Glam Nation-Staten Island, NY 08/24/2010

Staten Island was the lastest stop for Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation tour!! There are some picture’s and of course the long awaited video’s!! Was anybody at this show?? We would love a review!!



Here are some pics of Adam at the Scissor Sisters after party:djx2_277f26c1


Opening Medley






Sure Fire Winners


Music Again


Mad World



  1. Miss Molly says:

    Is that Parker Posey he is Posin’ with?

  2. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    Is Adam letting his natural red show through on the shaved side of his head? Interesting!

  3. patricia Pearce says:

    Is that Adam’s mom in the first two pictures sitting to his right?

  4. Re : Steve Barnes’ review of the Palace Theatre Glam Nation concert

    Mr Barnes, I find these two sentences based on your observations of Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation concert highly objectionable. You wrote ” …he is not yet a complete concert artist. His original material is forgettable…” . Adam designed ,directed and starred in his own Glam Nation concert with so much artistic flare and committment and the thunderous applause and encores night after night say it all. 70 sold-out American venues, and cities in Asia are selling out tickets fast too even before he touched down there ! 75,000 Canadians watched him at the St. Jean Balloon Festivel Montreal . The traffic snaked its way to the airport field where he sang his heart out for such a large enthusiastic crowd of Canadians who appreciate Adam Lambert’s music genius ! So, not a complete concert artist ? ? As for his CD material being forgettable, be aware that the songs are written by highly respectable and internationally acclaimed singers and songwriters , Adam Lambert included. In one thoughtles sweep of a statement, you have written them all off ! Definitely unacceptable !! The Glam Nation Tour is Adam Lambert’s first masterpiece , many more to come !! He’ll probably fly in onto the stage the next time around !

    • Yeh! Lam M Y
      That is what I thought about the Steve Barnes’ article. I understand he is actually a food critic. He sounds like he is. He really got bashed on must all of the comments. Yes, Adam fly on!

    • I was at the Palace Theater show and Adam was amazing. For such a new artist promoting his first album , he already has command over his audience. He never proclaimed himself as the second coming of anybody and just wants to be himself. He has sold out pretty much every venue he’s played at and that says more than anything this critic has to say! I’m just sorry that this is the first concert of the Glamnation tour that I attended. Hopefully he has many more concerts to come in the future.

    • Who is Steve Barnes? Sadly, he has missed the magic of The Master himself…but you simply
      can’t win them all! He obviously is not aware of the massive fan base that ADAM has worldwide
      …..Oh, if only he knew!

  5. Thank you danagram for your informative reply . I have posted quite a number of Adam Lambert comments but you are the first person to reply to me , much appreciated !
    Mr Barnes , food critic ? No wonder ! They sure need to wear a lot of different hats nowadays . Blame it on the economy !
    Adam looks really good in the above photos . His facial expression says it all , he has arrived !

  6. Katy Perry was there too!

  7. kat23mogan says:

    As with everything…you will have those who know nothing of the music industry and art…This dude is a food critic and we are worried about his review? Stack up his stupid review next to the others who have been overwhelmingly positive…compare it to the fact that he is the only artist who has had a smash hit concert tour this summer….no problem selling out and no problem being outstanding every night…His talent is multi faceted….I love the songs he co-wrote…They are truly inspirational…The writer Mr. Barnes is a fool….

  8. Adamesque says:

    I completely agree with the above comments. I have grown up going to concerts and seen many of the best. I feel that I have never gotten a show this amazing for such a low price. I feel lucky to have seen this beautiful man in two small arenas and got to whitness his brilliance up close and personal. I can honestly say it’s one of the best concerts I have EVER seen! This is his first album and he puts on a show like this?? EPIC!

  9. Viki Glamb #673 says:

    This was my third and last concert of the tour. I was on vacation in West Virginia, drove 2 1/2 hours to Harrisburg, took a 3 hour train ride to NYC, then met my sister-in-law and went on the Staten Island Ferry to the theater. And I am a 60 year old disabled Glamb Grandmom. He was absolutely amazing! And without a doubt, Fever was the hottest ever!!! My sister-in-law could not believe the diversity of the audience. There was a little 8 year old and his Dad sitting behind us. Dad said all he wanted for his 8th birthday was to see Adam. He was one happy little boy as he left the theater! Bravo Dad!

    • Cris R Glamb #659 says:

      You are awesome!! You go girl! I read your previous post about your plans and was telling my fellow-Glamb this past weekend (when we went to see him in Albany) about you. I said ” You think I’m bad, there’s this woman who will be on vacation in West Virginia and……” etc. etc. Glad you enjoyed it so much and that he was worth the arduous trip.

      I noticed the same diversity at the last 2 concerts — Bethlehem and Albany — all ages, genders, persuasions. Adam brings us all together for a great time.

  10. Well, I was at the St. George Theatre, SI, NY concert. My kids gave me two tickets for this show because they know I L O V E this kid. It was the most memorable night and it was made even more memorable when my daughter in law went into labor at midnight!! I will never forget this concert or the birth of my little grandson.
    P.S. I had great seats too. 2nd mezz first row. I only wish I was able to photograph him more clearly. LOVE YOU ADAM LAMBERT – I knew you would be a huge success.

  11. I am 64 years old. The Costa Mesa concert was the best I ever went to. Adam Lambert is amongst the very best singers I have ever heard, and his voice could keep pace with any of today’s best.

    He is legendary, awesome, and I hear a pretty nice guy to boot.

    Great voice, terrific entertainer, a very talented song writer, and all around creative genius.

    Bravo! Best of wishes for a long successful career. Truly hope to see him again in person and patiently wait for his next album, for I have no doubt it will be great!