How Adam Lambert Got Me Out of Jury Duty . . . Three Times!!

***Disclaimer – I’m not advocating trying to get out of jury duty. We have a much-envied and highly sought-after justice system, and I’m proud to serve. But dang it, it just worked out this way!!***

While we’re in the debut week of Adam Lambert’s awesome Glam Nation Tour, I thought it would be kind of amusing to throw this out there. All of this is true, I promise!

My first week of jury duty was in February: the week that was ending with Adam’s Fantasy Springs concert. Of course I was going to the concert! My jury duty number was 118, so I knew I’d get called in to report towards the end of the week. When I called in on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I wasn’t needed. My number would be the next called, to report on Friday. But Sue (yes, our other incredible author on the web site) was flying out to San Diego Friday, and my BFF Lila (our web site administrator) was picking her up and the three of us were supposed to head to the desert (3 hour drive) for the first of our many weekends-to-come of Glam God Greatness. So I went to jury duty that morning and rescheduled. I had to pick a week at random, so I chose the week of April 12. This would be experience #1.

So here I am the week of April 12 with 108 as my group number now. But OMG, Adam is appearing on American Idol that week as mentor and Wednesday was the performance show and Lila and I had tickets! So wouldn’t you know it, Tuesday when I called in, they said I was to report the next day. I can’t believe I did this, but instead of going to jury duty, I went up to LA with Lila, having to leave San Diego well before 8 AM to get in line early. I called the jury commissioner from line and rescheduled . . . again! This time, I chose the week of June 7. Now we have me getting out of jury duty because of Adam for a second time.

Now it’s June 7. Sorry, you need a little back story here. In between scheduling jury duty and now, I’ve also decided that I’m flying to Milwaukee on June 14 to join Sue and Ellen on their AdamTourTrek, attending both Milwaukee and Hammond’s shows next week. Sue knows Ellen through their hometown Glamb group in the Chicago area and I got to know and love Ellen at Fantasy Springs.

Back to June 7, the beginning of my week of jury duty. I was in Las Vegas last week helping my sister move in. While I was driving back from Vegas last Friday, I remembered that I needed to start calling in for jury duty that weekend. So I’m on the phone Monday morning around 10 AM, I open the kitchen cabinet to look at my calendar posted on the inside of the cabinet door, and OH CRAP!!! I was supposed to have called in that weekend for jury duty. They got smart and assigned me Group 101 this time. Of course I’d be called in for Monday. OMG – what am I going to do?? It may not sound like it, but I’ve always been a goody-goody. Oh, what has Adam done to me? Are the Jury Police going to show up at my door?!? For the heck of it, I called the recording just to see how many groups they took. Oh man, I’m saved!! They didn’t call in ANY groups!! I can’t believe my luck. I call Monday after 5 PM for Tuesday, and again they didn’t call any groups in! But my luck ran out and I had to report on Wednesday. So Wednesday morning comes and I report in at 7:45 AM. They welcome the roomful of sleepy, grumpy, patriotic citizens and tell us most cases are from 1-3 days and if we have any conflicts and can’t commit to serving for that amount of time then we need to go up to the desk and reschedule. Now, I have been called to jury duty three times before, and never have I been put on a jury. I just spent the day there waiting and wasn’t needed, so I was excused for one year. They tell us they’re only choosing jurors for 2 trials. They’ll be needing 24 people, plus a few more for alternates, right? There were at least 100 people there. What were my chances? First trial – they don’t call my name. Phew! One down, one to go. I power my iPod up and start listening to Adam. Mmmm, sounds great. Can’t wait for next week when I get to see him LIVE! Here they go, calling names for trial #2. I put Adam on pause and cross my fingers. Wouldn’t you know it they call my name!!! Oh poop – or something like that!

We go into the courtroom, meet the judge, attorneys and defendant. Then they start asking all the potential jurors (36 of us) questions. It takes forever. It seems EVERYONE in the room that day has prior experience with, or knows someone who is a policeman, customs agent, trial attorney, etc. Some are ER nurses who have to work with victims of drug abuse. Our case is involving a man on probation that was caught with a gun, ammunition, and controlled substances. It is taking forever to listen to my co-jurors name everyone in their contact book, then answer the question of whether this information will bias them. And of course everyone says “no!” They say this trial should probably conclude next Wednesday. OH CRAPPP!!!! I’m flying to Milwaukee to start my Summer of Adam on MONDAY!!!!

On our first break, I go back to the waiting room and tell the desk lady “I’m so sorry; I completely forgot that I’m flying out of town next Monday. I can’t be put on a jury.” She looks at me with that “you’re telling me this NOW?” expression. She admonishes me like a school child stating “you should have told me this earlier this morning.” I look down and say “I know. I’m so sorry.” She instructs me to go back upstairs and tell the judge. We were still on break and they call out my juror number. I go in the courtroom and it’s everyone but the jurors inside. The judge already knows I was just downstairs and says something about me not being able to serve. That I need to go back and reschedule. (At least the cute attorney smiled at me.) I go back downstairs and the desk lady asks for my badge and scans it. Then she says, “okay, goodbye.” What I don’t have to reschedule? “No, you’re done.”

