Good Deeds for Adam; Plus Radio Airplay and Other Updates

I did my Adam good-deeds for the day!  Earlier today I went shopping at Barnes & Noble.  “For Your Entertainment” was on the New Release rack right near the check-out.  The lines were long, so people were checking out the rack more than usual.  There were three CD’s left and I stood there for a moment watching what people were looking at.  One lady picked up Adam’s CD and I casually said, “I have that one, it is really good.”  She said she was thinking about getting it for her friend.  Of course, without trying to sound too fan-ish, I told her there wasn’t a bad song on the whole CD and that her friend would probably enjoy it.  She bought it!  It gets even better…

A young man, maybe in his early thirties, picked up Susan Boyle’s CD and asked me if I had heard it.  I replied that it really wasn’t my type of music.  He went on to say how his wife was a true music fan and he wanted to get her a CD for Christmas.  That was my cue!  Long story short…another CD SOLD!  One CD left.  What had started out as a fluke was now a mission – I was truly determined to sell that last CD!

Well, I stood there as long as I could and didn’t sell that last CD.  But I did go to the general music section and plucked two of the five CDs left and moved them to the rack near the checkout line.  Afterall, it had been a lucky selling spot.  😉

Now that I’m home, I’ve checked out the radio airplay charts for the week so I could give you guys an update.  It is definitely appearing to be a rocky road.  My concern is that radio will be needed to further sell Adam’s CD when his televised appearances come to an end.

Neither of the two released singles appear on the Billboard charts for the U.S.  Likewise, neither single appears on the MediaBase charts.  The only good news I found was the addition of “Whataya Want From Me” to five, Hot AC radio stations:

KCIX – Garden City, Idaho
KVLY – Edinburg, Texas
WCDA – Versailles, Kentucky
WMGX – Portland, Maine
WXLO – Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Sadly, these appear to be small town radio markets. 

If you listen to any of these stations or the ones I posted previously in this thread,, please let us know if there are opportunities to help out.  Often, stations host playlist voting opportunities or music “Face Offs” where one song is put up against another for voting. 

Also, don’t forget to make a request to OpenHouseParty on Saturday and Sunday nights for “Whataya Want From Me.”  Where and how to make a request to OpenHouseParty, as well as how to listen online, is also outlined in the previous post via the same link above.

One last detail… I’m keeping the “Jingle Ball ’09” post updated.  Pictures and videos have been added for Friday night’s appearance in New York:

Dana, Glamb #6

P.S.  Don’t forget to vote at VH1 for Adam’s video, “For Your Entertainment.”  You can vote multiple times.


  1. I kinda thought I heard his song on the dallas station like three days after the fye came out. It was either 106.1 kissfm or i93.3. But after I didn’t hear it. I wish they would play it again. But yea. And I voted. Idk what his standing is now. But I voted and he has been looking so hot in the jingle balls. I saw the video with him and Justin. So cute. Hey maybe in a little they will afteer all the publicity calms
    down and all the stuff is kinda a thing of the past. Crossing my fingers.

    • I too have been concerned that Adam is not getting more radio play and his singles are not on billboard. I just checked out Hits Daily Double where they have Adam as number 2 on their Vibe-Raters chart. They say he has huge buzz and that WWFM is on the verge of breaking out and becoming a big hit! Let’s hope they know what they are talking about. You all should check it out!

      • I am in Canada,
        Actually my friend is driving to work every morning and listens the radio. She says they are talking about Adam all the time and playing his songs. She is not sure which songs and what radio station because she is not into it. But I asked her to remeember the station and song next time….. So Adam is on air!!!!
        BTW, What stations can we call here in Canada to order the song play? Who knows?

        • Hi Gala, I’ve been PVRing a music countdown show called MMMCountdown that airs on Saturday/Sunday at around 12:30 a.m. I think it’s Canadian. Anyway, FYE was at 18 last week and has moved up 4 spots to 14 this week. I think everyone is finally catching on. Slowly but surely our Adam is climbing to the top. I think we’ll start hearing more radio play soon enough and I suspect his next single release will hit hard like Lady GaGa.

          • Yes! Why aren’t they releasing a clear “club winner” like FEVER? So many dance parties during the holidays!
            I don’t understand how this marketing thing works.

            We’ve got to push his sales! I was just thinking, if you want to buy more cd’s but are running out of friends and family members to give them to, how about office party gifts? For your office. For the office party of your spouse.

            And also, maybe as donated gifts to CHARITIES! Think, people think!

          • MMM is def Canadian it is Much More Music and caters to the ‘over 40’ crowd, and MM caters to the younger crowd. I saw TFM twice but at 1 am on MMM and FYE once last week, again late at night, on MM

            jnellie,if you are Jackie, please email me at so we can talk radio stations and our local Glamb group. I have a station list I can send you.

        • Gala, what I did was google “radio stations in Vancouver: and found a whole list including what type of music they played.

          Just google ‘radio stations in Oakville, or Toronto” or Hamilton. Then go to each website. There is usually a phone number and/or an email address for mail.

        • VirginRadio96 is in Montreal. For the last 2 weeks or so, Adam’s “Whataya Want From Me” has been the champion of their “Smash It Or Trash It” radio contest. He finally LOST last night. He was up for WIN #12!!! I think he lost to Timbaland w/Justin Timberlake, “Carry Out”. Their Twitter account is (@virginradio96). The web address it

          Canada’s Hot 100 is the ONLY place that For Your Entertainment is charting. It is at #57. “Whataya Want From Me” is currently not charting anywhere. “For Your Entertainment” the album is ONLY charting at #22 on the US (Billboard) Charts. Hits Daily Double is reporting about 70% right now with about 27K in sales. He is in 34th place (down 12 spots) right now.

          Another poster from stated that WWFM is currently at #40 for spins (7 more than #41 and 19 less than #39). With a few more spins it could officially break the top 40 in large markets for airplay. Let’s hope the stellar performance Adam gave on Conan and the upcoming performance on Leno gives FYE some legs. He’s going to need a running push to keep sales going once his TV appearances end on the 21st. (I SO hate that he lost out on NYRE!!!)

      • DKNY64 & Courtney – This is a VERY LONG POST I found on Amazon, but I thought I just HAD TO SHARE it with everyone because it answers A LOT OF QUESTIONS concerning Adam’s air time, publicity, buzz, longevity/career prospects and the general vibe of the industry towards him right now. It’s SUPER LONG (sorry), but everyone will be glad they read it.

        Posted on Dec 14, 2009 8:19 PM PST
        Last edited by the author 4 hours ago
        Asia Connection says:
        Hi everyone, I just got back from lunch and am up and about while all of you are asleep. I was at Adam Official and found a link to this really interesting article from another Adam blog. Read carefully as the guy gives some good advice about requesting Adam at Radio stations—DON’T BARAGE RADIO STATIONS WHERE YOU DON’T LIVE WITH REQUESTS FOR ADAM AS THEY DON’T LIKE IT–THEY WANT TO HEAR FROM THEIR LISTENERS AND THE REST OF US JUST ANNOY THEM. This really made me feel good. I am pasting all of the text here as it keeps getting moved around on the posting list: I think this is the Miami ball–not sure:

        So, we were at the Jingle Ball last night….we ducked out just as The Fray was coming on. We were walking aimlessly around looking for an open restaurant…Hooters looked to be our only option. FAIL……they were closed when we got there. However, as we walked back to our hotel a man came up behind us and asked if we’d been to the show. We said yep, and he introduced himself as working for the radio station, and eventually told us he was in fact the program director ( he gave us his business card). He wanted our opinion about it…we told him we went for Adam.period. We told him we didn’t know much about the other bands, etc…but we were happy just to be given a chance to see Adam.

        We asked him if his station played Adams music and he said …yes…WWFM, but not FYE. Anyway, this began a very long conversation with him about his professional opinion of how things are going for Adam. These are the highlights.

        He predicts Adam to be HUGE, and that WWFM will probaby end up in the top 10…but it’s going to take some time.

        He thought that FYE should have never been released as his first single…..he said while yes…Adam’s fans love it, the general population did not…he said the bottom line was…it wasn’t a good song. He said as long as Adam can put out good songs…there is no way he can fail, but he must have good songs. This is why a lot of AI people never make it, even ones with a strong fanbase.

        His station didn’t get a lot of complaints about the AMA’s, but they are a bit of a controversial station to begin with. He did say that he got a call from Adam’s label/management the day after the AMA’s to ask his opinion if Adam had gone too far. He didn’t think it went too far, and will ultimately not hurt him.

        The only reason Adam was able to do the jingle ball appearances was because the AMA fallout, and the cancellation from Ryans thing…..Adam was supposed to have been in Vegas last night filming it, but when his schedule opened up….the radio stations nabbed him for the jinge balls.

        He didnt perform for a couple of reasons….
        1)If he had performed at 1 of them, he would have had to perform at all 4
        2)The cost of bringing the whole band
        3)There was no time for rehearsal….the bands on the bill had been rehearsing for a whlie, Adam and his band didn’t have time to prepare for that type of performance on such short notice

        MOST IMPORTANTLY……there seems to be a lot of speculating about it on the various fansites, but the reason was NOT because Adam felt like he was “too good” to perform at such an event, and wasn’t because he was acting like a diva and wanting more money, etc…

        I hope people will stop saying that was the reason…..anyway…

        He said that Adam is on the VERY BEST label possible, and has the VERY BEST people on his team. He rattled off a bunch of names, but I don’t know who they were. He said people really need to believe they have his best interest in mind, and the are looking at the big pictures for him….not just the charts/sales today. He stressed this to us several times..and said something about it being rare for an AI contestant to have such high quality representation, etc…..not sure the exact wording, but that seemed to be the gist.


        I know this has been discussed on here, but it was nice to hear confirmation from someone like him….
        He said one of the WORST things fans can do is spam the stations with requests for a new artist WHEN THEY DON’T LIVE IN THE AREA. He said he’s seen fans literally ruin people by doing this….
        AI fans are notorious for this type of behavior. He said it hasn’t been too bad for Adam yet, but he could see it happening, and that we should post all over the message boards telling people NOT to do this.

        I can’t think of anything else right now, I know there was more….maybe Jo will remember more. He talked to us for almost an hour and was extremely POSITIVE about Adam. He did not have such positive things to say about some of the others…but I’ll leave it at that.

        • love2adams says:

          THANK YOU, what a great way to start the day with such positive news.

        • Cathy – Glamb #570

          Beauty – thanks for the post with positive news. Also, I was wondering why he wasn’t performing at the Jingle Balls. Makes perfect sense knowing the circumstances. Again thanks for the info. Here’s to a long and stellar career for Adam!!!

    • Are u guys still voting on VH1’s top 20 video countdown?!!!

      By the way im concerned too. I think the PR ppl arent caring a lot huh? sure is a tough job but come on look at the charts!!! its truely saddening. And on top of that they want to cut out the interviews to focus on Adam’s music!!! darn. He needs exposure and also he needs to start selling his other songs. CALL FOR FEVER ON THE RADIO, I’LL BET THAT WILL BE A CHART BLASTER!

      • I have been curious about how these album and singles releases work thanks to Adam. So I did a little research using Lady Gaga. Her first album The Fame was released in several countries in August of 2008. Now we all know Paparazzi was bieing played over and over this past autumn. Before that it was Just Dance, and Poker Face. So you see, they push one single , then another… and as each single climbs and is heard people begin to become curious about the whole album.

        Her new release Fame Monster, just came out in Novermber 2009. WE know Bad Romance is being played a lot. Let’s see when another single is plugged. Actually one is, just last week, called Telephone, wth Gaga and Beyonce, so it seems they kind of overlap singles. Gaga opened for New Kids and Pussycat Dolls first, then did her own tour this past year.

        You can follow her career, singles releases, album releases and tour dates. WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS? Because it might help us to understand the workings of the industry and how Adam’s tours, appearances, singles releases might work as well. Actually, it’s quite interesting.

        BTW Gaga is an Aries (Adam has an Aries moon) explains a lot about how they express themselves on stage.

        • Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

          Re Lady Gaga, I’ve been listening to since Adam likes her. The thing is, at least on Fame Monster, you can really hear and appreciate her voice. Adam should work with her crew because apparently they know enough not to drown her voice out, unlike the folks who were working with Adam.


      Olease go to the VH1 link and POST and tell the world why you love ADAM!!

    • GOOD NEWS GUYSSS! IVE BEEN WAITING PATIENTLY every day, watching itunes and finallly!! Adam;s video is #2!! 😀 next to GAGA!! YEY!

    • So where is the blog for his apperance on The Tonight Show? He was awesome!!!!!!!!!

    • The station mentioned by Dana in Fitchburg, MA actually serves the Boston MetroWest/Worcester MA area – so not so bad.
      Portland Maine is pretty good too.
      Hopefully the airplay will spread.
      I would love to see another single released from the album (Fever? Soaked?).

    • New saying that fits Adam.


  2. Good job, Dana selling Adam’s CDs!!!!
    I am going tomorrow shopping and planning to buy a few more as Christmas for my friends… I will do the same!
    Well, my goal is to sell three CDs!!!

    • Imagine, if every fan sells 3 more CDs to someone else, and they say good things about it, and so on, and so on, and so on… Wow, that would be powerful!


      • Agree! Or, at least, restock the more prominent displays guys! Like end caps between aisles. (if in doubt—ask a clerk if it’s alright!) I almost did that at a Best Buy, but didn’t. Now, I wish I had.

        • Sherry,
          Good idea! And I am not asking a clerk… LOL I will just do it!!!! I know I am bad!!! LOL

          • Lisa Imbruglia says:

            And I thought it was just me who was checking out cd stock on shelves. lol. My son says… you already have 1 mum… and I go ….just checking to see how it’s going…!!!

            I’ll remember to move stock around next time… good idea Dana. I sing it so much people are curious as to what I am singing. That does it too. Just hope it doesn’t put then off. lol

    • i was tempted in our local “Warehouse”store to move some of Adams Album into different places the other day. It was in new releases top 10. now has been moved to another spot, I have also talked to people about it and tried to sell it dont knoe if i succedeed opr not. Tomorrow will go and do abit of “rearranging”ther are at least 3 different places it could go. It is being played over here on TV and radio but not to the extent other artists are, Maybe WDYWFM will have a wider appeal. the album is just so mind blowingly beautiful, we just have to get people to listen to it, they dont know what they are missing, I dont feel it has been pushed enough, why, why why. Dont understanf this marketing stuff maybe its all about budget.

      • Where are you located Jan?

        • Theresa.

          I am in New Zealand. Hamilton which is in the central North Island. I talk to Dianne by email a lot and sometimes Lisa. I really loved this site but we went through a bit of a bad time, but hopefully all is well and happy again. As Adam would say Ïts not that deep” NOt enough for people to get all bitter and twisted over, dont you think. We are after all here for the same reason, we love Adam and his music

          Will look forward to you reply. Jan.

