Idolatry (Entertainment Weekly) 5 Part Interview with Adam Lambert PLUS full coverage of American Idol

What everyone has been waiting for. Michael Slezak interview with Adam Lambert. This is arguably the BEST interview so be sure to set some time aside to watch it. Also, if you haven’t already, watch the full coverage of American Idol by Idolatry.

Be sure to keep scrolling down the videos on your right hand side.


What did you think about the interview with Adam? Did you enjoy this season coverage of American Idol by Idolatry. What was your favorite part?

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  1. lamberghini says:


    • MissLambert says:

      I totally agree!
      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so, so, so much for posting this.
      I really love this site!
      It’s my home page so I can’t miss a thing here!
      Love it!

      Miss Lambert

    • Thanks SOOO MUCH for posting this!!!!!!!!


  2. Glambertfan says:

    Adam has the “OBAMA” affect on us … the same unexplicable appeal is there. That puts a lot of pressure on Adam though because we expect it all – and we don’t even know what that is exactly! Thoughts …..

    • Adamized says:

      It’s so interesting that you mentioned Obama. I feel the same. It’s such a treat to watch Obama press conferences and Adam interviews. The two cannot be more different, yet possess such superb social skills, and “the same inexplicable appeal” that I admire so much.

      This is THE best site about Adam that I’ve seen. Thank you so much dreamsound. I’m Adamized to the point of having some sort of disease that I cannot get out of my system. This site helps masking the symptom, and keeping me sane or at least think I am.

  3. Loved it! Really really loved it! Especially “Did you hear Gene Simmons sing?” Funny.

  4. Adamforevercayman says:

    As always this site gives me fresh news about my Idol, Michael did a good job, we got idea how Adam feel and thoughts about the songs He performed. Thank you guys for giving us update of our Idol. Adam you always rock my world!!!

  5. Isabella says:

    great interview, and cool shoes^^

  6. I love this interview!! I can not get enough of him…..I love listening to him do interviews as much as singing…he is just awesome!!! He just has the “IT” factor…and I can’t get enough of IT!!! I actually feel being runner-up is definitely working to his advantage. This season will definitely not be known for Kris winning…but about Adam being the runner-up. Kris will always be in Adam’s shadow!!! I can not wait to buy his cd….go to his concert….the whole nine yards!!! ROCK ON ADAM!!!

  7. adam adam you the best of the best her in isreal we love you and all the days thay play your song in the radio so tell me whos the real winnig in idol adam lambert the onliy one love and many kiss from isreal

  8. Adamobsessedfan says:

    I loved the interview! I, like millions of other fans, cannot seem to get enough of Adam. Thank you for posting this. We need more Adam!

  9. AdamIsOurAI says:

    EXCELLENT!!! Adam seemed the most like what I would think is “himself” than in any interview I have seen so far. Absolutely cannot get enough of THAT MAN!!!!

  10. Leticia says:

    Thank you v much for posting these videos. I enjoyed them very much! Just so cool to be able to know Adam’s thoughts throughout the whole AI journey and beyond.

  11. Finnadamfan says:

    I have always time to look and listen evertything about Adam! Every other things can wait…
    I´m so happy that I found this site and I can be touch with Adam.
    Great interview, thank you so much!

  12. i love how adam is so orginal and comfortable with who he is. GO ADAM!

  13. Since day one, and I kept on saying this and I sound like a broken record (lol oops sorry randy), Adam is intelligent and not boring. Once he opens his mouth, whether in singing or in interviews, he is excellent. Such an intelligent guy!

  14. Loveeeeeeee this interview.

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee all the charming, genuine laughs.

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all the truths and straight-forwardness.

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all the expressions and soulful eye-contacts.

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Adam Lambert the most of all!!!!!!!!!

  15. hi dreamsound. so glad you decided to post this’s another one of adam and kris by US magazine which i think not only shows their real friendship but its hilarious as well.check it out-

  16. Stephie says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I was waiting for Slezak’s interview all season and he indeed did a wonderful job. finally, someone insightful enough to bring out Adam’s depth. I also recommend checking EW site– they did a great job this season– their videos are hilarious and the interviews are the best. And thank you dreamsound for all the great work you put into this site!
    by the way, does anyone have a link to the second top 10 interview on Larry King live? rickey only posted 2 segments from that interview.

    • did u watch the idolatry vid on how Kristine hates gokey? HILARIIOUS!!!!

      Danny Gokey is inspirational….SMACK!!( slap on the face lol)

  18. Michale and Adam were like two peas in the pond so the interview went very well. Both articulate, intelligent– interviewee and interviewer.

