GMTV And Adam Lambert

Happy Monday everyone!! If you weren’t having a good day, hopefully you will now. Here is a morning show interview with Adam and GMTV. To me, he is looking classically stunning.
There are two videos featured. The first video is the actual interview where Adam seems so relaxed and happy to be there. His look is simple, yet gorgeous. Great way to start out the day…
In the second video he performs (with dancers and no band) For Your Entertainment.
He has made my day just by being himself!!


P/S Keep checking back for NEW Adam posts!!


  1. scootersmom says:

    Oh, my! I do believe I like this rendition of “Entertainment” most of all! He was, as always, superb!

    • Yeah! And did you hear the anchor lady squeeeeeeeeee….. “Ooo…fantastic!” Seems to get that reaction a lot! He truly is making his mark. Such fun to watch!

    • I love his hair this way!!! Intead of combed back it is spiked alittle…….love it! Love Adam and Love this interview!!

  2. I couldn’t view FYE; all I got was the cooking demo. Help!

  3. madeline says:

    I had difficulty the first time but I went to the side of the page where the “Follow me on Twitter section is and clicked onthe first “New blog post” Both videos came up.

  4. AllaboutAdam says:

    STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS – AS USUAL…. What a great Monday morning treat. Ahhhhh, Adam.

  5. AllaboutAdam says:

    WOW! Just watched the performance – I LOVE the way he moves…. could this song become “re-born” in a somewhat toned-down version as compared to the AMAs? Now, THAT would be amazing. It’s one of the best (if not THE best) songs on his album…. so glad to see him perform it this way…. DAMN! he looks (and sounds) SO YUMMY!

    • EternalGlamNation says:

      You know, I was thinking the same thing. I love this song and hope it becomes a huge hit overseas which might then “reintroduce” it to the American audience without all the baggage attached from the AMAs.


      • And I agree with both of you!!!! I LOVE this song and pray he can re-introduce it over here like he performed over there today in the UK!!!!! It’s his anthem, to me! I love you Adam, now & forever, Janice K

        • I AGREE! He always make each song different……..been awhile since I have seen him perform this. Loveing it!

          • I just wish sometimes he could sing it W/O the dancers……..he is great without them!

            • You know Trish i agree with you they are a bit distracting, i just want to stare at Adam. Also when the band is with him i love his interaction with them, that will be hard to do with the dancers.

    • Libraglam says:

      Yeah. I think that too and i think this version should be played often in US to replace the AMA version which were not so good (ADAM also agreed that the vocal at AMA was not good).

      By the way, does anyone know how to control or promote any video on YouTube in a way that everytime we type “ADAM LAMBERT” , it should come up with the latest one. Thay way the world can see the most updated video instead of the old ones ?

  6. grandjag says:

    I just love this version of FYE…whatever Adam does it is always amazing and exciting to this..loved to see him dance! and dance…he does it all just fine and more.

  7. mahailia says:

    Loved this performance of FYE, how in the world can Adam be this HOT and fabulous so early in the morning? His voice is so amazing, and the way he changes up the song to make it different each time he sings, such an unbelieveable talent! Also loved the dancers, now can’t wait for the MTV performances to be posted! I love this site, so much Adam Awesomeness here!

  8. EternalGlamNation says:

    Thanks, Sue, for my entertainment. Great interview, but not one “sparkly” or “frisky.” Oh, just as well — too early in the morning for drinking games (although I’m sure its 5:00 somewhere!).

    Adam did look incredibly handsome — and I see he was wearing his spats again. What a fashion plate.

    He just gets better and better (and hotter and hotter). Wow can that boy move.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Do we count it if someone else says it?? I’m pretty sure there was one, maybe it wasn’t this video… hmmm.


  9. I am happy for Adam that he gets to perform this fabulous song again!!

  10. Adam seems to be hitting his stride. Voice, clothes, dancers are so right on!!! Hope he keeps this persona–it is so perfect.

