Glam Nation-Toledo, Ohio 06/08/2010

Many thanks to @LambertGlowbug for getting these videos up asap!!
I am heading off to, hopefully, have some sweet dreams of the Glam Nation excitement that awaits us all. You may not be able to see it “live”, but I assure you I will do my best to get you as much video and pictures as I possibly can.
I want you all to feel like you are there…


Music Again

Broken Open

If I Had You

Sure Fire Winners




  1. Thank you guys as usual, you are looking after us in faraway places, It Wednesday 5pm and I have been waiting all day for this time to come. Good Work!

    • Yes, thanks so much and can just a few words: OMG, ADAM JUST KILLED IT, ON WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Woo Hoo!! WLL acoustic!!!!! Here’s hoping to hear it again live at one of WA venues!

    • Yikes! Commented first, listened after……..obviously the encore! I am guessing no one could even move after that: stunned, speechless, and glued to the floor (or in a puddle on the floor)………….. …..Fabulous!!!! And now, I’m off to bed…….Sweet Dreams!

  3. libraglam says:

    Thanks so much Sue !! beautiful vids ! can’t wait…. love theAcoustic WWL….it’s different again with the one in Fatasy Spring…wonder what is gonna be when he comes to my place….oh can’t wait…
    I tried to peep in little …cuz i want to save for my concert…but sometimes just can’t help…

  4. EternalGlamNation says:

    Love the Music Again video where Tommy leans and then Adam butt bumps him away to the beat of the music! Too funny!

    WWL was chilling! Amazing how Adam can change songs up so easily. I absolutely LOVED this version. What a way to send folks home — if they could even move after the spell that Adam casts.

    Adam is not even a week into his tour and he’s already grown and matured into an even more amazing showman. I can only imagine what his evolution will be like in the coming months. What an incredibly talented and gifted man.

    I worship at the altar of all things Adam. Undying gratitude to Sue and all others for providing such easy access to our Rock God/Sex Machine. MMMMMMMMM. Unbelievable.


  5. grandjag says:

    This summer is magic just to see Adam perform…every performance is special….He is just amazingly wonderful..thanks to all who post all the videos and live streams…Love the it…

  6. OMG, all I can say about the finale is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Please sing WLL in Royal Oak next week!

    • Susan W. says:

      I hope someone can post videos from the Royal Oak concert. I wanted to go so badly. But i had to weigh possible anaphylactic shock versus going. Plus I had no one to go with. My allergies are so bad though that I would not want to saddle someone I didn’t know well with the possibility of dealing with an asthma attack or worse. Colognes, perfumes, smoke, all kinds of things set off reactions for me. Like I said though, please someone post videos from the Michigan concert if you can lol.

      • Hey ladies, I was beginning to think Glam was not spoken in Michigan! I wish you could be there Susan. My friend Lynne and I would be happy to stab you with an epi pen or race you to emergency (after the finale :}) Let me know if anyone needs a ticket. Due to our friends cancelling for a family function, we have two extra tickets. I hate to put them on stub hub (if I even knew how to do it!)

  8. There’s a radio station in philly that is giving away a chance to meet Adam if you get glamed up!!! What should i do???

  9. Victoria says:

    OMG!!!! I can’t wait for July 28 in Costa Mesa. Please, please let him do WLL again. I saw him perform this at Fantasy Springs but want more! He’s is just too incredible for words! Was anyone at the Toledo show that can tell me, if he was easier to see than in these videos? I really want to be able to see him clearly in the concert that I attend. Thanks, Sue, for posting this! You’re the best!

  10. Again thanks for the vids. Gotta take a whole lotta love holding a camera when you just want to watch this fabulous man perform A Whole Lotta Love. This was the highlight of his tour so far in a mase of highlights. What only 67 more to go? Probably have to buy a new PC and get meds for the hot flashes to get through this summer of love for the most important thing to happen to music in years–AFL!!!

  11. Just sat down for my 3:00 Adam feeding. God, you just want more! Can’t wait for Milw. I hope he does WLL there.

    • EternalGlamNation says:

      LOL! THAT is one of the funniest comments I’ve ever read. So descriptively appropriate!


  12. PaulaGlam says:

    Speechless………..Love this man!!! I will pray every day like a nun (starting today) until July 21st for the opportunity to listen Adam singing this for me, OMG OMG OMG………… I think I will never be the same if he signs this in Portland.

