Halloween Comes Early





On Saturday, October 24th, Adam was the headliner at the annual Party City Halloween Bash and Industry Awards held at the Boca Raton Resort & Club in Boca Raton, Florida. Party City donated $400,000 to the Boys & Girls Club of America during the event.

Adam sang Idol favorites “Ring of Fire,” “Black and White,” “Mad World,” “Born to be Wild,” and “Whole Lotta Love.” How in the world was he able to sing with fangs? Adam has me constantly in awe!

WOW – that photo is yummy! As both a vampire author and an Adam lover, could I be any more in heaven?

The second pic is courtesy of Party City, a party specialty and Halloween retailer. Party City collected and donated the $400,000 through in-store donations for the support of the Boys & Girls Club. Party City put out a press release which you can read here.

Third photo – all I can say is LUCKY GIRL!!!!

Now, if Chistmas would only come early in the way of the SINGLE…please???????????

~~Jeanette, GLamb #5


  1. Silvana/Argentina says:

    always bringing us the latest news. You are so right, How could he sing with fangs?????
    Beautiful vamipre.
    Yes, the SINGLE…..PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lots of love,

    • Oh Yeah Sista Silvana! I would like to get my teeth into Adam. Hhmmmmmmmmmmmm, yummy! Mmwah, Ingrid

      • Lisette here..bonmatin an merci agan Jeanette for taking away intense pains with thes above photos of tresbeau Adam..Many blessings to cette l’homme for once agan showing his humanitarian hearte raisng money for children!Miss all lovli glambs as always forever in ma thouts an prayres everyone of yu!Ingrid hope yu’re fine across seas in South Africa.Seeing doctors this week so just note to say hello despite type onehand..argh an takes forever..So why am missing here..May besoin hand/tendon surgeries an very hesitant as I av coogulation problems also..J’espere there’s othre recommendation to this injurie.So grande hugs an thenks agan to all yu do here Jeanette on best Adam tribute fanpage..Pardon for not yet joining othre fansites away from orginal one..When physical bettre know will be a plasir to do this!Blessings to all an j’etaime toujours…Adam nous angel d’musique an all lovli glambs here!…Lisette in windy windy Nevada..up counting sheep an with pain meds..so had to visite here!xoxoxo

    • I can’t believe how behind I am. Been on the internet all day, took a 2 hour break and come back and all this new fabulous stuff about Adam, awesomeeeeeee! Love this pic, wow he sung all those? Hope to see it on youtube soon. I hope his single is the one being talked about, the one by Pink and Max. If we can hear it next Monday, that would be so out of this world great.

  2. Kelly Craig says:

    I read today the single comes out next week but they are pushing for early release and… Adam with fangs.. It cannot GET any better… sigh.

  3. Thanks for the pic….Our Adam! What a great ride he is giving us.

    • Great pic. Isn’t he the cutest thing. My kind of Vampire!

      Sorry to break in here but I wanted to ask a favor of you ladies. I know you are big fans and I’m sure you know about this. But I wanted to post it anyway, in the hopes it might help Adam. There isn’t much time left to deal with it, but if he won, it would be great.

      I’m talking about the People’s Choice Awards, the night of the AMA awards.

      I hate being a nag about this, and maybe some don’t think it is all that big a deal, but I hope everyone is voting for Adam on this poll. I know it’s a bit of a pain, cause it’s another one of those looooooong polls and it takes about 5-6 minutes to go through it, but I sure wish Adam would win the People’s Choice Award. He’s got stiff competiton – Lady GaGa and Susan Boyle to name a couple, but if we all stay diligent and vote, we could see Adam get an award, as well as presenting and performing. Would that be a FIRST? I don’t know much about it, but it seems that way to me.

      I keep a sticky note on my computer that says “don’t forget to vote for People’s Choice, ” and if it wasn’t for that I would forget for sure. I hope you forgive me for nagging. XOXOXO


      Please don’t be mad at me for being a nag, and if this doesn’t belong here because there is another post, please feel free to move it.

      Thanks to all

      • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

        please be a nag! Thanks for reminding me , nag me again tomorrow please!!! I’m sorry ADAM and GLAMBS for forgetting. Gotta go but keep that link here don’t go nowhere. I’ll be right back. I voted yesterday but we can vote as many times as possible? Thank you sheila for being a nag.lol You are not a nag. don’t be silly. PLLto ya!

      • Voted again, now have a note in front of me, thanks for the reminder.

        • Thanks! I’ve now voted five times and shall keep on doing it till it closes.

          Jeanette thanks so much for those super pics of Adam in Boca!

          • I think I have a quicker voting link for you so you don’t have to scroll through all the other votes:


            This link and another for voting at Portrait Magazine can both be found at the bottom of the homepage, http://www.glambs.org — One stop shopping for all your voting needs.

