Idol Welcomes back Adam Lambert This Week as Mentor – Another First for Idol and Adam!!

I just found this Canadian article about Adam mentoring this week on American Idol. I love the references by American Idol Musical Director Michael Orland. Because we know that Michael loved Adam! Read on, and keep your fingers crossed that Adam will get lots of screen time this week as mentor. I can hardly wait to hear the judges comments on air about Adam’s tutelage! It’s HUGE that Adam is the first previous Idol contestant to serve as mentor. But we knew if anyone would do it, it would be Adam!

~ Carol ~

Idol welcomes back Adam Lambert

By Alex Strachan, Canwest News Service April 11, 2010

Adam Lambert may strike some Idolators as an offbeat choice to mentor an occasionally – and some might say increasingly – out-of-tune and off-key final nine contestants on American Idol this week.

No one, though, short of Kris Allen, has more recent experience of – and appreciation for – what it really takes to make it to the end of TV’s most-watched, if not always talked-about, talent competitions.

(Idol’s back-to-back performances on March 30-31 – the most recent week for which accurate figures are available – scored 2.35 million and 2.25 million viewers respectively – behind only CSI and Survivor – as Canada’s most-watched programs on TV that week.)

Less than a year after he came within a glory note of standing at the centre of Idol’s winners’ circle, Glambert is a bona fide star.

More importantly from Idol’s longevity point-of-view, he could not be more different – as a recording artist, as a musical stylist and as a theatrical performer – than any of Idol’s previous stars, from Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks to Fantasia Barrino, Ruben Studdard, Chris Daughtry, David Cook and Clay Aiken.

In a revealing interview last month with USA Today, Idol music director Michael Orland – the one person who knows the contestants’ strengths and weaknesses better than anyone – recalled that Lambert had a finely honed professionalism from the day he auditioned for Idol, and even supervised his own staging and lighting set-ups for his weekly Idol performances.

The implication is that Lambert won’t just be an effective, one-week-only mentor: He may provide the remaining singers with the most valuable advice and inspiration they will hear in the six weeks between now and this season’s star-is-born moment in late May.

This is a key week for American Idol because, thanks to last week’s use of the judges’ save – which can only be used once in any given season – not one but two singers will be sent home this week.

That means that, barring sudden catastrophe or another ludicrous judging decision by Idol’s text-messaging ‘tweener voters, this year’s field will finally be narrowed to a handful of genuine contenders, including Crystal Bowersox (my personal favourite, and Simon Cowell’s “Chosen One”), Michael Lynche and Siobhan Magnus, the dark horse who’s growing by leaps and bounds and who I predict will be the eventual winner.
Of the performers who remain, Magnus – the wild card with a knack for unpredictability and an affinity for busting the rules wide open – has the most to gain from Lambert’s counsel. And she’s smart enough, and weird enough, to get exactly what Lambert is getting at.

Magnus would be wise to listen. According to Orland, who’s in a position to know, Lambert “was great, great, great” every week during his stay on Idol. Lambert has a reputation for taking risks, and flaunting his worth, and no one takes risks in this year’s Idol field like Magnus, the Cape Cod, Mass., teen whose musical influences are Janis Joplin, Billie Holiday and, get this, Courtney Love.

“And not even just her voice,” Magnus posted on her blog on Idol’s official website, “but her in-your-face/I-don’t-care-what-you-think-of-me-because-I’m-me presence.”
In a (mostly) laudatory review of Lambert’s back-to-back performances in Vancouver this past weekend, veteran music journalist Tom Harrison – The Vancouver Province newspaper’s seasoned music commentator, with decades of experience to call on – wrote that Lambert has the wherewithal to last longer than Idol finalists’ usual “best before” date, “and will be around for a while.”

This could be the week that, under Lambert’s tutelage, Magnus breaks out into the spotlight and, to paraphrase Simon Cowell from a couple of weeks ago, her life changes forever.

Adam Lambert and Siobhan Magnus, getting their inner freak on. Could this be the beginnings of a show-stopping duet on the Grammys in, say, 2012?

