I’m Feelin’ Good… (At Least Better)

Last Wednesday was a rough night for Adam fans everywhere.  Personally, I cried for several hours .  I heard from other people who got physically ill.  I managed two hours of sleep – how, I’ll never know.  The next day at work my boss had to send me home early because I couldn’t function.  I’m sure this sounds silly to the average person, but as I said in an earlier post, I’d been emotionally invested in Adam for months, and I so badly wanted America to validate all the wonderful things I’d seen in him.

I didn’t know how I was going to force myself to feel better.  I commiserated with other fans on the chat, but the following days were dark.  The “results” moment was replayed on TV over and over again.  The previously-silent Adam-haters wiggled out of the woodwork and leapt onto the Kris Allen bandwagon.  Articles proclaimed that the voting hadn’t even been close, and that “America got it right.”  Every word I read kept me in my funk.  How could I move on when the media was calling me a “Bitterbert?”

Then a strange thing happened.  I watched and read Adam’s post-finale interviews and put aside my pain enough to really, really listen to what he was saying.  He said he was happy.  He said he was excited.  He was glad for the opportunity.  He smiled – no, not just smiled – he beamed.  At first I thought he was just putting on a brave face.  How could he not be disappointed?  I would have been.  How could anyone not be?

But I should have known better.  Look very closely at his post finale photos.  The smile doesn’t look forced to me.  And on camera, I never saw his smile drop when he thought the camera had moved off him.  (Not to name names, but I saw other contestants do this during the show.)

In Adam’s interview with the press on Friday, when asked what he would say to people who were disappointed he didn’t win, Adam replied, “there’s no need to dwell on the negative, and we should look forward to my album.  I’m totally okay with it…”

Suddenly I’m feeling good!  Adam himself – not other fans, not the media, but the man himself — is telling us it’s okay.  And I believe him.  If Adam is as sincere as I think he is, there’s no reason to doubt his words.

So, people, what do you think?  How did you react when he lost the title, and are his assurances enough for you to heal and move forward?

I, for one, can sleep again.  And I’m looking forward to seeing what Adam will do next to amaze and inspire us.





  1. kathrine says:

    that’s what i felt exactly after the show too, i would said i had a really really bad night!!!
    not until i watched and read Adam post-post finale interview…i felt better!!!
    Love this guy so much …that i can’t wait to see what he’ll do next… !!!!
    and i do Feelin Good … and i so believe in him toooo !!!

    • Lisette here,
      Thenks agan dreamsounde for thes wonderful site to espress an share thouts an sentimentes
      regarde thes gifted artiste as Adam. An agree Katherine I felte so very sad thet nite an tears flowed as if I loss ma best frend..watching all thos weeks hering his estraordinaire voice to singe any genre one thet av not seene in many yers..recall I can non even thinq of work l’next day. Then listene to Adam’s interview apres idol..such a genuine charmant an gracious fellow thet truly reman positive despite being 2nd..He has l’hearte of an angel an also seeme to av a genuine respecte an frenship with Kris.Also many artistes,judges admiratione et respecte av actual been a blessing in disguise..An seeing Adam an thet lovli charming smile..we can all feele goode too!An supporte him,an try an have radio statione play his musique too..Non mattre
      know we’ll see Adam performe in concertes,be on many stages arounde l’worlde..Bless thes very gifted artiste many bonwishes always Luv et bisous, Lisette xoxoxo.


      AT&T May Have Swayed Idol Outcome to Favor Kris AllenUs Magazine – 1 hour, 49 minutes ago

      celebs:Adam LambertAngelina JolieEvangeline LillyKate GosselinKris Allen

      Adam Lambert and Kris Allen arrive at the American Idol Season 8 Grand Finale held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on May 20, 2009 in Los Angeles, CA.
      Jason Merritt/Getty ImagesUs Magazine The New York Times is reporting that American Idol’s Kris Allen may have had a little help from AT&T, one of the Fox show’s biggest corporate sponsors, in winning this year.

      According to the Times, AT&T provided phones for free text-messaging services at two Allen parties in Arkansas on the night of the finals. Citing sources, The Times reports that AT&T reps showed party-goers how to “power text” — cast 10 votes at the touch of a button — which violates show rules.

      Power texts, according to the Times, “have an exponentially greater effect on voting than do single text messages or calls to the shows toll-free phone lines.”

      No similar efforts appear to have been made to provide free texting services to Adam Lambert fans.

      Angry Lambert supporters are now claiming in online chat boards that the competition’s voting was rigged.

      While Fox has yet to comment, AT&T issued the following statement: “In Arkansas, we were invited to attend the local watch parties organized by the community. A few local employees brought a small number of demo phones with them and provided texting tutorials to those who were interested.”

      See what stylists have to say about Idol contestants’ looks

      The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette first reported on the possible skewed voting last week.

      More news from Usmagazine.com


    • What?????????? I like Adam as much as the next person but I didn’t lose sleep over it. Come on now, other idols have gone on and had great careers even when they didn’t win. I think it will great for him and it might just be a blessing after all !!!

  2. Panseyy says:

    Thanks Jeanette for another great expression of our collective feelings – well said. I also felt better watching the post finale interviews. Adam truly appears to be happy, beaming, and seems so well adjusted. Thankful for the AI launch to stardom in spite of possible voting irregularities, VFTW practices, and anti-Adam votes…..We all remember hanging chads! It happens. But Adam will be fine. He will be incredible. I look forward to his own creative work. For now, I satisfy myself with a collection of his covers, basking in the glory of his talent. I for one hope Adam only feels the love.

  3. We are all feeling good now. But wait guys, please download more on i tunes about adam song’s including no boundaries. words are not enough. It needs action. Lets make Adam the top seller for this week

    • Panseyy says:

      OK OK – I was not going to purchase this song just out of protest to the to AI machine. I have every other Adam song and vid available for purchase. So just to support the cause I bought No Boundaries. And guess what? Adam makes a mediocre song exciting – loved the studio version after all. I agree! Let’s put Adam on top!!!

    • I am sorry to disagree Arne, I do not want to get manipulated by these cold hearted entepreneurs!!!! It is hard to eimagine that people like them would take advantage of our emotions so they can make profit!!!!! I strongly feel that the show and its producers completely twisted results so we as Adam’s avid supporters would try to make an effort to buy more of his records to boost their sales!!!! To do so will just ensnare us in to their trap!!!!! I would definitely buy Adam’s records but not through American Idol’s site or affiliates!!!! I hope that American Idol ratings would go down the drain because insensitive and cruel people like them should not exist in this already burdened world of ours!!!!!!

