How did Kris Allen win ‘Idol’? 38 Million Votes from Arkansas Helped

How did Kris Allen win ‘Idol’? 38 million votes from Arkansas helped

Fellow Conway, Ark., native offers perspective to disgruntled Adam Lambert voters.
This is probably how Bill Clinton won too. Except they didn’t have texting back then … and you can’t text for president, which is just inconvenient.

Full disclosure: I’m an Adam Lambert fan. A frustrated Adam Lambert fan at present, but a fan.

I’m also a Kris Allen fan.

I only waited until the end to vote for Adam because I was sure he could get to the end without me.

At any rate, Ryan Seacrest said just under 100 million votes had come in Tuesday night for the season eight “American Idol” finale.

He didn’t mention the difference between Kris and Adam.

Last season, there were 12 million votes between David Cook and David Archuleta.

I wrote about that in my “Poor Kris Allen! Wrong guy wins ‘American Idol'” lament, adding, “I’m curious about how many people really hated Adam Lambert that much.”

An Arkansas native named — appropriately enough — Dave, read my lament and offered some perspective.

“I’m originally from Arkansas, and let me tell you, they have very little coming out of the state that they can all get behind. As a result, the University of Arkansas Razorbacks athletic teams are all but a religion there–especially when they are performing well.

“During American Idol elimination episodes, my facebook feed was flooded with Kris Allen comments from friends back home. If you watched the show, you saw a crowd show up to see Kris in my (and his) hometown of Conway, AR that is pretty much the entire population of the town.

“One of my facebook friends posted a comment after Allen won saying that AT&T had disclosed that 38,000,000 votes came out of Arkansas last night.

“Seriously, it isn’t a hatred of Lambert that drove this, it’s the facts that a) everybody like an underdog, b) church-going types moved from Gokey to Allen, and c) Arkansans enthusiastically support their own. It was just a perfect storm in Allen’s favor.”

He added a nice P.S.: “An avant-garde type like Lambert needed to lose, so he could have the creative freedom he needs.”

Very true, Dave.

I don’t blame Arkansas. They were backing their boy and I give them props for that.

The 38 million number from AT&T is interesting.

He’s not the only one quoting it — it originally came from, an Arkansas news station, and was picked up by the Idol blog mjsbigblog.


Now Fox16 is reporting that AT&T is denying the 38 million votes.

To quote Fox16’s updated report as of Thursday, May 21: AT&T says, “We can’t confirm how many votes were cast in Arkansas, and we can’t comment on the number of votes for any contestant.”

Well. Wonder where they got it to begin with.

Actually, here’s more on that. From the same Fox 16 link, just added later:

“CORRECTION: Based on incorrect information provided to one of our reporters, FOX16 News reported Wednesday night, an extraordinary number of votes came in from Arkansas to American Idol. AT&T spokesman Ted Wagnon told us today, ‘AT&T does not divulge or confirm how many votes were cast in any state.’ We apologize for the error.”

I bet it was still around 38 million and someone is playing CYA.

I don’t have AT&T but I always hear Ryan saying AT&T users can text their votes, so I would think that makes things faster than trying to dial 100 times and getting through once.

Of course it doesn’t mean all of the Arkansas AT&T votes (however many there were) were for Kris, but chances are most were.

Dial Idol — where they keep “Measuring the busy signal” — has a funky map that supposedly breaks down by state who called for Kris and who called for Adam.

According to that info, New Hampshire – my state – had 600-odd busy signals on each of Adam Lambert’s three lines, getting through on each line a little over 300 times. For Kris Allen, people hit busy signals in the 400-range on each line and got through in the 200-range.

According to the same map, Arkansas got busy signals in the 6,000 range on each of Kris Allen’s three lines, getting through in the 3,000 range on each line. (Only about 600 votes total seemed to go to Adam from the three lines.)

Over on, there was a page leading people step by step to “power text” for Kris.

To quote part of the site: “Kris Allen fans can triple (at least) the number of votes by power texting. (I usually get 3000 to 5000 votes out in two hours.”


It’s now Friday, May 22 and I just got this e-mail:

“I am a student at the University of Central Arkansas in the heart of Conway, AR…Kris Allen’s hometown. There was a newspaper article that was produced today by our local newspaper basically about how people could vote so many times for Kris Allen. I’m posting the link for the Conway, Arkansas newspaper as well as an email that was sent out through the UCA listserve that basically explains step by step how these Kris Allen fans or fanatics, if you will, were able to vote so many times. I thought I couldn’t do anything about it even though I thought it was a disservice and unfair. I’m glad that I am finally able to expose the people and their obsession with being “put on the map.”

Here’s the link she’s talking about:

And here’s the e-mail she received from the University of Central Arkansas, repeating the KrisAllenNation stuff about power texting:

From: (Name deleted)
Sent: Monday, May 04, 2009 3:55 PM
To: (Name deleted)
Subject: FW: American Idol Power Texting trick for Kris

I know some of you supporting Kris Allen, a great Conway guy, on American Idol. If you’re not “into” this contest, you can delete now!
This following message was posted by Kris’s facebook account. It takes a little effort before the voting night, but it looks like it may pay off!
Here goes:
Kris Allen fans can triple (at least) the number of votes by power texting. (I usually get 3000 to 5000 votes out in two hours.) Adam and Danny fans have been doing this for weeks.
Essentially, power texting sends ten votes at a time instead of just one.
• Must have a cell phone on AT&T. If you don’t have one, you can pick up a Go Phone for about $30 at Target, WalMart, or Best Buy.
• Must have unlimited text plan.
Power Texting (note: these instruction may differ based upon which kind of phone you have!)
1. You are going to create ten contacts in your cell phone (Kris1, Kris2, Kris3, etc.).
2. Create a contact group (also known as a distribution list) and name it something like “Kris For The Win” and add your contacts (Kris1, Kris2, etc.) to the group. If you don’t know how to do that, check the manual for your phone or go to the AT&T Support Site
3. Add the voting number for Kris (570x) to each of the contacts. At this point Kris has two numbers, so you can alternate – five contacts get the first number, five contacts get the second number. Do this during the show before the voting starts.
4. At the end of the show, send the message “vote” to your “Kris for the Win” contact group. This sends the message to the ten contacts at once. It will take a couple of seconds more than sending a single contact.
5. Now, resend or forward the same message to your contract group over and over for the next two hours.
Super Power Texting
Get a second Go Phone and have ATT give it a number on the opposite side of the country from you. This will let you vote for two hours in Eastern Standard time and then for two hours in Pacific Time.

(Name deleted)
Graduate Assistant
Financial Aid
University of Central Arkansas
McCastlain Hall, Room 002

 I’m sure Adam Lambert fans were doing the same thing. Just not enough of us, I guess.

According to our friends at Wikipedia, the 2008 population estimate for Arkansas is 2,855,390, making it 32nd out of 50.

So, as Randy Jackson might put it, those dawgs worked it out Tuesday night.

California, for shame! Where were you for Adam Lambert? For me, for you? Not cool.


  1. im the first!!

    • Let us face it, our idol is too complicated for young kids, if our Idol’s first tour will be at Disney land , unfortunately most parents now, the same as from earlier generations, were informed as they grew up that children specially males are not supposed to have eyeliners. How were you taught by your parents about men or a boys using eye liner….? Can there be a new revolution…? I hope that someday more and most people would look and appreciate a person more of their character and talent rather than just by their appearance…….

    • AdamAddict says:

      And I’m the runner up! Runner up is more awesome!!
      No,just kidding,I’m way back. I was like Jorge! LOL!! Or Jasmine or Micheal or whoever!LOL!!

  2. On Kris Allan Nation website shortly after the contest, I saw they were boasting 105 people got in over 450,000 votes. That is over 4,000 votes per person.

