Glam Nation-Washington, DC 06/28/2010**UPDATED**AGAIN**AND AGAIN**

The Glam Nation tour has hit the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. with full force, this past monday night!!
The most exciting part of the show seems to be what Adam and Tommy will pull off during Fever. Tonite they do not disappoint the crowd, and they get some liplock in. The short video below is just a cute little clip of it, and then let the real show begin!!!

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Adam and Tommy – The Foreplay is Over

Tommy McFLY – The Adam Lambert Line

Tommy McFLY/Mix 107.3 Interview:

Voodoo / Down The Rabbit Hole/Ring of Fire:
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IIHY Band and Dancer Intro:…ummm, harder Tommy…
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video via:TALCvids

**As per our Alpha Male post…
At 2:31 he starts screaming “get out” and then I think this is when he kicks the security guard blocking the fan and then he says the “take my picture bitch” comment at 2:47. What a true Alpha man, as the other delicious article says!!**
Sure Fire Winners:
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Whole Lotta Love:
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  1. This is the only way to start my day!!!! Keeps me dreaming all day. In 17 days I finally get to see Adam and the band!!!!!!! I can hardly wait. My daughters going with me to keep me from crawling onto the stage, or worse! Glamb #640 AdamsLady

    • lovemyadam says:

      MINE TOO!!! I love my life…


      • and he closed his eyes…. yummm ! Ha

      • patricia Pearce says:

        Hi Sue,
        I want to thank you so much for keeping alive the spirit of Adam each day on your site. I want very much to meet him backstage at Raleigh, nc., not for a photo, but rather to look into his eyes and let him know how he “made me want to listen to music again” for the first time since my son and identical twin daughters died from Cystic Fibrosis. I’ve gone on as they demanded I do, but our lives together were joy filled, often experiencing the most fun times at concerts. Is there a concert promoter or anyone you know I can contact, or would you be willing to speak to anyone on my behalf.
        I made a comment about 6 weeks ago asking if anyone from Chapel Hill would be attending the concert. I heard first from Penny in Fl. who invited me to join her and her friend. Later another lady from Fl. e-mailed me. I have been scolded for passing on e-mails in the past so I’m very reluctant to do that so I e-mailed Penny and asked her to contact that lady to let her know whether or not she could join us. I lost all of my information when my computer crashed and don’t know how to twitter or fb. Would you please list my information on sites you access. The nerves I have about finding the place are kinda spoiling my anticipation.
        Thanks Sue,
        Lynne Pearce
        114 North Haven Drive,
        Chapel Hill, NC. 27516
        Please share my contact information with anyone, especially if you’re willing to arrange a back stage introduction to Adam and they need to contact me. It will comfort me enormously to personally tell him of the miracle that has been effected in my life through him.

        • Uhh, The best part of Sure Fire Winners isn’t even on this link. Well here it is. Read the comments about what happened at the concert regarding Adam telling the security guard to get out. And between around 2:47 – 2:55…. nevermind, you watch. OMFG. What a F..king adrenaline rush. I gotta cool off. HOT, HOT, HOT……..

  2. What is wrong with me?

    Watching Adam devour Tommy brings me such pleasure (and not in a “I wish I were Tommy” way, but in a more voyeuristic way).

    Dear God I need therapy!

    Maybe I’ll be cured once I see it in person in July.

    • haley6098 says:

      ummmmm……..i think i have the same problem. they are soooo HOT together! wish he would do a little more with tommy though…

    • lovemyadam says:


      I LOVE that we all LOVE this and we can’t figure out why!!!!! No therapy is necessary, just more videos, lol!

      CURED?!?! There is NO such thing, it will only get worse from there. HAHAHA


    • AllaboutAdam says:

      OH NO, you will definitely NOT be cured…. you will be craving more of something that you can’t quite imagine just yet – something you only THINK exists right now… and dying from hunger inside because you can’t quite believe what your eyes or ears have witnessed. For this addiction, there is no cure….after this concert, you’ll never be the same. I know I’m not, after Sunday night…. The rest of the world magically melted away right before my eyes, and the KING OF ALL FABULOUSNESS became the center of the universe……How can one night be enough? No wonder i met people who have attended as many as EIGHT GlamNation concerts already….Adam is the drug of life, love, music, laughter, joy, sex – he delivers it all, and it grabs your brain and doesn’t let go!…I swear it does!…. “once I’m in, I own your heart”.. and then…you’re toast……I can’t WAIT to see your post after your own concert date! I soooooo envy all of you who haven’t seen the show yet.

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        one more thing… i do SO wanna be Tommy!!!!!

      • Wow, you hit the nail on the head with your on-point description. But seriously folks, I’m a Business Manager with above-average intelligence, and I’m working at about 50% productivity. This “syndrome” is insane, and it has got to stop. Thank god above that I run the company, otherwise I’d probably be fired. My concentration level is the sh-ts. It all began with Idol, so honestly, my entire work level has sucked for a year-and-a-half.

        It boggles my mind. I mean, I don’t have an addictive personality (don’t drink, smoke, do drugs, gamble etc.) but I am so enthraled with watching him sing and dance. I think you got it right, AllAboutAdam, because I could remake that old commercial: “This is my brain, this is my brain on Adam Lambert”. Hence, Adam is a class 1 narcotic, to me anyway.

        I’m going to just one concert, as of now, but every day I fight the urge to pick up a ticket to one of the S.F. concerts (or both) just to be exposed to the “amazingness” again.

        I’m seriously going to try not to turn on my internet tomorrow. Wish me luck!

