Glam Nation-Upper Darby, Pa 08/12/2010

Tower theaterThe Glam Nation Tour took to the stage last night in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, at the Tower Theater. By looking at the video’s below, it was yet again, G-L-A-M-T-A-S-T-I-C. I also have some up close and personal pics for you to drool over…
Check it out…

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Opening Medley
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Dancers’ Interlude Sleepwalker
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Whataya Want From Me
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Band Interlude Sure Fire Winners
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Music Again
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20th Century Boy
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  1. Stephanie says:

    Was there last night and let me tell u … what a show! FABULOUS! No words to describe what Adam can do. His voice is a amazing and he is such an incredible performer. I went to his show in Atlantic City and this show last nite far exceeded AC’s show. I sooooo wish I was heading to Musikfest in Bethlehem tonight to see him again. Got to meet him and get his autograph after the show and he was gorgeous in person and so gracious as was his band. I am still high from his show last nite. I can’t wait for tour number 2. He is just amazing. Thank you to all of you too who keep all us fans up to speed on this website. I so enjoy watching the videos, viewing the pics, and reading the comments of all of you who see his shows. He is a superstar for sure! I don’t think any of us will get this opportunity the second time around to get as close to him as we have. He is hitting Lady Gaga, Madonna, Michael Jackson, megastar status soon! Thanks for a great show Adam:-)

    • GerryinNJ says:

      I was there also, up in the balcony. I have been following all these postings and watching all his videos on this site since last year. I am an Adam fan ever since his first performance on AI. BUT, I must say that the sound technologist had the instruments jacked up so loud that I could hardly hear Adam (or Alison or Orianthi) and my ears hurt. I had to keep my fingers in my ears for the entire performance. These videos thankfully don’t pick up the overpowering sound of the giant speakers. My friend told me these concerts always do this. I don’t plan to go to another one, but will enjoy the postings here.

  2. Tommy is rockin some serious face paint! Adds all the more excitement to the show from what I can see. You gotta love Tommy for getting into the spirit of the whole rock and roll stage. Tommy and Monte are becoming big stars (Monte was already, but not everyone knew him like now) in their own right, thanks to Adam. Oh did I forget to mention how absolutely gorgeous his truly looked in that leather jacket and two-inch hair!!! D***m that boy get hotter and hotter–must be all this summer heat? You think!

    • P.S. Keith Richards did not become an icon just because he was an awesome guitar player, which he is–that is only half of Richards mystique. Keith personified what rock and roll is all about, but time is beginning to tell. It’s now Monte’s and Tommy’s turn.

  3. Scootersmom says:

    Everything Adam does, every word he says, every song he sings, every move he makes is beautiful and mesmerizing! Words are insufficient to describe this addicting phenom. He’s the modern day Pied Piper, all who hear him, follow him. I’m grateful he’s selling music and not religion, because we of all races, creeds, ages, nationalities and religions can enjoy the wonder of this man’s music and beauty. We are so very, very lucky that he’s here, a bright spot amidst all the darkness, fear, poverty and hatred that surrounds us. He makes my day. I must hear him and watch him sing every day, every day…He’s the BEST of the beauty in all of us!

  4. Wow you guys…

    I agree with all you’re saying; I saw our GOD Adam in Arizona. Though I had the feeling he kinda toned it down ’cause some insane couple, standing right behind me in the front row, brought their itty bitty children into the show. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
    And knowing our boy, he most likely told the band to behave (meaning Tommy, of course) So I think we were deprived of some of more risque moves those two usually make.
    Anyhoo, the concert was still fab, and I was lucky enough to even have Adam look me straight in the eye, making delicious shivers running down my *——* region, hmpf…..
    OH, how sweet it was! I’ll never forget it, ever. And I think I speak for ALL women worldwide:



  5. Gotta say Philly rocked last night! Not only were all the performers on fire, so was the entire audience! Crazy wild dancing and singing – it was insanely fabulous! Altho B’hem is practically in my backyard, I’m out of town so am missing that one but absolutely intend to see another one…with seats! This was much better than Nokia or other GA concerts. He’s addictive. No one sitting anywhere near me had been to less than two concerts prior to last night’s. Amazing.

    Hello to Kate and Gail!!