          • Jan….we’re happy to have you here with us! And with ADAM! 🙂

          • Lisa Imbruglia says:

            Hi Jan. Not ignoring you…have just lost all my email addresses with a computer dying. Am living off my laptop. Thank Goodness I have that. I may be able to gain them back if I can find somewhere to put my harddrive. So am sorry that I haven’t been more vocal.. I did so want to invite you to something…
            I’ll get Dianne to email you.

  3. Silvana/Argentina says:

    GREAT job, not only selling Adam’s CD but on the site keeping us updated. Thanks a lot.

    I’ve read all that has been posted about the radio aiplay, and still don’t understand how it works, and why Adam can’t be heard that much on radios. Of course I mean in US, in my country still nothing, even no CDs. But I find it strange in US. It’s something that RCA has to do and is not doing, or the problem are the radio staions? Because I’ve read that fans should not invade the radios with so many requests. Truly still not getting this right.

    Love to you,

    • My reply beneath theresa/canada below sort of addresses your comment too, Silvana…

      I think it has more to do with management than it does with us as fans. It definitely does not work to bombard the stations…but an authentic request or two a day to stations you actually listen to is very acceptable.


      • sounds like the old days of radio, where the singers had to hit the road and “sell” themselves and music to the DJs. But Adam IS out there. Doing those weired Jingle Balls, local media, every talk show. He is hot, the music is really good. I think there are at least five Top 10 songs on there. Really, and I have not been a big pop music person. When I hear what’s making it…..not as good. It is a big sales pitch with studios. He needs a hit. He really needs one hit. Call your stations. Email the DJs. We do need to help with more than buying CDs. Also if you go to a club with DJs. Tell them what you want!

  4. i went shopping and noticed theree were 2 spots for Adams cd… one in front and one on the bottom shelf…. well not to be I put a big stack in the open spot next to Susan Boyle… we should all find ways to help out lol

  5. Dana, thank you so much yet again for keeping us going here. What a great story, and yes, we can still keep Adam’s cd in the public ‘eye’ by moving them upward and frontward. I do not understand the radio or music tv industry at all. Last week FYE video was played once on our Cdn music channel. Once!

    I keep the tv on in the background most of the day and nigiht just for the purpose of seeing/hearing Adam. They played TFM twice one week, and it climbed to #7 out of 10 with viewers’ voting. I am not a radio person but do put it on in the car these days, nada!

    Most of the TV vids are one-offs at least up here, poorly song, produced and virtual unknowns.. then they will play Brittany over and over… Justin Beiber being a Canadian kids is promoted a lot on videos.

    Why isnt he catching on? Will the tour make a big difference? According to Songwriter it plays a large part, so let’s hope…..

    • I wish I knew the answer…it seems so puzzling on the surface – but I’m sure there are tons of politics behind the scenes that we aren’t even aware of.

      I know my local station is very snarky re: Adam. The DJs are extremely conservative in their personal views, but I don’t think this has much to do with anything because the DJ’s don’t decide what gets played on the station.

      …we may never know.


    • Theresa, you’re in Vancouver aren’t you? What radio station have you heard him on? I haven’t heard him once, but I admit I find it hard to listen to the radio nowadays when I can get my Adam fix instantly from my ipod.

    • Just made a request on local Vancouver radio station and while I was on their website took a look back at their spins for today and it looks life FYE is being played every 3 to 5 hours. I’m thinking that’s not bad.

      • OK it’s 3:30 a.m. and they are finally playing Adam. Requested Adam Lambert, not a specific song, and they’re playing WWFM. First time I’ve heard him on the radio. I can go to bed now.

        • Hi jnelliie,
          What radio station did you call? What’s the name? I will do it too….

          • Hi Gala, the radio station that I made the request to was The Beat 94.5, and the one that I can see past spins for is Virgin 95.3. I’m going to make requests to both stations today, but off to work soon so I won’t be able to listen. Are you in Vancouver?

            • Thank you jnellie! I am in Vancouver as well and will continue
              polite requests to these stations. My teens are doing the same.
              I see there are quite a few of us here from Canada. Teresa? Gala?
              (Vancouver seems to be quite a tolerant city – no one even
              bats an eye here if you’re gay. Maybe Adam should move here,
              yeah, right next door to me, pant pant…) he he..

              • Adamfan, you are Sherry right? And you are right here in Vancouver too? Do you want to join us BCGlambs? WE have a grand total of three members so far.. ha ha..

                I live near Commercial Drive, so of course Adam would fit right in..and be welcomed with open arms here.

                • no
                  the other Sherry is: adamfan1

                  • correction: admfan1

                  • LOL why does everyone want to confuse me and take my names… lol First Sherry S.. ( muah luv u) now Adamfan.. I’M SO CONFUSED AS WHO I AM !!!!!!! … Just to clear this name thing up…. I am Sherry #1 aka: Admfan1 …. no A in ADAM with my screen name.. I did that only because I was afraid someone else had chosen the name ahead of me.. I’m still confused !

                • Hi Theresa!
                  No, I’m not Sherry, just Adamfan altho our names were close.
                  I’ve been on since way back – I think my first post was one of shock
                  after the AI finals last spring.
                  Yes, can you imagine having coffee on Commercial (Turks or JJbean?)
                  and Adam comes walking in! Thud
                  Even tho there are only 3 Bc Glambs so far, I know from attending
                  the AI concert this summer (and listening to the non-stop screaming,
                  mine included, for Adam) that he is loved by many thousands here.
                  ps. Hope every single one of those people in the audience is going out to
                  get the cd!

            • No, I am from Ontario…. Oakville not far from Toronto….

      • It is you! I thought so… why not join our BCGlambs group, you and Sherry? then we’ll be up to five!

        I contacted Virgin radio today. Unfortunately I could not find them on twitter, just the eastern stations who have been having that music battle with Adam winning… I asked if they are having it here too.

        With all five of us calling or emailing (not too often) we can put Adam on the Vanocouver map!


        • Terry, my thoughts exactly. I think a casual request every day or two should be subtle enough. I’ll get my son on it too. He wasn’t a fan until he heard Adam’s album, and the AMA performance helped convert him, and now he’s on a mission to convert his friends. He spends a lot of time in Yaletown so you might understand why he liked the performance lol. Unfortunately, he says Adam isn’t his type so I guess I have to give up the son-in-law dream.

  6. cheryl 334 says:

    HEY, DANA, You know, I can remember recently posting to all Glambs to invade the radio stations with demands to hear Adam’s song. I was ‘shot down’ so fast by the moderator at the time, saying that radio is not the way to fame anymore. This is not the first time I have disagreed with the moderator or anyone else. i did not make any ‘big deal’ about it, but, as has been the case, again I was right. Not to ‘diss’ you, as I don not even remember who the moderator was. Along with many other poosters who agreed with her or him.

    I, too, along with many have been watching the selling of Adam’s CD. From what I gather he has sold over 200,00. Is that correct? Whatever the number, I absolutely am positive Adam’s CD selling will increase as the new year comes. He only just released it in Nov. the END of Nov. No need for us to worry about him not selling a million copies or more by the end of 2010.

    After his Star S. B. performance, in which he sang accapella, in front of the so-called ‘big suits’ of hollywood, he is constantly making his extreme talent known, regardless of any ‘dissing’ from ABC. He is showing up on every talk show.

    We need to remember, as he said, recently, that the majority of America has not seen him since the AI finale. This ama show was the first time since May that so many have seen him.

    I had some doubts about the CD for a bit, but, as I see him ‘chugging forward’ with his music and adorable personality, I am more convinced that he will sell millions of his first CD. Personally, I agree with the critics and some posters that this is not anywhere near his best adventure. He has not even scrapped the surface as to how big he will be in music history before he even hits the 30 yr old age!!!!

    After the amas, I think he has become a more informed and educated manly-man. This is what I’ve been saying off and on since I heard FYE, which I did not care for. As it turns out, I again, was not alone. I think you also felt the same, if I remember correctly.

    Cannot wait for Adam’s concert. Already have made plans with someone to be following Adam as much as we can. My heart thumps with excitement every time I think about his coming concerts! Since seeing him in GR, I have not been the same. Holding hands with him, looking into that sea of blue eyes, and hearing him talk so gently and loving made me melt, and I have not recovered. Probably will not.

    Saw Elvis in concert the yr he died. Do not remember one moment of it, it was soo surreal. I made sure when I saw Adam that I would live every moment with the utmost focus on him, and thank God I was able to do that. I truly thought I would die before I ever made it to the concert, as some might remember. So many Glambs posted to me encouraging me to not think like that, but I was so happoy and excited to see him, I could not help it. I relive those moments over and over. They mean so much to me, and I feel so blessed that I was able to go.

    When Adam starts his concert tour, the rest of the US and eventually the world will have the same opooportunity. The whole thing is a concept that is hard to imagine. I love Adam, I love everything about him. Even as I said months ago, even his lungs, heart, gall bladder, his arms, hands, face, legs, bulge, and even his DNA. That has only increased for me, Not diminished.

    peace-love-light-truth-hope=fun-joy 2 Adam and all his Glambs who love him.

  7. I found myself at Target today doing the same thing. Making sure that they had Adam’s CDs and that they were in the correct spot. LOL They had him in pop, rock and best sellers.

    Only had 5 or so left.
    I wonder how long it takes them to reorder and get a new supply in, cause that could mean lost sales if they are out for a while.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      I thought about that too. . . the other day at our Walmart here in Picayune, MS, there was one FYE CD left, and it was hidden down on a bottom shelf. . .I put it right up on top with the rest of the new releases, but I wonder if more will be ordered when they’re completely out. . . I hope so!!!

      Also very frustrated with the three top 40 radio stations here. . . haven’t heard FYE or WYWFM at all, though I’ve been requesting both at least once a day online the last several weeks or so. . . every time I call any of the stations, I never get an answer. :/

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

      • LibraLamb7 says:

        Hey Cindy!!

        I’ve been holed up most of today listening to FYE indoors & T-storms outside! Went to Barnes & & ordered 3 more FYE CDs! That makes TEN I’ve bought (plus the iTunes deluxe download!)…at the rate I’m giving them out for Christmas, I may need to get more! Bringin’ in more converts to the Adam fold!!!
        Resistance is futile!!!


    • cheryl 334 says:

      LINDA……………….isn’t it funny the way we all act about his sales??? Hahaha!!!! Like we’re ‘spies’ watching to be sure everything is as it should be, and maby even lining them up neater, like we work for Adam! Funny! Hey, don’t worry Adam, we’re watching out for you! Funny!

  8. Twisted Sister says:

    I can’t believe that Adam is right now in my city and I can’t go to Jingle Ball to see him. 🙁
    I don’t really listen to radio. I don’t like it and here in Miami the radio stations are kinda lame. I’ve requested Adam’s songs like gazillion times and nothing, nada de nada.
    I’ve done some promoting too in my school. I met this girl who saw him on idol but she didn’t know that he has an album out. The minute she listened to Broken Open the song that I was listening at the moment she told me that she was gonna buy it. I’m also trying to gather as much info about Adam’s pre-idol projects and blogging about it. I realize the other day that Tommy Victor from Citizen Vein is one of the founders of Prong, a band who is pioneer in the urban metal scene. It also looks like Burning Man has been a strong influence in Adam’s music and I want to know more about it.

    • Lots of Adam’s pre-Idol videos and music are on youtube under the names

      Ten Commandments
      Adam New Years Eve
      Cat Club
      Zodiac Club
      And many songs are on itunes now.
      Crawl Thru Fire
      Pop Goes the Camera/Fifteen Minutes of Fame

      email me at for more info

  9. AdamRocks! says:

    For Emili (and everybody else who loves Adommy! 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Wow Cindy, what a way to start the morning (for me 5.30am MOnday). I just looooovvvvvvvveeee this kiss. Thanks heaps.

      • I think that Kiss is the sexiest kiss that was ever broadcast on live Television. Period. Whether you are gay, straight, or bi, if you do not desire to be kissed like this well I don’t know what will get your juices flowing.
        Glad your week got off to such a great start Dianne!!!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          I agree with you Irena, I am straight and I think that is the sexiest kiss ever. I would love Adam to kiss me like that, now everyone else, come on, get in line, you know how I love Adam’s tongue, I have to “sample” it first, that is only fair, you know it is. LOL.

          • Diannne…I’m right behind you…..

            love, Yvonne (Australia)

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            And you know that straight boy kissed ADAM right back! Thanks for the pic, I wish he’d kiss me like that & more! ADAM is the sexiest man alive, if anyone doesn’t think so, sometihing’s def wrong in their taste for sex.I mean we all have some level of passion in our lives. I know ADAM said he was a true romantic inside, but he sure does know how to set me on fire on the outside& inside!! Fosho!!

            • I’m in line right behind you all too! Looks like Adams mouth was opened, Tommy’s closed. Mine would have opened up for sure right along with his…………………Oh yeh let the Tongue enter right in…
              OMG just got myself all excited!

              • MARY C….


                • Gorgeous Fierceling, the more I look at this picture of the ‘Kiss’, the more I like it, it’s like looking at the Fierce God of Storms suddenly kissing one of his storm nymphs, fantastic image. Also, I think the young guitarist/keyboardist put his whole trust in Adam in that split second, and went with it…that will always be an unforgettable moment in rock history…or should I say, in history…

    • HOLY COW CINDY… LOL I just laugh at myself because I find that so damn sexy !!! Thanks for waking me up!!!!!

      • Damn,that’s big picture alright!Thank god,I wasn’t drinking!You know me too well,Cindy!I LOVE ADOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!Especially when they kissing!HOT! 😛

        • I know what you mean about the pic being so big…. I was yelling … wow !!!!!

          • What, what is so big?? Oh the picture, okay. Yes love the big picture too!

            • AdamAddict says:

              Mary c,
              LMAO!!!!!!!!!!U cracked me up!See,the sites won’t be the same if one pervert missing.LOL!Glad you are here 🙂 Love U! mwaaaah!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              You crack me up Mary!

              • Yes, all us pervs need to stick together! We may need ea other one day to get us out of trouble, LOL.

                • Dianne Hill says:

                  LOL Mary, I can just see us all getting into trouble one day the way we perv at Adam. If I met him face to face I am not sure whether I would faint in a crumpled heap or leap on the poor guy, maybe leap first and then faint. LOL.

                  • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                    LOL! I’ve got your backs! I’m just waiting for ADAM w/ open legs, I meant arms, you know what I mean! Can’t help ourselves, the man is a full package ready to be delivered! Full & packed!!!!!