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  1. adam lambert my favorite singer-american idol of all. hes my mj and elvis presley-forever great singer;; hes a perfect one.

  2. Thanks for forwarding that article it was so well written, describing Adam to a T. I cant wait till we see those Idol shows with Adam as mentor. Will we be able to pick his influence on the kids. I think most of the mentors till now have gtrod carefully with the contestants and treated them with kid gloves scared to hurt their feelings maybe, I think Adam will be more constuctive

    I would love to get acopy of the above article and shove it in front of all the bashers who say Adam has not enough experience and knowlege to do this job. This from those that know prove them wrong.

    • I couldn’t agree more Jan. I just read on that the executive producer Ken Warwick is saying that Adam needs Idol. He describes Adam as “struggling” and that he hopes Idol will help him. WHO is he kidding? Adam does NOT need Idol, but Idol sure needs him! I am so upset and disgusting about this statement from Ken. Shame on him! The Adam haters are blasting in glee saying that they were proven right, that Idol is not using Adam as mentor because he is a star, but to boost ratings! Well they may be “using” him for ratings but he is on there because he is the perfect choice! Ken Warwick needs to restate his statement. I am NOT happy with what he said.

      This is just a bit that was said :

      “Brilliant! Okay, so how are you feeling about the show overall? There’s obviously been criticism that season 9 got off to a sleepy start. Do you think having Adam Lambert come in this week is going to shake things up and infuse the show with that added bit of drama that he generally manages to bring to the screen?
      I sincerely hope so. Because the guy is an incredible talent, and he had an incredible following. And it kind of upsets me that at the moment

      he’s not doing quite as well… [Pauses.] I don’t know what possessed him to do what he did at the AMAs, but he’s still struggling to live it down. And everybody says to me every week, ‘When are you gonna bring back Adam?’ They want to see him as he was. And hopefully we’re gonna do that for him this week, and we can start putting him back firmly where he belongs, as a major star. Because the guy is an incredible talent. He genuinely is. And it kind of breaks my heart to see someone with that much talent struggle a bit. So hopefully we can do back for him as he can do for us.

      What do you think of Warwick’s promise to get the Swaybots off our screens? How about his comments about the show’s season 8 runner-up? Sound off in the comments below! (And for all my Idol scoop, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.)”

      What do you all think?

      Michael Slezak was asking Ken Warwick some questions and this was one of them with his response…….

      • cheryl 334 says:

        TRISH………………OMG! What has happened to this guy’s brain??????? Oh, doesn’t have a ‘good’ one. Got it! Give me a break. Adam ‘needs’ idol? C’mon. That is just a stupid thing to say. He should be embarrassed for himself. I’m embarassed for him! Adam ‘needs’ no one. But idol and many other venues can benefit from Adam! No debate about that! Adam is like Elvis in the early days. Mention his name and it gets people’s excitement mode going and just to see him on the stage singing live is just record-breaking joy!!!!!!!!!!! Adam is the most exciting thing to come along since before I was born! Please! Don’t anyone say Adam is ‘needy’! You only show your ignorance by making such an incredibly ignorant statement.

        Trish………..I’m with you. This makes my blood boil. Thank goodness this guy isn’t relevant in the universe, unlike Adam!

        peace-love-light-fun-joy-truth 2 Adam!

        • I’m with you. I haven’t been able to get any work done today for emailing AI and Slezak and anybody else I can think of to complain. I just couldn’t believe someone connected to Idol would same something so stupid and untrue. I’m wondering if he was reacting to everyone saying the show needed Adam for ratings. I guess the truth does hurt. I hope he gets fired. I think Idol should aplogize.

      • I beleive Ken is talking about Adam’s AMA performance & the backlash it created. There was a huge uproar over it. To me it was no big deal, but mothers with young kids watching were mortified.
        Many swore to return Adam’s CD the minute it arrived. (They don’t know what they were missing), as the CD is awesome. I think Adam is well past this episode & is definately NOT struggling.
        He doesn’t need Idol, Idol needs him, to put some life into this season’s lackluster performances.
        Nobody will ever surpass Adam on Idol. I do beleive that Ken is also stating that he is a huge talent.