So that’s it!! Yay!!! That’s how Adam Lambert got me out of jury duty, three times!! If I get another notice, of course I’ll go in. Unless it’s during Costa Mesa or Las Vegas week!!!

~ Carol Glamb #7 ~

P.S. I know I’ve been gone for a while. Some jerko hacked into my email account, loading me up with viruses and was sending spam after spam, mostly for products to give others a Glam Bulge! My computer was in the shop and I’ve had to de-install and re-install like crazy, and I’ve been out of touch. A huge thanks to Sue for completely taking over and keeping everyone filled in with everything about Adam. Sue, I love you and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. ellen #447 says:

    Awe Carol , I love you too ! We are going to have an epic week together. Remember to bring your Glitter and Strut all the way from San Diego ! Love, Ellen

  2. ElianeBrasil GLAMB#577 says:

    Hi / Oi Carol
    Welcome back.
    Tell us always your adventures . I fell closer your Adam’s group.
    I wish one day tell you my adventure do see Adam here.
    Sorry my English
    Beijos / Kisses

  3. Thanks Carol for a unique post. Wonder if the Judge would have given you a pass if you told her you were going to see Adam. I work in the Courts a lot and find most judges have a sense of humor. Just wondering if other artists have this type of following? Understandbly Glamberts are a little out there (anyway hope we are) Probably Gaga and other artists have big following. Sure the Beiber Boy has an army of teens hanging on his very existence. OMG just realized I’m a damned groupie!!! Hope to see some of my fellow groupies in No. Calif. nexxt month. Sorry I won’t be seeing Allison in No Calif shows. Guess the venue(s) over 21. Well that can’t be all bad!!! Good place to sing WII, we are all adults afterall.Lol P.S. my husband was a BIG Stones Fan. Thought he was nuts–teased him about being in love w/Mick. Understand now.

  4. Hey guys, this is sort of off subject but wasn’t sure where to put it……. is everyone requesting IIHY on the radio? It doesn’t seem to be making much headway. Let’s give it a BIG push!!

    • It really takes a while for song to be played steadily. I remember it took WYWFM a long time and now it is still playing. But yes I need to do my “duty” and request IIHY!
      I have been reading and writing so many posts it is like a full time job.

    • I heard it for the first time on XM 20’s hitbound program. I was so excited! Kara DiGuardi was hosting and she was saying to request it too to get it played regularly. I heard with WWFM it didn’t really start getting played a lot until the video came out, so maybe that’s what IIHF needs too.

  5. Carol, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do when Adam is involved! And so glad it worked out for you! I have spent a lot of time figuring out how I can , ahem…, sneak home to score tickets for various concerts at the second they go on sale, etc., and the feeling of sheer panic if I think I might not be able to get away! Even had my Adam-fan son on stand-by for the last round of pre-sales in case I couldn’t get home in time. (He told his significant other that he is pretty sure I’m possessed, not just obsessed!) No WIFI at work, so have to go home…If you had told me in Jan. 2009 I would be doing this for an American Idol runner-up I would have said you were crazy, and now apparently that crazy one is ME!!! And enjoying every minute of it, too!!!! Adam talks about his devoted and passionate fans, and guess that definitely applies to ALL of us here!!! If nothing else, makes life very interesting……

    • Hey Mary…If you are crazy, you have a LOT of company!!! LOL!!!

      • So I’ve noticed!!!!

        • Mary H (glitzylady) says:

          And just to let you all know how totally crazy I really am, I’m adding my “other” name to this one, the one I use for a couple of other sites (AO and 24/7), which I occasionally comment on. Someone said recently on here that there are A LOT of Mary’s, so maybe this will make it easier to keep us Mary’s straight (or not…) . Anyway, now you know…

  6. Adam has a hold on all of us. We might as well enjoy the ride. Can’t wait to see him in Costa Mesa and SD……..

  7. Hello Glamily! Hey this is totally unrelated to this amazing story, but I have had two wonderful things happen. First of all, a while back I was checking out some video of Adam in Holland. Hilversum to be exact. Well as it turns out my first love from 27 years ago had to move away from Canada, back to Hilversum with his family. I was 16, he was 17. We had been together for a year and were desparately heartbroken. Well seeing Adam in Hilversum got me thinking about my Michael again, and so I googled him etc etc last Saturday. Do you know how many people with his name there are in Holland? Hundreds and hundreds! Well I found him and we have been emailing ever since and have even spoken on the phone! It is truly amazing and wonderful. Thank you Adam for going to Hilversum!

    Secondly, I found my lost River Rock ticket stub!!!! Yay!!!! Well actually my husband found it. Somehow it ended up in his pants pocket. None of the 3 other people that live in my house will admit to placing it there. No matter, my precious ticket stub is now in a very safe place!!!!