    • As I was telling my friends in Los Los Angeles, the way Kris Allen was depicted, he seemed like a representative of Arkansas which is a state in USA while our Rock Immortal Adam was described as this person from San Diego, a city in USA.
      My other friend said that maybe people there Arkansas are more unified majority of them were bounded by the Catholic faith where as in California there is so much diversity in their creed/beliefs as much as most religion does not fully embrace a person if their orientation is different from a man or a woman.
      I hope you agree with me on this that the reason why so many articles/speculations/conspiracy came up in/on the internet as of why “Adam lost to Kris” is because clearly, our Idol out performed the Kris vocal wise and talent wise. But if America saw Kris as some one who came very close to Adam’s level, there will be no further discussion.
      As Paula Abdul said “You (Adam) will be an icon……”
      Our Idol Adam being compared to legends who made history is far greater that Kris being compared to some current performer who most likely be forgotten tomorrow.

  3. I would agree! California, where with you?
    Anyway let’s not blame or pinpoint anyone. It happens already.

  4. Well, we have done our part as Glambert’s but i guest it is not enough. I thought about that idea as well. In our case here in the Philippines, we also have unlimited texting by our own mobile provider. In terms of number of votes through text, it will really help. But then, I also thought that gizmo and the landlines are convenient for americans that is why I did not open it up. If I only knew, then i should have told the rest

  5. MsWrite says:

    Thank you for that accurate and clear-headed analysis. I’ve been trying to communicate the same since Wed. Bottom line: it’s not a conspiracy theory or that “America” wanted Kris more than Adam, of was an organized, consistent, cocerted effort from Kris fans. I say more power to them. We tried, but they succeeded. That said, no one puts Baby in a runner-up corner. He rules, but both are awesome.
    Go Kradam!!! However, Adam will rule the world. And I can’t wait.

  6. Indira/Venom says:

    yeah, we must move on. Now we gotta make sure that Adam would sell as much as albums as possible, his concerts would be filled and his name (with good image) would always become the headlines of the biggest media in the world.

    For Kris Arkansans’ fans or anyone who voted thousands of times for Kris (for whatever reasons you have, whether you genuinely like Kris, or you just hate Adam because he’s gay or because he ‘screams’ a lot) : Congratulations, your hard work paid off. Let’s just hope that 38 millions votes out of less than 3 millions population, would turn into 38 million copies of sales of Kris album (if that EVER HAPPEN).

    • AdamAddict says:

      I’m thinking the same thing.Go buy 4000 copies Kris album for each person! LOL!!

  7. My daughter said a year from now everybody will forget Kris but Adam is going to be a superstar. Kris is somebody you will remember for only a short period of time. Tons of singers are there who are like Kris but Adam is unique and you can’t forget him.

    ADAM WAS PERFECT, and week after week he was #1, so why don’t culmulate ALL THE VOTE from all the episode SEASON 2009, and see who get the best result.
    Well same rules should apply to voting ! I WILL SPEED THE PETITION

    I will support this petition.

  8. On a separate note, I do not know if you would agree on me. But I agree like the version of Adam in No boundaries than Kris. I even memorize the song. Can you donwload it in I tunes? the kris version is now outselling in i tunes. Do you want that to happen? Now download guys

    • yes, let’s support Adam’s version of No Boundaries. it is currently @ #15 in itunes while Kris’ version is at #1. let’s make Adam’s #1…..please buy his song….

      • AdamAddict says:

        Thanks to this awesome websites, now I know Adam also released “No Boundaries” single. I thought that song goes to Kris since he won! Very glad to know!

  9. What I meant is “I like the version of Adam in No Boundaries”.

  10. Kirara1987 says:

    I dun think Adam Lambert is a loser at this point..To me, and the rest of the world, he is the real winner, regardless what America thinks. I was so disappointed at his lost at first, but realized that the rest of the world feels the same way too.. We all feel that Adam do deserve the title and NOT KRIS! So, I think we should celebrate the day he was not crowned the AMERICAN IDOL and gave him a new title: WORLD IDOL!

    Anyone with me?

    • Absolutely!! Adam is an international Idol while Kris is just an American idiot…oooops! I mean idol..lolz!

      • As I always said, you throw a stone & would probably k.o. dozens of Kris on the street!!

    • Yep!! exactly!!
      Like people said: Kris just AR’s idol

      • AdamAdmirer says:

        Agree — Kris is Arkansas’ Idol, and according to the article above, he is also the AT&T TEXT POSTER BOY!