  11. Sparkly…Frisky

  12. Libraglam says:

    OMG…..He is SO GORGEOUS !!! it’s indeed 110% true, the interviewer said the same “boy you are so gorgeous….” so charming ,sexy , name it !! thanks for making my Monday a nice one!! Oohlala…..! Hot hot hot ..

  13. Libraglam says:

    Sue, first thank you for all the updates, i really enjoy this site.
    Secondly, i am thinking that since you are one of the fans who are so energetic , good in writing and know where to get all of the ADAM new info, would you consider of updating “Wikipedia” about our Adam Lambert ? I read it the other day and it was so poor written and lack of lots good info about ADAM…It’s a big job. May be you and few more people from this site who often like to write could form a team to update it regularly. Adam must be very happy to see it too. Just a thought !

    • lovemyadam says:

      Libraglam… you are so sweet to say that!! Thank you.
      I am not sure what that would entail, but looking at his page it looks to be locked which means I can’t touch it. I have never done anything on there but you can check it out for me, and let me know!! Thank you for thinking I am capable of this big job, you have made my day!!


  14. This is definately a great song. Unfortunately, it didn’t stand a chance after the AMA show. This is another great interview and performance by Adam. I love Adam!

  15. He looks and sounds amazing, as always. Think about all the “singers” we’ve heard from huge bands over the years who cannot sing at all in person- let alone without the band! This guy’s the real deal. And I love love LOVE his spats (white or silver things over his boots).

  16. REDSTAR040665 says:



  17. gran4adam says:

    Thank you, Sue for making my Monday. Had to wait all day because they block it at work. Oh well, what do they know? I love this look, one of my favs and his moves are to die for! I, too , hope that this will reenergize this song here in the states. Can’t wait to see these moves in Costa Mesa in July.

    • lovemyadam says:

      gran4adam… They know you won’t be able to work after seeing him in these videos, lol!! Now you can move on to a Happy Tuesday!!


    • gran4adam, Iam also a grandma and just love Adam Lambert. I live in the Inland Empire and I too will be attending the Costa Mesa show in July. Iam always happy to hear of Adam fans who are grandmas. Hope you have a great time at the show, I know I will!!!!!

  18. OMG!!! He is starting to dance too! This is just putting him over the TOP!! Love him, love him.

  19. Tori Pearce says:

    That’s his best performance of that song to date! Small, intimate yet polished and chic. His dancing doesn’t seem forced at all. Go Adam, you are my favorite star!

  20. WOW! It can’t get better than this. He is a master at all he does. He is SO beautiful & nice and I noticed a lot of great moves on this vid that I haven’t seen before. You know, I DO think it will get better than this because he just keeps improving & improving on everything. GO ADAM!! Our Glam God! I love you Adam, now & forever, Janice K

  21. Ooooo, a little choreography in this one, nice. He will never be boring.

  22. Everybody here knows how much I love Adam (and his dancing), but
    have to say I’m not that keen on the dancers or the fishnet stockings look.
    I’ve seen better moves and synch in amateur teen dance recitals.
    I guess if they make Adam feel good on stage, it’s his call of course.
    To me, the costumes and that choreography is just not in the same league as
    Adam’s incredible vocal talent and the talent of the band.

    • Mary-Ellen #444 says:

      You know, I agree with you; Adam was fabulous and sounded great; but I found the dancers a little distracting. Adam has so much intensity and the dancers tend to diffuse that energy . Adam and his band always seem to be of one mind; maybe out on tour the dancers will fit in better. Adam, as always, was superb!

  23. missmcglambert1982 says:

    I have always loved FYE and this is one of the best versions yet! He was very at ease with Lorraine Kelly and she is obviously a fangirl which came over load and clear! Who wouldn’t be Adam’s fangirl though? He looked fabulous as ever and probably one of the few to sing live first thing in the morning – just shows what a st?upendous talent Adam is but we all already know that right?!! I think Adam feels a wee bit more relaxed over here in the UK as he doesn’t have to watch his back all the time about the AMA’s, never knew what all the fuss was about that anyway. I was extremely lucky to meet Adam when he was last here in March and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again – he is everything you have ever read or heard about him and more – he is one very special man…LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!

