Glam Nation Tour-Rolando’s Summer 2010 Recap

This is the cutest video done to the song, “I’ve had the time of my life!!”.
It is THE perfect song AND video to sum up all of our feelings from this summer of GLAM.
I just watched it twice because I am addicted to Adam’s cute little face all sparkly and smiley!!! There are some great memories from this summer of love thanks to Adam and the gang. Thanks also to suz526 for capturing these beautiful memories for all of us to enjoy…



  1. I loved this! It’s going right into my favorites! What a magical summer seeing these videos of Adams concerts–and I appreciate all of you for making this possible!!!

  2. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    I can’t help it; he always makes me smile! Such joy in everything Adam does! What a wonderful Adam summer we have all shared!

  3. adamlover51 says:


  4. Holly Glamb #676 says:

    Wow, wow, double wow!! Thanks so much for sharing this Rolando!

  5. Miss Molly says:

    Sorry. Not into the gay man on straight man (yeah. right.) kissing. No need to watch any more.

  6. Lamchops50 says:

    This video is a treasure! It brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. For those who may not have seen it yet, there’s a great written interview with Suz526 by FifthHouseSun. I don’t have the link but you can google and find it.

  7. Great video. Adam’s smile is so amazing.

  8. Thanks for this video…..This is so old my saying this but,..I still can’t believe what a beautiful person Adam is, I am so amazed still just what a wonderful performer he is, he still brings the same feelings out in me that he brought the first time that I heard him sing, you would think that some of those feelings had faded but, NO they have only gotten stronger! What a guy!

  9. Simply put……..MAGNIFICENT!! Suz thanks for the memories…..

  10. Too much sexual act on stage. Adam you don’t need to do these act you are good as is.

  11. Thank you for capturing what was an incredible summer. This has been my daily “go-to” site all summer long and this post truly is the icing on what has been a delicious treat. I was fortunate enough to see two concerts and meet Adam before one of them. The US GlamNation Tour was a heck of a ride and just pure fun. Quite simply, yup, I’m a fan for life. Suz526 thank you for the videos and to the rest of the creative gang – sincere thanks for the considerable effort it takes to keep this site going. Kudos!!

  12. carmen #395 says:

    What a GREAT video! Thanks to all who made it possible for us Adam lovers to relive his every move. Adam is such a genuinely sweet and talented guy. I will always love him.

  13. Rolando D’camera , you are a very perceptive film-maker ! You summarised the Glam Nation Tour bringing out the best parts . I can recollect every part of it .
    Do a DVD on Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Tour and his AI performances in one package . You will be a billionaire, are you , already ?

  14. LatinaAdamLambertLover says:

    What an awesome fun tour recap!

  15. Rolando – agreed! Please do a full DVD and tell us where to send the money! Thanks for your considerable effort and talent in pulling this together. Is anyone else wishing summer could happen all over again?!

  16. I agree with what everyone has had to say, what a wonderful recap! I went to 3 of Adams concerts and he is truly amazing! So anxious for the opportunity to be able to meet him when he comes back home. Can’t wait till next year and all the new experiences we’re going to share……….And Sue, thank you once again for all the effort you have put into bringing Adam into our homes!

  17. Kathleen Bernhardt says:

    I agree do a DVD WE all will ge it. You should be rich for all the joy you have given to all of us. I also know it must give you so much joy seeing Adam so much. Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. kat23mogan says:


  19. This contiues to be my favorite site for everything Adam and I truly appreciate all the hard work Suz526 put into capturing Adam’s concerts (now, can you really say that was work? Great perks!). And, for everyone behind keeping this site current and running, you’re doing an amazing job. Just maybe I’ll be able to survive until Adam’s next concert tour. My bags are packed.

  20. ny sunshine says:

    WOW……once again lots of love to suz526 for faithfully sharing all the wonderful pictures of adam……and of course to the film maker……….adam has given me a glorious summer.such a wonderful beautiful man!!……….he deserves all the happiness and love we can give him!……………..

  21. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    Okay… does anyone else think it’s absolutely freaking wrong to watch Adam and listen to that song at the same time? It’s kind of freaking me out… dear god I don’t think I ever listened to this song all the way through even when it was out the first time.

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      Timing is a funny thing, dear Lila. Apparently you and I were writing our comments at the same time and when I finished mine, yours came up too. I was not referring to you when I talked about somewhat negative comments [esp. since I hadn’t even read it yet!] and sometimes I do find it odd to listen to others sing while watching Adam, but, lately there have been a few really good ones [Joan Jett singing “I Love Rock N Roll” while ADAM ROCKS is one, in my mind!] and this one just felt like such a celebration and a TRIBUTE!! And, yeah, that is one long song but I got to watch Adam and the gang the whole time…Not Bad! Love ya!

