Hey, Adam..

More movement towards positivity? Let’s play a little game of ‘You know you are making it big in this world when..’

1. Saturday Night Live puts you in one of their skits! And even in the same scene as Robbert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. As a Christmas ornament, Mary.. Oh dear.

2. Your hairstyle is getting recognition of its own and runs in a contest for replacing Puck’s (from Glee) current hair-do! ‘The Lambert’, lol.


3. You get a (for most people outside of Japan) incomprehensible shout out in a Japanese newspaper! Feel free to try Babelfish if you want to know what exactly they wrote but as far as I decipered it was positive.

4. Random Chinese tv shows throw their random Chinese boybands at your feet only so you can give them some of your advice.. even though they obviously don’t really understand him.

5. The Chipmunks take on some of your songs and completely make them their own (as in, completely transform them):

6. Eminem gives you a shout-out in one of the songs (Elevator) of his upcoming album: “Sorry Lance, Mr. Lambert and Aiken ain’t gonna make it. They get so mad, when I call them both fake it’s!” Good thing Adam himself realizes that this means he has kind of made it.

7. Once you mention that a certain song is a favorite of yours, all comments on the video on youtube have something to do with you..


More thoughts? What other things clue us in on Adam’s success? 😀


  1. adamtastic1877 says:

    oh….so THAT’S what adam sounds like as a chipmunk lol!

  2. When Adam did a shout-out on Twitter about his brother Neal’s blog and Neal went from a nobody to an overnight sensation with thousands of readers and 99.99% of the comments on Neal’s blog were to pass along messages to Adam! How funny is that????

  3. Or how about two of the biggest female artists right now, Pink and Lady Gaga, give you songs to do on your FIRST CD??? And you do them better than they would have??? (I do love Pink and Lady G. but seriously … Adam totally blew the top off those songs!)

  4. You post a short video asking your fans to donate money to your favorite charity, DonorsChoose.org, instead of spending money on gifts for you …. and your fans donate over $250,000!!!!

  5. You know you are making it big in this world when your fans are male, female, teens, young adults, middle agers, and retirees; you can overlook all of the negativity that is thrown at you and laugh it off and you are your own person and can handle yourself with grace during tough times. You are on the cover of magazines no matter what your sexuality is and you have made a difference in the way sexual orientation is viewed.

  6. Who is singing So Beautiful?

  7. adam is in next weeks EW one of 15 entertainers of the year.He came in at #8 not bad out of 15.It really made me happy.I’m sure you will be to what do you think?He’s everywhere it’s great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The Chipmunks never sounded better than this!!!!

    People from all corners of the world have come together in their love for ADAM!

    No other entertainer/performer has ever had his bulge named before!!!! Glambulge!!!!!!

    ADAM can sing any song, including the National Anthem, and sound magnificent…..even acapello!
    No one else can do that!!!!

    A year ago, ADAM’s dream was to get his name “out there” so that he could have a musical career….
    Now he’s an international star!!!

    He can’t go anywhere without being recognized, screamed at (in a good way) and followed!!!
    His anonymity is now gone!!!

    Glam rock is back because of ADAM!!!!

    I absolutely love this guy, love his voice, looks, personality talent, laugh, smile, eyes, bulge, and
    everything else about him! I’ve never ever been this crazy over any performer before!

  9. That chipmunks thing was frickin’ hilarious!

  10. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    These are some really amazing things happening for MASTER ADAM! I love the fact that the Chipmunks are singing his “FYE” & international communities are falling in love w/ MASTER ADAM. There is MAGIC in this world afterall, & it’s all coming together because of MASTER ADAM.
    I can’t even get myself to just call him by his first name only, I have to give him a title, “MASTER ADAM”.
    Now when do you think SNL is going to have MASTER ADAM on as a guest & a live performance?
    When is MASTER ADAM going to meet the Queen?
    IMO, I would like to see MASTER ADAM, further down the road, do some sort of benefit peformance/show for the Holocaust victims & their families, this is his history. Does anyone else know how to do family tree research? That would be interesting to see how & who MASTER ADAM is relatd to?
    Well, for me, MASTER ADAM has made it big when idiots like me call in sick from work not only just to avoid it but to get on the net & “MASTER ADAM” surf! & I know I am not the only one. I promise I will never do it again! It sucks but MASTER ADAM is worth it!

