Adam Lambert IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU High Definition Video, MP3 and Pictures during Disco Theme Week

Below is the high quality video and article, MP3 is on the music player on your right hand side (#19). Pictures of his performance below the article. Watch closely at Paula’s reaction at 2:04 on this video. That’s exactly how millions of fans felt at that exact same moment.



I had to watch this again before writing, just to make sure I wasn’t imagining how good this was.  OK, I watched it two more times, and listened twice without watching just to make sure the visuals weren’t distracting me.  It’s official.  When Adam performs, my eyes are riveted to the screen and my mouth is agape.

The suit, the slicked back hair….as expected, he changed his look up again and made a breathtaking impact once more.  Adam is the smartest contestant I’ve ever seen on Idol. He is full of originality, innovativeness, and ingenuity. It is no surprise that Adam was the only contestant who got to talk before he sang. He told Ryan that since he already did a disco song, this time he wanted to connect emotionally.  He most assuredly achieved this goal tonight!

This performance will get positive feedback from the masses.  Those who are not diehard Adam fans seem to only like him when he slows down his performances and dresses like he dressed tonight.  The rest of us know better.  It’s a shame that people are still overwhelmed by the rocker/emo/scene side of Adam, which is just as incredible.  The guy can do it all, and do it all well.  No wonder so many of us are in awe of his capabilities!
Adam started out being a theatrical performer.  He was used to the audience being far away, and belting out a song with no connection to them.  How far he has come over the course of this reality show!!!  Currently, there is no question that Adam can now make us feel the passion and fervor of any song he sings. Tonight, he took a popular song, sung it a totally new way, and made us part of the story.  You could actually feel his sorrow and anguish over an unrequited love.  When he sang, ‘my tears of love are a waste of time’; you could literally feel his distress and torment. Of course along the way, he added his signature Adam runs, but nothing was over the top or incongruent to the song.  Everything he did with this song vocally was perfect.  Adam, if we can’t have you, we don’t want NOBODY, baby! 

by Lindak (

Contributing Editor


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  1. For some reason I have an idea that Adam will be doing the Funky musik lol… I think he will be GREATttttt… I can hardly wait to listen to his version.
    I was hoping he will do Saturday Night in white suit and dancing like Travolta or even Better.
    Go Adammmmmmmmm……You are one heck of an Artist and you keep attracting many viewers all over the country. Adam you are talk of the Town lately… hehe… all Good, keep us groovin baby! 🙂

    • robert m. davis says:

      :He is the ADAM BOMB that Music has been lacking since Elvis, Zepplin, Aerosmith … he is a genre….a major pullout in the timeline of entertainment….he is the American Idol’s ultimate goal: a rare (no, the rarest) of finds from a show prospecting for gold….they’ve found ultimate platimun and that’s only with the songs he’s sang so far….if he never puts out an albumn, his performances on American Idol will be one of the biggest selling audio and video series ever…

      It has been an absolute spellbinding journey to watch him grow by leaps and bounds each week…ENDEARING AND ENDURING IS HIS HUMBLE ATTITUDE, THANKING THE BAND OR ARRANGER…KEEP THAT ALWAYS ADAM…KEEP THAT ALWAYS ADAM

      I cannot remember an artist able to look into a song and give new meaning to the words…the obscure words, the throwaway words of unanimous classics and make those parts of the song brand new, and memorable. Or bringing an entire, virtually unheard of song to a glad, glad, glad world.

      Simon has to back track on his “rubbish” comment about Ring of Fire. Even Johnny Cash would say it was money. Sometimes the best creative takes us aback but then comes back — to stay.

      How in this mad, mad world did this white boy not just emerge from the black and white masses to bring us full color satisfaction so much earlier? Thank you American Ido that we now get to track the rise of the 21-st century superstar, only leaving a few tears that we didn’t get to have just you Adam for a few more years.

      Please respect the King for Elvis week….but I’m sure he’ll be watching and listening just like Johnny….and I’m sure he’ll give you a sincere “Thankyou, thankyouverym much,” just like the rest of America. I’m thinking “Heartbreak Hotel” is your destination for the nation. Or could you take the Ghetto to the penthouse.

      And I’m sure there are some people who still haven’t discovered or realized your importance to entertainment….but the Adam Bomb will continue its captivating mushroom and bring them into line….just sing Rhaposody without any music.

      Adam I have one request:: bring on “Stairway to Heaven.” And let it roCK aLL THe WAAAAAAAAY.

      Adam I HAVE ONE LAST RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU TO WIN OVER THE ENTIRE NATION: gIVE US ONE SONG HONORING GOD ….it would be a fitting way to thank the creator….and it would also provide you with a complete sweep of America’s heart and the heartland. Maybe that’s your Elvis chance.