      • Jeanette says:

        I understand what you’re saying, Ria, but right now I agree with Arne – buy Adam’s downloads on itunes if you can. Adam gets a portion of the proceeds (he said so on the Larry King show). If you want to boycott American Idol, there are other ways to do it, but I don’t think we should punish Adam in our haste to show our disgust with the show.

    • I gotta get an ipod! I feel so out of it! Soon as I can scrape up the money…. Adam is so delicious, and I am going through major withdrawal. Thank goodness for this site!

      • ksodak, just download the songs onto your computer and watch them there until you can get an iPod. They’re just as good!

  4. I felt disappointed, upset and angry at how some Conservative grups can hijack a music show. But, like you, inseeing Adam’s glow after I realized he had the ability to rise above it so like him, I had to rise above it. He is incredibly strong and optimistic without it being forced. He really is a star and a great person. I thought about it a lot and realized this was best for him. Also, like a lot of people said, this gives him more freedom. I also took comfort in the fact that SO many people agreed he should have been the winner. It made the decision look like a joke. I felt a void after the show was over. I will miss looking forward to each week just to see Adam. Tonight is so sad that I don’t get to watch him. He made my day so joyful. I take comfort in all the songs I downloaded on itunes. This guy has a hold on people, a power we have not seen in a long itme in a musician. He is bringing music back. And he has given me a reason to smile. I was so depressed before this season and I swear to you I feel a light simply because I can listen to this guy’s music. Thank you Adam Lambert. Your music has touched me more than you know.

  5. Jessica says:

    I was furious when we found out it was Kris who won. I wanted Adam to get the confetti. I wish it was like a sad thing-I physically couldn’t even cry b/c I was that mad. I remember pacing, screaming at Kris-it must of been scary to watch LOL. My husband was just silent but later that night he played Madden and created a linebacker to push people around in the game. It was just a mad house here and even that next morning I was so angry. I remember actually wishing it was Danny who won b/c I thought he had a better voice.

    Now I feel bad for Kris (still don’t think he deserved it though) b/c he’s a nice guy. I also really like Adam’s response. He’ll make it big and he was in the finale. He’s not under AI’s contract and this only boosts his name up even more.

    I do admit no matter what he said to the fans to not be angry I still cringe if i hear when Seacrest said the “winner”.

    • I cringed when Seacreast said that “America doesn’t make a mistake” when he was sitting in interviewing everyone. Why couldn’t he have been more diplomatic, such as “both were so good, America couldn’t have made a mistake with either one.”

      • It was obvious Ryan Seacrest did not like Adam, and he still tries to humiliate him like he did on Larry King Live. I remember all too well my reaction to Adam not winning, I ran from the room and slammed my bathroom door and pressed my head against the door and started crying, and I had a tough time going to sleep that night, and imagine my disgust when I heard that there was a problem with power texting. I watched Showbiz Tonight last night and heard about it again, this time they were interviewing Adam and Kris about their reactions and Adam said we need to cool it, that they did not feel there was a conspiracy, well of cours they have to say that, it is probably in their contract that they can’t say anything bad about Idol, I am just trying to get past it and wait for Adam’s cd.

    • I know, I hate seeing that clip when Ryan announces the winner. Makes me sick. When it first happened I thought ” I think Ryan just said the wrong name, he can’t be serious!” If I need to feel better I have to think of last year’s results when the RIGHT person won.

  6. Jeannette, I was also devastated by the lost of the American Idol title whichI believe wholeheartedly belongs to Adam. I continue to watch post interviews and post shows of Adam and he is just such a great guy. I hope he stays grounded and I cannot wait to hear his very first album. I have all of his songs and listen to his beautiful voice and his voice alone keeps me happy to be alive and happy to be able to witness someone who is so fabulous and so gifted. I can’t wait to see him in the Summer Tour and also I would love to see him do a stint with Queen.

    I think there will be a HUGE future for Adam and guess what, we, the ever so faithful fans of Adam, will say… We knew he was going to be a SUPERSTAR!!

    Thanks again to dreamsound for having this awesome site to keep us updated on what Adam is doing… I amm sure Adam will be first to be asked to come on Season 9 of American Idol to sing.. I think before that new season, we will see his fabulousness grace the stage of AI one more time… can’t wait..

    • WE have the same feelings! I am just looking forward of his post interviews and guestings of different show. That is the least that I could do to myself. Perhaps a consolation token after he lost the idol title

  7. Still furious sometimes but if Adam’s staying cool, we’d better do the same thing 🙂

  8. So many of us saw a portion of ourselves in Adam (disaffected kid comes out on top and makes good). That’s why his loss became so personal. We were up there on that stage with him. I just wanted somebody to get the brass ring who actually deserved it. I made my living as both an actor and director for years (until a series of bad accidents sidelined me). I know who usually comes out on top – and how they get there. For every Tom Hanks there are literally thousands of, shall we say, ‘others’: people who leave a pile of bodies behind so thick it would bridge from here to the moon. Adam isn’t like that. I listened to what Kris and some of the others said. Adam helped them select songs and work out arrangements. He never put his own interests over being a good sport.

    That’s rare. Truly. Most who follow his ethical line never make it into the top tier. They just aren’t cut-throat enough. So I wanted Adam to walk away with the whole enchilada for all of us who kept our souls intact; who put doing the right thing ahead of success. When he came in second (through unethical manipulation, no less) – I was fit to be tied. Still am, frankly. But Kris is a nice guy. He’s as ethical as Adam – so, in a way, a good guy DID win. And as you say – Adam seems perfectly happy with how it all turned out. I do still wish it had been him. The symbolism (especially in today’s climate) would have really meant something…..but I do like the way both Adam and Kris are handling themselves. And as they say: if they can surmount differences – why can’t we?

    • Well said.

    • Lindsay says:

      I completely agree. My husband didn’t like him and couldn’t understand why I got so emotional when he didn’t win… But for me, I was up on that stage with him. I love to sing, did honors choir for years, and while I am very good, I was never the best. And I see people getting record deals that I AM better than, but I know it will never happen for me.

      Seeing someone like him who is different and amazing doing something that I have always dreamed of doing… I wanted to see him win it so bad, because in a weird way, if he won it… so did I.

  9. this loss to adam, just proved the show is fake, and it lost its credibility, even barbara walters commented on the talent of adam and how she was caught up in adamitis.