  11. You make just about every “Top Something of 2009” list, from Rollingstone to TIME!!!

  12. When someone feels that they may get slapped for asking who you are.

  13. This was a great idea for Adam–hope he sees this and that it brightens his holidays.

  14. That chipmunks vid was TOO HILARIOUS!!! I needed a good laugh this morning! And I’d never seen that clip with the Chinese guys. Love it whenever I find some new footage. (New to me, anyway.)

  15. By the way, loved jaberone’s comments. Totally agree with all of them!

  16. ok, for that last bit, what’s that song that everyone loves?
    i have no idea.
    love all the other stuff, though :3
    especially the chipmunks
    best song they ever did XD

  17. KO's smiling says:

    Does anyone remember what he said on NowNextWhatever when they asked him what his favorite song to make out to was? It was something by Goldfrapp…. help! I wanna download it. PS: This is another sign that he’s made it — people trust his taste in music.

  18. waveridergal says:

    I had watched the skit and SNL and had briefly posted about it. I thought the it was hysterical! Adam, being so grounded in himself, I’de be willing to bet got a good laugh out of it too!

    This is such a great site. Again I thank all of you for your dedication to Adam and all the hard work you guys put into making the “Unofficial” site THE BEST!!!!!!

  19. nice list, thanks ..
    I guess Adam left everyone blown away this year, i mean look where he was last year, and where he is now.. only because of his talent… very very talented guy and so smart.. and yes, he changed the way people view sexual orientation, ADAM IS CHANGING THE WORLD .. anyway i think he’ll become even a bigger icone than he is right now ..
    i loved the chipmunks version by the way, very cute

  20. adamdevotee says:

    never saw the chinese vid…that was awesome, thanks!!!

  21. I notice that Wonderwall is offering a celebrity “8 glamorous nights” holiday (Hannukah) card featuring Adam. You can see it here:

    • Jeanette you’re back?? 🙂

      • No, I think I’m being mistaken for someone else. Odd to me, as Jeanette is just not that common of a name. I just joined a couple of days ago, but have been an Adam fan since “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

        • Well then welcome Jeanette to our fansite. Looks like you’ve been a silent fan for a longgggggggggg

      • Sherry K GLAMB#445 says:

        Mary C, I wish it was Jeanette! I have begged her to come back! We love her. I found her home email at anopther site and emailed her and asked her to come back. But I guess it’s a no. Sad. Can anyone tell me who is doing the main posts on here now?? Kimber, I know you have been on here since the first. Do you know which Glambs that started this site is still here? I recognize most of you! But there are a lot of new ones which is great! I look forward to a new post about ADAM each day!!!!! Seems like now they are furthur apart! Hugs to all. Helen/Canada you too! I hope to see ADAM out somewhere tonight. Sherry K

        • Sherry K GLAMB#445 says:

          Sorry new Jeanette! Welcome too! It is always nice to get new ADAM fans! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

  22. Adam you Rock!
    You know you’ve made it big when, You’re on the cover of RS magazine a week after the reality show
    you’ve platformed on is over and before a debut album is even in the making.
    You have millions of fans who love you and their worlds have been turned around for the better by
    being better people, spreading goodness and kindness and feeling so good about themselves all
    because of the inspiration you inspire us to be the best we can be!
    Your name appear on games shows. The paparazzi cant keep their cameras off of you.
    When you’ve reaped the love of soooo many fans…………….
    Love to you Adam…………….

  23. brandy USA! says:

    I love adam!!!! all his songs are awesome!! another reason u know ur famouse is if people start calling u just “adam”. instead of adam lambert!!!! i love adam!!!!!!!!! omg!!!!! i wonder if adam knows about the glambs………?