Heads Up Australia, Adam Is On His Way Soon!!!

Heads up to all our Australian followers, Adam is heading your way:
Lambert will arrive in Australia on March 4. While here he will perform on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, and will give fans an opportunity to get up close and personal with him at an instore signing at Hum on Oxford st on Saturday 6 March.

Is he also Mardi Gras bound? Well, if he has his way he will be!
Confirmed by his record label, Sony Music, for a promotional trip Down Under next week, it wouldn’t surprise if he made an appearance at Sydney’s Mardi Gras. Speaking with the Daily Telegraph, Lambert expressed his desires to be a part of the annual event:
“I’m hoping someone will ask me to do it. I’ve been told it’s a blast and it’d probably be something I’d enjoy.”
Further details regarding Lambert’s schedule while in Australia are expected to be released later today.

So start making your plans and taking time off of work so you can catch him everywhere he goes!! How exciting for Australians AND Adam. Let the worldwide party begin!!

FYI: Adam Lambert’s debut album ‘For Your Entertainment’ will be released on March 5.



  1. I’m sure all Adam’s fans down under will give him the welcome he deserves. He is such a wonderful human being with unbelievable talent. ENJOY ADAM!!!!!

  2. Congratulations Australia, I know you love Adam!!!

  3. Dianne Hill says:

    Wish he was coming to New Zealand. What’s the point in him coming all that way, if he is not going to come here too. We would looooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeee to see Adam here in Christchurch, New Zealand.

    • Dianne…I so wish Adam was going to New Zealand too. I know that you Kiwis have been so supportive of Adam. Your radio stations are always playing his music and he has such devoted fans…. You know, after the promo tours…come the concerts later on in the year….so keep your fingers crossed.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  4. Wow, he’s heading towards Asia-Pacific then! Hopefully he drops by the Philippines=)

  5. Yes, hopefully he comes to the Philippines, but I can wait . . forever . With our digital technology, I’m already experiencing Adam . . . and feel him so close. His songs reaches out so poignantly, that you can almost feel every beat of his heart. In some of his songs, you can feel the drawn – out pathos and agony he had experienced, especially in the TRACKS OF MY TEARS. In the last part here where he sang . . . I NEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeddddddddd, almost endlessly, a plethora, a series of emotions, a gamut of feelings flow through you, . . . that you’d want to come to his rescue, defense or whatever it is he needs. It draws out such a strong maternal instinct from women that even SLEZAK’s mother said, “Come to Mama . . . . ” Yes, he has such a strong presence in his songs that to me, even a physical presence can wait. But I celebrate with those, who’ll soon be seing his concert. Enjoy sisters!

  6. hey cany wait for him to arrive here in aussie land hope he gets to participate in mardi gras he would love my bets are he will love ya

  7. Bloomin Heck
    he comes down here and 1..im working
    2….he is in Sydney, is he coming to Melb?
    and 3…i garrentee i will not be able to see him

    • Kell …..Adam is going to Melbourne. I don’t know the details. Try phoning Sony Music or contact
      SSO Media (03) 9008 6162 (Site MAnager- Melbourne).

      This is such exciting news. I am trying to see if I can be in the audience of SYTYCD …but I definitely will be at HUM on Saturday. Any other Aussie glambs going? Rosie…are you from Sydney ?

      Adam will miss the parade as it is on this Saturday 27/2 but will evidently be attending the exclusive party on the 6th March.

      He is going to have a fantastic time in OZ…yeah !!

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

      • hi Yvonne I am from theGold Coast so I guess I won’t get to see him either but if anyone has any knowledge of him coming here or brissie let me know. I hope he has the best time here and he picks up heaps of fans so then he might tour here. I would love to see him perform live.

      • OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! The glitter is now starting to fall over the Land Of Oz!!!!!!
        Yvonne, hope to catch up with you at HUM ……….We are flying in!…………….
        The Master is arrriving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • …By the way, How about you guys in NZ? Will any of you be flying over?

          • Glamaus…How will i know you ???? Here is my e-mail address… yvocha@bigpond.com

            Love, Yvonne (Australia)

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Hi Glamaus, no this Kiwi won’t be coming to Oz for two reasons, first I don’t have a passport (I must do something about that) and second I am broke at the moment. I bought a new computer at the beginning of this year and it is keeping me penniless, will have to do something about that too.

            I do hope you girls have a great time though and I do hope you meet up with Yvonne, you will have a blast together, and when you meet him don’t forget to tell him he should hop across the ditch and come and see us in CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND, and not just go to Auckland like so many do.