                    • kimber, LMAO again…….. open legs……..yes I know exactly what you mean, horny one! Thanks for having our pervy backs!!!

                  • Ha Dianne, that would be the way to let it happen. Take a big leap on Adam and then go limp in his arms. Oh, but dont let him go limp,
                    if ya know what I mean???? LOL

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Sherry, thank God, it’s not just me! I find that picture so HOT!!!!

        • Helen, I honestly have never cared to see two men kiss.. but this one I can’t get enough of.. It’s so hot, I’m not sure which of those two beautiful men I want to have kiss me that way… Ok, it would be Adam but damn this kiss looks intense……… it’s dripping hot. It’s too bad that Tommy is straight, I would love to see them as a couple..

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Ya, the first time I saw Tommy, I said oh ya, just Adam’s type, too bad he’s straight!

    • Isn’t Tommy the one who plays guitar for him in his band? He sure looks like the guy. Is he straight? If not, a good match for Adam. How did he pick his band?

      • Yeah, Tommy plays both keyboard and guitar. He was playing keyboard that night so the guitar would not be in the way when Adam grabbed him (he was only planning to grab his hair). He is straight, but open-minded and willing to play-act along. Adam picked his band through interviews, though he was already linked to the other guitar player from the past—I think they formed the band, “Citizen Vein” together, though they only performed 3 times. (He is a former guitarist for Madonna).

    • Helen/Canada says:


  10. It sounds like we’re all promoting ADAM…lol I’ve gone into Target, and rearranged his CD’s to make them show up better!!! We have Meijers here, and they were down to 1 CD, and I asked if they would be getting more in…the salesperson said “in a couple of days”. I’ll definitely check back to see if they get more in.

    I’ve got several friends who really like ADAM, but they wouldn’t go out to buy his CD.. guess what they’re getting for Christmas!
    Don’t forget everybody…….. ***People Magazine will have ADAM on the cover and inside***
    It’s the Dec 14th issue which will be out on Monday.
    If there are any clubs (dance clubs/bars) in your area, it might be a good idea to see if they would play some ADAM music….”Fever” is a great dance tune along with his other songs. We have some in my area, so I think I’ll take my own advice, and start calling some tomorrow! The DJ’s might appreciate some new music to play!

    • Hi Jeberone, well I am going to visit the HMV store in London, I will be checking out to see how many CDs they have. Two weeks ago I went to a roller skating event, a group of professional roller skaters were putting on a show, guess which song they chose to roller skate to, FYE, I almost jumped out of my sit. They will be using that song for each one their apperarances. I have been and will be making requests for Adam’s music, we cannot let him down.

    • Hi Judy,
      I bought the Dec 14 issue of People magazine at least a week ago… And I am in Canada… His pics and interview are great!!!!!

      • Me too, loads of copies available.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          You guys mean the one with Tiger Woods on the front, right? There’s not one with Adam on the cover as someone mentioned, but I think they got mixed up?
          I have the one with Tiger on front, it’s dated Dec. 14. YUMMY pictures of Adam inside!

      • Gala…wow, you got something in Canada before us!!!!?? I’ve asked several places if they had the new issue, and they said magazine deliveries come in on Tuesdays. That’s not fair….a day later than the issue date!

    • I already bought People’s December 14 issue last week and Adam was not on the cover, it’s Tiger Woods and his wife on the cover. But Adam has 2 spreads of fabulous photos and article. His bared face is unbelievable. GORGEOUS! and he looks so much younger without the make up. He should don that look more often. I’ll still check the stand on Monday. I heard Adam song 5 times today. Yay!!!!

      • I mean I heard Adam’s WWFM from the radio around the country 5 times today.

      • Gala……

        The Dec 14th issue (the new one) has ADAM on the cover, doesn’t it??

        The one with Tiger on cover is the last issue before ADAM’S.

        • If true, then it’s not 12/14 issue, because that’s what I have with Tiger on it. And I can’t believe they will run Adam on back to back issue. Something is really screwed up. But it doesn’t matter, I hope he’s on the cover big and bold!

          • Judy,
            As Slick said Tiger Woods and his wife are on the cover. Adam is inside… But as far as I remember he was not supposed to be on the cover… Am I wrong?

            • LibraLamb7 says:

              Dec.14th issue has Tiger/wife on cover…Gorgeous pix of ADAM inside pps.112-114. No cover…this time!

              • I don’t care if Adam isn’t the cover.Have you see what inside it???OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He proves to us that he is prettier when he got nothing on him…I mean make up….nah,I mean when nothing on him.LOL!Too bad,just the top,if the photograher get full picture of that one,many will stop breathing for sure!!! LOL! 😛

    • jaberone, I certainly will request Adams songs in our local clubs. We have a few here in the area and
      I for sure want to dance to his music when we are out. “Fever, Strut and If I Had You” all great dancin
      tunes. Lately I’m not sure if the radio stations are playing the songs, because I always have my CD in.

  11. Helen/Canada says:

    Hey Dana
    Loved your story about the cd’s, way to go! And everyone else who rearranged their local store shelves, that’s funny.
    Radio play continues to be a thorn in my side also. I know there’s a lot of politics surrounding who gets played and who doesn’t. I also read that Adam is being promoted more overseas, than in the US. Hmmm. Anyway, many people in the UK, NZ, Australia, Phillipines, Malaysia, Isreal, all say that they are hearing his songs more than we are here in US and Canada. This I got from people I follow on twitter.
    Adam is doing a lot of appearances at the Jingle Balls throughout the country. These are sponsored by different radio stations, so hopefully now, they will play his music. Also, I think that with it being the holiday season a lot of stations are playing Christmas songs more and more. So maybe after the holidays we will start hearing his songs more. I think it is a good idea to make one or two legitimate requests per day. What the radio stations were annoyed at was the bombardment of tweeting and emails and calls they were receiving. Even the people who run Adam Official said it was not a good idea to flood their communication waves with requests. Just be polite and if they have a request line, by all means put your request in. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

  12. How to help WWFM get more spins

    1) Request WWFM on this weekend’s OPEN HOUSE PARTY [more info below.]

    #2) Request WWFM on your LOCAL Top 40 radio stations via e-mail, phone or tweet! You can possibly also tweet requests to other major Top 40 stations. Do not spam them…once a day for each is plenty…and be polite and thank them!
    Here is a link to Top 40 stations with phone numbers:

    #3) Vote for WWFM on the nation’s second largest Top 40 station – KIIS FM in LA! You can vote as many times as you want!! Go to:


    Sources: Mediabase, PulseMusic Board and IDF/Adam Lambert

    WWFM is getting more spins, some new stations have started playing it. It has a shot at making the Top 40.

    12/10/09: Audience: 8.164 million Total spins: 995 HAC spins: 230 Pop spins: 765

    Current Top 40 to 50:

    40 41 COBRA STARSHIP Hot Mess 961 923 38 2.729
    46 42 UNCLE KRACKER Smile 760 661 99 2.671
    48 43 KINGS OF LEON Sex On Fire 753 616 137 2.516
    64 44 TIMBALAND Carry Out f/Justin Timberlake 748 260 488 4.511
    50 45 SNOOP DOGG Gangsta Luv f/The Dream 711 565 146 1.824
    57 46 ADAM LAMBERT Whataya Want From Me 710 374 336 6.688
    38 47 PINK Funhouse 706 1062 -356 3.258
    51 48 PITBULL Shut It Down f/Akon 690 559 131 6.442
    52 49 JOHN MAYER Heartbreak Warfare 675 530 145 2.386
    47 50 DOWN WITH WEBSTER Rich Girl$ 558 649 -91 1.100

    Here is what the numbers mean:

    57 – rank Last Week – 7 days ending 12/3/09
    46 – rank this week – 7 days ending 12/10/09
    710 Pop station spins – 7 days ending 12/10/09
    374 Pop station spins – 7 days ending 12/3/09
    336 increase in spins this week vs. last week
    6.688 million people in audience when WWFM was played

    Making a request for WWFM on Open House Party can make a big difference

    If WWFM gets Open House Party spins he could pass Kracker and Kings of Leon! The most effective way to get OHP to spin WWFM is to call the request line during the show — Saturday and Sunday night. But any request is good — as long as you only send one request per day.

    Adam was previously played on Open House Party, so he needs at least to equal all those spins from last Saturday and Sunday plus a couple more.

    Do NOT pester the stations. A few polite e-mails/tweets/calls a week to Open House Party — just showing that we want to hear Adam! [Generally, one email from one person is better than 10!]

    Phone: 1-800-669-1010
    Tweet: @OpenHouseParty

    If you e-mail a request include your local station — it helps:

    For example: “I would love to hear Adam Lambert’s single “Whataya Want From Me” on this weekend’s Open House Party! My local station is WBWB in Bloomington, Indiana.”

    You can quickly find your local OHP station here:

    About Open House Party

    Here is part of the Q&A from the OHP site.

    Q. What is Open House Party?

    A. Open House Party is, literally, a giant party broadcast nationally over the radio. Every weekend John Garabedian and Kane throw a party. Superstar guests stop by each week to perform live, talk directly to their fans, and of course party with the OHP crew!

    Q. When can I hear Open House Party?

    A. Open House Party airs every Saturday and Sunday night live from 7 to midnight Eastern and Mountain time, 6-11 PM Central and Pacific time.

    Q. How is the music programmed on Open House Party?

    A. Unlike any other radio station in the country, Open House Party is programmed 100% by the listeners of the show. We really are THE ALL-REQUEST OPEN HOUSE PARTY! Unlike nearly every radio station, computers are not scheduling all the music in advance. The next song is picked, based on listener requests, usually while the previous song is still being played.

    Why is this better?

    It makes the music immediately responsive to what people want to hear on Saturday or Sunday night when they are in a party mood, not computer generated from sales, radio spin, or callout research which is two weeks old. This allows us to respond to happening, hot new music, while avoiding songs which are tired and burned out. It also is more “organic”, which means the flow and balance of songs is chosen based on sound, rather than computer assigned categories.

    Q. What is the number to call to request my favorite song?

    A. 1-800-669-1010

    • Belle, thank you so much for all the extra detail. Now everybody just needs to go for it Sunday evening on OpenHouseParty!


    • WOW!! Belle! Thank you for providing us with all of this valuable information!

      I guess we’re only allowed to request the songs that are out on singles?
      For example, the “younger crowd” around here likes “Fever” as their
      favorite – how does this work with requests in dance clubs, etc.?

    • Belle…thanks so much for giving all of us that info. It’s a huge help!

    • Thanks Belle!

  13. Theresa CALIFORNIA says:

    SAn Diego…….3 times in one hour WDYWFM on the radio….yaeh

  14. Noticed that Adam’s appearance on the So You Think You Can Dance Finale isn’t on the Countdown Timer on the sidebar. Anyone know which night he’s on – the 15th or the 16th?

    • Gina Glamb#552 says:

      Hi jnellie. Adam is definitely performing the finale for SYTYCD on wed the 16th. I’ve already set the dvr which shows his name as a performer. Don’t forget he’s also on jay leno the 21st.

    • ADAM will be on the 16th. The 2nd night of the finale.

    • On local radion station this am (Virgin 95.3 Nat and Drew show for Vancouverites) they were discussing the SYTYCD Finale this Wed. They said “if you don’t watch, this is the time to tune in b/c its going to be a great show. They have a lot of big names performing like Adam Lambert, Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Lopez”. Then they went on to make fun of JL’s trip on the AMAs and didn’t even mention Adam’s controversy, so great advertisement for our boy.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        That makes me so happy!….”big names like Adam Lambert”…..YIPPEE! And no mention of the other–finally, we are moving on! Onward and upward for Adam!

  15. Lisa Smith says:

    Dana…I love your story! Thanx for sharing! Whenever I go shopping I rearrange his CD’s too, if they’re not right up front!

    jnellie~he’s on SYTYCD on the 16th

  16. Gina Glamb#552 says:

    Adams WWFM is def playing on Z100 in NY.

  17. give as Christmas gifts, thats what I’am doing!!! GO ADAM

  18. You guys are awesome!!!!!! I am not an official glambert because I don’t have a number, but man I’m a glambert at heart. I want to thank all of you who keep us up to date on Adam. I’m going x-mas shopping today and the first thing I’ll do in every store is look for Adam’s cd and definitely rearrange if needed. What a fantastic idea!!! Love you guys, Albertine

    • Albertine, welcome to our site, and to get a Glamb number go to and follow the steps at the top. Then come back to the same site a couple of days later and your Glamb # should be filled in.

      Terry in Vancouver
      Glamb #349

  19. Tori Pearce says:

    I live in Germany and I’ve heard FYE a few times on Armed Forces Network radio. However, with the AMA scandal, I don’t think they’re selling the CD at the military exchange. My husband asked if they would be getting the CD, and the salesperson kind of looked down and said, “um, I don’t think so”…not a big surprise considering the mindset of the military, but I’m going to keep asking. Maybe when this all blows over and his songs start being heard more, they’ll get it. Luckily, I have itunes AND you can order it through AAFES from books-a-million. I’ve told all my Lambert fans that the album is great, but a lot of them are deployed.

  20. Gina, Glamb #552 says:


    ADAM HAS A GREAT SHOT AT MAKING THE TOP 40. HE’S AT 41 RIGHT NOW. It is good if you kindly ask them to play it on your radio station…

    I’D LIKE TO KNOW WHERE ARE the “Millions” of people who voted for Adam on Idol??
    Yes – Idol is done and over and now he is on his own career path. Shouldn’t they be out buying his CD?? He should have surpassed Susan Boyle.

    • Darn…I have been gone all day, so I couldn’t join in w/OpenHouseParty! But I’ll for sure join in next weekend! Has anybody heard how it went this weekend?

      • They played WWFM about 2-3 times. Possible more, because I have to listen by internet since the show isn’t on in my direct city. From the tweets, it looked like there were thank yous from requests made about once each hour.

        Courtney – Thanks for the Chelsey Lately reminder. I’ll set my DVR. This should be promoted more since I’m not hearing much at all about this appearance on any of the other sites. I don’t even think Adam Official has it up on their “Upcoming Appearances’ yet. This is also one of those appearances that can be accurately tracked since it is on paid TV and doesn’t necessarily rely on any Adam fan having a Nielson box in their home. We have to show up!

  21. Well I heard he will be on chealse lately this coming wendsday and everyone watches that show. I think I he doesn’t do anything stupid and be himself an doesn’t let her embarass him like she does with every guest his stuff might get more radio play. She is huge. And we do need to help. It is kinda funny how we worry and help him with all this. But hey whatever gets the job done. I can’t wait to start hearing wwfm on the radio. It is an amazing song. Let’s all cross our fingers.

