him in the face. F. Get a life!!!

  99. He’s such a gentleman. He even took the time to hand some $ to the lady. Yes, he’s the Diva of the real world. He’s so cool and gracious. The world can recognize you and I guess this is part of being famous. Be careful Adam! We don’t want you get hurt.

  100. Hi all Adamlovers! Can you believe that Askmen rate Kris higher than Adam even in sexiness? You need to go to to vote for Adam in the list of 49 sexiest men of the year 2009. That’s a great site, but the editors are blind to take Kris higher than Adam in his own league. Go go guys! defense!

  101. SheaGlambert says: they chased him all around a building, asked them to leave repeatedly, and still told them to have a good one? Diva? I think not. If it were me, They’d have a few broken noses.

  102. Alright. This scared me, completely. I seriously thought they were going to hurt him. I feel really bad because he really doesn’t have anyone to protect him, and he probably feels like America is just there to attack him. America loves you Adam, you’re the best. &iloveyou to pieces.

  103. They are not paparazzi..but they are a garbage….nothing have with them..they try to pay attention..if they are a proffesional paparazzi…they don’t ever attacks Adam with this unpolite way…they are drug user ,jobless and lazy peoples..they were tease Adam….they don’t care the dangerous traffic for Adam…..Adam works very hard and has earth worth,,,very social person,warm heart,very patience,,fearless,humanity.even he has lot of crazy men around him,,adam always tried be polite and calmness…he never abuse anyone..he is a good heart person,,,has a great personality.good attitude…I hope the producer who gives him a contract needs to take good care of Adam by the bodyguard for Adam where ever he would like to go,,,,Adam would be a very big super star…Iconic…no doubt..100% I would give the garantie,,he is now famous,and would very famous..after his first cd and concert come out,,he makes a record..that ‘s sure…he has a great nature talented,,,own stage,,world class..brilliant performance and great voice..handsome man…May God Bless &protect Adam Lambert..he deserves to have everything with him..Adam..pls take good care and always becarefully ,alot of crazy people would be around you…fans Lambert

  104. AdamAdmirer says:
    June 7, 2009 at 4:05 pm
    In the new video (top), WHO IS THAT GUY WEARING THE FUBAR T-SHIRT AT THE END?? I WISH SOMEONE WOULD HIT HIM OVER THE HEAD — HE HAS SOME NERVE TO KEEP REPEATING “SECOND PLACE” , meaning Adam was in second place and the his other derrogitory comments toward Adam.

    Adam was so nice to them, he was even laughing and joking (saying it was all good) about the whole thing and then at the end he backed out his car and stopped again to say “peace” – ya gotta luv Adam, who else in their right mind would be sooooo nice and kind – did he even take money out of his wallet and pay them to leave????

    I can’t believe how nice and kind hearted Adam is and has a loving Soul and Spirit. Great things are coming to Adam for all the light he shines on this planet – Go Adam, and keep the Spirit!!!!

    I agree with your comment…In the new video (top), WHO IS THAT GUY WEARING THE FUBAR T-SHIRT AT THE END?? I WISH SOMEONE WOULD HIT HIM OVER THE HEAD — HE HAS SOME NERVE TO KEEP REPEATING “SECOND PLACE.(This fat guy needs look his attitude and his face on the mirror…unsymphatic garbage fat man)

  105. Brilliant Adam Lambert….We just wanna shout out to the world that ADAM LAMBERT is THE BEST AMERICAN IDOL CONTESTANT EVER! and THE BEST SINGER ALIVE!!! World IDOL,,,,
    GO ADAM just keep soaring high just don’t mind what other people say about you and all those negative media reports, just keep moving we are all here(your fans from Europe)) at your side supporting you all the way till the end. No matter what NEGATIVE news they gonna say they can’t take away from your great TALENTED .the GOD gave you this great gift…we like the ways of you,,,you have a good attitude,great personality and patience..very polite,,warm heart person..we are very proud of your successful and admire you very much,,,in diep in our heart…God Bless you and protect you….do all your best…you are the BEST super singer ever and forever..GOGOGOGO our Brilliant Adam Lambert…You are pure Perfection!!! Good Luck and take care….fans Adam Lambert(EUROPE)


