Hack Attack on Adam’s Accounts

This is the kind of thing that just makes me insane. . .

Adam’s accounts, including Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and his email have been hacked.  Someone purposely broke in or gained access to his passwords and took electronic control of his life.  Many of the tweets you have read in the last day haven’t even been from him, but rather, from the hacker.  And while the hacker may have thought it a cute practical joke, it really isn’t funny.  It causes extra work and stress not only for Adam, but for the companies who manage these social networking sites and his email provider.


I’m not sure I could maintain a sense of humor about this – thank goodness Adam can.  I guess the up side is that you know you “have made it big” when you are worth hacking!

The Twitter exchanges between Danny and Adam as the whole thing was going down, went something like this:


– Hey tweeters Adam asked me 2notify u all that his Twitter account as been hacked and he’s working on regaining control of it.  Let peeps know


– hey guys it adam just got my twitter running back :)


– Hey u all me and Adam are gonna bubble tweet the truth.  Apparently someone on his account posted right after I did saying it’s him

See the humorous bubble tweet from Danny Gokey and Adam here:  http://www.bubbletweet.com/index.php?id=uf3qt




~Dana {CatEyes}



  1. AdamAddict says:

    This is creepy! Poor Adam! First hack,what next? Crazy stalker? Who did this is loving him or hating him?Gosh,love him but there’s limit,don’t you think,guys? Seriously,this is spoooooky!

    • adam rocks says:

      i think it was a hater. lovers wouldn’t STEAL it from him. they’d just stalk him at places i guess

  2. Yeah, I read all that yesterday. Adam used someone else’s sites and made videos of what they all have
    to say about. Adam is upset, but soesn’t seem to be letting it have any control over himself! I saw
    a lot on ‘facebook’ and adamlambert411blogspot.com/. I posted the website connections on one of the
    other sites on here. I wonder if it had anything to do w/the protestors? That’s very interesting and yetimportant to know. Adam said on someone’s twitter site that he should be getting it back soon, like
    maybe today. I want to know who did it!! Jerks!
    LOVE U ADAM!!! love-peace 2 U!

  3. JAN LYNN says:


  4. AdamAddict says:

    The bubbletweet from Gokey and Matt are funny! “And my e-maaaailll” Adam is so cute! Poor Adam!His privacy is completely gone! The matt’s one is funnier. They all like a mafia gang or something! “It ain’t cool” hahaha! I’m glad they all get along! Seriously this hacker need a life,what’s the point of doing that?Better come here and chat with us! What an ass!!

  5. ok this is the problem when fans or haters CROSS THE LINE!!! can u simply admire adam normally? ohhh nooo they have to hack him or even worse stalk him? put a freaking end to this and let him live peacefully for God’s sake!!!!!

  6. PatCanada says:

    Crazies are certainly out there. I pray that this will not get any worse although it could happen.
    Adam used Danny’s tweeter account ! Awesome! Thank you Danny for letting us see Adam through your bubble tweet. Now I am assured that Adam is indeed in the company of good friends who are ready to defend him in dangerous times such as this. It’s very special hearing Danny, Matt and Megan shouting out to us about their support for Adam. Way to go Adam’s AI family!
    And where were they? Were they inside the AI tour bus? Megan, in that case must be one of the boys! I’m just happy to see how gentlemen these guys are with her. Although we know she’s safe one hundred per cent with Adam! More bubble tweets like this, please!!!

  7. jovigirl1971 says:

    You know honestly get a life. Just because you don’t care for Adam don’t go ruining it for all his TRUE FANS. Leave him alone and do something else with your time. I mean honestly.

    We are here for you Adam. Stay strong as you have shown the world you can be. You are such an inspiration to all. HUGS TO YOU…

  8. Well, now I know what a ‘BUBBLETWEET’ is – duh! I love how the Idols can just pop out and ‘talk’ to us!

  9. LOVE those bubble tweets!!!!!

  10. i hope this person doesn’t go any further than this cuz its already bad enough. i feel rly bad 4 adam cuz this person is adding more stress to adam’s life while hes on tour.

    • AdamAddict says:

      U R so right! Even I’m tired with all this crap! Poor Adam! BTW,yesterday in Adam’s twitter,there’re a new post “Hi,I’m Adam,I’m back’ something like that! I wonder it’s really him or just that piece of garbage??!!

  11. I’m sorry Adam for all these wacko, hope this will not stress you to much. One day at a time my friend.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Twitter,Facebook and E-MAIL!! That’s too far! It’s like people reading your diary!!WTF?? I’m going to curse that hacker day and night and everyday!! WTF,what the hell is that idiot thinking?Funny??! I’m going to put my foot in that hacker ass,grrr!!

  12. deborah hughes says:

    well, Adam the privacy is over “my man”, i wish , hee lol, anyway,
    i really am proud of you, just take it one day at a time and stay true
    to yourself, i have been following the tour, your great! i liked the little
    thing you did on whole lotta love, you know what i mean, lol, then you laughed
    you are soooo cute, and handsome. your mom is a doll too,,, she done a great
    job with you. i pray for your whole family that you will be able to handle all of the weirdos
    out here and well, all of your fans too! love you! deborah in tulsa ok
    i hope you make tons of videos, i love to just watch you perform… your awsome
    love struck in ok

  13. deborah hughes says:

    are you ok ? i mean with all of this fuss and someone following you around all the time?
    is is overwhelming? you must be realllllly tired… good luck my friend….
    love and kisses in ok

  14. Just FYI If you go into twitter and search for danny gokey (Iknow!!) you will get an AUTHENTIC BUBBLETWEET FROM ADAM explaning how his twitter, myspace and facebook accounts are not yet his.. they are still hijacked.

    He’s using Danny’s computer and site. It’s so sweet to see Adam in a simple baseball cap and no makeup, so cute!

  15. I posted on the AI site very early in the season that I hoped someone would clue Adam in to the fact that he was a mega-hit and life as he knew it was over. He would need to prepare for personal safety, bodyguards and a really safe place to live. Does he realize it yet? That he is big like Elvis and others who could no longer walk in public peacefully. Such popularity has it’s ups and downs. Hope he has great support and takes it in stride. Adam is the bomb.