  6. Absolutely the most beautiful person in talent, spirit and sexiness! Oh, that guy’s got it all!

  7. I was at the concert last night and I agree it was amazing!!! Way better than the AC show that I saw in June. I was also there for the autograph signing and I couldn’t believe he actually talked to me!!! Was the best night EVER!!!! LOVED it all from start to finish!!! Can’t wait to see him again!!!

  8. I was there,actually I’m the one in the background in Tommy”s pic.Monte signed my can see it.
    I was at the Borgata too and I agree Upper Darby was much better even if the sound system was worst.The audience was on fire as Adam.I’m so tired because I came back at 4am but it was so worth it.Seeing Adam so close at the bus was the night’s highlight,The second he looks at you is amazing! everything is perfect on him,but the eyes…it’s like he is not just looking at you but he is transfixing you,looking into your soul..! Even the best pic cannot capture that!

  9. hey ya” ll i was the one in oklahoma city—-very tame compared to what i jsut saw on here—but yes what is it this guy does to all of us—we cant have him…..but mercy—–and how long do ya’ll think it will be before he tours again—or do you think he will??—–

  10. Lisa, I was just going to contact you about the above performances, like how did they cimpare to Oklahoma, but you just told me. All the numbers are great, and Adam turns on the magic (is it ever off?) He looks and sounds great! Let’s face it, he can do no wrong, as far as his fans are concerned.

  11. Lisa, I was just going to contact you about the above performances, like how did they cimpare to Oklahoma, but you just told me. All the numbers are great, and Adam turns on the magic (is it ever off?) He looks and sounds great! Let’s face it, he can do no wrong, as far as his fans are concerned.

  12. Thank heaven for Dreamsound. I travel in my work…..I am writing from Indonesia….and what a great surprise…. There is an international channel here and they are running the entire season 8 shows for AI….three times a night. I was also in a mall and they were playing FYE….This is basically a Muslim country and so it was a great treat to know that so many people here know who Adam is. While most of it is old stuff, I am getting my Adam fix every day….even if it is at 2:30 in the morning. I was lucky that I got to see 2 Glamnation shows between Nigeria and Indonesia assignments. D.C. and SF Gotta say the first night of the San Francisco show was some kind of magic. Just jumped to a new high with a totally engaged audience that not only raised the roof with its support, but also knew when to let us just hear Adam. Perfect We even got through Soaked without a single fan destroying the atmosphere with “I love you, Adam”. Loved him enough to let us enjoy the mood of the ballads and listen to that phenomenal voice, and then go absolutely crazy when the song was over….and standing, jumping, great, great joy feelin’ it for all the showstoppers. Pure magic….such respect and rousing applause and cheers all night long. What joy he brings to all of us. An Adam fix every day keeps me beaming from ear to ear. Thanks to Dreamsound for keeping me posted.

    • I was at SF night 1, and you’re so right, it was an amazing performance watched by a loving audience. That was my 1st GNT concert…..just bought tickets to go to his last N.American GNT in Puyallup, Washington. in September. Decided I needed to see his “last show” here.

  13. carmen #395 says:

    I won a contest through B104 radio to be at a photo shoot and autograph sessiom with Adam. I was totally in awe yesterday when I met him. I love him even more now. He is so gracious and humble and has the sweetest smile. Genuinely seemed happy to meet everyone. Then, I went to see him at the Musikfest last night. OMG!!! He rocked the stage. Tommy was great too. This was the best day of my life. I will hold on to yesterdays memories forever.


  15. I was in Atlantic City and this concert in this beautiful theatre was far superior. I agree with all who say Adam was way over the top of his game, appeared to be having so much fun, and the audience was insane. I had so much more fun here than at AC. Even my husband, not an Adam fan, went away a convert. He said the concert reminded him of Pink Floyd and Adam a little bit like David Bowie. What amazed him was the diverse audience, all ages, more men this time, and EVERYONE, no matter what their age, rockin’ it out. My son says I am 60 going on 20! Thanks Adam for making me feel 40 years younger!