  106. They are indeed rude. But it only proves how popular Adam is.

  107. It is really normal for a star to be harassed. Adam is a public figure. But anyway, like what i said, it only proves how popular he is. So there is nothing to worry though

  108. The Legend says:

    Nice picture of Adam receiving the Young Hollywood Entertainer of Year Award tonight

    • AdamAddict says:

      But Adam is so new! He already received an award??!! Really? LOL!! I’m so happy! 🙂

  109. ADAM.ADICCT.LOVER says:

    LUV YOU ADAM!!!!

  110. AdamAddict says:

    Awww,poor Adam! The new vid is like a complete version.Look how nice Adam is! Diva my ass! He probably a little bit pissed by all this but he knew this going to happen.I like the way he handle it. Very calm and polite!
    The guy at the end,LOSER??!! I’m sorry,I probably listened to Adam song to loud just now so maybe I heard wrongly,DID HE SAID “THE LOSER OF A.I?”
    My blood is boiling right now. Maybe he’s trying to be funny but heck no,IT’S NOT FUNNY! Can someone there do me a big favor,slap his face,kick his testicles and kick it hard! I live in Malaysia so it’s a bit hard to do that by myself! I appreciate whoever do that for me! What an asshole!Kick his butt as well!
    I hope Adam enjoying all this fame instead of annoyed because Adam surely deserve to be happy!

    • AdamAddict says:

      I don’t think Adam noticed it’s the Quween at first until one the guys said “it’s the Quween!” He ducked his head when Quween tried to put her arm on Adam’s shoulder. After he realized it’s the Quween,then he started to believe her and let her help him!Awww!

  111. Ashley_huynh says:

    im really worry for Adam..the more attention he gets from the media& press, the more careful he should a fan who loves & support him,i truly hope that he has the strength,the wise to handle all the troubles the press ,esp the paparazi brings to him..please mind your own safety,Adam..
    dear Adam, our privacy is not our own property anymore,that the price one have to pay.Anyways,it proved that you are becoming more& more popular..we are happy for you..

  112. Adam may be cool with this for now since it’s only been a few weeks now, but give him a decade or so and he might go “Britney Spears”! He NEEDS protection! The stairwell thing may have been a bit claustrophobic, but not THAT bad. Quween was USELESS. Looks like all she wanted was some attention, a couple bucks, and a photo. I think he could have moved through the fray a bit better without her “help”. The “car chase” was a different matter. He was CLEARLY being stalked. If any ordinary (non-camera and badge weilding person) would have carried on like that, they’d be in jail right now. I thought the governor signed some sort of papparazi legislation a couple years ago??? If he did, what was it and why isn’t it working??? On the “second place” comment by the “Who is he???” ,,,nooobody. guy, that was just pure “haterism”! He’s just mad that no one knows who he is and even after that low-lifed comment no one STILL cares! He OBVIOUSLY is leading a terribly unfulfilled and sad existence so he clearly decided to be a crab in a bucket. I wonder how that’s working out for him??? On second thought, I don’t care! Stay Safe Adam!!!

    • nottooldyet says:

      That’s the price of fame! Adam, you have left your animity and privacy at the end of American Idol. I hate the paparazzi too, but they bring this video to us so we can follow you also. You have to either be tougher, (we all know you are to nice) or higher a couple of body guards when ever you want togo anywhere. OR, you can come stay at my home in Florida where it is very, very, rural. I changed from your official website to this unofficial site. No updates at the other one.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Why Quween is useless? I thought she helped him! The money that Adam gave is for the paparazi,right?To send them away??!!
      I really like to think that someone out there is willingly to give Adam a hand when he needs one.I mean,help him sincerely because love him and care for him. I would anytime,free of charge! 🙂

      • I think Quween is a harmless person trying to have meaning in her life by helping people in her own special way…I think Adam recognized that (her help may have been useless but she’s a person trying to help).

