Happy New Years!! Top 10 Memories of 2009


Thanks everyone for a great year.

Below are the top 10 Adam Lambert memories of 2009 according to a fan. Keep in mind some of the upright cabaret and Ten Commandments memories were from previous years and not during 2009.



I will be entering 2010 tonight at Pechanga Casino in Temecula, CA along with David Cook 🙂 Too bad Adam’s New Year’s performance won’t be televised (we might get our hands in some footage though). What are you doing (or did you do) for New Years eve?

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    • Hi, we went to dinner with friends and then to a NYE party. Had a lot of fun. Home now, its 3 am and waiting for any live cast of
      Adams show, cant wait I have a feelin he is gonna be wild 2 night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’ll be at home with the kids and him…. next year will be better, I know it…..

  3. ellen #447 says:

    Want to wish a very Happy New Year to all of the Glambs! One year ago we had no idea what we were getting into. Now we have new friends and have been taken on a journey which no one expected. Adam has awakened the inner teenager and Rocker in a lot of us. Want to thank all of you that have put this site together and worked so hard this last year. Looks like we will get to see the New Years concert tonight streaming from LA. Even Adam’s brother Neil will be streaming it from his phone. I bet most of us could remember where every picture and video came from in the above videos. Yes it is an addiction and yes we are better for it! May we all get to meet each other at Adam’s tour this year! Love to all, Ellen

    • Ellen, I couldn’t have said it better. My thanks as well to all of you that work so hard to keep this site up and running. Happy New Year everyone.

      • Yeh, thanls Ellen, well said we are ahead of you guys here in NZ so hope you have a happy time, am thinking of Adam and keep counting backwards to see what the time is over there. By my calculations its about an hour from midnight now. Happy New Year to all my new friends and Adam fans.

  4. Ahhh! Happy New Year everyone! It has been so wonderful getting to know all of you in 2009 — I have truly had so much fun here, and hope to continue carrying the torch for Adam in 2010!

    I am being very lazy this evening and loving every minute of it. We went for a Chinese dinner earlier (although I am not at all Asian, it has been our yearly tradition for good luck in the new year.) My fortune cookie said “endurance and perseverance will pay off.” Wonder what that means?

    Now I’m sitting with a cup of hot cocoa and have snuggled in with my lap cats. No big plans, and I doubt I’ll make Adam’s 2:00 A.M. performance — somehow I think sleep will overtake me by then, so I am definitely hoping for some YouTube footage tomorrow. 🙂

    See you all next year!

    Dana, Glamb #6

    • Dana,Ive had so much dun on our fansite too! love u and all the authors who make this site fabulous as well as all the fans, whom I love to talk with and be ornery with and just plain love
      Adam with. Love to you all and Dana if you are asleep by now, sweet dreams my dear. I didnt think I would be online now, but I am, so Ima lookin forward to seeing
      Adam rock in the NY from La …….its hard to stahy awake after a night of partying but I am tryin

  5. Happy New Years to all Glamberts.

  6. Thanks for the top 10 memories video. Very entertaining!!! Don’t know about you guys but I don’t know what else I would have been doing during 2009 if Adam hadn’t entered our lives. And what an entrance!!!…He’s just the best person for this generation. He is such a role model as a son, brother, friend. His manners are impeccable and such a relief with all the burping and farting we hear these days!!! And the fans on this site seem to reflect what he represents. So cudos to all of the glamberts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year to one & all…….

  7. Happy New Year to all the new friends that came together because of “ADAM”, I don’t think that he knows exactly how he has affected us, how devoted we are to him..This coming Decade will become “Adam’s Decade” and the Decades after will belong to him also!!!

  8. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I just wanted to add my Happy New Years to all the Glambs, just adding on to what Ellen, CatEyes,Amy, Glenda and lee M were saying. I’m getting a really great dinner together. I don’t know if I’ll be up at 2:00–Maybe I’ll sleep and then put my alarm on so I can see things livestreamed. Yes, this is a great community of folks who love Adam. I love you all, love you all through Adam. So God bless and have a great new year.

