Glambs in Motion – Ontario Canada 2012 Event!

These ladies just ROCK!  Jane, Glamb #20, and Jamie, Glamb #472, are co-moderators of GlambsON.  They organized a 2012 event for their members in Ontario, Canada…and I wish I could have been there.  Look at that cake!!  Here is Jane’s review of the event, and a few pics to enjoy.  They had so much fun that Jane will be hosting another party at her condo on AMA night!  Dana, Glamb #6

The first event for the Glambs ONTARIO Canada group took place on Friday night (11/13) – dinner at a popular restaurant in the West end of Toronto followed by the 2012 movie.  What a fabulous night it was!  There were 10 of us altogether – some were friends from high school (Jamie, Katie and Alyssa); some had previously met (Nicole and her aunt Denise) at Adam’s Hamilton concert in May; some were Glambs whose names were familiar from the forum or chat room (Vera (Gala), Marie/Toronto, Jane416); others still had been invited from other fan sites (Gloria and Silvana) and decided to give our group a try. 

Right from the very beginning there was this electric energy in the air – magic happens when ADAM is the one bringing people together!!  Everyone came wearing a bit (or a lot) of Adam.  There were many one-of-a-kind T-shirts, Eye of Horus and other Adam jewellery, a FABULOUS Adam cape a la Katy Perry, glittery eye make-up galore, and even an Adam Lambert purse!  There was an Adam trivia game with GREAT prizes to be won for those who knew Adam best – and do we ever!  There was a 3-way tie which was finally broken by Nicole who also happened to be our birthday girl.  She was soon surprised with an AMAZING cake with icing that featured both For Your Entertainment covers!  Special thanks to Jamie for all her hard work on making glittery nametags and Adam picture place cards for everyone and for creating and moderating the quiz.

Although the movie had awesome special effects, some found it rather formulistic and long at about 2 ½ hours.  However, all agreed that it was a lot of fun singing “Time For Miracles” along with Adam and taking pictures of the movie screen when his song credit finally came up!!!  A good time was had by all and we will definitely be planning more get-togethers as Adam’s amazing year continues!

“Time for Miracles” 2012 Event in Ontario, Canada

Jane…and her Adam purse!

Marie and Vera

The “Adam Cake”

After the Movie…All Smiles!

Marie, Jamie, and Jane

Alyssa’s Adam Cape


  1. Marie/Toronto says:

    I had so much fun! Thanks ladies!


    • You guys looked like you had so much fun,and lucky to have each other to celebrate with. Dianne has just emailed me to say Adams song is being played on one of our local radio stations, so exciting so am tuned into that, waiting, waiting. Dianne and Lisa are in the South Island of NZ and I am in the north island but it still seem as if we are so far apart, Great times are acoming.

    • Hi Marie,
      Yes, it was a lot of fun!!! Thank you Jane and Jamie for organizing this party!
      I don’t feel sorry that I won’t be with all of you on AMA night…. LOL I will be much closer to Adam this day! Looking forward to my trip to LA next week!
      PS I cannot send you all the pictures because youre-mail is wrong. Could you please e-mail me something so I could e-mail you back….

      • We did have FUN, didn’t we?! And yes, Vera – you don’t need to remind us yet AGAIN – you will actually BE THERE AT THE AMAs and seeing ADAM IN THE FLESH (so to speak!) 😉 We are all jealous but SO glad that you will be there representing us next Sunday!!! Have a FABULOUS time!!!! Looking forward to the pictures! BTW, I sent out an updated note with Marie’s correct Email address – check it out she is on the list!!!!


        • Thank you, Jane!!!
          It’s great that you are organizing this AMA party at your place!!! It’s going to be a lot of fun to see it together! I hope I’ll have tons of pictures to share with you!

      • Gala! Are you going to the AMA show???? If so, I ENVY YOU!!!!! Take lots of pics, and keep writing minute by minute notes to us….both you and Jeanette!!!!