    Thanks all for letting me share my two wonderful recent Adam stories!!!

    • I have my River Rock ticket stub on the wall in my office!! I plan to add my Seattle ticket to it soon although I cant seem to find my Fantasy Springs ticket….oh well thats ok….at least I have two of them. G

      reat story Carol; sounds exactly like something I’d do for sure!! Anything to not interfere with seeing Adam.

      I have a little story to tell also…..The day that Adam was coming to River Rock in Richmond BC, my mom was rushed into the hospital that day with a suspected stroke (turned out it wasn’t after all Thanks Goodness) and I ran to the hospital to see her and spend time with her in the afternoon. My sister asked her as a joke, if she feels like she’s on her last leg….to which my mom replied “no not really.” I said to my mom, if you are planning on going downhill, would you mind please waiting until at least tomorrow because the Adam Lambert concert is tonight and I’m not missing it!!!! (I was joking of course) My mom thought that was hilarious and started laughing and the moral of the story is Laughter makes you feel better! My mom was out of the hospital later and day and the story has a happy ending!!

      SEATTLE: Planning a get together on the 19th at PF Changs for anyone glambfans who are interested in coming and meeting a few of us for dinner. Let me know if anyone is interested. You can email me directly at Should be fun; I wonder what we’ll talk about !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Very funny story (glad your mom is okay AND that she has a sense of humor!)

        See you at PF Changs….so what WILL we be talking about anyway????!!!

    • The power of Adam!!!! And the power of the internet!!!! It’s all good….

      So glad you found your ticket stub, it had to turn up somewhere! I’ve had some things turn up in very strange places, with no reasonable explanation, but just thankful they did! Years ago, after a move, I realized a ring that my mom had given to me had disappeared and I felt terrible. About a month later, it turned up in a saucepan in the new kitchen! I have NO idea how it ended up there!!!

      Time to get that nightstand drawer ready….. 😉

    • Yay Char!!! Woo Hoo!!! So glad you found your ticket stub! Had a feeling it would turn up.

  8. Carol, you are a great storyteller!!! I hope Adam reads what you wrote, as he would get a
    kick out of it. He’d say something similar to what he said on Fuse about what Rod Stewart
    said of his performance. at the AMA’s. “Yeah, it’s Rock n’ Roll.”
    That was great and I’m still in awe at how you pulled it off!

  9. So glad you got off of Jurty duty. Glam it up big time. Strut for me. I doubt I will see him this year, so glam it for me. From me fellow Glamb # 534 OhSweetOne

  10. Madeline says:

    If someone predicted that I would be following or even interested in a performer I would have said , “Not on your life!” Well, now I think I know more about Adam than anyone else. But one of the best parts is being able to share this enthusiam with like people. I was at the Fantasy Springs concert, will be attending Tower Theatre in Philly and am hoping for the August 1 performance in Phoenix.
    Thanks Sue and Carol for keeping up with the news. Now all I want is to meet Mr Glitz himself.

  11. SHAR BORROSCO says:

    Hi all, Great stories.. I need your help, does anyone have extra tickets for the San Diego show?
    I need 2 for my hubby and I. We tried desperately to get tickets and they seemed to be sold out in a very few minutes. We are both crazy for Adam..Our children and Grandchildren, both tell all their friends that we are addicted.. to Adam.Too Funny huh? LOL

    • If you truly want to go and no one comes up with extra tickets, you may have to resort to resellers, such as Stub Hub. I have to admit that I have done that before, in the face of instantly “sold out” venues (River Rock) and there are tickets available for San Diego on that website. You will unfortunately pay more but will have the opportunity to see him live. Not promoting resellers, but, from one “addicted” fan to another, its an option….Hoping someone does have tickets for you to buy, tho!!! Good luck! Should be a fabulous concert, Adam’s hometown and all!

    • jaazzi1 says:

      Shar, I may have 2 tickets for sale (will know by tomorrow) email me with your contact info.

  12. Dear Carol, I opened up your last e-mail and “as per your recommendation” I clicked on the link. Now I have a glam bulge to worry about and you are telling me it wasn’t you?? 🙂

    Haha… for real now, it is good to read you back.

  13. 4 sure

  14. What a great story, Carol
    Glad you was able to get out of jury duty.
    Good to have you back!

  15. marilee says:


  16. kat23morg says:

    Hey you guys….does anyone know how the meet and greet works…does adam do it during the day/ my daughter, her friend and i are going to charlotte, nc show…we want to be at meet and greet if it is happening…also how early do we need to be there to get in front for general admission seating…?

  17. Well Carol!
    See you in Milwaukee!

  18. kat23morg says:


  19. kat23morg says:
  20. he “bussing” it all around the country? He’s in CA July 30 then in MO Aug. 8th and Pa Aug 12. That’s a bus ride across the country!! I’d like to get a map and draw out the route of his whole tour. He should buy some new awesome buses after this tour… he beter not print “Glam nation” on it cuse it won’t get very far…..
    I’m happy for you folks in AZ…