Good Morning America – August 7, 2009

***UPDATED AGAIN WITH NEW PHOTO*** I will be updating this throughout the day, but here’s the video for Adam’s performance of Starlight – GREAT video in HD! Damn, but he looks good!!!

Here’s the video for “Little Lies” with Adam, Kris, and David Cook. Wow, how great to see all three of these guys together!

This first photo was sent in by Eva – thanks Eva!!!
















UPDATE – It’s Friday evening, and I’m finally home from work and have been able to watch the show and view the videos (no sound on my computer at work!) I hope everyone has been able to watch and listen to one or the other, because Adam’s performance here is something truly special. Yes, David and Kris were good, but nothing, I repeat nothing, compared to Adam. Firstly, Adam looks STUNNING – very reimiscient of Tracks of My Tears, only more casual. Very handsome, restrained, totally put-together look that is 180 degrees from his concert outfit. I love both looks, just proof of Adam’s versitility. Adam is a genius when it comes to matching his outfits with his performances, and once again, the two today were in perfect harmony.

As for the music, I love Starlight, but as many of you have already commented on below, this is a very stripped down, changed-up version. Adam’s voice is so clear and pure and perfect, it’s like crystal. Yes, there is a slight hitch in a note or two at the very beginning, but once he gets into the song, it’s flawless. Adam is so far above the other guys (much as I do love David Cook) that there is really no comparison. Adam doesn’t just entertain, he takes us to a different place – a magical, faraway place like a dream, but it’s a waking dream, and all we can see and hear is this beautiful creature with this beautiful voice. It was a totally restrained performance – none of the “theatrics” or so-high-they’re-unholy notes, just pure, controlled perfection. Kris, to me, is mellow and laid-back, which is fine. But this controlled performance of Adam’s, when we know how powerful and let-loose he CAN be, is so much more impressive to me. It’s like the difference between a pleasure horse, which was born and bred to be a pleasure horse, and the taming of a wild stallion into a show horse. The former is nice, sure, but the latter is breathtaking. Now maybe Adam was just saving his voice for tonight’s concert, I don’t know, but in any case, it was genius, and it was heaven.

If you want to download the GMA performance of Starlight for free, here is the link:

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. “Worldwide Star” that’s Adam. With his painted on pants and slicked back hair and a voice to die for, what else can be said. I really liked this quieter version of “Starlight”. He made a comment near the end of show about “where are the bra’s?”. They said “It’s a morning show”. He seemed kinda embarrased! That was really cute.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Yeah,that’s funny!”Where are the bras?What’s wrong with you guys?” hahaha! So cute!
      And the host said”Undergarment please stay on!” hahaha! Kris sang well too with his “Heartless” Love it!! Love them all,mostly Adam,of course!

    • Its Adam he never gets embarrased remember? lol

      • OH no, Lola he gets embarassed. There have been a few small incidents he has talked about.

        NOw, I set my alarm for 7 am which is not what I’m used to. I watched dear Adam, then turned the TV off and went back to sleep!! What a twit I am! However my neighbour taped the whole thing and now, thanks to you Jeanette I get to see him again!

        He put a different spin on Starlight, and a slightly different voice as well, softer somehow but lovely nonetheless.

        • Lisette here..Thenks Jeanette agan for adding some joie an lit for me an so many!After havin medtests yesterday..seeing beau Adam in “Starlight” made discomfort melt away!
          Ah an Theresa thet’s fine yu’re not alone in seeing it late. Adore quest look an agree so reminicent his appearance of thet in “Tracks of My Tears”,an Adam’s gentle inflections, slick back hair,lit bleu eyes..such a beauface! Even in thet early in am his voix sont smooth as velvet!Am going to enjoie seeing thes page alote..Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo!

    • iluvadam4ever says:

      Adam can change up any song thrown at him. He really softened up Starlight even more than on the AI tour. He is absolutely amazing!!! Thanks for all the updated videos.

    • iluvadam4ever says:

      That was so Adam. He is so amusing and entertaining with all of his comments. Never a dull moment with Adam. I’m surprised nobody did throw up any bras or sex toys.

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      i thought his pants were painted on too!

    • Yes, he said somewhere today that he was saving his voice for the morning concert, and of course for the big one after… great pics and super write-up yet again Jeanette!! Thanks so much!

      • AdamAddict says:

        It’s funny when you said you woke to watch him and then go back to sleep! Hahaha!! I did that in finale.I live in Malaysia & they showed live here.It’s 8am and I never wake up at 8am! I woke up just to watch it and then planning to go back to sleep,but of course I can’t sleep for a week after he didn’t win!! πŸ™

  2. AdamAddict says:

    OMG,OMG OHH MYYY GOOOOODD!! Arghhhh!! I’m so glad I go to this sites before I’m going to take shower! Thank you for posting this.I have no idea they already post it in youtube.Thank you!! Look at Adam,OMG he so freaking gorgeous early in the morning! How come I don’t look like that in the morning? I look like crap!Yeah,believe that,I’m not morning person so I was like a walking zombie!!Adam is stunning!The hair,the fresh face,the cloth,everything are just perfect!And he can sing that good in the morning?WTH?! When he warm up his voice?This Starlight is different version!How creative he can be?And look at those cameras??!!Everybody were like “Oh it’s Adam,zooooom!!”click,click,click!Everybody have cameras in their hands!

    And “Little Lies” is awesome too! Is that David’s song?If so,that’s sweet of him “sharing” the song with Adam & Kris! I’m glad David like Adam because Adam praise David before,I guess! Imagine if Adam have to sing with Clay? lol! Nooo!! I hate Clay!! A.I idols rule the world!! Their Vocals are great! I love Adam first,then David & then Kris! The weather looks hot,well probably Adam was there!! πŸ˜€

    • Marie/Toronto says:

      I believe “Little Lies” is an 80’s song, not David’s song…unless he’s started doing more cover songs. The guys were great though. Other than Adam, of course, Cook is my Idol favorite.

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Same here. . . David is my favorite idol after Adam, then Kelly, then Carrie. . . like I said in another thread, I was literally shaking when Adam came on TV, and afterwards. . . SIMPLY BREATHTAKING. Adam is a true SUPERSTAR!

        Cindy in MS

      • Little Lies is a Fleetwood Mac song originally

    • I am old enough to remember the first version of “Little Lies”, it goes waaay back.

      • Marie/Toronto says:

        Yep, I’m right up there too. Ha.

        • AllaboutAdam says:

          I’m that old too – saw Fleetwood Mac in concert even… makes me think that Adam can reprise any of our favorite songs from ANY era, and i can toss all of my other CD’s right into the trash.

    • It’s a Fleetwood Mac song. Adam makes it.

  3. Glambertcraze says:

    All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!

  4. Adam is simply f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c! Unfortunately, David has always backed up the other guy; what a shame because there is no comparison. Despite everything…..Adam remained humble, polite and very professional; a great role-model for all young people! We love you Adam.