      ADAM…I’d like to write your story….please respond at You’ve been taking songs pretty serious lately….don’t forget to take a good look and make sure your smile is still in place. You need to have some Satisfaction from the rising of your star.

      Thank You for sashaying onto stage and singing a song from your mother’s favorite band. You staggered and Jaggered us from that moment.

      • Your creative analysis of Adam Lambert and comparisons of songs and other artists was as entertaining to me as Adam has been musically. You are a very talented writer and I hope Adam takes you up on your offer.

        Warren Guidry
        New Orleans

        • robert m. davis says:


          Thanki you again! If anyone else feels the same way, please respond….Maybe Adam will take a look and give an unknown artist a chance!

          Robbie D.

      • honowoowoo says:

        I 2nd that!

      • Hi Robert Davis,
        This is my first time at this site, and you probably thought of this already, but perhaps posting your request to write Adam’s story at the American Idol forum might get his attention. I am sure his family and friends, and even Adam (if he has time) stops at the forum to find out what the people are saying. Start a new thread and ask the Adam fans to keep bumping it up and hopefully he will see it.
        You really are a very good writer. I enjoyed reading your article. And I would certainly purchase a book written by you about Adam.
        And your suggestion of honoring God with one of Elvis’ songs, is a fantastic idea. It would certainly cover all the bases in one fell swoop!
        Having Adam in the bottom two last night rattled my nerves. He deserves to be on top by leaps and bounds.
        I suppose Lil’s fans are now voting for Allison, and she greatly deserves the recognition, but I suspect Anoop’s fans and Matt’s fans are going to lean toward Kris or Danny. I hope Adam can pull the votes his way with his next performance. Good Luck Adam. We all Love you and appreciate you!

        • robert m. davis says:

          Thanks Laura….the compliments mean a lot… that excerpt was written on the run…a little crafting would go a long way…

          I have always watched AI and been right on with my views….I have never voted…UNTIL NEXT TUESDAY….I don’t think Adam will be in the bottom two, until the finale.

          Thanks again…and help me out anyway you can!!


          • robert m. davis says:

            Hey Laura,

            I don’t have a lot of time and not as tech-savvy as I need to be to get my post (s) in the right place….let me know if you have any suggestions….thanks!

      • Robert,
        You are a literary genius in my book. I just read this today May 18th and was inspired not only because you put in words what I can’t express. Adam brings out in me such feelings that I can’t appropriately express them. He is a gift from the almighty and hopefully everyone will believe that someday. I agree and have posted many times on another site that a spiritual song like Alleluia or Amazing Grace a capella or very few instruments would bring down the house or should I say captivate the audience as he has so many times before. He has brought me to tears during the softer songs and got me so excited over the R&R songs that I shook one moment, hot flashes the next and actually cried from feeling overwhelmed. No one except Elvis has ever done that to me and I thought I had forgotten how it felt until Adam.

  2. i think this song really hits my heart.. when i was watching it, i was nearly cried because of the song.. i really enjoyed it. Adam Lambert is a totally ready to hit the charts. Well this morning is really great, he instantly erases all the negative energy inside me.. keep INSPIRING people ADAM..

    • who would have thought that a disco song will have such sad lyrics?

      • I have no idea how old you are, but disco is probably the most depressing music every written. It’s all pretty awful. Why do you think they had to cover it up with all the bad “noise”? If you’ve every really “watched” Saturday Night Fever and didn’t catch the emotional drift of it, then you can’t figure out the irony of it all.

        The redeeming quality of most of the music written by the Bee Gees is that it is SO rich in lyrics, music, and spirit that someone like Adam can lift it into our hearts.

        Disco died for a good reason, trust me. t.

        • thanks for the insight. i’m not really a disco fan lol

          • Neither was I. Unfortunately, it all happened when I was in high school. As a rock and roll fan, it was such an awful invasion. But, you have to remember the times….this was after the Viet Nam war. Blacks were trying to gain a foothold in music after Motown sort of died as a consequence of burn out, lack of interest. The 70’s were pretty awful and unfortunately we are starting to feel some of that bad burn again because of the life cycle.

            What I like about this year’s Idol’s is that they can all sing. They don’t all have the talent of Adam Lambert, but they can really hold their own, and the whole judging panel knows it. What a miracle has happened to this program, which I found annually abysmal!

            bodythief: do yourself a favor and investigate the music that Adam did a few weeks ago: funk. This was an Ohio-based phenomena… and the music is so much fun. Ohio Players, Wild Cherry, Dazz Band. Give it a whirl. It never fell into the “disco” class.

            I still love this stuff, thirty years later! Cheers to all Adam fans, Trish

  3. WOW! Im totally speechless..tis performance was really powerful! superbly controlled voice…he makes me itching for more =)

    even though I cant vote, I hope he WILL win AI! GO ADAM!