        • AllaboutAdam says:

          I hear ya loud and clear…. my average work day has revolved around hearing and seeing as much of him as I can since January 09 as well. I’ve never been addicted to anything before – never “needed” it… but that’s all changed. OH! do pick up that ticket! Actually, wait til you get back from your concert and just see if you can even stop yourself from getting BOTH.

          • there is nothing like going to work to serve people and start dancing and singing as loud as you can when you hear one of this songs on the radio, the looks i have had are soooo funny im surprised i havent been fired yet lol

        • You know, in the official Adam website there’s an AA (Adam Anonymous) forum, which is for people who are addicted (and it’s amazing how many there are), and kinda-sorta wanna quit (they do, but they don’t, you see). I don’t know whether they found the way to do it, I suspect not, but it’s a fun forum to visit!

      • And who wants to be cured???? Not me….Or you !!!! We love our situation; Don’t we????

      • To Allabout Adam,
        What you said was very well put….so true. I sing his songs in my head–can’t get them out… he’s an addiction for sure… this was the way Elvis was too.
        I’m going to 2 of his concerts and I saw him in the Idols tour in Hartford, Ct. –6th row. I remember when I saw George Michael ( who I love also ) in his last show in Boston. A guy was next to me who just got off the bus from N.Y. where he was just at his concert…he said he was “concert hopping” I’m lookin on Ebay now to see where else I can see him…. money’s no object. What are we gonna do when we can’t see him? God I love this man–his voice and his style.
        Do you think Tommy and him have a thing goin on or what? …….If I were Tommy I’d kiss him too cause Adam is makin these guys a ton of money… and I think Adam must be worth millions now. …..does anyone know what Adam is getting at each concert? One show held 3700 people .. at about $50. a person .. that’s $185000. per show… and I think there’s atleast 60 shows. If he gets half that’s 5 million. Nevermind the album sales and everything else.. … everyone in his show should kiss him!

      • I was there too. Every word you wrote in your comments is what I haven’t been able to put in words. I still haven’t recovered. I feel like I have a secret now that I can’t tell anyone about. I want how I felt/feel to be intimate so I don’t share it with friends and family just because they wouldn’t or couldn’t understand unless they were there. I will never be the same again.

    • I love reading these postings because it is finally making sense why at age 60 I am so nuts about Adam, his music, his band, and his show. I was at the Borgata and the show was very PG, which was good because there were a lot of kids in the audience. From the videos of Rams Head in Baltimore it seemed like the same thing. But in an adult audience like in DC, the show didn’t even start until 9:30 PM, it is so cool seeing him take things further. I love the looks Tommy gave Adam right before the kiss, he was really egging Adam on. So funny! I would love to get to an over 21 show to see Adam at his best. And I can not believe it. Today is my wedding anniversary. My husband isn’t crazy about Adam but he listened to me going on and on about the show at the Borgata. One of the gifts he gave me for our anniversary is tickets for both of us to go the Upper Darby, PA.!!!!! I was shocked. What a guy!

      • Looks like we are the same……I am over 60 and just can’t get enough. I was at the Baltimore concert and he really didn’t flirt at all with Tommy. He didn’t get on stage until 9:30 and the crowd was fairly adult but did have some younger people (teenagers). Maybe that’s why he kept it milder. I did hear that Tommy had a cold … maybe that is the reason too? The show was terrific so no complaints. He is just fabulous.

      • witchyangel says:

        First off Happy Anniversary to you! Maybe it will help your hubby to know this! 😉 My husband and I are both fans of Adam. My husband doesn’t mind it, if I think that Adam and Tommy are hot and I don’t mind it, if he enjoys seeing Sasha and Brooke dance. Besides our love life is rocking hot and so why wouldn’t two sexy people enjoy seeing others be sexy! I think it’s great that everyone is having such a good time. Adam’s voice sounds great, the show is sexy and can’t wait til he’s in San Diego!

        Peace Glam #641

        • We had a GREAT anniversary, thanks! It is so great sharing this with others who are 60 plus. I never thought about my husband enjoying the dancers, and there is no way he won’t! I showed him some of the videos from the Washington show, including the kiss. We talked about what is causing this addiction to all that is Adam in women of all ages. I think Reese and AllaboutAdam said it perfectly. I told my husband to go the the concert expecting to be turned on and blown away and I really think he will. Wow, how cool would that be if he actually ends up liking the concert? I am jealous that you share this with your husband. Maybe instead of making the 2 hour trip home after the Upper Darby show we should get a motel room, lol!

    • DEE #458 says:





    • Margaret says:

      No, you won’t be cured, you gonna crave him even more. Trust me on this one. LOL!

  3. Oh hell to the yes. Adam and Tommy. Sorry but I still don’t believe Tommy is 100% straight. But it’ is still SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Tommy is now the straightest gay/gayest straight man ever!!! Love him either/all ways…


    • Personally I don’t care what Tommy’s sexual preference is, (although I do think everybody is bi-sexual whether they want to admit it or not 🙂 ….. ) I can watch Adam kiss anybody!. And especially Tommy! They are both gorgeous! Ha.

  4. HELLO! Well Adam finally is listening to his fans, probably also the tone of the audience and the venue. The AMS’s left his huge fan base hungry for a Wll with his Glitter Baby Tommy! Is it real, yeah! the kiss is! Adommy? probably not, but who cares, everyone loves the moment. They’re doing it “perfectly”. Way to go Adam. Be yourself, that’s who we love. If you feel it, go for it!!! Your fans are 110% with you. Sexiest Man in Music according to Billboard Poll. Didn’t have to take a poll for something his fans have known all along. Rock and Roll baby!!!

  5. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    As Adam himself has said, SEXY is SEXY! It doesn’t matter if someone is gay, straight, or bi — sexy is just plain sexy and ADAM holds the market share of SEXY!!!

  6. Too bad we can’t see if Tommy is feelin’ it below – the guitar is
    in the way! haha
    (not sure if this comment is too inappropriate to send….haha)

  7. OMG, sb help me , i got fever and i cant sweat it out.
    they are damn HOT,damn HOT. i wanna cry. they’ll kill me.
    why ADAM doesn’t date TOMMY ? it makes me crazy.
    I wish they do more than a KISS on the stage.

    • If they did we would have an AMA rerun. Adam now knows how far and when and where to take it. He’s a businesman also, and his career was almost ruined once because it was too much too soon. Remember, this is the good old USA, where we don’t practice what we preach! I am sure his International leg of this tour will be a little different. Why he might even do FYE.

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        Well then let’s all get our plane tix – what are we waiting for? Would give anything to see FYE IN THE FLESH. Daffyd, we think alike. Adam is definitely business-savvy. One of the smartest people in the industry i do believe.

        • Tried to respond twice. Computer keeps crashing–all the heat on this site. I think I agree w/Reese who is probably in No. Calif. like me. Was going to San Francisco, but got tickets to Lincon instead. SF has been waiting for Adam a long, long, time and they will roll out the red carpet. SF is still the Barbary Coast, the Gold Rush City of Lore, and when we party, we party. The Warfield will so glammed, it might not hold all that weight, and Adam will have to sing twice as loud to be heard over the cheers, cat calls, etc. This love fest can only be imagined. It also a perfect place for a little Adommy. No where can it be more appreciated than the City by the Bay. We love glam, drama, and Adam and I can guarantee total combustion..LOL Good luck Reese Hope you go and report back.

          • Oh My God. I knew that already, about San Francisco that it, but reading your post Daffyd, just made me realize, I HAVE to catch that concert in San Francisco!! I am already going to Costa Mesa and Washington State (The closing show), but now it looks like I’m gonna be going to San Francisco too!! I can’t wait!!!!

            • Itsme I read somewhere that Meet & Greets in SF were going for $1,000+ and the ticket scalpers are making lots of money. But who knows? I no longer live in SF, but an hour away and parking can be difficult, so my only reason for not going there and couldn’t get right hotel downtown. I think I can almost guarantee that there will be lots of glam. Showing my age, but SF’s famous jazz clubs always were so out there, they at one time were tourist attractions, before the topless clubs. We have always led the way!!!!!!

  8. Adam and Tommy do make a beautiful.couple.What a show he puts on it just keeps getting better and better and sexier and sexier if thats at all possible.10 days until KY.I can’t wait.Not the best seats.If I can find closer I will buy them.I wonder if they have screens up so you can see the show if your not close.Our theater does.If not I will be in the same place as him and I get to hear that beautiful voice.

  9. Adamisamazing says:

    I am glad he is gauging the audience with the Tommy action. He is considerate and smart. He is expressing himself, which is what we love about Adam. But, he said he didn’t want it to be something people would expect all the time. He said it will not be his “shtick” to kiss onstage. I am outnumbered on this, but I hope he uses it sparingly. I know it is rock ‘n roll, and I am cool with it, but I just don’t want anything to get in the way of his musicality. He is more aware of how far he can take it in America, which is a good thing. I guess I just want Adam to be known for his showmanship, vocals, talent, personality and not have a reminder of the AMAs. I do love him unconditionally. I am just being protective because he is such an amazing person.

    • tysko2k says:

      I agree! I am NOT going to the Phoenix concert in August b/c I don’t want to watch a bunch of gay guy shows….I just wanted to see Adam sing with his beautiful voice and looks…not put on a freak show for the press….he deserves better…hope someone can talk him back down out of the clouds….but I still love him….And I am no spring chicken either…./but probably from the “old school”

      • He said before his tour that the shows would be appropriate for everyone. The PG shows in AC and Baltimore prove this. I was disappointed he did not do WLL at the Borgata but then realized it is one of the sexiest pieces he does and he may not have felt it appropriate with the majoritiy of the crowd in the front on the dance floor being teens. But even with the Tommy kiss Washington ir was NOT a “gay guy” show. Sexy is sexy, his voice sounds even more amazing in person, and he puts on a SHOW to beat all shows. Can’t wait until my next concert!

    • ADAMISAMAZING—–I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU….I was not going to post my thoughts at all, because I know I am a minority on this. But the Tommy kiss is just kinda icky for me. I am not a homophobe and am trying to be open minded. I just didn’t want his tour to turn into a gay guy show. In fact, I have even forewarned some of my friends going with me that don’t follow him like I do, that his show is probably going to kinda gay. They just know him from American Idol and think he is super sexy and mega talented!! Which is his, no doubt. But like you, I want Adam to known for his showmanship, vocals, talent, and personality……

      • Adamisamazing says:

        Hey everyone,
        Just to be clear, I’m about the most liberal person you’ll ever find. I believe people should be who they are and do whatever they want. Adam is all about love. I just don’t want his amazing talent to be overshadowed by anything else in his concerts. That was the only point I was really making. I believe people have a right to live any way they want, and should all be treated equally. I want Adam to be the artist he wants to be. I just felt sad after the AMAs at the way he was treated in the press, and didn’t want it to repeat. Freedom of expression is a great thing; I was just being protective of this great superstar, is all.

        • Once again, pull up Crazy or Crawl Through the Fire on YouTube: Adam performing before American Idol. This is who Adam is. And, in my opinion, thank God, not what other people want him to be. I love and enjoy Adam, unconditionally. He is artistic, sexual, expression. And personally, I don’t think he needs protection from fans.

          Peace, Love, Flower Power! –<-

  10. cheryl 334 says:

    I absolutely feel that this little ‘magic moment’ on stage with Tommy is just a taste of what is going on after the concerts!!!!!

    Tommy, straight????? Huh!!! Not anymore! Adam could make anyone go for him, I believe! Tommy is a little cutie, ‘Little’ being the word, and Adam has said he likes young, little boys. Well, I had a feeling when he picked his band, way back when, that Adam took one good look at Tommy and said, ‘hired’!!!!!!!!!

    Still I’m hoping for a girl in Adam’s future, but for now, and forever, I’ll support him whoever he chooses.
    I am volunteering to be a ‘practice’ babe for him, tho! haha!!! 🙂

    Peace-Loves-Light, etc…………………..

    • adamfan says:

      re: “I’m still hoping for a girl in Adam’s future” – people rarely “turn”
      from their orientation. It would be like people hoping you would start
      sleeping with women in the future!

  11. WOW….so glad to see these vidoes and FEVER is the best. When in Baltimore, he was fairly mild in terms of flirting with Tommy. Show was great though. I just wish I could have gone to the DC show too. Can’t seem to get enough either….watch the videos every day!!!! He is just fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      ISN’T FEVER ABSOLUTELY THE HOTTEST ADAM IN ALL HiS GLORY? He can MOVE too. In fact, one shoulder move, just a fraction of an inch, and it sounded like the roof would come off , DAMN.

      • I can’t get enough of “:Fever”. One of my many favorites. Maybe they are all my faves.. He’s coming to STL & I can’t wait. Even though I’m over 70, he ROCKS. I love that man and all that goes with him. Would you say I’m in my 2nd teenhood or just one happy Senior?

        • Mary-Ellen #444 says:

          You go Ms Bobbie; age is just a number! Hope you have a third and fourth teenhood too! Be happy, it will keep you young!

  12. Well I haven’t commented in a while…truth be told I’ve been avoiding too much glamnation coverage because I’m sad that so far there are no western canada dates, and staying away from it all puts it out of my mind a little. BUT HOLY HOTNESS BATMAN!!!! This Adam and Tommy stuff is driving me WILD WILD WILD!!!! What the hell? I’m a straight female! How can that be so hot for me? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone tell me they have heard of western canada dates or at the very least a Glamnation DVD. Wow. I don’t even know how to express how amazing Glamnation seems so far! River Rock rocked my world, I can’t even imagine how I will recover if I actually get to see Glamnation. HELP ME!!!

    • The closest to you is two dates in Washington: Seatlle, 7/20 and Puyallup 9/21.

      He did announce that in late September he goes international, but I only heard the beginning places were Australia, Asia and in Europe. He loved Vancouver when he was there, I can only imagine he would try to make it back.

  13. Farzana says:

    Once – on another posting I made – I said Adam is the new heroin! I think everyone’s addiction is growing by licks and thrusts! It has been 12 days since the last live “fix” I have had! LOL Fortunately, I have more live fixes in the immediate future!

    All I do is search for more videos, pictures, and any news to be found from any source. I have even started cruising through international fan sites in desperation. Some are almost as up to date as our fav site here. (Thanks to all who make this amazing one possible and put in long loving hours for our benefit!) Courtesy of AOU we have our lusty needs fulfilled!

    One thing abundantly clear is that this addiction is world wide now. It is amazing to wander about and see the love and the despair felt that it is unlikely many will ever be able to see him in a live performance. I think when he does do an international tour of any kind the earth will shake with his hotness. It appears he has a huge following in China! You know what will happen when they start jumping for his performances, lol!

    I am overjoyed for him at the success of GlamNation and wish for his continued well being and happiness cuz it is so beautiful to see him smile! Sending him all the love each day!

  14. The first time I saw 2 men kissed in Hollywood, I was disgusted. But…when I saw Adam at AMA kissing Tommy…BOLD… I loved it…and this latest one is HOT…I’m 45 hetero-female and the playfulness of the kissing, was a total turn-on!!! Adam oozes out such sexual energy and magnetism…Who’s not to get their undies…SOAKED….Adam is a tiger…remember when he sang “Feeling Good” Kara said, “he was over the top, sleezy and she really liked him etc…” She was totally confused. And if you guys replay his idol performances, esp. Feeling Good…Look at Simon’s face after his comment, he took a second glance at Adam and looked mesmerized. Men and women and girls and boys are just so turned on with ADAM. He just gets to ya…. through your sexual kundalinis. I think that ignoramus, writer Chris, is a closet gay. He’s probably captivated by Adam, but just too lame to admit it. Adam’s oozing sensuality/sexuality threathen him….DOES ANYONE AGREE?

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      That split second before he smooches Tommy – when he opens that gorgeous mouth…. It’s embedded in my head and i play it over and over and over and over…except Tommy’s not there, and all of a sudden, I’m a bass-player.