    • Did you all dig how he ‘lambasted’ Gene Simmons of Kiss? Hes got a great sense of what this business is all about…and he can get ‘even’ without being brash. This was his reaction to Gene Simmons interview saying Adam is not a rock singer”..

      • AdamAdmirer says:

        Adam looked so cute when he said that about Gene Simmons, but I hope he is not hurt by that comment. I saw the video where Simmons said that Adam didn’t have a rock voice, but I took that as he was complimenting him having a beautiful tone type of voice. But that’s just me maybe being positive about loving Adam’s voice so much, I can’t imagine anyone, especially fellow musician criticizing him. As we all know, Adam can sing anything.

      • Adam has fantastic roc voice-just Gene does notl Gene’s partner in KISS. Paul Stanley is number 16 in top 30 all time rock singers and Paul loves Adam-the only person outside KISS
        Paul said he’d work w is Robert Plant-number 3 top rock jsinger and Adam sounds similar but better than Plant. Adn number 1 all time rock jsinger is Freddie Mercury and Adam is just as good if not better and voices similar. Also similar to Steve Marriot number 4 andRonnie James Dio number 6 in top 30 best all time rock singers.Better than Steve Tyler number 12.all time rock singer top 30 list. Even Adam himself probably dosen’t realize how great his is. Rolling Stone magazine has made it clear that Adam Lambert is welcomed unconditionally into the Rock Framily naming him in magazine and online”glam rock sex god”.So much for a wee bit o jealousy sickness by Gene, but Gene himself corrected that in 2 separate later interviews. Can’t beat our Adam. Ha!

  19. Great interview – I just hate to think Adam is second-guessing Ring of Fire, though. That performance was what made everyone sit up straight in their chair and – love it or hate it – start talking about him. It was what rocketed him to instant fame. It was brilliantly timed.

  20. THANKS SO MUCH for putting up that interview! Have just watched it and love it absolutely. Very interesting and great interview. Adam is fantastic once again. 🙂

  21. Didn’t Adam say in a few other interviews that the boots were flown in for him by Kiss and he had to wear them? Now he’s saying that they’re his boots that he’s had them for a while. Huh.

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      Carla, no he had said that one of the boots had to be flown in for him because something happened to it, but he always said they were originally his boots that he wore in other shows he had done.

    • They were different boots for a different number. The ones for the KISS performance were his own…and can be seen in other, old photos!

    • He changed boots during the show. The pair with Kiss was his.

    • Yeah! Adam’s boots from “The Zodiac Show” he calls them his boots meaning the ones he always orders. Gene did not know Adam had eperience wearing that style (his boot) before on many occassion beside the zodiac Show.

  22. Cara thanks for posting that video link. It was excellent. I enjoyed it almost as much as this interview.
    I am posting the link again. You will definitely enjoy it Adam fans.

  23. thank u so much 4 this amazing interview i always love adam’s interviews i never get bored he is just amazing .. 🙂

    Cn anyone plz tell me how can i upload this interview to my pc plllllllllllllz guys i want to have it and it doesn’t have anything to save it ??!!!

  24. Thank you very much for posting this video!!! Amazing interview!!!

  25. Ana Lambert says:

    Adam is out of this world!!!! He understands so well himself, the music industry, the business side of it…he´s pure genious. I haven´t seen someone like that in any other area for ages!!! He´s grounded and he´s confident because deep inside he knows he´s on a league of his own. I love, love this interview. Great stuff!!!

    Much love from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!!!

  26. Thank you SO-O-O-O much! This was a perfect ending to the idol season.

  27. Brianna says:

    This was truly amazing, I agree, he seemed so himself and at ease, it made me feel so happy to see him talk to the interviewer like a friend and for some reason he seemed more open to talk to questions that other interviewers has asked. This TOTALLY made my day, and I think it is definitely the best interview ever! I was laughing so hard, and it may just be me but it feels like you sort of..know him now. It’s odd, but I will go and watch this again now. =]

  28. Juliette says:

    Wow, at last an interview where we got to hear how Adam’s entire journey on AI8 really was for him. I also listened to some more interviews (Jesse Langseth, Ricky Braddy, Allison Iraheta), and Michael Slezak is amazing with how he can draw people out and get the real story from them.

    Terrific stuff, thank you so much for posting this!

  29. Man’s bloody brilliant. Talk about thinking everything out! Meticulous. I say bravo Adam! Make your records any which way you like. We’ll all buy whatever it is you want to sell.

    And god bless that drag queen at the Mackie showroom!