  4. Daaaaamn that was awesome. Ok somebody check him out he’s gotta be an android or something pumping it out like that but, what are you reading this for….go vooooooooote non-stop, I would but can’t. go go go

    • I would be more than happy to volunteer for the job of ‘checking him out’ to see if he is really human or an android. I’m pretty sure he is human. However, unfortunate as it is, he wouldn’t go for me since I am female. maybe he would at least kiss me…heck, okay, –I’ll just be his friend. He is the most beautiful person in the world, and has made musical life interesting again! I grew up in the funk/disco/hard rock era, and have been bored with music for 20 years. He is all I can think of, and I love him! I love him, I love him, and I am so proud of him!

  5. I can’t wait for the studio version! Excellent job Adam, for thanking the person who helped with the arrangement.

  6. Milwadamfan says:

    Another stunning, unique performance! Emotional, sad and tender – who would have thought that for disco week? Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!

  7. What’s the call in number???

  8. LambertLover says:

    My favorite part was seeing Paula’s love for him. That’s exactly how I feel. I LOVE YOU, ADAM!!!!!!!!

  9. Loved how his parents were beaming. Loved how moved Paula was — thought they would definitely have to carry her out in a stretcher after that performance. How does Adam continue to raise the bar each week? Incredible! I already voted a bunch but gotta go and vote some more…


  10. Adam once again took us to a higher ground. He’s the best there is ..he blows me away every week….unbelievable..Can’t wait for the finale..He will will win!!!!!

  11. Adam4Life says:

    All I can say is that this performance was completely and utterly amazing. =D

  12. Crazy!Crazy! I love Adam!! Fantastic…
    Kelly – Brazil

  13. First….WOW…but I expected that from Adam. Second…does he have the coolest Mom and Dad, or what??? They have every reason to show the pride they do…but still…it’s awfully nice to see such terrific parents.

  14. he brought it again didn’t he. I love this guy!

  15. i give up ,i can t take it anymore he’s just too good to be real this man is not from earth he is just unique orignal awesome brilliant smart hot superb sexy talented genuis special ,,, the list is way longer
    he suprised me , i didn t expect a disco song that touching and slow and emotional
    about the loog i think this was his best look up to now ( oh that’s what i say everyweek)
    he is a legend
    i am not from USA and i woke up at 1 oclock the morning to wache it i jumped and screamed loud
    i wish i could vote from here so i count on you guys to do it ok ??
    he really made me cry and made my night
    and here is again another song to be stuck in my head

    • hi sara
      i feel the same im from israel and woke up at 5 in the morning to find out is ADAM website what he was singing i coudnt wait.what we think here in isarel that ADAM is too much for this show he is too talented and big for this show ‘american idol want be the same anymore he is in deferent leag///i wish him all the best and what a shame that we cant vote
      we love you and your familiy ADAM

  16. I am definitely beyond where I should be eyeing a performer with lascivious intent….but Adam brings out the concert chick in me! Can you say yummy? Let me count the ways…. WHAT a performance! The camera should have stayed locked on his face the entire time – ’cause THAT’s where everything was. Did you see the tears in his eyes? The man literally had to start himself out of his own reverie.

    Linda, honey? Should you ever be in a position to meet dear Adam – tell him he’s got one gal remembering her ‘when’s’ – and wishing upon a multitude of stars…….

    • You got it! 🙂

      • ADAM LAMBERT is an Brilliant………….pure Perfection…In all my life I have never been seen a great performance artist as Adam Lambert…He is really Amazing!!Unique,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,nobody else can compete with him………all the best Brilliant ADAM LAMBERT………GOOD LUCK&GOD BLESS.


  17. lorvince says:

    Holy Moly!!! All I can say. He’s awesome singer and performer. We know how he likes to do it every week changing from fast songs to slow songs but it’s his ballads that are incredible. Man oh man, just unbelieveable.

  18. Agree with Lindak. Adam, if we can’t have you, we don’t want NOBODY!!

  19. AMAZING! Made me cry. It was just awesome. He is fantastic….. I am in awe.

  20. Adam…. You never disappointed….
    You’re so amazing, lovely, genius… is there a simple word to be able to express Adam himself – his greatness???
    I just can’t stop listening his songs… How come every songs he sang coule be perfect just like Simon said tonight “IMMACULATE”…..
    Can’t wait until next Tuesday…………. Why 1 week is 7-days….. 3~4 days a week are enough now because of Adam….. ^^ I LOVE YOU, ADAM!!!!

