GlamGod In A GlamKilt

What would we do without Twitter? Thanks to technology, we have messages from the “GlamGod” himself this Monday morning. He has sent out this glamtastic photo of himself in his G.E.O.R.G.O.U.S. Glamkilt. Do take note of those spikes, does he purposely make us focus down there?? Maybe it’s just me…
If you are on twitter today, make sure and add #glamkilt to all of your tweets and Adam just might trend!!
Happy Monday to all…


~Good morning Edinburgh, Scotland!
~adamlambert: #glamkilt



  1. SgtPepper says:

    Even Adam can’t go wrong in a skirt!

  2. Nope – not just you. My eyes always go straight THERE!!! lol Gorgeous as always….

  3. AdamAddict says:

    I SEE CODPIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!Eh wait,no it’s not!Oh crap,why he never wear that again?U guys think it didn’t get through the airport immegration or something?Afterall,it’s consider a weapon 0_o Spiky weapon!LOL!
    Poor Adam,he need to wear pants coz it’s cold.If pants on the ground….oh yeah baby!Fooh,fooh,I bloooooowww!!!!!Give me Marilyn Monroe pose,Adam!SEXY 😛 Where the heck is the wind when we need one??!!

    • Judy Lushman says:

      Adam Addict you always make me laugh, I’m just dying, lol “Where the heck is the wind when we need one??!! Love your sense of humour.

  4. hahaha…. I love adam he is so awsome! I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

  5. That “codpiece” is officially called a sporran. It’s a wee leather bag with chains and a strap that is inserted through belt loops on the kilt for the man to carry his stuff. Tights with a kilt not a good look. It HAS to be bare legs. But it’s Adam to die for as usual!!!

  6. In all of history noone could have worn a kilt more spectacular than ADAM! ……and none
    can boast a spikey sporan like that either!!!!!…….Love the tartan pants….It’s cold in Scotland
    and ADAM always knows how to dress to perfection for the occasion! Noone is cooler than ADAM!

  7. Dianne Hill says:

    There has never ever been anyone as sexy as Adam in a kilt. He just rocks whatever he wears but he sure does look fine in that kilt.

    AdamAddict if there was a wind blowing when this picture was taken you wouldn’t have seen much seeing as he has those pants on. Oh he is so cool though, isn’t he.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Do you see how tight that pants is,Dianne?Pants on or pants off,we still going to have great view,LOL 😀

  8. Ahhh he is so sexy!!! My eyes go thr with or without tht thr! Ha jk xD

  9. Glenda #1946 says:

    Oh my….boys in skirts…only Adam could pull this off and still look soooo masculine!!

  10. Oh, this man will be the undoing of me!

  11. Aw adam! i can never take my eyes off you! You look soo gorgeous! i love you adam!! <33

  12. Your rocking the kilt.! <33

  13. Adam looks good in just about anything. I love his face in this, too. He is so sexy and adorable.

  14. LondonAdamLover says:

    *** swoon ***

  15. Libraglam says:

    ADAM have not dissapointed me from the first day on AI. He knows how to dressup according to each occasion. He looks so so scottish, elegant and handsome !!

  16. Ohhhh…I just love a guy in a kilt! LOL! I have several male friends who wear kilts when we go to conventions for the extreme sport we love and they always look fabulous and sexy…although not as sexy as the fierce glittery angel does!

  17. k. morgan says:

    Actually as usual…Adam’s wonderful face and eyes are what I see first….love it…cute in a kilt…

  18. Ima Ramorah says:


  19. Jesus……i think i’m gonna have a heart attack looking at this photo!!! It’s ALWAYS windy in Edinburgh….where the heck is a stiff gust when we need it???

  20. Adam does it so well in dressing up. Nobody does it better, Nobody does it half as good as you, Baby you’re the best.



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