  10. hine100 says:

    Was really really disappointed …. because I heard about it before I actually saw it. However when I watched the show I thought that he didn’t look devastated, he looked pretty happy. It made me wonder if he actually knew before hand, he handled it all so well.
    I’m still not happy but am putting it behind me and moving on with where Adam is going next. Can’t help feeling as though this was a jack up, too many variables don’t add up, but he’s obviously okay with it all.
    Does anyone know if he’s joined twitter yet, or is he not allowed to being a finalist?

  11. I cried and wrote a song 🙂 It was very upsetting because I felt like we all worked so hard and it came to nothing (even though I know deep down that’s not true). I mean Adam will be fine, more than fine, and he has nothing to worry about. We’ll be seeing tons of him for the next forty years. But it was just the principle. If there was anybody who deserved to be an American Idol, it was Adam. Like you, watching the post-finale interviews made me feel a lot better but I still shed a tear every now and then when I see footage of the ‘result’ moment. The hug that he gave Kris was so genuine, it makes me love him more. Adam is the most polite, down to earth, honest, kindhearted contestant to grace the Idol stage throughout the 8 seasons. Even in the interviews when all the focus is on him, he tries to bring it back to Kris because he wants him to be able to enjoy the moment. That’s Adam for ya.

    • Panseyy says:

      Completely agree – loved how you said it Carla! Adam appears to be truly OK with the outcome and has such an endearing manner. And by FAR the best talent to grace the AI stage. Dreamsound – LOVE your website – it is the BEST!

  12. laineyg6 says:

    For me (for you), it was like I had been stunned or something. I was not functioning at top form. Lucky for me, I took the day off (not expecting any sort of odd reaction), but was still dealing with it when I went back to work on Friday!! But yeah, Adam’s reaction was amazing and he sort of shook me out of my funk.

    I am continually inspired by the positivity that I see in Adam and am just simply amazed. Maybe my expectations are ridiculous, but what I’ve seen so far has been awesome.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for your dedication.

  13. Adam obessive from Asia says:

    Felt the same. gutted, angry, emotiona, confused that I cared so much etc etc, and then I have watched Kris and Adam..The way they have BOTH conducted themselves, the genuineness of their friendship is almost quite magical to see.

    you MUST watch the video on YOUTUBE of their so-called ” Huggle”. It’s the best, so cute.

    Adam has brought the smile back to my face as I see how utterly real he is. He’s an incredible guy and as a mum of two young kids, I am teaching them the lesson through Adam’s experience ( they were also really upset he ” lost” ) that it’s so important to show humility and respect for others in life. They now not only think Adam has an amzing voice but they know he has an amazing soul.
    Adam’s reaction and graciousness post-finale has won him an even bigger army of fans around the world and his ‘real’ fans, have fallen in love with him just a little bit more.

  14. Kiwausnz says:

    Thank-you for this great website it’s help me get through the last few weeks and thank-you Adam for you. I’m not an American Idol fan and was only kind of watching it as my 10yr old son wanted to. Then!! I saw and heard Adam and WOW!! he made me feel something I hadn’t felt for a long time. Like so many around the world, not just America that are under Adam’s spell, the dissappointment was gut wrenching. To get through each day (like I had to get from Friday to Friday in NZ to watch AI) and to get my Adam fix I just keep listening to his songs, watch and read all the info I can about how Adam is and now just wait in anticipation to hear what awesome songs he will do on his first CD or DVD. Adam what a beautiful soul you have, please always keep true to yourself, stay grounded, enjoy every moment and we’ll all be there waiting.

  15. Jeanette:
    I wanted to tell you that I totally agree with everything you’ve said. In this post, and others. You really summed up how I feel. I was IN SHOCK when Adam lost!! I cried for hours too. I could not believe it. I felt Adam was the best contestant Idol had ever seen, & there was NO doubt that he would win. I thought that all season long! It still shocks me, and I do NOT feel that “America got it right” AT ALL. But, as you said, Adam is OKAY with it. He really is. I got the same sense from him that you did…he almost seemed happy that he didn’t win, & could make an album on his own. He’s a winner anyway. Everyone knows that he’s the superstar of the show, & that will be proven when us Adam fans are finally heard, & his CD shoots to #1!! Thanks for your blogs. I really enjoy them.

  16. I think Adam is fantastic. I watched idol from Australia just to see him. I am obsessed but in a good way. You just had to watch the Kiss and Queen performance to see who was the best ever to come out of American Idol. I called it the Adam Lambert show (see him do the intros). Keep at it Adam I will be following every step x

  17. God when he lost the title i couldn’t sleep i was so sad and depressed .. and couldn’t even look at the final show , even though i loved everything adam did but it was so dark night so i just couldn’t watch it again .. then to feel good i started to searche for his interviews and i released that he was genuienly happy and not sad at all cuz for him is not a title matter it the opportunity and staying all the time on the show , then vid after vid i really feeled so much happier cuz he is okay and happy and he is so excited to the future and that made me positive .. adam has an amazing positive energy he just sbread it every where and Danny did said something good about adam he said : ( Adam bring the best of u ) and this is absolutely true 🙂 I love him so so much and I am still so addicted on him .. he is the best ever .. period .

  18. i cried. till now i dont belived he didnt win, and i cant over that,

    i hope he will succeed in the future and everyone will see how good he is.

    love you Adam you are my idol.

  19. AdamIsOurAI says:

    I am so glad we have this site to come to for “letting out our emotions”. Its therapeutic! I cried, didn’t sleep, etc. etc, but now have been able to move on and quit worrying about the voting and unfairness. I am so ecstatic about Adam and all the appearances. Can’t wait for the concert! Can’t wait for all the amazing things to come. Have been enjoying all the great pictures and news. Here’s to all the “Lambies” in the chat – thanks for all the great links, pics, and stories! Love ya all.

  20. I had a bad feeling that kris wood take the title, but i realized that it doesn’t matter because this will give adam freedom, the creative freedom that he deserves. If hes ok wit it, then i m 2 😀 and whats so bad about it? hes gonna b more successsful with all of our support as well. and he gets interviewed and/or performs like evry day now!! <3 😀

    • I had that feeling, too, and actually hid behind my couch when they got to the announcement. I didn’t want to do anything stupid in front of my kids, LOL…. I was literally shaking before the announcement. I just knew in my heart that Kris would take it. He certainly got Danny’s block of votes. There’s no doubt in my mind.