        I’m so glad Adam is not that – he is too good for that show and their unfair voting procedures; however, we do need to be appreciative that he tried out, so now the world knows him as their Idol – THE WORLD’S IDOL !!!

    • Evelize says:

      Yes, American Idol is not big enough to carry on our ADAM. He deserves more than that. ADAM is already a WORLD IDOL AND A WORDL ICON. He is THE BEST, THE NUMBER 1 AND FOREVER WILL BE A WORLD SHINING STAR !!!

  11. Barry Wendell says:

    Who gives a crap about American Idol ,or anything from Fascist Fox for that matter? Adam has a great future, he is an amazing talent. Kris Allen is talented also, but winning on Idol is not going to give him the career that Adam will surely have..

  12. hine100 says:

    Well it would help if they made the downloads available to internationals.

    • Adambob says:

      yes, i need to go to HMV (in HONG KONG) to buy an iTune Gift card.. ( i think that’s what they called them), it’s like buying credits… and you can use those on itunes and buy music internationally.

      Definitely going to do this this week and buy all Adam’s song :p

      Which country are you living in? post it here, others might be able to give you ideas

    • Damn right!! they’re only available in US inland only, we outsiders don’t have a chance!!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Mala post this, I just copy and paste it here,

      Buy Adam’s songs on itunes. Found this post on AI Forum:

      You can buy his songs outside US.

      “First you click on the iTunes Store and then scroll to the bottom. Under “My Store” you select “United States”.

      I buy US ITunes giftcards from ebay. They email you within minutes a code. Copy that code and click ‘Redeem’ in the upper-right section of the US store. Enter the code you copied and click on “redeem”.

      You’ll get a sign-in request, but click on “Create Account” and follow the remaining steps.

      You can use any U.S. address. I think I entered the address of a McDonald’s in a taxfree state

      Select “None” as the payment method.

      You can start downloading ‘

    • Yes I agree! I’m from South Africa, and there are no American Idol items in the South African iTunes store. I think it has to do with copyright issues. So sadly I can’t buy any of Adam’s songs or videos, and I wanted to buy them all!

  13. I live in California. I got in 235 regular telephone calls that night, mostly on the 5703 number.
    We did our part. I have been calling in always for Adam first, as many as I could get in, and for Alison and Gokey until they didn’t make it. Phone lines were open for >4< hours the last night we could vote, not 2. Many people got the time line to call in wrong. The last two hours I had no trouble getting through at all. So there.

  14. silvanus says:

    It was a splendid surpirse to know that Kris Allen won the competition. Me and my friends were watching television and crossed our fingers, praying and hoping that Lambert could and would have win the Idol but sadly, we were worng. We were devastated. What happens to Lambert’s fan? Gosh… we were torned-apart. Why don’t American Idol includes/add in/get more votes from ASIA countries. At least, we can also participate in voting for Lambert. He’s such a miraculous singer. He can sings from low notes to high notes. He can rock every songs. Every songs came out from him was BRILLIANT.

    • AdamAddict says:


  15. annadambomb says:

