Happy Birthday, Adam!

It is Adam’s birthday week, so we are going to start celebrating a little earlier than his official birthday on Friday, January 29th.  The video below was compiled from all the photos sent in for our “Happy Glambirthday” project…along with a few others submitted to us from the American Idol Summer Tour.  There is a ton of love here…from the detailed posters, to the beaming smiles, to the heartfelt messages, to the actual creation of the video.  People from all over the globe participated…and all of this makes for one giant, video E-card to Adam from Glambs International! 

Happy Glambirthday, Adam! 

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-Dana, Glamb #6


  1. Happy Birthday Adam, or as we say it . . . GLAMBirthday! You have given us the greatest “party favors” already, with your fabulous voice, incredible performances and your refreshing honesty and sincerity. Mazel Tov!
    Glamb #7

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvGw4yIiAlM



        • Dana, Carol, Sue, Lila!!!
          Great job!
          Thank you!

          HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I love you!!!

      • Judy Lushman says:

        This is awesome Summer. You should send this to Adam. He will love it.

      • Just loved all of the words to the “Come Together” song!
        Smiling from ear to ear!!

      • thanks, suz always does such a great job.

        • I love this video, it is great that there is so much yummy footage!! I have no idea how much time is involved to match the moves, the singing and the music but it is so much fun to watch but I am sure it is a lot. I appreciate all the efforts!

          • Lisette here..bonsoir an seeing birthday wishes/an many lovli glambs who submitted ther wonderful photos an special messages for nous beau Adam..I had posted earlier thet I’d like to send pics over..but nevre recived any reply so feling sad here..plus I av written many temes here thet Adam an my birthday are only day apart..Mine was 28th an merci to those who send overe lovli wishes via twitter.So I’m leaving a belated special birthday wish for Adam on glambs site,best tribute/fansite ever..An Im glad to be part of from commence.Wishing thes gifted beau artiste/vocaliste who is blesse in all aspects from his classique hansome features,azure/bleu eyes thet illuminate whenevre he’s onstage,interviews in magnificente photos an live performances/concerts an tv/award shows..An from his very first teme seeing onstage in his rehearsal for Am.Idol in front of Simon,Paula,Randy an Cara..not so long ago his voix sans any insturmentals displayed his very beautiful,velvetysmooth,sultry an vast octave ranges like noone else..An able to sing any genre of musique with eclectic array of artistes he selected in every week..this was someon definitmente diffarante from any othre Idol before ..an still feling wil follow in same way as legendary Elvis,Michel Jackson,an mabe going beyond what they were capable of..Adam vous etes tresbeau de couer,face,soul,humanitie,charm,wit,compassions an talentes estraordinaire..many blessings,peace,joie an luv for a magnifique career an a very Happy Birthday even if petit late here on yur lovli glambs site..I av been tweeting on “LisetteAngel..so pray mabe yu av seen amongs so many lovli glambs/lambs,from all part of worlde..I av nevre seen yu ..but without doubt thes will be soon..so bienvenue to Nevada..my town so adores an awaits to see yu here..I can see yu in a venue very much as many av gone before thet being Elvis,Celine,Sir Elton,Diana Ross,Tina Turner,Michel Jackson..an voila now is monsieur …Adam Lambert mabe ah lets see at Caesar’s colliseum ..being thet Elton an Bette have left..well what do yu say now Adam..alrite know yu have lot to do places to tour an see..but thinq abote if someday..an Lisette will be there!!hugs an luv..blessings to all as always ..J’etaime toujours..LisetteMariexoxo!!

    • Libraglam says:

      LOTS OF LOVE , HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I
      I LOVE YOU !!

    • Haooy Birthday Adam! I wish I was your present!

    • Happy 28 Birthday Adam!!!!!!! YOu deserve nothing but the best. Hope you are out glambing it up and enjoying yourself. Stay true to yourself and you will never fail!


  2. Happy Birthday Adam Mitchel Lambert! I live all the way in Indonesia, but I’m as as crazy for u as the fans there in US. Thank you for adding some musical spice in my life! As a violinist i actually play better and more musical since i’ve listened to u, for some reason maybe…
    All I want from u is for u to stay true to urself and find ur musical identity, that is unique to u and only u. I would love to meet u, but I want to meet you professionally, although i might end up meeting u amongst screaming audience in concerts. Wish u all the best, stay positive. Oh, and plz come to Jakarta Indonesia, plzplzplz

  3. Happy Birthday Adam!! Come on and STRUT through this birthday and show us what you’re workin’ with! YOU make me want to listen to music again! Enjoy your birthday and….thank you for being you. Lots of Love Vicki
    Glamb # 555

  4. Also great job on the video ladies. What a fun thing to see! Thank you …Well done! MMMWWWAAHHH……

    • I Agree!!! Fantastic job for our fantastic birthday boy!!! Happy Birthday Adam!!! We love you here in snowy Connecticut!!!! We got 6 inches today…..can i say that for your birthday i hope you get 6 inches too??!!!

      • donna w. haha, good one!

        • I know…..i’m soooooo bad!!!!

          • Judy Lushman says:

            So funny

            • flippin hilarious you naughty girls – adam would luv it!! every inch of his love… 🙂 talk about a gift!!

