Going to Fantasy Springs? Post Your Messages To Each Other Here and Learn All the Details!

We’re sure all of the Glambs who are going to Fantasy Springs this weekend are looking forward to meeting up with each other. We certainly are looking forward to meeting each and every one of you. In fact, Sue, Lila and I are so excited about meeting all of you and seeing Adam Lambert in one of his first solo concerts that we can hardly sleep! If you’re going, post it here in the comment section. We’re encouraging you to use this format to make any plans, arrange for carpooling, etc. Sorry this is so late, but we’re beginners at this and we just thought of it!

Our Glamb Family pre-party is happening from 3 – 5 PM on Saturday, February 27th at Mimi’s Café, 79-765 Hwy 111 in La Quinta, just 5 ½ miles from Fantasy Springs Resort. We’ve had over 70 people say they’re coming, so it’s going to be a great celebration! Remember, there is NO COST for our party. Everyone will have the opportunity to order whatever they’d like, whether it’s a full meal, an appetizer, or just a drink from Mimi’s full menu. Each person is responsible for their own purchase. You don’t have to order anything, if you don’t want. We just wanted to give you the opportunity to meet up with each other, before the show gets into action. We’ll have name tags for everyone there so you’ll immediately spot some familiar friends. We know that many of you are also going to the Fantasy Springs pre-party. (We’re going too!) We hope you’ll keep your Glamb name tag on, and spread the word about this web site. If you have a lariat or pin-on nametag holder, the type you get from business conferences, please feel free to bring them. Our nametags are adhesive and may not transfer if you want to change clothes.

Again, we can’t wait to meet you!

Carol, Lila & Sue

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. HI GIRLS,

    I’ll try to make it to Mimi’s! I fly in tomorrow morning into Burbank and then I’m driving to Fantasy Springs Resort on Sat morning….

    I’m leaving from NJ and IT’S SNOWING LIKE CRAZY HERE RIGHT NOW…..I have a 5:00 AM flight tomorrow morning so I hope I can get out !!!!

    Would love to meet all of you….IT’S VERY EXCITING !!!! ADAM HERE WE COME !!!


    • We’ve been wondering if people from the east will have their travel affected by the snow. Hope you all get here safely and in time for everything! We’ll leave the light on!

  2. 2.Tickets.For.Sale says:

    F Section- Row mm – Seats 13&14
    PRICE: $62.50/each
    SEATING PLAN HERE —> http://bit.ly/8ZqNXn
    CONTACT: @stlouis1gal ON TWITTER

  3. I will be at concert, glamily reunion and Jay Leno!!! I will try to be at Mimi’s.

    Please go look at the book I designed for Adam to sign. I spent over 30 hrs designing it and it was made in Italy! There are 78 pages and the cover is stainless steel!!!!

    It cost me a fortune!

    Go to the galleries, then musicians on my website: http://www.capturedimagesphotographer.com

    I can’t wait to meet everyone!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Wow Danniel that book is awesome. Are you taking it with you to get Adam to sign it?

      Have a great time at Fantasy Springs, I know you are going to love it.

    • Danniel….Your album is absolutely wonderful! You have great photos in it, and I love ADAM singing while I’m looking at it!

      Everyone have a spectacular time in Palm Springs! I wish I was going too!

    • Judy Lushman says:

      This book is awesome that you created. I hope you are fortunate enough to present this to Adam yourself. He will love it.

    • Danniel~ I LOVED your book…….and the music too! Wow! Great photo’s, some of my favorites. I hope Adam gets to see it….he’ll love it!!!
      I also loved the wedding photo’s; you’re very talented!

    • LoverofLifeNH says:

      Wow! That is a beautiful book. You did a wonderful job. Good Luck at Fantasy Springs. I hope you can get Adam to sign it.

    • Daniel, that is soooome book. I was at the concert Saturday, as well. Wasn’t that show just ADAMAZING!!!!! My question to you is, did you get your book signed?

  4. My Mother and I are flying in on Saturday from Chicago and hoping to make the Pre-Party and have tickets to the reunion! Can’t wait to meet everyone!
    Terri and Lorraine

  5. Luzia #576 says:

    Hi girls, so excited to meet you in just 2 days. Flying in from Texas tomorrow. We had snow 2 days ago, but it melted yesterday. Good luck Dee on getting out, we’ll all cross our fingers. I know how disappointed I would be not to see Adam after all the planning and anticipation. I’ll be at Mimis and the Fantasy Springs pre party with my daughter in tow. I have to convince her yet that she loves Adam too. It won’t be hard after she sees him in concert. I still think I’m dreaming and won’t believe it until
    I’m there.Until then! Luzia

  6. We’ll be driving in from Vegas…hope I can make Mimi’s…if not I’m anxious to meet all the ladies who’s life has been altered by THE FIERCE ONE”. Rain is scheduled for Saturday, drive safe and bring an unbrella. I actually can not sleep!!!

