Glam Nation Tour-More Dates Added

I hope to make someone happy today, so check out the new dates and venues added!!
Click on the link for ALL the dates announced so far…

Baltimore, MD, Ram’s head

Washington, DC, 9:30 Club

San Francisco, CA, The Warfield

Las Vegas, NV, The Beach at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino



  1. AHHHHHH! I just got tickets for Costa Mesa for Mothers Day,I’m sure my husband probably spent too much money buying them on E-Bay.We live in Las Vegas!!!! now I see the Vegas announcement!!!
    UH OH might have to go again!!

    • Rubysmom says:

      The same thing just happnened to me, just got Costa Mesa tickets (good seats) and Vegas is only half the distance (live in Lake Havasu). Might have to go to 2 also if I can’t sell Costa Mesa, Row CC if anyone is interested!!

        • danagram says:

          I also have extra tickets for Costa Mesa on July 27. I will sell them for what I paid. I got two of them by mistake, (GLAMZIETY) and then bought two more. Than I got some better ones. I am also going on the 28.
          Don’t sell your tickets yet because the Las Vegas venue is by the pool and small. It will also be HOT HOT! If anyone is interested leave me your email

        • I’m trying to get 2 good tickets to Costa Mesa, either dates. If anyone wants to sell theirs, please email me. Thanks.

          • Libraglam says:

            I might want to sell my 2 Costa Mesa tickets on 7/28 TER SEC 2, row Q (Only IF
            I WILL BE ABLE to get tickets to Warfield San Francisco next week 5/20 ), since i live in San Jose, San Fran is closer . (Btw, i will sell for what i got $36.50 each + shipping). But, I will let everyone know by then.

    • I have tickets for Costa Mesa also. Ebay, ugh. If Adam comes to Phx though you know I’ll be at that concert also.

  2. I got my tickets for the South Shore Music Circus show in Massachusetts!!! 4th row center!!! I am so excited and I can’t wait til Aug. 20th!!!!

    • hi … please tell me how you got your tickets at South Shore Music circus? Did you phone in? I thought the lines would be busy constantly so I faxed in.

      • I faxed the request in on Friday night and Monday gave them a ring and I had tickets. I also signed up for the gold membership (100.00) to get my tickets 5 days before they go on sale to general public. I hope that helps!! Good luck!!

  3. jnellie says:

    Hope nobody minds me posting this, but didn’t know where else to put it where it would get a lot of exposure. This tweet is going around Twitter.

    Please help spread the word about the petition 4 PPV live-cast online of @adamlambert Glam Nation

  4. I am so happy for all of you who have tickets so far! I had the time of my life at River Rock…was it really only a month ago? It feels like ages. What struck me was how mesmerized by Adam I was. I was able to stand on the floor, almost centre stage, just 10 feet or so from him. As if in some sort of trance, my hand just kept reaching out to Adam…I couldn’t believe how under his spell I was. I imagine that fans at Elvis’ shows must have felt a similar energy. Adam gave us his all…he made eye contact with as many of us as he possibly could. The crowd of other “Adamholics” on the floor with me were so much fun…the energy was so positive. Adam gave me the most incredible experience and the most amazing memories. NOW, hopefully he will come back to my neck of the woods. One Adam concert in my life is just not enough. I could go again and again. For those of you who are attending Glamnation… my cheers and kind thoughts are with you! You are in for the experience of a lifetime!

    • JEANENE says:


      • Jeanene!!!!!! do you have ANY xtra tickets to the show?!?! i was online at 10 to get them tried like 20 times untill it finally said they had tickets then my mom couldn’t remember her verified by visa password and they relased my tickets!!!!! i’m soooo about to cry right now!!! i need three of them any would help if you know anyone or can help me please please please call me 360-441-3394 or email me someone please help

    • When people have real magic, love just radiates from them and we naturally are drawn to them. You described this in such a beatiful way!

  5. It looks like I did a Good Thing by getting tickets for Knoxville:)No dates for Atl:(I wonder why no Confirmations for venues in Atl? No matter I am still going toGLAM IT UP AND ROCK OUT IN KNOXVILLE:)!!

  6. Does anyone know about the Wham Bang Concert in Toronto on June 19th?
    It’s not Adam’s Glam Nation Tour. It’s a radio concert featuring Adam. IT runs from 3pm to 11pm.
    I’d hate to get tickets and then just see 10 minutes of Adam. Does anyone know anything more about
    this concert?

    • beanzie50 says:

      Phone the Molson Centre – they should have more info. I don’t think Adam will be playing as long as in other venues, as there are so many other bands playing as well. We were going to go (we live in Ottawa), but I don’t really want to see all the other groups, and then see a shortened set when it’s time for Adam…

  7. 2ND ROW CENTER!!:):) Get Ready Adam:)We are going to have some Fun:)Don’t worry guy’s video and pics will be TAKEN:)!!


  9. Ima Ramorah says:

    texas 🙁

    • buffy522 says:

      not looking good sister. Feel like we’re being “put in a box”

      • Adamisamazing says:

        I hope he comes to Arizona! But, if he came to Texas, I would consider flying there (where my family lives). Arizona has so much bad publicity right now. Probably not a hot spot for him. 🙁 I SO want to see my favorite performer of all time! My heart is aching…

  10. sue do you think there is a chance adam will go to st. louis mo around the same time as st. kansas city st. louis is about 3 hrs closer for me. thank you for the updates

  11. Ima Ramorah says:

    am unable to get to the ticket page, found a great hotel deal, and a fairly cheapo flight if he isn’t coming to texas

  12. LuvAdam476 says:

    Still no Oklahoma ……..