    • Xuziqueue says:

      You can see the drag queen wearing the shoulder cages performing Black Dog in the Zodiac Show. Here is the URL: (or search Adam Lambert in “Black Dog” Performance at Zodiac Show). It’s worth a view cuz the performance kicks major A!!! Adam appears at 1.29 minutes into the performance. Only a few seconds but definitely worth it.

  30. adamsgpfan says:

    Thanks Dreamsound for this GREAT video!

    Adam is brilliant!!!

    I totally agree with Adam that a variety of music in one album is the way to go. That’s what we like about him in entire AI performances; from Ring of Fire to Tracks of My Tears and Black or White to Mad World…he can do great things for sure. Go do it Adam!!

    Get ready everyone, Change is Gonna Come 🙂

  31. He is so intelligent and brilliant. I agree with him:an album of different genres would be perfect and so refreshing. We love you Adam!

  32. Dreamsound, As always, you bring great videos and links about Adam. I always look forward to your emails. These interviews show what a great person and performer Adam is. He will go far. I am looking forward to his first CD. Thanks again for all your hard work on this site. It is my favorite one I go to all the time.

  33. Great artist, great singer, great personality.. Nothing much left to say about how superior this guy is. His CD will be skyrocketing all over the world. He will be the most successful idol ever. It’s a great idea that he wants to try a few different sounds on his CD. This suits his personality too because he is the kind of a guy who is emotionally very cognitive to very different perspectives of life and people. Very smart 🙂 Luv you Adam, I just hate the fact that we have to wait several months before your cd comes out.

  34. thanks a lot for the videos. i only saw half of the first one (due to my slow wireless connection)

    would u plz upload it to rapidshare??it would be helpful to those who have my same problem..

    thanks a lottttttt . such an amazin website

  35. hey guys….pleese i need help wid this…i cant access this video…it dsnt play at all…bin tryin the whole day…so if anyone cud upload it n youtube.,.. I WILL LUV UUU 4 DAAT…!!!!! i really cant wait.. :'(

  36. Man, i love his laugh. love adam so much^_^

  37. Dreamsound, Thank you immensley for posting this interview. I have been watching as many television performances and interviews with Adam,as I can since the end of Idol. I have to say with out a doubt, this was the best piece of coverage of Adam I’ve seen. I enjoyed it sooooo much, not only was it the longest and most insightful interview but the infusion of clips of him performing were great. It took me back to revisit all the beautiful sights and sounds of this awsome talent of a man. Watching and and listening to him has brought me great joy. I think he’ll be one to watch for many, many years to come, and I simply can’t wait to buy his C.D.’S and ser him in concert. To all the other ADAM fans that visit this sight THANKS for the links to other sights and lists of his television performances.. Keep them coming please!!!! I t helps to get our daily dose and fix of Adam. And last but not least THANK YOU GOD and ADAM for giving us all you and all the wonderful atributes you posess, which are to many to list. GOOOOO ADAM ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!!!! Love, love, love, you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Adam, i LOVE you. I couldn`t vote for you when you were in the show, i can’t go to the Idol concert, but i’ll definitely buy your music and EVERYTHING you do in the future!!
    An international fan from Sao Paulo, Brasil.

  39. AdamAdmirer says:

    First, I would like to congratulate Michael Slezak for nailing this interview with Adam, he did such a fantastic job – Adam looked and sounded so comfortable talking to him. He even managed to bring out his little sassy side – which is so endearing. I mean, the man has had to put up with so much during the last few months, and he can still laugh about it, Adamazing!

    Once again, Adam has proved his talent and the strength he has in his knowledge of singing, music, the industry and how he will be able to manage dealing with his career going forward. We got to see so much about what Adam was thinking/feeling during the show and how he felt about each song he performed, and let’s not forget – the outfits LOL. Great interview! Congrats, Michael!!

    Also, thanks to Dreamsound for posting this, great job, as always!

  40. Oh fudge says:

    Loved it. Thank you for my Adam fix.


  42. This was an increidble interview. He is really funny and smart. I absolutely loved this!

  43. AdamAddict says:

    I love how Adam answered all his question,looks profesional and not boring! I know he really close to some people in A.I. I know Allison,Kris,Anoop,Matt,Lil really love Adam. The rest, I’m not sure but 1 is totally jealous at him and I think you guys know who??!! I heard he wants to try “Dancing With A Star” now! Can he? He’s not a star,is he? I mean he’s not a recording artist yet,not an actor or whatever. He just in A.I and he didn’t win,so can he participate? Weird,but whatever,he probably got nothing else to do unlike our busy,Adam! LOL!!