  9. Never been big on New Years but this year I am staying up to watch our boy. It’s suppose to be streamed by both Adam Cast and by Neil (via Qik). It’s gonna be a great 40 minute dose of Adam!

    I agree with you Glenda. Adam really did fill a void. A void that many of us didn’t even know we had.

    Anyway, I wish a Happy and safe New Year to all. And lets send Adam all the positive energy he can handle.

  10. Happy New Year to all the Glamberts and all of those in between. Adam is well on his way to being the top international star that will rival Elvis, Michael, and Sir John. Best wishes for happiness to all of you.

  11. Thanks for a great Adam year! Looking forward to more Adam in 2010. HAPPY NEW YEAR AND THE BEST OF THE COMING YEAR TO ALL GLAMBS (and everyone else).

  12. I am not watching channel 7 tonight due to not having Adam Lambert on. How is everyone going to watch Adam at the Paramount? Would someone let me know ASAP so I can see him.

    Happy New Years to all and here’s hoping it’s a great year for everyone. Adam has a great 2010 coming up and looking forward to attending his concerts.

  13. Happy New Year to everybody here! and MANY THANKS to
    those who keep up this great site.
    I can’t tell you how much joy I have experienced following Adam
    this past year and reading all the openly honest and often
    hilarious comments here.
    Checking this site is the FIRST thing I do when I wake
    up every morning, even before coffee which is a major thing for me….
    I have never really been a big fan of an entertainer before or a sports team,
    etc. and always wondered what was the big deal. Now I GET IT.
    Waiting with excitement for Adam’s live midnight feed, just a
    few more hours, pant pant

  14. Dianne Hill says:

    Happy New Year Everyone. I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to Dreamsound and Dana and Carol and absolutely everyone who does such splendid work for us Adam fanatics. I don’t know how I would have survived this last year without you all.

    I have just bought a new computer today, buying it is the easy part, it is once you get home that the trouble begins. Why is setting up a new computer such hard work. I have lost everything (well that is not strictly true, it is all still on the old computer) getting it on to the new computer is the hard part. I hope to have it set up so I can watch/listen to Adam tonight. Please let it all work out okay, if I can’t see/hear Adam I won’t be fit to live with for a good long while.

    • Happy New Year Di. good luck setting up your new computer, we cant have you going into withdrawal. xxxx

    • Sherry K Glambert #445 says:

      Dianne, I sympathize with you about the new computer!! This is the 3rd one we have had. Isn’t it a bitch until you get the darn thing all straightened out. And trrrry to save as much as you can off of the old one!! I went to bed around 10:00 PM my time. The tube got boring because I didn’t see ADAM Anywhere.I was tired of watching Ryan Seacrest. I want to Thank all of the Glambs who do all of the work for us too! I couldn’t get my ADAM fix everday with out you! Thank-You Dreamsound and Dana and Carol.I love everyone on this board. Hugs to all. Have a great 2010. THANKS TO ALL OF THE GLAMBS! YOU MAKE MY ADAM DAY’S!! Sherry K

  15. What a time for Adam to burst upon the scene. With the economy collapsing, the war in Iraq, and everybody’s struggles to stay afloat, along came this beautiful, talented being to entertain us and give happiness, laughter, anticipation and exhilaration! Thank-you, Adam, and I thank all who are responsible for this site, for those who contribute to it, and the fellowship we have experienced in our mutual insanity.

    • Lola, I agree with you. This past year was destined to really be depressing, then the BRIGHT STAR showed up on that little TV talent show and the World came alive for us! Not since Elvis have I been so thrilled to hear a singer’s voice, especially since Adam could sing rings around any of the other icons of music from the past. I swear, that boy could sing the phone book and I’d try to be the first one to buy it! I just love his angelic and devilish voice, it is mesmerizing! I feel that we fans need to do whatever, contact whomever, write or email every person we might be able to reach to help Adam. I feel, after watching the TV coverage of New Year’s Eve, that the “Entertainment Machine” may have decided to ignore this wonderful singer strictly out of their own preconcieved notions of propriety, which we all know is totally hypocritical! We must continue to love and show that love for Adam during this somewhat trying time. Adam should have been the showcased star of the New York celebration, and I’m darn mad about it all.

