Glam Nation Tour (Official)

Hello everyone, this will be the official page for the Glam Nation Tour.

Below are the dates with its respective event/venue and we will update with any changes. We have included links to purchase tickets from different providers for most events, below its description (link will take you directly to that particular event). If the event does not have a link tickets might not be on sale yet so check this page for updates.

Grab a spot while you can, seatings go quick and prices go up, don’t wait until the last minute to get your tickets! If anything comes up you can always sell your tickets (including E-Tickets) here.

**For hard to get tickets try here.**


July 27, 2010
Costa Mesa, CA, OC Fair – Pacific Ampitheatre
Glam Nation Tour
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July 28, 2010
Costa Mesa, CA, OC Fair – Pacific Ampitheatre
Glam Nation Tour
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July 30, 2010
San Diego, CA, Symphony Hall
Glam Nation Tour
*We will host a Glambs party before the show. Party will be hosted in the Vantage Pointe building right in front of the Symphony Hall – (More details on July 15th).
** Tickets on sale now!

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Saturday, July 31, 2010 at [Time TBA] Mandalay Bay – Beach, Las Vegas, Nevada
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August 2, 2010
Charlotte, NC, The Fillmore
Glam Nation Tour

Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 8:00 PM
Tower Theatre – PA, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
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Friday, August 13, 2010 at 3:30 PM
Sands Riverplace (Formerly Straub Chrysler Jeep Riverplace), Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
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August 17, 2010Providence, RI, Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel
Glam Nation Tour

Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 8:00 PM
Cape Cod Melody Tent, Hyannis, Massachusetts
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Friday, August 20, 2010 at 8:00 PM
South Shore Music Circus, Cohasset, Massachusetts
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Saturday, August 21, 2010 at 8:00 PM
Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton, New Hampshire
Glam Nation Tour
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Monday, August 23, 2010 
Northern Lights, Clifton Park, NY
Glam Nation Tour
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August 26, 2010
Staten Island, NY, George Theatre
Glam Nation Tour

Friday, August 27, 2010 at 8:00 PM
The National, Richmond, Virginia
Glam Nation Tour
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August 28, 2010
Raleigh, NC, Memorial Auditorium
Glam Nation Tour

August 31, 2010
Indianapolis, IN, Clowes Hall
Glam Nation Tour

September 1, 2010
Evansville, IN, Victory Theater
Glam Nation Tour

Saturday, September 04, 2010 at 11:30 AM
On the Waterfront Festival Grounds, Rockford, Illinois
Glam Nation Tour
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September 18, 2010
St. Petersburg, FL, Tropicana Field
Glam Nation Tour


We will hold a pre-concert event for the July 30 concert in Adam’s hometown (San Diego). We encourage fans from other states/countries to post in the comments below the events they are hosting/organizing. However big or small the pre-concert event, is always more fun to go out to see Adam with a bunch of fans!!


  1. If a venue isn’t listed – does that mean it’s sold out?

    • If there is no link to the event it means tickets are not for sale yet. We will keep this page updated for you gals.

      • July 17 Denver has no link, but I purchased tickets two weeks ago.

      • Hey!! Just wanted to let ya’ll know, I just called Ticketmaster about the Indianapolis Indian tickets, and they are supposed to be going on sale JUNE 11th. At least that’s what the guy on the phone said..I’m gonna have my cousin check into it. Can’t wait to see Adam…and his SEXY LUCIOUS ASS!! WOO-HOO!!

        Tina.aka..Mistress Lambert (and yes I will continue to hope every day) LOL!!

    • He needs to come to Texas. I am 7 hours from Wichita so maybe there but is that sold out? I see no purchase ticket info.

      • Have faith! He keeps saying he is coming to Texas and other venues still not announced.

        • I am waiting patiently for a Texas venue to be announced. Has he actually said he is coming to Texas? Is there still some hope? I need to know!

    • You might try calling the venue. Sometimes they have direct phone number for tickets. How I got mine Not your venue though. Just wondering–do many artists do this many shows in so short a time? Hope this pace doesn’t do him in. Of course he’s 28 and healthy. Maybe the excitement keeps him going stong for the almost four month tour. He has waited a while for this kind of phenominal success.

