I Just Love You – A Veteran’s Day Tribute

As Veteran’s Day 2009 draws to a close, I found this video – it’s a moving tribute to our real life heroes, with music that fits perfectly.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Very nice. I hadn’t heard this song before.

  2. Well done.

  3. puteri abdul says:

    beautiful song sung with a beautiful voice ..

    being a student in california state university long beach (school of 1990), and stayed in long beach for 5 years, have taught me the meaning of what veteran’s day is .. I remember the place that I stayed, had quite a number of senior citizens, and also cal state long beach is beside veterans hospital, thus, I met some of them and they were all so kind and wonderful people whom some of them has gone through hardship during those years our world was not at peace ..
    a memorial tribute to all who have fought and gives their lives in times of turmoils that we hope and pray won’t happen again in generations to come..
    may peace. love and happiness grow in this uncertain future ..
    let our differences be the start of understanding each other , of tolerance, of learning how to live with each other in this world that will bind us all together to live with each other in harmony and peace ..

    • Lisette here..blessings an very toching tribute lovli words Puteri..an vraiment Adam’s tender,velvet an sweet vocals here in this song brings tears for those who av loss ther lives in passe wars,or served,an still on missions overseas to uncertainty of ever returne to ther familles,wives,children..so lot of tears flowe in thes video..Merci for posting Jeanette on Veteran’s Day a teme to reflect,pay respect for those who have sacrificed themselves for ther country..an anothre songe comes to minde whenevre I thinq of passe an even trajedie of 9/11 recall hearing “God Bless Usa” by Lee Greenwood”..So thes can be a fitting anthem to have nous beau Adam for current situations over in Afghanistan an any future younge people thet will be deployed..Many blessings an prayres for them to returne safe despite such endangerment.Let ther peace an harmony an World peace somehow an end bloodshed an innocent lives lost..Luv to all here always..An to Adam merci for toi gift a voix thet noone can ever duplicate..celeste,powerful,sensual an octaves like no othre artiste!xoxo!

      • puteri abdul says:

        thank you lisette, everytime I read your post, I can imagine what a soft and kind hearted soul you are .. and so are all the beautiful people here in this site ..
        thank you for accepting me to become part of this family and we might only meet in this cyber world, but heart goes to all of you, and love you all ..
        thank you adam.. you have made me found so many new sisters from all over the world ..

  4. Jeanette!!!! Through my tears I am writing to say “Thank you so much for posting this beautiful video accompanied with Adam’s heartfelt song I JUST LOVE YOU” This is one of my favorite songs of Adam’s and it took my breath away when I first heard it earlier this year. Somehow, the visuals of our brave men and women on this Veterans’ Day, makes the song even more profound as Adam’s voice reaches for the heavens. You are a beautiful person,Jeanette. I want to meet you some day just to give you a big hug for your most loving heart. Lorraine

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Agree w/ you Lorraine, wholeheartedly. Jeanette is a very loving person. I love this song as well, I play it more than others in my car.And the pics shown are special in each’s own way. The part with the US flag-covered caskets stuck out at me , for it made me think, “why?”. Why must it come down to this ? When I worked days at WM, a lot of veterens & their families would come in and I was always thinking of them. I would take the time to thank that veteran, & then I would guess which war they served, sometimes I was wrong , and sometimes I would get it right. Then I will get to hear a little bit of their story. Fascinating people & very brave too. Thank you Jeanette for the video. And thank you to all who served & is serving all around the world. PLL to our Veterans, to ADAM, & the GLAMBS!!!!!

    • Thank you, Lorraine! <<>> Hope to be able to meet you, too, someday.

  5. Thanks Jeanette,

    This is a beautiful tribute to OUR BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN WHO DEDICATE THEIR LIVES TO KEEP US ALL SAFE….and “I Just Love You” song by ADAM is so beautiful…it gives me the chills….


  6. WELL DONE, MISS JEANETTE, and so apropo for this solemn day. We celebrate it in Canada too as Remembrance Day and today I saw the largest turnouts all over, compared to past years.

    As puteri says above, we really need to appreciate our free lifestyles we have here, thanks to the brave men and women.

    Adam’s song is perfect for this!! THANKS!! and hugs!!


    • I agree, Terry. As another Canadian, it saddens me each time I hear that another of our brave men and women serving in Afghanistan and other parts of the world has died. Two years ago, a section of one of our major highways here in Ontario was renamed ‘Highway of Heroes,’ Thousands gather along the 172-kilometre stretch of Highway 401 between Trenton and Toronto every time a convoy carrying the body of a dead soldier travels that final homecoming route. It has become a place of reverence, sorrow and pride and never fails to make me cry. A lovely song has been written about this; however, Adam singing I Just Love You is so beautiful and very fitting to the occasion. Thank you for another reminder of those who have given their lives for all of us.