  21. Lynnsy Logue says:

    Did I ever watch AI before? Only when walking by a TV somewhere. Did I ever become an honest to goodness fan of anyone in these 70 years? Not really. Did I ever buy all of the singles, all of the albums of one artist and listen all the time, wearing earphones, all the time? Nope. Did last night, the first Tuesday since the Finale , feel blank in a way, no Adam to watch knock us all out? Yep. But what gives me comfort is reading what you sister-brother fans have to say…it helps. It helps to read his interviews, watch video clips, read all the articles…respond to some…so thank you. We have the
    real mc coy in Adam. And maybe what happened to the voting, was supposed to…cosmically.
    He’ll be better off I think…he is free. Remember on “Feeling Good”…it is all about “freedom”. Perhaps we should have noted the prophecy. Maybe some did. Okay, now let’s touch up our black nail polish and get out there.

    • Lynnsy, you’re awesome! 🙂 well said…. I’ve been wearing black sharpie on one of my thumbnails until I can find some black polish, haha… Yes, the Feeling Good song had so much meaning, and Adam knows that. He would have made a wonderful role model as the American Idol, but I think he’ll still be able to do that.

  22. honestly, i cant accept it until now. The only joy i have now is reading the news about adam and watching videos of him here and other websites. Well, Im so far away (Philippines) so thats the most I can do. The only consolation I have is Kris is such a good guy and I read in Neil’s blog that he would rather choose his brother lost to Kris than to Danny. Their families became good friends. Even though, I still believed, as well as the millions worldwide, that Adam is the true idol and the best AI contestant ever to grace the show.

  23. diandrAdam says:

    hey .. i felt exactly the same .. I can’t even cry when i watched the result show .. I’m like in shock for a couple of minutes, i can’t say a single word like at all .. it feels so horrible .. but suddenly I feel so much better when i heard him saying that he’s ok and happy ..

  24. Ahhh, Jeanette, you speak the truth. The lack of sleep has been particularly interesting during this obsession I have over this beautiful man. But I have the interviews, my iPod, and YouTube to console me. He really is happy! He has so much support from fans and famous people too! Did ya’ll notice how Carlos Santana reached out to shake Adam’s hand on the finale? Very nice. If Adam is happy about how it all turned out, well I’m happy too. I just hope he comes to Texas after he’s been cut loose from the Idol obligations.

  25. Gioconda says:

    Yes I did cry too!,,,also it was a matter of principal..I know he will be ok and the Future is his, but that is a Talent Show isn’t it? and he was THE MOST TALENTED ONE,,there fore he should’ve win.
    He was and is my CHAMPION ,,,not only for his performances but for his demanor ,,what a GENTLEMAN he is,,, so humble and gracios .

  26. I’m over the upset of him not winning. Now I just miss watching him weekly and getting excited about what song he’d choose. I don’t know what I’ll do after this NYC press tour is over. How will I get my fix? I must say, it was heartwarming to see the response he got on Regis and Kelly this morning. I watched Kris on that show yesterday. He was well-received, but they went absolutely crazy over Adam today…Kelly included. Adam was also on more segments than Kris was. I’m just happy to see that everyone is so excited about Adam. I guess what we need to consider is that more “votes” doesn’t necessarily equal more fans. Even Kelly said he has generated more excitement than any other Idol contestant, winners included.

  27. Deborah says:

    I don’t think I’m ever going to get over the fact that he lost a DESERVING title that he cleary worked hard for…and that is purely for the fact that I for one ( and like millions who feel the same) just wanted this crowning to arrive BECAUSE of his talent…and also I believ ebecause I really wanted to witness a “King being Crowned”, somehow?? I can’t really explain that, but I know that feels right when I write it / think deeper about it.

    I’m still “GUTTED” though when I hear about all the Kris talk / songs etc. …even though I think Kris is an absolute diamond of a guy.

    Saying all this..most of us here are adults and as adults, we generally have to deal with many injustices of life. In this case, we will move forward, support Adam and buy all his songs.

    I wrote a new chorus for all fans to sing at Adam’s concerts in response to an earlier post under the two finalists singing Queen’s “We Are The Champions”..I guess that’s how I realy feel as most of us here do!

    ..hey just don’t show me any more “winner” video’s…GRRRR. LOL.

  28. irish1139 says:

    I felt bad for about two minutes. I am old enough, however, to know that life will put you back two steps before it will push you ahead five. This is just the way life as we know it behaves. Man plans and God laughs. Adam is a special human being. He is here for a reason. Have you noticed how everyone wants to touch him. He has a way about him that draws you in and you become surrounded by love. I am 66 years old and this has only happened to me once before in my life. You don’t think I feel foolish loving a 27 year-old man? But I know this is a special person that has been put in our lives to bring us laughter, happiness, joy, and love. Isn’t that what you feel for Adam. I am old enough also not to question this good feeling I feel because it is so rare. I am cherishing this love I am carrying around. I have been married 44 years and I think my husband feels the same way. We are alive again and look forward to following Adam all over the country just to bask in his light. Notice Adam the next time he is on television, people can’t keep their hands off him. His light just draw you in. You can’t help yourself-you just want to hug him. Adam has been blessed and I don’t think we should question it. Just enjoy!

    • Jeanette says:

      Irish, none of us should feel foolish for loving Adam the way we do, regardless of our age or anything else. It speaks to how special Adam is as a person as well as a performer that he can touch so many people of so many diverse backgrounds.

  29. sandyjr says:

    I was MAD. This result was so wrong in so many ways. But Adam is still the winner in all this. I hope American Idol realizes this and does something about the voting system. It’s just not fair the way it is. It wasn’t fair to Adam and his supporters but most of all it wasn’ fair to Kris. He’s the one who’s most effected by all this controversy and Adam’s popularity. I sincerely hope that he does well. We all know that Adam will.

  30. Kathleen says:

    I was sick and just walked out of the room so I wouldn’t have to see anymore of the show when I heard the word Kris. The reason I was sick is that I redialed like a crazy person trying to vote for Adam and got 3 hours of busy signals and just 10 votes connected the last hour. Then the next day I found 38 people who had the exact same result trying to vote for Adam. (I live in Indiana). My relatives in Illinois had the exact same thing happen to them trying to vote for Adam….3 HOURS OF BUSY SIGNALS…something just does not feel right about our experience. How can we vote so hard and not be able to get our votes in to be counted?!?
    I mention our states because the supposition was that Adam ‘s fan base was east coast/west coast elite liberals and Kris’ fans would be the fly over conservative states. Well, we can look up and see those planes flying over and we are Adam fans who were not heard/counted. And it is a national news story that Kris’ fans were given phones and instruction by AT&T employee how to power text for Kris in Arkansas and they could get 10 votes with one vote, which is not allowed in AI rules. And we could not get one vote for one try…..
    I know, I know Adam is on his way to super stardom, but it still feels frustrating because in my opinion invalid input = invalid output. Thanks for letting me vent….I adore Adam and look for any chance to see him and I download everything he has on iTunes…that is the way we can keep voting for him to be on top.