      • Adamis amazing….
        You are funny… that cracked me up and I laughed hard…. “All of a sudden I’m a bass player”
        As for myself… I kept playing the WLL from the Mashantucket show at Foxwoods Casino on June 24 that I was at.. …especially the end when he did 3-4 pelivc grinds….Need I say more… oh oh I just burned my oatmeal…. watching these videos and catchin up on the shows and email…
        and I’m the owner of my company and needless to say the shipment of my orders have now been put on hold for 2 hours .. oh well I’m accepting this now.. I’m part of this Adam Awakening. …
        Don’t you just love how he does the “shimmy” and I’ve got to say that he sang “Soaked” at DC better than I’ve ever heard…. and I’m so so glad the audience gave him such intense adoration for that.

    • melinda#482 says:

      yes, yum

  15. DEE #458 says:


  16. danagram says:

    Well, I think I am going to be in the vast minority here. Let me preface this by saying I love Adam, the performer and the person. What he does after business hours is his business and I am okay with that. I do not like him kissing Tommy on stage where his business is. To me and to many others, it is offensive and not necessary. The ruffling of the hair okay, but this goes too far. I hope I do not have to surrender my Glamb number. I am still really excited about seeing him in concert no matter what he will do.

    • I appreciate your honesty. I feel the same way. I am in the minority as well, but thought I was alone in my thinking. With the talent he has, he doesn’t really have to test the boundaries for attention. He would get my attention if he sat on a stool and just sang. I know he’s a showman to the max, but I’m not a big fan of the kissing. Please everyone, understand…I am a huge fan and love him so much! This is just my opinion and my preference. I have loved him since the first time I saw him on AI. I am a forever fan, and am excited to see him in concert twice in July!

      • danagram says:

        You said it well. Where do you see Adam in July? I also see him in July.

        • I will see him in San Diego and Tempe.

          • danagram says:

            I will also be in San Diego. I know that Glambs are planning a meet. It will be nice to meet everyone.

            • Adamisamazing says:

              Yes, I will be there to meet the Glambs before the concert, too. I have never done that before, so I will meet you and everyone then!

              • Adamisamazing,
                Please let me know where you’re gonna met in San Diego.
                Judi –

                • Adamisamazing says:

                  I’m just going to the pre-concert event that I heard about. It is in front of the venue.. We won’t know the details until the 15th of July. One of our Web site authors will let us know the details. I’m not making individual plans to meet anyone because I have my best friend with me. See you then.

      • tysko2k says:

        i agree and read my reply to AdamisAmazing above ….

      • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

        I completely respect your opinion, but I do not agree that he is doing it for attention or to test boundaries. I think this is just ADAM. This is who and how and what he is and he’s just being himself. But again, I totally respect your opinion not to like it. I’m just defendign where I think he is coming from. Definitely not looking for any extra attenion or testing any boundaries. Just being him!!

      • Why is it called testing the boundaries for Adam to kiss Tommy??? Remember when it would have been testing the boundaries for a black on white kiss? Discrimination is discrimination. Period.

    • But that is just so much a part of what of what Adam is,,the androgyny, the love of beauty ..boys,
      girls, hair, clothes, makeup. He expresses it with his amazing vocals and dancing and in his
      always open and honest interviews. It would just be wrong for him not to show his true feelings,
      sexual and otherwise on the stage. Being true to self is what he is all about and what he asks of all of us in our relatively boring and mundane lives…live ,love and be happy to the best of our abilities and he will continue to show us how it is done on and off stage. .

      • But that is just so much a part of what of what Adam is,,the androgyny, the love of beauty ..boys,
        girls, hair, clothes, makeup. He expresses it with his amazing vocals and dancing and in his
        always open and honest interviews. It would just be wrong for him not to show his true feelings,
        sexual and otherwise on the stage.
        Being true to self is what he is all about and what he asks of all of us in our relatively boring and mundane lives…live ,love and be happy to the best of our abilities and he will continue to show us how it is done on and off stage. .

    • Danagram – I am right there with ya. It is just kinda icky for me. It didn’t even bother me on the AMA’s – the crotch thing(s) did though. I think he IS kissing Tommy for attention and I think he thinks it is turning on the audience and they want it so he continues to do it. Unlike so many others, it is a complete turnoff for me. I am still excited about seeing him though. This is just 3 seconds and I’ll be over it in a hurry.

  17. I too am worried about the mouth kissing (I love it) but when Adam

    plays the south And middle America it could get dicey……stick to the

    flirting and teasing…………worried all the time about Baby Boy…

    .don’t want anyone picking on him

    • I think he is too savvy to go too far in concerts with an audience who would be offended. While he didn’t apologize for the AMAs I think he knew it was a mistake. The Washington concert was an adult audience, and it is obvious by the video that Tommy was almost challenging him to kiss him and it looked like Adam just thought “What the hell!” and kissed him, totally spontaneous. I agree, however, that he really needs to know his audiences and this should not be a regular thing. If I have to be honest I have been a closet Glambert with my friends and family since the AMAs. The majority of them thought he was lewd and disgusting on the AMAs. After seeing him in concert I decided to “come out of the closet” and am so glad I can tell everyone that he toned down the concert with the kids in the audience. But I would LOVE to get to one of the shows with an adult audience.

  18. Dont be afraid to follow Mr.Adam Lambert.This is inconditional love-no just love and appreciation only when he behaves.He is diffrent,dont punish him for his believes.He needs our support ,specialy now,He is what he is and we are not going to change that-just enjoy without regrets.

  19. I am totally not a fan of the kissing on stage, tho’ I love Adam’s talent and showmanship and will always try to go to shows if I can…So far I and my daughters have seen 3 and got 3 more to go…will just close my eyes at that time….I am not a prude, but the kissing is not entertainment at all…

    • danagram says:

      That is funny about closing your eyes. That is exactly what I was thinking. I hope I do not have to do it for three concerts. (kidding!)