    • retrogrrrl says:

      Yeah Paula, and you know Portland is gonna be incredible anyway because of the venue (the Crystal Ballroom – check out their website! Trippy Hippy Hyphy Voodoo Ballyhoo!) that is going to be the PERFECT place for Adam to do Voodoo, Rabbit Hole & hopefully WLL! Can’t wait!

  13. Is there anyone who attended this concert who could comment on the lighting? Strobe lighting, lasers, flashing lights? Please?
    Is it in every song? Where does it flash at?
    How often are their strobes?
    This question is asked re: a Glambert with a previous head injury who already has tickets, but didn’t know about the lighting situation.

    • mlizglamgirl4ever says:

      hi glam fans,
      yes, i was there for the toledo concert and let me tell you it was unbelievable to see adam live. he is the most gorgeous man on this earth. he performs like no one on this planet. I was very close to the stage, having waited 6 hours before the show. it was so worth it. It was my 1st time at a GA concert. omni was a pretty small venue. the lighting for the whole show was in different colors, red for ring of fire, bluelights, and laser lights in red and green. sometimes it was a little hard to see adam through the lights. it was very hot in there, and adam even commented on the heat after he sang soaked, said soaked, soaked to the bone, then he used a towel to wipe off some of the sweat off his face, then threw the towel into the audience. Can u imagine catching that towel!!!! his outfits were fabulous!!!!All I can say is anyone going to any of the upcoming concerts you are in for an experience that you will NEVER FORGET. ENJOY ALL OF YOU GLAM FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I love the way Adam introduced his band and dancers on “If I Had You”! He seemed to be having a blast! Sue, thank you so much for sending this!

  15. OMG!!! I just watched WLL–absolutely incredible!!! What a sexy man our Adam is! He should include this song at all his concerts! Amazing vocals and sexy, sexy, sexy! We are so lucky to be watching this wonderful star!

  16. wow- cool -holy cow-mmmmmsweet-geeeezz-oohhhhhh-whooooohooooo-that was the best.

    I always admired Steve Perry of Journey and his voice (anybody watch Glee last night?)
    But Adam

    Wow- holycow-mmmmmsweet-geeezzzzz-ooohhhhhh-whooooohooooo!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh……

  17. Jane Parker says:

    Undying gratitude to you Sue for all of these fabulous videos!!
    I can not go to sleep now!!

  18. melinda#482 says:

    cried, laughed, worsheped, omg I am going to DIE when I finally see him in concert.!!!! Just kidding.

  19. melinda#482 says:

    He is totally amazing though, and I can’t wait to see him in Columbus, and Cleveland!! I just hope I can find some amazing clothes to wear!!

  20. Peggy Glamb#345 says:

    I have watched partial one here cause we see him in Council Bluffs tomorrow night and I want to be surprised…I know it takes a lot of work for Sue to do all this…I will watch when the tour is over….Got Des moines tickets today for Sept 3…This is going to be a great summer…….His voice is prefect….and his music…

  21. i love everything about the show really hot

  22. WOW ! He sang the acoustic WLL – my favorite ! I love how his body contort in unison with the beat of the song – and not to mention my own body also contorting with the beat even if seated in a chair while watching this video.
    Oh, Adam, your wonders never cease. You stimulate our nerve endings, and bring our muscles to life again, responding to the beat of your songs. You make us fall in love again. It’s not just MUSIC AGAIN, but also FALL IN LOVE AGAIN.
    I love how you bring pure passion to your music. You breeze through your songs in pure excitement, enjoyment and delight. While watching I can taste vanilla, grapes, caviar, smoked ham, roasted beef, champagne, cakes and berries – because your music is a feast ! WOW, Glam sisters isn’t he mouthwatering ? Ha-ha ! Take it from Kara Dioguardi, and “mouth-hanging too”.

    • adamfan says:

      I read one comment on utube for the WLL in Toledo that
      said “Adam was having sex with the entire audience”.
      Whew, that’s how I felt watching it (breaks out into a sweat..)

  23. he’s the best ever !!!!! that’s all, just the BEST !!!!!

  24. Adam is a real pure entertainment- nothing less! that’s why he is my ultimate idol.
    No one can compare nor compete to his greatness.

  25. WOw!!!.This man is awesome!! I thoght I had experienced all different version of all his songs but when I watched these vids I can not believe he can perform it againin a whole new way. What a performer!! I truly believe that there is no one like ADAM LAMBERT!!! He is freakin awesome LOVE HIM.

  26. OMG!!!! WLL had me spell bound!!!! He is like NO OTHER!!! Love you Adam!!!