  2. What about the August 17 show at Lupos Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, R.I.?

  3. jnellie says:

    He’ll be at the Puyallup Fair in Washington on Sept. 21 with Orianthi. Tickets are supposed to go on sale June 2 in a pre-sale, and June 5 for everyone else.

    • JEANENE says:


      • Yes, me too. Sue, PLEASE SEND ME THE PASSWORD!!! for the Puyallup Fair presales.

    • yay can’t wait got my tickets! see you guys there! =)

  4. Kitana 59 says:

    What about in Kentucky?

  5. August 28th He will be at the Raleigh Memorial Auditoreum IN Raleigh NC.

    • patricia Pearce says:

      Hi Irena,
      I’m a 65 year young Glamma looking for anyone near Chapel Hill who’d join me for the Raleigh concert. I’m pretty computer illiterate so hopefully this person would get our tickets and allow me to send a check or cash for the ticket that day. I have a townecar that will seat 3 passengers comfortably (four with a squeeze) if he/she would drive. I’m dangerous on the road and even with a GSP get turned around:-) I used to be a true blonde and still act like one.
      Puleeeez someone reply. I so desperately want to see Adam who is better than Elvis-something I would have declared as heresy until I saw him on Idol and went insane. Warning-I’ll probably shriek as loudly as a teen.
      Thanks so much,
      Lynne Pearce

      • Hey Glamma, you sound like a cool lady. I wish I was close by because I would love to hang with you. You sound pretty funny.

        I’m in Texas, and so far, Adam isn’t coming over here…sigh!

      • Lynne,

        My husband and I were thinking about going. We live in Durham are are good company. Please let us know if you still need help getting there.


  6. Christine Douthirt says:

    There is not even one single seat available for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on July 3rd. So far that is the only site down south, except for the Tampa bay Rays game at a giant stadium with terrible accoustics. I am going to that but really hoping for a smaller venue. Does anybody know anything about more venues added in the south? So far all up north.

    • justwishin says:

      Knoxville, TN — July 6 and Nashville — July 7. Hopefully more to come.

  7. Darlene says:

    I am just wondering why I went in to try to get tickets weeks ago when they went on sale for Baltimore and Washington D. C, and also Atlantic City and they were all sold out and now t here are lots of tickets.

    The same with Bethlehem, Pa. I could onlyget tickets in the back because nothing else was available on the website and now there is. Can anyone tell me why that is?

  8. mandytwo says:

    I am sooo disappointed that he is not appearing in south Florida. At least nothing is listed. There is the perfect venue for him here at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, Fl. Great hotel for the travelers, lots of great restaurants and shopping in and around the hotel. Great casino and about half an hour from South Beach for more fun. This would be the perfect place. The auditorium is not too big and the sound system is great too.

    • Christine Douthirt says:

      You are right – the Hard Rock Hollywood would be a great location. Adam partied there until 4:00 in the morning after the Miami Jingle Ball , so he already knows the place. I would be happy to drive down there from Tampa. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

      • mandytwo says:

        Hi Christine,
        That would be great for me since I live about 15 min away from Hard Rock. What a great place. The auditorium is the perfect size and not a bad seat in the house. I am sure it will sell out quickly. I have been to many concerts there.

        • Hi girls, I’m in Orlando and would drive down also. Have tickets for St. Pete but that’s just my secondary plan. Need to go to a smaller venue so that would work out great.

          • mandytwo says:

            If he(please please) did come to Hard Rock I am afraid I would be at work when the tickets go on sale and I do not have access to my email there and would miss out on the normal prices. I can’t afford to buy a ticket from Stub Hub or one of those rip off sites.

  9. Just wondering, are the tickets for sale during the pre sale amount to $35 are the same level at tickets for sale at $71 or $80 at ticketnetwork . Can anyone answer this.