  20. Sorry but I have no idea what needs moderating. I have not posted here before and do not see that this is repetitious of what others are saying…just an honest expression of my feelings about Adam’s performance. Truly do not know what needs moderating??

  21. Turns me on!
    Glad he added Winstar, near Dallas, Tx.

  22. Susan W. says:

    I’m glad to see so many who are fine with the kissing. There’s no way to please everybody. Some will like it, some won’t.. That’s just the way it is. As for me, Ive been reading m/m and m/m/f romances for years and years and seeing two hot men kiss is awesome to me. (hit me up if you need a reading list btw lol) Its accepted that many guys think seeing two women kiss is hot. It’s a double standard if women aren’t allowed to like the same with the opposite sex. Me, I’m for less double standards and for more kissing. Rock on, and gooooooo Adam!

    • Elizabeth says:

      I have been reading them too for years and years. And I agree whole-heartedly. I might get that list from you. 🙂

      • Susan W. says:

        LOL Glad to see someone else with similar reading taste. I wasn’t shocked with anything Adam did at all, not after the stuff I like to read. Morgan Hawke and Jet Mykles (she has a rocker series called Heaven Sent!) are two of my faves. They both have awesome web sites also. I don’t know how to get you my email without posting it here so I’m waterfall_woman on yahoo IM. Jet is an avid fan of Adam’s btw. She did a computer art pic that resembles him. It’s not supposed to be him, its just a tribute to him that resembles him. Her web site is the www then her name then dot com. 🙂

  23. Haha, Adam is now licking his lips after he kisses Tommy and says mmmmm.

    Off to Norfolk early tomorrow morning!

  24. OMG!!… when introducing Brooke, (hard to hear clearly)…** DID he say —>”I want to attack that girl????? or ‘tag”? HOLY CRAP… another heart attack coming on?? Someone help, lol, I think my mind just melted! IF that’s what he said, I would LOVE to encourage her to jump with both feet… and then TELL us about it! Jeeez this guy is dangerous for the pulse rate. If that’s NOT what he said, someone please enlighten me before I pass out! =}

    • He says “I always fag out for her… that was fagged out for her”. Talking about how he was standing and posing while she danced.

      • Aaaahhh 0KAY…. Jeeez, lol Thanks Reese for clearing that up… you saved the remaining brain cells!!. Figured I had it wrong but boy it was fun to think about for a bit… =)

  25. cheryl 334 says:

    I have to admit that I agree with all those who do not like the kissing with Tommy. I want to only see Adam and not be distracted by any gay behavior. Kinds of ruins it for all who w ish he was straight. Just b/c he says he is gay doesn’t mean he has to provide his audiance with some gay behavior. I’d rather have my dreams and fantasize that he is straight. Besides, I thought it is all about the music and just having fun. But having fun stops at kissing and messing around with a member of his band or dancers. After all it is not like he is doing it to each one. He has picked Tommy out and obviously Tommy loves it, and that is too much to think about when one wants to fantacsize about Adam. Adam, you need to stop this behavior and flirt with your audiance instead. That would be more fun for US. You said you want to do what your fans want to see, but you have talked yourself into thinking all is good cuz you get some cheers when you do this. I think the fans are just trying to support you in anyway we can, but it is wwkward for many of us.


    • danagram says:

      I am glad that I started this type of discussion. You said it perfectly. Just what was on my mind. It would be nice if her understood that a lot of us feel this way. No one would be put off with no kissing but many are with it. We all are crazy about him and his most amazing voice.

      • cheryl 334 says:

        DANAGRAM………………………………………Great minds think allike!!!:) ha ha!

        I think MANY, MANY fans feel this way but don’t want to ‘rock any boats’ or have Adam think they don’t like it, but it is for his own good. As we KNOW, mainstream America does not go for the ‘touching’ of his band members on stage. It is a bit uncomfortable for me, anyway. Maybe Adam gets it while he can – on stage, to help ‘loosen’ Tommy up. But I am watching the concert and his amazing voice and looks. We women like to think he is seeing US as ‘sexy’, too and not interested in seeing things that should not be part of an ADAM concert!!! We love him, but have some opinions that we should share, and he can do what he wants with that information.:)

        Love-Peace-Light-Truth-Joy-Fun-Music……………………………that is what a lot of us want – not watching you ‘play’ with Tommy,,,,,,,,,,,,just sayin………………………………………………………….!:)

        • danagram says:

          JUST SAYIN………………………………………………………..!!:)

        • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

          I think Adam DOES see US as sexy — I think Adam sees ALL people as sexy and loving and worthy of love and affection. He’s ALL ABOUT LOVE. That’s what IIHY is all about. I have to admit that at first I was on the fence about the kissing —- but it definitely grew on me and I personally find it sexy. Whatever Adam does is sexy.

          Note I said ALL PEOPLE — I would bet he does not see color or race or sex but just sees PEOPLE. That’s the way the world should be, isn’t it? If we all just saw each other as PEOPLE there woudl be little to no war, strife or prejudice in the world. What a great place to live, don’t you think?

          • cheryl 334 says:

            DELLAD………… I think that would be great, of course, but that would be ‘heaven on earth’, and we’ll never see that.