  22. Princessshakeitup says:

    I am overwhelmed by this and will watch it over and over and give THANKS! [plus, it’s fun to sing along!] For the few of you who have somewhat negative comments…you are more than entitled to your opinions but, please, not here. and not after such a beautiful gift Rolando gave us all! This is a place to CELEBRATE ADAM!!!!

    LOVE TO ALL who come here to celebrate with me…YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

    • Miss Molly says:

      Adam is a fantastic singer and performer and we wouldn’t even be looking at this site if we didn’t appreciate what he brings to the stage and want to follow his career BUT that doesn’t mean we cannot speak our mind. If something doesn’t sit right with us, we have a right to say so. IT IS GROSS to watch these two makin’ out ONLY because one of them claims to be straight. Rock and Roll my a$$. He likes it and I would respect him a whole lot more if he just admitted that he WAS GAY!! Is Tommy going along with it because he needs the gig? That is no different than any one of us letting our boss grope us on the job to stay employed. Is that behavior you embrace and condone? All I can say is Rolando must be gay as well. What heterosexual man would repeat that scene as much as he did. Just NOT necessary. Ruined the “celebration” for me.

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        Well, then, excersising my right to disagree…I couldn’t disagree with you more!

      • Um… isn’t “Rolando” The name Suz526 gave to her camera??? I thought it was quite witty and all in fun. Aw, Shame the kissing ruins the fun for you because you are right, *HE IS fantastic. (as is the video, I hope you can skip past that part & enjoy the rest?)
        I do see your point IF that’s what was happening, but I Don’t think Tommy’s going along with it for any other reason than he enjoys it, thye’re having fun and *the audience goes wild. They get a great reaction and continue to do it ‘cos most of the fans enjoy it….

  23. DVD would be great, we realy need one. Awesome videos. Thanks.

  24. Thank you so much Suz! I bet Adam is also grateful because you provided a vehicle to bring him, his talent and his message to the masses worldwide, thereby spreading the word of Adam. I think you can take some credit of making him wildly popular. Seriously, how can you not want to see him in person after watching one of Suz’s great videos?



  27. I love this video.Great job Suze!!!!!!!!!!!!Brings back memories of this summer.for those of you that have negative things to say.Why watch? This is who Adam is.This is part of his show.Many things were said about Elvis in the 50’s [dating myself] but he was more loved than not as is Adam.He is a very sexy and sensual man.Personally speaking for myself and i,m sure alot of other people.He is loved and adored everywhere.

  28. Glamourclamor says:

    I had the time of my life watching this epic video. Thank you so very much Suz for your hard work throughout this summer of love. The whole Adam experience would not be anything like what it was without your awesome videos, whether we replayed the shows we saw or just watched all the others like it was our first time to see this beautiful man. I truly hope you will continue with this great work you do. Perhaps someday you can become Adam’s personal videographer. BTW your song choice was perfect, perfect, perfect.

  29. Thanks a million. What a great job. Adam is near and dear to my heart. He brings out things from within that makes your heart smile. The energy around him is contagious and spreads like wildfire. He makes you feel good to be alive. What a wonderful performer and I can’t w for ait till his return. Everyone pray for he and his bands safety while abroad.

  30. Isnt Rolando the name Suz526 gave to her camera. Suz also said she cannot do DVDs and sell them as it brings all the copyright laws into it.
    Theere is a great interview with her posted on Adam Lambert 24/7.. a few links back.

  31. Hi efveryone! I’ve been holed up in a cave doing schoolwork and haven’t seen much of anything else all week. But I saw this video and I was just about to post it when I saw that Sue already beat me to it! I LOVE IT!!!!
    This is the finest video I’ve seen capturing all the excitement, joy, sexiness, thrill, naughtiness, and pure ecstasy of this summer’s North American Glamnation Tour. I know you’ve all taken the ride with me, whether you’ve been at any of the shows or not. For those of you that I met in person, it’s been so much fun! You’ve become some of my closest friends. Through the excellent videos, we’ve all been there. After watching this, doesn’t it make you feel like you’ve been to summer camp, and now it’s over? No way, it was just a warm up! I can hardly wait to see what’s to come!!
    Love you,
    Carol, Glamb #7

  32. Thank you Suz for your hard work to provide us with Adam fix. This was fantastic as always, it put a big smile on my face and laughed out loud at the end. Adam is a total package of sexiness,sweetness and everything else that is good in life. Thank you Suz for all the coverage of our ROCK GOD. LOVE ADAM MORE NOW THEN EVER.