    • Mari, to the best of my knowledge, tickets from the official site or Ticketmaster through presale are the standard price. Adam is not gouging us, and all the tickets are reasonable. Every other site is gouging, whatever people will pay. I tried to get seats for Sacramento, CA and couldn’t on the day of the presale. When I checked other sites, bleacher or standing seats were $183 for the cheapest. Despite the attempt of places like ticketmaster to prevent companies or people from buying a bunch of tickets for resale, it is still happening in huge numbers. Any of the sold out venues have tickets available from these gougers. I saw tickets for the Nokia theater, standing general admission for over $1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, if you see tickets advertised for more than $35-50, they have been bought for resale. Hope this helps. Aloha, Holly

      • MarilynS says:

        Yes, I did pay more (got gouged) but I didn’t buy soon enough and still wanted good seats…and it’s all worth it to see Adam!!

  10. vicki w says:

    What about the Atlanta, Georgia area??? Adam, we love you here, too!!! Does anyone know if more dates will be added?

  11. Anyone going to Wilkes Barre??? Can’t wait for Adam’s first Glam Nation concert!!!!

    • Evette #419 says:

      I’m a little behind in my e-mails, but yes I am going to Wilkes-Barre. I am so excited I feel like I’m gonna die!! How did people make it through the AI tour last year w/o fainting?!?!??!?! I can’t believe W-B is the first date on his first solo tour. That is memorable. I heard he’s rehearsing at the theater this week. Wonder if he is here yet. I feel like I’m gonna die!!

      • I’m so excited to be going to his first Glam Nation concert! Do you know anything about the theatre? Do they ever do meet n greets?

      • Evette #419, I wanted to attend the concert in Wilkes- Barre, but my daughter and her husband, who live in PA, are doing something different that night. I live in NJ and I thought how great it would be to go to Wilkes- Barre. I had to settle for NYC on June 22nd.
        Have a great time and don’t pass out, whatever you do. And, please don’t die!!

  12. hey friend i wish i could come out and see the show i know it’s goning 2 b hot i (love) u friend stay up

  13. Any word on Adam coming to western Canada! River Rock rocked my world…I neeeeeed more!!!

    • adamfan says:

      I was hoping for another Vancouver concert – River Rock was unbelievable!
      And I know Adam and the band loved it too.
      It seems like the dates near Seattle and CA are all booked. Maybe we can hope
      for something in Sept. – I can’t stand the wait!!

      • jnellie says:

        He’ll be at the Puyallup Fair just outside Seattle on Sept. 21st. Pre-sale June 2nd. Think that might be the closest he gets.

      • yah i had a crappy time getting tickets for the Seattle show but finally got them on stubhub for 66 a piece didn’t have any problems with the puyallup fair presale though didn’t get front row seats but didn’t get bad ones either.. .also people on adam’s official site might have extra tickets if anyone still needs them =)

  14. fabulousfilly says:

    You have the Charlotte, NC show down for the wrong date. It is July 2nd, Not Aug. 2nd.

  15. This is kind of a silly question, but still within subject….with all of these dates and state-hopping, is he flying or bussing (sp)? Just curious.

    • adamfan says:

      Not a silly question, Venus – I was wondering the same thing.

    • There is a great story out there of a fan who saw Adam in concert in Vancouver and then flew to Vegas with her husband for the weekend. She was shocked to see Adam walk on the plane and seat himself three rows ahead of her.
      So no he doen’t fly business and sometimes these kind od tours are done by bus….
      Of course he totally deserves to fly business!

    • tweeterpie says:

      It MAY be a little late to answer, but in case you haven’t found out the answer yet…Here goes…His band, dancers, and crew, along with himself of course, are all traveling in HUGE busses. I heard the first set of busses were going to be replaced with bigger and bettter ones even though they looked good to me. Sasha, one of the dancers, showed video of the inside of the bus. Hope that helps answer your question.

  16. OMG!! OMG!! I’m about to die! They have finally set a date for Indy!!! That’s only about 30 minutes from me if I’M the one driving!! Now I have to call tomorrow to find out when the tickets go on sale since we missed the Columbus Ohio concert due to them selling out! 🙁 I LOVE you Adam!! And I have the Ellen show taped that you were on looking HOT AS HELL as ALWAYS!! SEXY little dance moves too!! WOO-HOO!!