    • Jhoy2theworld says:

      I can’t remember where I read the review that said that David Cook was so impressed with Adam during soundcheck when Adam was singing his part because he totally made it his own dawg (I sound like Randy, now), in a matter of few minutes of learning it. It just goes to show that Adam is really artistic. I loved this acoustic version of Starlight…simply immaculate!!! I love both versions, the concert version was close to the original but the GMA version is totally Adam’s!!!

  5. Adam looked great and his performance was awesome. However all the little fan girls were extremely anoyying. There were little girls all around me pushing and cutting infront of people. I left my house at 5 and I live a half hour away and still got no where near the stage!

  6. Wow my 3 favorite male idols. I love them all so much. David was my favorite until I heard Adam so I guess now he’s my 2nd favorite. lol. But I love Starlight. It’s a great song. And Little Lies is a fantastic song too. This was great and I would have given anything to have been there. Love them all!!!

  7. Correct me if im wrong but i think at the very beginning of starlight his voice was a tiny bit pitchy maybe his throat is starting to get soared but whatever I ENJOYED IT !!!

    • Yes, a couple of little catches in this throat but right on key nevertheless. It had a whole different pace. He might have been sore, or merely saving his throat. The other two guys have husky voices anyway but with Adam, it is so pure we notice every little thing.

      • I have never in my life seen anyone so beautiful, so handsome, so attractive, and so powerfully charismatic as this man. Sitting on a stool, and still he commands every eye and every molecule in the atmosphere to magnetize to him. His effect is so powerful it is almost unbearable, and the power of that attraction is pitched to the highest degree imaginable. And still he sits on the stool sweetly singing a syncopated version of an acoustic ‘Starlight’, darling in his modest deference to his companions and fellow musicians, at ease and looking like the God of Sartorial Splendor without even trying. Has anyone every SEEN anything like this? Will anyone ever see ANYTHIING like this again? How fortunate we are to have him with us now, this breathtaking, charming man. Did you notice, there at 1:06, how his earring caught the light and winked out at you dazzling your eye, did you see at 2:15, that utterly adorable smile he gave everyone, and then how he beat time with his feet on the rungs of the stool and made those time-stopping movements of his head as he turned from gazing at the guitarist back to engaging with the audience, did you see the word ‘truth’ emblazoned on the drum head behind him as he sang? Did you notice that even the sunlight and the yellow backdrop of the stage enhanced the moment and every part of him? I kept thinking that if he would just stand up from that stool, everyone would fall down, his effect is so overwhelming. We are just going to have to live with it. We are going to have to realize that for the next however so many years we have together on our blue planet, that Adam Lambert is going to reign as king of hearts. If ever the sun and moon rose and set on a boy, this man is that boy. I will never get over him, I don’t think anyone ever will. His irresistible charm will continue to grow, branching out and reaching forward into every place, until he has conquered the world. I for one, will gladly let him.

        • Wow! What an eye for all the glorious details! I will watch it again with fresh eyes!

        • Very nice Lorrin, I felt emotion and love in your words. I am with you.

          • Thank you dear ksodak and mariana, I meant every word. There were thousands of other details on that stage and in that audience, but I could only focus on Adam..

            • AdamAdmirer says:

              Amen to all your heartfelt sentiments Lorrin! We all know Adam rocks our world, but you said it so well. This has to be one of his absolute best performances – his charisma is overwhelming on that stage. Even just sitting so controlled on the stool. You are so right about him standing up, I was thinking the same thing exactly. I think the crowd would have fainted, you could feel all the eyes just staring at him and listening to his every word just taking it all in. His outfit and hair was so well-suited to both songs – so Adam. I was not a huge fan of the song Starlight before, but I can’t stop listening to this version. I hope he does more songs like this going forward. But then again, anything he does will be amazing!

        • MenforAdam says:


        • Lamberkitten says:

          Lorrin your words made me cry. You described so beautifully what we all feel in every atom of our being about Adam. Thank you. I love crying!:)

        • Lisette agan..bonmatin Lorrin Im late here..but seemst to arrive in m’mail late anyway..Yur sentimentes are lovli! I agree,his beauface an sitting ther seems to touche l’audience in a tender an melodique version just simplnesss of guitar accompaniemente truly displays his estraordinaire abilitie to sing without entire band..Thes is what sets Adam apart from l’rest of many out of 3 performers sont ma favorite! An resembles young Elvis with hair back.An how beautful put Lorrin..Thinq Adam has little boy charm in quest song..but oh such a beau l’homme!Thinq if I was there I’d be swept away,but contente to see him upclose thenks to magic of photographer’s closeups.He’s an angel of musique an l’couer!
          Merci for touching places in l’couer! Hugs an Luv to all! Bisous for Adam! Luv,Lisettexox

        • Lorrin, thank you for putting your feelings into such beautiful words! I think you captured the essence of how I (and countless others) feel about this adamazing man. I, too, will go back and watch the vid again to catch all of your accute observations that I was just too dazzled to notice the first time around!

        • Lisette agan..Aw thinq my post once agan place in wrong spot,so Lorrin must say yur sentimentes are always beautful espressed.An agree with every word!Adore Adam’s tender side here an seems more intimate in setting on stool,an guitar complemente his velvettoned
          celestial voix here.An notice too subtle way he turn to guitariste an then audience was an his crystal bleu eyes illuminated so brite from his beauface an toching heartes all ages children,teens,twentys to grandparentes..everyone! An so agree he’ll be adore for many yers to come,on many stages both in US an aronde l’monde..Entertaineur/’vocaliste of l’millenium..bravo.An always for me angel of musique..merci for taking away any bleus of l’jour an healing from parentes too! Luv an bisous Lisette..An luv to glamb gals,fellows too!xoxo

        • Bravo! Bravo! I couldn’t have said it better if I tried (for a week!…lol) There’s not much I can add to this except I love you Adam!

        • that is the most beautiful thing i have ever heard. And all of it TRUE TRUE TRUE.

        • Lorrin, you have captured what is in our hearts and managed so beautifully to put it into such beatutiful words. Are you a poet? If ever we need to describe the effect Adam is having on us we will turn to your words.

          • Thank you so much, all of you, how dear you all are. I have to tell you all that when I write these ‘flights’ of mine about Adam, I too am crying. There is some kind of beautiful tension that builds up in me when I see Adam sing, or gaze at one of his performance pictures, or see the power of his stage presence, or read one of the topic threads, or one of these good posts….and I am absolutely compelled to write. It’s as though something is flowing out of me about this man, and as I write it builds and gains force and dimension, and then I have to end it on this high pitch of feeling. And by that time, I’m crying. What an incredible thing, I’m truly amazed at what this man is doing to all of us…and I think he knows full well what he is doing, but he is so skilled that we are caught before we know it. Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the presence of a genius of love, and his name is Adam Lambert.