  7. organictennisyogi says:

    I and my buddy Richie will be coming from Orange County!! We also have extra concert tickets!
    If anyone wants to hitch a ride with us or us with them for carpool or needs tickets, call me! 🙂 Jay
    714 605 6866 or email organictennisyogi@gmi

  8. Luzia #576 says:

    Getting ready to go to the airport, The contemplation of something beautiful ( Adam) causes the soul to grow wings. Plato. Oh my soul is flying so high! 🙂

  9. I HAVE AN EXTRA TICKET! If anyone is interested I have an extra ticket to the concert. You can check Fantasy Springs website to see the seating chart if needed.
    SECTION F (Center Right)
    ROW II (row ii, not 2)
    SEAT 9
    Let me know if you’d like it (one of my friends had to cancel). Soooo excited to go!!! Sheri

    • hi Sheri!!! You still have the ticket? My friend wants to come and my seat number is actually beside the seat that ur selling….How can I reach u? PIA

      • Hi Pia…. wow, that’s great…. what are the chances?!? Write me at my email address and I will give you my cell phone number. Shhheri @ aol.com Sorry I am just now getting back to reading your reply. Talk to you soon 🙂

        • Pia, I’m leaving soon for my 3 hour drive. Call me if you want the ticket and we can meet up somewhere at the casino or wherever. cell phone 661-965-9502.
          OR if anyone else wants the ticket call me! See you all there!!! Yippppeeee!

  10. I will be driving up from San Diego with my daughter. 3 hours trip, with luck. I am not sure when I get there. I decided to spare my daughter from pre-party, not knowing how many teenagers would be there. She is my willing date, but not a fanatic fan like me 😀 I hope you will be keeping the name tags until the show starts, so that I can still see who you are. Koko

  11. I’m bringing my guy with me and I’m not sure he will be up for the fan frenzy so if we don’t make it (we aren’t part of the 70 people who wrote in advance), know that I love you all and thank you for this wonderful website!

    Victoria 😉

    • Victoria,

      Tell your guy that my guy will also be feeling out of place. I’ve had him listening to the CD all week so he knows the songs. That makes a huge difference. Does anyone know of any macho glitter accessories I can pin on him? I think Adam is much more macho than guys who can’t do those moves! I wish Adam would start acting so we could see him in the 1000 different ways he is capable of appearing. It’s all fantasy, his, ours…

  12. As a matter of fact, I am leaving right now within a few minutes – trying to avoid the rain and possible snow in the passes on Saturday. Thought I would just check my email right before I left.

    I am beside myself with excitement! Looking forward to meeting everyone!

  13. patricialemire says:

    My, my, my! That album is the most spectacular thing I’ve ever seen! Every photo is fantastic! Are any of the photos for sale?

  14. Annsuperfan Glamb #401 says:

    Hi everyone! My friend and I are driving from San Juan Bautista to San Francisco and flying into Palm Springs. I am so excited. The last time I took a plane to see Adam in a concert Adam was on the same flight! I could not believe it when I saw him sitting in the waiting area, the security guard was shoeing people away, but I said ” I met your mother last night ( I met his dad too) Adam said “cool”, so I figured that was my in and I got his autograph, he was very nice and turned around in his chair so that I could take his picture. I wish that I had the nerve to be in a picture with him, now I wish I had. I am bringing the pictures! I have some good ones to share. I can’t believe how lucky I was, Adam’s mom had the seat in front of me at the concert, she talked to me and she was wonderful, I thanked her for bringing Adam into the world. I also wrote a note to Adam and said that he has made my world a more beautiful place, so true. I am looking forward to meeting all of you at Mimi’s, My Glamb sisters, Ann

  15. I flew from Detroit this morning to Phoenix and plane to Ontario was cancelled!!! But now they found us a new flight and will arrive around 3 p.m. I have fellow Adam meglamaniacs (did I just coin another Adamism?!) getting to Ontario later. Whew! Nothing will keep me from my Adam! Let me know if any of you are waiting in Phoenix or Ontario. See you in FS!!!

  16. yay can’t wait to see everyone and my first time seeing adam live! really hope we get to meet you adam! i will be taking lots of m=pics an di have a little handheld video cam too so hopefully they will let me take video for you guys! need to get to bed gotta be at the airport at 6 am =)

  17. I hope I can meet some of you! Can’t afford the Glamily Reunion tickets and the hotel and concert tickets, but I sure hope to run into fellow fans! I will be wearing my AO Fantasy Springs lanyard, so if you see me PLEASE stop and say hello. Wishing everyone one a safe trip!!!!

  18. Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:


  19. Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:


    • Hi Sherry K,
      No we are not down! Do you follow us on Twitter? Aren’t you getting the emails anymore? I’ll have our specialist look into it. But give her a little time. She’s at Fantasy Springs, and can’t get back to her database until Sunday/Monday. Thanks for letting us know. We really value all of our readers!


  20. hi,there.you can go to http://www.mjsbigblog.com to watch videos,twitter.i hope he dont do something scandalist again.

    • OMG that was wonderful, he just always surprises, new arrangements. a different look to the stuctured leather look to a soft drapey look (maybe inspired by the iceskaters) whatever. I love him even more. Thanks for the link Zenos

      Jan NZ

  21. Theresa/San Diego says:

    Did ya all see the Adam Skit on SNL tonight?

  22. It was soooooo awesome to meet everyone at the pre-party and the concert was amazing though way too short!!!! Just over an hour of the most glamascious voice – Adam…..You ROCK!!!!!! XOXO Does anyone know why his ‘team’ nixed the sale of Adam goodies ‘cept for the great button?!?! My mom and I were soooooooo disappointed….we were set to buy EVERYTHING ADAM we could – program….mug…tshirt…tote….magnet….keychain….posters……the giftshop said they would be selling extra stuff starting at 4:00pm but at 4:00pm, Fantasy Springs staff informed us that his ‘management’ had notified them that NOTHING extra would be sold/available….RATS!!!!! How come?????? PS….Hi Geri!!!!! And DEE – enjoy the rest of your trip and have a safe trip home to New Jersey!!!!! Love to ALL the Glams!!!!!!!!

  23. AdamAddict says: