Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe: They are best friends according to Adam Lambert ;)

“I find myself laughing at the hotel room, after the whole day just laughing, just laughing and nothing, just laughing”

“I think country week will be interesting to tackle” LOL

He is so honest and good at interviews, here is Adam at the American Idol Top 13 Party:


  1. he speaks like a gay. oh no! but i luv him

    • well we all love him foe sure but why do you keep getting into his personal live this is a singing competition and nothing else so it actually doesn’t matter if he is gay or straight and he doesn’t talk like a gay but it’s just that he is polite and sweet !!!!!!!!
      loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you adam
      keep blowing us away and keep glamorizing
      love ya !! way to go adam you rock it’s just adamazing !!!!!

      • yea i agree oumaima! one: he does NOT talk like hes gay, and two:WHO CARES?! adam is an amazing singer, he IS straight (it doesnt matter but he is straight!) and hes an awsom performer. people need to get over those pictures. theres such thing as photoshop people! theres someone out there that doesnt like adam so they probably photoshopped a picture of him kissing a guy. and if the picture is real, WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!! rock the vote people, vote adam!!!!!!

    • Adam is the best. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen such talent (and looks). He has a fabulous career ahead. Just remember people, it’s the talent we fell in love with, not his preference. It doesn’t matter to me. I just want him to be happy and safe. I want to listen to his music for the next 50 + years. Love you Adam.

  2. yes, hair, make-up and wardrobe brother. Country was very entertaining and certainly creative. I loved it

  3. jeez i want to meet this man so bad

  4. I love Adam so much, but I am kind of confused why sometimes he does talk like he is gay and other times he doesn’t. I just wonder if he does it without thinking or on purpose.

  5. I don’t think he’s gay. I personally think that he is a pure METROSEXUAL. He doesn’t like to play sports because he doesn’t like to get dirty. Hair and make-up being the best friends in the competition is true. If I had somebody to do those things for me, I ‘d be grateful too! I don’t care who he takes home because only him (and David Bowie) make my spirit fly through the clouds. That’s only when he TALKS! I don’t care who he takes home, as long as I can see him perform or hear him sing. I can’t wait to see him in Dallas, Texas on July 23, 2009!! Want to see when the top 10 come to your city? More pictures? More contests? Check this out on MYSPACE! The creator has posted the tour dates to a city near you! Also, hes got fan contests, fan of the month, and lots of beautiful pictures of Adam! What more can a fan ask for? Oh yeah. There will be two more blogs to check romorrow! Later people! Check out my profile:

  6. he is just awsom i love you i hope you will be the next american idol
    Adam Lambert is ;
    – talented with an awsom unique voice
    – hot smile
    – amazing , incredible bleu eyes
    – strong body
    – white look
    – simply ; hot and sexy and cool

  7. i agree he is just so pure

  8. He is just yummy all over. I would love to just hang out.. I bet he is a blast!

  9. OMG he so looks like some Lamberts I knew back in Indiana. Well my best friend for many many years growing up. Wonder if they are related, that would be so cool.

    Adam is the best! Yes he is gay but who cares… he is yummy!

  10. this guy is amazing..
    best singing voice in american idol history.
    no matter what type of music it is, he can sing ANYTHING
    we all love you adam,
    good luck

  11. He is doing what he was born to do! What are we going to do with AI is over and we cant see him every week! Eeeek

  12. dorothy says:

    Adam your ethereal side of your singing voice( especially on your softer songs like) : “If I Can’t Have You” or “Mad World” cascades over the whole entire world like the most beautiful waterfall. When you sang the the word “World” I really got this visual of the whole entire globe. I’m sure you already know You have a great responsibilty now I believe now for the world and you’ll only get more incredible which is truly amazing. Just my opinion you are very best singer On Idol right now.

    I hope you don’t mind that I make a suggestion here for you because I am older and wiser and I care about kids doing this. After years of using hair dye I wondered if I would have if I stuck with Henna plants and other natural dyes like indigo I’d have more hairs on my head?. Henna comes in Black and indigo is a bright brilliant blue! Even if you have to work harder with natural plant dyes. Ain’t it good to know that commercial chemicals are written up as things that go directly into your brain when you use all those man made dyes. Maybe plants are better for your head and scalp.

    Maybe Freddy Mercury was saying something when he stuck a cluster of bananas on his head and wore it like a wig. Well anyways from a fan who cares. Beauty eclipses everything they say. Adam your voice is really beautiful. Thanks foir being a real friend to me and this whole world.

  13. he’s gay, he wears make up on his arms, and he sticks his tongue out wen he sings. danny’s way better

    • Scaramouche says:

      “he’s gay, he wears make up on his arms, and he sticks his tongue out wen he sings. danny’s way better”

      hmm… who cares, who cares, and he looks cute when he does that. Danny’s better? Well, to each his own. Personally, I prefer the versatile, the creative, the talented, the genuine, the beautiful, the one and only… Adam Lambert.