            And in answer to your question, yes, I have written poetry and many other things, illustrated journals, etc., because I actually identify myself as an artist. Adam satisfies the artistic palette in so many ways, with his physical beauty, his charming manner, his extraordinary voice, his flaming sensuality and stage presence, and his art…the art of using his entire being as the medium of his fullest expression. This appeals to me as an artist and as a person, tremendously. I truly am unable to tear myself away. So, I am sure that I am consigned to watching this man for as long as he reigns over us, writing my heart out for the beautiful man we have all been so favored to love. ‘Ah, sweet content’….’With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things.’

            • Lorrin, I want to read more of your work, you have such a masterful way with words, the way you are able to express your deep emotions, every word is full of emotion that can only be achieved by an artist, I love to read some of your works.


        • Wow, Lorrin, what a beautiful, insightful description. You seem to have x-ray vision. Tell me, what else did you see???

        • Lovely, Lorrin. I particularly like the image of everyone falling down when he stands up.

        • Lorrin….your words come the closest to truly gettin my feelings about Adam better than anyone else. I have tried….but I cannot get the feelings like you just portrayed.
          My breath literally catches in my throat when I watch him, or look at these beautiful photos of him. I feel like laughing and crying at the same time.
          I want to build a force field around him to keep him safe for all of us that adore him.
          So…everybody? What LORRIN said !!

        • AllaboutAdam says:

          OH LORRIN – YOU READ MY MIND AS ALWAYS… no, let’s not ever , ever, EVER get over him.

      • Marie/Toronto says:

        I don’t think his voice was pitchy or cracking; he was just going back and forth with the falsetto. Because he was singing with only an accoustic guitar and piano, every subtle change was more noticable than usual.

  8. I love this version of Starlight! I adored the concert version, but I think this version is even better. Also, I loved seeing all three of my favorite Idols together. They sounded fantastic!

  9. Jeanette, Thanks so much for posting this from GMA. Just got back from lunch and was looking at
    the GMA website and was going to come and tell you all about the Little Lies song that wasnt
    played this morning on TV and low and behold you already had this posted. I should have known
    better. Thanks for always keeping us posted with the latest Adam news. Check out todays pants
    they should be on favorite list too! OMH can he get any better? I dont think so.

  10. Oops Imeant OMG not OMH. See whats he does

    • AdamAddict says:

      You blame Adam for that??!! lol!! Poor guy! lol!! πŸ˜›

    • Not to worry Mary, he has the same effect on me, have you watched the Atlantic city videos? Well, if God created man in the shape of Adam, all I can say is Eve was a very, very, very, woman.

      • OOPS, it should say , Eve was a very, very, very lucky woman. You see what Adam does to me?

        • AdamAddict says:

          LOL!! you guys cracked me up!! My washing machine is broken! Should I blame Adam for that too? Hahaha! πŸ˜›

          • AdamAddict, well lets not go that far. Unless you were sitting on it while watching
            one of his videos and it was in the spin mode and Oh I will stop right here.
            Geez, UR funny.

            • AdamAddict says:

              Hahaha! U R funny Mary C! U make me want to try that sitting on machine…do you think it’s better than vibrater??!! Aaargh,I have no idea I’m a pervert afterall!! I’ll stop now…at least for now!! πŸ˜›

        • Ha I do so know what you mean!

      • No not yet, but getting ready to. Cant wait. Oh yea.

  11. Adam says” doing his own makeup gets him in the mood to perform” Love it!

  12. AdamAddict says:

    What I love during “Little Lies” is Adam and Kris didn’t try to steal David’s limelight! They both very proffesional!They both not like “I’m on the top now,I’ll sing louder!” That’s was great! And David look so modest although he’s a “senior” ! I like him a lot and his vocal is superb!
    I wish Archie also there.Adam has his good friend beside him.Where’s david’s good friend,Archie? If they were 4 of them on stage,whoah!! They all have so different personality and vocals,I wonder how it end if they 4 duet for 1 song??!! πŸ˜€ I want to see!!

    • And dont you just love how when Adam and Kris are asked questions, Adam will look
      at Kris to answer first sometimes giving him 1st dibs and then he answers so professionaly.
      He knows he is the star and we all love ittttttt!

      • I’ve noticed that too that Adam always watches Kris and lets him answer first unless the question is directed specifically to Adam. I’ve also notice in interviews that when Kris doesn’t know what to say he quickly looks and Adam and then Adam answers. It’s like they know each other so well and are so comfortable together it comes naturally. I’ve also noticecd that Kris seems much more relaxed when they do interviews together and his humor comes through. Kris alone is usually serious but when he’s with Adam he can really be funny.

        • Adam completes Kris.

          • Fully agree with that.

            • AdamAddict says:

              Agree!! Kris become more relax if Adam is around! πŸ˜€ And yes I noticed Adam always looked at Kris & let he answer 1st then he answers! And there’s rumour saying he was rude to other contestants? Even when he’s with Lil,he always let Lil answers.He speak up when the question were for him!! Adam is a sweetheart,period!!

              • I was at the show, and I agree with all the comments regarding Kradam during interviews. I think Kris looks to Adam for some confidence when he’s on stage, and there relationship is so sweet to see.


  13. Marie/Toronto says:

    After months of scientific research, I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible for a man to be hotter than Adam Lambert.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      LOL. . . wouldn’t you LOVE to actually do that research???!!! πŸ˜€

      Cindy in MS

    • Our research here at the Western Labs back this up Marie of Toronto!

    • totally agree.

      • Yes, another independent study coming out of Minnesota confirms your findings. It’s also been determined that in spite of previous beliefs that he couldn’t get any hotter, that he in fact is still not only getting hotter himself but raising the temperature of everything and everyone that he comes in contact with.

    • Yes, Ms. Marie/Toronto, a corollary study centered in Los Angeles, CA also confirms that women over 35 who are exposed to measured doses of Mr. Lambert are experiencing a 99.97% spike in their sex drives. Indeed, I have confirmed this for myself this very morning.

      • I agree. Researchers can now give up trying to develop Viagra for women. We can just watch Adam, ahem, “perform”! Intense pleasure with no side effects–except worn-out husbands/boyfriends.

        • Or, increased budget for batteries–depending on one’s situation. Energizer’s stock has definitely gone up since “Ring of Fire”. I’m just sayin’…

          • Research has been carried out in far away places such as in London, if in Los Angeles women over 35 are experiencing 99.97% spike in their sex drives, in London research indicates 100% spike in their sex drives, watch out world.

        • Ah ha love it! AdamAgra!

        • Wannabethesnake, I can testify to this. My upper register has improved, I am reaching notes I never thought I was capable of (thanks to Adam) with my husband responding with a Gokey-shriek! Glambs, I am finding out that it is possible to become a contortionist post the age of 50. I am so loooooooving this voyage of discovery – the perks seem to be endless too!

          • GO, INGRID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • wannabethesnake – I am GOING and … pant, pant, sigh, sigh and I am now singing the Halleluja Chorus with GUSTO!

              Seriously Glambs, I am surprising (or shocking) myself with some of my comments!