    • Now, it appears that Chelsea is on at 11 pm. Does that mean we get some raunchy stuff? I’ve seen her as a guest on talk shows and she can be outrageous… that may mean some fun with Adam!

      • I’ve got my DVR set…..for all of these shows! I did delete the Barbara Walter’s interview because that was a poor excuse for an interview!!! I can see it on youtube if I want to.

      • Chelsea”s show with Adam, oughta be a night to remember!

        • MARY C…


  22. Hi guys ..I saw Adam’s WDYWFM video on VH1 TV 20 top hits at 8:15 this Sunday am He is #16 on the top 20. Was so great to hear him and see him LARGE

  23. oops I mean WWFM.. all those extra letters NOT!

    • Do you mean FYE video? Because he doesn’t have a video for WWFM as of yet.

      Yay, I’m listening to Adam’s WWFM from KDWB in Minneapolis station right now, and heard it earlier in 100Z in NY station.

  24. Dana, you are just the best. I am so GLADAM that you took over this site with great enthusiasm and devotion. I am just wondering if we are now seeing the long term effects over hype. People really look for clitches in someone when they are blown up to be “perfect” or “god-like” or the “next world phenomenen”. If DJ’s are saying they are irritated by repeated calls ….. they probably are. Perhaps, to some degree, we need to “let it be” for a while. Points:
    1. It is his first CD, produced very quickly.
    2. He is “learning” as he says over and over
    3. He still has not made any appearances in other countries and they are screaming for him
    4. The tour is not yet even announced but his appearances are frequent and charismatic.
    5. Can you imagine the money that AI made with the Summer tour because of him, 52 times over, and he was on the stage, what, about 30 minutes??
    6. What about the preorder sales of the album? Do they count in the numbers? – massive response and the thing didn’t even have a title yet.

    And then there is dear Adam, who always says things that I cannot get out of my head at these times when I just want to shake people and say, “You Idiots!! Listen to this amazing guy!””


  25. Well, every time I walk pass a music store near my area, I will check out his album to make sure they are prominently placed. I pre-ordered my 1st copy and then bought the 2nd album for my husband as he like Adam too. When I got Adam Album , I said to my husban – i will get you your own copy so that you can listen to Adam in your car (on his way to work).. I also recommendad Adam’s debut album to one of my friend who stay in Singapore (she like Adam during Idol but did not follow him after Idol) – and she bought Adam album and thank me later for recommending a kick ass album ! My friend said she will definately recomemed Adam’s album to her friend ,,,Guys, snow ball effect !! And I also reminded my husband play Adam music his club in his clubs 🙂

    I guest we all are doing our part to promote Adam in any little way that we can …

    • I’m so glad to hear it – that the snowball effect is working in your circles. I guess I just have “snarffy” friends who over-intellectualize everything and I just don’t want to suggest Adam to anyone who might look down their noses – I might have to HIT them. I know I don’t sound like it sometimes but I’ve really got it BAD…… I have 6 CD’s – 2 given away and 4 for me. I am so afraid that I will wear out the one in my car and in my LR, that I have 2 extras. I bought the last copy at my nearby Barnes and Noble and asked the snooty (male) clerk when more would be ordered. He sniffed that they would not be getting anymore and perhaps I should go on line. I called the manager when I got home and SHE assured me that more were on the way. HA HA – gotta love my new Adam-World!! UIMA

      • That was awesome. Why is it that clerks who work at Barnes and Noble are so snooty? I want to say to them, I work in a professional setting, you work here as a clerk, so why are YOU looking down your nose to me? LOL I would only do that if that clerk was OTT snooty. Sometimes they forget customer service. Anyways I loved that you called the manager. THAT is what gets things done. I am in mangement and few people know that you should go over heads to get what you want. If I am asked to do something by a customer, it is my JOB to make it happen if possible. I went to my local Wal-mart and they were out of Adam’s CD. Kris Allen had plenty there. Poor chap. I asked the store manager when they would be ordering more of Adam’s cd, she looked at me and said she didn’t know. I did not like this answer, as a manager she should know or look for someone who did. I told her my company wanted to order 40 copies as Christmas gifts and it would be in her BEST interest to see abou this. She looked worried for a moment then she told me she would make sure there would be more copies of his CD soon. I tried to get a date but she was to flustered to answer me. I went back a week later and there his CD was. I was super happy. My company really didn’t want that many copies but I asked my boss if it would be ok, and he said yes. So we bought all they had, and the manager saw that I wasn’t kidding and she ordered more! Woot Woot for my boss and the determination of a ADAM FAN! AREN’T WE FANS GREAT?!!!!!!!!!!

        • Great story! You go, girl!!

        • Trish way to go girl! Super Adam fan!

        • I have to apologize to you, Trish, and to anyone else who happens to buy Adam’s CD at a large bookstore venue for the ‘snobbishness’ of the booksellers you have encountered. Having been a large-chain bookstore manager for a number of years, I must explain that the ‘snootiness’ booksellers effect is their only line of defense in maintaining some kind of quasi-professional division between themselves and the customers. It’s entirely ridiculous, of course, and it’s completely off-putting to the customer, but it is the way things are in the bookish world. The bookseller feels he HAS to put on the air of a somewhat distant and erudite scholar (which many of us were, in reality), in order to define the line between the scholar and the person who comes in merely to BUY things, even if the money that customer spent kept the store solvent, which was literally the case! I’m being lighthearted here, because I too, cannot abide poor customer service, both as a manager and as a customer, but that IS the reason you will find most booksellers to be distant and somewhat non-cooperative. It’s not an excuse, believe me, it’s just the explanation.

          On the other hand, I want to heartily congratulate all the many Glambs who so selflessly and artfully managed to re-arrange Adam’s CD to be in a more advantageous positon to be seen and sold by the public in these same bookstores and music stores. You have all successfully passed your marketing skills test, and you’re all HIRED! Especially you, Trish, for your corralling that Wal-Mart manager and getting that whole block of CD’s in. With this kind of help from the Glambs in the field, Adam will be making progress in no time!

          • Thank you all. I must give the real credit to my boss. I did tell the Manager that I wanted to 40 Cd’s but wasn’t planning on buying that many. After telling my boss and asking if it would be ok, he was more than on board. This man is in his 60’s and he loves Adam. I had no idea. But he did tell me to keep that a secret. Oh well. LOL As long as he loves Adam I don’t care if it is in secret. My co-workers were thrilled with the Cd gift of Adam. Only about 3 in the 40 who received them didn’t really care for it. So 37 out of 40 sure ain’t bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

            P.S. Lorrin thank you so much for clearing that up about the “snooty” attitude of clerks who work in bookstores. It does make sense. Next time I won’t be so quick to judge.

      • Colo……good for you! Check back to see if they get more in! That’s what I have to do with one of the stores here.

  26. Running to work ( after I shovel AGAIN) but all those of you that live in Canada must know about the Virgin radio station that has Adam against other artist each night and they have a play off to see who wins.. they call it smash and bash???? smash and SOMETHING !!!!!!!! anyway Adam has won 11 nights in a row against many huge artist.. don’t have time to name them here Justin T. was one of them.. I actually called in and they put my voice on the air… I fainted ! I just made the request to have them play Adam singing wwfm. It is a great thing to have Adam win night after night during the weekday.. Adam fans have been calling in by the hundreds or more each time they have this contest at night.. Naturally it’s hard to get in with so many calls but it has been fun when I was able to help with the votes.. I will try to put the link on my twitter account for those of you that want to hear.. The only problem is I don’t know which night until the girls that I follow on twitter start tweeting about it.. But the point is that it’s super for Adam … Canada loves ADAM !!! We should all move to Canada ! My twitter account name is Sherrylx .. come by anytime and visit. I’ve been insane with work lately and sometimes it’s just easier and quicker for me to check out twitter and make short comments.. miss you all muah

    • I just posted the radio station that I was talking about… IT’S IN MODERATION…

      • I just emailed Virgin radio in Vancouver. Can’t seem to find them on twitter.

        • Terry, I didn’t post it on my twitter because I figured it would only get lost in other tweets.. So I posted it below on this sight.. But I don’t know for sure when they will be continuing with the contest.. hopefully sometime this week..

      • Admfam this is so great.. Here in Milwaulkee, not so much excitement!! We need to gather fans on every state an join up. But requesting the songs and voting is the only way to get him played.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Fun to have you posting again. I know what you mean about having time. For me lately, it’s been email and then either the site or twitter, don’t seem to have time for both. I seem to be able to keep up easier on twitter because like you said, it’s short!
      Glad to hear you got on the radio, I remember seeing that on Twitter. Thanks for the info about the radio. I wasn’t aware of it. I’ll have to check it out. It may be because I’m in eastern Canada and you are closer to the west.
      Saw you mention on twitter that you were shovelling snow and had 9 inches…hmmm….laughing, saw your response to yourself–funny!
      Noticed that your link just came up, so I’ll go check it out.
      Keep in touch

      • Helen/Canada says:

        BTW, live in Canada, but we still haven’t had snow here! Yippee, I hate shovelling!

        • We have! And we’re not supposed to.. just about .5 of a centimetre though… sliippery on the hills.

        • HI HELEN !! We had 9 inches of snow yesterday. I have a 40 plus ft long driveway that is on a side of the hill slope.. ON THE NORTH side of the house ( never gets warm sun during the winter) and yesterday the snow was wet and heavy ! I’m am so sore today I can barely pick up my coffee cup…

    • Oh Sherrylx….I’ve twittered to you many times and you back to me! GlambsMI on twitter…and jaberone also. Usually on as GlambsMI.

      • Dear Jaberone, Yes, we have tweeted a number of times.. Muah to you!

        • ok guys, I have just retired the name admfan1… this is my new screen name for our glamb sight and it is also my name for those of you that follow me on twitter.. This way it will be a little less confusing.. there are a number of Sherrys on here and plus a new adamfan… so it’s time to make my name a little different and more my own

          ( smile) ……………………..bye admfan1…..

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Bye admfan1………hello Sherrylx LOL. It does make it much easier to try to keep track of everyone!

  27. Here is the radio station if it makes moderation …
    this is the radio station in Canada that I was talking about in the post above..

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Just tried the link and said it was only available in certain parts of the country–couldn’t access it!
      boo, hoo!

  28. These are such great stories!!! I defenitely will be giving the CD as XMas gifts. My 14 year old daughter was at a Bat Mitvah party last night and played FYE from her Ipod for her friends, most girls had no idea who Adam was… we have some “work” to do!

    I agree with Cheryl that the best is yet to come, for Adam and for all of us! Eventhough I love the CD, this is not his masterpiece that will bring him lifelong Fame and Fortune. Many artist and bands release several CD’s before they come out with something they blows everybody’s mind and what will become a classic eventually. Think Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours”.

  29. puteri abdul says:

    after days of hiatus.. I am back ..with mix feelings…
    I am sorry if what I post is a little bit outdated, but even if I was silence, I still follow adam as much as I could, as I just could not get over him whatever realities of life I have to face ..

    the most fascinating people..
    so happy for adam.. again he is being recognized ..
    I don’t care whether barbara ‘s interview sucks or just so-so as shown on tv, but what I have gathered from the youtubes I watch, adam gave as much in-depth of his feelings as much as he just can’t read and knows what is in his mind, but from his style, he was trying to be as casual as possible, even if barbara was acting like a grandma all ready to spank her little bad grandson, but he took the questions in stride(considering the interview was taped like only a couple of days of the “show”), answers them eloquently, no cockiness can be detected from him, just honest straight from the heart and mind answer..
    and his appearance, as usual, so simple yet good looking .. his eyes are really like tiny daggers that will just tear your heart away .. what more can I say, simply gorgeous ..

    then there was the view..
    and my feelings were just excitement and tears of joy.. to see adam seated there comfortably surrounded by those women, answering the honest to goodness answers just touched me..
    and to see elizabeth falling for adam was a delight for me.. hah! and now she knows how adam can be so charming that you just have to practically swallow all your snide remarks prior to just blew me away how one person can change when they are face to face with adam, way to go boy!!
    when he sings whatdaya want, I wanna to cry..he sounded so full of emotions, again pleading to all of us, to accept him, embrace him, stop being judgemental and just take him as he is, but at the same time he is trying his best to cater to our needs, our demands, but not asking to mould him 100% as what one likes him to be…. oh adam… you are who you are and I cherish you for that ..

    and then there is this jingle ball thing..
    and it is killing me .. when I saw the video of interview in madison, my heart was wailing….”why oh why won’t they ask adam to perform ….” I knew he said it as a joke when he said he is little jealous seeing kris sing – in madison, but I don’t know, those words just touched me and I feel so sad for him, as we all know how much adam loves to perform and not being able to do might be a slight heartache to him, and even the slightest trace of dissapoinment of adam hurts me….
    and in miami, when he sings only for a few seconds of the chorus of whatdaya, his voice just soars and if those people who heard it do not know what good vocal means, they must definately get a hearing check..
    adam needs to sing and entertain you guys…..

    then there’s this gridlock thing ..
    I am happy for adam..
    maybe some would say it is a loss as adam would not be appearing in a televised event, but to me this is way so much better for adam as he is going to showcase his true talent for 40minutes, which I think is a longer stinit for him then the tv ones..
    and most importantly, my big fear of adam being left in the cold in new year where he has nothing on him at all is gone, as I know he will rocking away in a grandstage with or without tv, that if he gives excellant performance, reviews enough is good to give him good publicity from the media .. all the best adam…may you awe your audience ..

    and googling away I go on about adam until I came across a statement adam made about his biggest fear…. that people will stop buying his albums.. that stabs me .. so far, I have bought 2 of his cd’s.. one is the deluxe that jeanette help me to order and buy it for me, and another I bought it myself when I went at our local record store .. and mind you, imported cd’s in malaysia is not cheap, so, the two cd’s I bought have actually cost me quite a lot .. I am not complaining, but this is the best I can do, and I do hope his sales will pick up .. oh, I really do hope so , as if adam’s biggest fear is as what he said, then my biggest fear will be adam will just be a lost shinning little star .. oh please , please don’t let happen ..

    america, please, please .. adam is the best that has happen to you in years…. don’t let it slip away…….
    please, I do not want any tracks of tears for me, and the rest of fans if we ever lost adam ..
    however, be positive says adam, and that hopefully all the success that we hope we want it to be for adam would materializes ..

    • Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My Puteri and my Sherry are here!Yaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And so agree with that not cheap!Did you see the price?Check in Speedy!Wow!LOL!!I’m so greedy,I’m still searching for free poster. 😛 If still can’t get it,then ok,no poster then~pout~

    • I love it . You were worried about Adam in the cold weather.