            • I saw an article on adamlambert24/7 asking if anyone wanted to meet and greet Adam at Hum. I’m not sure of the details but if you go to 24/7 you will find them.
              Have fun!
              We will miss Adam while he is away!!!

            • Dianne..e-mail me please!

              • Dianne, train of thought gone with a thousands people talking here all at once! Meant to say, Send me your e-mail or do it via our friend Yvonne.

          • Would LOVE to cross the ditch to see Adam but unfortunately like Dianne I don’t have a current passport! Will be keeping in close contact with my friends in OZ though – a couple are huge fantards as well. Bummer, if I’d had known about it sooner I might’ve been able to get my shit together & get over there!

            • Dianne Hill says:

              Hi Sha, it is great to see another Kiwi on this site. What part of NZ are you from? Hopefully when Adam starts touring with concerts he will come this way to NZ and he better come to Christchurch and not just go to Auckland or Wellington. I would love so much to go to one of his concerts.

              • Hi Dianne!! I’m a Westy from West Auckland and have LOVED Adam since his audition on AI. I visit this website from time to time (just found out I’m Glamb # 477 – wooo hooo!!) Crack up at some of your posts – you are a true fan!!
                I agree – it would be nice if Adam somehow managed to tour both our North and South islands one day as his music seems to be selling rather well here…. can you just imagine the excitement it would create! Thinking about seeing Lady Gaga when she plays here, not because I like her but because Adam does (and she wrote him a cool song).
                No doubt will see you here again, fellow Kiwi!!

                • Dianne Hill says:

                  Hi Sha, I too have been a fan since I saw Adam in the auditions. Up until then I had been saying that Idol will never find anyone as good as David Cook, well the moment I saw Adam poor David got dropped like a hot potato.

                  I love Lady Gaga now and it is all thanks to Adam. I just love her CD The Fame Monster, she is really cool.

                  I hope you have been watching some of Adam’s performances at Fantasy Springs, I have to say I have fallen in love with him all over again after watching WLL. I can’t stop watching that clip, he just does my head in.

                  It is great that Adam’s single WWFM was No 4 on our Top 40 last weekend. Cool, I hope it keeps on climbing. I love that we are playing his songs on our radio stations.

                  • Hey Dianne!!
                    I know what you mean about that acoustic version of WLL!
                    It’s like the sexiest thing I’ve seen in a looooong time.
                    I practically had to mop the drool off my keyboard!
                    Just seen a promo on TV3 tonight & Adam will be on Campbell Live sometime this week.!
                    I really hope that John Campbell asks him some intelligent questions, not the same old Gay & AMA stuff…
                    LOVE hearing Adam on the radio, surely his album must go gold here soon.

  8. Yvonne thanks for sharing your info xx
    – we brits understand that he will be in UK from the 20th March for about a week- do you know if he will call here on his way back from some place ? i’d like to know where he will be appearing so i can plan days off work and means to get to London or where- ever..
    i asked a similar question on here a few weeks back but lost the thread.
    Anyone know the Sony publicty no. here in U.K ?

  9. One of these countries is just gonna keep him ….. he’s so darn CUTE!!! Can’t wait for something that comes close to Denver. UIMA

  10. Judy Lushman says:

    Thanks Sue and all the gang that run this site for posting these great upcoming events. We miss seeing something new on here every day

  11. YAY… I’ve been waiting for more news on Him coming here to Oz!!!! Thanks for the info, Sue, keep us updated as to his whole itinirary as I’m in Melbourne, hope he’s coming here but I’m considering the trip to Sydney :). XOX Lucy.

  12. GLAMB#577 ElianeBrasil says:

    Oi/ Hello
    AUSTRALIA… wait just for few days…..
    Guess what? Here in BRASIL CD just came 15 days ago…and I bought my second one.
    You Will be glad for buy it.
    Beijos /kisses
    (Sorry My English)

  13. hi,everyone.can anyone tell me,whats going on ?i heard that adam talk about susan boyle and something about his sexuality.is this big scandle?because adam twitts that he was misquoted.please can anyone tell me.

  14. FYI i received an email from HUM records, adam will be at their store on oxford street at 12:00 noon to meet fans and sing cd’s. i can’t wait to see him.

  15. Hi everyone and especially you all from New Zealand. I too would love… to see him down here in NZ and it would be great if he actually came with Lady Gaga, what a show that would be!! . Did you know that he has actually been to Auckland when he was younger and working on a cruise ship, so yes it is about time he came here again. And it is great to hear our radio stations playing his songs, I love the whole CD too. I do think he will come here one day, so save your money girls and get ready.

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