Idol’s Rickey Minor Talks Adam Lambert

Here is some great insight into the “behind the scenes” effort that Adam put in during his run on American Idol. He is the real deal…

Idol’s Music Director Shares ‘Inside’ Secret!
Check out the interview below with Idol’s music director Rickey Minor.

J.C.: What’s your greatest ‘inside’ secret you tell Idol contestants?

Rickey: I always tell them, ‘Nobody’s ever going to know the notes you were supposed to sing, but didn’t. People don’t remember notes, they remember your heart. They remember if you make them feel the song; you need to access their emotions, make them cry.’

J.C.: Did Adam Lambert take your advice?

Rickey: Absolutely! That guy knew the whole deal the second he got here. I give my email to the top twelve once they’re selected, and that guy would send me emails in layers every night to figure out every single angle of a song he was thinking of doing. Different versions, and arrangements; he so got it. He was like a hungry, ever thirsty boy. So we had fun doing tracks for him, and he had a great work ethic. Adam Lambert gave more than he got and was great to work with.



  1. When we first were amazed by Adam on Idol, we had
    no idea he was such a great person and would be so
    intelligent on the interviews,etc. It reminds me of that old
    Lovin’ Spoonful song (anybody remember this?..)

    “you didn’t have to be so nice
    I would have liked you anyway”…etc. haha

    The rest is all icing, and he keeps getting sweeter and sweeter!

  2. cheryl 334 says:

    GREAT ARTICLE!!!!!! Thanks Sue 🙂

  3. Hey Sue!
    Did you buy this yearbook? I saw it at Walmart a few weeks ago and read this article too! Did everyone know that Ricky Minor is moving to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno? Boy, will he be missed at Idol!

    Carol, Glamb #7

  4. I think I had first the idea that he is such a great person and so intelligent when he said about the TRACKS OF MY TEARS before he sang it that, ” It was beautifully written, and I want to give it Justice ! “. I was bowled over by how he meant and said it. From then on, I was hooked on him and became a fan.

    • mandytwo says:

      After reading your post I went back and listened to TRACKS OF MY TEARS again. It brought tears to my eyes. His voice is so beautiful and so emotional. Thanks for reminding me about all the wonderful IDOL songs he did.

  5. Every teacher prays for a student like Adam. To Rickey Minor, Adam was the best. A dream student. Rickey can retire, there will be no other like Adam. Once in a lifetime.

    Ellie, Glamb # 492

  6. Aww, thats our boy!!! Ever the student and eager to learn and please his audience!!

  7. mandytwo says:

    One of the things I loved about ADAM’S performances is when he was finished singing he always turned towards the band so the audience would give them credit for the great performance too. A true professional.

    Glam #616

  8. Thanks Sue for the post.
    Mandytwo, I think that is another part of him that we love.. He’s so gracious and kind and he deserves the success he is achieving. Also, Ricky’s remark that Adam gave more than he got, speaks volumes..

  9. That’s our Adam:0)

  10. Libraglam says:

    Thanks Sue for the great article,
    Oh I cannot describe how huge is my “admiration” to Adam !!

    Read this:

    LA Times on April 14,2010 –
    Michael Lynch said: “My favorite Adam Lambert moment is hearing about his reputation from the crew and from our handlers. He was always prepared, a super good kid; he’s just one of the people they talk the highest about. To me, that’s something that’s important. I always want my reputation with the people I work with to be good, and to see that about him, that he’s one of the people they talk about out of all the seasons, that’s my favorite thing about him.”

  11. That’s our Adam!!!!……thanks to whoever puts this site together…great Adam info!

  12. It’s always said that nobody’s perfect, but I think Adam is …!

  13. Too bad that Rickey Minor is going to jay leno I think that is a wrong move. The other band leader was smart and is running away from jay.