  16. Adam Stalker says:

    Happy New Year Adam and everyone across America!!!!! I am watching Carson Daily on NBC this year since ABC would not let Adam perform. Sorry Seacrest…….Love you Adam

  17. Just found this new interview with Adam’s
    mom – funny and heartwarming

    • Wow, adamfan, that really was sweet. They are so natural and normal in their love for each other …… that must be what keeps this extraordinary man so grounded and courageous. Thanks for sharing what you found.

  18. Happy New Year to all my AdamFamily here.. May the new year bring you love, good health, friendship and all the glambugle you can handle… hugs to all

    • lol whoops… that’s Glambulge… sorry about that, and I’m not even drinking.. lol

      • Just watched all the video’s from Gridlock last night.. omg… Adam loves to make sure we see the famous bulge… That was a fabulous show put on by Adam and his band.. I don’t want to sound like Kimber.. ( luv u kim) but I actually got tears when I watched WLL.. OMG What a show !!!!!!! NO ONE can do a show with the energy and talent that Adam can. He looked so stunning.. Although I wanted him to throw the tailed jacket off just like he did during the tour so we could see more body… lol…. just saying !!!!! I love this man !!! I also LOVED the video from a fan that took a pic of Tommy walking over and kissing Adam on the lips in a club after the show… what a Catch for these girls to have a camera going from across the room and just by chance having Tommy walk in and go over and Kiss Adam.. priceless !!!!!! What a way to bring in the new year !!! hugs to all

  19. I love Adam’s voice, but I am disappointed in his first album. I did some reasearch, and found this info. It’s a little depressing, because I think his voice is spectacular, and one-of-a-kind, rare, and not found very often. Here is an excerpt:

    “Speaking of sales drops, let’s talk about Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment for a minute. Its weekly sales plummeted 74%, from nearly 200,000 its debut week to just shy of 51,000 in its second. If you’re an Adam Lambert partisan, you can try to spin it all you want, but that’s just bad. Did the Black Friday shopping rush factor? Maybe, but SoundScan’s overall Top 200 sales were off only 14% for the week — Adam’s were down 74%. For Your Entertainment had the biggest percentage drop of any album in the Top 200 (only one other album was off 70%). From a pure numbers standpoint, it came up more than 147,000 units short of its first week, a bigger shortfall than any other album on the chart save Boyle’s — which still outsold Adam by a margin of more than 10-to-1. His digital sales were also down last week.Adam still hasn’t found a foothold at radio, which he’ll need if he wants to have solid week-to-week sales going forward after the holiday sales season”.

    Bummer! Oh well, let’s hope for a hit sometime in the future….

    • Sherry K Glambert #445 says:

      Carolyn, I was a bit disappointed with ADAMS first CD too. I was afraid to say it. ADAM fans are so crazy about him ( Me Too) that I thought I would really get bawled out. I pre~ordered mine from Amazon.com. And it only has 14 songs on it. BOO! I really want the song 2010!! I hope someone will tell me what the heck I did wrong ordering it??? He does have a GREAT voice. I liked like 2 songs on it. “Time for Miracles””Broken Open”. Oh and I liked Music again. I wouldn’t worry too much! He has a fab voice! And I don’t think Kris Allens album did as good as ADAMS?
      Bummer! Is right. Lets see what he does next. Everything he sang on American Idol was good. Maybe it’s his people at RCA RECORDS???

  20. I wish everyone great health,an abundance of love, true happiness, prosperity and many wonderful surprises throughout the coming year!