    Can’t wait for the concert!!! 🙂

    Mistress Lambert…one can always dream 🙂

  17. patricia Pearce says:

    I wrote Irena since she remarked on the Raleigh concert but am unsure if my note goes directly to her or through you so I’ll repeat that I live in Chapel Hill NC and am looking for anyone in the area who is going to the concert to get tickets since I’m inexpert at that-(I’ll send cash or check that day)-and to drive my car which seats 3 passengers comfortably-four with a squeeze. I don’t care about the price, the time we leave, meetings with fans or not——–whatever. If no-one wants to risk buying a ticket for me and being paid I’ll buy my ticket as long as I can find someone to drive because this former blondie is dangerous on the roads and gets lost despite having a GPS. Pu leeeeeze someone get this old gal out to the most exciting event of my long life and I saw an Elvis concert when I swore nobody would ever be better than him. Wrong!!!!


  18. delibel (Nederland) says:

    Hello everyone,wish I could go to one of his concert,s but I live in Holland.
    Maybe in the fall he come,s to Europa I dont now.
    But I will say that the tickets sail is in Holland just so bad as over there.
    By the real good ticketsales bureau,s there alls old out sometimes befor they opend?? how is that possible??so you have to go elswear and pay a lot of money for it.Still I would pay it to see Adam but it is sad for people that cannot pay for that.There most be a law to forbit those sales,but that is hard becous people keep an buy this tickets so as I,becous you whant to see your IDOL.

    SO goodluck everyone My heart is whit you and I hope you all can see our ADAM.
    (please try to get it on video for us that cannot go please we will be so thankfull)
    LOVE and LIGHT from HOLLAND for all the ADAM LAMBERT FANS.

  19. Beaglewoman says:

    Ticket prices are about 30-70 per show depending on the venue. I paid $40 for KY and $69 for Mystic Lake. I know the ML tickets were that price from the beginning as I checked ticket prices through Mystic Lake long before they went on sale. I’m going to two concerts already and now Clowes Hall in IN was just announced – what to do!!! I live about 45 min from Clowes Hall…..hmmmm.

    Glamb 611

    • Oh, I understand you completely! We were in the same position. First it was Mahomen that wer found out the dates for, and decided to venture out, and then Mystic Lakes, and later we found out that he will be right in our home town… So, what do we do? Go to all three of cause!

  20. I am attending the concert in Tampa and hoping for another to come near N. Florida. I am leader of the Florida Glambs and our group plans to get together for dinner on Friday night, 9/17. If you want to join us, please email me at so that I can get a count for the restaurant and give you the details. We also hope to tailgate at the stadium on Saturday before the game, around 2:00pm. If you want to stop by, please feel free. The more the merrier.

    • Lisa, A friend and I are attending in Tampa and we would love to meet Glamberts. Maybe you can fill me on how they are going to set the stage up. We have tickets lst seat behind the dugouts. I was so nervous when I purchased them that they were in the wrong place.

      I am getting more excited by the week now, then it will go to days, then hours, etc…

      So, count us in, and e-mail me with the location. THanks, Thanks, Thanks, Joan

  21. kd23morgan says:

    Just a note…you skipped July 2nd, The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC….My daughter, her best friend and I are going to that one….Soooooooooo excited!!

  22. charlotte says:

    Hi Everyone, Is anyone planning a Meet and Greet for Costa Mesa, July 28th?? Charlotte

  23. good vibes to you all on your Adam concerts. i am from the UK and cant believe I am in florida when he is there but I am going on a cruise!) so cant get to venue and back in time – gutted!.However I am waiting for the news of the UK tour in the autumn? I saw the bootilicous Adam at Heaven in london when he was here, so have had an Adam fix recently but am really waiting for the real deal later this year! keep me posted if anyone hears of the UK dates

  24. adams wench says:


    San Diego show- what PRE GAME are you throwing a party for
    before the Coopley Hall concert. i am confused

  25. DEE #458 says:


    • Dee,
      You’re in the northeast, right? Two of us are going to Starland Ballroom and Dutchess Stadium. We tried for Nokia on two different sale dates and couldn’t get them even though we were online and on the phone at the right time. We paid a fortune for the Starland tix through a resale site. Dutchess was easy, presumably because there are so many other performers as well. How did you manage to get tickets to FIVE concerts?? ‘Which 5 are you going to?