      Do not worry. Hollywood is 100% behind Adam and will not let his star light dim. Foreign countries seem to love him. If he went on Broadway, he would be the biggest star they ever had. Other artists will use his music to dance/skate to. It might take a while for middle America to catch on, but it will.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Dear Puteri,
      So glad to see your post, beautiful sentiments from you as usual and wonderfully written. You are such a dear, but do not worry, Adam is fine and he will continue to shine as long as he has fans such as you.

    • puteri abdul—
      Your post is brilliant, and so true in every way. I really love the way Elizabeth gushed over Adam and just lit up like a christmas tree when he hugged her.. Yep, she’s in LOVE now and ADAM owns her..
      I think it is disresectful and wrong for the Jingle bell tour to have Adan there and NOY PERFORMING! Are they crazy?? Thia would have been a perfect time for Adam to promote his CD. BUT here is what I love that Adam said in the Madison SQ. interview back stage- about how hw feels about the back lash —–he turns around the negative comment into all POSITIVE COMMENTS

      he says “let’s promote the SPIRIT of being POSITIVE, CELEBRATE PEOPLE, INSTEAD OF TEARING THEM DOWN, I take the positive and IGNORE the NEGATIVE”, WOW!!! We could ALL learn lessons in life from ADAM!! He is just walking JOY and LOVE!! He even said how happy is is for Kris on stage that night.
      Adam Is SPECIAL!!
      This is why he will be the biggest star ever

  30. waveridergal says:

    Thanks to everyone for all the updates. I’ve been really upset at not hearing Adam on the air. I have satellite radio on my car and am always flipping to see if Adam WDWFM is playing. Have not heard it at all. Have been thinking about calling and e-mailing various stations and requesting. The entire CD is awesome and, I’ve said it before, I love SOAKED. Although I live in the Sacramento area of CA, one station that I listen to a lot in my car is BBC radio. Now, they play Lady Gaga a lot……well how about Adam?
    I’ve checked at Target, Walmart and Barnes&Noble, and Best Buy. They all only had a couple of CD’s left in their spots. I guess we all just have to continue to be persistent!
    Can’t wait to to see him on Conan. I think he did a great job in his interview with Barbara Walters, plus I got the feeling that see really likes him, dispite the controversy of the AMA’s.

  31. Hi all,
    Check out
    under “latest headlines” click Adam at jingle ball in florida
    Gorgeous pictures and cute hat!
    (hope I gave the right site, not sure how to do links, etc)

    • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just saw couple of his pic but here,there’s a lot!And look at Adam!How he can be that adorable?That just impossible but it’s proven here,HE CAN!!haha!!So cute and sexy at the same time.But no pic where he hold the pink undies written “Don’t Judge Me” and the one he bite his lips.Aaargh,that was the sexiest eveeeer!!!I think he has bad hair day coz when i have bad hair day,I just wear hat.Adam ….bad hair day?Hmmm,ok that’s nonsense,I think he just want to look stylish….and he so succeeded! 🙂

    • I just updated the Jingle Ball ’09 thread for the Miami appearance…including an impromptu, a capella snippet of WWFM that is a little fuzzy, but the audio will knock your socks off!


    • He looks great in his hat. He’s also wearing browns in these pics. He looks good in that color too. SEXY as usual!

      • AdamAddict says:

        He wore brown when he sang Dust In A Wind(my youtube) and also Kimber fav.the brown zipper tight pants.Both looking good.He looks like brownies.Yummy! 😛

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Brownies with walNUTS! YUMMY!!!!!

          • AdamAddict says:

            I laughing so hard right now.That’s right,pal! walNUTS,that’s our favourite. 😉 Haha,U are NUTS! LOL!

            • kimber and AdamAddict, LMAO too! “Nuts” Glambulge, hahaha!

              • I loved the brown. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t……..I always feel like a “nut” for Adam………
                I feel inlove with his brown boots……..That man does dress to impress…….he is awesome.

    • adamfan, Thanks for those……..Aahhhhhhhh! Oh Adam your tour cant come fast enough!
      I’ll go along w/Sherry on the View he is a cutie patutie……..

  32. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you guys are way too impatient about hearing Adam’s songs on the air. The album was just released. He’s the new kid on the block with no track record. Give it time. Look at what a big star Carrie Underwood has become. It didn’t happen instantly.

    Program Directors make almost all the decisions about what songs to add on the big stations and some of the stations add only four new songs a month. It seems like “What Do You Want from Me?” is the single they (RCA and Adam) have decided to target, which makes sense, as it is an emotional song with broad appeal. It can take six months to a year to build a song into a hit.

    I do think it’s charming that some of you are into starting a grass roots effort to boost Adam’s career. Dana, I got a big kick out of your story today. Very cute!

    College radio is a good area for breaking new music. The DJ’s are students who do pick their own music. Community radio is also typically run by volunteer DJ’s who pick their own music. It is possible to mount a campaign to get airplay this way, but there’s no money in it. Sending polite e-mails to DJ’s on such stations can work – our music catalog has gotten quite a bit of airplay this way, but it was a lot of work for very little reward.

    Anyway, like I said, give it time. Adam has a long career in front of him. I also think there may be some sleeper hits on that CD, by the way.

    • Yes, I think we are VERY impatient. 🙂

      But I see a contradiction going on at radio. I hear Kris Allen’s single regularly, and it holds steady or climbs the charts each week. I think WWFM is a far better song, so I have the same (or better) expectations for it.


      • I’m with the Songwriter here, it takes few months before a new song gets play regularly, unless it’s from an establish number 1 hit makers like Lady Gaga and Black Eye Peas.

        I loved the songs from Kelly Clarkson and Kings of Leon and bought their songs early summer, but hardly heard it on the radio. It’s only last month, they became the regular on the radio. Kris’s single came out way before Adam’s FYE single and has been slowly gaining air play. I don’t know what’s going on with the FYE song, but Adam’s pushing the WWFM as a new song. And that’s the song we should be requesting, since it’s already been on the air many times. Focus on one song at a time. Keep on with the request and as the Songwriter said, be patient.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Thanks Songwriter and Slick for the reassurance. We are an impatient bunch I guess, but we just don’t understand why such a great guy with a great voice and a great cd doesn’t get played IMMEDIATELY, ha, ha! We just want everyone else out there to hear him and we know they will become fans!

          • It’s our “maternal instinct” coming out…want to make sure that everything is OK for ADAM!!! LOL

            Usually it’s my “other instinct” that comes out when I see or hear ADAM!!!! 🙂

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            Because only magical people will know magical people. ADAM is magical! & We are magical, very special beings from Planet Fierce! LOL!

        • It will happen. I had Tik Tok by Kesha on my ipod in July, but didn’t start hearing it on the radio until October and not regularly until November. Now it’s played all the time right up there with Lady Gaga. I predict that by the New Year we’ll be hearing Adam on a regular basis and that another single will be released soon after. I think Fever would be a great next pick, but agree with Songwriter that there are many sleeper hits on this CD and it may take a year to get them all out there and to No. 1 – just in time for all the music award shows next fall.

      • I’m with CatEyes here. I too hear Kris Allen (and Allison Iraheta) on the radio often, but not Adam. Kris’ single is steadily climbing the charts or holding while Adam’s single is desparate to find a foothold. After the immediate post-AMA hoopla, FYE (single) dropped off the charts (Billboard Hot 100) after reaching #61. It’s ONLY charting in Canada (Hot 100) right now (#57).

        My fear is that all the hype and TV and appearance promotion at the moment will be all for not. His last televised appearance is on the 21st with Leno. While Leno has a large audience, it is definitely not the size audience that he once had while on the Tonight Show (that Conan now has). Letterman, who once had always been a 2nd placer, now comes in 1st in the ratings race between the Tonight Show and Late Night. So having his LAST TV appearance of the year being with Leno is not the very best way to cap it off since he’s not getting the worldwide exposure he would have if he’d played NYRE. Hopefully, someone YouTubes Gridlock and it catches hold and on fire like Colbie Caillet and Susan Boyle did.

        The truth of the matter is, if Adam doesn’t gain any airplay with a radio friendly hit then it doesn’t bode well for future CD sales. If CD sales dry up, then so will offers for TV and other appearance/performance gigs. I know he’s being broken in the UK and Japan come January, so if the UK and Japanese audience mobs him like “Brangelina”, then it would be good publicity for him to have that footage run on TMZ, Extra, E News, etc, etc. Also, I think he’s supposed to tour next spring. If so, then I believe TV appearances will be back into the the mix to promote it (with possibly new singles being sung).

        But a possible 30-90 days of “no-show” in Hollywood is a long time. Out of sight, out of mind. I just don’t want him to be forgotten or pushed aside for the new Idol favorites next year.

    • Gina, Glamb #552 says:

      Songwriter4adam – I’m with you. Definitely “sleeper” hits on his CD. My favorites are Soaked, Sleepwalker and Pick U Up.

    • Hi Songwriter4adam! I was wondering if you knew why Adam can’t sing on all these Jingle Ball events? He can show up on stage but I think he really wants to perform there. I don’t know if you caught the interview in Jingle Ball NY, where the interviewer wanted to arrange for him to sing after Adam expressed that he was jealous of Kris singing at Madison Square Garden. Adam said “I’ll be crucified if I did that”. What? Why? I feel so bad for him. I think that Jingle Ball thing is unnerving him? Read my post below where I put an article on. I’m glad it’s over after tonight. Thanks.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I think if you listen carefully to that interview, I had to listen a few times, the DJ says, he’ll pull that young kid out, what’s his name, Bieber, so that Adam could sing. That’s when Adam said, “I’d be crucified….”. I think he was referring to the fact that there were alot of young fans in the audience.
        I would like to know why he’s just hosting and not performing too!

    • Songwriter, I do remember you explaining this before. Thanks. We fans just get over excited, in more ways than One. One of these days Adams songs will be in full force on the radio’s!!!!!
      I can see ea track a hit. Love em all.

  33. GOOD JOB!!

  34. Us Aussie’s are doing our part too……………We have purchased and in the process of submitting
    ADAM’s “FYE” Albums to radio stations here because exposure is so important right now… We have bombarded the music stores and enlightened them about ADAM’s incredible Album! There is such interest and excitement and many people we know now own a copy of FYE’ and are raving
    about how awesome it is. (‘Whataya Want From Me’ and ‘Fever’ is blowing everyone away !) There
    are oodles of super positive comments about the Album cover too! With the right promotion ADAM
    could land some #1’s here!….And why does that surprise us?…….ADAM is super talented, gutsy,
    refreshingly out the box, full of positivity and totally courageous……..and his power is being felt
    throughout the world! ‘ROCK ON’ ADAM!!!!!

    • HI! GLAMAUS….good to hear from you and especially all your good news…but I have to ask you where did you purchase your FYE albums from ??? Did you import them….because I have been unable to find any. Having said that ….I was informed by Sony Music that it will be released 19/12 (as I stated on a previous post)……also, I have not yet heard Adam’ s songs on any radio stations…..but I must admit , I don’t listen to the radio….only when I am driving.

      I have asked this before ( but can’t find the post)…..which part of Austrlia are you from ?

      I believe that Sony Music are going to do a BIG promotion re Adam early next year….and yes recogntion of an artists doesn’t happen overnight…but it will happen and our talented, gorgeous, sexy Adam will be # 1, for sure.

      DANA…… I will be taking my cue from you and checking out the music stores to make sure the CD is in full view etc.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

      • Didn’t check spelling…as you can see !!!

      • Hi Yvonne, I received my C.D.’s on release date in November. I do know that you will now
        be able to purchase the album from ( I just
        checked and there are 22 available with 24 hour shipping within Australia. I know they
        are efficient as others have ordered from here in W.A. after being blown away from our
        constant promotion of ADAM…everywhere we go! If I had a one spare I would have mailed
        it to you. Sony keep saying it will be released soon but it’s still on hold by many music stores
        and only certain ADAM tracks available on itunes in Oz.. JB HiFi are catching on and they
        have orders now for the album but Fishpond would be quicker for you. The album is amazing
        and breathtaking as is everything ADAM touches! ..and it was time for Glitter Glam! I feel
        that tracks like ‘Fever’ and ‘Whataya Want From Me’ are definate #1’s waiting to be totally
        unleased here.
        Always enjoy your comments. You are a great Glamb! Peace!

        • Yvonne and other international glambs ..the ‘FYE’ Collectors Edition is now

          • On AO??


              Be very careful. I just went to order two copies of the FYE deluxe album through AO. It started at about $25 usd. With the exchange and something called vat. ($12.00) it came to $66 approx for two copies. I was okay with that.

              Then when I got to the end the shipping and handling was about $84 dollars more.. for a total of over $150.

              Did you American Glambs have a huge shipping charge also? The difference from the US to Canada is negligible when it comes to postal rates. Maybe this is by a special courier? I wasnt given a choice.

              Needless to say I didnt go through with it. There has to be a better and less expensive way.

  35. WTF….????? he is on tv shows, magazine covers, movie soundtrack and still not being played on the radios….what the hell is going on…???? Yikes !!!!!

    • What the blazes is going on over there???? Does’nt the U.S. realize what a GEM they

      • it looks like some radio dj’s don’t know or don’t care or “something” !!!!!

        • I’ve been reading about all the concern over lack of radio air time and just had a funny thought….Most of these stations are run by hetero males, maybe they are all just pissed off because us women find ADAM sooooooooo much hotter and sexier than most of them! LOL!! Maybe?

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Yes, I’ve said it before. They have a national treasure in Adam and just be embracing him, not shuning him!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        No glamaus! the U.S. doesn’t realize the beauty of a gem that we have in our possession. Some of the people over here are too damn busy hating & homophobing? against beautiful people like ADAM.
        I didn’t want to bring this up, but it has to be heard whether we want to or not.
        I work at a Wal-Mart here in Oklahoma, & you know when people steal they take the stuff to the rstrooms & flush any excess packages or security tabs, but in this case, two of ADAM’s cds have been vandalized & left for us to find them. One was found in the ladies restroom along w/ a b spears cd, neither cd was stolen, but ADAm’s cd was damaged severely to the disc I think. My csm, knew how much I loved ADAM, she found it & showed it to me. Of course I was saddened & furious, just brought tears to my eyes.
        The other cd that was vandalized, I found it & it was still on the rack. In front where new releases were , there were only 2 of ADAM’s cds so I went to the back ,grabbed some more & stocked it up in the front. I know the first perpetrator was a girl, cause it was found in the women’s rr, but the second who knows. More furious than sad. The entire time I was cursing the people in this state very badly & I won’t repeat. It made me want to leave this state & move to California. Because I know there, people are more real than here, I would be closer to ADAM, & there I would get a chance to see a Zodiac show. But realistically, I am not able to do that at this time. I am dead serious on this , as soon as my child is grown , I’m outta here!