        Sounds like we Glambs are getting to go to all the important, big-time firsts for ADAM!

        • Lisette here..bonjour all aw what lovli photos of all here..If only to be there an enjoie thes special evening celebrate with Adam cake too..tresbeau even on cake..Miss all here since hand injurie but wish to send affection an hug always!An await Adam’s magnifique FYE cd an bonus tracks..still unsure if they’ll have in shops(..Im leary to order on web due to passe Id theft..seeme like an eternitie to wait now..Merci for lovli notes an tweet/pics of l’ange d’musique I hav non seen most recent Adam in a chequie out email toute remedie for what ails always,an takes away bleus,pains an any stresses of le jour for sure!!Tresbeau l’homme avec an anges voix,hearte,soul an very sensual too..Blessings an luv always Lisette in NV.!An j’adore Adam toujoursxoxo!!!grande bisous too!

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        so lucky girl to go to the AMA and see Adam. Hope you all have a great time. It’s less than a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. gloriousca says:

    Hi Ladies.

    It was a pleasure meeting you all and sharing our love for Adam. Looking forward to more fun

    times together and expecially at Adam’s concerts!!

    Glorious Beth

    • Great meeting you, Gloria! Glad you decided to join the Glambs!!

      • It was great meeting you, Gloria and Silvana!
        Welcome to Glambs International! I am sure you’ll have a lot of fun on this site!
        Yes, Adam’s concert in Las Vegas!!!

        • Silvana, you were there too. Which lovely lady are you??

          • Mary,
            It was a different Silvana….
            She is new to our site…

            • Oh Ok.

              • AdamAddict says:

                LOL!!I thought the same thing.I thought our Silvana in Argentina.She flew to Canada just to watch 2012?She must be really rich.I want to be her BFF!LOL!But ok,different Silvana!LOL!My Silvana is my sister,better than BFF! 🙂

                • Silvana/Argentina says:

                  Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have loved to go to Canada to meet everyone and watch TFM. But unfortunately, it’s not me. How weird about the name, I haven’t met many people with my name.
                  If I could afford Canada, I rather go to LA and look out for Adam…..but first I would fetch you my sis, Emili.
                  Wouldn’t that be great??????????’

                  • AdamRocks! says:

                    You better bring your mother with you too young lady!!! 🙂

                    Cindy in MS
                    Glamb #37

                    • AdamAddict says:

                      LMAO,Cindy!!Yeah,sis.How dare you leave our mom like that?Can’t you see she already wear Adam t-shirt and tight jeans?Eh,is that my jeans,mommy?No wonder it super tight!LOL!! Sorry mommy 😛

                  • I thought the Toronto Silvana was you at first too! Very confused for a few minutes. I DO hope I get to meet you, Silvana – hope to meet ALL of the Glambs in the future! It is WONDERFUL when so many Adam-loving people get together to celebrate everything ADAM!!


                    Glamb #20

        • When is Adam’s concert in Vegas. I must have missed something being out with an ear infection

    • Gloria! I didn’t realise that the FABULOUS Adam Lambert speckled cape was actually YOURS! When Alyssa was wearing it most of the evening and shamelessly modelling it for us, well, I just assumed!! LOL! It IS awesome! We’ll have to make sure we organize lots of events where you’ll have the excuse to wear it!! 😉


  3. AdamRocks! says:

    It sounds like you had such a WONDERFUL TIME! The pictures are GREAT! I love seeing pictures of my fellow Glambs and recognizing the names. . . there’s Vera! there’s Marie! there’s Jane! 🙂 And that cake! So cool! 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  4. WOW….what great pics of all you beautiful GLAMB girls !!! Looks like you had a ball! That ADAM cake is incredible….did you have to fight over the GOOD PARTS ???? Loved that you all had something ADAM on….nice purse, nice cape….how exciting….