      I agree with what others said above — tickets appear to be sold out instantly! How do people get these “presale” codes?

      • You ahve to be a member of the Asam Official website and sign up to receive emails.

        • Well I definitely was in a hurry sending that one out with weird spelling mistakes…

          • I knew what you maent even wiht the spelling misteaks…;-) thanks for the info. I’ll sign up.

  26. Glambertgirl1 says:

    Does anyone know the presale code for the SD concert?

  27. AnitaFromAtlanta says:

    vicki w, I’m with you! I hope he comes to Atlanta. I have my fingers crossed. I wonder how we could make that request through his management? Anyone know?

  28. I have two tickets I would like to give away for the Shooting Star Casino concern on the 11th of June. I am not ery computer literate, so not sure how this could all work. We have four tickets and only need two … but I don’t want to have two seats vacant for Adam! Any thoughts on how to give them away? Thanks!

    • I e-mailed you.

      • Fernado,
        Is there any chance he is coming to Texas at all???? any where close to Texas. I thought I saw a show listed before for Oklahoma City but did not see it listed above. Is it sold out. If not coming to Texas I would love to go to Oklahoma City for his show there if there are people in the DFW area.

        can contact me at

        IWish I lived by the Glama in NC we could go and I’d drive for her…I am on the road all the time for Elvis shows…yep it was Elvis all the way until Adam came into our lives!
        I will be in Memphis Aug ust 11-14, and gone again August 20-22
        Please send that boy to Texas I missed the AI tour last year.

  29. lamamasita says:

    I’m going to the Bethlehem Musikfest concert on August 13. It’s not listed as a Glam Nation Tour, so does that mean it’s something different?? Also, originally it was to start at 7:00 PM and now it says 3:30. What is up with that???

    • I noticed that it was not part of the Glam Nation tour as well. I thought maybe that’s because his appearance — even though a separate, ticketed event — is still part of the larger multi-day Musikfest, so perhaps it can’t be billed as part of his tour. This is similar to KFest at Dutchess Stadium; Adam is just one of many performers. For that, you buy a ticket for the entire day, not just Adam. Boo hoo…I’d take a whole day of Adam alone!! I bet we’ll sit there for 6 hours waiting for Adam to come on!!

  30. felicia says:

    My mom and I are going to the concert august 12th at the tower theatre in upper darby and I was wondering if anyone knows if Adam plans to have meet and greets at any of the concerts..Thanks :0) I cannot wait for this tour

  31. I asked someone at work today what she thought about tickets selling out so quickly. She said,” It’s a business. Even many years ago people worked out deals with the concert promoters allowing them early access to ticket sales. I have a relative who did this for a living.”

  32. Doryan Jarrell says:

    Just FYI — If you need to resell your tickets, a lot of sites do not allow E tickets to be listed, only hard stock tickets. I found this out the hard way when I tried to sell some tickets (E tickets) I have for Costa Mesa. The only site I found that allows E tickets to be listed is Stubhub and they have a higher commission rate.

  33. Deb #606 says:

    San Diego tickets officially go on sale this Saturday, but “fan club” members can pre-order them on Wednesday. How does that work? How do we get a password?

  34. hotlantagirl1 says:

    Does anyone know the presale code for tomorrow’s Nashville tickets? Weeks ago I signed up for all subscriptions and emails and given my cell # on the Adam Official site and have not yet received anything from them. I’m VERY nervous… Help, please, please, please.