  113. The Legend says:

    Great story about Adam and Kris friendship, the respect and hugs..

  114. poor adam. he really needs to take his bodyguards everywhere. i love when he opened the car window and shouted with a smile “you guys are nuts!” they are adam, please stay safe. 🙁

  115. OMG!! They were like a pack of hyenas, especially with the crazy laughing – they sounded and acted like they had escaped from an institution for idiots! The guy at the end making disparaging comments about Adam coming “second”. I laughed because i though “OK, what have YOU ever done you waste of space?” It’s sad to think that all those Paparazzi exist and if only one of the other sperm had reached that egg first, maybe a decent person would exist in their place….who knows?

    Adam definitely needs some bodyguards if he is going to have to put up with moronic behavior like that. It should be illegal to harass someone in that way.

  116. oh wow the paps are crazy!!!!!! at least he handled it well :/ no wonder some celebs get so pissed at them. adam’s a trooper (: haha

  117. adam is soooooooooo sweet, even with these idiots. once he’s safely in his car he still opens the window to smile and wave the peace sign! u dont get more gracious than that…but how does this qwueen person pop up out of no where and who is she? clearly adam was uncomfortable with her presence at first when she put her arm around him, he instinctively shrugged it off…

  118. adam is soooooooo sweet and gracious. even with the paps hournding him when he’s safely at his car he opens the window to wave goodbye and show the peace sign….but who is this ‘gwueen’ popping out of no where.? adam was clearly uncomfortable when she went to put her arm around him he shrugged away almosst instinctually….

  119. I was here a long time ago but I didn’t know it was this website! I’m so glad I found it again! Paparazzi can be so annoying! Why do they have to mob celebs like that! It’s not right! How would they feel if THEY were mobbed by the bunch of high powered strob light camera people shouting at them?!

  120. The paps are soo bad in cali, i mean why do all the stars live there? They know that LA is crawling with them, live in another of the 49 states, and then the celebrites could at least live without at the paps! But besides that, how about a law about keeping soo much of a distance and endangering them. I mean the paps can do whatever scream, push, get up in there face, follow them on feet and in cars… i mean what about some laws to protect our celebrities like adam….. the paps are like wild beasts!!!!!

  121. *sigh* I seriously hope nothing bad happens to Adam. He is too talented and too much eye candy for something tragic to happen to him. He appears to be very sweet and down to earth. He clearly doesn’t deserve this. I love you Adam! <333

  122. Scarlett says:

    Omg!!!!! Adam Lambert is awesome!!!!!!

  123. Scarlett says:

    Omg!!!! Adam Lambert Rox!!!!!!!!

  124. Adam, we’re watching to see u becoming greater and greater. Just be strong enough to get through all those threats and controversy.

  125. This guy cannot take a bad picture! He looks better just going to his car than any other male celebs look dressed their best at an awards show! Think about all the hoopla over Brad Pitt, who shows up an events in that ugly beard and baggy coats and hats. Then look at Bsby Boy, on way way to the car, looking like he just stepped out of a shoot as a male model. THAT. MAN. IS. PERFECT.

  126. I think Adam had a right to attack tha da** paparazzi! Paparazzi ruin celebrities lives! I say Adam can handle it! YOU CAN DO IT ADAM! JUST REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!
    I plan to join tha fame world and i think i can handle cameras being in my face 24/7.
    But i think their being WAAY too in Adam’s face.
    I mean good lord. Give him a break! He was on vacation! And i won’t lose one night of sleep over that inconcederate photographer. GO ADAM! NO MATTER WHAT I’LL BE ROOTING FOR YOU!!!!

  127. The Legend says:

    Great article about Kris and Adam’s friendship

  128. Scarlett says:

    Paparazzi are so totally overrated!!!!


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