  13. Razmatanian says:

    Hooray…San Francisco! Thanks for the heads up, Sue.




    • JEANENE says:

      His concert is outside by the WAVE pool, which is cool, but outside, VEGAS, July 31, be prepared for HOT!!!!

      • buffy522 says:

        I have seen that site, but not with a concert. Not on the website yet. The pictures make it look like the stage is far back from the fans. Like you can’t get close. There are so many inside venues that Mandalay has….What do you think? My husband will go to Vegas in a minute. But,hmm?

  15. adamisamazing says:

    I am still hoping for Arizona! I was encouraged by these additional dates. I won’t give up hope. Very happy for the fans that got tickets. Looking forward to an Adam Lambert concert is an incredible feeling.

  16. San Diego PLEASE!!!!!

  17. Pittsburgh PLEASSSSSE!!!

    • mamasita says:

      Yes!!! Pittsburgh would be great. Although we have tickets for Bethlehem (a 5 hour drive), but for Adam, no problema. I would go again if he came here.

  18. Bought 9th row tickets to Costa Mesa, CA 07.28.10…San Francisco is so much closer! I’m in the Sacramento area…should I wait? I want a front row experience..saw him perform front row for AI Summer Tour at Arco Arena, Sacramento. Amazing live performer..eye contact made it even better!

    • Libraglam says:

      The Costa Mesa ones are Glam Nation Tour
      San Fran and Sacremento ones are Not , they are just regular concert.

      • Libraglam says:

        Oh, I just checked AO site today, the San Fran concert will be “Glam Nation Tour”.

  19. Cricket says:

    Yes,,,Please come to your town,,San Diego,,,

  20. beanzie50 says:

    Does anyone which of these dates is NOT general admission? When do they go on sale?

  21. Lee/Saline says:

    I am so looking forward to seeing Adam at the Omni in Toledo on June 8th. I do have an extra ticket which I would like to sell. I am only charging what I paid for it. If interested email me at:

  22. Is there some sort of presale code??? I know someone said something about a code. Is there some way to get this code???? I am desperate for tickets to the Kansas City date and presale is TOMORROW!!! Can any Glambert out there give me some info????

    • Go to Adam Official, register and sign up for the newsletter. That should do it. They apparently send it out JUST before the pre-sale, as in minutes before! Probably the Adam Official pre-sale one day, venue pre-sale the next day(?), and general public the next, at least that’s how it is set up in my town. Sign up at the venue too if they have that available. Hope that helps.

  23. Princessshakeitup says:

    GLAM #601 Is moving back to America just to be closer to ADAM!
    Sorry fellow Glams, you missed your big chance to buy my house in Paradise [St Kitts] and Adam never made an offer either [on the house or anything else…] but we sold it and are moving back to the United States of Glam in time to see the concert in Lansing MI and HOPING to be in Rockford IL too! Already buying wardrobe [totally inappropriate for a woman ‘my age’ of course!] and a Sister from St Kitts is coming too! Will I be able to control myself? Remains to be seen…If you read a headline after the Lansing show that says: “Crazy Old White Woman Gets Thrown out of Show after Trying to Maul Lambert”…that will be ME!!!
    OH BABY!!!!! Color Me Ready!!!

    • Stkittsperky says:

      Make that two crazy old ladies, but just ones of us actually ACTS crazy. Your guess which is which . . . Sister BTBW or Sister WLL.

      • You two crack me up with youe hardcase comments. You are so lucky to be able to see Adam.
        Now tell mePrincess you didnt REALLY sell your house for that reason did you, Mind you I can understand if you did, I would sell my house and put my life on hold for a year and move from NZ to Los Angeles just for a year to see Adam, and I would bring my Adam fan friends here with me.

        Oh well dreams are free.

    • OMG Princess you are so funny thanks for the laugh!!!

  24. KO's smiling says:

    Where are the New England venues? And, no, southern Mass is not close enough. 🙁

    • Only New England ones are at Foxwoods casino in CT, Cohasset, MA – South Shore Music Circus and Hyannis Ma at The Melody Tent. So far…. Also he is playing at the kiss 108 concert but that is not Glam Nation.

  25. is he coming to st. louis mo. please

  26. Got my tickets to Baltimore! wooooHooooo!!!

  27. sportjob4adam says:

    So I tried to get pre-sales this morning to the Washington DC and Baltimore venues and both were sold out in minutes. Later looking around the web I see any number of sites selling these tickets at premiums. Are Adam’s fans getting the tickets or are unscrupulous scalpers buying in bulk and reselling?

    Seems wrong, just saying……

  28. Wendy Freitas says:


  29. I just got my tickets for DC!!! WAHOOOOOO!!!!

  30. patricia says:

    MIAMI.PLEEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! WE’RE WAITING!!!!! M I A M I ,FLORIDA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. i posted earlier in response to a commnent but if anyone has extra tickets to the seattle show can you pleaseeeeeeeeeeee call me 360-441-3394 or email me at i need to get three tickets but if i can only get one or two i’d be more then happy

  32. Is there anyone else going to the 9:30 club in DC? It looks like it’s in an interesting part of the city… But I have to go!!!!!

  33. Is it final, no Texas or Louisiana?Please tell me there’s still a chance.