Hold On – A Halloween Treat from Adam Lambert!!

By Carol Hagey            Since May 2009

By Carol Hagey
Since May 2009

Trick or Treat! I’m placing this mouth-watering Halloween treat in all your bags! Via Twitter, I’ve just found this new(?) song from Adam Lambert. The YouTube talk says it’s from Adam’s collaboration with Nikka Costa, called Hold On. Was this part of the 40 songs Adam and team were working with for Trespassing?

Personally, I could do without the electronic jolts at the beginning, but after that, it’s more of the rock vein that many were expecting and hoping that Adam would produce when he started on his solo career. Please let us know what you think! 🙂

We can thank Twitter for all of this. I still don’t understand why some people refuse to believe that there is value to Twitter!!

So, was this a nice treat for Halloween???!!!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

JUST ADDED! We’ve got a Twitter conversation about the song from Adam and fans! Sorry for some of the reprinting of some of the comments. I couldn’t figure out how to delete the doubles. As for his comment about who’s driving the car and that the label is paying for it, I just might add that the label might stop making payments if you don’t start getting more radio-play. We don’t want that car re-possessed now, do we??!!

– @Adam1877Lambert: @adamlambert Everyone is talking about the song called “Hold On” some people say its a new single, some say it was leaked? Clarification? (:
– Adam: @Adam1877Lambert leaky leaky…. Dunno who or how. Or even the ‘cover art’ haha. It’s fun to learn about your own career via twitter lol

– @Rabi_Kh: @adamlambert @Adam1877Lambert “Hold On” is the Part of “Trespassing “? or from New Album ?? 🙂
-Adam: @Rabi_Kh @adam1877lambert I haven’t written anything for a new album YET.

– @GlamLanie: @adamlambert do you not like “Hold On”? is that why it wasn’t on the album?
– Adam: @GlamLanie I like it! Just wanted different material on trespassing for various reasons. 🙂

Adam: @jaIexxx “shiver me timber” ???

– @rsmtt_: RT @finney4: @adamlambert you should just leak them to us directly, that would be a lot easier tbh lol
– Adam: @rsmtt_ @finney4 hahaha I didn’t leak it. I found out about it being on the Internet through you all. How many times do I gotta explain?!


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  1. ElianeBrasil Glamb#577 says:

    Oi Carol,
    That’s amazing dialogues. Adam seems so surprised as us, or more than that.
    But It is always good hear his voice anywhere.

    • I too thank you Carol. I not only like the beat of the song, but what a voice Adam Lambert has! I don’t know when I will grow-up but I can’t seem to get enough of him. Loved the pic of he and Sauli. They both look so happy, There’s nothing like good love. The only thing that pops into my obsessive mind is to have them “trick or treat” me. Either will do. Stay happy you two! Love you Both

  2. cory-coral says:


  3. cory-coral says:


  4. First…everyone remember this is the new wave of music…he is not making music for older fans…like many of us….he is making music for the new generation of listeners…and to stay current and innovative…he is on the right track…I LOVE THIS SONG…LOVE ALL OF HIS NEW WORK…Adam please release a cd with extra tracks…we are dying for it!!

  5. Not my fav but then again I’m a rock girl and am still holding out hope he’ll come around one day – just one rock album Adam 🙂

  6. I love this song! Its inspirational, love the melody…guess if Its Adam its hard for me not to love. I think it could have blended in well with the album. So glad we got to hear it! Thanks Girls for sharing!

  7. TinaGlamb#645 says:

    I love it…Wish the tour would start though!!! <3 him!! 🙂


  8. Adam, We want “Hold On” on one of your albums, please, please, please, it’s GREAT, JUST LIKE YOU ARE!!!!!! Love You, Rita Norton & Donna Levi

  9. carnosine eye drops says:

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  10. offshore company says:

    It’s the kind of glammed-out, us vs. them disco stomper that we’re always wanting to hear from Adam, and it’s a hell of a way to get the album going. (The “ Another One Bites the Dust “-ish break is a nice touch, too.) Where you been hiding, Pharrell?