      • KO's smiling says:

        Yet more proof that AI has no direction.

  3. Glambertcraze says:

    No body could ever top Adam in AI. No Body.
    Adam brought the bar soooo high that this year seems blaah.

    I can hardy wait to see Adam again Yeahhhhhh

  4. Siobhan has been my fav since day one, this being said, I really dont enjoy Idol and find myself switching channels. Last year was so exciting and nail biting, this year blah. Adam is my all time fav and no one will ever beat him out.


  6. cheryl 334 says:

    WHAT???????????? No mention of Casey James???? Casey and Crystal are my top two and Lee, my third. Siobhan is very unique and cute as hell, but, needs a few more years of trainning her voice. Her ‘screams’ are truly ‘screams’ in my opinion. Mike should just go quietly and stop acting so much like a jerk. The other 2 boys have their place in music, say in about 5 years, but Mike has irritated me from day one, and I started out loving Siobhan, but came to realize she is just ‘not there’ yet, in her talent.

    But, Casey? What’s not to love here? Crystal is the brightest star, with her effortless awesome Joplin-like vocals. I love her. I love Casey and Lee, too. I feel a bit sorry for Lee. He always looks like he’s about ready to cry!

    Adam, they can all use your majic touch! But, please give the ‘best’ counsel to Casey!! hahaha!!! I want him to win!

    peace-love-light-fun-truth-joy 4 Adam!

    • I’m with you on Lee. He is a diamond in the rough, and hopefully Adam can help him claim his talent. I think his voice is wonderful, and I like his vulnerability. Can’t wait til tonight to see the show!

      • cheryl 334 says:

        VICKI…………………Lee is a diamond in the rough! Agree!! 🙂 He is so sweet! Adam can really help Lee toniet! DO IT to him Adam! Lee, pay attention!:) 🙂

    • I love love, love Casey. He seems so at ease on stage. He has musicality and knows what to do with a guitar. He is great. I do hope Adam can give him what he needs to get ahead.

      No one is like Adam nor will there ever be another Adam…5 octave range. Just like there will never be another Elvis. I so wanted them do an Elvis week last year with all the talent they had.

      I am excited to see ADAM back on the stage at AI.

      • cheryl 334 says:

        LINDA……………Agree with you!!!!!ove Casey this year!! Reminds me a bit of Clapton on guitar and Stevie Ray. He channels them both. He is awesome on guitar. How many guitars has he used on idol? He is a cutie and a bit shy. Read he was divorced. You probable remember his motorcycle accident where the drs said he probable would never play guitar again. Adam likes him, too. Adam, helpl him the most, please! hahaha!

        There will NEVER be another Elvis, and now the same is true for Elvis song. But I like Elvis of the 50’s songs the most. They are the most ‘bluesy’, I think.

        Adam!!!! Just a bit over 4 hrs till idol and Adam!!! OMG!!! Somebody h e l p me!

    • Cheryl those are my top three. I have picked Lee though for the win in MJ’s pool for Idol. I did that way back in week one. He sure needs to feel more comfortable………lets hope he listens to Adam’s advice……..I did read a twit that Casey James is so thankful to Adam for his advice so who knows who will take it and do great!

      • cheryl 334 says:

        TRISH………….OH! You read that Casey said that???????!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great!!! Yeah, Lee could use all of Adam’s help. I just have an idea that Lee will show some real ‘change’ tonite! Can’t wait to see what affect Adam has on alll of them! It’s all good, I’m sure of that!!!!! I wonder if Mike will listen to Adam. If he does, he will have a better song choice! He makes me nervous. Adam is lilke Elvis risin from the dead to help these people out!!!!! They should feel so thankful! I know Adam loves Crystal and Casey, and I’ll bet he takes to Lee big time! Lee has the voice and the soul to do great things.

        Tonite!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!

        Casey, Crystal and Lee……………..Rock-it!!!!!!