              • Lorrin, Lisette, Mother Thereeeeeeeeeesa, please save me from myself! No point in calling out to Cheryl, Wannbethesnake, Songwriter4Adam, Mary C or AdamAddict, Toni because you lot will just say, “WHAAAAAAAAAAAT, you go girl! Love ya all and thanks for the laughs, you are all awful, I mean AWESOME!

    • Lisette here..with Mariean yur research lab glambs so agree do I..tresbeau an takes away any chills for sure..non neede for legwarmers,socks an fireplace(wel thet woulde be in Alaska gathre as now is hot in l’southwest here..With Adam need to take swim in pool for sure…opps what av I said now!xoxo hugs an bisous (Adam see what yu have started)! As an earlier days before Am.Idol..there’s songe (on utube) from Caberet club…”Crazy”.cheque out intimate performances audience luvs him thet theyre throwing shoes( thenk goodness it didnon injure him)!So now ther’s just brassieres an handcuffs..whet next!

    • I have been laughing so hard to this thread, over and over again, tears are literally rolling down my face!



  16. Isabella says:

    oh, love love love both songs…:D Starlight is sooo nice and calm and totally feng shui-ish for me, and then Little Lies is like totally rock’n’roll!! he’s a cameleon:D:D:D

  17. OK, you know who will get my praise, Adam of course, he sang well, looked great, such beautiful eyes, looked every inch of a Rock Star, of course he is international. “Tell me lies”, beatiful song, liked David Cook, loved Adam, he is so humble, did not try to overstage the others, always in the background, but always the one with the greatest stage presence. Can never get tired of listening to him, thank you for posting these videos, and again thank you for posting the pictutes yesterday.

  18. Thank goodness he missed the memo to wear plaid! Instead, he darkly radiated sex and beauty and pure physical and musical genius. I am very fond of the other two, as well, but it was like watching Cinderella and the ugly step-sisters at the ball. (I think Adam will appreciate the analogy.) And, what was that leather S&M thumb-ring, bracelet-thingy? ooooh…seriously made me wannabethestool!

    • My guess is, he missed the memo to wear plaid on PURPOSE. Every eye in that place was on the Man in Black and Grey..

      • Ha good one, Adam looked so Svelte!

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        He used to say that on Idol, when everyone else was doing ballads, he glammed it up – and vice versa…. he instinctively knows what to do, to get us squirming in our seats, does he not? Showed the Bowie Medley video to a married friend in her 40’s and she had only one comment: “I wanna be his girlfriend”. We happily decided that he could have us at his whim, and we’d wait in the wings for him – just in case he tired of whomever he was with at the time… tell me you all haven’t thought the same thing once or twice? And are you like me, and have a hard time getting ANYTHING done at the office anymore? So many pix to see, so many videos to watch and re-watch, so many thoughts to get written.. what a sweet obsession…. LOVE the Cinderella analogy… that was PERFECT… he stands out everywhere he goes… even if he were wearing a paper sack, he’d look so much hotter than anyone else in the vicinity… and oh yes, the leather thumb-ring… Oh my God, just the thought of those black-gloved hands….hmmmmm.


  19. Just watched my TiVo’ed version of Starlight. Three times. The third time, I vowed to close my eyes and just listen (as difficult as that was).

    Holy crap. He moved me to spontaneously clutch my heart at least three different times.

    Here’s the thing – they’re all talented, for sure. But with Adam and David, I can feel what they’re feeling when they sing. It comes straight from the very center of their beings. With Kris, there’s kind of a wall. He’s putting it out there with all the forcefulness he can, but I can’t feel anything. It’s pleasant and enjoyable enough, but there’s no passion.

    I can’t wait to be driving in my car and have an Adam Lambert song come on the radio. And to feel the electricity, and like I’m flying. Like I do with Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder songs. I can’t wait.

    • Barb, I just had to do what you did and closed my eyes and just listened to that voice and i loved, loved, loved this stripped down version of starlight. It certainly took me away. What a genius Adam is – knows how to fit style and looks and intensity to different situations. And so appreciative of his fellow musicians.

      Then, I’ll have to do what Lorrin did and watch it over and over and notice every little detail and enjoy!

      Thank you so much Jeanette. We all appreciate your time and effort for posting all these – you just don’t know what joy you give us all – but then again maybe you do. Thank you, thank you. ADAM ROCKS! LONG MAY HE REIGN!

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      For the zillionth time – Adam’s Starlight has moved me to tears – ESPECIALLY when you close your eyes… since seeing him in person two nights ago, i have a totally new connection with his music for some reason…. can’t explain, but it just hits me in a totally different place now…hope you know what I’m saying..This subdued version of Starlight is all at once: refreshing, soothing, and exciting, and after watching countless tour videos for the past few months, I nearly melted when I saw this…STUNNING, he is….I ADORE Adam in makeup for sure, but when he tones it down, as in the GMA videos, I ge even more queasy, as if your eyes can see more of him this way… i think I fell in love ten times during those few minutes…totally, completely madly IN LOVE…I’m hooked…he can do no wrong…. i’m sure i’m making a total fool of myself but there’s not a single soul in my life that gets it… not one.. CAN YOU IMAGINE???????.

      • Don’t worry…WE get it.

        • AllaboutAdam says:

          Thank God you do, cuz I simply can’t hold it in.

          • tweety59 says:

            Yeah I’m like you too…I “get you” because when I talk about Adam to my family, it’s as if I’m talking to the air – they look at me like I’m loony…but I love it!

            • I’m glad I started visiting this site. You are the only people who don’t think I am crazy about being crazy about Adam Lambert.

      • Oh yeah, we get it and how!! Don’t worry — you are NOT alone, not one bit in the intensity of your feelings! πŸ˜‰

      • Oh, no…we definitely get it! My family thinks I’m crazy and make fun of me for my passion for this man. I think that’s partly because they feel that at my age (old enough to be Adam’s mom…if only ;-)) that I should be more subdued or something (or not act like a love struck teenager). But I can’t be! Adam makes me feel that it’s okay to feel young and alive (not to mention, sexy)! I do have to say that at least my husband indulges me a little bit as he’s a big fan also…just not nearly as obsessive! (lol!).

        I’ve been waiting with breathless anticipation, since June, to see Adam at the AI concert this coming Sunday at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. I expect to have a similar experience as yours of a new and deeper connection with him and his music. You may think this weird, but I even felt closer to him, just knowing that he was in my state and esp. when he was in NYC yesterday morning as he was only about 15 miles from where I live across the Hudson River in Bergen County (NJ). It’s just as though there is this huge, indescribable energy that radiates from him and the closer he in proximity to me, the more I feel it. I know…told you…weird, right?

        Peace and Love XOXOXO

        • Sorry…meant to say “…the closer he is in proximity to me, the more I feel it.”

        • No, not weird at all, Mary (or, if being weird like this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right).

          I felt the same way when he was in Florida. And I don’t think I was alone. You could feel the electricity among everyone walking into the Bank Atlantic Center, the vast majority of whom were wearing black and had painted their nails black – just knowing he was there and we would be seeing him on that stage in a matter of hours.