  21. Leah Marie says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH Fernando for producing this awesome website!!!! I used to have to search YouTube for these videos and watch recordings of people holding up their cameras to the TV sets. (Some postings are ok, but most are really bad!) The video/audio quality of your posts are by far the best!!!! Your photos of Adam are really great too!!! You also have insider info on Adam, posts from his brother for example, that I have never seen before! I never watched American Idol until this season and it is all because of Adam!

    Keep us posted on how you are doing too! Please post some stuff on you and your band.
    Good luck and THANKS AGAIN for the great work!!!!!

  22. Adam is by far the most amazing singer that American Idol has EVER had on and that’s including the professionals too. He is a musical genius and his performances are spellbinding. I totally felt his pain and emotion. That song clearly had personal meaning to him and it broke my heart. I get chills listening to him and still get them as I watch his videos over and over and over again. I can NEVER get enough of him….I’m addicted to Adam and it’s a habit I’ll never give up.

    • hi theresa
      i totaly agree with you’im from israel and woke up at 5 in the morning today to watch the adam website to find out what the song he was singing i coudnt wait…almost late to work,we dont have here live only on frieday,he was amaizing and so beutifull,i cane back from work now and waching the song again and again,complete addicted to ADAM
      SEE YOU

      • robert m. davis says:

        WOW….Seems like the whole world is watching….and listening. Maybe Adam is the next “Earth Ido.” If Elvis was The King…..Adam is “The Pharoh.” And he’s building some kind of musical pyramid that will last forever. I hate to go overboard on Adam (please stay humble)….but he is a new pullout in the music timeline.

  23. Ok the predictable part was that he would slow it down. He always seems to buck the trend. The unpredicatable was the song choice. I browsed this site this week looking at the different songs being suggested and some were right up there on my list of what he would have done. This song was so not even close to that list.
    Showing my age – and lack of taste in my early youth – I am going to admit that I once owned this soundtrack. I knew the song. But it took me a while to reconcile the two versions. Adam’s was so original and so much better.
    The performance was beautiful, emotional and signature Lambert.

    • Agreed… even Simon said he would have bet Adam was going to go Donna Summer on us this week. That is one of the greatest things about Adam… he keeps us guessing!!!

  24. Im4adam09 says:

    Black or White and Ring of Fire – Hit out of the park

    Tracks of My Tears and Mad World – Went Satelite

    If I Can’t Have You – SUPERNOVA!!!!!

  25. He was awesome, so beautiful. I do tend to like his uptempo crazy cool songs better though, but he really does ballads great too. I was up a two last night just to see AI live from where I live. But it’s so worth it. 😀

    • I totally agree… I like his up tempo songs better, but these are nice too. Can hardly wait for next week! Hopefully he’ll rock it out!

  26. I can’t stop listening to this song and everytime I listen I hear more and more beautiful things in Adams voice. His all truly genius. And the man himself is breathtaking! Like others have said, you can hear and feel the pain and sincerity in his words and it touches my heart every time.

    I too want to thank the person who works so damn hard on this site to make it the best Adam Lambert site out there. Excellent work and it’s greatly appreciated. 🙂

  27. AdamAddict says:

    Where’s my heart? Did anybody see my heart? Oh,there it is, it’s melting!

  28. idieh5412 says:

    First of all, your editorial LindaK was very well articulated. I agree with everything you said about Adam’s AI performance last night. I was totally captivated.

    IF I CAN’t HAVE YOU, written by Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees in 1976; and recorded by singer Yvonne Elliman in 1977. This song happened to be one of my favorite disco songs.
    ADAM’S rendition of this song evoked so much emotion in all of us. It was simply a heartfelt performance like always!

    I am now anticipating his performance next week. I’m sure he’ll keep us all immersed in his rendition of another song; as well as keep us on the edge of our seats with his gift in being able to invoke deep emotions thru songs. Such ‘superstar qualities.’

    • Thank you, idieh5412!!! I am having a great time this season writing about Adam! We are watching a superstar in the making!

  29. pinkyakabb says:

    First off I didn’t like it……the suit that is….he looks too stiff……something was missing ….like a b-day prez with out the bow.

    Did love the song thou….great choice…excellent arrangement

  30. Gabriela says:

    Adam is the best! thank you very much adam, you did it again, You were the best and overcome the other AGAIN!!!!!! this contest is yours. I love you adam

  31. mrslambert530 says:

    omg is all i have to say he blows me away every week

  32. Actually Kris was also interviewed by Ryan before the song. I love Adam but this performance was not ‘that’ for me. Perhaps there wasn’t enough melody, perhaps it became a bit too tragic, i am not sure. But maybe Adam has set the bar too high…I feel that he is giving an amazing pop-rock manic performance one week, and then a very stripped down ballade the week after that. I love both his sides but I am looking fw to hear him doing something between these 2 extremes….