  35. Hi out there! My other couple just cancelled, so I have two tickets to the Royal Oak Theatre show in Royal Oak, MI. Are there any Michigan Glamberts who need tickets? ONLY FANS! I paid $35.00 plus a $10 ticket fee so I will pass them along to a true fan for $45.00 each. Also, are there any pre-concert gatherings for that show? There are lots of great restaurants in Royal Oak, it would be fun to have one! Let me know.

  36. KO's smiling says:


  37. PaulaGlam says:

    Email sent to me today by Adam’s Official Site, I am a member at his site.
    Below are all the cities that tickets come up for sale today and the password I will give it out if contacted directly via email.
    let me know if you needs me email for the password.

    Tickets Available at 10AM Today!

    New pre-sales for Adam’s upcoming tour with Orianthi and Allison Iraheta start today at 10AM local time in each market!

    As a thank you for signing up to his official newsletter, Adam is giving you the first chance to purchase tickets during an exclusive pre-sale window!

    To purchase your tickets, click the TICKETS link next to any of the following tour dates & use the password: @#^^*))*^%$ ( Had to hide the password)

    Date City Venue Tickets
    7/7 Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium Tickets
    7/30 San Diego, CA Symphony Hall Tickets
    8/16 Concord, NH Capitol Center for the Arts Tickets
    8/17 Providence, RI Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel Tickets
    8/28 Raleigh, NC Memorial Auditorium Tickets
    9/21 Puyallup, WA Western Washington Fair Tickets

    • Deb #606 says:

      Have been trying all morning to purchase tickets for SD show…including the password.
      Anyone having any luck? This is frustrating at best.

      • danagram says:

        I started trying at 10 sharp and tried for 30 min. Nothing came at at all. Does not make sense to me.

    • The password is sleepwalk but most pre-sale tickets were gone 30 minutes into it. Check the links above on this page tomorrow and you’ll be able to get the regulat tickets.

  38. PaulaGlam says:

    Anybody here going to Portland’s “Crystal Ballroom”?
    Adam will love this venue!!! he mentioned today the theme of his Glam Nation Tour and on his list he included a Crystal Ball visual reference, he will get his inspiration at Crystal Ballroom in Portland for sure!!!!! 🙂

    Adam Lambert: The Billboard Cover Story

    The 2009 “American Idol” runner-up told that his show is “visually inspired by turn-of-the-century New Orleans…a kitschy, glam, voodoo, crystal ball, black magic kind of look [with] a lot of psychedelic, classic rock visual references.

    OOOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGG, I can’t wait too much longer for July 21st……………

    • I am soooo jealous!! I tried to get Portland tix, but it was sold out in hours (so the rep at the Crystal told me) and I just cant afford scalper prices. If anyone has tickets they cant use, PLEASE let me know!!!

    • retrogrrrl says:

      I’m going to the Portland show & I thought the same thing when I went to their website. It would be the PERFECT place for “Down the Rabbit Hole!” I’m also going to the Seattle show & just got my Puyallup Fair ticket today. Also seeing Lady GaGa in my hometown of Tacoma in August. Summer is gonna ROCK!

      • awesome retro girl i’ll be at both the seattle show and the puyallup show can’t wait!

  39. dawn myers says:

    I’m Soooo excited ,can’t hardly contain myself.Have tickets for Midland on July 15th.Does anyone know about a meet and greet!!!

  40. Hey Vicki and Anita we are from the Atlanta Area as well. We are really hopeing he will come:0) But just in case for some reason he didn’t we have tickets for Knoxville, It was the closest and the next Best Thing;0) Still keeping fingers crossed for Atlanta;0)

  41. Hey felicia, Adam did mention in a recent Interview that HE WILL BE DOING M&G FOR THE FANS;0)I think it might be before the show starts:0)

  42. AnitaFromAtlanta says:

    Hi, Kym,
    I haven’t given up hope either that Adam will come to Atlanta although admittedly I am getting nervous. I tried to get tickets to Nashville yesterday and this morning (internet presale – different password than yesterday) and no luck. Hopefully I can get them tomorrow morning when tickets go on sale to the general public. Did you go to his concert in Indio? It was SPECTACULAR!

