Glam Nation- Sydney, Australia 10/20/2010

Enmore Theater, Sydney, Australia, congratulations on being the host to The Glam Nation Tour this past Wednesday, October 20, 2010!!

What a show you were able to witness… from hair pulling, to licking the back of necks, to more tongue-diving!! For those that like it HOT, this shows for you!!! Hot tamales…

No fear Adam fans, those of you that do NOT prefer to watch that kind of hotness, there is plenty of video that is just Adam doing his thang… singing like an angel. Whichever fan you are,


Adam Lambert Australia Interview- Nova 100.3FM/ KI55andTELL

Airport weirdness… I found it so here you go…

Opening Medley
VOODOO/ xtcanjel

DTRH/ROF/ xtcanjel

Fever/ mateililiana

Sleepwalker/ xtcanjel

Soaked/ erilyn

WWFM/ calleafreak
Listen to the crowd sing along!!

Aftermath/ erilyn
*Stop throwing shit up here…*

Broken Open/ erilyn

Sure Fire Winners/

Strut/ calleafreak

Music Again/ santifangrl

IIHY/ ianng…Tongue Diving Up Front and In Your Face!!

AND from the beginning…/ calleafreak

Encore/ yongtwong
20th Century Boy… Tongue Lick With Cam…

AND/ xtcanjel



  1. Glamourclamor says:

    Since I have seen these on other site, will tell you simply that Adam was on fire, and nothing was putting out the flames. It just got hotter and hotter. Think he’s been very busy censoring himself the past few shows and on the X Factor, and decided Sydney was the place to turn the volume way up. You are correct, if you offend easily watch the stripped down middle part of the show, the rest will scorch your eyeballs. I saw most of it once, and tomorrow when have more time, I will watch again, and maybe again. IIHY was epic.

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      I want my eyeballs scorched! Unfortunately I am supposed to be finishing a book for book club. I will be back for eyeball scorching SOON! Love having all the videos in one place.

      • SisterMaryMadWorld says:

        Had the choice of being down under with Adam and friends or freezing in Wisconsin, so, just had to jet off for Sydney but forgot to tell the Princess I was going solo. Sorry, Princess, but sharing didn’t work for me this time. Check out row 2. Kisses!

  2. carmen #395 says:

    Never offended by anything Adam does. I love him more and more for everything he does. He certainly WAS on fire and I loved watching every minute of it.

  3. cheryl 334 says:

    Adam is always PERFECT!!!!!!


    Peace-Love-Truth-Light-Joy-Happiness………………………..4 Adam

  4. Adamesque says:

    He has to stop doing these things or I won’t be able to watch anymore – I get too excited! LOL! Seriously, what a hot, sexy talented man! Love him!

  5. Tina Glamb#654 says:

    OMG!!! If I was the guy that got kissed, or even the girl who got her neck licked, I WOULD HAVE DIED!!! He could NEVER offend me, that’s for sure..and thanks to my dad for this laptop, so I can watch all these video’s!! WHEW GOD!!

    Tina..aka..MISTRESS LAMBERT 🙂

  6. WOW! I love him for being himself and for having a good time. Thanks for the GREAT videos.

  7. Looked forward to watching them but probably won’t. I like some sexuality but he is going overboard. I’m afraid he’ll never sing live on TV (where he gets the best exposure) if he continues to do these things. I’m sure many people love it, but many probably don’t. I know GaGa does this and other more established names. Show them your vocals and personality but quick the BS kissing and licking everyone. I’m a huge fan despite what you think and have supported him all along since 2009. I just hate how he isn’t selling well in America and will probably not get any nominations for awards. I’m sick of the rotten singers out there making it big (Bieber, Swift), and just want to see true talent rise.

    • Marie, you obviously don`t know Adam. He adapts his performances to the venues or concerts.
      When he`s live on shows and sees kids in the audiendce (like the Quebec show where I was) he tones it down. When he`s on a late night show (when kids are supposed to be in bed) he lets go a little more. When he`s on morning shows, like when he was on GMA, he`s very toned down. When he was on Ellen and Oprah, he was very classy. He`s very smart, and he knows exactly what he`s doing.