          And as you can imagine, when you see him for real, and he pulls you in for real as opposed to just through the television or computer screen, you’re pretty much done for.

          And AllAboutAdam (love that, by way), we get you. I’m sorry no one IRL does. I’m lucky enough to have a few co-workers who are big Adam fans, too, and who think it’s totally cool that I went to the concert and enjoyed Adam so much (one of them even went with me). At the last place I worked, I doubt anyone would have given a damn – they’re much more, I don’t know – old – there, and they always used to tease me about how “passionate” I was about everything, and not exactly in a nice way. Hang in there – you’re certainly among friends here.

          • Lisette here..Maryk28 I felte same when Adam hed concerte out I reside in Nevada..all accepte fact thet I’d been aving many medtest so unable to attend nerby state be in Utah, cried knowing he was drive distance..Broken hearte feling..til I commence seeing all lovli Utube videos people had post an on thes lovli tribute page,an felt as if I magaine being their upclose,with effecte of zoom lens fans used to make crystalclear colour.Sure yu had a fabulous time seeing Adam in person..memoires to last a lifetime!I feel in ma hearte ..I too can esperience a live view upclose n personal ..just to await solo tour! Take care luv an hugs!xoxLisette

        • So many of us can relate to how you feel…and so many of our families thing we’re just as crazy!

      • Oh, yes. We get it. You have been GLAMored! Vampires do it; Adam does it (only with Adam it takes on a whole different meaning). It is the best word/description I can come up with to explain how this man can take over minds, hearts and souls. Now, if he would just bite my neck….or….anything….else…..


        • AllaboutAdam says:

          See? He’s just so wonderful, like magic – creating these little mini-communication / relationships between all of us… he’s doing what he said he he wanted to to – bring people together… If you had asked me a year ago, whether I’d ever be blogging to other women on a site centered around an American Idol performer, I would have laughed hysterically! And now here i am – just grateful that you all “get it” ! ….The more I watch it, the more I am finding that the GMA performance is one of my all-time favorites… and so true: his energy is so strong & positive – before the show, I was just about freaking out – realizing he was IN THE SAME BUILDING! …GLAMorized, bitten, hooked.. whatever you want to call it… it feels great, doesn’t it? We’re all like little mice following this fabulous pied-piper wherever he leads… except you know it’s going somewhere wild and wonderful and that you’ll have a blast when you get there! if I’m addicted… then by all means, Adam, shoot me up and may we never come down from it. LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!

  20. Gari Takes says:

    The journey with Adam is the best I have ever been on in so long. Adam is the most gorgeous person we have had to entertain us in this century. He is like and addiction, you can’t get enough of Adam. His talent soothes the soul and lightens the burdens of the day. We are so glad he has been found.
    Thank you Adam.

    • Well said, Gari. Each morning at work, I listen to his songs here on the music player, and his voice does soothe me – and grounds me and focuses me for a long day of analyzing business software (such a thrilling life I lead). I thank the stars above for this man and his gorgeous voice, and that I’m alive during the time of such a true artist.

      God, I read what I write sometimes and think “Ugh – I sound like such an ass-kisser,” but that’s really how I feel.


  22. cheryl norman says:

    Jeanette, I was blown away by lyour description of this ‘mini concert’ re Adam!! The best article, I think that you have ever done. IF I’m not mistaken, wasn’t this song written and sung by FLEETWOOD MAC? I thought it was entitled, “Tell me Lies”. At any rate, your description of Adam was absolutely great, and I agree, obviously, with everything you said!! I think Kris is just not a great singer in any way, tho. I loved David Cook since I first saw him on idol, and picked him to wen way back when! I think David Cook blows Kris off the stage, totally! I love David Cook’s voice! Love his gruff voice, which is very ‘rocker’, to me.Kris looked like a little boy lost on a stage with adult men trying to fit in! I do not like those bad plaid shirts David and Kris wear!!! WHY do they insist on wearing that stuff? Men, most just have no concept of fashion at all! Haha! Now, Adam! He is just a horse of nother color!!! He’s like a great worldwide star ‘lowering’ himself to sing with those who can never achieve greatness, no matter what! Adam is like from another planet! One so superior to the one the other two are on, it’s almost sad. Yes, Adam missed a note in the beginning, it was obvious, and he just kept on like it never happened, which is a tribute to the greatness of the talent he is. He did his song, wore his clothes realizing that children and ‘midwest’ America was watching, and kept himself in ‘check’ so as not to ‘offend’ anyone, or, blow Kris and David away with his vocals, which would be so easy for Adam to do. He NEVER hogs the spotlight, just the opposite. The mark of a savy, classy man, that is our Adam. I watched this this morn and taped it, but upon watching it again, was still as refreshing as it was this morning. I bet Adam just cannot wait for this tour to be over. Knowing he loves his fans, loves what he is doing, but he has grown so much to my amazement, as I didn’t even begin to realize how much more he could give! He’s so ready to fly on his own, it’s been a long few months of touring w/people who are not in the class he is, (and who else is, really)that just being able to start living his life must even be a dream by now! He has a new home, new album, control over his future, no big money problems, one new car, ability to buy most anything he wants, but is tethered to the AI group, and I just think he has got to be so antsy!!!I am not going to say any more. When it comes to Adam, there is never an ending to being able to continue to comment on his beautiful-ness, re his talent, looks,personality, intelligence, and so much more, that any of us could go on forever! Obviously, I almost did! Anyway, love the vids and your article!
    love-peace-joy 4 Adam…………………………………………………….and all Glambs.

    • Cheryl, this is a wonderful article, and I have voiced these same sentiments in different ways in other places many times….but you have come up with a word for Adam we should have all thought of long ago. Yes, Adam is ‘classy’. That word went out with our parent’s generation, but it’s coming right back in with Adam Lambert. In all the ways that you mentioned, Adam is a ‘classy’ guy, and with his presence on the scene may just add back in to his generation something that has been sorely lacking for a long, long time. Thank you, Cheryl, for your keen insights and comparisons, and for your great post.

      • Lisette agan..ah agree with Cheryl an Lorrin very much an all of us here feel same adoratione an admiration thenks again to Jeanette for posting.An her sentimentes too are lovli too!An yes Cheryl Adam is so humble an here is shown in softer tones here,unlike l’rasp of David Cook am non partial to,an Kris is cute but non the 2 of them can compare..Adam is in same class as I av legendes same gentleness Elvis had.An his appearance sans lot of glamour as on stage,displays his classique hansome face,an his eyes are l’mirror of soul..his is so very brite,in his abilitie to touche everyone in audience an arounde worlde.His voix,hearte an soul are tresbeau an will always reman thes way! Merci for toi gifte au chante.J’adore Adam..l’angel d’musique.Blessings an luv Lisette!

      • Hear, hear, Lorrin, that’s our CHERYL – well stated, Ma Cherie!