  16. AquarianGlitz says:

    When the cold, dreary winter days are upon us, I will call up the memory of the Upper Darby concert and I’ll be all aglow, and it’ll be this summer again in my mind and heart. Those of us who were at the concert Thursday night know what I’m talking about. The word “magical” doesn’t even do it justice. There was enough electricity being generated between the audience and Adam to light the streets of Philadelphia for a long time! The pre-show dance music got everyone in the mood and before you knew it, we were all chatting with our new Glam friends and taking photos of each other. Allision and Orianthi rocked, and when Adam took the stage, I think the tower on top of the Tower Theatre reverberated! From the opening number, to a HOT Fever kiss with Tommy, you could tell he was really into each and every song. Vocals perfect, as always. The audience danced and rocked along with him. The new encore TCM is upbeat and Monte’s silver glitter guitar was very cool! Adam said he wanted to change it up and this song is a great addition (though I never did see him do WLL in person … but it’s all good, isn’t it! How lucky we are to be able to see him in multiple concerts.) The amazement of the evening continued with the meet & greet at the buses. LP, Tommy, Monte all came out and took their time moving down the line, signing and taking photos. Relaxed, not hurried! Then Adam appeared in his glory – swept up hair, brown leather jacket, eyes to die for, and also took his time moving down the line. My dream was realized as I got his autograph and also a good photo. I was so mesmerized by his face that I just kept walking down the line following his eyes. He looked so happy (a day off and a little “frisky” time served him well!!) and he was very excited to see a classmate of his who was there from Mount Carmel High School.

    I’m on a high that is going to take some time to come down from. Went to Musikfest last night and an awesome crowd of 6400! The show was great but truth be told, I like the indoor venues better than outdoors. The special effects are somewhat muted in the outdoors. At the Tower, the light show felt as if you could touch it and the ceiling had lights that looked like little stars, to add to the 60’s “acid trip” effect.

    Adam, you will always be the brightest star in my universe and thank you for being as beautiful on the inside as you are to look at. May the magic continue forever and your star continue to shine.

  17. wow yall had a ball upper darby pa wish i could have been thier yall love i really enjoyed the adam i love love loved it thank you friend yall gave me a grate show and i love every last moment of it enjoy love friend of minds

  18. Aquarianglitz just curious, were you able to get a pic WITH Adam when he came thru the line at the buses or just a pic OF him? Let me know.

    • AquarianGlitz says:

      No, unfortunately was not able to get a pic with Adam. He only signed autographs and did not pose for photos with the fans. Tommy, Monte and LP did, however . But Adam really took his time moving down the line and signed everything presented to him. He was extremely relaxed and smiling the whole time. He posed for some photos with his classmate from Mount Carmel but that was next to the bus. I was just thrilled to be that close to him and get a clear picture of our Rock God! Seeing him up close and personal just defies description. Those glittery eyes … takes your breath away. Makes me feel 17 again and infatuated! Hope you get a chance to experience it, Stephanie!

  19. Stephanie says:

    Aquarianglitz, I was there as well and got his autograph and some pics of him. I had the black hat on with curly brown hair. I just am still kicking myself for not asking him for a pic WITH him since I was right there in front. I saw him posing with his classmate bc I was right at the front of the bus. How lucky and weird for them that a former classmate is now famous and on his way to superstardom. Oh well, maybe next show I can win a meet and greet and get a pic with him. i tried to win. Was at Acme in Horsham the nite before but no luck. The girl next to me won, lucky her. She had all good things to say about him. He is just unbelieveable! Still high from his show. Can not get enuff. I wonder if I met you or saw you? We all r such a close knit group of fans. Thanks for sharing!

  20. glamb# 442 Paula says:

    Adam was in town the night before the show he got to go out on the town for dinner and dancing.he went to the most famous gay bar in philly -woody’s.he met a few guys who took him to there apartment. see pictures on adams facebook page. he showed up at the radio station the next day with his same outfit with an addition of a hat.still looked fab! so he must have had lots of fun with the boys because he was on fire at the tower. i have seen 4 shows before this including opening night and this show was by far the best yet.he was electric every move was high energy and his voice was so on. i kept thinking “HE IS HITTING IDOL NOTES” as if he was singing for his life.i loved how cozy the tower was while i’ve been someplace in the first 7 rows at each show but this time being in the 6th row seemed so close.adam came out and signed autographs after the show sad to say i didn’t get his signature this time but did get a few good pictures.i was sorry to have not gone to musikfest but i do have staten island to look forward to.he is addictive you just need to see him in person watching him sing is the all his great fans i’m so happy to hear every time someone said they had seen more than one show.PS- I DIDN’T WATCH VIDEO YET BUT SOAKED WAS EPIC AT THE TOWER.I hope the videos do it some justice. Sue i thank you again for providing us updates and taking the time to find the best videos!!