  43. I’m gonna try to get a ticket for the Wichita show on July 16 at the Cotillion, is there a presale or any info on how to get the best seat? I’ll be driving from Texas and this was the shortest distance to drive, email me at Thanks.

  44. Jane Y. says:

    I’m trying to get tickets to Clifton Park, NY on 8/23. announced the pre-sale is 6/9. But this concert is not listed on AO or this site. Does anyone know if this is still on? How do I get the pre-sale code?

  45. Just to let you know there’s a slight correction to the schedule. Adam’s concert in Staten Island is on Tuesday, August 24, not August 26, and it’s at the St. George Theatre, not George Theatre. They confirmed that tickets are not on sale yet.

  46. Jeanne D says:

    I couldn’t hold out hope any longer that Adam will come to me in AZ, so I will go to him in
    San Diego… my tix yesterday!! I am so excited, gotta get my glam on! Seems so long from now. Who’s going to the show in San Diego on July 30th? I think I read there will be a pre-show gathering outside theater, anyone know about it?

    • Hi Jeanne, yes we will host a party before the concert. Since it is pretty far away still I will rather post all details around July 15th.

  47. I agree with Glamma. Adam is better then anyone I have seen in my 61 years. I’m from Texas and
    I will go see him if he comes here.Hopefully, he will.

  48. Mardella says:

    I am going to the Atlantic City show at Borgata Casino on June 26. I am SO EXCITED!! Does anyone know how I can find out if and when Adam will have meet and greets. Hoping it is on Saturday sometime since I will probably get to Atlantic City early evening on Friday.

  49. My daughter invited me on a mimi vacation to SF (live No Calif) for a weekend. Will see her tomorrow and see if she would like to change this plan for a night in Lincoln at Thunder Valley and hopefully a room there. While she perfers Country, she does think Adam special. Not a nut like her mother, but I basically keep my wild enthusiasm somewhat to myself. (except on this web site.) Can’t hurt that we can also play a little blackjack while we wait. The two of us use to go to Vegas often so have seen lots of shows–bet they can’t hold a candle to GlamNation tour. Truth be told I am too damn old for this, but decided to not let that stop me. So I’ll cross my fingers–even will pay for the trip!

    • Got two tickets to Thunder Valley. My daughter(surprisinly) as excited to see Adam as I am. Casino hotel already booked, but Holiday Inn down the road still had room. They have a shuttle to Thunder Valley, so all set. Only GA tickets now available. Are others in the Glamfamily meeting before the concert in any particular place? Thought it would be fun to say hello. Our alternative was to go to San Francisco which is an equal distance from me. San Francisco should be real fun as I imagine Adam’s friends will hold a Gay Pride event in his honor and be glammed to the max and out in force. Being a native San Franciscian, we know how to throw a party. By the by, Scalpers are selling M&G to SF concerts for $2,000 and up. And knowing my fellow Frisco people, they will pay the price.

  50. Adamisamazing says:

    I am from Arizona, and like Jeanne D., I couldn’t take the chance of missing his Glam Nation Tour. I don’t think he will make it to AZ this time. So, I lucked out and got tickets for San DIego instead. They are far back and on the right side, but I am getting to see this magnificient man! Just breathing the same air as him is good enough for me. My best friend and I are going together. We’re flying in for one night for the concert. I didn’t go to the pre-concert Glam party at Fantasy Springs because I thought there would just be teeny boppers, and I would feel out of place. But, come to find out, that isn’t the case. I am definitely not a teenager, so my friend and I will try to stop by and meet some of the Glambs before the concert. It sounds like fun. I haven’t been this excited about an entertainer…well, ever! I just love him so much. And, he does have the greatest fans as evidenced on this Web site. Does anyone know if he will have a meet and greet in San Diego?

    • Adamisamazing says:

      To clarify, I love that Adam has fans of all ages! Teenagers, 20-40 year olds. And 50+. I just thought I was one of the few older fans that he had. But, I have been enlightened. Hope to see all ages at his show and at the pre-event. We have one common interest that bonds us all. Love that trailer, too!