    Hugs, Nana #1 ( Glamb #488)

  21. HPPY NEW YEAR to all of ADAM’s fans everywhere!
    2009 is ADAM LAMBERT year and it is only the start. It is a year etched in my heart for the pure joy ADAM has brought in my heart for just being himself. I thank him for the joy of his music and his beauty visually and the beauty of his heart and enlightened soul.
    ADAM, I wish you all the love, success and happiness this 2010. I thank GOD for you as His Gift to the world. I thank your parents for who you are and your good breeding. I thank you for all the joy you have given me and all your fans all over the world. I thank you for more joys to come this 2010.
    Love you, ADAM baby.

  22. Adam, wherever you are tonight, be safe and party like the rock star that you are. You have forged your own path in a world of copycats and we love you for it. You have taken us on an amazing journey we will always remember . You are unique and kind and humble and just all around beautiful. To all of my cyber buddies, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all and may 2010 bring us all things ADAM!!! 2010 will be the year of ADAM LAMBERT!


  24. LuvAdam476 says:

    Happy New Year to the entire Glamily and thank you Adam, for a wonderful adventure this past year.
    I am looking forward to 2010 like you would not believe. Everyone be safe, healthy and happy and let’s make this new year the year of Adam Lambert!

    Nothing and no one is going to stop our Legend in the Making!!:)

  25. Thank you for the mini Adam review. Adam has made 2009 a very special year and I am so looking forward to what 2010 is going to bring for Adam…as this was just the beginning.

    Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year and thank you all for your great posts and supportive and kind replies.

    Dianne….hope you have your new computer working now…need you to make us LOL.

    We had our new year celebrations well before you and in fact in 1 hour it will be already be the 2nd of January. Sydney harbour is the place to be on NYE…but I didn’t have anyone to go with this year (friends didn’t want to battle the crowds)…so I lit a few candles…put on FYE…poured myself a glass of wine and toasted myself a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Happy New Year Yvonne! May it be SUPER special for you! I always enjoy your super positive
      comments…….it’s a priviledge to know you in The Land of Oz!

      • Glamaus…you are very sweet…and the same to you, my Adam Aussie friend…HAPPY NEW YEAR….as we wait for the A

        • oops !…don’t know what happened there…but as I was saying…as we wait for the ADAM STORM to hit OZ.
          I always look forward to your posts too.

          Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Yvonne, haven’t been posting that much this last week as I have been trying to get this computer sorted. I think I am finally getting somewhere. I have transferred files from my old computer to the new computer now so at least I haven’t lost anything. I read further down that you managed to watch some of Adam’s Gridlock, Lisa was so worried because she “lost” you and couldn’t get you back. She was also trying to help me, because I couldn’t find any of the links on my old computer and didn’t have email set up on this new computer. It was not a good time to be buying a computer, I should have watied a day or two.

      I am glad you had a good New Year Yvonne, even if it was with Adam singing and a glass of wine, you couldn’t get much better company than that, now could you.

      I’m like Glamus, I love reading your positive posts too.

      Love and hugs to you Yvonne.


  26. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Good morning GLAMBS! Well, I guess i made it for MASTER ADAM’s NYE performance afterall. I was at work til a metal shelf came down on my head, knocked me to my feet. Co-woeker brought me home, so for some odd reason I made it on time for the concert.
    Master ADAM looked stunning & sounded terrific!
    Thank you to all the livestreamers, including Neil. He knew how badly the fans wanted to be with MASTER ADAM! Happy New Year!

    • Kimber….’you wouldn’t have missed that concert for quids’ (aussie lingo). Very happy that you got home in time and was able to see it. I sincerely hope you don’t develop a major headache from that nasty accident.

      I saw some of the livestream too….thank you (NZ) Lisa for sending me info.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • OmG , Kim I hope your head is ok.. Don’t want you to lose your memory of Adam…lol I really hope your ok this morning.. take care !

    • Hey Kimber….wow, we ADAM fans will do anything to get out of work early to see ADAM, including getting hit in the head!!!! LOL

      I hope you’re okay … we know ADAM is the best medicine for what ails us, including headaches!!!

      I wonder if Tommy has a headache today…he admitted that he was really drunk last night!
      He is a cutie, but ADAM is the most gorgeous man in the world.

