Glam Nation – Witchita, Kansas 07/16/2010

Another fantastic performance from Adam and crew was witnessed on Friday night at the sold out Cotillion Ballroom in Witchita, Kansas.  The following article was reported by Denise Neil of the Witchita Eagle, immediately followed by performance videos uploaded to YouTube by “texaseric1” and “glitterandspice.” 

If you have a spare 5 minutes and 44 seconds, be sure to watch the slightly-psychedelic version of “Whole Lotta Love.” 🙂  Another of my personal favorites is this performance of “Sleepwalker.”  If you were personally there…let us know your experience.  For those of us yet to see a show (like me, who just purchased Houston Hobby Center tickets yesterday!), the excitement continues to build!  ~Dana, Glamb #6

Lambert’s showiness doesn’t disappoint Wichita fans

Adam Lambert, like many successful “American Idol” alums, draws a diverse audience to his shows, and Friday’s sold-out crowd of 2,000 at the Cotillion was one of them.

Tweens, teens and 20-somethings crowded shoulder-to-shoulder on the packed Cotillion floor with moms and dads propping small children on their shoulders and young gay couples holding hands. Middle-aged couples and senior citizens well into their 80s stationed themselves at the tables circling the floors. KAKE-Channel 10 anchor and self-professed “Glambert” Susan Peters stood on a chair with her camera, trying to get a better look at the singer.

Lambert, 28, the second-place finisher but arguably most popular constant from “American Idol’s” eighth season, put on a synthesized, glittery, sexually charged show that appeared to please the fans he attracted.

Lambert, known for his glam stage presence, costume changes, soaring high notes and stylized pop, performed most of the songs from his debut album, “For Your Entertainment,” including radio hits “Whataya Want From Me” and “If I Had You,” plus a couple of covers he personalized when he appeared on “Idol.”

The set included several costume changes, each one accented with top hats, long coats, fur collars or dramatic feathers. His signature heavy black eye makeup and all-over body glitter was visible even from the back of the venue, and his floppy-on-one-side hairstyle was one of his best accessories.

The show, part pop concert, part music theater, was colorful, modern and never dull. Lambert made the most of the Cotillion’s small stage, crowding on a full band, a set of stairs and four backup dancers, who gyrated in sync with their glamorous leader as a laser show projected colorful spears of light above the crowd.

Highlights of the show were Lambert’s upbeat rock/pop songs, including “Fever,” during which Lambert showed off his dance skills, and an end-of-the-show performance of his single “If I Had You,” which was energetic, fun and showy.

His full voice and range was showcased during a performance of his single “Soaked,” an orchestral ballad that ended a slowed-down portion of the show that also included an acoustic version of “Whataya Want From Me.”

His Middle-Eastern-influenced rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” was another highlight. You almost wouldn’t recognize the song if not for the lyrics, and for the fact that Lambert performed his version during his “Idol” run. And the crowd loved his encore cover of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World.”

Lambert’s fellow Season 8 finalist, Allison Iraheta, she of the red-streaked hair and rocking raspy voice, opened the show with a 40-minute set that included several singles off her album “Just Like You,” including “Don’t Waste the Pretty,” “Scars,” and “Friday I’ll Be Over U.”

Wearing a tight-fitting dress with black boots and tights, 18-year-old Iraheta and her backup band, which included young women on bass and drums, also performed a cover of Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker,” doubling the rock quotient in the famous rock classic.

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  1. Farzana says:

    No matter how many times I watch his performances I am always in absolute awe of his ability to perform the same songs over and over and then he always keeps them fresh, beautiful and inspiring! I fall in love with his awesomeness repeatedly! Totally love this “version” of WLL – especially Longineu’s drum support. Longineu is an amazing talent himself – I would love to hear more of him.

    Every day I watch/listen to a selection of Adam-spiration songs – I never get tired of his performances! My bedtime favorite is the older you tube video of his performance a few years ago (natural haircolor and red tights!) at Art4Life of “You Make Me Crazy”:

    There are 2 videos I have seen of this same performance but this one is a remastered version for audio and video clarity. So MUCH HOTNESS! I love at the very end when the lights are down and he has his head back then raises it and has such a grin on his face! At times it seems like he is laughing at the naughtiness of his performance and the sheer pleasure of doing it! So naughty, so good, a pure sensual delight always!

    If you haven’t watched this – well…you are in for a treat like no other! And for those who have, I am sure this video is emblazoned in the pixels of your monitor as mine are! Can pixels melt?

    • ianaleah says:

      I also like Adam his natural haircolor- my response is vixceral and I think he would be actually tooooooo sexy that way and smoking hottie he is with black hair or brown hair is all I can handle.

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      I’m pretty sure Adam could cause damn near anything to melt and is probably what is behind a lot of the Global Warming.
      Glad you’re back! How was life in Adam-ville!?

      • Farzana says:

        The “ville’s” have all been GREAT and I can hardly wait for the Evansville/Sept.!!! Also, I was able to get Houston tickets!!

        Am I totally and forever hopeless in my quest to satisfy my needs? The only thing slowing me down is the $$$$ factor….I am posting a new “Want Ad”: Will work for all things Adam (Reply to: Lost in That Voice, 2XX GB Avenue, Loving Universe)

        I am unfit for the old ordinary functioning these days (all since Adam)! The air is Adam, The water is Adam, Food is Adam….Life is Adamized!

        From all that I see “out there” in the internet world is that there are growing legions of people in the same situation! Could we get Bill Gates to fund a world relief program for those in need? LOL

    • Farzana, just watched that enhanced performance and all I can say is THANK YOU!!!!