  31. that’s exactly how i felt after the show.
    i cried for hours and i barely ever cry for anything. i couldn’t fall asleep and got maybe 4 hours of sleep.
    and i had school the next day, i ended up getting in trouble because i was yelling and screaming on the bus the next day because i was so upset. but when my bus driver found out that it was because Adam didn’t win, she didn’t care that i was yelling because she was mad too. but now i know and i always knew that Adam will do an incredible job at getting record deals. and making his new records. even though Kris Allen did win American Idol, Adam Lambert won the world and he was billions of fans all over this world. and he has inspired us all. and just one more thing…Adam Should have won! At&t fixed the whole thing to make Kris win; giving people free cell phones to vote for Kris, and teaching them how to power text which is AGAINST American idol’s rules! which is totally not fair, so really Adam DID Win!! 😀

  32. that’s exactly how i felt after the show.
    i turned off the T.V and threw the remote on the couch and walked away. i called for three hours with five different phones on Tuesday and ended up staying up til’ midnight doing my book report that was due on Wednesday! i cried for hours and i barely ever cry for anything. i couldn’t fall asleep and got maybe 4 hours of sleep. and i had school the next day, i ended up getting in trouble because i was yelling and screaming on the bus the next day because i was so upset. but when my bus driver found out that it was because Adam didn’t win, she didn’t care that i was yelling because she was mad too. but now i know and i always knew that Adam will do an incredible job at getting record deals. and making his new records. even though Kris Allen did win American Idol, Adam Lambert won the world and he was billions of fans all over this world. and he has inspired us all. and just one more thing…Adam Should have won! At&t fixed the whole thing to make Kris win; giving people free cell phones to vote for Kris, and teaching them how to power text which is AGAINST American idol’s rules! which is totally not fair, so really Adam DID Win!! 😀

  33. sandyjr says:

    HI IRISH__________ I’m 63 years old and know exactly what you’re talking about. I’m having so much fun sharing this with my grown children, the oldest being 44. They are all as excited over Adam as I am. They realize that someone like Adam only comes along once, or if you’re lucky like we are, twice in a lifetime. KEEP HAVING FUN. This is only the beginning.

  34. Leticia says:

    I was very disappointed and upset when the results were announced. To think that all our efforts in organising the voting system and rallying everyone had gone to waste, because the system was rigged and unfair voting was being practiced. I watched the repeat of the results show to savor those wonderful Adam performances but always switch off the TV before the results were announced because it was too upsetting to watch.

    But after seeing Adam in his post finale interviews, he genuinely was not upset about it and was happy for Kris. He is just so positive about everything. Knowing that he was taking it well kind of helped me get over my grief. Adam is such a strong person because he has experienced his fair share of setbacks in his early career. He is a strategist. He knows that winning is not always important because he has achieved what he wanted in his AI stint – that is using it as a platform to get enough exposure and networking for his next step to becoming a fantastic recording artiste. I can see that Kris is such a nice guy and Adam is really happy for him. The brotherly bondage between them is so evident during those post- finale interviews and I wish Kris all the best. As for Adam, I have no worries for him because his star is shining ever so brightly on him! As Paula said, he will become an icon and all of us will continue to support him in whatever he does.

  35. who ever expected a Rock star to light our lives up so much…..it is kind of like Obama, Adam has it all……a little of this, little of that…and one big amazing heart and soul….He might look dark to some but that boy is full of LIGHT!!!!!watch him shine…..I LOVE ADAM

  36. Kathleen says:

    I was sick and just walked out of the room so I wouldn’t have to see anymore of the show when I heard the word Kris. The reason I was sick is that I redialed like a crazy person trying to vote for Adam and got 3 hours of busy signals and just 10 votes connected the last hour. Then the next day I found 38 people who had the exact same result trying to vote for Adam. (I live in Indiana). My relatives in Illinois had the exact same thing happen to them trying to vote for Adam….3 HOURS OF BUSY SIGNALS…something just does not feel right about our experience. How can we vote so hard and not be able to get our votes in to be counted?!?
    I mention our states because the supposition was that Adam ‘s fan base was east coast/west coast elite liberals and Kris’ fans would be the fly over conservative states. Well, we can look up and see those planes flying over and we are Adam fans who were not heard/counted. And it is a national news story that Kris’ fans were given phones and instruction by AT&T employee how to power text for Kris in Arkansas and they could get 10 votes with one vote, which is not allowed in AI rules. And we could not get one vote for one try…..
    I know, I know Adam is on his way to super stardom, but it still feels frustrating because in my opinion invalid input = invalid output. Thanks for letting me vent….I adore Adam and look for any g for him to be on top.chance to see him and I download everything he has on iTunes…that is the way we can keep voting for him to be on top.

    The New York Times is reporting that American Idol’s Kris Allen may have had a little help from AT&T, one of the Fox show’s biggest corporate sponsors, in winning this year.

    According to the Times, AT&T provided phones for free text-messaging services at two Allen parties in Arkansas on the night of the finals. Citing sources, The Times reports that AT&T reps showed party-goers how to “power text” — cast 10 votes at the touch of a button — which violates show rules.

  38. The only person whose voice reminds me of Freddie Mercury; I cannot wait for him to release his album. Adam you like rock, you like Queen, make something with that character!

  39. These are the comments I posted on the MSN page just after Adam Lambert lost the American Idol competition:

    I’m the Mom of a terrific gay son, the same age as Adam Lambert, with a personality as big and beautiful as Adam’s. I can see in Adam that same wonderful, joyous, big soul, ready to get out. Adam is bigger than life, and that together with his enormous musical range, power, and talent, not to mention his dazzling good looks, makes him untouchable as a star presence. No one who has been on the American Idol stage, except the professionals, can touch him. My roots in music go all the way back to the corner drugstore groups, Elvis, all the great singers of the 50’s and 60’s, the girl groups, folk music, the Beatles, the Stones, the Who, Steppenwolf, Queen, David Bowie, Heart, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Journey, and all the other great rockers who came after up to this very day, and the only person I have seen who can match any of them in looks, enormity of personality, and tremendous musical talent, is Adam Lambert. He has the power to become another icon of American musical life, and I hope he goes all the way to the top within weeks of leaving the American Idol stage. The choice of Kris Allen was simply unbelievable. He is a nice young man, and a very good musician, but his voice is pleasantly mediocre, and he cannot possibly compete with the sheer charisma of Adam Lambert. I am actually shocked at the outcome. It is like leaving a great racehorse in the starting gate, and denying him his field to race. It is a shame, and almost a disgrace. I only hope the outcome of the American Idol vote does not reflect the political and ideological divide in this country, but I am heartily afraid that it does. Hopefully, Adam will go on from this terribly disappointing night to become the biggest thing to hit America since the beginning of rock and roll. Here’s to Adam Lambert, his family friends and fans from another tremendously proud fellow Californian! Go straight to the top and stay there, Adam!!!