    What is up with American Idol? I think the voting system needs to be revised with some type of scoring system along with fan votes. iTunes sales and other factors should also be considered because if you are really a fan, you will buy your favorite contestant’s music and videos. The judge’s critiques should also be a factor because of their expertise and they should be able to give a percentage toward the total score. Factors such as vote for the worst, stadiums filled with fans that were given (free/borrowed) phones to text for one contestant, and using technology that sends in multiple votes is not a true representation of America’s democratic voting process.
    Year after year, American Idol has awarded the title to the wrong person. And year after year, contestants that did not win the title have become more popular and sold more albums than the winner! I have watched American Idol for eight seasons and this was the first year that I have voted, downloaded music and videos from iTunes, and bought American Idol concert tickets, all due to Adam Lambert. I want to thank American Idol for giving us the very best season so far, and to thank Adam Lambert for his huge contribution in making it the best season ever!
    Adam will sale more music than other contestants and will be a global sensation! He will win various awards and receive the recognition that he truly deserves, just wait and see! His fans are diehard fans and we are going to support him way beyond Idol. We are disappointed in the final results, but we all are thankful for American Idol for giving us a World Super Star!
    This is fact and not a rumor! On Wednesday May 24, 2009 an article written by Jennifer Christman & Laura Stevens was published in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette which stated:
    “In Conway after Tuesday’s performances, fans at the Estes Stadium watch party took out wireless phones and started making calls and firing off text messages – some voting on their own devices and others on phones borrowed from AT&T, which supplied about 50 display units and representatives to teach multiple “power texting.” AT&T also made about 30 phones available in a “texting zone” at a watch party at the Peabody Little Rock hotel. … A table of outlets and power cords was available at Estes Stadium for those whose batteries ran out of juice.”
    Also stated, college students who never watched American Idol were encouraged to participate and indeed volunteered their time in the voting process by texting for hours!
    We know who really won and it will be proven by his success. Just check the forums of millions of post compared to the post by the other contestants. Adam Lambert has more downloads, more Google searches, and a larger fan base than any contestant on American Idol. We as fans need to continue to embrace him, support him by purchasing all of his music, and to follow him with support through his journey to iconic stardom.
    I am very angry and not pleased with the way American Idol handled the final results but because of my love for Adam, I am going to have to let it go. This is not Kris’ fault. Kris truly is a great all American guy with talent and we should not bash him. Adam would not want us too. This is a powerful statement that Adam gave right after the results:
    “We are seemingly so different but we found a way to get along and found a common bond mostly through music, but also though talking and getting to know each other. And if there is anything that can come from this experience that I hope that all the fans out there can pick up is that, if you are really different, there is a way to get along with each other. …it’s about finding the common stuff that makes it work. If there is anything that we can take away from this, it’s like, bringing you guys together is what our goal was, not to separate you.”
    Throughout Adam Lambert’s American Idol journey, he has been the representation of a man with great character, exuberant showmanship, and superb talent! While Kris may be crowned the American Idol, Adam Lambert is our American Icon!

    • Evelize says:

      BRAVO !!! I agree with every word !
      Our NOT American Idol any more, but WORLD ICON will ROCKS the GLOBE.

    • I have been very upset that Adam did not win and how someone so inferior in talent like Kris could!! And now it makes sense after reading about this power texting. Very unfair–I , too, tried to vote for hours via phone with continuous busy signals. Maybe this should be run like Dancing with the Stars where limited amount of votes are allowed per phone. That way, a true total could be achieved and also the judges voting, too. The fix evidently was in and I agaree, Adam will really be something great and we won’t even remember dorky Kris–he will go the way of Taylor Hicks.. To me, he is nothing special but Adam sure is….

  16. Who cares about that lame song No Boundaries. That song fits for Kris which is BORING.

    • we know that song doesn’t suit Adam but we are here to support him no matter what. It is currently at #15 and Kris’ version is at #1. do we want that to happen? Please buy Adam’s version to help and support him whether we like the song or not. it will only cost you .99 cents….

      • AdamAddict says:

        That’s right,even though you don’t like the song about mountain and hurricane,let’s support our darling Adam,guys!

        I heard ouside US also can buy it from I Tunes,right?
        We keep saying can’t wait to buy his CD,let’s do one step at the time. Now,buy his single “No Boundaries” Maybe DREAMSOUND can help all people here know that they actually can buy his single even outside US. Post it in big page! I haven’t yet but I will. I promise!

  17. Arianna says:

    I’m also dissappointed that Adam didn’t win AI, but look at the bright side, at least now he’s got more freedom to put himself out there and now that everybody knows who he is and what he is capable of, i’m sure there’s alot of big record company who wants to buy Adam from Jive/19E or maybe waiting in line to snatch Adam as soon as he’s done with Jive. I would love to see Adam become the next big thing, wanted by all the Hollywood music/movie makers!

    By the way, any news of when Adam’s first album will come out? I can’t wait!

    • AdamAddict says:


      • Arianna says:

        haha, buy some for me too! good to hear Adam is free to do whatever he pleases to rock the world! hail King ADAM!! We’ll be his back bone, support him all the way!