      • Farzana says:

        I am always happy to share THE THRILLS I find!

        I have never seen anyone, anywhere, and at any time be able to express such sensuality! Some try to fake this but it shows that it is superficial. But Adam, IMO, is coming from such a sensual universe that he is sparingly letting it surface. We, as such weak beings, could not live through the prolonged exposure to the full depth of his sensual, loving being! I think we would dissolve into quivering masses before we went up in steaming vibrating vapors!

        His secret, I believe, is that he has no barriers within himself to block his God-given, soul-deep beauty. This is the JOY I think we are meant to live in and with every day of our life. I think this is why there is such a joy filled resonance that fills his venues. He opens the windows to our souls and fills us with love and joy. His musical expression is the hand that raises the window but it is those glimpses into his soul that unites us all in a remembrance of all we can be!


    • Farzana says:

      Feeling the JOY, huh!!!!

      I congratulate you and your daughter on experiencing the thrills of Adam LIVE! You will never be the same! Trust me!

      Can never look at life the same way again!

  3. Why so few videos again?? the last 2 venues are missing alot . Wheres FEVER I need to see that performance at every show!!!!! Also does anyone know why Orianthi dropped out??

    • cmhagey says:

      Rema, we’re searching for them too! As soon as we find them, we’ll post them. Fever is my “must see” too. Gee, I wonder why. If anyone would have told me that I’d get so much joy out of watching two young men tease and be affectionate with each other, I would have looked at them cross-eyed! Now I’m fully on board, sharing their “bromance!”


      • Hi Carol thanks so much for your reply!! I know its crazy first i must have watched the AMA performance 50 times couldnt get enough!!! Than they started playing on tour !!! You can see it in there eyes, like what can we come up with today to make them crazy !!! Just love it , makes me so happy !!! Carol quite a few of us are having a problem viewing the post from Lansing Mich , cant see it all and cannot get to the comments, any idea on why ? Thanks so much for all you do for us , even though we thank you all the time you have know idea how much this means for some of us !!! Love Ya !!!!

    • rema, I don’t think Orianthi dropped out. She isnt scheduled at every gig, because she has some other gigs that she’s at. She’s still touring with them tho.

      • Hi itsme thanks for your reply. Hmmm i saw the post on the 24/7 site that said she has dropped out , Wonder what is up? If she opens again for Adam hope someone lets us know.

        • Hi rema! I heard the same thing about Orianthi, that she’s not scheduled for every gig. I really enjoyed her at the Royal Oak show, but I would have liked to hear more Allison. So the shows that she won’t be appearing, well, those audiences get to hear a lot more of Allison! So lucky them!!!

  4. Why is it that I never want Whole Lotta Love to end????? I have to rewatch it, over and over!!!

  5. Sandyra says:

    WLL is the absolute best! That’s what Adam can do with a song. And it drives me wild.

  6. GLENDA 1946 says:

    I moved from Wichita in June and am absolutley heartbroken that I wasn’t there to see Adam!!…like the rest of you I can’t wait to get to this sight and share ” Adam” with you…I think I’m the only one of my friends who feels this way….so thank you all for letting me share this with you!!. and thank you Wichita for such a good turn out….maybe he’ll come back and I came drive to Wichita and see him for myself….!!!!

  7. Susan W. says:

    I went to the site and looked at the actual article and now I wish I hadn’t. There are so many haters in the comments. I wanted to jump right in but decided to let it be. Adam is all about love and no hate. The article itself is awesome though. Also, when anyone finds any videos of ‘Fever’ from the last two nights, please let us know the info here. That is my favorite song to watch vids of. Thanks

  8. Just curious….has he stopped performing “Broken Open”? I no longer see videos for it.

    It’s one of my favorites! Actually, all of his stuff is my favorites.

    6 days and counting til I get the feel the full “live experience”. Can’t wait!

    • mahailia says:

      Yes, he dropped Broken Open about the same time he started doing WLL on the encore. I love BO, but I love WLL even more!

    • Reese, one of my favorites is “Pick U Up” and he’s never done that live at all. Not on any of his TV appearances, not part of the concert playlist, certainly not on radio! Kind of bums me out cuz it’s such an upbeat, fun song! It always makes me smile when I listen to it, and especially love his little laugh at the end! Still hope to hear him do it some day….

  9. RockFan says:

    I never tire of watching Adam perform. Thanks for sharing. I would have never believed ANYONE could cover WLL until Adam blew us away on Idol and OMG, he just keeps getting better and better and better. He’s blown that song out into the stratosphere even further than it already was. Can’t wait to see him live for myself. So cool to see audiences from 8 to 80 loving him, too. He’s just pure walking, talking, singing, gyrating joy.

  10. Manda_K says:

    AWESOME. I mean, he was PERFECT. WLL was amazing, and I loved Sleepwalker and Sure Fire Winners…yeah and ROF and Voodoo….all of it, just say yes, the whole set was perfection. OMG. I loved the whole set, he could have sang for like 6 more hours. :p

    I had a great spot about 5 ppl back from front in the middle. AMAZING. He makes me want to curse cause he is so fabulous there are no words!!!

  11. Gaaaaah! Just a few more hours until I get to see His Royal Hotness in the flesh! I hope Boise can handle the hotness. If he can’t melt the starch in their panties, I don’t know who could.
    I was going to take my sis and niece to the show, but they had to go out of town. I now have a couple extra tickets (2 in row N and 1 in the first row of the balcony) if anyone is interested. You can email me at I can meet you at the Morrison Center before the show, or at my folks in Meridian earlier in the day.
    Long live Glitter!

  12. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ADAM! Love his hair like that! Thanks for posting!


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