        • I am SO, SO sad to hear about that! It makes me angry too when I come across that type of thing whether it be through hate blogs (supposedly supportive of AI contestants), radio DJs who make snarky comments about Adam’s make-up, hair, clothes, etc (and then refuse to play his music citing “popularity” or when they do they neither set it up or follow it up by telling the name or singer of the song), or just hearing amazingly stupid put downs in the form of equating some type of undesired behaviour/look with being homosexual (i.e. That’s so “GAY”!). It’s ridiculous, unnecessary, and heartbreakingly SAD!

          I am a heterosexual, maried (w/kids), professional African-American woman who supports Adam. This summer (amidst the “Gokey Gate” – I live in Wisconsin), I did this. I got three screen printed tank tops (1 tight, 2 flowy for layering tanks under) and paired them with skinny deconstructed denim jeans (light & dark blue, gray/black, white) and Juicy Couture black motorcycle boots (they’re AWESOME with silver plating at back heel). I got my hair done as I usually do for summer which includes dying w/highlights and occasional extentions, and made sure other necessities were done like eyebrows, manicure, and just the right kiss of makeup. I had a fabulous Coach bag to go with it too.

          I paraded around with as many incarnations of that ensemble as I could ALL summer!!! And guess what??? NOT A PEEP!!! If anything, I had more men try to come on to me, who used the pics of Adam on the front (which looked about as “gay” as any gay guy could look), during the summer than I remember before I got married. And I used to model during my 20’s!!! They (both men & women) clearly saw me as a “hot” girl or someone that they apparently thought would be cool to know. I had A LOT of questions about my shirt(s)!!! Most didn’t know it was Adam (or even who he was), and the questioners ran the gamut from all backgrounds, genders, races, etc.

          I used the opportunity to talk about my crush on Adam and how awesome I thought he was and where I thought his music career was headed. They listened. Some got it, some didn’t. Some dug it, some didn’t. In any case, they got to see Adam portrayed in a different light by being supported by someone other than the fringe S&M, glitter wearing “flamers” and other boogymen that they have him surrounded by in the corners of their often closed minds. So what if they didn’t find him cool, they obviously found me cool enough to initiate a chat with me. So if a supposed “cool” person found him cool enough to be supported, then by the bandwagon approach, other people will want to find a way to view him a being cool too, even if they hadn’t before. It’s subtle, but a tried and true approach. I do what I can to make a difference one tiny ripple at a time.

          Right now, I’m looking for an oversize hoodie sweatshirt to screen print on. I already have the leggings, deconstructed denim mini skirt, jeans and boots. Once again, it on…

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            Hey Beauty! How are you doing? Thank you for your story, that’s pretty cool. I’m sorry I had to bring up this crazy crap. I didn’t want to say anything it’s too negative, but it’s what is happening & it is sad. I almost bought that damaged cd of ADAM’s just to prove to whoever did that, that I love ADAM no matter what. I love him unconditionally. He has a special place in my heart, when no one made me happy ADAM was there for me during AI. He just brightened up my life with his voice, his music, & his love. I feel so connected to ADAM, I’ll never forget him,never!
            Sorry if I’m blubbering,I am sleep deprived, I start tripping delusionally about now. is that a word? “delusionally”?
            Take care, I need an oversized hoodie sweatshirt also, w/ a big ole GLAMBULGE on it!

  36. This post reminds me of the time my girlfriend, Mary Kay Hallobrough, started the first Elvis fan club. I think I was the 3rd after her sister , Jo Ann. We would sit and telephone all the radio stations and especially Wink Martindale, in Memphis to play Elvis’ songs. We thought he would fade away if we did not keep dilligent and request the Album and this was in the year of dial phones and no speed dial. Lots of work,. Of course, we had nothing to worry about. We were surprised when all the girls starting screaming at his concerts. On top of that was the radio stations that played it the most were the black radio stations. Everyone thought he was black before the TV appearances. Aw — the 50’s.

    • Great story! Ah the good ol’ days with no internet. Adam is so a child of the 21 century isnt he?

      Re. the screaming I got a kick out of the sudden shrieks which came came from some of the ADL audience when he finished the anthem… Adam has us hooked..

      People are saying he should sing for the Superbowl in Florida. Now, who do we contact??/

    • Darleene…..I remember those days too! I bought every “movie magazine”, all of Elvis’ records, watched him on EdSullivan (even before old Ed would only show him from the waist up),
      fantasized that I would meet and marry him, had his pics all over my room, etc. I didn’t join a fan club thought, or make any phone calls then… must have taken you forever when you dialed all the stations! I didn’t know that Wink was a DJ at one time in Memphis. When I was married, my ex took me to see Elvis in person at the Olympia in Detroit. He was still in great shape, both physically and vocally.

      Now here I am, all grown up, and going absolutely bonkers over ADAM!!!!! …and loving every minute of it! LOL I think I’m way more “bonkier” over ADAM!!!!!!:)

  37. so, Darleene, r u saying that is exactly what will happen to Adam…I certainly hope so….

  38. Dana mega-kudos to you. Once Adam’s CD hits our shelves, I will be on patrol in all the musis stores! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmwah

  39. Adams performance of Athem Did I share some thing New !?!

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      hanks, Renogirl!!! This is the first place I’ve seen it! FINALLY!!! What a VOICE! Gave me chills!!!

      • LibraLamb7 says:

        Oops! Guess y’all know that should be “Thanks!”

        • AdamRocks! says:

          LOL @ Candy! Hey! I know this isn’t much, but I was at Walmart again today, and there were more copies of FYE on the shelves. . . a lady was looking at one of them, and I told her how GREAT it is. . . she said she loved his voice on AI, and then put it in her cart. 🙂

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

          P.S. THANK YOU renogirl!!! ~THUD~

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Cindy, you go girl! I’ve done the same thing! Great rendition of the anthem. What a great voice! Gave me chills too!
            P.S. I heard your THUD all the way up here in Canada!
            Love ya!

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              Chills? Hell I’m bawling my eyes out! I know I get carried away because he is so damn fine looking, but that VOICE is a God given gift! I don’t care if some ignorant people don’t recognize his gift, all I care about is that I know it, we know it, & ADAM knows why we love him so much & so over protective & everyone is doing everthing they can to get the world to know his gift.
              It’s just too bad people can’t hear his voice, too bad so sad!
              Thank you very much renogirl! I appreciate that you brought ADAM’s performance here. I just close my eyes & I feel ADAM when I hear that voice. I close my eyes when I’m driving & I start crying! His voice is so special, so MAGICAL!

              • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                I just keep watching it over & over, I’m still crying,
                ADAM MITCHEL LAMBERT !!!!!! I am so PROUD of YOU!!!!!!!

              • Kimber……keep those eyes OPEN when you’re driving!!!!! I know it’s hard, but ADAM’s magical voice won’t save you from an accident!!!! We want to keep you around!!!!! 🙂

                • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                  thank you jaberone! I know ADAM would want me to stick around as well, cause he needs all the lovin’ he can get!& he has a lot of it!

                  • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                    OH! GOD Bless ADAM!!!!! had to listen to him again, what a man, what a voice!!!!! He certainly can out sing underwood or any of them other idols!!!!! & what the hell was AI thinking about bringing on another season? Absolutely no one in my book can sing like ADAM!! No one!!!

                • thats for sure kimber, you’re one of my partners in crime or lust here on the site! 🙂

      • Wow….that’s the first I’ve seen it! Thanks!

    • Thanks, renogirl! I have been hoping someone posted him singing the Anthem the other night. Glad you posted the site.

    • Thanks so much for the link, renogirl. It’s helping give me some insight into my overall impression of the CD. Rolling Stone reviewed the CD as somewhat “overthought”, an industry friend listened last night and said it was good but sounded very “packaged” and the word that is coming to mind for me is that Adam seems a little “caged in” in the CD, especially with the heavy compression they put on his vocals.

      I think really what it is is that Adam is such a fantastic singer that really, we just crave to hear him sing his heart out. He did that every week for us on AI…and our ears and hearts became accustomed to these stellar “breakout” performances. So, listening to Adam just sing so amazingly on our national anthem was magnificent. Ah, to hear Adam “uncaged” again! What a delight!

      That’s probably why I like TFM…and the video of TFM…the best so far as Adam really sings his heart out on that. And let me remind you, that was a work for hire and considered to be just a bonus track on the CD!

      The bottom line is, Adam is just such a world-class singer. Honestly, I’d be thrilled if he did an album called “Cover Boy” where he just sang some of his favorite covers for us. It would be so satisfying!

      • I love the term “uncaged”!!!!! This word appeals to me on many levels….. personally he was uncaged during the AMA but then his voice wasn’t the best because nerves and emotions took over. When he gets it all together, uncaged personally and emotionally yet balanced we better be holding on to our hearts and God knows what else.

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Do you think because ADAM sang technically correct for so many years in the theater, that he may want to sing the way he wants to for now? For being as young as he is, it’s like he missed out on his childhood & now wants to be a kid again, referring to the music itself. All these years he sang theatrical so now let’s enjoy him singing & having fun with voice. I believe his music will mature as he gets older. I am having a blast w/ all of his songs, each one is for each mood that I’m feeling.
          And it’s true, I also hope that the right producer comes along that knows his voice , & can show ADAM the right path that his voice belongs. This is just a good path where ADAM can have fun & be himself. SEXY!!!!!! FUN!!!!!! FIERCE!!!!!!! WILD!!!!!!!!

          • Kimber…this is what I feel too. Adam is where he wants to be right now. He has ‘been there, done that’ and now is realising his dream of being a rock/pop star. As he stated, he is ‘mixing it up ‘ as he knows what his fans want and naturally, he wants to gain more fans in the younger generation….hence the ‘techno’ sounds that appeal to the kids of today and whatever Adam wants to do….I’m happy with !!!

            As far as I’m concerned…his album is a masterpiece and like you, Kimber, I am enjoying every track (that I have on computer – will have CD soon)….and, asI have said before…..each track showcases his amazing voice.

            Love, Yvonne (Australia)

      • I, too thought his full potential wasn’t met here on this album, It all sounds pulled back a little for Adam’s ability. But, I believe they were trying to make songs more radio friendly and his live performances would have more edge. Even from AI, his live performances were much better than the recorded versions. It’s mostly opposite in other artists. Adam shines in live performances where he can spontaneously bend and change up and make things fresh.
        However, I do really enjoy his versatile style and range of his voice on this album, it’s lot more flexible than from AI runs. He can really control that deep lower register which I didn’t hear much before. And I think his high octaves has gone even higher and shows no limit. I also think there’s many hits on this album which will give longevity to this album and more sales.

    • OH.MY.Go -scratch that – ADAM!

    • Anybody who needs a confidence boost of how well Adam is loved and appreciated should listen to this clip and then read the comments.
      People are running out of words and ways to praise his voice.

      We should all just listen and enjoy the intense beauty of his Gift and it will reassure us; this Voice , this Beautiful Man will not be denied.

      • This post is in reference to the youtube clip of him singing at the ADL, no idea how it ended up over here.

  40. Dana, you are awesome to keep us all informed. Thanks for picking it up after the AMA’s. And thanks to all other Glamb leaders! And, of course, thanks to Dreamsound. That is a given. This has always been the best Adam site! Just love how everyone keeps us informed about Adam. Also, I just got through hearing WWFM on two different local radio stations. It was the first I had heard it. Finally!

  41. Don’t want to sound cocky or anything here. I bought total 17 copies of For Your Entertainment as X’mas presents 🙂 I am fan for life for sure.

  42. Gina, Glamb #552 says:

    And Again……I have no problem with all of us buying multiple CDs to give out because spreading the music of Adam is a joy – but where the heck are all the people (millions??) who were voting for him during Idol????? If they all just bought one(1) CD…..

  43. AdoringAdam says:

    Thanks renogirl. I have been waiting for this. Where can we buy it? Absolutely out of this world. Best rendition of SSB ever. I have been buying Adam’s album for family and friends. I will do my part to help Adam. I read where Steven Speilberg said his children were more excited about seeing Adam than they were for their Dad receiving his award. How sweet is that?

  44. Very familiar what you all have posted here: searching FYE CD at shops and making it more visible and requesting radioplay, that´s what we fans here in Finland too have been doing lately. Here is at least one radiostation that plays FYE several times a´day. It´s called NRJ and the version they play has Adam´s voice in the beginning saying “Hi it´s Adam Lambert on NRJ”. I googled NRJ and found information on Wikipedia: NRJ is heard in 13 European countries (Russia included) but in North Amerca only in Qeubec.
    Looks like Adam is promoted in Europe through NRJ, at least I hope so. FYE has been in daily NRJ Top 10 now several times. It´s based on votings, and that´s what we have been doing here a lot . I personally have voted today several times, FYE was a moment ago #10, I hope it doesn´t drop off the list.

    I haven´t heard WWFW yet or seen FYE video. Finnish music video channel Voice has thou FYE on their list (so they know it exists), and it can be voted for New Year´s Eve Top 109 videos. I hope it gets there. Adam is not very well known yet in Finland, not much seen in media, except the famous Kiss. I think most of Finnish people don´t know who he is. But they sure will know in the future!

    Now I go back to votings and requestings…
    Let´s be patient, the world will get to know Adam, but it takes time.

    • Great research, ailaR, that’s the way to find out.. As a matter of fact, wasnt one of his co-workers on the album from Finland? or was that Sweden? Do many homes have satellite TV over there? I often am curious about how people far away heard about Adam.

      • Max Martin is from Sweden. I heard about Adam watching AI on TV. It can be seen here on one of the normal TV channels, although almost two weeks later than in US. I had watched also seasons 6 and 7 and I have to admit that I before Adam I found AI boring. David Cook and Michael Johns were the only ones that interested me. But this season I could not wait that two weeks to hear Adam sing so I rushed to the Internet to see the songs and results.
        I think AI can be watched in many countries.

    • Hei, mitä kuuluu? I’m a great fan of Finnish music and have taught myself a little Suomeksi with the help of a Finnish friend. Nice to see Adam reaches from north to south! Ville Valo once called Finland the country behind God’s back, and I often refer to South Africa as the country below God’s feet! Did you know that if you took a plane from Helsinki and flew due south in a straight line and landed on the last piece of solid land, it would be some where near the South African town of Jeffries Bay? I know, I have a head full of useless information like that. :))

      • Kiitos hyvää, KarenB! Finland is known for loving rock music, especially metal. Gloomy music, maybe because we live in the dark somewhere behind “God´s back”, hahah! Adam would sound great with Apocalyptica, the gyus who play rock with sellos. But myabe it would be too pessimistic music for Adam?