  18. Arianna says:

    And Kris, lets just hope the hundred millions of people who voted for him, support him throughout the years, they better make sure they buy his CD when it came out and watch him sing, and not just voting-fans only hehe, ya know what i mean.

    • AdamAddict says:

      I’m thinking the same thing.Go buy 4000 copies Kris album for each person! LOL!!

      • AdamAddict says:

        This season was the highest votes that came in but the lowest rated,right? Hmm,okay!!??





    • I agree with you. Past is past, let’s move on. let’s make Adam very successful starting with the new song No Boundaries. let’s make it #1 (it is currently at #15, Kris’ version is at #1). Please buy his song…it costs only .99cents. please please please buy this song….

      • AdamAddict says:


    • Im thinking the same thing 😉 we should really start a campaign to help Adams single.I mean Kris is beating him only becouse he has his single on the front page of itunes and millions of ppl dont know that adam released that same single ;/ I dont see any other reason cuz kris’s version sure isnt better than adams

  20. Smokin' Joe McCarthy says:

    If you politically correct little twerps represent the future generations, we are so doomed. I have never heard such moronic tripe. “Some didn’t vote 4000 times for Adam, they must be gay haters” and “Who card about facist Fox”

    You all probably don’t even know what facism is, you probably LIKE communism, and if you are old enough (this is SCARY) you probably voted for Obama 4000 times through ACORN.

    Get a life.

  21. I think the excessive voting by Kris fans have belittled his success, he can’t feel to good about his victory because of it, he might walk around feeling like a fraud and that would suck for him being placed in that position. I want to know the complete vote distribution on the final night!

  22. mishelle says:

    I bought the song. And i always thought he sang it best.

  23. mishelle says:

    Of course i meant Adam.

  24. I live in NZ, and American Idol is very popular in our country. Very disappointed Adam did not win. If it was a global vote, Im sure it would have gone his way.
    Anyway, Queen is likely to take him on and he is only going up from here on in.
    Bless him and hope he goes far in his career.

  25. AdamAddict says:

    I just watched in youtube where Adam’s driver trying to get away from paparazi.That’s not a nice thing to see. Why the driver just ignore them? He putting Adam’s life and whoever in that car including his own in danger!
    Just ignore them,MR! You scaring me. No speeding please!
    Should I remind you with Princess Diana tragic? Please be careful!

    P/S:I’m going for holiday for 4 days.I’ll miss this websites,because we talking about 1 same interesting topic,Adam. So basically I’ll miss Adam. LOL!

  26. If this method of voting was actually used to give the title to Kris then I hope his fans will be there to suffer the consequences. What goes around will come around and I don’t think Adam fans will be the ones to give it back to them. If anything they caused more harm than good. They did not hurt Adam in the least. They basically reversed the outcome of the votes. Adam is being treated as though he won and Kris came in 2nd. Surf the net-it clearly proves who has won the hearts of the world.
    For all of us Adam fans, this is the best thing that could have happened.

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      Sandy, a great point you made. I agree 100%. Kris fan’s basically cheated and it’s unfair to vote excessively for someone who is clearly NOT an idol-type. I’m sorry, but I understand people trying to give Kris some credit by saying he is talented, but there is no comparison to Adam’s voice with his five-octave (or more) range. I’m not a singer, but whatever they call it in the biz – Brian May (of Queen) said it best – that is some instrument he has!

      Also, the way Adam is being revered in the press, it’s so obvious that the voting has no basis and does not indicate the true winner – which is ADAM!

  27. Brazil loves Adam!!!! He is the best!!! Poor Kris!!!!

  28. kathy54 says:

    Hi, anyone out there from the thread that was taken down yesterday? The one that was talking about the Arkansas voting debacle?? Just wondering. Would love to talk to any of you again.

  29. kristel says:

    i agree that adam is certainly a world idol while kris is just an american idol. most people in the world doesn’t want to eat ice for lunch, (as simon said of kris’s performance). kris is very forgettable and he does not have the healthy attitude for a superstar! even when he was announced as the winner, he didn’t show enough confidence for me. i don’t think he can carry the weight of the responsibilties of being the american idol. while adam is breezing thru it, obviously.