  44. hello

    unfortunately i still can’t watch the videos. they just would not start streaming!! can someone plz help me, and upload them to rapidshare/4shared?? i’d LOVVVVVVVE to watch :((


  45. CryRain says:

    Thanks!!!! Adam is a phenomenon unto the world!! I’m sucked into his vortex and will Never leave this combustible axial! What a Powerful force!! Hail the new KING…Elvis would be Proud!!

  46. Bravo thenks so much for posting thes magnificente vocaliste an always adore his honesty,humilities,humour,toching of many topics an many genres of musique..An always adore thet he is true to his convictiones,belifs,an artistry how he can change an olde songe an make his very owne..Just adore all he does..An thet one of Ring of Fire..gathre is m’aquarian side,founde it very exotique,eyptian an bit of Elvis he was innovative an deffarante,so is Adam. He toches all ages,grandparentes,20/50s, an chilren too.He doesnon compete an always has commaraderie
    with fellow contestants..Thet is whet is so endearinge an lovli abote him.. A very caring,humble,
    genuine an multitalented vocaliste/artiste/danceur an even an actor.So keep true to yurself
    an know yu’ll be an adored artiste aronde l’monde. Look forwarde to future CDs with blendes
    of all genres,rock,theatre,jazz,bleus,ballads anything yu do will be splendide an toche within heartes evriwhere as well as othre artistes..Bravo! Thenks agan dreamsound for thes wondreful
    interview an thes Adam tributepage. Adam is truly beau inward an outwarde..bless him always!

  47. ohhhh i love this interview so much i think it the best one adam did it … i hope i can download it on my pc but i couldn’t i think theu r saving their right 🙁 anyway good to see this interview adam was amazing as always and he was relaxed more 🙂

  48. Hello,,, I miss seeing you each week Adam,, I am one person who loves ‘Ring Of Fire’. And of course Mad World without breaking my loyalty to “Tears for Fears’.. I Bought 2 ITUNES of yours and they were these two songs!!!! Thank you for being my idol!

  49. Jessica says:

    I loved this interview and the rest of Idolatry. I found about this interview and then watched everything on that site from season 8 “Put the Go in Gokey!!” It had me laughing so hard then my husband watched all of it the next day LOL.

    I loved how open Adam was in this. Best interview by a mile.

  50. sandra sotero says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. great interview.
    Don’t like Michael Slezak. Not that he can’t ask some good questions but he always comes off as so self righteous. The haughty attitude is distracting.

    Adam was great. Articulate, quick witted and confident as always. Adam is a star not only for his talent but because of who he is. He is the coolest while not being aloof. He always comes off as being open and genuine. That is why his appeal is so diverse. Starry eyed teenage girls and their mom’s, people of all ages genders and backgrounds. Even to the jaded media. It is also why his supports are so intense. Thanks again for posting.

  51. this is the best interview i saw for him . I really enjoyed it .

  52. colleen says:

    He really seemed to let go during this interview, partly because of michael’s awesome questions.
    You can tell that he played the game with a strategy, but at the same time, he knew that he had to stay true to himself, and be the best person he could be, thats why he helped out Kris, Allison, Anoops, etc…

  53. Dawnstar says:

    I watched this interview last night, and it was completely awesome…Adam is such an intelligient person in addition to being a really nice guy….add that together with the most talent I’ve seen in many years, and that all adds us to Adammazing…..

  54. Dawnstar says:

    I watched this last night, and it was completely awesome……Adam is extremely intelligient, super personable, and when you add that all together with the most amazing talent I’ve seen in many years, he truly is Adamazing!

  55. Adamfan212 says:

    I have a question… in part two when they are talking about Whole Lotta Love and the “lyric tweek” what do they mean? haha I’m a bit confused! If you could answer that would be great thanks!!

  56. Not only is he an amazingly talented person, but totally down to earth!


  58. Wonderful, It was a great interview. Adam is very personable.I have no fav part,liked it all.

  59. I loved it the interview was Great:) Adam is so damn witty. He is Hilarious:) Boot Scootin Boogie sooooo FUNNY;)

  60. Frenchy says:

    Best Adam interview I have seen!!! Gave me so much to chew on… Yum yum. Adam showed his wonderful brains in there, as a geek myself I loved that (he said he’s “analytical”).
    5-parts??? 5 times the fun!!! Thanks a lot!


  62. adamfan70 says:

    Hey Slezak, that red hair really suits you, great video.

  63. Oh thanks Michael Slezak! I love +miss idolatry!
    love Adam!
    i can’t wait to make my glambirthday poster!


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