            Glamb #6

            • MyBoyAdam says:

              I’m voting too and I hope, hope, hope he gets nominate!!!!! Love the vampire look! I just read an article about the new single. Supposedly it’s being released Monday and was written by Pink and was originally going to be on her Fun House album except it didn’t fit in as well as other songs. I forgot what the title was. It sounded like something Pink would write/sing.
              MyBoyAdam Glamb #176

            • thanks,Dana

  4. Wow the vampire look is very cool, but what really impresses me is that Adam is once again involved in an event that will benefit kids. So many talented kids out there who just need a chance. Thanks Adam, for once again showing how big your heart is!

    • Yes, Mary-Ellen, that is the best part of his going to Boca. I am glad he always keeps an ear open for those who want him to help out others, especially kids.

  5. GLAMB#474 kimber says:

    Hot and Sexy!!! Who is this luscious creature of the night ? Oh! It’s ADAM! It’s been so long since I heard him sing ROF, I wish he would sing it to me while nibbling on my neck and then makes his mark. Take me ADAM, I am forever immortally yours!!! Sounds like the event turned out to be quite a fundraiser, $400,000. All because of ADAM. Love his jacket and hair, did we miss something like what jeans he wore? C’mon people, they have to realize, you have to do a full body pic of ADAM. Cause he looks good from head to toe. 27 days, Adam on Oprah thursday, a new single, AMAs, I voted People’s choice, got my Instyle, got my twitter, but no Details and no ADAM. That’s okay, I’m following him. Now if I can just make contact. Happy Halloween ADAM!!!!

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      ps love the extra pics, thanks jeanette! I am very proud that ADAM is doing special functions for the kids. I’m sure it does bring the kid out in him. You know sometimes I miss being a kid, maybe he does too. Still wish I can hear him sing ROF!!!

    • Hot and Sexy for sure! Those eyes of his are saying something! Ouch his eyes………

      • Kim and Mary, I just read a great new expression from a woman who posted on the Details site. She says Adam gets her “hot and buttered”, love it!

        • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

          That can’t be Paula deen, can it? Oh I’d like to see ADAM on one of her cooking shows. You know she likes a manly man. Have you seen her w/ some of her male guests? She likes ’em for sure.

        • hot and buttered, love it too!

  6. Maybe we should all get a bunch of money together and have a private party of our own!??! How lucky for the people in NOLA and now Florida!!

    • Now THAT is an idea. Name the time and the place and we’ll all be there. A measly $400,000 shouldn’t be hard to raise !!!!!! C’mon girls, we have our work cut out for us. How about we plan it for Valentines Day……………… no, too corny. How about the Ides of March (15th) in New Orleans, good central location, good for Adam and Drake, and will give us something to look forward to. Or we could try for Nov 15 because we can’t wait any longer.

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      Vegas baby, Vegas!!!! How much?! when? Someone pick me up on the way! I’ll pay for the gas, never flown. Like to keep my feet on the ground where impact may not hurt as bad. Someday, all of us will meet, looking forward to it!

    • Rebecca, I know come on Adam we want you in Ohio. Any Turkey festivities here you want to attend?
      Just cum to my house!

  7. This is the only picture I could find taken at the party. Has Anyone found more pics and could share?
    thanks Kat4adam

    • Perez had another one, but he had his watermark smack in the middle of the photo. When I tried to crop and enlarge what was left, I lost all resolution. Sorry…I hope more photos surface. If anyone finds any, please send to me and I’ll post them.

  8. puteri abdul says:

    yeay !! got to see adam with fangs …
    now I have this urge I just have to go and bite on something ? or uueeerrrr….someone ?
    helppp ..

  9. Jeanette, Thank you for this latest picture, I am not into Vampires at all..that is till now..I guess there is nothing that Adam could do that would turn me away from him. Adam means so much to me and I don’t even know him personally, can’t inmagine knowing him personally, how I would feel, doesn’t seem that I could love that guy anymore than I do now….

    • Oh, Lee, you don’t know what you’ve been missing! Vampires have always been sexy creatures! However, Adam takes that sexiness to a whole ‘nother level!!!

      • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

        It’s that stare. That look. To see into one’s soul thru the eyes, to see their inner darkness and set it on fire!!! To see their passion! Just let it go I say, let it go! But take control. W/ ADAM, just let it go and don’t turn back.

  10. THREE GREAT PICS! Those fangs can bite my neck anytime Adam….. Glampire for sure. I can bet
    “Born to be Wild” was out of this world with those fangs*** Cuz wild he is.
    Oh what a lucky girl she is, wonder what he is drinking there? Coke, Rum & Coke? Vodka?
    Watch out my little chick-a-dee! What an outfit too, Oh Adam you are sooo stylin!!!!

    What a great cause for the boys and girls club.

    • PS, love the skinny belt over his treasure!