      I hope ADAM has wonderful, happy memories of New Years Eve.

  27. Hello and Happy New Year to all my wonderful Glamb Sisters and Brothers!

    (It’s been awhile since I have been here – I was away on a trip for 3 weeks, then home just before Christmas and then in bed sick for a week.) What a year it has been! Not much more that I can add to what has already been said above, except this. Just think: on January 1st, 2009, the name Adam Lambert didn’t mean anything to us! If someone had predicted to you a year ago today that a gorgeous, sexy, talented, amazing young man of 27 was going to sing and dance his way into your heart and your life in 2009 you wouldn’t have believed it!! How could I ever have known or thought for a minute that I was going to become this possessed and ardent fan who Googled Adam’s name every chance I got, joined fansites and discussed him daily on forums and in chat rooms, saved and watched repeatedly all his interviews, videos, concert footage and YouTube tributes, set up separate files and sections on my computer for his pictures and music, pre-ordered several copies of his CD and then still lined up at HMV on a cold November morning to get a copy and then listened to it incessantly until I knew every single note and word. Did it ever occur to me that I would make a new group of wonderful friends from around the world who felt exactly as I did? Never.

    But, let me tell you: I am soooo glad that ALL of this (and more!) happened in 2009. I feel that I have become a better person because of Adam. He has brought more joy, laughter and music into my life and I feel truly blessed! So a great big thank you to Dreamsound, Dana, Carol (and Jeanette) and all the others who run this site and keep us up-to-date on everything Adam. Thank you to all the Glambs here who have taken the time to share your thoughts and feelings about Adam and the impact he has had on your life – I have laughed and cried over your words. My life and heart are full! Just think what is in store for 2010 for all of us and especially for OUR ADAM!
    Love and hugs,

    Glamb #20

    • Wow Jane that pretty much sums it all up for me!
      Thank you, thank you.

      All of you, where ever you are all over the Globe. wishing you the very best for 2010. I know lots of more fabulous stuff is coming our way, thanks to Adam and the amazing community that built itself around him.

  28. Happy New Year to my dear Glambs and most especially to our dear Adam Lambert. May 2010 bring him the success he so clearly deserve. Welcome the Year of the Tiger…Year of Adam Lambert ! CHEERS TO EVERYONE !

  29. Evette #419 says:

    Every time I see this man I love him more! Can’t wait for 2010 w/ ADAM!

  30. Happy New Year All! May 2010 bring you lots of opportuniyies to dance your as* off!! I can’t wait for the next enthralling episode of this wild ride with the exceptionally talented Mr Lambert. Spent all morning ( we’re 10 hours ahead of LA in South Africa) online watching the live streams, glitches and all, from Gridlock, much to the dismay of my family! Despite the obvious technical deficiencies it was clear that Adam was SPECTACULAR! I’m really hoping there will be some good quality video somewhere. It would be such a shame if this amazing show is not properly documented for posterity!

  31. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    9:22 am on the East Coast. Any video out there from the Gridlock performance we can watch? Anyone! Plllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeezzzzzz let’s get one!!!!!

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Google…………….. ” Supporting the Dream of Adam Lambert, and why not?” and you’ll pull up Neil Lambert’s cellcast…. I came upon it this morning…..

      • You’ll have to scroll way down the page to pick up the videos..

        • Much better videos with close-ups on YouTube…..Isn’t technology great!

          • Thanks jahs – you were so right! UTube rules!! I was able to put on my IPOD, coordinate the songs with the vids and just held my breath. The experience was perfect …… the endings did not match exactly because he was having so much fun puttin’ on a great show and ragin’ out those endings with extra special stuff. Oh Adam, you are just so fabulous. I must be weird but I just love it when he plays with those earphones….flippin’ them in and out. It makes it so real and creative and you know he is just putting every bit of himself into every sound ….. FOR US!! OMG UIMA

    • AO has several links. Thanks to everyone who was there and took time to stream this. i know it is not the same watching a performance when you taping it with any kind of camera. Thanks especially to Neil, not so negative after all. ( not sure what the negative refers to anyway)

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Hi Elizabeth, here they are, the NYE Gridlock in LA with of course our love of our life: ADAM, Happy New Year to all my sistahs!!! I am not gone, I am still very much around, just too busy with work!! LOVE YOU ALL, OLD AND NEW sistahs and brods out there.
      Here is the youtube of his NYE concert!!!! ENJOY!!