              • Oh, I really wish he would read this!

                • “Snort”, Donna W. Hehe. We are expecting 12 inches here in Oklahoma!
                  6 to 12 inches: the gift that keeps on giving!!! WooHoo!!!

                  Happy Birthday, Adam!!!

                  I hope you get A GOLD RECORD for your birthday!!! To be presented to you… from me… in your bedroom…after slipping a ruphie into your vodka twist…at your party…while Vulcan mind trick paralyzes security…

                  *runs from Wal-Mart with arms full of FYE cds*

              • i think 6 is selling him short – I’d guess at least a perfect 10!! LOL! couldn’t resist “ladies”!

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Yes, Jill, a perfect 10 in oh so many ways!

                  • Yes…..6 inches WAS selling him a bit short…..actually “quite a bit” short!!
                    But i didn’t want to offend too many people!
                    To tell the truth, i think Adam will go to Oklahoma where he can get 12 inches vs. here in Connecticut where he can only get 6……….!
                    We love ya Adam, and we KNOW you’re a perfect TEN!!!!
                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. PERFECT!!!

                    • And recognition and blessings to Eber and Leila on this special day for the contribution of joy and positivity (and general horniness) they brought into the world 28 years ago!

    • Loverof LifeNH says:

      I agree! That was a wonderful video. Very creative. Thanks for all your hard work in putting it together.
      Happy Birthday Adam!

  5. Dianne Hill says:

    Happy Birthday Adam, here in Christchurch New Zealand it is actually less than an hour away from 29January so we will be first to say Happy Birthday to you. I wish you all the best the world has to offer for this year for you, I am so happy for you that all your dreams are coming true. Keep on Strutting you gorgeous man. Our lives wouldn’t be the same if you without you. Love you.

    Thanks to Dana, Carol, Lila and Sue for all the work that they have put in to creating this wonderful video for Adam.

    Dianne #356.

  6. Happy Birthday Adam. It’s your birthday here in New Zealand. Dianne was too early but I’m tight there. It’s 12.37am. So have a wonderful day and just know that we love you and want only the best for you. Oh and we want your underwear… but we cant have everything can we.

    I never dreamed that I would spend most of my waking life on the internet looking to see what a young man was up to on a daily basis but here I am, still online at this time of the day and writing to you… so love you. Take care…

    Thanks ladies for the video. I enjoyed it.


  7. happy birthday adam love your music voice character and personality fantastic aquarian as well all the best from Aussie land come over soon

  8. HapPy Birthday AdAm whoooo…


    i wish you were here, i cant wait to see you soon here in Manila

    i wish i could spend your birthday with you and give your gift haha..

    adam…when i saw you on Ellen last night, i’m jumping and spinning my head down while im spinning can you believe that?? haha..

    and guuys thanks for this blog this is sooooooo amazing i really love this site…

    Let’s continue supporting adam and give him the love that he needs.

    take care adam iloveyou…



  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet baby Adam Lambert!!!!!!!!!

    Love you more and more each day!

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet baby Adam Lambert!!!!!!!!!

    Love you more and more each day!

    Renie #38

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! ADAM !!!! I want to talk GOLD !! why is it not talked about ???? I think it’s a big thing!!!I’ve been waiting to see a post anywhere, and will someone give him ,the gold album??

  12. Evette #419 says:

    Very cool video! I wasn’t able to participate. I’m not computer savy, but the thoughts and feelings are right there with you. . .
    Make YOUR wish, ADAM. You made all my wishes come true. Happy Birthday and God Bless!!

  13. delibel (Nederland) says:

    Happy Birthday Adam from the Netherlands.Wish all your dreams come true

  14. JoAnne T. says:

    Adam, hope your birthday is as GLAMTASTIC as you are! Thanks for bringing Glam back and making me “wanna listen to music again”. You’re the best, luv you, now go and STRUT your birthday stuff, relax and ENJOY!!

    JoAnne T. (Glamb#497)

  15. Marie/Toronto says:


    Sorry to be off topic, but how come Adam’s recent trip to Toronto was over-looked on this site? His appearance on MuchMusic’s MOD live was AMAZING! Our own Jamie Glambert (who’s an official Glamb (and one of the leaders of GlambsOntario) got to give Adam a gift, live on the air, and got TWO hugs from him……

    Videos and pics of this are all over the net….just curious why not here, of all places….


  16. @WshUpnASta aka Deb Brown says:

    Adam, Happy Birthday to you!, Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Dear Adam! Happy Birthday to you! I just wanted to may sure someone sang happy birthday to you. I wish you the best in all your endeavors! You enrich my life! I am a true Glambert and love the music that you’re making! Please enjoy yourself and remember that we’re happy for you!

  17. Lauri (Ontario-Canada)) says:

    Happy Birthday Adam !!

    I am addicted to yuo !! love you, love your voice, love your music, your performances always leave me so happy.
    YOu looked so happy on Ellen !! YOu coulnt stop smiling !!
    please come back to Canada for touring! cant wait!!!

  18. Dianne & Lisa…I knew you ‘Kiwis’ would come in first to wish Adam a happy birthday (2 hours ahead of OZ) and it’s now 12:05 am, 29th January….. so it’s time to wish you, dear Adam, a happy birthday from Australia. I hope you have a great day celebrating your birthday with your family and friends.