        • I love the “darkness” of the Finnish music, it resonates with my personality, I’m not a cheerful person and usually more into rock, especially melodic metal than AI, but Adam made me watch every episode 😉 . I think Adam would sound awesome with Apocalyptica, cellos wailing, Adam wailing… All that drama, what a combination! I’m sure Adam has a gloomy side too and I’d love to see him go there a bit in the future.

  45. Can you believe Adam says he’s afraid people may lose interest in him? Read the article and vote positively for him to gain his confidence back.

    • VOTE HERE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

    • Slick from the looks of the votes coming in , Adams talent will continue to Wow everyone. He wows me every second of each day!
      Come on Adam keep the chin up, have no fear. We are with you.

    • Twitter him and ask him where the heck he thinks we’re all gunna go??? We love ya so much Adamazing ……. that’s not a feeling you in which you easily lose interest!! DUH!!! (I think that comment was taken out of context. What newly released rock star doesn’t have that fear – nothing unique about it. He is more confident than that report reflects. I hate the @$#%* Press sometimes!!!)

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Colorforadam according to the comments on that page that article was taken out of context from OK Magazine, from the few I read it seems that Adam had in fact been talking in general about all new acts. I doubt if any one of us could ever forget about Adam, it just wouldn’t happen.

  46. Hi everyone first time poster. Although, I’ve known about this site for months. I am not much of a blogger, but I had to share my thoughts about Adam. I bought his delux cd and got it a couple of days ago. Must I say I love it to pieces. I am 28 years old and my favorite music is of the 80’s. This cd is really modern but brings me back into a time machine of the music I heard as a kid. A lot of people have critiqued his abulm, they seem to put so much pressure on him to make a certain genre of music. But I don’t care what people say. I think if the music makes you feel good and takes you away on a journey then it is considered great music. Most importantly Adam is proud and loves the cd he made and that should be the most important thing.

    I intend to keep supporting adam. I voted for Adam on vh1 top 20 at least 7 times this past week and was happy to wake up yesterday morning and see him make the countdown. Although he was at # 16 it was well worth the voting. I think everyone should vote for him every week so he can stay on the countdown. Like the rest of you I have not heard him on the radio yet. But I have faith he will be soon. Keep spreading the word, be patient, and enjoy the music.

    love Olivia

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Welcome Olivia! Yes, Adam’s album definitely takes me away. . can’t get enough of it! I have the regular CD, but I just ordered the deluxe version. . . can’t wait to find it in my mailbox! And I’ve been voting like crazy on the VH1 Top 20. . . I hope he goes straight to number one!


      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • Olivia, welcome to our fansite. You are close to Adams age, very nice. So glad you’re on board……
      keep on loving him to pieces.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Welcome Olivia, I do agree with you in that if you love the music that is what is important. The fact that Adam loves his CD and is so proud of it only makes it better in my book.

      I was in a couple of record shops (in Christchurch, New Zealand) today and one I couldn’t see it anywhere so I went and asked the shop girl and she said that it was selling really well. I asked her where the posters were advertising it and she said there weren’t any, I said well you have that SB up there and she said well she’s popular. My answer to that was “Really, you sure about that”. But at least his CD is selling well.

      The other shop (The Warehouse – fairly big chainstore here) well they have all their CDs stocked in alphabetical order so there I was hunting through all the “Ls” for it and I just happened to glance to my right and there was a whole stack of them on the top of the shelf. Woo Hoo!!! I bought two more for Christmas presents. I also asked the sales girl if it was selling and she said yes it is doing really well. Thank goodness for that.

      • Just tweeted Adam about getting posters up in international shops.. if he ever reads it….

        How could any potential buyer resist if they see that sweet handsome face?

    • Welcome Olivia, and re. Adam’s album, you go girl!! Have faith!

  47. As of Dec. 11, FYE is #2 on the list of most requested songs in the Philippines. Just requested the song today and will also vote again. I will know the new top 5 songs of the day in about 3 hrs. Will make sure it hits # 1 this week. Remember Glambs… think positive !

  48. Some good news re FYE in South Africa: It entered the Take40SA chart last week at #26 and jumped up to #17 this week! This chart is based solely on listener votes so if any SA fans read this go to and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!
    Other than that, I was channel hopping on tv last night and almost had heart failure when I heard FYE on Fashion TV!!! :)) How appropriate.

    Have also been a good little Xmas elf, guess what everybody on my list is getting for Xmas? I’ve had to buy FYE online so far, as most of the Cd stores in Johannesburg are only now getting the cd and have bought 5 extra copies to spread some much needed Glamb cheer amongst family and friends this year! Keep up the good work guys it’s great to see so much Adam support and I agree that patience is needed, these things take their time. We tend to forget that not everyone out there watched AI, so to a large part of the comminities in our respective countries he’s an unknown.

    • KarenB, I am in Cape Town! Thanks for sharing the information! I am with you girl – will do my bit in Cape Town. I was disillusioned when I couldn’t find anything in Cape Town, but I need to check with the stores. Don’t worry, I’m voting. Thanks & Mmmmmmmmmwah

  49. Ok results are in ….Adam is now # 1…YAY ! !

  50. Yvonne,
    Go back to your last comment.

    • Glamaus…..Have done. Thanks very much for this info. Spoke to JB Hi Fi again today and they have assured me they will have FYE this Friday…if not, I will be ordering it through the link you supplied. Thank you so much for your kind words…and ditto. It’s good to be able to communicate with another Aussie glamb. Unbelievable that WA and NZ is so ahead of NSW !!!!!

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

      • correction…should be ARE so ahead

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Yay for New Zealand Yvonne, we have to be ahead of you Aussies in something surely, though we are pretty good at beating you in rugby – okay, sorry let’s not start a war here!!! LOL. Cackle, cackle, I am cackling with glee.

        • HI! Dianne…I knew that would get your attention !!! LOL. Don’t know much about sport….do we play cricket with New zealand ??? Surely we must beat you with that !!!! I’ll find something !!! LOL

          Lot’s of love, Yvonne (Australia)

          • Dianne & Yvonne, at last there is something South Africa does better – play cricket!

          • Lisa Imbruglia says:

            Hi Yvonne I am not ignoring you. I had a computer meltdown and all my email addresses are stuck in limbo land at the moment. I need to buy an external box so I can migrate all my data to my sons new computer…
            Please email me so I can say hi back… I feel very cut off.
            So to any it you dont hear from me it’s only because I cant get to my email addresses… well anything really.

        • Dianne,
          Us Aussie’s celebrated this last week with a hangi…….so we are in spirit with
          you guys in New Zealand too!

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Way to go Glamaus. Well really it is either the Kiwis beating the Aussies or the Aussies beating the Kiwis or either of us beating the South Africans (there you go Ingrid) or maybe the South Africans beating the Kiwis or the Aussies. Do you follow that, because I got lost just after the beginning. It is all good either way if you ask me. Don’t care that much for cricket or rugby (although I like to watch international games), I am into music and ADAM, especially Adam.

  51. I don’t know it ‘s that just me or–, sometime when I see Adam wear too much make up–lip stick, too much too thick powder on the face, I kinda feel sad a bit, it doesn’t look good it look like a drag. I love him so much and he look so beautiful and classic when the make up are moderate.

  52. AdamRocks! says:

    WOOOHOOO! I was checking the playlist for B97, a top 40 station out of New Orleans, and saw that they played Whataya Want From Me last night!!! I can’t wait to turn on the radio and hear it!

    Here is the link for requesting songs at B97, if anyone wants to:

    If you look at the right-hand column, you’ll see where it says request a song, and you just click GO, and you can request it online.

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  53. I think passing the word on to Adam to do some of his other fantastic songs on tv will help too….I am in love with Sleepwalker, Aftermath, and Broken Open…He is amazing and for some odd reason the public only remembers a not to great performance that Adam admits he may have pushed the taboos a bit to hard and was off vocally…I have my cd…have lent it to a few people who love it…That is how you do it…Give it as presents to those who like pop and rock…..
    They will love it too…
    Give it time….There are many famous artist whose first cd or record was not half as good as Adam’s and did not sell half as much….But now those artists are icons….He too will be…With the vocal ability he has…stage presence,….and looks…no way he won’t…

  54. Ok, This is Admfan1 I’m going to start writing under this name to stop the confusion with my other name on this sight… I am so confused who I am… lol not really but you all know what I mean.. I will try to use this name from now on here .. it may take awhile to get used to it for all of us but in the long run it will make it clearer as to who is writing a comment.. I hope LOL muah..

  55. Dana, I enjoyed reading your post above. I was smiling while reading how you were the busy bee
    selling Adams CD while in line at Barnes. Way to gooooooooooooo! You really said the right things to those people. Love how you answered so politely ” Susan’s music isnt your kind of music” and ended up selling the man on Adam’s , that was
    a great sales ploy. I still cant see how she is staying on the top of the charts?

    I was disappointed when I recieved my Weekly Entertainment magazine this week and Susan was still @ #1 and Adam did not make the top 20 . Week before he was @ # 3. Is she buying all her own CD’s? Something is not right here?
    Great job Dana. Adam may hire you for hire.

    • Mary C I agree with you. Who the hell is buying all those Cd’s of SB? Yes she sings beautifully but I just don’t care for that type of music. Adam is fresh, hip, right now and so he should be #1. I just can’t believe SB has sold as many as she has. I don’t know anyone who bought it and noone talks about her. NOW ADAM THEY DO. HE IS THE TALK OF THE TOWN!!!!!!!!

  56. Hi you guys, i am so happy to post here, whoa, i found a lot of Adam fans, i love him so much, i bought two of his CD, Adam is brilliant singer, awake up America!!!!!

  57. Judysdancin says:

    Hey Guys,
    I just got my Entertainment Weekly magazine and Adam’s c.d. isn’t even in the top twenty! Last week I thought it was 3rd and now nothin”? Susan Boyle still #1! What the heck?

    • Maybe she is so popular right now because of Christmas. You can give that totally unobjectionable, conservative piece of soul soaring to virtually anyone on your list – Grandma, Great Aunt Mabel, the preacher, the postman, your teenager that you are hopelessly trying to convince that there is something other than rock music on Earth and anyone else for whom you have no sexual attraction but you have to give them something that is cheap and mails easily. I felt so bad about my previously neg comment about her that I decided that I really should listen once so I could at least be an informed, negative commentator. UGH>>>>>I found her to be nasally, warbly and like fingernails on a blackboard. I had to quickly down a vodka and Red Bull, (in honor of Adam) as soon as it was over. Sorry……….I tried, but I just don’t get it!!

      • OH NO, Colororadam, Granny wants “For Your Entertainment”!! No Subo for her!

        • theresa/canada I’m 64 – I was using the granny term loosely……..the way I have lost my ever-mother-lovin’ mind over this gorgeous man-child, I don’t feel at all like I’m in the general granny category. He has unlocked my 25 year old, rock music lovin’ soul and I have to check my drivers license once in a while to remind myself of my actual age. Thanks for the zing!!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Subo has no range, ADAM has a range, he can sing that thick ass telephone book!

        • Yah, every song sounded pretty much the same whether it was holy or romantic. Remember how Simon used to talk about someone needing to be “the whole package” in order to be a world star??? Well…………I guess her big appeal is that she was a plain ordinary person who was magically discovered but how long will that sustain interest? Do I have to say that there is NOTHING plain or ordinary about the subject of the June 25th cover of Rolling Stone and there NEVER will be. LOL LOL LOL, Adam!!

  58. Judysdancin says:

    Hey Mary C,
    I can’t believe I wrote the same thing you did! I guess I should’ve checked it out first, but I was so upset bout’ his c.d. I just started typing!! LOL! Oh well, Great minds think alike…Right!

    • Ha Judysdancin, thats okay! It happens, we have the same thoughts at least. Couldnt believe it myself! Great minds, right!

  59. Come on Moderator !!!! please put my new name on… Put Admfan1 to rest… just bury that name for ever and let Sherrylx rise and shine.. ok, I’m talking to myself here… waiting for 4hrs now..
    I can still love Adam with a new name, I promise mr moderator… really

  60. AdamRocks! says:

    I’ve been checking itunes lately, and something just doesn’t seem right. Kris’s single is moving up the chart, and FYE is moving down (WYWFM is SLOWLY moving up). OK, I need to get out more. 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • It is so sad … it will take a long time before people appreciate FYE again, the IDIOTS!! It is the most tantalizing, throbbing, exciting single piece of “get it on” music EVER!! The concept of “hurts so good” is NOT new in pop music lyrics. Makes me wonder how those stupid charts would look right now if no one had ever asked Adam to appear on AMA. It is hard to see how this will all shake down to where it should be, with Adam at the top of every chart, but I BELIEVE!!

  61. AdamRocks! says:

    I’ve read that clicking on FYE at the MTV site would help keep it in rotation. . . and put it in the top 20 videos. . . here is the link:

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • Cindy, I have been checking it also… but I stopped because it was stressing me out.. I have never wanted someone to sell their cd more in my life.. I won’t even post again how many I have bought or how many wwfm I have ordered on iturnes… He needs to get out there more.. people need to see that he is so talented… we will just have to keep pushing him.. aka…. admfan1

    • Thanks for tonights Adassignment – Oh such a chore, I had to watch that gagagagaggorgeous video again ……. those face close ups where he curls his lip, flashes those eyes and says, “I own your heart”…………………(I think I will sent Comcast a thank you note with this months internet bill. won’t they wonder why?) UIMA

    • Cindy, it is still UNAVAILABLE IN MY AREA… what? you’d think since it is being sold by itunes now it would also let us watch it on MTV.


    Lady Gaga: 31%
    Adam: 29%

    Other eight (including First Lady) share remaining third!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~YOU CAN STILL VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I can’t transfer the link, but this is it:

  63. Sherry K/ GLAMB #445 says:

    Hi everyone! I preordered ADAM’S cd from! And it only has 14 songs, or tracks on it. Can anyone tell me what they are talking about with his CD having 16 songs on the CD.

    Thanks everyone! I sent Jeanette an email and ask her to come back. I found her email address on the AMERICAN IDOL posting board. I don’t think she will be happy at the person who put it on there. And also, I don’t think she is coming back! I miss her! Hugs to all of you! Sherry K

    • The computer downloads of his album have 2 extra tracks—”Master Plan” and “Down the Rabbit Hole”—which are not available on hard disk. These can be downloaded from his official site or from i-tunes (cheaper). They are accompanied by a few minutes of video. These two songs can be downloaded individually from i-tunes also, for $1.29 each.

      Feeling better from that flu?

      • AdamRocks! says:

        How many Sherrys do we have??? 🙂

        MWAH from the Deep South!

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

        • OMG I think we have 4 SHERRY’S on this sight now…. LOL Is it an ADAM thing ???????? I’m trying to make it easier and now there are 4…. lol !!!!