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      dear god, if he ever gets as popular as Bieber just shoot me. He’s alternative. Deal with it. He will never be as big as all that “popular” crap. Popular doesn’t mean better, it just means that something is vanilla enough for a lot of people to kind of like it.

      • Tina Glamb#654 says:

        Someone PLEASE punch Bieber in the throat and get his face off EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE!! I can’t go anywhere without seeing that kid, and I’m tired of him…As for Adam, Keep Doin’ What Your Doin’!! It’s GREAT!!!

        Tina..aka…MISTRESS LAMBERT 🙂

  8. Adam is expressing himself and that is why we love him! wouldn’t want him any other way! he can censor himself when he has to, but why should he when he doesn’t have to? He is unique and that will make his career a long and successful one, for your entertainment:)

  9. HOT!!! (and love every minute of it) 🙂

  10. Adam Lambert’s pelvis DID have a lot or rest in Malaysia…. AND he sure ‘loosened up” way down under!

  11. A beautiful smile on a beautiful face at the end says it all ! Really happy for Adam to receive so much affection from an amazing audience. When he asks, ” Anyone offended ? ” a definite chorus of approval from the audience is so pleasing to the ear unlike the negativity he has been getting.
    A hand on Adam’s head as if giving him a blessing as he kisses the lucky fan is very touching.

  12. Amazing! Adam is on fired!

  13. Princessshakeitup says:

    About the airport nap, do you suppose he was drooling? Aren’t ya glad you’re not a celebrity!?
    Next photo op…Adam goes to the Men’s Room!

  14. FlamingoLady says:

    Sex has always been part of rock’n’roll…that’s what makes it exciting. Adam is an entertainer first and foremost. He’s really good at playing to his particular audience, and this one obviously was with him all the way. Me, too…I like it hot! 🙂

  15. Adam knows that his TV performances would not necessarily be the same as his live concert
    performances (except for one..). Remember him on Ellen, Oprah, Leno, Letterman, mentor for AI9, MM video awards (which he won), etc.

  16. Ok, I am very confused. I didn’t see a thing that was offensive or off the chart hot here. Maybe I’m jaded…grew up with Freddy M, Kiss, Ozzy, and the like. Was there stuff not shown here os in other vids maybe that I haven’t seen? This is my first look at the Sydney concert. Thanks as always for sharing, but I have no idea what all the fuss is about.

  17. I just re-read that and it doesn’t come across the way I meant it. Yes, Adam was hot, as always, but not any more so than say, San Francisco or some other US dates. Someone on another site complained about him using the m***f*** term, but I never heard it. I did really enjoy all the sassy-boy looks he was giving the audience. The end of TCB…very Joe Cocker, Adam, lol!

  18. Mary at the Lake says:

    Well, lets just say that I was so offended by his Sydney performances that I had to travel all the way to Hawaii just to see if he might be able to offend me some more!!!! And since he has two shows here, my opportunities to be offended are definitely increased exponentially!!! And if that wasn’t enough, I am heading for LA in Dec. for once last chance to be offended! So as you can see, I am giving him every opportunity to ruffle my feathers, curl my hair and knock my socks off!!! And I have no doubt that he will (please…)….

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      While I am Deep Jade Green with envy, I am so thrilled for you to have all these opportunities to be offended! Please, be offended for me too! You could always hold your gloved hand over your eyes baby eyes! We will be looking forward to REALLY offensive reporting from you soon; socks having been properly knocked off.

    • GO GIRL!!!

  19. NinaLatina says:

    Man oh man…I would KILL to be that guy…what a shocker….I’m so jealous. I LOVE watching Adam be SEXXXY!

  20. adam album gone gold in australia,double platinium( wwfm),platinium (IIHY).

  21. Was front of venue in Sydney and can say this was the BEST show I have ever seen! It rocked with so much of ADAMS hotness that it was totally breathtaking! He was on fire!!!!!!!! He brought people to a frenzy bringing tears of complete and utter joy, along with vocals that were impeccable!
    The atmosphere in the incredible Enmore was amazing! I went to many Glam Nation venues in the
    US and they were all brilliant but Sydney Australia (seconded by Brisbane and then Melbourne),
    outshone every single show I saw there….!!!

  22. Coole, sehr coole Sache, immer weiter so…bitte! Wer was Anderes sagt, der lügt!