  30. kristel says:

    yes, adam’s vesion of no boundaries is better than kris’s. kris didn’t hit those high notes, i tell u.

  31. Adam will be HUGE.
    American idol will never see another singer like him.

    Fans From Brazil!!

  32. well is doesn’t matter now .. adam really don’t need any title to raise he is a very unique great artist who will blow everyone’s mind once he release his album and i can’t wait to see that .. the real work is after the AI not the title itself .. so congrats Kris I think he need it more .. ADAM LAMBERT is enough mark to be successful ..

  33. NOT TRUE!!!! I am an Adam fan and was also upset about the 38 million votes form ark but AT&T denied that rumor! this website is awesome. now, it’s time to remove this lie. there are much more interesting and relevant articles about the southern bias in AI
    and homophobia:

  34. The lack of intelligence of the American Idol audience is mind-blowing. I think Kris is a talented kid who plays five instruments. He’ll probably do fairly well in his little niche. But to compare his voice to Adam’s is ridiculous. Andrea Bochelli probably wouldn’t make to the top three on Idol, yet look at the music Andrea sells around the world. I think that if Adam plays his cards right, he’ll aim for an international audience and keep America on the back burner until it grows up. Danny and Allison would be a huge hit if they teamed up together. Their voices are a perfect match in tone and the harmony would be incredible. But then, with the lack of sophistication of the American public, I could be wrong. God, get me outta here.

  35. Sheilah says:

    Kris said it himself … “ADAM DESERVES THIS!!!” after the result was announced. What does this means?!? He knew whom he’s up against and more deserving to win the title. And funny enough, every single person I’ve spoken to about the the AI S9 finale result was just as shocked as I was when Adam didn’t win.
    Anyways, I read from one of the comments here that “ADAM IS BIGGER THAN AMERICAN IDOL”. It’s not that I’m sour graping but it’s so true. Maybe that’s why they managed to make QUEEN and KISS to sing with them this season. Imagine, if Danny Gokey or Kris Allen was in final two… Do you think they could handle these big music legends?!? Perhaps NOT, right?!?
    We all know who is the real SUPERSTAR!
    ADAM! ADAM! ADAM! (Scream) just like Paisley!
    We just can’t wait for our idol’s albums, concerts and gigs in the near future!

    ADAM FANS you all ROCK!

    • Its time for Adams fans to stop being so bitter and vicious. How does it really feel when you get through trying to hurt Kris. Try to start doing something positive , think about how your acting. I am not being ugly it hurts to see so many young people so bitter . Life is too short to get so wraped up on Idol. Some things you say in life cannot be forgotton or forgiven even if we are all suppose to forgive its hard to forget. Please do not try to say something ugly back to me. I am really concerned. God Bless You

  36. Why don’t you Adam fans quit your crying and accept the facts. I think before you keep spreading false statements you need to check with AT&T and they will tell you they never said Arkansas voted 38 million times. Because of Idol they cannot say how many votes came from any of the states. Arkansas has 2 million people in the state. That includes Elderly, middle age, young, kids, babies, those who are sick in hospitals and all the people who do not even watch or care about American Idol. Use your calculators and see if you can add this up. How can 38 m. votes come from Arkansas. They didn’t – check with AT&T and get your facts right. America voted for Kris because he has a wonderful voice, can play several instruments and writes music. Face it Kris is what a definition of an Idol is not Adam. Idols are what you look up to ,their talent as well as their personal life. So quit hurting Adam, he said on Larry King last night he doesn’t want the degative dissussions. Kris Allen is the American Idol

    • Arianna says:

      We’ve accepted the fact that Kris Allen did won the show that nite, but just won the show and votes he did, i don’t idolize him the way i idolized Adam. He is our real idol, the one we look up for, try to imitate, try to inspire from, admire and respect wholeheartedly, our creativity light guide, is the one and only, Mr. Adam Lambert

  37. lagenii says:

    I have visited both Adam’s and Kris’ official sites at different times and there are always 500+ fans on Adam’s site and always only 100+ fans on Kris’ site…

  38. I am crushed Adam didn’t get his well deserved win!

    So what I am hearing is that those Arkansas voters got to vote during Eastern and Pacific time?? Sneaky….and NOT fair to the rest of America who stayed tune till the end, thinking it was going to be an honest crowning!