  32. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Hi guys,back again. I looked online to find a livestream of Adam at Gridlock. Apparently, Neil did livestream it from his phone,but the sound wasn’t very good. I found it at http://tvboox.com/?p=824. Sorry I’m not good at that thing some of you guys do where you can click on the link and get there that way. I’m sure there’s a way you do that, but I don’t know it. Tell me sometime. The website this was on was http://maskfilms.com. Apparently, Adam was able to sing ten songs from his album which seems great. So wish I could have been there. Anyway, there was a photoshoot before hand and Adam looked awesome, totally awesome–Oh my God. The label on the videos was maximotv.com. I don’t know if that helps folks find it.

  33. these are unbelievably adamazing!! thanks for the memories…i even saw a shot of him I took at the Milwaukee concert so cool we could all contribute to the montage…what was our life like before Adam?! Obviously it will never be the same for any of us in such a positive way….pleeeeeezzzzzzzzzz is there a part 3?

  34. Happy New Year to all ! Thank you so much for the video. What a great way to sum up our Adam’s 2009.

  35. Happy New Year to all the Glambs from Australia!

  36. Happy New Year to all my fellow glambs! Thank you to everyone who make this sight such a great fun place to be. I never start my day without it. There are so many wonderful people here all with the same mission, meet each other and adamspeak. What in the world were we all doing a year ago? There is life before Adam… and….life after ADAM. Let me tell you life on this side is sooooo much sweeter! NOW my new years resolution? To see our FAVORITE ENTERTAINER MR. ADAM LAMBERT……LIVE IN CONCERT! 2010 is going to be a GREAT year!! It’s wonderful to know all of you are on this great ride with me. HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS!!! Love you Adam!!!

  37. We’re having a typical New Years day, it’s my birthday (71) and my daughters are coming over to visit and help me celebrate. But where Adam is concerned, I just sent the following email to Eber


    Eber, I am sitting here this morning, watching this tribute to Adam’s 2009 year, and I just had the thought that, if I had been blessed with a son (I have 4 daughters), I would have been so proud if he had been just like Adam. I would have been so proud of his openness, honesty, and joyous pleasure in living his life, his way, no excuses ever because they are totally unnecessary. I hope you are as proud of Adam as I, and his millions of fans around the world, are.

    Happy New Year

    Dream as if you’ll live forever.
    Live as if you’ll die today.
    May you always have Love to share,
    Health to spare, And Friends that care!

    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Patricia….your e-mail to Eber was so heart-warming and speaks for us all. Thank you

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  38. Rise and shine everyone. Cant wait to hear from our Glambs that were at Gridlock for NYE !
    Wake up , lots to do in 2010. From what I’ve seen so far online, Adam looked soooo FABULOUS.
    Love love love his positive outlook as he says in the interviews. Looking forward to the vids. being posted here and hopefully some pics from our fans……………….

    • A big thank you to “alreference” who has posted
      excellent videos of the performance on utube:
      Watching this morning was a great way to start the new year!
      Also thanks to Neil for streaming live – I was able to
      watch some at midnight enough to get an idea anyway.
      There was a cute booty shove with Tommy during Fever
      and Adam also sang Whole Lotta Love. Really high energy
      performance, not lacking in glambulge…
      Yes, anyone there, please fill us in with all of the details asap!!
      Anyone kissed at midnight??

  39. Peggy Glamb#453 says:

    This may be a little out of the conversation, but I had to tell it cause I thought it was so different of my grandaughter…….My son’s house burned this morning about 2 A.M. they have 8 kids and Veronica the one that is 13 had gotten a beautiful Adam purse for Christmas, bedspread and pillow of Adam….She was crying that her Adam purse was gone….One of the fireman seen it setting on the counter and brought it outside to her dad, so she is happy, she still has l thing her Adam purse….At lease 2010 is good for a little girl who just wanted her Adam purse and her ipod was in it, with all of Adam on it…..