    And now after having seen Adam so gracefully pick up and handle a loss so disappointing it would kill anyone else, I look forward to the coming days when he will stride across the international landscape with his shining smile, slaying dragons and gathering strength as he goes, thoroughly enjoying himself as he conquers the world with his phenomenal gifts. To the top and beyond, Adam!

    • adamlover94010 says:

      Bravo, beautifully said!

      • Thank you, dear adamlover94010! Say, how do you get a fan name like yours with a number attached? Is that something you can do on this website, or did you just individually style yourself that way? I want one too!

  40. Somewhere I read: “An avant-garde type like Lambert needed to lose, so he could have the creative freedom he needs”, and it’s sooooooooooo true!!! after all…i think everything happens for a reason, and I’m sure the reason would be great things for someone as talented, honest, human and great person as Adam is.

    So, feel more than good for him and enjoy what’s coming next, cause it’s gonna be great!

    GO ADAM!!!

  41. adamlover94010 says:

    I agree with you 100% – had the same feelings until I saw Adam and how gracious he was/is. He truly is an amazing person! I will name names about a sore loser and that would be Danny. I have lost my respect for him. Is he truly a Christian? Enough of that – I’d rather bask in all that is Adam.

    I truly want to thank you for this site! You provide current Adam info. The other “official” site didn’t even post Adam’s appearances other than Larry King Live. I will continue to check here daily (several times) for Adam updates.

    Again, THANK YOU!

  42. mamarufus says:

    Just because you asked…….I had a bad feeling when I saw Ryan Seacrest’s face/body language during his “E” dressing rm interview pre-show Results’ night. That is when I knew Kris won over Adam. I, as you, began getting phsyically ill. My husband could barely watch the results & when they didn’t call Adam’s name, I believe he needed to throw up. This just shows how emotionally involved Adam fans have become. We can’t help it. I am 50+, my daugther 23; our family can not stop watching his performances; it’s as tho we have fallen under the spell of an angel who happens to have black hair & blue eyes like they were ripped right out of Elvis Presley’s head. The thing that gets directly to people’s souls are his on-stage insane performances which display so much talent and charisma, not to mention his unbelievable looks, only to be pressed to a “direct halt,” upon his last seducing and shocking vocal note. He then returns his little boyish smile and humility that can not even be described without bringing tears. How did he come up with this combo? I truly believe he is the next Elvis and by that I mean a superstar known worldwide, loved by all age groups, genders & capacities. Adam Lambert is It. PS: Those angel wings he wore for the Kiss performance should have been white because he is truly a gift from up above.

    • U know what was even worse for me?? That finale night I promised myself: no internet so that I couldnt find out who the winner was until I watched the show. Unfortunately I logged in to my MSN and arggghhhh a friend of mine had as a personal message: ” AI Finale….SICK!!…Adam ur my #1″ AFTER THAT I COULDNT SLEEP ALL NIGHT WONDERING IF THAT WAS TRUE……it ruined my finale and even worse confirming it by watching the show 🙁 So sad I was so enjoying the finale until the coronation part.

  43. DEAR ADAM:

    After every performance you left me Feeling Good and having Satisfaction with my life. In every song you gave me a Whole lotta love and I embraced it excitedly. After last night’s coronation I felt like Crying and truely believed I was living in a Mad World. I wiped the Track of my tears and realized, Adam you are THE One, you where Born to be wild and If I cant have you I dont want nobody baby!!!

    Yours truely,

    One of your true admirers —Im still feeling blue guys 🙁

  44. Suse1701 says:

    Irish, and everyone else in this grief counseling forum, so beautifully put. I did want to touch upon the magnificence that is Adam. It is such a phenomenon that we’re witnessing. Not just Adam himself, I think most of us have seen that from the beginning, but now that the rest of the world is experiencing him it’s BIZARRE.

    Someone had mentioned a few days ago on mjsblog that none of the newscasters could keep their hands off of him and it’s true! It is almost like they’re petting him. I’m in the media and have witnessed countless such interviews and I’ve never seen anything like it. He is completely at ease with it and responds in kind.

    Regis today (who I know barely watched AI all season) was the same way; he touched his leg repeatedly and Kelly was freakin’ giddy. These are people who see EVERYONE and aren’t that visibly excited. Adam has struck a cord in this world and it’s magical and exciting to witness. Talk about the pressure of the world upon him, but he seems absolutely at ease, like he’s been doing this for three lifetimes. He comes across as completely genuine, articulate and sincere and absolutely magnetic.

    He is the personification of charisma.

  45. CatEyes says:

    I’ve never been one to dwell on a setback. I was terribly disappointed on that Wednesday night. It felt like a rock had landed in my stomach. But in about two minutes after Kris had been declared the winner, all that anxiety and heartache just melted away. Yes, Adam was actually smiling in that very same moment. I just went with the optimism I saw in him, and knew it would be O.K.

  46. wholelotta lambert says:

    Jeanette, thank you for once again telling us how we all feel.
    Lorrin,I believe that Adam lost for a reason, and that reason wasn’t power texting, but to show the people in the world who are not yet on board the Adam wagon, what graciousness is all about….I hope this doesn’t offend any of you but I am a reincarnationist and the group I associate with believes that Adam was once the Egyptian Pharoah Akenaton, the deformed king who tried to teach people about one God and peace and love….(well, that might explain the eyeliner, LOL)
    Seriously though, wherever Adam came from he is certainly a gift to humanity and a musical messiah.
    Thanks Dreamsound for this site, I don’t know what I would do without it.

    • adamlight says:

      I actually could believe that he was once Akenaton. Adam has a tatoo of Eye of Ra on his right wrist. I was in Egypt earlier this year visiting Akenaton’s temple. So Adam’s association with Akenaton is very interesting and symbolic for me. Thank you for the information. Certainly, Adam is a gift for humanity.