  5. LADIES, you look marvelous! Wow what a fun time you guys had. Now thats what I’m talking about.
    Love it, love how you all looked and loved that cake. My birthday cake was an Adam cake too. I was so surprised, I almost fainted when they brought it out. Jane, your purse is awesome. That pic. of Adam is so sexy, always loved that neck and jawline pose of his. OOOHHHHHH.
    All of you look sweet, clothes, jewelry and Allyssa’s cape, OMG your night out was kicking!!!!!!
    Rock On!

  6. WOW, what a fine looking group, I would imagine the only thing missing was Adam in person, if you had invited him, he probably would have been with you all.
    Vera I like that purse, did you make it?
    When did they start playing Adam’s song, where I went they didn’t start playing his singing till the credits started running and people were leaving, just my friend and I was sitting there when Adam was done with his song. I wanted to jump up and say “STAY” and listen to the best part of this movie. Adam’s was so grand over the theaters sound equipment.

    • Hi Lee M,
      It’s not me with the purse. It is Jane and she bought it on e-Bay. I LOVE this purse!!!!!!

  7. Dang!

    While you guys were digesting seconds of cake…Adam was doing something completely different.

    No wonder radio didn’t pick up on FYE…I’m thinking the image of this song has turned to a very non-mainstream audience. Some shockers here…but I know you can’t resist. 🙂

    Love the fact that no one is holding him back!

    Glamb #6

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I can tell that video is going to be freakin’ great. ADAM looks fidgety, holding his hands continuously. He has got to be so excited!! I’m excited for him. And he’s a rockstar! YEAH!!!!!
      And there he was just a chorus boy or singing for a small crowd at a dinnerclub. Look at you now baby! I am so proud of ADAM, so very proud!!

      • The link keeps saying ‘error connecting to database”. I googled the name part and got a site an a great pic of Adam in his leather trenchcoat, but couldnt enlarge the other pics and no video.

        • I finally got to see the pics by right clicking one each small one and opening in a new window.

          • ADAM looks sooooo gorgeous (I always say that! ) …

            Wow, it looks like it’s going to be a sexy video….clothes barely there…and ADAM in a trench coat????!!!! LOL Maybe he’s covering up his skimpy outfit!!!! hmmmmmmmm

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              OOOH YEA! You know, ADAM is a really great looking guy, the one thing I noticed about his physique, besides his bulge, he has GREAT shoulders! Did you ever notice that? I love his shoulders, he should just bare them more often. He isn’t all six-packed out like the twilght kid, & sometimes they can get carried away w/ that, but ADAM’s body is just so natural, so pure, so sexy,he carries himself so well, I just love the way he looks. Is he or isn’t he, wearing underwear?

              • KO's smiling says:

                HAHA… Well, I’d hope he’s wearing undies under those leather pants, or his boyfriends would not appreciate the stench!

      • As always, he looks gorgeous! Im not listening its song at the brazilian radios too, but I think it’s just a matter of time. There’s no way of being out of Adam’s effect…It’s like saying that you don’t know who’s Freddy Mercure … or who were the Beatles …

  8. How fun you ladies know how to rock it. Love your spirit. I feel lonely here in Reno. Guess I will have to get a little crazy and fine a crazy group of my own. I do know a few ladies I need to open up Guess I must be shy.

  9. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Hell even ADAM’s fans are sexy! All of you young ladies look great! It was very exciting to read about your adventure & see the pics of GlambsON & the cake! Did you save me a piece of ADAM? I love the purse Jane! Thank you for sharing, it was really great to see all of you. I’m still working on gettin’ my pic out there. I may need a makeover, I’m looking pretty scary these days, well for the past few months. Vera have fun at the AMAs, we’ll be watching & waiting! Hope someone will give a shoutout to the GLAMBS while you’re there.PLL to ADAM & the GLAMBS!!!

  10. Here’s a link for photos from FYE video shoot. OMG I can’t believe the outfits, or lack thereof. HOT. And whoever said FYE was about bondage, you were right. Scroll down into the blogs and check out the other links for some great pics. Can hardly wait until the AMA’s if these are his dancers. I’m sure there will be a lot of controversy with this one.