    • This is just terrible for your family, my prayers go out for them. so glad that not anyone was hurt. I can only imagine the pain one must feel to see their home go up in flames, to have their memories damaged like this is terrible. I am glad that Veronica was able to get her purse with Adam on it and the ipod, only us that love Adam would appreciate how she felt. May the rest of 2010 be better for you and your family!

    • So sorry to hear this PeggyGlamb – not a good way to start 2010. What a sweet little soul your granddaughter is ……. must be because she has such a sweet gran. Hopefully the rescue of the Adam items will make the new start bearable. Have realized many times that the IPOD would be what I would grab too …… Love and Strength

  40. Hi Dreamsound and moderators. Would you please set up posts in advance for big events such as Gridlock? You can always add the photos later. I was ready to start posting at 5:30 A.M. after attending the show in person but this doesn’t seem the page for it.

  41. COOKEEJAR says:

    Hi everyone and Happy New Year. I found some links to Adam Gridlock @ 100 most technically skilled rock vocalists / vocalist and Adam has his own thread. on page 66. some really clear video and sound.

  42. Happy New Year to my Glamily/friends (one and the same)!!

    Last year was phenomenal….Meeting ADAM and falling in love with him…meeting my fellow Glambs and falling in love with all of you! Little did we know how our lives and hearts would change and grow because of ADAM. I wish the entire world would know what a positive influence ADAM is on people’s lives…just like we all know.

    It’s 4:39pm (Fri) and on Fox Reality…American Idol is going to show ADAM’s audition again!!!
    Hopefully you will read this and turn it on!!!!!

  43. Nikka/Argentina says:

    Hi Glambs! I’d like to wish u all a 2010 full of ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!



  44. GLAMB#577ElianeBrasil says:

    HAPPY NEW GLAMB YEAR for everyone!!!
    I’m waiting for 3 part…
    By the way: Have someone a Collector’ Edition? I receive mine at dec/21 and I want to know download 4 songs bonuses .(Sorry my English… but I believe you’ll understand).
    Glamb night for you.

  45. Secundra Beasley says:

    Hello, happy new year… Came across this from the London Daily Mail’s website.
    Trust me, Adam is in this article. Just scroll down a bit.
    Pamela Anderson slips out of her low-cut dress as she toasts New Year
    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 10:59 PM on 01st January 2010
    Comments (0) Add to My Stories Pamela Anderson looked as if she having a fine old time at a New Year’s Eve party and really letting her hair down.

    Unfortunately she also let the top of her dress down and revealed a little too much of her cleavage as she gave the countdown to midnight.

    The 42-year-old actress, who recently starred in panto in Wimbledon, London, was hosting the Gridlock event at Paramount Studios in Hollywood when the wardrobe malfunction occurred.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1239971/Pamela-Anderson-toasts-New-Year-wardrobe-malfunction-low-cut-dress.html#ixzz0bQ03nJLU

    • Whats new about her “falling”out of her dress right in front of Adam wasnt it?, anyway she did a fashion stint here in new Zealand and only wore a sorong and she just kept pulling it up so we didnt see her big buzzokers.It was really stupid but I guess Adam thought it was a handful.lol

  46. LibraLamb7 says:

    Happy New Year to you all!!

    Am A bit late getting this to you, but was SO hungover this AM, I thought was gonna DIE!!! Haven’t been out partying like that for a coon’s age, as they say round these parts. Danced like I was 18 again…all that practicing at home to FYE & Adam’ s “tutorials” from the AI tour has paid off! Got back to my friends’ house about 1:30 AM CST & tried to get the ustream of Adam at Gridlock on my iPhone, but no luck. Probably for the best, cuz I didn’t last much longer that that!! Was SO relieved to be back at my home computer today & find all the wonderful YouTube vids of Adam in all his glory on that stage last nite! We truly are witness to the birth of the NEW ROCK KING…ADAM LAMBERT! This is just the beginning & I, for one, am in it til the day I die…Dancin’ all the way!

    Looking forward to sharing this wild ride with all of you here…fellow GLAMBS!!!!

    Candace#388 in MS

  47. Greetings: WISHING ALL A PROSPORUS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Thanks ADAM for starting **2010** out with a big bang, as only Adam Lambert can~~~I only wish the show could have been televised, a terrible blunder~~~grumble, grumble, grumble. Considering that we all know Adam Lambert solely caused ABC to stay in THE RATINGS IN 2009 through his outstanding performances on Am Idol~~those same ABC suits may regret in the end their reactions to Adam Lambert’s individual style of showmanship. Whatever~~~what goes around comes around, as they say. Maybe ABC’s most powerful suit’s Grandparents came back from the dead causing their spirit to haunt him that the past music style recently had a bit to cry for, until Adam AWAKENED everyone in the world up with his fast-forward changes of that “Siren” voice of his. Ooh Baby !
    ADAM: I just wanted to let you know that I GET IT !!! You are FEARLE$$ !!!
    I love your dark / wild side ~~~ You are just the most gorgeous / beautiful man. When I think of Adam’s far-reaching voice range, I picture a beautiful black stalion running free in the meadow rearing up on his back legs to show his beautiful profile in the moonlight and hearing the stallion call out in the night. ADAM IS SO FABULOUS BECAUSE HE IS AN INCOMPARABLE INTERPRETOR OF SINGING / MUSIC / DANCING / WRITING /ACTING, AND GENERALLY HIS INTREPRETATION OF NEARLY EVERYTHING IS RIGHT ON THE BUTTON. HE IS UNLIKE ANYONE ELSE WE HAVE EVER SEEN. THUS FAR~~ HE IS SO ANDRYGENOUS AND COMELLION-LIKE – HE APPEALS TO EVERYONE – EVEN THOSE WHO SIT IN JUDGMENT OF HIM, THE HATERS, ARE MESMERIZED BY HIS AMAZING TALENT AND A VOICE THAT CONTAINS LOADED-POWER AND~~HIS EVERY BREATH AND WORD SPEAKS THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE !! Adam ~~Everyone is envious of your terrific TALENT AND ORIGINAL THINKING. (YOU have a special persona and great style of dress, just being you !). Please hold on to your unique individual talent. BE IT ! Here are some FRENCH KISSES for you ==>==>==>…….ummm GOOD !!! (I’ve always wanted to do that ) That little bit dirty, flirty SMILE of yours blows me away and you just CAST CHARM from every part of your whole body (and especially the BEST part) oops you know II mean THE MAIN THING ~~~ “YOUR UNBELIEVEABLE VOICE”~~~ it is an entity unto its own right. I call it “the Siren” I think you should insure it. Cool ! HAVE A SPECTATULAR and GLORIOUS HOLIDAY SEASON TO ANYONE WHO MIGHT SEE THIS~~~I LOVE YOU BIG GUY!!! Your Absolute Fan, Sharie K

  48. Regarding Secundra’s link ~~~PA thought ADAM was trying to cop a feel?????????

    The controversial singer who affronted……blah blah blah WHY CAN’T PEOPLE DESCRIBE ADAM AS A TALENTED PERFORMER INSTEAD OF BRINGING UP CRAP THAT HAPPENED A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO!!!!!!! Sorry for yelling!!!

    PA looks like an old trampy ho!!! Nothing said about that….it’s sad to look at her….pitiful excuse of glamour and sexuality!

  49. Love this site with all its information about ADAM. Lady Gaga is coming to New Zealand soon and I wish she’d bring Adam along with her how awesome that would be. I have listened to his cd about 20 times I guess and think it is brilliant, he has brilliant vocal range and even has tones of Freddy Mercury in Soaked i feel, anyway cheers to you all and i hope 2010 brings you all great things.