  23. I used to think Elvis was the most beautiful and talented man I ever saw and then there was Adam.He commands the stage.I know Kris and David were on the stage.But all I could do is look at Adam.I have never ever seen anyone so incredibly talented and so so so beyond handsome.I am truley glad he came into our lives.He came along at just the right time.There has been a singer here and there but nothing ever like him for a long, long time.Maybe never.I guess enough said.


  24. I just wonder how much time Adam had to rehearse this song with his accompanists – not very much time I bet. And Starlight is not an easy song! You have to build that rapport and trust with your fellow musicians very quickly and then swallow your nerves and put yourself out there to sink or swim in front of possibly millions of people. And except for those couple of pitchy sections in the beginning, HE does it again and delivers this haunting performance. Love you Adam. Stay healthy.

  25. What’s up with the GMA guy who keeps calling him Adam LAMPert? Has he been hiding under a rock for the last several months?

  26. Oh, this is just simply beautiful!!! It is so pure, so fluid, so emotional. Reading Adam’s tweet from last night I can understand now why he’s trying to avoid pushing those high notes too much, and this version of Starlight is just the perfect way to protect his voice. I still can’t believe that they have over a month to go till the tour is finished!!! I hope he takes care of himself and this heavenly voice of his!!!

  27. Glamb161 says:

    I was fortunate to be able to watch Adam on GMA live on the internet last nite (Malaysian Time) via I was very excited to hear that Adam will reprise Starlight cos I had begun to love the song when Adam sang it for the AI concert tour and I know that he will change up the melody a bit. But he really pulled a big surprise by changing it totally with an acoustic and almost-unplugged version that really showcased his beautiful and heavenly voice. Now I have another starlight version (thanks to Adam) to love and listened to daily. All I can say is that we are so blessed that Adam has decided to introduce himself to the world as he is ONE AMAZING AND BRILLIANT ARTISTE, A WORLD IDOL.

  28. My daughter (3 years old, who’s becoming a fan of Adam, at least her mom thinks so, lol) and I was watching the Startlight video together.

    She noticed Adam’s black nails on close up and asked me, “mommy, why he has black nails?” , “mmm, I’m not sure”, ” I know, he has black hair and black shirt, it matches!”

    I thought it was soooooo cute! I just had to share that with you!!

    Adam was so great this morning. The song and how he looked was so refreshing and perfect for a morning at Central Park. He’s a true entertainer. He just knows how to please the crowd and make them fall in love with him! I love the glam rocker side of him, but this perfomance is another winner!!

    • Marie/Toronto says:

      Very cute. My six year old niece was with me one evening when Idol was on. When Adam came on I said “Watch..I just love this guy.” She said “Well, Aunt Marie, if you love him you should marry him.”

      She also asked about his nails “doesn’t he know nailpolish is for girls?”

      Also “Is Adam a grown up or just a big kid?”

      Ahh, kids.

    • Out of the mouths of babes. My seven-year-old son watched my TiVo’ed recording of it with me this morning and says, “His voice is, like, all over the place.” I said, “What do you mean?” He says, “It’s high and then it’s low and then it’s high again. Kinda cool.” πŸ™‚

      • AdamAddict says:

        My niece and nephew also know I love Adam so much.I asked them to see Adam in youtube to know what they think about him.He loves Adam in “Black or white” Lately,I can’t stop drawing Adam.I actually just finish 1 more.I did as many as I can because if I draw 10,probably 3 or 4 that count as Adam.I just finished & they came for visit,my sister who didn’t watch A.I and no idea who’s Adam(yeah,I know can U believe that?) asked me who that was. And my nephew(7yrs old) suddenly reply “Adam!!” lol! That makes me feel really good! lol!! πŸ˜€

        • AdamRocks! says:

          My four-year-old son sings along when I play my itunes videos and the CD that I burned. . . one of his favorites is the Ring of Fire video. . . he’s going through a cannon and fireball stage. . . lol. . . he said that when he grows up, he wants to be a rock star like Adam Lambert.

          Cindy in MS

  29. I hope we ,as Adam’s fans, understand how much he gives of himself. We can’t demand that he be there for us i.e. autographs. First some of the fans wanted him to get back on the broken twitter faster than possible. He’s back, but now that’s not enough .. we want him out there signing,speaking to us ,etc. even if he has to rest his glorious voice. Please let’s really be fans and let him live. We don’t own his very being…

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Well said!

      Cindy in MS

      • I agree, Melody. One thing I’ve noticed is how much Adam is in demand. He practically caries this whole tour and it is Adam that the press is always after for photo-ops, interviews, performances, etc. I think the pressure on him is waaay more than the other idols–even the “winner”. Not to mention, he is writing songs and recording an album at the same time–while dodging stalkers and haters. We are all so dazzled by this man that we a focusing in like a laser beam on every aspect of his life, because we can’t get enough. Guilty. Let us not burn him up with our intensity. If he can’t sign autographs, ok. Let him breathe….

        • AdamAddict says:

          Agree with melody kramer & wannabethesnake! We need to understand that he just human.He already did his best!

        • Agree completely with you both. And wannabethesnake, I must say – *LOVE* your screen name.

          You all really don’t want to hear about my adventures in finding a copy of that particular magazine (though I did meet up with a couple of very nice Adam fans I wouldn’t have otherwise).

          I wannabetheglove, wannabethebeltbuckle, wannabethepants, wannabethecatoninetails…

          • AdamAddict says:

            I gonna change my screen name to wannabethemicstand!! LOL!!

            I love the latest picture that post above.The shining earing!! Imagine if it’s on his teeth! It’s like watching fairy tales!! πŸ˜€ Wink and sparkling teeth!! Pweett!!

            • Oh, yeah, the highly, nightly “polished” mic stand….Bet it shines as much as the earing….

            • Oh I wannabethemicstand too. Ouch. I loved the pic with the star effect on the earring. Then the next one where u just stop at the zipper. Whoa Wee.

              • Yes, the zipper! OMG don’t get me started on Adam’s zippers—esp the uncovered one! I think I referred to it in the Tulsa posts as shining like tinsel on a Christmas tree making it impossible to look away. Must…Look….Right….There…..Must….Open….Package…..No, no, no! I will not think bad thoughts. Adam is sweet and talented and a professional. He is an ARTIST that demands our respect! It is all about the voice, right? Right?

                Then why does he play with our minds by wearing zippers that act like neon signs blinking, “Quiet, sleeping python.”? Why does he dare us to tap the glass and wake it up? He has gotta know what he is doing….right?…..

                I feel a whole new thread coming on….