        • Will the real SHERRY please stand up……lol Now I’m dating myself with that old show. I’m standing up here !!!

          • hahaha
            MY head is spinning and I’m one of the four!
            And I have a feeling we ALL hail from that “please stand up” era!
            (popular name back then)

            • Oh! I just read above.
              admfan1 IS NOW Sherrylx
              then Sherry K is the third
              who’s the fourth?
              sorry, everybody—let us figure this out and get back to you

              • There is a Sheri in the post below …. I was counting her even though she doesn’t know how to spell sherry… muah kidding sheri

  64. Was listenting to local radio this a.m. (95.3 Nat&Drew for Vancouverites) when they started talking about the SYTYCD finale Wed. night. They said, “If you don’t already tune in, the Wed. night finale is the night to watch. They’re bringing in some big names for the finale, so tune in to see performances by Adam Lambert, Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Lopez”. Then they went on to make fun of JL’s fall at the AMAs, but didn’t even mention Adam’s controversy. Great advertisement for Adam.

  65. ~reminder~

    Adam is on THE TONIGHT SHOW with CONAN O’BRIAN tonight.
    11:35 eastern / 10:35 central — NBC

    (today at Target, Glee was sold out on the “hits” end-cap, so I put a couple of Adam’s cd’s in the empty spots—I fear we are on our way to becoming the bane of the retailers’ existence)

  66. When I got in my car a couple days ago I heard “Whataya want from me.” I thought it was my cd playing for a second then I noticed that I had it on radio. I started freaking out. I was so exciting to finally har him on the radio. I’m in Portland Oregon and I heard it on Z100.

    • Sheri, same thing happened to me in Vancouver. I was driving home from work today and was bummed out cause it was snowing and I had no Adam b/c I forgot to charge my ipod. I turned the radio on and 2 minutes later FYE started playing. I couldn’t believe it. Then I switched stations and what started playing but WWFM. Great drive home after all.

    • Hi Sheri, I used to listen to Z100 all the time and now we can’t get it here. I live between Eugene and Corvallis and have not heard ANY Adam this direction. ARGG…. I will make sure when I visit my daughter that I keep on that station. I don’t know why it is so important fro me to hear his songs on the radio but it IS! I did have the best surpise the other day. I was looking for a cd in our Fred Meyer and across the entire back of the electronics section it is covered with big screen tvs. They were playing the TFM video on every single TV!! It stopped me in my tracks. All I could do was stand there and feel like I was in heaven!! LOL!! What a TREAT!! Big screen…. Adam in multiples……OMG!!

  67. This may have already been posted, but Adam is supposed to be on Conan O’Brien’s show tonight on NBC at 11:30 EST. Wonder what he’ll sing, and say! It’s a little late for me to stay, so my old VCR will be taping it.

    • He’ll sing at the end, so set it to end taping at 12:40 (or later if you like) to be sure to get it!

  68. Way to go with getting the word out for the most original album in years! I went to Target today and bought Christmas presents for all my nieces and nephews. I gave a CD to my daughter who is 26 and one to my bother who is 56 and they both loves it. I think we have a real star in the making. Adam transcends all ages because of his unique ability to sing a song from his soul and heart. What a treat they have to look forward to!!!

  69. Wahoo! Wasn’t he gorgeous? Loved the note changes!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Yes he was Sherry! Watching it over and over on youtube.

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • sherry s, yes he was soooo gorgeous. The man is soo HOT. His eyes looked fabulous. I dont
      know how, but ea time he sings the song it is better and better.

  70. Judysdancin says:

    I have to agree with ya Sherry S. He looked gorgeous tonite! I love it when he wears his hair down! The new notes were freakin’ awesome. What talent! What a man!

  71. While waiting to watch Adam on Conan O’Brien, I bought the FYE video from iTunes!! I didn’t think it would be available until tomorrow! Yeah!!! Now I can watch it on my ipod anywhere I go! Of course, I will still continue to vote for FYE on Vh1s top 20, but sure love owning my own copy now.

  72. I love your whole selling of the cd to people. Totally sounds like something I would do! haha Good job!

  73. Dana, loved what you did and I am going to follow suit! KarenB told me about the voting in South Africa and I have been at it non-stop. Thank you and mmmmmmwah

    I have another idea for a thread – will post it soon!

  74. ALLSTARME, if you mean me about selling Adam, I totally agree with you. 🙂 I just can’t help myself. I love FYE single and I absolutely love Adam’s FYE Video!! Like everyone else here, I just want that song and video to do so much better than it is. Adam did say, on Ellen, that it didn’t work out as they had planned, so I think FYE took a back seat. That is my opinion, anyway. It still is one of my favorites on the album, even though I love all of the songs. So, don’t forget to go to itunes and order the VIDEO of FYE! 🙂

    • AdamRocks! says:

      cheeto, I love FYE too!!! I wonder if it will start catching on as the music video climbs on MTV and VH1. . . that would be wonderful!

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

  75. Dreamsound and Dana – this is my idea for a new thread!

    Given the opportunity and unlimited resources, what gift (as in wish) would you give Adam for 2010.

    This is in response to the thread about what Adam has given us. “To be or not to be …”, that is the question! Mmmmmmmmwah

  76. Hi, I saw Adam live in the studio tonight on Conan. He looks fabulous and the sound was great. I wish he had come out of the back of the stage though and interfaced with the audience. There’s no interview after the show but he does come to the couch.

    They are promoting WDYWFM so that’s what he sang. He was SOOOO good – oh my.

    I had stand-by tickets and ran into some Adam fans online from (plus adamazed from our site) and they were so nice – they gave me a lower numbered standby ticket – so I got in. What’s more, we got to sit in the second row near the band.

    Leila was there tonight and one of our fan group sat 2 seats away from her and met her – they said she was very petite and looked very young and just terrific.

    After the performance, the gal sitting next to me waved at the guitarist – the one Adam kissed at the AMA’s – and he gave us a big wave back and was looking right at us – that was cool.

    As a result of going to see if I could get the standby seats, I met a bunch of nice people from idolforums. They are organizing a party at the NYE event at Paramount and now that I have people to go with, I think I will go!

    What a great night! Enjoy the show – Adam is AMAZING.

    • songwriter, I am just a tad envious that you saw Adam live AGAIN! Your profession is certainly coming in very handy. I always appreciate your take from a professional perspective. I watched his performance and I like the changes he has made. Mmmmmmwah

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      Jealous or what????
      One day I too will be watching open mouthed (in a silent scream) as Adam struts his stuff and blows my mind… I’m so excited that you get to see him…
      Lord let it happen. Do I sell my house and travel to see Adam in concert???? Maybe not right now. Need new computer first.

      • Lisa, definitely jealous! Lisa, I’ll join you – let’s sell our property and see Adam! Mmmmwah, Ingrid

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          I am with you all the way! I want to be his private groupie. Do anything just to talk to ADAM.

      • Lisa…just got back from night out. Can’t go to bed without one more look at last Adam thread. Saw your post above & will e-mail tomorrow……and yeah !! Lisa and Ingrid….jealous ?? you bet !!! Forever on my mind “must go to USA to see Adam……”

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

        • Yvonne and Kimber, you’re in! US of A, here we come! The states will never be the same once we converge for our Adam fix! Mmmmmmmmwah

    • I just love that you have the inside seats to go see our Adam… That so great that you can be our eyes to what is going on there in the L.A. area !!! Thanks so much for bringing us along so we can feel part of the action.. And it’s Tommy that Adam kissed.. He’s a cutie !

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      How blessed you must feel being near ADAM last night. I wish I was near. I am definitely going to his solo concert, ADAM was perfect on Conan! The sound was great, & his little twists he did for the song was absolutely beautiful, I love that falsetto of his, that’s what I loved about his ROF too. I must return to the video & watch some more, He is absolutely breathless!

    • Songwriter, Good for you, sounds like you had a great time. You lucky LA people. so much goes on out there. He looked smokin hot as ever too! The sound coming from the TV was just as good. NYE at Paramount, think you will go? YOU GO GIRL……………. That will be one bad ass Happy New Year!

      • Hi there Mary C. I did have a great time. I am hoping I can get into Leno on the 21st – have plans to try to get the standby tickets. Also, yes, I think I am going to the New Year’s Eve bash, as I’m told Adam will be doing a FORTY minute set. I did’t want to go alone but now that I am possibly hooking up with Adam fans from idolforums for the evening, it is turning out to be a very exciting opportunity indeed, even though the $150 price tag is a bit high. Go Adam!

        • Wow Songwriter………so excited for you and jealous too! 150 for a ticket to see Adam sing live would be ok for me! I just wish I could see him live. One day in concert is my hope.

  77. Could he be any more beautiful? I thought the way he looked at Jingle Ball in Florida was hot but I think tonight, he outdid hot and went straight to irresistable. First time I have seen someone taller than Adam standing next to him – Conan is 6’4″ I believe, plus hair. Love the sound, love the look and love the way the band were all dressed to compliment him and the set and ….ok, calm down, go to bed!!

    • coloforadam, I was thinking the same thing, Adam is tall, and his long sexy legs, oh he is so ready for touring next year. He Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Conan is super tall.

    • That is so funny you should write that coloforadam because I was thinking the same thing. I know Adam is taller than most, but wow Conan must really be tall, he overtowered Adam. I love how Adam tries to sing that song different every time he sings it. I noticed the higer note around I am a freak stage. ADAM YOU ROCK. Don’t forget to watch him on Chelsey Later tonight ON E!

  78. Guys.

    He said one of the WORST things fans can do is spam the stations with requests for a new artist WHEN THEY DON’T LIVE IN THE AREA. He said he’s seen fans literally ruin people by doing this….
    AI fans are notorious for this type of behavior. He said it hasn’t been too bad for Adam yet, but he could see it happening, and that we should post all over the message boards telling people NOT to do this.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Thank you Gala. . . I just read that great post earlier at idol forums. . . I’m still curious though. . . the Z100 website. . . can’t you stream the radio online, and thus ARE considered a listener, and can request songs and vote in their polls? Just to be sure, I haven’t voted in their poll except the one time right before I read a post that said I need to live in the New York area.

      Usually, I only request songs from the stations in my area, and usually once a day, very politely.

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • Gala, hope y ou don’t mind me posting the actual link here. I agree, it is very important to read this!

      Now you can just ‘click’ on it.

      • The part in bold at the end of the article link is EXACTLY what I have been coaching all along! Radio station bombardment is not helpful, and can actually do harm to the artist’s reputation. Nice to see it confirmed by “those in the biz.”


  79. AdamRocks! says:

    Hey Fellow Glambs! Z100, which I’m pretty sure is a MAJOR New York radio station, has a poll going on. . . below is the link. . . there are eight categories, and the third one is Best New Artist! If you have time, please VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!! As of right now, Adam is winning!!! I’ve heard that this may translate into more radio spins. 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • KO's smiling says:

      Z100 is huge. This is a good sign!

    • UPDATE. . . I read about this on idol forums. . . then someone said that they can see your IP addy, and that you shouldn’t vote unless you’re from the New York area. . . no one has confirmed this yet. . . I’ll keep you posted.

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Thanks AdamRocks! I voted but I wanted to vote for new hottie -ADAM LAMBERT, album of the year-FYE, just everything ADAM, but he wasn’t a nominee, oh well, We know he is the hottest hottie ever!

    • Thx Cindy, I voted, Adam is way out in front. YAY! Hey Ke$ha girl next to him?? He had something on twitter to her? Must know her.

  80. AdamRocks! says:

    The FYE music video is available on itunes!!! I’m downloading it right now. . . it’s NUMBER TWO on the top music video list!!!

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • Thanks Cindy !!! I’m on my way right now to download one or two of my own… muah to you

      • MWAH back atcha SherryLX! 🙂 I just bought FYE–the song–AGAIN from itunes. . . it deserves to be higher!!!

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

        • Yea!!!
          Got my FYE vid from iTunes last nite after Conan…right before this HUGE T-storm knocked out my cable/internet…Just barely got it!!! Adam aura protecting me….

          OMG!!! Wasn’t he just the HOTTEST THING on Conan last nite!!! Loved the “new” notes…no way he was lip-syncing THAT (as some idiot on another site was trying to say!)….Can’t wait for SYTYCD & Chelsea Lately on E! Wed. nite to see MORE ADAM!!!!





    • If you are on twitter, tweet to Jay Leno to have a sitdown chat with Adam as well.

      He is at nbcjay

    • Dee, he did look Super Yummy, uuummm can eat him all up! He was so cute putting his hand out to Conan and took it down after Conan didnt grab it. Maybe on SYTYCD tomorrow he will sing one of the dancin tunes.

  82. Spectacular performance last night! Love that he always makes his songs fresh with little changes! Band gets better every time too. (Love that sparkly guitar Monty!) I would also like to hear more songs from the album; maybe after his West Coast New Year’s gig where he is the headliner; that is good practice for an upcoming tour. Keep on keeping on Adam; its all good and its just getting better!

  83. KO's smiling says:

    Adam’s going to be performing on So You Think You Can Dance on Wednesday night. Show’s on from 8-10PM on Fox. Add it to the countdown! 🙂

  84. AdamRocks! says:

    WOW!!! Read the results of the Rolling Stone Year-End Poll. . . you’ll be pleasantly surprised:

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • Thanks, Cindy! I don’t know how you gals find all this info., but I’m so glad you do.
      Wonderful, wonderful news!

    • Thank you Cindy. Great New for Adam! So proud of him.

    • That is totally awesome! Great for him. All those beloved posts from his fans on that site, this site and many many more sites should make him feel really warm and toasty for the holidays. Good ending to a hard worked year.

  85. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I was just in subway this evening buying sandwiches for my kids when Adam Lambert came on the radio singing WWFM. It was WTIC FM which is a well known radio station for Connecticut where I live. This is the first time I’ve heard Adam Lambert on radio here and I listen quite a lot since I have kids who turn it on every time we go anywhere. So, slowly but surely Adam’s reputation and radio play is spreading. Good News!!!!!

  86. I hear both of his singles (FYE and What u want from me) on XM station 20 as well as 21 alot :o)!!!

    I have also heard them both on regular FM stations – I live in Florida and was in Fort Lauderdale over the weekend and today I was driving in Orlando and heard FYE.


    Adam was #1 now this teenager Justin Bieber catching him!!!
    after www

  88. lourdes stone says:

    hi dana, i live in sydney, australia and like you, i am a lambert fan. i ordered my copy of FYE from amazon but it originated from new zealand. adam’s cd is not available in australia yet and that is a big question, WHY? i hope they would do something about it because there are some aussies who loved adam during the AI. oh, by the way, i also downloaded FYE from itune. itune australia started selling (download) the album but the music stores are not even aware of the album.


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