    You are very, very, very special. You have brought so much joy and beauty into my life and I thank you for this. xxxxxx oooooo

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)





  20. cookeejar says:

    Happy Birthday Adam,

    Thank you for adding some spice to a rather ordinary life. Although there is a lot to be said for ordinary and I enjoy my life, the birth of Adam Lambert has been an added bonus and meeting all your fans on this site has made for a wonderful year.

    I am looking forward to many more and just so you know, I really do enjoy listening to music again so that’s a double thank you from me!!!

    Glambs, i love the video and thank you for all the time you give to this site.

  21. k. morgan says:

    Happy Birthday Adam!!!! We love all you do…Stay true to you…..!!!
    Kathy Morgan….and my daughter Jasmine Morgan….
    Chapel Hill, NC

    • Oh My Gosh, an Adam fan who lives around the corner……
      I live in Durham, my daughters and I, Isabella and Natasja are big Adam fans, but I think I am the crazy one.

    • Jane Parker says:

      Hey K. Morgan. I am in Raleigh! I am glad to see some triangle gals for Adam!!

  22. Happy Happy Glam Birthday Adam. Loved the video. Hope you have the best day ever. Love ya Adam.

  23. Happy Birthday, Adam! You have been my steady companion as I check on you every day, morning and night, to see what you are up to and how you are doing! I have become quite a trivia expert on you and your music! I absolutely love the album and was delighted to hear WWFM playing yesterday throughout the gym where I was working out. I look forward to your concert tour and more great music and inspiration in the years ahead. I am grateful to God for the gift given to you, and pray for your safety and prosperity. Give a hug to your Mom for me (I am 54, and have two wonderful sons myself). I know she is having a blast, and well deserved. Vicki W.

  24. sun-n-stars says:

    Happy Birthday, Adam! You are truly one special kind of guy. We love you! Have a wonderful birthday and enjoy the exciting new year ahead of you! Love you from Virginia!

  25. Silvana/Argentina says:

    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My daughter Victoria and me from Argentina, wish you all the best the world has to offer. You deserve everything that’s wonderful.

    You have brought much joy and music into my life. Thank you for these gifts and the gift of YOU.

    Love you,

    P D: Dana and everyone involved in the video, I’ll watch it tonight (I’m at work now) and come back to you. I’m sure it’s amazing as everything you all do. Thanks.

  26. Happy Birthday ADAM! May all your dreams come true.

    May your day be filled with love and joy and happiness. Know that you make millions of people happy everytime they see you and hear you sing. You are a beautiful man and a beautiful soul. You “You Make Me Want To Listen To Music Again.” Love your album, love your beautiful spirit, LOVE YOU!

    Fantastic job on the Birthday video Dana and all the Glambs!

  27. wow! my poster made it;p yipee!!! 2 more hrs to go and it’s Adam’s birthday here in the Philippines=)

  28. You guys did a Super Job hope Adam see’s this. Its special & wonderful just like Our ADAM

  29. I think we should make January 29th a national, no an international holiday. Have parades where glitter and rhinestones are thrown, everyone wears leather and feathers and Adam’s music is played all along the parade route. It would almost be like Mardi Gras, only better. Adam, we have had our lives changed, our world turned upside down, our days filled with music and our circle of friends expanded to include so many wonderful people that you have brought together. I think you still have no idea how much you mean to us. We wish you a perfect day for your birthday and many years of success that we plan to share with you. Keep on playing make-believe, your fantasy has become our reality.

  30. Happy Birthday Adam. You are the LOVE in a world that needs more. The future is bright for you my friend. Enjoy your special day and give your mom a big hug and thank her for bringing you into this world. We are SO grateful!
    GLAMB #63

  31. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET ADAM!!!!!! Great video, good job, im sure Adam will feel our unconditional love watching this !!!!!
    P. S.: OMG…….k. morgan and Irena ………im so happy to see Adam fans in NC, i live in Raleigh))))) Isn’t awesome!!?!!!!!!!!)))))

  32. Great Job ladies with the Birthday Card presentation! I hope Adam enjoys this and has a fantastic Birthday!

  33. Happy Birthday Adam!!!! I’d like to thank your parents for having you. Stay as sweet and special as you are. Love ya!!!

  34. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:


  35. HAppy birthday, ADAM!!

  36. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM. #28!!!!!! HOPE YOU HAVE A FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY AND EXPERIENCE THE JOY THAT YOU HAVE BROUGHT TO US “FANS” You are absolutely the best, brightest, and most beautiful STAR to hit this UNIVERSE. I love it when you said you asked the UNIVERSE and IT responded in a way you never dreamed was possibe……BUT HERE IT IS !!!!!!


    Thanks to the glambs for the wonderful care you made for ADAM. He’s the BEST!!!!!! 🙂

  37. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM! I predict this will be an amazing year for you. Thanks ladies for a great video. I love the “GOT ADAM?” t-shirt

  38. I know Adam is asking people to donate to choosedonor instead of bday gifits, but if you are Canadian there is a very similar organization here in Canada that I think Adam would support. Check it out at http://www.musicounts.ca/ Lets support Canadian Youth Music Programs in Adam’s name.

