Going to Adam Lambert’s Costa Mesa Glam Nation Tour? Do You Want to Party??!!

Everyone who joined Sue, Lila and me at our Fantasy Springs dinner party last February had such a great time! We know how much you loved meeting each other, and that now you’re one big happy Glamily. Lila, Sue and I loved meeting you too! We’ve gotten so many requests asking if we’re going to have more parties one at various Glam Nation Tour locations. So we’re ready to set one for Costa Mesa on July 27th. This is for Glamb fans attending either the July 27 or the July 28 show. If this sounds good to you, please comment back and let us know how many of you would be coming and how many are in your party. You don’t even have to have a Glamb number, but we’d love it if you did! 🙂

***JUST ADDED: Please Glambs, I appreciate everyone’s comments about meeting on other days, but please keep your comments focused on attending the July 27 party we’re trying to plan. This party has to come together very quickly and I don’t have time to sift through other responses that aren’t RSVPs for this event. If you have something else you want to say, please go to the Forums and start a thread! 🙂

We’ve found a restaurant only 2 miles from the fairgrounds with a large, delicious menu, friendly prices and plenty of free parking. If we have enough people, they’ll even give us our own room! Once we find out how many people will be attending, we can make solid plans and then give out all the information.

The preliminary set up is:
July 27, 4:30 PM arrival. The fair isn’t running that day and the concert starts at 7:30 PM. Stay as long as you want. No cover charge. They will have staff on hand just to take care of us so the timing is perfect to enjoy a delicious meal together. Order anything off their menu – your cost. This will be a great opportunity to have fun together, get to know each other better, and get nutritionally charged for the epic concert to follow!! We’ll even have some give aways directly from the band!!

So Glambs and everyone reading this – if you’re going to the Costa Mesa shows we hope you’ll join us and party with your fellow Glambs!!

Let’s hear from you!!

~ Carol ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. charlotte says:

    I am going the 28th and already planned a little gathering on the fair grounds in the wine court at 4:00. About 10 people said that they would like to meet at that time—-so—how about we do the wine court on the 28th and possibly go to the sit down restaurant together in the fair grounds. With a ticket, your fair entrance is already paid for and if you get vip parking it is a couple of blocks total walking??? I loved the Fantasy Springs gathering at Mimi’s too but since I am already going to be at the fair, I do not want to leave the Fair, lose my parking spot and join you guys. What do you think???

    • renogirl says:

      Wine court sounds great!!!

    • Janette says:

      I will be at the fair on the 27th and 28th. I would love to meet with you guys on the 28th for a drink. I will be with my 17 year old son but he’s cool. He’s my Adam/Allison fan and open to meeting. If you plan to meet at the fair, please let me know as I’d love to meet some of Adam’s fans that day.

    • Lilyglam says:

      I’ll be at the 28th concert and would love to meet fellow Glambs at the wine court. Will be bringing my sister – who has never seen Adam. Flying in from Denver that morning, so can’t make the 27th.

      • I’m flying in from Denver to see Adam and I’m bringing my sister (on the 27th), too. Small world!
        Hope to see you and your sister at the wine court!

    • Linda G says:

      I would love to meet fellow Glamberts. I am coming in from FL and will meet you all at the wine court.

    • Carol, We’ll try and make it on the 27th at 4:30, so we are RSVPing for 2. We’re coming in from out of state so there may be delays. What restaurant is it at?

    • Hi Charlotte,
      I am coming to the 28th concert with 2 friends who are new glammys we’d love to join your pre concert party! Let me know if there are more details…

      thanks for doing this

  2. cmhagey says:

    Charlotte, our party is the 27th. There is no fair being held that day, but if you’re in town, we’d love you to join us. Is your party on the 28th a private party or can Glambs join you?

  3. Janus Janis says:

    My daughter and I might join you in the wine court. Let me check wit her and I’ll get back.

    Thanks, Janus

  4. THIS JUST IN !!!!! Just got through watching Longineu on Ustream Live where he announced something has happened to Tommy’s dad, and Tommy is jumping on a plane to LA tonight. He will not be performing in Portland tonight and maybe not at the Warfield on Friday. He will not be replaced; they are going to run the show without him. He will supposedly be back by Saturday.

    Longineu has asked that everybody pray for Tommy’s dad.

    • Cricket says:

      Sending prayers for Tommy’s father,,,

    • cmhagey says:

      Sue and I will find out what we can about this, but remember folks, if Tommy Joe is going through what sounds very serious, maybe we should respect his privacy. He’ll release any news when he’s ready. I’m not trying to be insensitive but please don’t use this article to post your thoughts to him.

      Thank you very much for caring. We know how concerned everyone is, but this is a personal matter and this post is not really the place for it.