  24. Yes the Addiction continues. Adam always has something amazing and different with every performance. Every time you think there can’t be anything to top the last one– well there is. Loved the dancers and the whole visual. I have always liked this song and the video. I just love the way it was put together.

    And by the way I Got Tickets to Pacific Performance on July 28. I would love to meet some of you. My family is not as crazy as I. Well I think my husband would enjoy meeting everyone too. We all went to Sacramento AI show. MY husband loves Adam talent. My son and his friend are coming too. We have family in LA and it is not too far from Reno sooooo I just set up the trip and said were are on the calendar. I am so excited. Got 2 tickets in section 3 row D. My son will be back in Sect 7 oh well best I could do. Oh God I am screaming excited and really can only express my craziness with all of you. I want to see him before it get impossible to even get tickets to one of his show. He just is remarkable. Good Night all. I can sleep now.

  25. Adam last week was # 77 on the Billboard 200 and he is now # 35. He was # 24 on the Billboard 100 and he is now # 10, WOW nothing will stop him from now on……..GO ADAM show the world that a new STAR has been born!!!!!

  26. It’s just 6:40 pm here in the Philippines, and I just came from the gym and did some work-out. The gym has the radio music on, and whenever Adam’s music is played, my Gosh, I got such adrenaline rush. And seeing Adam here in this interview, I have more RUSH , like some cup of coffee. Wow, what sharp eyes he has here, and sound so perked-up and lively. His speaking and singing voice here is just heavenly. I want more Adam. More, more, MORE !

  27. This was FANTASTIC! Gorgeous as usual. His choreography was so sexy! I loved how he joined up with the dancers and then did his own thing. It went so well with the song. Fabulous performance and interview. He’s such a natural!!! Love him!

  28. This is the best live version of FYE! It’s definitely a difficult song to sing live and I am so glad it was so much better than the AMA version. His hair looked so nice here and he is so sweet as usual!

  29. I love Adam so very much, I enjoy every thing he does, his singing, dancing, talking —– his look could melt you, but I still don’t like his dancers.

  30. Jane Parker says:

    Thanks Sue!
    This is fabulous!! We can never get enough of ADAM!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Jane… you are welcome, he IS fabulous, isn’t he? I would never WANT to get enough, I can’t even remember life before Adam…


  31. sharon fowell says:

    OMG .. Amazing as ever.. Thanks so much for this, it brightend up my day…

  32. k. morgan says:

    Love all Adam does and he always looks….hooooooooooooooooooooooot!

  33. What a class act.!!!! Loved the interview and FYE – just can’t get enough of Adam.

  34. Ninalatina9 says:

    WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! I love Adam…he is just so articulate, sexy, cool, calm, collected, relaxed, enjoys his interviews. He is sooooo HOTT I can’t stand it!!! He is soo classy!


  36. First of all, Sue…THANK YOU SSOOO much for this wonderful site and all the work you do for all of us to enjoy… I can see that it is a glorious labor of love and joy for you that we are lucky we get toshare and appreciate. Thank YOU for loving ADAM as we do and sharing his fabulosity with us!
    ..and then WOW… Holy #*^** WOW!!!!!
    Can it be possible that he just gets better and better?? My GOD he is amazing. I LOVE this sophisticated look on him… what style. He is totaly Adam, but with SO much of the showmanship, charm and song delievery of Elvis…. he looks like Elvis on his wedding day here… yet himself. My two favorite singers… holy cow my universes have colided!!! and I’m ecstatic…( oh wait, is that an adamgasm??) I LLOVE love love this version of FYE…so polished… I agree with those above, it would be so awesome if this gives the song new re-birth in the US. I Would LOOVE to see this on the top of the charts….as well as that incredible work of art “Can’t Let You Go”… What an amazing performer. We are trully blessed to have him.


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