  33. It was undoubtedly great, but my favorite vocal so far has been “Mad World,” my favorite studio recording is “Born to be Wild,” and my favorite performance (though most have been near-favorites) is “Ring of Fire.” I’m missing the “Glambert” side of Adam. Last night was a little too clean-cut for me and I felt that even though he sang from his heart, his look wasn’t where he was comfortable. I hope he gets a little more nasty next week.

    • Me too! I want my ‘Ring of Fire’ Glambert back! Bring on the sexy – and don’t spare the eyeliner!!

      • Me Three! Bring the “Glambert” back. I love everthing he does…But, there’s always a but, the emo look, eyeliner, etc…Love it.

        • Me four! Where’s the eyeliner???? I love the harsh side. Have you seen him do Crawl Through Fire on the Zodiac Show on YouTube?

  34. This young man posesses all the unique and incredible qualities that skyrocketed Elvis’ career in the ’50’s! I believe we are watching a phenomenon in the making here! Adam is infectious, an effulgent vocalist, respectful to those that evaluate him and to those who’ve helped his arrangements each week, and possesses a simpatico quality with his audience that draws the viewer into his emotional shelf of éclat each and every week. I predict an auspicious career for this young man, who deserves every drop of serendipity, now brimming from his golden cup!

  35. The question is, what “look” will Adam have when they go to two songs? He’s done the clean-cut look for ballads and rocker/emo look for edgier or rockin’ performances. The “Mad World” look was somewhere in between. It’s kinda fun because he’s the only guy on the show who thinks “what am I going to do with my hair?” I like the different looks and think he is a very handsome man however he does his hair, makeup and wardrobe. My personal favorite was how he looked for the “Black and White” performance. Even so, some of those pictures of him in that silver suit he wore for “Tracks of My Tears” do steam up my glasses 🙂

  36. Love You Adam!!!

  37. Adam, you sparkled your beautiful heart into million stars for us last night! It was stunning! Thank you!

  38. adamlambertluver says:

    adam had me in tears. he was amazing as usual. i love u adam. u have this competion in the bag.

  39. OMG!! What a good looking man!! 🙂 Rock on Adam!
    We all get very excited to see what you bring to the
    table each week, and all of us pray to God that you
    won’t get kicked off! Keep the good songs coming!!

  40. Brittany yo! says:

    Did you see him dance i loved it and when he sang he was amazing you

    the wed. night show

    but last night he was amazing

  41. I am almost 50 years old and that boy had me in tears with the way he sang this song. He is amazing! I will be a fan for life.

  42. Jennifer T says:

    First of all, thank you for this fabulous website. Very nice! I appreciate the hard work.

    Now, to gush.

    Oh to be 10 years younger! This is a completely new experience for me!!!
    In all my life I have NEVER been a groupie of any kind or even come close to being goo goo gah gah over a performance artist. Sure, there have been those that have warranted such attentions and others I think are fabulous, but they never became an addiction for me – until now.

    I’m afraid Mr. Lambert has completely stolen my unbridled devotion with his sincerity, honesty, and brilliance. I watch his videos constantly – marveling and loving them more each time. I find him and his voice completely mesmerizing and captivating. Not to mention his personality, grace, humility and genuine gratitude.

    And I don’t care what your taste in men is….this gentleman easily takes the prize no matter the look!

    Never before have I seen someone so outstanding in ALL capacities.

    I am completely distracted, dazed, and helplessly addicted to his voice and, most unfortunately for me, addicted to him as well!

    Yes, my friends, I will not stroll casually to the music store when his album comes out. No, I will toss out all sense of self respect and dignity and claw my way to the front of the line. No doubt about it!

    Ok, back to the “Ring of Fire” video which I believe to be his best performance out of a very close contest.

    • well said, Jennifer–my thoughts EXACTLY! Especially the clawing to the front of the line to get his album. Heck, I don’t even have an ipod, but that is the only thing on my mother’s day wish list, and my husband can download all his videos from itunes for me on it, then the kids can give it to me! That is all I will need, and I will watch him over and over and over, wherever I am, and not need to be at the computer or TV. I think I get ipods now. I got surround sound on my TV last week so he sounds even better now than in previous weeks, and for my daily Adam fixes, when I watch him after the kids get on the bus to start my day! I think I now get what women saw in Elvis and Tom Jones types when I was just a little girl. I remember my babysitter ssshhhing us when Tom Jones was on the TV–ohhh, myyy, do I get it now!

  43. OMG….I think I’ve become obsessed. Adam is pure perfection! I’ve known this since the moment I saw him in AI auditions. He is awesome!!

  44. JustJoey says:

    i bow to thee adam lambert.. 🙂 you are simply brilliant.

  45. Adam….love & respect your talent …your voice and songs choices are amazing!!! Like the hair back but don’t necessary the puffy look of it ….love the hair down with a little spike look…going to miss you on my TV each week…enjoy your career!

  46. lambertlady54 says:

    adam is brilliant….amazing. each week he just steps it up.
    this song is going to be the breakup anthem for anyone who has gone through this. he has just created a totally new meaning for this song that pretty much anyone can relate to.
    keep it up adam! we love you!!!!!!!

  47. samanthaluvsadam says:

    OMG this is the best performance on idol this year with out a doubt but of corse he will top it next week

  48. Jennifer T says:

    Exactly Marlis!

    I now understand what it is like to be obsessed with a rock star! Never before have I even CONTEMPLATED having a poster on my wall of anyone…but now?!?!? Please! What has happened to me? And to make matters much worse, not only did I never dream I would swoon at the sight and sound of a fella like Adam, but the fact that he is 10 years younger!

    And we aren’t the only ones. He has bridged the age gap more than anyone I have ever seen.

    Lord have mercy. I don’t really care about the other contestants, so I hate to see the tour and have to sit through them, but I may try to go for him alone. I can’t wait until he is on his own. You know that his own show will most likely put me in the hospital! lol 🙂

    • jennifer and marlis
      completely agree with you both-what on earth has got into me!
      I blush when I see him!!! The study is full of his pictures and my husband woke up after having a ‘terrible dream ‘that he was wearing black nail varnish-( I am working on it!)
      I am a UK devotee and am contemplating trying to get tickets for the tour purely to see him!Cant wait any longer!

    • I’m right there with you! 40 and obsessed! I haven’t had this much fun with music since I was in HS! I loved the glam/punk 80’s and am thrilled to see Adam return with that vibe! Grunge is dead! Long live Glambert!

      • Oh dear ladies(and gents!!)
        I hope we can all cope with the excitement and anticipation of next weeks show- two songs from the sexy sassy Adam!
        I am forward planning-provisons are in- teenagers are banned from house -husband musnt come into the Adam screening area (lounge!) and medication is ready in case I faint!
        I know he will pick the right songs-he always does

    • What is going on? Is he a wizard? – a different life form from outer space? His ability to enrapture is mind-boggling – and it’s so widespread! This is definitely a way different level of performer – his voice, charisma, intelligence, and beauty (yes) are absolutely riveting. Unbelievably great.

    • It is so nice to know that I am not the only upper thirthyish fan that is obsessed with Adam!!! I thought I was going crazy!! Always want to watch his past performances, my kids loved him too! I’ve downloaded all of his songs (live and studio versions) and listened to it the whole way during our 4 hour drive to New York. I like the way he dances too (he was the best dancer in their disco dance)!!!! Like many others, I’ve never voted for any past AI contestants but Adam!!!

      Can’t wait for Tuesday!!!

  49. Konnichiwa..
    Adam Lambert is the best super singer ever and forever….He is really Amazing!!!Awesome..has a great talented,,Brilliant voice,,nice performance,,Genius,,a good personality.very handsome ..intelligent…good Character..wonderful…..I feel very in touch when I hear he sings….He had me in tears with the way he sang the song. He is really Fantastic!!! I will be a fan for life.I love the way you are…nobody else can compare with him…He is big super star,,,,every morning when you wake up,and pls look at the mirror,,,who is this gentleman.?He is A-D-A-M Lambert!!! you may very proud of did and do a great job..hard work to got a very have caught alot of fans all the world…They all are very proud of you including me too….we wait of your CDs and would like go to your Gala concert…..You are also Elvis Presly jr…..Gambatte Kudasai…..always success.Take care ..God Bless ,Good luck ADAM LAMBERT!!

    Mikimoto (Japan)

  50. Adam is it! He just stops me in my tracks and when he sings i am totally in “Adam’s World.” I look forward to seeing him Every Tuesday. This man is the Next ” Elvis” , meaning he will reach that stardom. God where has he been? Why has he not been discovered before? Here i am 40 years old and i am obsessed like a teenager too. i even bought a ADAM LAMBERT t-shirt. lol

    • Michelle
      I think I can now admit that this forty soemthing has oredered Adam Lambert t shirts -awaiting arrival; from the US cant wait to wear it!

  51. I hope Adam puts his version of the song ‘If i can’t have you’ on CD, I want a copy right now…….

  52. First off I want to thank Dreamsound for such a wonderful website!

    I have watched American Idol since season 2, was a Clay Aiken fan. I have never been so “obessed” with this show though as I have become this season and that is because of one man- Adam Lambert. His singing has touched my heart in a way I can’t quite explain, especially this week with my favorite disco song. I don’t really have anyone to talk to that feels the same, 20 year old daughter likes Kris Allen, so I was glad to find this website and find out there were others out there that seemed to feel the same way. There will be such a let down when this season is over until the top ten tour comes out my way and Adam puts out his first album (positive thinking there!).

