Glambs in Motion – Christa, a.k.a. Adam_L_Photos on Twitter

This is the first installment of “Glambs in Motion”…all about dedicated Adam Lambert fans who are doing something a little unique and special with their fanship on the Internet.  Thanks, Christa for letting us feature you and your amazing photo collection! 

Introducing Christa, Glamb #178 who is also known as Adam_L_Photos on Twitter, and is a member of GlambsTexas:


My name is Christa Williams.  I am 32 and from Corpus Christi, TX.  I have liked Adam Lambert since day one on Idol.  Each week I couldn’t wait to see what he would do with his amazing talents.  It wasn’t until Idol ended however that I became a FAN…not until I realized that there were Adam fansites out there to feed me all the Adam I was craving!!  That is when I found the Glambs and immediatley became a proud member, Glamb # 178.  The Glambs helped me realize that there are other people out there who agreed with me…that Adam Lambert is more than just an American Idol contestant…he is a legend in the making!  When I realized this I wanted everything Adam…pictures, songs, videos…I’m sure you can all relate. 

I got a twitter account because I wanted to be able to see what was being said about Adam, and by him as well.  This is when I decided to start a twitter account that sent out Adam pics on a daily basis.  I know I love the sites out there that send out news on Adam daily…and I wanted to send out pics for people who want as much Adam as they can get as well!  So @Adam_L_Photos was born…and now has over 400 followers.  If you want to see the pictures I’ve posted on twitter so far along with fan comments you can see them here.  If you want to see the whole collection you can go to my photobucket page.

If you would like to be considered as a “Glamb in Motion,” email your complete information, including a bio to  I’ll try to cover as many as possible in the next few weeks.  ~Dana, Glamb #6


  1. Great! and Thank you. Following you with Adam!

  2. Hi Christa,

    I don’t have a Twitter account….but I love your pics! I especially like the one where Adam is dressed like a “glam” pirate….sure looks cute, doesn’t he !!!! I know, every time I go into a Halloween Store I think of Adam !!!! I’m 60 years old and I’ve dressed up for Halloween every year of my life! My son is now 32 and he enjoys getting dressed up and going to Halloween parties with his wife! Guess Mom rubbed off on him! lol

  3. Hi Christa, thanks for the photos, fantastic. love all the pre-idol photos, love the way he changes his looks, it does not matter what he wears, HE IS A SEXY MAN, sex ouzes out of Adam, I love him to bits. I am on twitter @toni391

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I’m Glamb4ever on twitter Toni. Hope to see you there!

    • Hey Toni and Helen I hope you don’t mind if I follow both of you on twitter.. I’m sherrylx on twitter.. Anyone that feels like it can follow me.. I don’t say a whole lot and my twitter account is mainly set up for only Adam and a few smaller interest.. Come join the party with all the Adam lovers on twitter. muahhhhhh

      • AdamAddict says:

        I just follow you,Helen!Don’t dare block me!! LOL . I’m likeable,haha! mwah! seriously,don’t block me! 🙁 It’s Emili0603 BTW!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Oh my funny Emili, I would never block you–actually I don’t think I know how- LOL! I want to add you too, but just haven’t had time. I have a list of people I want to add, maybe in the next few days. Twitter me something, will ya! ~ laughing ~

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Hi Admfan1
        I’ll gladly add you to my twitter. I’m like you, I hardly ever tweet (don’t really know what I’m doing that much on Twitter) but I like to follow to see what’s going on. See you there! I need another 24 hours in the day just to be able to keep up with all of this technology!

    • Lisette here..bonsoir all thenks Toni for beau photos of nous angel to all glambs..Christa lovli photos here of Adam..sensual,manly,perfection as I av say his face is thet to be seen in Raphael au Michelangelo’s if they were vive..frescos, seeing yur photos are very artistique too! My twitter is plasur see yu here!xoxoLisetteMariexoxo

  4. Hello and thanks, Christa for the pics!! I also will follow you. I am talex42 on twitter, name is Terry in Vancouver and moderator of the GlambsBC group.

    We lived in Austin in the seventies and loved to go swim at Padre Island, back in the days when one could drive their cars on the beach and there was not a single condo! Back when we received a personal invitation in our mailbox to attend Willie Nelson’s 4th of July picnic!

    I also have a huge collection of Adam photos, so large I had to break it up into folders:

    Early Adam, Adam before Idol, Idol Adam/tour, Elvis/Adam, Adamdressed up and Adamfanart

    If you need a certain pic let me know on twitter, and good luck with your site!

  5. Hi, I am songwriter4 on twitter and would love to expande my “Adam Lambert” network. I added you today, Christa and saw those hot pix, and FINALLY saw the Details photos, as the other links given in previous posts had been removed. Thank you!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Songwriter, I’ll follow you too, I’m Glamb4ever. As you said, love to expand the Adam network.

  6. Helen/Canada says:

    Thanks for posting the pics and your bio. Nice to get to know our fellow Glambs. I would love to follow you on twitter. I’m Glamb4ever. Don’t really tweet a lot, but love to read the tweets from people I follow.

  7. ahhhh…so cool…nice to meet all you guys!!!

  8. Adam_L_Photos, Christa, thank you so much for your wonderful photos here and on Twitter! I’m @AdamssAngel, and you and I have been following each other for awhile now. You have the best photo site on Twitter, and I always go to you for the newest pictures of Adam! I had no idea you were a Glamb, but I’m so glad you are. Thanks again so much for your excellent Tweets!

  9. AdamAddict says:

    Lots people here have twitter account because of Adam! Me too! And I gonna follow you Christa bcs everything you said is something that I would say! 🙂

  10. Hey Christa, Welcome , love your pics above. I’m not to much into twitter. Only follow Adam.
    Thanks for sharing, maybe someday I’ll get into it more!
    peace and love