Glamorize by Adam Lambert (Original Song with Lyrics on Screen)



  1. Oh my god!! I LOVE that song!! It is so beyond sexy – did Adam write it??? Is it just him singing it? It sounds almost like he did all of the vocal work?

  2. I do not think I can get up off my bed now

  3. Jennifer T says:

    My water bill is going to be high this month – what with all the cold showers I’m having to take! lol

  4. I expect better from Adam. Don’t like the singer’s voice no matter who it is.

  5. omg i love this song…i think it’s of a girl!!! if so i sooooooo wanna be that girl!!!

  6. love the song…..sooooo hot, and really…sooo Adam

  7. I LOVE this – THIS is fantastic!

  8. future mrs.lambert says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!! that was freakin hot!!!!!!!!!! loved it! WOW! cant get over how sexy that was!!

  9. Kristi Lambert2b says:

    This was so Adam anyone know how to download it on a phone…….?

  10. when i heard this song i was like who is this? then i was like omg its adam!!! the lyrics are so sexual i can just imagine him actually ahem doing this to a girl or maybe me. he he j/k love this song , adam is so freaking HOT.