    I can’t wait to see what song Adam will come up with for next week. Does anyone know when they start doing 2 songs each? I don’t remember from past seasons.

  53. Adam’s music is soul piercing, haunting and addicting. This is one addiction that I’m planning on happily feeding for the rest of my life. I, like all of you, have come under the “spell” of Adam Lambert, but… Oh what a wonderful spell to be under! I’m a fifty year old woman who feels like a teenager in love and is obsessed with all things Adam. I spend hours watching his videos over and over again. I’m still furious that I don’t have his Mad World performance recordered on my DVD because they ran over time, but luckily can watch it on my computer. This site is great because I can listen to all his music while I do my work online and can keep changing photos out as my screen background. I think when he has the two seperate performances next week he should start out with the slower song with a toned down look and then rough up the hair and add the eyeliner. He can achieve that pretty easily even if he doesn’t get a wardrobe change. As Always… I can’t wait for next week’s performance but I am EXTRA EXCITED that we are going to start getting more and more of our favorite drug “ADAM”!!!!

  54. Adam has me seriously asking myself if I am straight.

    This is one guy I wouldn’t mind having a bromance with =) .

  55. OK, now I can clearly see from where we get the title “American IDOL.” Yes A. L. is a great singer and a mesmerizing one at that, but he is just you and me; I am waiting for someone out there to say “Who needs God when we’ve got Adam Lambert.”

  56. Konnichiwa:
    Adam Lambert…………you are the best super star ever and forever………..I knew you won on American Idol yet….you won all of 8 seasons….Amazing!!!because you are too Genius,,,an Magic man who has very great natureTalented..Brilliant voice,,nice Performance ,Fantastic,Charisma,,motivation,,you did and do a great job yet…..Iam very proud of you and you are belong alof of fans all the world…..they all are very proud of you and love you very much….Iam very proud of your successful……Gambatte Kudasai…………….keep on singing & always success…………..God Bless you ,,take care…………….we wait of your CDs and your Gala concert……………….Domo Arigato Gozaimasu… …………………….. Miky Yamamoto(Japan).

  57. Konnichiwa Brilliant ADAM LAMBERT
    Adam Lambert…I tell you with my heart are really a super star ever and forever……you have a wonderful talented,,,Brilliant voice,genius,,,intelligent..good personality person,,,,you have caught all fans in the world by your talented and everything of you,,,all fans in the world are very proud of you…you must very proud of yourself,,we are very in touch &enjoy when we hear you sing…our eyes couldn’t close when we watch you,,,,our ears couldn’t stop when we hear you sing…never boring..All of you are very Perfect!!!…Nobody else can compete with you…you are the best &.Fantastic!!.and you are also Elvis Presly jr…..AMAZING!!!!!..ADAM LAMBERT is an Brilliant.!!!!!.you are now belong of your fans whole the world!!! we would like buy and collect all of your cds and go to your gala concert…….Gambatte Kudasai….Domo arigato….Always success..take care……God Bless and Good Luck ADAM LAMBERT.We love you and admired at you..
    Best regards Terada san/Tomoko(JAPAN).

  58. Brilliant ADAM LAMBERT………………………..You are AWESOME!!,,,a big super star ever and forever…………AMAZING!!pure perfection…………….all your fans in the world are very love you and proud of your successful………..all the best…………………we wait of your CDs and go to your concert soon….take care,,always success…DOORZETTING VERMOGEN……chiao..


  59. That is super wondering that we have now Brilliant ADAM LAMBERT…who can sing very nice…he has very Unique voice,,,,great Performance..that is afsolutely he is a big star ever and forever..He is perfection….. had me in tears with the way he sang/sing the song. He is Amazing! I will be a fan for life…his website is very great too……………….He doesn’t need competition,,he is a big super star..he has everything on him,,,by his great nature talented with Brilliant voice,,he got everything…he deserves what he did..he is really an Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!Very handsome…..nature talented…Fantastic!!!we all are really very proud of him…..always success……….BRILLIANT ADAM LAMBERT……Good Luck!

    Greetings from Europe.

  60. Erelene Collins says:

    **You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams** Thank you God for creating this beautiful man, thank you Adam for sharing your awesome self with us.

  61. Jennifer T says:

    Holy Cow Ladies and Gentleman! I just laughed and cheered reading these posts – because it is so true!!! I swear we are all just whipped.