  47. i cried when he lost and couldn’t fall asleep because adams voice was stuck in my head and i kept waking up to dreams of adam winning
    i was hoping ryan was going to say “just kidding! adam won!” but that never happened
    i was hoping i was dreaming. but i wasnt.
    ive learned to deal with it because in past years my favorites name has not been called at the finale
    for example:
    -katharine mcphee
    -blake lewis
    -david archuleta
    and now..
    -adam lambert
    but think about it
    sometimes its better to not win
    chris daughtry didnt win and he’s huge
    and look at jennifer hudson! she didnt even come close and she’s HUGE!

    adam would be proud of us though =) we’re a strong fan base!

  48. I am glad to hear that everyone is recuperating. this gives me hope. It is 1 week later and I am still devastated by Adam’s AI title loss. When I hear Kris Allen sing or see his picture I have a physical reaction–heartache, stomach ache, even depression. When does this go away? even though Adam seems fine, I am not. I cannot get past the title being stolen from Adam and that Kris has a hit song on the radio. I am trying hard, but having trouble coping with this. I need therapy in a hurry! Maybe it just takes come people longer than others to heal.

  49. Lindylou05 says:

    I don’t know if anyone else caught this, but immediately after Ryan announced that Kris was the winner and Adam backed away to join the other idols, our Allison moved around the idols group and came and hugged Adam. Adam let his unhappiness show for just an instant, then put the smile back on his face and, with his arm around Allison, cheered Kris.

  50. ilyadam123 says:

    well i was very upset when adam lost…in protest of it i went the following thursday without talking…i kno ppl who wore all black etc…but ya thats what i did i was soo mad after4 voting over 2000 times! its crazy..but look at it this way…at least he isnt “binded” to the american idol recored label forever and have to sing what they want him to….if he wants to go with queen he’ll go with queen…if he wants to be the next spiderman in the musical on broadway he can…if he wants to sing with aerosmith or whoever he’s only a record deal away..and seriously who wouldnt sign adam….anyways i didnt talk the whole day i was upset and i had my day of “mourning” but i think im tryna be optimistic the only bad thing about it is the show is over and i have no more itunes downloads to help me fall asleep at night from adam….anyways

  51. well as I said I initially was devastated and had a sleepless night too. But Adam’s interview helped me get over myself and I realized he will have sooo many more opportunities NOT being bound by AI. Go Adam Go!

  52. I was so upset. But Adam just makes everyone feel good. Dude if you could bottle whatever the heck magic you have, you would be a gazillionare. And I don’t think you would really care so much. As long as you can go on a really cool shopping spree. I want to come with you!

  53. I will never be resigned to the loss. Because it is a lie. Sometimes after watching Adam smiling, as on Regis and Kelly, I am for a while able to believe it’s all completely OK. It will have no effect on Adam’s career (and I do believe that). But some things are unforgivable – and this is one of them. (And, if the AT&T intervention is as bad as Lisa de Moraes in the Washington Post wrote today – the 28th – I hope both AI and the AT&T money cow come crashing down.)

  54. I absolutely think that adam is by far the most talented artist American Idol has ever had! In fact I think his voice far surpasses most of the singers on the radio. He is truly awesome, no doubt about it BUT I think you people who cried for hours and couldn’t function at work are just ridiculous! People please, there are children starving, murders and rapes and other haineous crimes being committed every second of every day….my point….the world is crammed full of constant injustices! save your tears to grieve the death of a loved one or some other aweful personal loss, but don’t waste them on Adam! He doesn’t need them! This guy is gonna be a huge star! No, I mean this guy IS already a huge star! The man is going to be rich and famous beyond his wildest dreams! Who cares that he didn’t win Idol? It’s better he didn’t since if he had he would be forced to sing the dumb songs they would make him like “No Boundries” for example. Take David Cook- when a contestant on Idol I looked forward to his performances and really enjoyed his unique arrangements of the songs and loved his performances, but his singles suck! Some of the lyrics are good and I still love his voice, but man those songs are so repetitive and get boring quick! Not like the one’s he did on Idol when he was competing! If he hadn’t won Idol I bet he would be singing better songs. Another example is Chris Daughtrey. If he had one who knows what would have happened, but he didn’t and he’s huge. Of course neither Chris nor David can come close to Adam! I agree that Adam has more talent in his little finger than Kris has in his whole body (and Kris does have talent) but this is not the end of the world for Adam, in fact like I have been trying to say he is better off not winning, so why people why are you losing sleep and shedding tears?

  55. Tina's A Fan of Adam, not AI says:

    I became an instant Glambert when I seen him sing the classic, Whole Lotta Love. He looked just as yummy in those skin tight pants as Robert Plant did all those years ago. I hate those pictures that are circulating around on the internet of Adam and the other guys. I mean, “why were these posted anyway?” People who were just trying to sabotage Adam’s chances, what with all the homophobia out there. Who cares about his sexuality. Elton John is a mega superstar as well as Freddie Mercury, and probably many other performers. And yey, though Adam did not win the AI title for season 8, he will probably go way further with his career than Kris ever will. Look at what Daughtry did with his talent and his career. Go Adam!!!

  56. Dear Holly – Obviously you’re not affected in the same way. That’s fine. However, we don’t need your pompous, above-it-all advice. Allow time to assuage the disappointment of the many who don’t share your detached attitude. If we need advice, we’ll check out Ann Landers.

  57. Adam is the best. Such a joy to watch him. I just can’t get enough. I think we’re all under the Adam spell. In my book he is the winner. Deep down everyone knows it but their not gonna say anything, out of respect for Kris.

  58. Tuesgone62 says:

    On Wednesday all day before the finale, I was 90% sure that Adam was going to win. Why so certain, especially for a person who has been called a pessimist many times? Two words. Zaba Search. I was told of a certain link, by a friend, where the results of the voting had ALREADY BEEN REPORTED. I went to the site around 3 or 4p.m. and there it was:” Adam Lambert wins American Idol”. They had the percentages @ 54% Adam and 46% Chris. Just seeing this on just ANY site, would have meant nothing to me. But I had used this as a way to e-mail the producers of AI previously. They also had a list of people, ranging from the contestants, to Ryan, and even the judges, that you could e-mail if you had a comment. So…when I heard Chris’ name announced as
    this years winner, to say I was in shock, is an understatement!! The crying would start only after the fact that, yes, Chris had won, began to sink in. I don’t know if Dreamsound will allow this comment, as I mention another site, but I just wonder how many others were “taken in” like I was. D-

  59. orod4adam says:

    Honestly, at first, I was devastated. I felt like life was sucked out of me and had to take a day off. Friends who had voted for Kris or Danny were still not talking to each other. It was the most polarizing moment but then I saw Adam handle himself with a whole lotta class! Also, his Kradam friendship enlightened me to better thoughts. He is definiitely awesome!