    • Jeanne D says:

      Hey Adamisamazing, glad you’ll be in San Diego!! Email me at to let me know where you will be staying. We’re driving, but maybe can hook up there. I am also on right side back 🙂 but hopefully with this small venue all seats are good.

      • Adamisamazing says:

        Hi Jeanne D, Thank you – you sound great! Will see you and the rest of the Glambs at the pre-event party. My friend loves Adam, but not obsessively like me. Since I don’t want to push it, I will just meet you and the Glambs at the pre-event party. Like you said, hopefully our seats will still provide a good view. See you and the rest of the Glambs and fans in San Diego in less than 50 days; but whose counting? 😉

  51. Just want you all to know Adam is coming to St. Louis MO after all!!! He will be at the Pagent at 8PM Sunday night August 8th!!! Got my tickets!!!! Ya-ba-da-ba-do!!!!!!!! Thanks for this site! I’ve been following you and our Adam since early 2009!! Yes, from the beginning!! I’m just a “silent” member!

  52. Doryan Jarrell says:

    Re selling tickets on Stubhub, Ticketnetwork, etc.– So far I have had no luck selling my extra tickets on any off these sites. I have tickets for 7/27 and 7/28 in Costa Mesa and also tickets for Puyallup Fair on 9/21 and Portland on 7/22. Very surprised that I have not sold any of these extra tickets yet! If anyone is interested, contact me at

  53. Hey Anita, Yes we were at fantasy springs it was Amazing:) We were hanging out with some of the Glamily:) It was a Great show:) I just wish we could have gotten a little closer to Adam:)

  54. Adamisamazing says:

    Adam is coming to AZ on August 1! So, I’ll see him in San Diego, and hopefully my home state as well two days later! Plus, he has some TX dates for those interested. He has added a bunch of concert dates. But, I’m so excited! Now, I have to go out and get another glittery top! He is a man of his word. He said in interviews, that there will be more dates coming. I wasn’t patient enough, but two concerts is better than one anyway! Looking forward to seeing my superstar Adam in July and August!

  55. AnitaFromAtlanta says:

    Atlanta ladies, I guess you now know that Adam is coming to Atlanta on Sept. 14. WOO HOO!! The ticket presale starts today at 10:00AM. I found out about the concert yesterday and could hardly concentrate on work. And, when I was in Kroger last night his WWFM played! Yesterday was an exciting day!!! 🙂 Kym, I’m glad you got to experience Fantasy Springs, too. It was so HOT.

  56. Seems the venue for the 8/23 concert has been changed from Clifton Park NY to Albany NY at The Palace Theater. There’s supposed to be another presale for this venue tomorrow. Today’s code was LOVE2010. I got orchestra seats at the Palace for $30.50; guess they’re honoring the original price that was offered at the Northern Lights GA venue.

    Sorry Northern Lights, but you’re just not big enough to hold all the Glambs clamoring for tickets. Hope everyone who bought tix for Clifton Park can make it to down to Albany; we’ll have a great time!!

  57. Adam has added several new dates! AZ and TX and many more! Let’s all get tickets and have a “sold out” concert everywhere he goes. That will speak volumes! Got my presale code today and had tickets immediately after they went on sale. Hope this list is updated soon and people are reminded that this is the official Glam Tour forum. Anyway, good luck all!

  58. Adamisamazing says:

    Yes, there are plenty more dates and venues that could be added to this site. I just found out by accident that he was coming to my state. There may be others that aren’t checking his official Web site. Just a heads up!

  59. Jennifer says:

    Hi All – ADAM was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Amazing last night in NYC. What a GLAMAZING show…….

    I have tickets for Foxwoods as well… YAY!

    BUT – I also have 2 GA tix for Atlantic City that I am now unable to use – anyone interested? Will sell at cost. Email me at


  60. AnitaFromAtlanta says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a Nashville ticket I won’t be able to use. Please email me if you’re interested in getting it (at cost).

    I hope everyone has a Glamtastic day today. 🙂

  61. For those who haven’t seen the glam tour it’a MUST! He is incredible.