                • AdamAddict says:

                  You cracked me up! lol!! It’s not only you who have bad thought! I thinking about using my JEDI MIND on Adam! “Open,open” Hahaha!!
                  May The Force Be With You,Adam!! πŸ˜€

                  From: Emili/ wannabethemicstand ( I’m seriously thinking about change my screen name but then my Glambs friends here probably thinking AdamAddict already go to hospital for taking to much AdamAgra so…)

                  • Oh, yeah, Obi-Wan, don’t overdose! Four hours would be miserable without the proper “antidote”. Just to measure the force of Adam’s lightsaber, go to and watch the video of Every Inch of Adam’s Whole Lotta Love. Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my, uhmm, heart to the genius that filmed it. And, our boy DEFINATELY knows what he is doing to men and women alike! Hooray, for the zipper…and the belt buckle….and the mic stand! Long may they, uh, wave…or sway…or…thrust…*squee*

                • AllaboutAdam says:

                  OMG you crack me up! But true, if and when I tear myself away from his face, I go straight to the zipper! …. oh, you bet he knows……

  30. Jeanette, these pictures are fantastic, he has such a beautiful face, lots of expression, the one thing that comes through is sweetness, he looks so happy and fresh even though he is constantly on the go. Never ever before has an artist had this effect on people. Thanks for the updates, hopefully one day he will come to London.

  31. sylverine says:

    You guys should also watch the soundcheck recording of Starlight done by Rickey of the cellcaster fella. Also superb, maybe even better in vocals. His mother was there, and I think he points her out towards the end. Gosh I wish I’d been there! Soooo gorgeous!
    And his strategy! Kris and David go with the full bandzilla, he goes the other way – acoustic on a stool! Always the unexpected.

    I hope it gets onto YouTube so that I can download it. Or – anyone know how to do that straight off this site? I couldn’t get that to work.

  32. He really is a gentleman and he grins when David says that. He’s a little sweet and shy in the group videos. At the end of Little Lies he’s taking a gander at the hot guitarist on the left. I would too.

    BTW Why does he look so pissed in the last picture. He’s so sexy when he’s angry.

  33. I LOVE this performance!! He is “charmed”. Amazing. Perfect. Beautiful in every way. What else can really be said?

  34. Jeanette, Thanks for the beautiful pics . Adam looking so tall and handsome on that stage, his
    black hair and his whole being just stands out over and above everyone. Geez I know we can all
    just eat him up. He is a breath of fresh air, this smooth look and so very classy look and then we he
    goes into full badass rock and roll throttle. OMG. Cant get enough!

  35. lourdes stone says:

    adam was a bit subdued but looked very handsome. he is so popular around the world, when i was in malaysia last month he was in the cover of a local malaysian magazine. he is also well known in singapore and of course here in australia where i live. adam all the way.

  36. This performance was soooo amazing!
    And I was really really glad that I actually could watch it on the net.

    Somehow I liked this version more than the actual concert version …

  37. I don’t like his hair up though, he looks older and makes his face wider for tv. But his black hair color fits perfectly well..

  38. I am also happy to note that he was also speaking up for Paula Abdul, while the two guys just keep it up to themselves. I realized also that David cook is almost as tall as adam. So david Archuleta probably is as short as kris allen. Kris Allen is also adorable, he has a cute nicely shaped face and head size for TV :). And so when adam flips his hair up, it makes his head on TV look huge.

    • Marie/Toronto says:

      Beg to differ, Adam is perfect; I’ve always thought that Kris looks pin-headed. (Not to be mean, I didn’t bring it up).

      • Me, too. He looks like a little boy, a pretty little boy with a nice smile–until he sings. Then, his face contorts into Quasimodo. I know….I know….I like Kris, too….he is cute and sweet and funny. He can sing well within a certain range and Adam loves him. I’m just sayin’, in the looks/photogenic department (heck, in all departments) he doesn’t hold a candle to Adam. I would still hold him on my lap and give him candy, though.

        • No bouncing allowed, wannabethesnake. LMAO

        • wannabethesnake -you almost killed me with that comment about Kris’ face looking like quasimodo when he sings. Always thought so too – just didn”t like to say cause he is a cute, sweet boy but when he sings … his face just twists so.

          Also, yes “dual idol” year indeed. Adam is carrying a lot of this year’s load and we do have to give him room to breathe and have some alone time which he has mentioned he needs.

          You guys are all so funny and insightful and spontaneous. I don’t write much but truly enjoy the back and forth on this site. Thanks y’all.

  39. Kathleen says:

    Adam is such a wonderful paradox….voice & look of an angel in the morning and such a rock star at night. It took me a sec to adjust to hearing Starlight on GMA because I had watched the videos from the tour, but I am mesmerized again. I have watched that video so many times because Adam is such a genius…transports us to a place I don’t want to leave.

    • Lisette here,Lovli post Kathleen an agree Starlight is one of ma favorite’s ..whenever bleu come an listen to Adam’s estraordinaire performance on GMA..An adore his velvet,gentle inflections truly an angel of musique an nite more of glamrock one!Takes us to anothre place,alle etoile et d’ stars an mabe like twilit or l’Phantom swept away by his beauface,hearte an voix! Blessings always monamie tresbeau..Adam Luv,Lisette..hugs an luv glambs!xoxo

  40. I also believe that if Adam was not more popular or even more likable than Kris Allen, this GMA concert could have been only between David Cook and Kris Allen. Which means that Adam is just an indispensable idol, one can not take him for granted as far as an idol winner and more so a stunning performer.

    • For sure, Markus. I’ve called this the year of the “dual idol” because Adam may be the runner-up, but he is second to none–and AI knows it. By the way, I love his hair worn up exposing every inch of that beautiful face! Everything about him just seems bigger than average…sigh….

      • Lisette here..Agree wannabethesnake. an as I av mentione despite being second thinq he’s had more opportunities an artistes approache to be ontour(before actual finale of Am.Idol)an av duets on cd..recall may be surprises on..We’ll await for Novembre.An ditto adore Adam with his hair back..whech accentes his chisele features,an lit crystal bleu eyes! Ah, to funny abote yur last Adam is tall,statuesque as I av say can be in Florence’s piazza of Michelangelos scupltures..perfectione!Thenks an luv all glambs an fellows(Markus) visite anytime! Plasur to see a glamb man! Hugs..

      • wannabethesnake….. you make me truly laugh out loud…

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      Ah yes – i’ve noticed other appearances where it seemed like, to get Adam, they had to invite Kris too, since he won…. I can’t wait until Adam is finished with the Idol responsibilities and we can have him – and only him. STUNNING.

  41. Hmmm… I luuuuv this un-plugged version of starlight, hope he’ll included it in his forth-coming CD!!!

  42. I love him most especially with this style hairdo and subdued performance. I fell for him really hard after the ‘track of Tears” performance during the idol performance. Thank you very much for this video. I can not wait till I see him in St. Louis, Mo. concert!!!

  43. I read a couple of interview articles with Adam where he stated that oftentimes, when not singing onstage in a performance, he “covers” his voice to save it. I am not a singer so I don’t know the exact dynamics.

    I have to assume that his choice of singing “Mad World” on television right after AI was due to this and now he wanted to sing something new for the massive television audience and chose to sing a more subdued version of “Starlight”…and yes, it was absolutely magical. Not unlike his singing of Brigadoon we have all heard on youtube. So, I do believe it is a technical way of singing, while at the same time letting your voice rest. I saw the show in Ontario, CA and he pulled out every ounce of power within him, nothing left behind. He needs to do that and is being very smart and professional about it.