        Adam………..Rock-On! Rock-God!!!!

        love-peace-light-fun-joy-happiness 2 Adam!

  7. Disappointed did not get to see all of “Unplugged.” Love Down The Rabbit Hole!!! I think the Elvis Presley venue perfect for this year’s Idols to open up; if they can. Some seem so fearful,while others appear overwhelmed. Season 8 had a windfall of talent, so we are spoiled. We also couldn’t wait each week to see Adam and what he would do. Thanks to the recent concert videos, it’s veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy apparent that Adam is a star and shines on the stage with his band, who are becoming well known themselves. Viva Adam Lambert!

  8. Go Adam!=) hehehe, i hope you can teach siobhan not to be so nasal and correct her ‘screams’… this season is so boring compared to seasons 7 & 8. This just might reboot the show;p

    • cheryl 334 says:

      DAFFYD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,AND ELIO………………….Amen! to both your comments!!! Right-on!

  9. Libraglam says:

    Today i went to Youtube to search for all videos “Adam lambert .. + Judges”, it shows all “LIVE” video of ADAM season 8 and the judges feedback…..I could not believe, it’s like the first time to me again…..I had the same feelings that i had last year….the voice, the look, everything of ADAM are so just perfect. After awhile, i had to pinch myself to make sure i am not dreaming……Tomorrow, ADAM will be on American Idol but he will be in different seat…..he will be mentoring all the Idols..!!!!….I am so excited and the excitement is just like a year ago….i just can’t wait til Tuesday….It’s tomorrow , folks, one more day !!!


  11. Jules #82 says:

    Yes, I too am SO excited to have an hour and a half of AI with Adam. He will surely inspire this group. I love American Idol, every year it is so fun to watch talented young people grow and develop their style. Of course, Adam was so professional and polished, above and beyond anyone EVER on AI. Totally captured my heart from Satisfaction for ever. It has been so fun following Adam around the world and watching as he evolves into a world wide star – as WE all knew he would.

    This year, I have to say my faves are Crystal, Lee, and Casey. I can’t wait to see how they interact with Adam.

  12. Adam tweeted from Las Vegas that he gave the Muse concert a miss cos he had migraine. I wondered if mentoring the Idols (in my opinion, this year’s was the least talented of all seasons) proved too much for him!

  13. Dianne Hill says:

    I agree with you Leticia, I think this year’s idols are the ones that gave Adam his migraine, can you imagine how tired he must have been doing two concerts back to back and then flying to LA to meet that lot, I am positive with the screeching that Siobhan does is exactly what caused Adam’s migraine.

    Only Crystal is worth watching if you ask me, Casey is okay, but predictable and boring, I cannot stand Siobhan and her screaming and Lee is okay but the thought of having to sit through a whole concert, I am sure he would send me to sleep as it is he cannot even hold my attention for the one and a half minutes he is singing. Nope, don’t like any of them this year except for Crystal and least that girl has talent.

    I can’t wait to see Adam back on the Idol stage, he is going to show them what star quality is all about because honestly none of them, not even Crystal has a quarter of the magic that is Adam Lambert.

  14. I love that Adam is the first previous Idol alumni to be asked back to mentor! The producers know who will give this dull season the bump in ratings it needs. None of the other previous contestants who have had success in the business would come anywhere close to bringing excitement back to this show. AI jumped the shark last year due to Adam setting the bar exponentially higher than any other contestant ever has. I don’t expect it to last after next season without Simon.

  15. Prehaps you should read the statement made by Ken Warwick American Idols Executive
    Producer regarding ADAM returning to Idol this week!…..Be prepared for a mass of emotions…
    but all in all reckon it is just some promotional strategy to raise the ratings… ….. passed the universe…and now clear through the solar system!!!!!!…..and we know Mr Lambert will have
    NO problem achieving that! ….. Way to save the show!….Heck, this is an INTERNATIONAL STAR we are talking about! ….. and if it benefits ADAM…so be it!!!!!!!!…………Personally, I’d love to see
    ADAM perform FYE!!!!!!!

