I Heart Radio Concert-New York City-2/15/10

On Monday, February 15th Adam was busy once again singing to a small gathering of his biggest fans at the IHeartRadio concert, sponsored by Clear Channel radio and PC Richards and Sons. To start off the night, Adam was oh-so-close to finishing his first take of Whataya Want From Me but he had to stop the show in order to ask a lady to stop talking on the phone!! “Really?” was Adams initial reaction. Yes Adam, really.

Once that distraction was taken care of, he put his heart and soul into these 5 beautiful songs. Granted, he could sing me the phone book acoustically and it would melt my heart, but still. It is such a rush to just be able to listen to that pure, beautiful voice. I will warn you ahead of time, in some of the videos it is hard to hear him over the band. He makes up for it though because there are other times when he is just talking with the crowd and he will have you laughing out loud. He has such a way with his audience, sometimes funny and sometimes flirty!! It just makes you want to be in his audience for every single show that he does!!… One can always dream…ENJOY!!


Set List:

Whataya Want From Me 1st try (Girl in the audience talking on the phone distracted Adam)

Whataya Want From Me 2 (Acoustic)

Mad World (Acoustic)



Music Again

Whataya Want From Me (3rd Version)

Whataya Want From Me (Complete 3rd version)



  1. Have already seen these, but thank you for posting, he was wonderful, as usual, Thank you again.

    • Hadnt actually seen “Mad World”or the WWFM acoustic version so Thank you again they are wonderful. The difference between Adam and a lot of thes other singers is he can actually sing beautifully, if he uses all his different looks and styles and keeps fresh and reinvents, he will be timeless.

  2. Adam actually started the show with “For Your Entertainment,” which got us all excited and riled up! (partial video by Annave47 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sakADpCLAp4) Yeah, I was there, haha. It was a dream come true!! I still can’t believe I won tickets to this thing, and got a picture with him before the show. Besides singing as epically (is that a word?) as always, Adam was so funny, sweet, and sassy, interacting and joking with the audience throughout the show. The only bad thing was the show was so short! It went by in a flash.

  3. Annsuperfan Glamb #401 says:

    Great videos!Thank you, these just made my day.

  4. Thanks Sue, The sound and visuals are perfect. I Love them ALL:0) GET NAKED ADAM:0) I LOVE IT:0)

  5. I was lucky enough to be there. Right in front of Tommy. what an incredible night complete with meeting Adam earlier in the day. I am still smiling. OMG!!!!

    • Jennifer tell us more Please!! Your meeting and the Show!!

    • delibel (Nederland) says:

      Your licky girl

      • I was lucky enough to have won tickets for the show – the Adam gods were smiling on me – since I also was at Friday night’s show. This show was much more intimate – like 200 -250 people. I got there around 3:15ish to get in line. There were about a dozen people ahead of me on line. Sometime around 4:30 I’m leaning off the line looking at the front doors of the building and a great looking guy all in black comes walking out of the bulding waving ” Hi Guys!!!!!!” I was like – OMG OMG! That guy is ADAM!

        He actually came out, and according to Z100 it was his decision to come out, in the freezing cold to meet with the fans outside. He stopped to sign things, and take some pictures. He was so sweet and humble. He commented on how it had gotten cold with the sun going down and I remarked that it was better now that he was outside – His response – AWWWWWW! You are so sweet! Wait (thud EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!)

        I then asked about taking a picture, and even though his people were saying no – he said sure – let’s make it a group comfy shot – it’s cold out here. So, no one needs to tell me twice… lol – I wrapped myself around him and his PR woman took the shot. I wish I could share it with you all here. It now sits framed on my desk at work – this 38 year old woman, is the happiest CAMPER EVER!!!!!!!

        The show was great – I managed to be right up front against the stantions in front of Tommy. It was an AWESOME experience…. My photos and video came out great………

        I’m going to be smiling for a long time from this past weekend. (thud)

        And now the withdrawals start…… SIGH!

  6. KO's smiling says:

    LOL “Get naked!” (though I’d be OK with him just taking off those freakin jackets he wears all the time. Yeah they’re cool, but it’s hot onstage and he doesn’t need to hide that body!)

  7. Glenda #1946 says:

    OHHHHH myyyy!! I hadn’t seen this. “Fever” was so good and he was really getting into it… would like to slap that girl and her phone lol lol

  8. I was wondering why Adam doesn’t always have the same keyboardist in his band?

  9. Why does he seem a tad irritable?

  10. delibel (Nederland) says:

    Thanks for sharing this video,s .Great job again.
    The men is so unbelieveble singer so beautfull humen .Love hem for that.

    Love from Holland

  11. delibel (Nederland) says:

    There was so few people whit this concert,I doesn,t understand when you are fan and can go there,
    your so stupped to hang on your phone??????????? a wish a hundrrdtime,s I was there and go to see and hear hem in live concert.I And only listen en look to hem.There is no respect any more this days.

    He so diserve match more from hes fans,he is also das every ting for hes music that he love so match. (realy sorry for mine realy bad english.)

    Kiss from holland

  12. I was there!!!….a friend of mine won tickets and invited me…..ADAM was so incredible that night….his voice was so pure and he was so funny and personable…..He really knows how to work a crowd……It was a small initimate theater and seeing him perform up close and personal was a dream come true!……While we were standing on line waiting to get into the theater he came outside for a few minutes and signed some autographs…..He looked absolutely gorgeous……how can one guy be that beautiful!!!!…..I was really happy to see he had alot of young fans and guys in the audience the other night besides senior fangirls like me!…..I am flying out to Palm Springs next week to see him at Fantasy and can’t wait to meet my Glambert friends from around the world…..Adam has surely brought so many people together…..thank you ADAM for all the joy you give us!!!!!

  13. Does anyone know what has happened to Lisa? I miss her because she did provide some back-up vocals.

  14. What a weekend he gave us! I’m having a hard time resurfacing into reality. Thanks for the great coverage for those of us who can only dream……………Jeeeeeeeez I hope he hits Denver sometime in my life. UIMA

  15. How lucky those of you that were able to win tickets or knew someone who did!! 🙂
    I appreciate you posting these so entertaining performances. Even when I could hardly hear Adam, just to see him performing takes my breath away. I simply LOVE how “into it” he gets. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! I cannot wait until he starts touring and I sure hope he makes it to San Diego and I want front row seats!!! I want , I want, I want……………LOL. You all know what I mean! 🙂
    Adam you ROCK!!! You are so gifted, thoughtful and extremely entertaining. Thanks for being YOU! 🙂

  16. I think the 3rd version of Whataya Want From Me is absolutely beautiful. I love the way he sings it and the “echo” that sounds haunting. He changes up the way he sings it each time. He is so extremely talented. Love him.