    It should be noted that Adam’s being there in the first place is a huge kudo for him. There he was, receiving the most applause and screams and adulation with two winners of AI….LOL. It is sooo obvious that he is already a superstar it is so easy to see him become the next Michael Jackson or Elvis or Freddie or even Mick for that matter. He has the best qualities of all of them, and is devoid of so much of the drama. I applaud his family, especially his mom, for what we see in Adam today.

    Have a great weekend everyone!


  44. Cathie Bair says:

    As a mom to grown sons, I cannot imagine what Adams mom thinks when she looks at that gorgeous face,. her little baby setting the world on fire like no one before him…girls and guys mesmerized by everything that he is. He is amazing! His parents should be so proud of the honest, down to earth, sweet human being they have raised.

    • Yea I loved the interview where his Mom said at one of his concerts during Starlight, she stood
      up and did a 360 turn and was brought to tears. Her Sons Dream had come true! Beautiful!

  45. I love his voice when he holds back and sings pure and sweet. I do hope a couple of songs on his forthcoming album are more ballad-like and romantic. I often play Brigadoon and Is Anybody Listening online while playing a game. The sweetness is yet another aspect of his wonderful voice! Just like the way he sang Starlight yesterday.

    • Absolutely, Mother Theresa! He treated the song ‘gently’, I like rock as well – WLL and We are the champions, which he just nailed, are good examples. The ballads, however, showcase his music talent and show why he is the best singer EVER. I never thought I would EVER be a bigger fan than that of ELVIS. Sorry, Mr Presley, but Sir Adam has taken the throne! Glambs, if you have not listened to Adam sing The Prayer, do yourselves a favour and keep the tissues at hand. We are honoured to witness this beautiful Prince of Peace, King of Hearts, Musical Genius, … whose greatness is beyond description. We can only watch in awe!

      • Lisette agan..Ingrid lovli to see av miss yur posts!An feel ma famille an I luv Elvis..An like him Adam toches into one’s hearte in a more intimate wa. Thinq Elvis was less accessible to media/interviews,having Col.Parker controll him..Adam is independant an carefully garded,awaiting Idol to end to reveal his lifestyle preference.An always keeps people guessing bit of mystere in his next songes,hairstyles,clothes,an deffarante musique genres he singes like noone else!Tresbeau an agree King of heartes,an angel of chansons!He’ll be here for many years,an adore by many generations to follow,all sexes,races,religiones an nationalities!May angels bless yu always monamie with couer d’or an face angelique!J’adore et bisous Lisette
        Hugs for all glambs..Ingrid,Cheryl,Theresa,Jeanette,Mary,Maries’,Toni,Barb so many more to name..celebration of a gifted entertaineur an beau l’homme..beatful person!xoxox

        • Hey Lisette, our angel! We can never get too much of Adam and he just keeps us mezmerised. I hope that you are well! Take care, hugs Ingrid

          • Aw sorry miss yur reply..An yes we’re always swept away by thes beauhearte an angel d’chansons..I av come to see Adam singin agan such a melodique an gentle ballad..showing vulnerablitie,an softer sensual so very romantique..J’adore Adam an know he’ll reman ma favorite vocaliste,artiste an also a beau l’homme with couer d’or..Beautiful with heart goldene!..J’etaime LisettexoxoBlessings Ingrid an all !

    • Lisette here..bonsoir agree Theresa..thinq I adore Adam’s more vulnerable an gentle inflections in ballads..lets his garde downe..toches within one’s hearte..Beliv he’s a romantique as well aside from his glamrock star side in passionate vocals inconcerts seein on videos!.Starlit with guitariste an non need for a grande band thet he as to at time shout above.Reminde me lot of his theatre performances of “Wicked”,Brigadoon,Best Arts(all on utube) Tracks of my Tears..when I listene,av tears as he singes with his beaucouer..!J’adore always Adam..stay forever beau inward an outward Many bisous for yu nowxoxoxxx! an Glambs ..hugs an luv!..

  46. therubberdoll says:

    I watch GMA every morning – & love it & never have I seen them act like such a**holes. Our beautiful Adam decided to liven up a very dull give & take chat and they (I think it was Chris Cuomo) embarrassed him. They specifically asked him (and Kris) to compare the tour audience to the GMA audience – they know what’s been happening to Adam on tour & they must know that he is honest to a fault. If certain subjects were going to be taboo, they should have discussed it prior to air time. You just don’t do that to a guest – they left Adam hanging & they should be ashamed of themselves. A**HOLES!


  47. Prepare to die, huh ? You definitely got that right.. I saw him and my mouth dropped open, I couldn’t breathe, then I started to say : Damn, Damn, Damn ^^ …. I swear I have breathing troubles since I’ve known Adam Lambert … Oh my gooooood ..
    And thank you Lorrin for the lovely description of our euphoria, I loved every single sentence of your comment. I’d love to be able to write as beautifully as you do. Hopefully I will someday.
    Adam, thank you for killing me once again.

  48. I Forgot one thing : Jeanette, please, I’m beggin’, beggin’ you πŸ™‚ … please find me other pictures of GMA … I went crazy with the ones in here so I appreciate if you could add more .. and thank you.

    • Jeanette says:

      OK, Marwa, off your knees…I have added more photos.

      • Thank you, thank you, thank you …. I truly thank you, these new pictures are even more … I can’t find the right adjective…. Gosh, I died again !!! It’s crazy how Adam can kill you thousands of times, but in a sweet loveable way so that you never get enough ^^ …
        Thank yoooooooooooou πŸ™‚

  49. Is there a way to see this concert with Adam, Kris and David Cook in it’s entirety on the internet anywhere?

  50. adamfancajungirl says:

    I always thought that when Elvis was young he was the best looking man I had ever set eyes on and he was my idol,but Adam is so handsome its almost unbelieveable that a man could be that good looking.He is the whole package. What a beautiful voice he has. I enjoy his videos so much and am looking forward to more videos and his new CD. Adam is now and always will be my idol.


  52. Hmmm . . . 3 men in flannel shirts and jeans in NYC in the summer ( fashion faux pas extraordinaire) and 1 man with beautiful blue eyes in sexy, tight jeans, funky vest, boots, jewelry . . . it might be hot outside but HE is hotter

  53. I cant find the thread to load the songs from GMA, help??

  54. All Star Me says:

    I almost wish that he was doing Starlight acoustic on tour.

  55. I think that David Cook looked really impressed with Adam. At the end, yeah he did shake Kris’s hand, but he quickly went to Adam, and he not just shook his hand, they had a few words and they were smiling at each other. WAY TO GO ADAM!



  57. Eva Poliszczuk says:

    I am so happy I figured out how to reduce the photos so they could be emailed,lol. πŸ™‚

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