    Ballin – LOL!
    TerBear – RIGHT ON!!!
    Erelene – Here’s to sleepless nights! I confess I have had more than one. Surfing the net like some Jr. High School junky. Oh my God. Does that make me an internet predator???
    Tracy – I loved what you said about the prep. I can never see it live, but when I do, lights are off, phone is muted, breath is bated!
    Lisa – Yup. Love the glam look, the gentleman look, the rocker look…heck….I think he would steal the show no matter what the look!!!!
    Lee – Well said! Enraptured is perfect.

    I am just blown away with the diversity of his following. I have never seen anything like it save perhaps Michael Jackson. But, come on…..I don’t know of ANY artist who can smolder hotter than blazes with “Ring of Fire” (not enough cold water in the world that could have cooled me off after that one…let me tell ya!!!!) then turn around and drive his audience to their knees with “Tracks of my Tears” and “If I Can’t Have You.”

    I’ve never dreaded the end of a show more. Tuesdays will never be the same! *sniff*

  62. Love Adam. Do you all ever notice how he looks different in every video and picture you see of him? No wonder he wants to name his album chameleon

    Hey Adam, if you’re reading, you really are a chameleon! Just another genius thing about you.

  63. Just wanted to add.

    Am I the only one that likes Adams original versions better than the ones they destroyed in the studio?
    And, do any of you know why there isn’t a video for all of his songs that we can buy from I-tunes? There isn’t one for Born-to-be-wild or Satisfaction.


    Ballin, are you finding yourself a little conflicted? 🙂

    Was it someone here that said they would like to hear Adam sing Stairway to Heaven? That would be awesome! He would have a lot to play with with that song.

    Captivatingly charming are my words for Adam.

  64. adam just blew me away with his take of if i can’t have you….truly amazing…he has a god given talent…the voice like no other…wow

  65. i cant help it, his voice just makes me smile:)
    Eva – Australia


  67. Tell me what are we all going to do after AI season is over…..Well I downloaded every video but I will surely miss my weekly fix.

  68. this is a song i really cannot relate to, so it didn’t register into my system until i listened to it again a few more times… now i cant… stop……… listening. i did get it immediately that Adam is a genius and a bloody awesome performer tho. Don’t need to ramble on to prove that fact altho i would so love to do so~ (im one of those ppl who only watch AI for Adam)

    anyway I couldn’t catch….. what was Ryan saying when Adam was thanking Michael Orland?

  69. happy and amused says:

    I find it very amusing to read comments on blogs that question who will buy Adam’s music and who will vote for him when it is down to two finalists , i.e., where is the market for his music. Duh…. Adam has such a wide appeal to all ages and sexes that these comments make me laugh. I’m a fifty year old woman with two teenagers – they love him and so do I as well as my friends, gay and straight, even my 80 year old mother thinks he’s wonderful- he reminds her of Elvis. You go Adam! We all love you, thanks for sharing your talents and may you have all the success and happiness you deserve!

  70. no1 adamlambert ……………….sohot and sokute

  71. Love you beautiful man and artist, thank you for your wondrous gift… be safe and surround yourself with people who will protect you and nourish your gift for decades to come. I’d love to hear you sing, “99 Miles from L.A……..

  72. Adam Lambert..You sang this song ” If I Cant Have You”……That is very in touch….You sang with very soft feeling.tender….you are really AMAZING!! every song you sang/sing with your feeling….you have not just great talented,,,,but you are really an magic super star… because you can sing all the song with very Perfect!…no doubt that you won all on American Idol Yet.Nobody else can compete with you..You can sing with the sound of Pavarotti…as Michael Jackson,,and more senior Super stars…we are very wondering that you have such talented,,you may very proud of yourself.we listen your singing and watch op you without boring…You give a very good image to everyone…beside you have great talented,,brilliant voice,,great Performance,very handsome man,you have very good attitude and great personality.You caugth all fansin the whole world by your talented….young and an old people love you.we love you….always success and Good Luck…God Bless.
    All our best for you,Nariyomimoko(Japan).

  73. AdamRocks! says:

    Mesmerizing. . . I melt every time I watch this (which is pretty often!).

  74. Don’t you love how he always thanks the band or the arranger or the other musicians …. That’s a musician’s musican …

  75. FEDA B-) says:

    he’s so cute and sexy, i love that song it’s the song of adam’s song


    The growl at the high notes is phenomenal. Something like Michael Bolton.

    Forget technique. This is true expression. This is emotion. This is Feeling.



  1. […] got a feeling he’ll win. omgosh, he is such a good singer. he makes me week in the knees. I am now the proud owner of every Adam Lambert song. Thank you iTunes! OMG they are making […]

  2. […] out of at the end of “If I Can’t Have You.”  You can watch it here at 2:34,  Adam said he wanted to do a song he could emotionally connect to, and WOW, did he!  He had to […]