      Glamb #20

  7. Tori Pearce says:

    A beautiful moving tribute…as a military member taking care of the selfless heros that come through our hospital, I see every day what these young men and women must endure. It’s always great to hear and see these musical tributes. Thanks for your support!

  8. Being the wife of a military man (now retired after 23 years) this video brought back many memories of the sadness of his ship pulling out for a deployment ( I remember sitting in my car after the ship left for a 6 month trip crying so hard I couldn’t drive home ); the fear of where he might be going on a moment’s notice (“Honey, wash up all my underwear and socks and no I can’t tell you where we are going”); and the absolute joy of those reunions ( the pictures of the faces of our 5 kids when their Dad finally came home are some of my most wonderful memories). We have so much to be grateful for! When Adam went out of his way to visit the base at Miramar and sing the Anthem he had my heart forever. Thanks to whoever made this video; this remains one of my favorite Adam songs; his unmatche ability to convey emotion is beautiful – this stripped down version of a love song is one of the best things he’s ever done! I am still crying – think I’ll go give my old warrior a special kiss and hug right now.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Please let him know that I & everyone appreciates his bravery, his service to our country. Thank you Mary-Ellen Marsh’s husband, thank you sir.

  9. Thank you so much for putting this song together with this tribute. I love this song and was re-watching it with the skating when I saw this link!

  10. Thank you, what a beautiful tribute to our Military! Watching this gave me goose bumps, brought tears,
    a whole lot of emotions. My oldest brother served in Vietnam and he has since passed away.
    Adams song being played was spectacular how appropriate. Here’s to prayers for peace in the world………. No more wars but love and peace!
    Thank you to our Men and Women of the Military for what you do!

  11. AllaboutAdam says:

    how to download and record???? I’m not tech-savvy at all! HELP!

  12. What can i say ..but PERFECTION!!! A wonderful tribute !! It also reminds me again what a fantastic voice Adam has and he doesnt need all the flash that goes along in most songs….Well done!!

  13. Thanks Jeanette. I had never heard that song by Adam before. Very beautiful. You are a very beautiful person to put all of this together for Adam’s fans. And for sure, it is so sad that wars continue …. I currently have a grandson over in Iraq. His wife and two little children wait and wonder “When are you coming home?” I pray for all the veterans, present and past, who give so much that we have the freedom we enjoy.

  14. Thank You for sharing. Marvelous!

  15. Cool video. Thanks for sharing. I found your blog while searching for something.

    I also wanted to give a plug for a site Ive been working on that helps people share songs with their friends. http://www.myradeo.com Its free, easy and there’s no account signup. Login with Facebook. Hope you like it!

  16. The song is beautiful and reminds us to pray for our men who are giving up their lives so we can be free. Remember their families waiting at home. Support them all. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to our service men and their families. Thank you Adam for singing it in your beautiful voice. lol

  17. patricia-lynn says:

    I think if this song was released on itunes it would be a hit. would love to have it in my Adam
    itunes collection! Your video is very touching, thank you! PL

  18. Thanks Jeanette – We all need to be reminded that this goes on everyday – not just on Nov. 11. I hope that Adam has a chance to see how you used this beautiful song. I believe he would be so pleased. So much emotion.

  19. Beautiful.
    But when did he sing this?

    • Mary-Ellen here; I believe “I Just Love You” was originally one of those demo songs he did for a record company. It was later used as background music during a national ice skating competition(for ice skater Nick LaRoche) other videos with this gorgeous version of the song are on Youtube. Another group actually recorded this song (Five for Fighting); but Adam’s version just blows everyone else out ot the water!

    • You can see Adam singing this at a club in LA…..forgot the name of the club at the moment. Just go to You Tube and do a search for Adam Lambert, I Just Love You.
      Mary D.

      • I am replying to my own post…..Sorry about that post….went to You Tube and could not find the performance anywhere…maybe they took it down. It was at the Upright Cabaret in LA.

        Mary D.

  20. I have loved this song since they released it a few months ago. Have been trying to download it for months. Just a beautiful and power ballad. Adam sings it so beautiful! Just beautiful.

  21. Thank you again Jeanette. This video was so moving and made even more moving with Adam singing that beautiful song…… as you said “perfect”. Our boys are along side with your boys and I sincerely wish them all much love and a safe return home.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  22. Jeannette…thank you for posting my video on your blog..I really appreciate it! I was looking over my videos today to check to see where my videos were being posted and I noticed my video on your blog. I was honored to read all of the wonderful comments by so many of Adam’s fans. I am so happy that it touched everyone’s hearts. I am loading my youtube channel site url on this blog. I have created many more videos, including many of his songs from his CD..ENJOY!




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