  33. A W E S O M E ! WOWOWOWOW! Really captured the amazing feeling of excitement and cellebration that Adam brought to us… exhilerating to live it all over again… think even if you weren’t able to attend a concert, you get a great feeling of what it was like from this…
    omg. lol… I think I’m in LOVE with ROLANDO! It was a bit odd to hear this song with Adam images, but captures the feeling perfectly… WONDERFUL images and editing. ( think FYE would work well too but totaly undertand why Suz chose this song).
    SUZ526, Thank you SO MUCH for all you did to record these wonderful moments, & beautiful images and share them with the world, I was at 1 of the concerts you were at, (Hampton Bch) I wish I knew so I could have met you in person to thank you. This is a wonderful memior and tribute to an amazing Artist who gave us an incredible summer…
    Thank you SUZ526, Thank you SueGlam#10 for always searching out and finding wonderful things for us to enjoy. This site will always be my favorite place to play! =D

  34. Mary at the Lake says:

    Adam has had the time of his life this summer and so have we, and a big part of that was provided to us by Suz526 and her dedication to Adam and his career…I don’t know how she does it, but I am so grateful to her…And I know that she is appreciative of the many fans who have helped her in her quest to film and share as many concerts as she possibly could..still a few to go!!! She says Adam’s fans are the best, and I certainly believe that…After all, I’m one of them!!!! LOL!!!

    Just a few thoughts about a few comments regarding the “kissing” that takes place sometimes during Fever…I do feel that Adam is taking his career in the direction that he feels is what works for him right now…And I’m pretty sure that Tommy is a willing participant in all aspects of the show, including the kissing…I cannot imagine that Adam, being who he is, sensitive to others feelings, etc., would force Tommy to do something that he didn’t feel comfortable doing…And Tommy is straight..It’s “show biz”…I recently read in an interview with Adam, that Adam and Tommy know the kissing is something that most of the fans are very happy to watch, and find it , well,…so that’s one of the reasons they do it…Its part of the song interpretation and its just fun…Adam likes to tell a story with his music, and its part of the story..I know its not everyone’s favorite part of the show…but its only a very brief and small moment in the whole scheme of things…so take the parts that you like and enjoy them..and don’t watch the video above if it makes you uncomfortable..And for those who would like to watch a really sweet and slightly tear-inducing video, check out “Adam Lambert-Aftermath Tribute (the dream came true)” on Youtube..its a fan-made video that is really special, and celebrates Adam’s journey from Idol to present….Very beautiful…I am so glad that Adam Lambert has come into our lives and that Suz526 has been the Ultimate Fan, along with Sue, Carol, Lila and all of the other people who keep this site going…Thanks to all!

  35. Adamesque says:

    AMAZING!!!! I smiled the whole way through. Thank you so much!

  36. gran4adam says:

    So many smiles in one place…just what Adam’s fans want….thank you so much for the pure joy of reliving some of his experiences.

  37. Cudos to you for your dedication to this effort. I hope that it will enable you to be closer to Adam’s management in some way so you can continue, but perhaps with a paycheck. Appreciate all you do.


  39. Cyndy Overgaag says:

    I love Suz’s other nom de video.. Rolando as one fan let us in on . I am surprized at all the displeasure with the whole Adommy kissing montage. That is one of the many, many highlights of the show. Tommy and Adam kissing is part of Fever, choreographed just like everything else in the show to perfection. I was at a more family oriented show in Cohassett, MA fabulous because it was in a tent, close up , with the stage revolving, so we got to see the band from every angle. I will never forget Longineu with his dreads in pigtails. When the kissing part came with Tommy, they merely leaned against each other , no kiss, appropriately so, given the younger members of the audience…quite the contrast from the infamous kissing going on at Lupo’s in Providence. RI which I also attended a few days before. As others have said… the crowd loves that interaction between Adam and Tommy and they tone it up or down depending on the crowd. It illustrates the whole message of the tour, enjoy the moment…have fun, don’t you remember Love the One Your With?…neo hippie man,! As mentioned… Adam has said that from the first spontaneous kiss on the AMA’s Tommy thought it was funny and didn’t mind at all. Clearly he is enjoying the special status he has for being a good sport as Adam’s ‘pretty- kitty”.
    As to the choice of The Time of Our Lives as the music to the video…PERFECT! As soon as the first notes started I was so excited. This song holds a special place in my heart as I danced with Patrick Swayze long ago and of course we will forever associate him with Dirty Dancing and that song. From one dirty dancer to another Adam and Patrick. Patrick “Buddy” was also a mega talented and yet, down to earth, sweet man who was devoted to his family and friends, like Adam. Go watch To Woo Fong With Love, Julie Newmar to see the feminine side of Swayze…a fabulous film, with a strong anti-bullying message so poignant with today’s headlines. Thanks Suz, I hope Adam profiles you on his website…you deserve a place of honor!!