  16. Here is another article praising Adam as choice of mentor:

    Along with a few hateful comments that I hope all my fellow Glams will help me dispute!
    But mostly good comments 🙂

    • cheryl 334 says:

      PYRENZE………………..!!!!!!! Yeah for this article!!!!! My way of thinking!! This article is the BEST as far as intelligence, re the affect the Americans had on Adam’s AMA performance!!! I totally agree with this man and soooooooo happy you had the ‘wherefor’ to put this article on this site!!!!

      HUGE KUDOS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ALL ADAM FANATICS NEED TO READ THIS!!!!! I agree ! Thank You!!!

      Awesome intelligent thoughts on Adam!!! This man has got it all right!

  17. Hey y’all, keep voting for Adam at the Top Influential People of 2010. He’s still #4 but is closing the gap on the #3 position. We have until 4/29 to keep him at the top. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have him in the top 3?

  18. ianaleah says:

    Adam is an outstanding singer, but rather than just let me say that, I’ll add that Adam’s outstanding crystal clear vocal tone and incredible vocal range was praised by the American Idol judges every week. And the guest singers, the mentors, the coaches, the medial music critics all praised Adam. He was Voted as the #! Artist Of 2009 by Rolling Stone readers.
    Adam helped the other contestants on season8, so he has already unofficially mentored.
    I’m not understanding any praise for Siobhan, though, she only sings well until she tries to get into a higher register and then her vocal falls flat and it becomes an screech. Maybe Adam can help her with that, he stays in perfect pitch in any register. He can also control his notes when dancing, so he is clearly well trained.

  19. This season’s AI is the only time where I actually fell asleep in front of the TV and I had never been like that in all previous seasons! I couldn’t bear to miss an episode of last season’s because of Adam. In fact I just couldn’t wait for each week to see what Adam would do next, knowing that he would never disappoint us! Now I have the same excitement and anticipation since knowing that Adam will be on AI this week!

    Dianne, I am totally with you on Siobhan’s screaming and like Simon, I am getting bored with her doing this week after week, like as if it is the only highlight of her performance. Despite this, Siobhan seems to have a large following, based on the number of posts in the AI forum. I won’t be surprised if she wins the crown over Crystal. Actually, why not let Tim win – he’s got the looks that teenagers go crazy for even though his voice is mediocre. Just look how Miley Cyrus got so big even though I couldn’t understand why! Then AI will be the biggest joke of all and will die a grand death with Simon leaving in a big way!

  20. jm7sandiego says:

    Though Idol has become almost interesting, Adams appearance will give a much needed shot in the arm. Can’t wait. As for this years contestants, no one has star power, including grungy yellow toothed pothead CRYSTAL (At least someone in Idol had enough smarts to try and clean those cigarette, pot stained teeth), an upgraded pathetic Bucky Covington wannabe CASEY, the Mr “T”/ Rueben Studdard on roids MIKE, The sky is falling LEE and I’m a freak, I am, I am Siobhan! The rest don’t even deserve mentioning.

  21. rhymingrealtor says:

    Its Lee Lee Lee for me. I like Sihoban but she is somewhat like Adam but there is no one like Adam . So it;s Lee.
    It was his beast of burden that sealed the deal for me. ” All I want is for you to make love to me”
    Had to have that song and hear him sing it over and over.

    Again.. there is no other Adam is it all…. but if we have to suffer through AI without him. It’s Lee.

    I laughed out loud at jn7sandiego’s comments about crystal’s teeth.. I was having such hard time looking at them…

  22. Only 3 1/2 hrs left till “lift off”!! (PDT) About the things being said about Adam “struggling”….if that were the case, then why would he be asked to mentor to “boost ratings”? Isn’t that kind of oxymoron (Capital on “moron”) thinking? No one would care if he were on AI or not if that were true. Instead, there has been more hype and excitement for this week than all the other weeks put together. I don’t think it’s Adam who’s “struggling”!! Wish it was a 2 hr show though!