      Thanks Glambs.
      Love ya,

      • Hey Carol,

        I’m the one that started this, so I’ll apologize to you now. I simply thought that all of your Glamberts would want to know this important piece of information. I would have put it on your forum, but the last time I posted there, it took weeks for my post about available tickets to be cleared by your administrator.

        I just thought your site here was the most looked at, and not knowing any other place to put it, I put it here. Once again, my deepest apologies.

  5. charlotte says:

    It is for all Glams, Glamberts, or anyone who just Loves Adam Lambert and is attending the show. It is not private because the fair is a very public place.

    • Hey Charlotte I have tickets to the concert the 28th did you say the concert ticket gets us into the fair at no extra cost? Ive looked on there web site and couldnt find that info. Also do you know if they card to get into the wine court ? my daughter will be with me and she is 20 . I would love to meet some of the wonderful people that comment on this site!!! Thanks Rema #622

  6. Hello all, I did got to Fantasy Springs, but did not get to meet you all..recall it was sold out?
    my mom lives near Costa Mesa, so I will be flying down from Alaska to do a makeover on her home..BONUS – ADAM!
    going both nites..why not?
    love to meet you all..
    so count me and my friend in..
    how will i know where, time? heading to aiprot.. please email me the info for both dates meetings.. thank you! tigerwuvver@yahoo.com


    • cmhagey says:

      Hi Debi,
      Glad you’re coming! I’ll email you the info!

      • I would love to meet you all. I may be bringing my 9 year old son if that is okay. If he doesn’t want to go since he is going to the Vegas concert, I will have an extra ticket. Please email all the information to me. I have never met any of you and would to meet others who love Adam as much as me. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Magiclady says:

    Gonna be there on the 28th, live in Santa Barbara so won’t be there on the 27th.

    Would love to meet up on the 28th if possible in the wine court!

    This is the first show off Adam’s that I will be at after Fantasy Springs, anxious to see the difference and I am much much closer!

    Am getting so excited!

    • I think it took 5 hours to drive to fantasy springs…! We live near san luis obisbo so the drive should be much better! I think i heard there is no meet and greets for the costa mesa shows 🙁 bummer

      • opps meant to say also me and my sister will try to meet up at the wine court on the 28th 🙂

  8. LolaGlamb says:

    Since I always fly by the seat of my pants, if the stars align, I will by there. I also would love to meet some fellow Glambs. Met some of you at Fantasy Springs. Yes, Rema, the concert ticket is also your ticket to the fair. If your concert ticket is for the 27th, it is good for any fair day, as the fair is closed on the 27th. Kristi

  9. Date: July 27th
    time: 4:30
    Location: (Mimi’s ?) on Newport Blvd ? I
    I want to attend. I’d love to meet you all.

    • cmhagey says:

      Where did you get your info?? Guess?? LOL!! As soon as we have a good estimate on how many people are coming to the party on the 27th, we’ll finalize with the restaurant and post the info.


      • Janette says:

        I would love to join you guys on the 27th. I will be at both shows but would love to meet for an hour or so before going to the park. If you can let me know if you are still open to more please let me know as I’d love to go. I have my 17 year old son but he is cool as I am taking him to Disney for 2 days so he owes me. He loves Adam and Allison so it will be okay. Anyways, let me know. Thanks.

  10. patricia Pearce says:

    Lynne is still looking for anyone going to the Raleigh NC concert on August 28th. Please e-mail me at “skinnylynnie@nc.rr.com” I live in chapel hill and would love to have someone drive my car, get there early, meet up with others if that’s in your plans. Pleeeeeeze someone contact me. I can’t get excited until I know I won’t have to drive by myself. None of my friends are glamberts. I think they’re afraid I’ll mortify them by screaming like a teen-NOT during the ballads.

  11. danagram says:

    Hi Carol
    My daughter and I are going on the 27th and 28th and would love to get together. Are you going to post the arrrangements or should I leave an email? Also have to given any info on the July 30th meet? I have been out of town and with guests so I am out of the loop.

    • cmhagey says:

      I’ll post all the info here on this site as soon as we have finalized with the restaurant. I’m not going to the San Diego concert on July 30 (I know, I can’t believe it either!) so I don’t know of any plans for a party then. Does anyone want to take this on?


      • danagram says:

        Carol, I believe it was Fernando that posted awhile back about the meet before the concert. He said it would be in front of the Hall. He said that info would be posted around July 15 but nothing yet.
        I can not belive that you are missing SD. Sorry you won’t be there.


      • I have a friend in San Diego that might be looking into a place for the party. She is crazy busy with work, so don’t know how much time she can give it.

  12. Whos going to VEGAS?!?!?! Any after parties?

  13. jhoy2theworld says:

    I’m going to the 27th concert with two of my friends. We plan to have dinner somewhere but if you are planning something, maybe we can join you. Let me know which restaurant. Of course, I’ll ask my friends first…

  14. I will be there the 27th and 28th also & so far am planning on attending both pre-show Glamily events. I don’t remember if I have a Glamb # or not. Perhaps you should just assign me a new one.