  39. AdamAddict says:

    Happy Birthday,Adam!! I wish you will success in everything you do,you will be happy for the rest of your life,all good things will happen to you and every single day,haters will decrease and lovers will increase coz you such a beautiful person inside and out and you so deserve to be love! LOVE YOU,ADAM! <3 <3 <3

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Hi Emili,
      it’s you at the beginning of the video, aren’t you?

      Girls you’ve made an awesome video….loved it…hjope Adam will see it….

  40. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM! Thanks for being you and doing what you do. Best of luck to you in your
    future, you deserve all the good that comes your way.
    Love you So Much!

  41. Dana, is there another Birthday Video coming soon? I’m disappointed, I didnt see my poster, pics I sent in 🙁

    Great job on this one!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Hopefully there will be another, because there are alot of fans here, & some just don’t have the time or resources to cum up w/ their pics/ posters. You know what? Every day is a celebration of Adam Lambert, for me. He’s part of my life now & all I do is work, sleep, my daughter, & Adam. work, sleep, my daughter, & Adam! That’s my life!
      So while I’m here, I want to thank Dana & the others who were involved w/ the vid, great job!
      & Master Adam, sir, I want to wish you a very cumful, & a happy plucking birthday to you! Pluck away Master Adam, you plucking deserve it!

    • Mary C, I also sent a picture by email and I didn´t see it on the video, so I´m a little bit disappointed too. Maybe I did something wrong.

      However, Dana & Team, thank you for all the hard work you must have done to make this great video come true!

      • ailaR, well it shows that the video wasnt compiled from all the pics sent in then. I was thinking I was being blown off here, for all the time and effort spent on this site, this is the thanks one gets.
        I’m really wearing my heart on my sleeves on this one. Such a special project for Adam & not being part of it, got to me. People not fans of Adam would think I’m silly having such deep feelings like
        this, just shows how deep my love & support for him is.

        • Mary, I would love to see this picture! Can you please send it to irena@globalnia.net?
          I am also just very curious what you look like, as with so many of you. Not that it really matters what you look like but it is nice to put a face to the story.
          So many of us understand the deep feelings. honey, sometimes I get hit by a wave of love that is so intense I just start crying.
          Big Hugs to you.

        • send it to me to my sista maryc – you already know my email!! LOL!! ya think!! luv ya Jill

    • No, this is it. But I can tell you that I used all but 2 of the pics that were received. The two I did not use were of very poor quality. I don’t know who these two people were. No one was intentionally excluded.

      • On a previous thread, I asked if you recieved my pics and you said. ” yes all 3 of them, the one of you , one of the poster and one of you and the poster,

        so that would tell me they were legible.

      • CatEyes, my pic was one with a snowy background and greetings from Finland. Was that one of the two not used?

      • Lisa Imbruglia says:

        Mine missed out too.


  43. Thank you, Adam, for giving us this year. May you be Safe and Intact, surrounded by Love and kickin’ up joy as you coninue this wild ride. UIMA

  44. Stunning job ladies, the vid’s fantastic! What a great feeling to be part of something this global: the adamazingly gifted Adam Lambert. Wouldn’t the world be a wonderful place if we could always work together like this?

    Have a very special birthday Adam and may your 28th year be filled with love, happiness, health and more Glittery moments than you ever dreamed of!

    Karen #254 and Andre (the husband’s also a HUGE fan)
    JHB, South Africa

  45. hi,everyone.have you seen on youtube ,go and check the video said adam lambert on e talk.check them out

  46. IvonLambert says:

    Thinking of You on your birthday. Wish all the best for you and hope you are always surrounded by people who love you so much as I do. Thank you for giving me so much JOY and happiness. Happy Glambirthday Adam. Love you more and more !!!

  47. Happy Birthday Adam!! It’s been a thrill seeing the birth of a super star!! Watching you “grow up” will be even more exciting!! Bless you and bless the many years ahead of you!!

  48. please vote for him on http://www.musiqtone.com and vh1 top20.they said we have to fill the grid and some said just fill one.i think first one is correct

  49. puteri abdul says:


    may the roads you strut leads to success..
    may the path you take brings you fortunes..
    may the grass you thread on will always be greener..
    may the steps you climb on pulls you to a greater height..

    may sparkles of joy paves the walks of your way..
    may lights of success brightens your career ..
    may gems of rhinestones shines on you always ..
    may gltters of happiness falls on you forever ..
    and may drops of golden beads rain on you and makes you a shining star ..


  50. We love you, Adam, happy birthday, and we wish you all good things. Thanks for the entertainment, the renewed interest in music and positive thinking and regenerated inner teenager you have brought to me and my entire extended family.

  51. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM, a day early here in San Diego, but I’m wishing you the best Birthday ever!
    Thanks for all the love and joy you give through your gifts. Cannot wait until you come here in concert! 🙂 Love you and listening and dancing to your music!!!

  52. Judysdancin Glamb #580 says:

    Happy Birthday to our glittery star!! Love you Adam! You make the world a better place!

  53. Judysdancin Glamb #580 says:

    OOOOPS!!!!! Forgot to tell you guys what a fantastic job you did on this video. The hours you must have put into it! But it’s worth it for our guy! Thank you for the card to him and all the work you do on this site!

  54. Happy Birthday Adam!!!! i love you and I love you music¡¡¡¡¡

  55. Judy Lushman says:

    Adam, I wish you the best birthday ever! I hope you get to spend it with people you love and who love you. Looking forward to a wonderful year of more of your music.

  56. Glamb #470 says:

    Dana, Thank you – Is there any address that anyone has to send a card….I made a card – but was too late to include! There must be a fan mail address someone has. Again – thank you so much Dana for doing this – you are a saint helping all of us celebrate Adam. My husband and I watch every night, video’s or interviews – he is an inspiration to all to be the best you can be. Always,

    • You can send it to his management team at:

      Adam Lambert
      c/o 19 Entertainment
      8560 W. Sunset Blvd.
      West Hollywood, CA 90069

  57. AdamRocks! says:

    LOVE the birthday video! And how COOL that Emili’s picture is first. 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  58. Marie Glamb#9 says:

    DANA!!!! – CAROL – LILA – SUE —- S U P E R J O B ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    You are so creative, Dana! I have always enjoyed brainstorming with you on this site. I knew, that with a wave of your mouse, you could do it.

    ADAM — SEND THESE GALS A PERSONAL HOWDY-DO, if you will — THEY DESERVE IT! And now that you met Sue (and Jess) in person on Oprah, you should know what lovingkindness (and sweat!) went into creating it.

    Happy GLAMBirthday, Adam……..

    …..YOUR energy, powerfully perfect chops, (and eyes of eternity!) changed me,…changed countless many. You gave the power of the youthful thrill back into our lives. So many of us, consumed by the day-to-day trudging along, with youth spiraling out over the years, have forgotten how that feels. And we need it. We need that energy to give of ourselves to others. That’s the “IT” — the one “THING,” the — LOVING GIVING OF OURSELVES — that creates the only win-win situation that empowers both ourselves and others to make the world a little better place. So it’s most appropriate that I thank the Universe (in my mind, the CREATOR), that you were born. Thanks for giving of yourself to us, Adam.

    And happy birthday to you too, Fernando. Thanks for giving us this primo Adam site. It IS the BEST.

    love y’all,
    Marie Glamb#9

    • Hi Marie!
      So great to hear from you!! We miss you!! Thanks for your cheers of support. We can only hope that we’ll hear from Adam – whether it’s a comment here, or maybe a tweet?
      Take care Sweetie!


  60. Princessshakeitup says:

    Happy Birthday Adam Baby! I am throwing a special Birthday Bash for you at Club Fusion on the island of St Kitts tomorrow night and if you haven’t already made plans…it would be a great place to celebrate! When I was at the club getting things arranged people were looking at the posters and kept asking me, “Is he going to BE HERE!?” I said, who knows…I understand it’s Time for Miracles…
    You are simply the best and, in a world that SERIOUSLY needs to stop fighting and start dancing, you are JUST what we needed! Hope your birthday makes you even half as happy as you have made all of us! Big Love and Wet Sloppy Rum Soaked Birthday Kisses from the Islands!

    • Princess, your wish was Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sincerly wish he Would show up at your party, for your
      creativity alone 🙂 Would be a helluva lot of fun & we know how he loves to eat, drink and be merry!
      I’d love to be there too.

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        Mary C,
        Your responses always mke me smile! Are you sure you’re not my really, really Sister [a.k.a. Sister Mary Miracles?] I wish you could be here too! [p.s. if Adam really did show up I’d probably lose what little composure I have and tackle him!]

      • let’s take a red eye yet tonite!! 🙂 count me in – love the sun & the sand & ooh – celebrating adam!! luv ya all – Jill p,.s coconut oil, balmy breezes, salty ocean, hmmmmm…..sexy fun!


  62. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Adam!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  63. Happy Birthday, Adam Mitchell Lambert!!!
    I watched your journey on American idol. i was totally shocked when you weren’ t named to be the absolute Winner. Although I like Kris Allen, it is you I voted for & still think something in the counting went awry. But–as always, you accepted it with such sincerity & class. Your performance through out the competition was the very best I have ever watched on American Idol.
    I love you & accept you as you are-a real remarkable young man, with the most beautiful voice, looks, & the best appearance. You radiate the ultimate glow. I think you are so sexy!!!!!!
    You are the best performer who has ever been on the American Idol.
    If you view the video of that last performance & the results, you would see Simon’s expression—it was “Total Shock” .
    Paula Abdul was equally shocked, as was Randy Jackson.
    America went into absolute shock & I beleive we have spoken time & again when we started voting for our favorite contestant/performer.
    I loved the performance you gave with Kiss. Oh, my gosh! That was super cool.
    I will be buying your albums as they are released.
    If I should ever win the Ca State Lottery, I would e-mail you to gather the last 9 contestants together & come to San Diego to perform for a private, huge party. No alchol would be served. But–a lot of delicious food & entertainment–you & the 9 finalists.
    I love Danney Gokey & thought, because I voted for him, that he would take at least 2 nd place. I also thought Allison would take at least 3 rd place.
    This season of American idol was the best show I have ever seen.
    Take good care of yourself. Hold your head up high. God has many blessings to give you. He loves you more than anyone on this earth ever will or can.
    Just call me Sunshine!!!
    You light up everyone’s life by being the real you!!!

  64. Happy Birthday, Adam Mitchell Lambert!!!
    I watched your journey on American idol. I was totally shocked when you weren’ t named to be the absolute Winner. Although I like Kris Allen, it is you I voted for & still think something in the counting went awry. But–as always, you accepted it with such sincerity & class. Your performance through out the competition was the very best I have ever watched on American Idol.
    I love you & accept you as you are-a real remarkable young man, with the most beautiful voice, looks, & the best appearance. You radiate the ultimate glow. I think you are so sexy!!!!!!
    You are the best performer who has ever been on the American Idol.
    If you view the video of that last performance & the results, you would see Simon’s expression—it was “Total Shock” .
    Paula Abdul was equally shocked, as was Randy Jackson.
    America went into absolute shock & I beleive we have spoken time & again when we started voting for our favorite contestant/performer.
    I loved the performance you gave with Kiss. Oh, my gosh! That was super cool.
    I will be buying your albums as they are released.
    If I should ever win the Ca State Lottery, I would e-mail you to gather the last 9 contestants together & come to San Diego to perform for a private, huge party. No alchol would be served. But–a lot of delicious food & entertainment–you & the 9 finalists.
    I love Danney Gokey & thought, because I voted for him, that he would take at least 2 nd place. I also thought Allison would take at least 3 rd place.
    This season of American idol was the best show I have ever seen.
    Take good care of yourself. Hold your head up high. God has many blessings to give you. He loves you more than anyone on this earth ever will or can.
    Just call me Sunshine!!!
    You light up everyone’s life by being the real you!!!


  65. waveridergal says:


    Love you so much. I can’t think of another entertainer who is always so POSITIVE, smiling and laughing, bringing so much joy to all of us. You have it so together, so much more than most people. You are an inspiration. May this birthday just be the beginning of many birthdays marking each year a special one, bringing to you all that makes you happy.

    Thanks for all you do, making the world a more joyful place!

  66. AdamRocks! says:

    YES!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FERNANDO!!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISETTE, who celebrates hers today (01/28/10).


    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Cindy, I just want to use your little space here to also wish Fernando a very Happy Birthday and also our dear Lisette, a very special Happy Birthday to you. I hope your health is improving day by day Lisette. I know you keep up with what is happening in this site. Hope you both are having a great day.

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        I’d like also to use this space to say happy birthday to Fernando and Lisette. Cheers.

    • puteri abdul says:


      may adam’s glitter and sparkles of happiness falls on you on this wonderful day..
      and may you have a great adamazing bithday !!


  67. sherry s. says:

    To the only man I’ve ever known who embodies EVERY POSITIVE TRAIT to the Nth DEGREE!!!

    love from Michigan




  69. Peggy Glamb#453 says:

    Dana, Carol, Lila and Sue….great job on the video..The cake is beautiful, don’t know how you get those candles to come up, but so cool….I am glad that I sent our picture in after we went to the K.C. concert… We all are Adam fans and I am proud of my family….We love your music and watching you perform.Adam…
    “Happy Birthday, Adam” and hope you the best for this new year.. ..Will watch you on Sunday night at the Globe’s…wish you were performing….

  70. Happy Birthday my Fabulous Glam Rocker, may your life be full of Happiness and Joy, wishing you lots of Success withh your career. You have made our lives full of joy with your Fantastic Music. Our love is forever.

  71. mmagiemay says:

    Glam #544 Want to join in and wish you a Glamtastic Birthday!! You are so awesome and so fun. You’ve given me a Year of lots to look forward to musically. Your album is amazing. Can’t stop listening to it.
    Amazing, Beautiful, Voice!

  72. Gina Glamb#552 says:

    You all outdid yourself…..Thank you Dana, Sue, Carol, Lila and everyone else involved for all of your hard work and for running this site. Thanks for getting my photo in.

    HAPPY GLAMBIRTHDAY ADAM!!!!! You’ve made people connect and become friends from all over.

    We all love you!!

  73. LibraLamb7 says:

    Great job on the “Happy Birthday, Adam” Vid, Dana & your GlambElven helpers! Thanks so much for all your hard work on this labor of LOVE for ADAM!!! I feel so well represented!

    And, Happy 28th Birthday, Adam! I wish you a glorious future filled with LOVE, LIGHT & your Heart’s Desire…and many, many more years to share your gift with us, of course!

    Candace#388 in MS

  74. glamb# 442 Paula says:

    Nice video in honor of Adam. Adam you deserve the best birthday ever you make the world such a happy place! i love who you are,your voice and how dedicated you are to your dreams! keep dreaming and i hope you do something really special for yourself! love you glam guy!

  75. REDSTAR040665 says:


    Thanks so much for posting my pics on here. I loved Adam’s performances on Oprah and Ellen. Of course, I just love Adam no matter what.