  60. I felt so down when I heard that ADAM did not wiin the title and I was at school that time. I tried to watch the results’ show and I just had this huge smile when I heard ADAM’s voice. We already know the fact that ADAMLAMBERTdid not win but they were already both winners. People would look at your career after the show and I know that ADAM will never stop touching other people’s lives. He’s ADAM. He’s our IDOL.

  61. Adam will always be the american idol in my eyes. He is such a master at music! He is another Elivs in the making. I love to watch him and listen to his music on my ipod which is not something I can easily do. I am 46 years old and i have not seen such an icon in decades. He is truly a STAR!

  62. It is soooooo difficult to see Kris being hailed the ‘winner,’ the ‘best’. The entire world knows who the real winner is…Kris is a nice singer, but I defy anyone to tell me Kris is even close to Adam. Adam Lambert is in a league of his own, it’s always been Adam always will.

  63. AdamAddict says:

    I think I already told about my feelings before when Kris was the one got the title.A minute after the finale finish. I used the F word a lot.I can’t sleep,I was so frustrated and really sad and mad. It keep going and I really in bad mood. But after I read Adam’s interview and thanks to this websites and also youtube where I can see with my 2 own eyes how he took it.

    He seems more than okay,see how positive he is,see how excited he is about what’s coming,see how he treat his rival/friend Kris and how Kris treat our Adam,then my heart become ease,calm,relax and somehow I can take that he didn’t not win. I suddenly believe he still going to be a huge star so why am I worried for him because he’s not.

    To my eyes and a lot of people,I’m sure of that, he already won…our heart!:) We right besides him,he’s not alone for sure! There’s a been a week,and I still can read his news everyday and see how happy he is now.So,I ‘m happy too.If,the other guy who win this and not the nice and sweet Kris…than it’s a different story! LOL!! Always Be Happy,Adam! Your smile and laugh make us happy too!

  64. Hey beautiful people

    We are living in interesting times arent we? Here I am in Australia commiserating with all of you in the US, and feeling this is a worldwide phenom.

    I too am upset about this result. It seems so awfully WRONG. My spiritual practices teach me to accept Reality just as it is – forget the “shoulds” and go with what is – including all the emotions that come up at “what is”. a lot of pain comes up for so many, and that pain is in one sense a sign of all of our beauty – we feel what is right in our bones and we want honour given to those to whom honour is due. Good on us.

    I also feel “what is” teaches us. So what does this ridiculous conclusion teach us? As someone already said here: we are not quite ready for that deeper creativity. Buuuut i think we are on the cusp! I feel it – remember he got to runner up!!!! thats amazing.

    And someone somewhere beautiful described him as a dark angel sitting on the edge of the apocalyptic times. Yeah, it feels like this world is going through great challenges and we now desperately need the Mandelas, and Obamas and Adams and other dear magical souls right in our own backyards

    I confess I was very intrigued by the reincarnation point! I see in him an old soul. I dont know what he has been before. But yes…he seems to have deep, compassionate eyes that hold grief and tenderness at our lack of love in this world. (And I do enjoy the symbolism of things lke the tatoo of the eye of Ra! lovely)

    But I dont want to say its only Adam who has this – I see it in family and friends around me too. Only he has put those eyes on a national stage so all of us can gaze into them and feel Real.

    and for the one of us who wrote about the griefs of this world and how we could be so upset about this result. Thank you for raising this. I see the partial truth in what you say. Yes, even in our 24/7 world we are kind of not connected Yet to the injustice and pain going on every day where unsung heros who have a soul like Adam’s are dying!

    But what I do also want to say is that Adam symbolises something huge which will have a bearing on our future empathy to that about which we are currently numb. The Idol decision symbolises where the nation is and how we are still being dragged down by mediocrity and conformism and those states of mind influence how we respond to the great sorrows of the world! Someone once said why have a shakespeare festival while so many are dying? it is because Shakespeare opens our hearts.

    Its true that we can get escapist and carried away but thats all part of the extremes until we find our way to the true centre.

    Love to all,

  65. When Adam Lambert did not win American Idol, saying that I was shocked is an understatement. This guy is BY FAR the most talented to have ever graced the Idol stage. Many might say “stop saying that already”, but I just cant because it is simply the truth. Don’t get me wrong, Kris is a wonderful guy with a great heart and he is adorable. But he does not have star quality like Adam does. Adam knows what he is doing. He had been working on this type of career since he graduated from high school. He decided, as a teenager, to move to Hollywood and go after his dream. Kris simply auditionned for the show because he was on a road trip with his brother, and both of them simply decided to do something silly. Why do I, and so may others, feel so strongly about this? The answer is simple: because Adam was the most deserving and the most talented PERIOD. It took me forever to get over the fact that he was not crowned that night, and frankly, I don’t think I’ll ever fully recover from it. It was unfair, and I will always remember that America got it very wrong that night. However, seeing Adam’s positive attitude has helped me feel a lot better, and he, as an individual, has really inspired me to be confident and to look forward instead of dwelling over the past. Adam Lambert will be doing great things in the future, that I can be sure of, and I am proud to say that I will be there to enjoy the ride.

  66. Eldrinod says:

    Having read through the other comments I wanted to have my say. Like most I suspect, I was stunned when Adam didn’t win and he was clearly cheated out of it, most probably by the gay bashers that have nothing better to do than point out selected out of context text from our woefully outdated and therefore irrelevant (to present day) bible. Adam’s gifts are god given – think about that you bible belt losers! Adam was so humble about not winning too, such a decent lovely guy and to cheat him out of the title simply because he is gay is frankly, pathetic and downright disturbing. I’d rather have gay neighbours than bible bashers any day.

    I Probably I don’t fit the demographic range for an Adam Lambert fan (I’m 52) and I live in the UK but when I first heard Adam singing, like all of you I was totally blown away. Immediately I thought that Adam is the new Elvis which since then I have heard many other people say. Not only is Adam an incredible heart rendering singer but he has that distinctive look that few others have had, I mean the look that is universally attractive, like David Cassidy in his heyday and to a degree like George Clooney. Adam is the full package (no saucy pun intended) and will still be making records when Kris Allen has faded (and I’m not slating Kris, it’s just that Adam is one in a million born with a magic spark. I have already bought and downloaded No Boundaries and I am now desperate to buy his album. Adam if you are reading this please get a move on, it shouldn’t take a seasoned pro like you to put together a masterpiece! One last thing – you should be in movies, the camera loves you as much as we all do.


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