    Please email me the info about the Glamily get-together.

  15. Have you posted the name of the restaurant and I missed it? If not, what is the name of the restaurant you have set up?

  16. Glamtraveler says:

    Hi Guys,
    Would love to meet you guys on the 27th. I’m bringing my Cali cousin, she’s in for a treat! We’ll have a new fan, I’m sure!
    Can’t wait to attend!

  17. I’ll be at both concerts and would love to join the Glam festivities. There will be two of us on the 27th and one on the 28th.
    Please add us to your list!

  18. Donna Lee Glam #409 says:

    I’ll be at both Costa Mesa shows, and I’d love to have dinner with you all on the 27thth, Carol. This is a definite YES for that RSVP. Charlotte, I’ll look for you and your friends in the wine court on the 28th. Please include identifying visuals in your notes — there will probably be other Glambert groups, and I don’t want to miss the GLAMBS! I got a ticket for the Hard Rock to see Paper Tongues on the 30, so maybe I’ll get to me you, Lila, then. The 31st is the last concert on my solo rode trip, so I’ll definitely be up for a party. I’d love to meet someone who could give me advice about negotiating “The Beach”. I’ve never been there, and it looks more complicated than regular general admission venues. Should I be in line really early? Will they even let us line up? Thanks for any help you can give me, and SEE YOU SOON!

  19. JUDY JEREB says:

    i WOULD LUV TO SEE AL’S CONCERT; HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nana #1 says:

      Hi Judy,

      He was in vancouver not too long ago and was in Toronto on June 19. Guess you missed those two. He will be performing at the Balloon Festival in St. Jean, Quebec on August 14th (but I don’t think it’s his whole concert…just maybe a couple of songs.

      Maybe you could cross over to New York for a concert there: Albany, NY on the 23rd of August or Staten Island, NY on the 24th of August.

      Best of luck!!


      Nana #1 Glamb #488

  20. Marilyn S says:

    I was in Fantasy Springs and didn’t meet any of you either. I am coming for the 27th Concert from Arizona. I think we can make it to your dinner get together on Tuesday. There will be 2 of us, me and my hubby so please count us in and we’ll do our best to get there on time! Please email me info…..most of the other shows have had autograph signings, do you know anything about this show?

  21. charlotte says:

    Good idea about identity notifiers. I’ll wear my Adam Picture Badge from Fantasy Springs, but the wine garden is small and I am sure we will all recognize one another. I suppose I could bring my boom box and play Adam’s cd very loudly???? What do you think???

    • danagram says:

      Sounds like a good idea about the boom box! It is getting so close that I am getting butterflys. Are you going both days?

    • Marilyn S says:

      Hi Charlotte, it’s Marilyn. I think your Boom Box idea is great!!!
      Wish I was going on the 28th to join you guys!

  22. danagram says:

    Hi Everyone
    Is there anyone who would like to go to the Costa Mesa concert that does not have tickets? I have two extra tickets that I got my mistake. They are not bad tickets at all. In Orch. 1 row v. If anyone is interested, I will give the tickets to you. I hate to see that there will be empty seats there as I know their are more. If you are interested, email me at glitterkitty211@aol.com. Put something in the subject line about Adam or the concert.
    Thanks I hope someone can use them.

  23. Thanks for putting info about Tommys dad on this website. For some of us this is our only link.
    I think we all should have the right to be concerned about anyone in the band and their family.

  24. Myself and my daughter will be coming to the show on the 27th, and also the 28th. I would love to meet up at the restaurat. Count us in. Also I would love to meet at the wine court. This should be fun. We were also at the Fantasy Springs concert, so this would be fun.

  25. i live near there and will be going to to the 27th show as well!!!! If anyone needs an extra ticket i have one as well… just email me at kryoyogi@gmail.com. would love to go to a before party!!!!

  26. I was also at Fantasy Springs and wasn’t able to attend the party, but did meet a few fellow fans. I would love to meet more of you, and will be attending the July 28 show, so cannot make to the party on July 27. I will, however make it a point to visit the wine court on the 28th.

  27. Linda G says:

    I would love to attend the dinner party on July 27. Put me down for one.

  28. Is anything final on the where and when we can get together before the concert on the 27th?

    • Carol, Glamb #7 says:

      Hi Anne,
      It’s all set now. We’re meeting at Mimi’s Cafe, 2 miles from the concert site. I’m updating this post and writing a new article with the info. Please send an email to: Glambinfo@aol.com to be put on the list and kept up to date with all future info. See you there!

      Mimi’s Cafe
      1835 Newport Blvd. (at Newport and Harbor)
      Costa Mesa, CA 92627
      (949) 722-6722

  29. I am going to the show at Costa Mesa on 7/28 is it too late to sign up to meet at the wine garden?