  76. RainOnRoses says:

    HAPPY BDAY ADAM! The video is GREAT! And thanx for using my contribution! Hope he likes it. You are sending it to him, right? Love and Light to Adam and to all of you who share my obsession ;p

  77. AdamRocks! says:

    Don’t forget to keep voting for the WWFM music video on the VH1 top 20. . . it debuted at #11 last Saturday. . . Kris’ LLWD MV made it to #1 the same day.


    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  78. Happy Birthday Adam — Love what you Bring to US. Inspiring sexy fun and just sweet !!!!

  79. I am celebrating Adam’s birthday in my heart and soul.
    I would not have it ever thought possible that I would care some much for a person I don’t know yet I do know him on so many levels spiritually.

    What an amazing place this planet and this Universe is that it can bring forth such an incredible human being, still I credit Adam himself more than anything else since he chose to align himself with the Universe and asked what to do in order for his dreams and desires to become reality. He did everything right, he chose Love over Fear and Humility over Arrogance.

    We his fans, also need to credit ourselves since we are part of his dream and we give him what he desires as an artist as we have embraced him completely, deeply and wholeheartedly.

    I do hope that Adam in the future will visualize the relationship that he will eventually need to sustain himself and that he gets it right just like he did for his career. This person, this man is somewhere out there already. I am sure the Universe will bring this person into his life at the right time. And when this happens we better be ready, as more Love and Power will be unleashed.

    Happy Birthday Adam, I hope your day will be filled with a Whole Lotta LOve.

  80. Happy Birthday Adam! You have given all your fans a huge gift (you) and we love you for that. You are the best.

  81. GlambChop says:

    HAPPY 28th GLAMBIRTHDAY DEAR ADAM!!!! Thank you for all the light and love you have brought to all of us! You are a gift from the Universe to the Universe!

    I have watched you from the beginning and have been so blessed to have been able to see you in concert in Hartford and Bridgeport, CT and then I met you, ever so briefly, in NYC at the Early Show! I told you that I threw the red boa to you in Bridgeport and offered you the one I was wearing in NYC but you told me to keep it because it looked”very flattering” on me! I’ll never forget those kind words of yours. Thank you, too, for signing the pastel portrait I drew of you. I am having it framed in a glitter frame in honor of YOU!

    You are the most gifted, talented, compassionate, generous, hottest and sexiest person ever! You have brought so much joy to my life with your music and your Strut! You have attitude, BB! I love it!

    May this be the best birthday of your life! You’re GOLD now, Adam! On your way to PLATINUM! The stars are aligned for you and the Universe is yours to explore and enjoy! Happy Birthday you Glittery Alien from Planet Fierce! I love you!!!

    I hope you get the birthday card I sent to you!

    Kathy – Glamb #279

    (Thank you for this great birthday video for Adam and thank you for using my picture at 1:08!)

  82. Happy Birthday ADAM!!!! I wish you many more filled with your dreams and expectationsYou have surpassed our expectations of you! Remember the last song the Beatles did together;”The love you give is the love you will receive”Hold on to that and everything will take care of itself,you’re a smart boy,I know you can figure this out.Peace

  83. Happy Birthday, Adam,
    May the coming year be ever so great for you, even greater than this past year! With Love, Lee

  84. Deb - Glamb#518 says:


    I was thinking that a great present for Adam would be to give him his own Glamb #. He doesn’t have one does he?

  85. Couldn’t get the birthday video last night…but now have it and it certainly is a great tribute to Adam. A fine job…well done…..Thank you.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)


  87. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM! ! ! This morning you helped inspire me to write a song again. I first did this when I was in college, and there are melodies at times that comes to me that I just ignore or brush off, since I focus on my medical world. But this morning was a breakthrough, and it’s on the day of your birthsay here in the Phillipines. Thank you Adam. I LOVE YOU! ! !

  88. OOppss BIRTHDAY here in the Phillipines.

  89. Happy Birthday,Adam we hope u have a outstanding day and get everything that you want and more. You have been such a Inspiration to us.We have followed u thru this Incredible journey that you are on,And it is only going to get More and More Amazing.Adam u are Definately a Gift to all of us. We Love You.Adam Fans Forever.

  90. happy birthday Adam!!with all my heart and love,wishing you an awesome 2010 filled with luck and peace..may you be blessed and loved by the true person who truly appreciates , understands, tolerates, cares & loves you for who you are & whatever you decide to do in your life..love you!!


    And it is amazing the love that is pouring out for Adam from all over the world.. the two Chinese vids I have just played are tearjerking, so very sweet!!

    It is mind boddling how many people have tried to reach out to him…



  92. Helen/Canada says:

    Happy Birthday Adam. You have brought so much joy into my life. You made me want to listen to music again!
    Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy your party with all your close friends and family. A toast to you Adam that you have love, happiness and success for always. You have such a warm, generous and loving soul, you deserve the best.
    Love you forever!



  94. Happy Birthday ADAM!

    You have brought so much love into the world by just being yourself…you deserve all the best back to you! I am in awe of your positive personality, magnificent voice, handsome good looks, and your generosity to both charities and to your friends and family.

    You have an aura of love and beauty around you….what a special man you are! Thanks for being YOU!

    You are loved!

  95. ADAM!!! Happy 28 th birthday! Lots of wishes to you from me… keep on rockin the world and of course be happy and proud with what you do…
    Thank you so much 4 just beein you and makin sweet music with that magical voice of yours…
    Don’t stop beein true to yourself and always remember that no matter what ya do we all love you and wish you the very best in your life!
    Have a perfect birthday.. Go and party your ass off =P


  96. Vicky Fonseca says:

    Dearest Adam, our special birthday boy, I have a birthday wish for you!

    It’s all been said before,

    I really can’t say anything new,

    so I’ll save you the encore,

    and just tell you that I LOVE YOU!

    Wishing you a glittery birthday today and continued success after you celebrate today! Like so many others (those being the very smart folks with exquiste taste), I am so enjoying following you and sharing joy and excitement with all who love you so much as you continue your well deserved journey into stardom.

    Thank you for being all the good you are and thank you for adding such brightness to our lives – the world is a better place with you in it. Hope to see you in concert SOON!


    Another #1 fan,

    Vicky Fonseca
    Glambert #4113
    Dallas, TX

  97. Happy Birthday Adam,
    … Conquer our hearts with your voice,
    Invade our minds with your songs,
    Capture our souls with your persona.
    Happy Bithday Adam, Luv you.

  98. Mistyluv7 says:




  99. marina n. says:

    Happy Birthday ADAM from Russia!
    Beautiful Adam!You are the best in the world!
    Be happy!Love you forever!

  100. Happy birthday Adam! Thank you for all that you’ve done in the past 365 days. You’ve had your highs and lows but you’ve made it through. I highly admire all that you’ve done. When I first heard of you, I didn’t get the hype but once I heard your radiant voice, I fell in love. Happy birthday Adam and many more to come!

    Kelsie L Parks.

  101. Yassi from Hong Kong says:

    I just have to greet my beloved Glittery Alien from Planet Fierce.
    Wishing you, ADAM, a very happy happy 28th B-day!!!

    You are always in my daily prayers.
    You have given me inspiration in life when I needed it most.
    You have given me joy in the midst of a difficult time and chaos.
    You have opened up my appreciation for music again.
    You have given me something to be excited about and to look forward to everyday since AI.
    You have given me so many reasons to smile.
    You are GOD’s gift to the world for you have given happiness to so many and more to come.
    You are a beautiful human being inside and out, beautiful of heart, of mind and soul.
    It’s why I love you and very fond of you.
    I thank your parents for how you turned out, a decent human being with so much love to give & share.
    I thank them for unconditional love for you.
    And you make your parents PROUD for you show good breeding.

    Here wishing you the best life has to offer because you deserve the best of everything.
    It’s because you are the BEST of the BEST and you always give your best to the utmost.
    I wish you LOVE from above, from your family, from your fans and from everyone you encounter.
    And LOVE from that special someone your heart desires one day soon.
    May you always have the gift of LOVE to all and from all.

    My dream is to meet you one day and gaze into your tantalizing eyes while you give away your irresistible loaded smile to me.
    May I say that my favorite look of you is when you sang Satisfaction when you didn’t have eye make up and those smiling eyes were absolutely mesmerizing.
    My next fave is your look when you sang Play That Funky Music, simply gorgeous.
    Of course, there are many many more after that but those are easy to be specific.

    As I’ve said, I always pray for you and thank GOD for you everyday. Now you know I am your Angel.
    GOD bless you and may you have many many more B-day to come.
    I pray for your good health and long life and for Divine protection.
    Love you, ADAM baby!

  102. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Adam!!!! Have a great birthday and 2010!!! Love Ya!!!!!!

  103. Happy Birthday Adam, may your life overflow with love and happiness and success in every area of your life, unending.

  104. For Adam Fans
    Adam will be performing February 27th in Indio. CA at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino at their events center at 8pm . I got busy signal off and on for an hour, finally they got more lines up and got a ticket. Good luck. He never mentioned it, not advertised but word out and ticktets selling already.Can call their box office at 1 800 827-2946

  105. Happy Birthday Adam! Hope you have a great year and keep entertaining us!!!!!

  106. happy birthday Adam!! u deserve all the happiness and fame that comes to u!!! I love You!!!

  107. Mary aka OhSweetOne says:

    Hey all. Yes Happy Birthday Adam! I sent a few photo’s, was hoping one of them got used in video, for Adam’s b-Day. But that is ok. B safe all. Have a great weekend. Glambs #534 Mary

  108. 🙂
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!? (though abit late ._.)
    Love your album! ^^ continue producing great songs! ?

  109. Thank you Glam sisters for all your tributes to Adam. Hope we’ll love him through all the years of his career, through THICK and THIN, through his UPS and DOWNS. EVER understanding and supporting him. . . never letting him down . . . when others would judge or condemn, we shed God’s love and light on him. In his darkest moments, . . in his despair, we are there comforting and embracing him. For he is one with us in his humanity . . . in his vulnerability. He had touched base in our souls. We own him in our hearts, and he owns us in his heart. For we are more than the MONEY, the FAME and the FORTUNE , that he could ever need. IF HE HAS US ! Yes, that’s his song If I had you. Yes. Adam, you have us. We love you too.

  110. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii may sexiiiiiiiiiiii adam hani happy berthday please masege me iam love you
    every think.


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