  11. Lisa Smith says:

    WOW!! Looks like you all had an ADAMTASTIC time!!!! LOVE the Adam purse, cape & the cake!!!!! What a wonderful idea!!

  12. WOW!! What an exciting time you guys must have had. Looks like so much FUN! Isn’t it wonderful how Adam has brought so many people together. I wish I could have been there.

    LOVE the cake, the purse, the cape….EVERYTHING!!

    Sheila Glamb#500 ( I love my Glamb number!)

  13. Wow I’m jealous.Wish I could find a group in Chicago to party with! Barbara

  14. TexasWannaHoldHim says:

    Wow – you girls know how to party! I’m so jealous – love the purse, cake, pics and especially THE CAPE!!

  15. audrey adams wench says:

    question where did you get your adam purse .oh dear i so want one…..

    adams wench
    glambert 4276

    • I got it on EBay. The name of the vendor is CoverStory Purses. She has some there now but I don’t see the one I bought. I believe she does custom work so you could request your favourite pictures! I also see that her prices have gone up since I got mine back in June – no surprise!

      Glamb #20

  16. AdamAddict says:

    It looks so much fun!The purse,the cake, the cape and all!LOL!!That cake look so delicious.Next year,my parents better buy me that for my birthday!Coz,they choose my birthday for my sister’s wedding!!Only Adam cake will make me happy!
    Vera,Jane, you look so pretty! You guys have Adam’s glow!LOL! The rest too,of course ~nodding~ 🙂

    • Jane Parker says:

      Well that stinks!! Now your B-Day is not the only thing celebrated. You better ask your parents for Adam for your B-Day!! LOL

      • I will put Adam in my list then.Better be specific,ADAM LAMBERT! I don’t want Adam Sandler show up,do I? LOL 🙂 Which remind me to SUE!I miss her!

  17. You GlambsON are all beautiful! You represented ADAM well! That cake was unbelievable ..I wouldn’t have wanted to cut into it! Thanks for the pics….glad you all had a great time.

    I’m going to head to Ebay…after seeing the purse, and some of Jeanette’s jewelry…I may spend some money there too!

  18. Silvana/Argentina says:

    It looks like everybody had a great time. You all look wonderful, ladies, all glamed up. And the cake, awesome. It’s wonderful that you’ll keep gathering. As it seems, Adam will give you plenty of excuses to get together.
    Lots of love,
    Silvana (pity it wasn’t me there)

  19. You all look so smart & beautiful…..and so happy!!!! Who needs a happy pill when we have got Adam!!

  20. You all look so smart & beautiful…..and so happy!!!! Who needs a happy pill when we have got Adam!!
    That purse ‘is to die for’.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  21. Canadiadam #1 ~ beshakinski says:

    I was invited to attend this dinner party…but regretably I was not able to make it. It looks like you gals had a ton of fun. I love the cake, the cape, the purse…you guys are great. I recognize that some of you are also Canadiadams – loyal fans of our Sovereign Adam Lambert. Right On!

    We are also having a get-together dinner to meet each other and to celebrate Adam’s Album release. on November 28, at 5:30 at Jack Astors in Don Mills, I would like to extend the invitation to all of the GlambsON, Isn’t it interesting how we are all fueled by one person…Adam Lambert and that is what we all have in common and of course the fact that we are all hail from Canada!

    Please drop in and say hi at our official home at AO..Where you will find more information about the get-together. .here is the tread link

    OMG…Adam just came on the radio as I’m typing this message. FYE on Virginradio 999.9Toronto.
    It is so exciting when this happens. I’m on my way to New York City for the Glamfest to meet up with other Glamberts. and stand in line, braving the elements to see Adam at the Hudson Theatre. This is a free Concert for GMA and it is first come first served. I should have lots of pics and stories to tell when I get back. I will be attending the Canadiadams get-together on the 28th. Hope you all can make also.
    peace, Adam positive energy and Glittery light to all of you


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