    “Get a second Go Phone and have ATT give it a number on the opposite side of the country from you. This will let you vote for two hours in Eastern Standard time and then for two hours in Pacific Time”.

    I hope Arkansas is happy…they worked hard finding ways to cheat to give their Idol a crown he feels he didn’t deserve!

    Arkansas…… you can’t stop Adam from being the super Icon he is meant to be! Cheaters never really Win!!

  39. Arkansas is .875% of the American Population. 100 million votes cast on Wednesday in total, one could reasonably expect 875,000 votes or maybe twice that amount since it’s his homebase or even triple..but that’s only 2.6 million on…

    “American Idol” had 22,710,000 million viewers or 13% of the American Population (306,518,592) on Tuesday Night according to Nielsen = it averages out that each viewer cast 4.4 votes for a total of 100 million votes (this includes speed dialers). If not the 13% but the 100% of the Population of Arkansas, every single resident no matter what age whether they liked the show or not.. (2,855,390) voted the average 4.4 times which includes speed dials..that would come to 12,563,716 – 26 million short of that 38 million.

    Is anyone seeing a math problem? I do.

    • Yes, there is a problem with the math. The problem is called “instant text messaging”. While the average viewer is trying to fight through the busy signals to vote, someone is powertexting 10 votes every 10 seconds or so. The text messaging doesn’t have to go through the slow bottleneck of the phone system and so a single person can literally send thousands per hour. Even without resorting to powertexting, a practised texter can probably manage 15-20 per minute or so. So the big problem here is that a small number of people can have a very disproportionate influence on the outcome of the vote.

  40. Pat Rae says:

    There is an article in the New York TImes today about AT&T and how they helped perpetuate the fraudulent votes contravening American Idol rules..check it out…and YES I KNOW we should let it go but DAMN it all..he should have won and would have if it had been fair!

  41. Adam-my-Idol says:

    I can’t tolerate cheaters. I’m posting the link for The NY times article
    What upsets me themost is that we were not given the same opportunities for voting. Did AT&T cheat in AI show too? I still don’t rely in AI show voting system anyways

  42. We Adam fans should strenuously protest the results because Adam did not lose but was beaten only because a corporation decided to take sides.

    An article posted on’s homepage May 26th confirms what Adam fans had suspected all along — that he was robbed. The article states, “AT&T…might have influenced the outcome of this year’s competition by providing phones for free text-messaging services and lessons in casting blocks of votes at parties organized by fans of Kris Allen…” Meanwhile, “[t]here appear to have been no similar efforts to provide free texting services to supporters of Adam Lambert…”

    WTF! If that’s not cheating, then I don’t know what is. I like Kris and think he is a nice guy and that he does have talent. But Adam is much more talented and many other people — including notable musicians like Smokey Robinson — also thought so.

    What the Fox network should do is acknowledge this abuse and declare that this year there will in fact be two American Idols. That’s the only way to make up for this travesty and for the show to reclaim some of its integrity.

    Come on Adam fans, are you with me? Let’s raise hell with Fox and AT&T!


    Check out the link…Today on the front of Yahoo! AT&T May Have Swayed Idol Outcome to Favor Kris Allen

  44. I love Adam. I think he should have won. He is the best singer and performer they had in the competition. I will buy his cd the minute it comes out. I think what at&t did really stinks. They need to recount the votes and let the true IDOL ADAM LAMBERT take his crown.

  45. I congratulate, the excellent message



  1. […] “During American Idol elimination episodes, my facebook feed was flooded with Kris Allen comments from friends back home. If you watched the show, you saw a crowd show up to see Kris in my (and his) hometown of Conway, …. Finally, we’re hanging out at the top of the second page. If you make this site your home page, bookmark or link back we can make it to the first spot! So please bookmark this site (CTRL + D) and post a full link on your Forum Signatures, MySpace, … […]