      • I want to go to a party with Adam………. Calm down Mary

        • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

          Don’t calm down Mary C! You have every right to get excited over this look of ADAM’s. Wait til Halloween comes, omg he better cum up w/ something glamtastic! Loved his jacket, and the way he held his drink.I’d like to watch him drink. When he puts his beautiful mouth on the edge of the glass, piercing his lips, a little of the alcohol streaming thru, and then he licks his lips to make sure he doesn’t lose a drop. Did he look a little on the tipsy side or what? I certainly hope so. I just wish I was there , to stand back and to observe. Watching ADAM is like watching the sun setting in the west and rising in the east. That’s 1 good thing about working nights, is watching the sun rise as I’m listening to ADAM’s “The Prayer” or “ACIGC”. I bet ADAM woke up to or went to bed watching the sunrise or set in FLA. A beautiful sun, isn’t it? Chow!

          • yeh, I’m thinkin tipsy! Look at his smirk and his eyes. And I see you mispell words too……. I want his beautiful mouth on the edge of my lips, not the edge of his glass.

  11. AdamRocks! says:

    Oooooooh Baby! He looks so luscious in that third photo!

    Leafing through my Entertainment Weekly magazine this week, I came across three references to OBRG (Our Beautiful Rock God!). . . in an article about the TV show Glee (which I LOVE!), one of the show’s co-creators, Ryan Murphy, says “considering approaching Idol runner-up Adam Lambert about appearing on the series.” On the back page Bullseye, near the middle (with a pic of Adam from his album photoshoot)” “Adam Lambert’s new single ‘Time for Miracles.’ Rejected title: ‘Kris Allen is Going to Need a Miracle to Outsell My Album.’ And last but not least, in The Shaw Report: Out: Kris’ CD, Five Minutes ago: Allison’s CD, In: Adam’s CD.

    I have to admit, the last two are kinda mean-spirited, but it’s been such a thrill lately to open a magazine and see that magic name: ADAM!!! 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • Thanks Cindy for the news. This is the best site ! We are always up to date.

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      Shortly after the finale of AI, I watched showbiz tonight. One of the reporters who was debating on ADAM’s behalf, she said it all ,referring to ADAM’s standing ovation from Simon, “He deserved it, he deserved it!” ADAM does deserve everthing good coming from out of that competition, all the happiness and I hope he enjoys his success!!! It makes me feel bad when I think of ADAM’s friends, Kris and Allison, fall behind. But Kris got the title and cute lil’ Allison got some real raw talent and it’s up to her now. For ADAM, what a gift to the world!!!! I can’t believe I’m sitting here at this pc on the net with all of you, neglecting my duties, just for this one man. I’m in it all the way or I’m not at all. ADAM brought happiness into my life when I needed it the most and still do. PLL to ADAM and the GLAMBS!!!

  12. Jeanette thanks for posting the pictures, if only all Vampires were as beautiful as Adam, the third pictures is quire something, those eyes, such expression in those eyes, what a man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I love his new fresh spikey haircut, with the ‘petals’ coming down all around his face!! A more boyish but cleaner look for a while and needs less product.

  14. I wouldn’t mind being bit by Adamvire! Thanks for sharing. Love his do! Wow that a Whola lots of money. Awesome 😉

  15. Jeanette,

    Great pics….we love to see ADAM anywhere and everywhere, whatever he’s doing! He’s always there for a good cause….wow $400K….that’s a lot of money!

    He looks so hot with the new haircut and “fangs”….ooooooooooooo!!!

    Lucky lucky girl in that last pic!!!

  16. Lee/Saline says:

    Oprah just announced that Adam would be on the show this Thursday. I can’t wait!

  17. Check out Adam Lambert Cover photo shoot for his album.


    • Holy Mackerel – you found the album cover on the RCA Records site! It’s out of this world, just like Adam. Jeez, everybody, take a look at the photo that emy posted.

      At first I thought it was a little too “David Bowie” kind of androgynous, but I think it will grow on me big time. My, those eyes………..

  18. Look at the bottom picture-those eyes looked stoned to me. Does anyone else get that vibe? Haven’t been stoned for many many years but those eyes look really funky to me and it makes me angry.i want to shake him and tell him to get his shit together.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      TINA……………You would be angry if Adam had a drink or drinks?????????? OMG, tell us you are just kidding!!!! Adam is fine to have a few drinks! Afterall he is ‘partying’, and not getting drunk or driving! Give him a break, Tina!! I would be worried if he tried to stay sober for the rest of his life. Not natural!

      • Tina, he is just social drinking, he loves to go clubbing and dancing and having a good time.
        His eyes look sparkley a bit on the tipsy side to me, but he Is at a Halloween Party!!!!!

        • These eyes speak a thousand words, tipsy or not. To me they say “Come join the Ride”! Even sexier than on the CD cover, in my opinion.

    • Nah, I think he’s just jet-lagged. He was back in LA today at the This Is It premiere. He’s quite the jet-setter these days.

  19. Adam Lambert can bite MY neck anytime!!!!!! Hmmm, I could be his Bella and he could be my Edward : }}}}

  20. Georgeous in the first and second photos. Glad to see he is having some fun, since he has been so incredibly busy working.