            I, too, think most everything Adam does is sexy!!! Just some things I’d like to leave to my imagination. Ha! Sexy isn’t being totally naked to me, some clothing makes things more sexy than nudity. Le aving the imagination to see what it wants!:)

        • I think that his performances are based on the crowd, the venue, and how he is feeling. No one says s***t about two females, who seem incapable of putting out a video without a lot of performance sex. Are they pandering to their audience or are they being who they are? Adam is Adam, get him or you don’t. I don’t see him kissing Tommy or flirting with Tommy as a “gay” thing, it’s part and partial of “his” show. He can no more dim his sexy nature than probably breathe. If a female was on the receiving end of that kiss, every male would be breaking down doors to see him perform. He flirts with Sasha and Brooke, as I am sure he thinks they are sexy as well as Tommy. Personally, as long as I can hear him sing and watch him perform, I am happy.

          • AllaboutAdam says:

            AGREE… he even said on a recent interview that he has to get a feel for what kind of crowd it is before he decides some of his actions…. a lesson learned from the AMA’s perhaps? It’s part of the show – he said so himself. If he feels that the crowd wants it – he’ll do it! Seeing him and hearing him IS the most important thing, yes! In the Norfold video when he was being all sexy during WLL, he couldn’t help but laugh at times…. as Adam said “it’s not all that deep!!” I SIMPLY LOVE HIM!!!!!

  26. I have 3 tickets for sale for adams show 7-15- in kansas city mo. at the Midland theater 8 p.m. if anyone is interested please contact me at 35.00 ea. due to illness we cannot go.

  27. Adamisamazing says:

    I think it is wonderful that the people on this forum can have opposing views, but still feel free to express honestly how they feel. Thank you Glambs for allowing all of us to share an opinion and have respectful responses such as these. Appreciate all of you because I feel like we can say what we are thinking and have thoughtful responses even if we do not agree. This just solidifies what I have always thought. Adam has the best fans in the world. Adam brings us all together. He is great that way. 😉

    • danagram says:

      I totally agree that Adam does have the best fans. I have never ever commented on a forum before and I am suprised at myself that I am. I hope I do get to meet many of you because I have never done anything like that before either.

      • I hope to get my Glamb # this Wednesday and would love to come and meet the Glambs before the show in Upper Darby, PA!

      • Adamisamazing says:

        I have never commented on a forum before either. Leave it to Adam to have us start doing things we’ve never done before. It’s been interesting and fun, I must say. See ya in July.

  28. i love it

  29. grandjag says:

    I love the Tommy kiss,, have to watch it over and over again; Totally addicted to Adam and whatever he does next. He is so amazing in all his performances. I have to get up extra early in the morning just so I can get my Adam fix . Hope I make it through the Glam Nation tour this summer. Thank you Adam …I just love everything thing you do..every note you sing..every move you make..

  30. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    I am a wreck! I see Adam tonight at the Norva – please God let him do Whole Lotta Love! I think this addiction is like no other; no rehab possible. I will melt into the floor and not from the heat! I have 2 more concerts after tonight and if I can find a way I will attend at least one more. Love how the one girl in the interview video thanked Adam for standing up for the wierd kids. Amen to that! Certainly just one reason we love him so much. See you tonight Adam; ROCK ON!

  31. Penny F says:


    I am a bit confused as to why the videos no longer have the “download this video” prompt either here or on YouTube. Has some policy changed? How do we download them? I know I can create a playlist on YouTube but I want them on my hard disc so I can burn DVDs. Anyone savvy out there?

    • Penny, thanks for asking this question about the videos. I’d linked a number of Adam’s videos to a fan fiction I’ve posted and discovered a couple of days ago that about a third of them were no longer available on YouTube! And I’d CAREFULLY chosen them for their visual/audio quality, the variety of Adam’s “personas,” acoustic vs. full-on band, etc. as well as how closely each reflected the action in “their” chapter of my story. So I emailed their helpline explaining my problem and YouTube wrote back that I hadn’t done anything wrong, thank goodness. They said that duplicating the videos is against Terms of Use and copyrights, but just putting a link in a document is OK. So I guess downloading is considered duplicating and they don’t like that. Hope this helps!

  32. Personally, I like the kissing and licking of Tommy – it’s most definitely a turn-on – but mostly I believe that’s part of who Adam is – he’s just being himself. But he’s not stupid and I don’t think he’ll let it get out of hand – he’s clearly very respectful and sensitive to his audiences. Having said that, I can’t wait for him to come to the UK, because he might let go a bit more here!

    I’ve been reading these posts for a few weeks now and I agree that he’s a new kind of drug – I too, find myself not working, but instead, trawling the internet for any new (or not!) news/interviews/videos of him. It’s quite a phenomena – certainly never seen anything like it! I wonder if some academics somewhere are investigating this? And I’ve been thinking about it a lot (since Idol!) – I wonder if the whole Adam phenomenon has something to do with his great healing power – clearly not only his voice and performances, but his sexual energy, too. Am I alone in wondering this? His physical presence must be enormous!

    • Farzana says:

      Angelina – you may find the following article interesting!!

      It was written by Rebecca Bailin who has an MA from UCLA in Film/TV History, Theory and Criticism. It sheds light on some of the things that many of us are experiencing with our love/lust/fascination of Adam.
      The extensive comments following the blog are worth reading as well.

      Also, she wrote of the AMA’s and Adam in 2009:

      I believe he will be the subject of many studies in psychology and sociology because his fan reactions go beyond what has occurred in the past. And as indicated in these articles, followers of integral philosophy are so aware of his unique characteristics – which to many demonstrate in simple/complex terms that he is the evolved human of the 21st century!

      Of course, ask any of us and we can give them ample details about that truth! 🙂

  33. AnitaFromAtlanta says:

    Hi, All,

    I have a ticket for Adam’s Nashville show on July 7 that I will not be able to use. If anyone is interested in buying it (at cost), please email me at

    I personally think Adam and Tommy flirting and kissing is HOT and that Adam is just being himself but that’s just who I am and I realize that some of you don’t agree. I also strongly feel that he (and everyone) should have the right to express his real self without it being an issue. He’s all about being honest and open and not hiding his true self from anyone and I am in awe of his bravery in doing that. I think he’s a trailblazer. At any rate, I’m soooooo ready to see him again in concert (was at Indio concert) and hear his beautiful voice and enjoy all that he gives. I’m seeing him in Nashville and Atlanta and can’t wait! Thanks to all of you for your great descriptions of your Glam Nation concert experiences. Wishing you all a Glamtastic day!

    • Thank you Anita, and may I say AMEN to that! Adam is intelligent, and has had years to plan his career debut just as he wants. I don’t feel he does anything for sensationalism. As he’s said hundreds of times he’s just “acting out the lyrics of the song”.

      All of this talk about him “ruining our fantasies” and how he needs to “stop being sexual and just sing” blows my mind. Adam just needs to be Adam, and you can either embrace him whole-heartedly or find a more PG vocalist to follow. It’s that simple.

      Wish I were closet to Nashville, I’d take that ticker off your hands.

  34. I was there Monday night and am recovering from seeing him! Wow, what a show..I was entranced by his every move. You can’t take your eyes off of him so, no wonder people have to go to so many shows….I missed even taking in the dancers because I could not pull away from that body,hair,etc.

    The kissing is no biggie. It’s his way of establishing who he really is…in case anyone forgets that fact. Adam to me, comes off as a playful puppy. Our crowd had a large gay contingent which was so much fun. I think that gave him a lot of energy..and people who have gone to other venues said he was better at the 9:30 than they had ever experienced before. You can’t parcel him out and you gotta take what he is offering so, just see it as his way of expressing himself fully. I’m game and whatever he is giving, I’m lining up because he is too good to be true.

  35. AnitaFromAtlanta says:

    Thanks for your added comments, Reese.

    I think all of us do agree that Adam has a gorgeous voice and is sooooo creative and talented even though we see some things differently. Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting glammed! 🙂

    • Well said Kate. I live outside of Baltimore, wish I could have been in DC!

    • Adamisamazing says:

      Exactly! Let’s all remember that we love Adam. We all think he is multi-talented and only want the best for him. We can’t all agree on everything. I love him unconditionally.

  36. Beaglewoman (Glamb #611) says:

    After reading all these comments re: Adam and Tommy I’m feeling less perverted. However, I’m beginning to understand the male attraction to girl-on-girl action. I’m not sure what that makes me although I’m sure some psychologist would say it’s something Freudian…. Well, whatever it is I like it 🙂 – at least Adam + Tommy. Maybe it’s that they act so hot and passionate about it that it makes perfect sense to everyone else????

    I’m hopin’ they’re in the mood in Louisville!!!!! Yeah baby it’s shagalicious.

  37. AnitaFromAtlanta says:

    Beaglewoman, I loved your comments above about feeling less perverted, etc. I think I do, too, now that you mention it. 🙂 Adam and Tommy are both just so HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

    For anyone that might be interested in my extra Nashville ticket, please call me on my cell phone as I will be on vacation tomorrow and all next week and won’t have daily access to email. The # is 404-395-2279. The Nashville concert is next Wed. – WOO HOO!!!

    May the glitter keep raining down on us all!

  38. FlamingoLady says:

    I love reading these posts because I realize I (over-60, professional career woman, local public figure) am not alone in my total delight in being an over-the-top Adam fan! I love watching the videos and comparing his performances, which, as he said, he changes according to the audience. The D.C. concert was certainly the most “gay” performance so far, but also the most exciting, because I think it was the closest to Adam doing the kind of performance he most enjoys, and that’s a total thrill for me to watch.
    I understand the concern some have voiced about not going so far that he loses part of his fan base, and I hope he can keep the balance right. But the D.C. performance was absolutely electric, more so than others I’ve seen (all video…no concerts in central California yet), and I loved watching him having so damn much fun! He deserves to be able to do that with the right crowd sometimes.
    The thoughtful and candid remarks on this site are really wonderful. I hope maybe Adam reads them sometimes so he knows how much he is supported and cared about.

  39. Tiffany says:

    Yay! That’s my video of Whole Lotta Love! 🙂

  40. Michelle says:

    OMG can this man be any HOTTER!!! He sure knows how to tease us, he knows exactly what we want….that open black shirt is driving me mad….every time i watch one of these videos the shirt seems to be one button further down….baby just take the shirt off!!!!! LOL
    About the Adam and Tommy thing its all good to me HOT, but i think Adam does it just to tease…adding fuel to our fire!!!! he is such a sensual bad ass!!! and our imaginations go wild…………im sure is just what he wants!!!! and we are happy to oblige!!!!
    ADAM u r going to give me a heart attack one of these days!!!

  41. I just watched Fever over again (like my 10th time)….and I do love the kiss. Adam does it in a very sexy way and that’s why I really like it. As a married woman with three children and 2 grandchildren not usually into this kind of thing………it really adds excitement to the performance. Especially when Fever is performed, you never know if Adam will or will not kiss Tommy!
    Fantastic performer and great voice.


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