Glam Nation-St. Petersburg, Fl 09/18/2010

Well, who knew we would ever see Adam on a BASEBALL field!! That was the case last night, September 18,2010. Tropicana Field is now a little sparklier after the Glam Nation took over, haha. Check it out…


Opening Medley/ suz526

Fever/ suz526

Sleepwalker/ suz526

Soaked/ suz526

WWFM/ suz526

Aftermath/ suz526

Sure Fire Winners/ suz526

Strut/ suz526

Music Again/ suz526

IIHY/ suz526

Encore/ suz526
20th Century Boy



  1. Kathleen Bernhardt says:

    Thanks Suz Your wonderful

  2. Adam Lambert was fantastic
    last night in St. Pete. He is an
    Incredible performer with the best

  3. Better than ever………sweet lordy lord…….geez he’s good……

  4. I was there and he was wonderful!!

  5. Glad to see Adam having a good concert, and tweeting about it in such a positive way. He’ll be in huge arenas and stadiums on a regular basis soon enough although I know he enjoys the intimacy of smaller venues. There’s no stopping this superstar when you have as much talent, charisma and charm as Adam.

  6. Just watched the opening medley. Ring of Fire…..WOW!!!!!! Think I have to go masturbate now…….

  7. He just gets better and better! Awesome!! Love you Adam!!!

  8. Thanks for putting up wonderful videos and keeping us informed!!!

  9. SHAR BORROSCO says:

    Yes, Adam is so GREAT.. I am hoping he puts 20th Century Boy on his next CD.
    I don’t know about anyone else, but that is becoming my FAVORITE.
    and definetly a must for a DVD. I just can’t get enough of this song…lol lol

  10. Glad to see Adam back in business as usual . The paparaz seems to have lied in his police report. Adam stated there were no punches and no wrestle on the ground . Anyway no photos show any traces of such actions like sand on their clothings . Doesn’t making a false report deem it null and void and is lodging a false report punishable by law ?
    Thanks again for the videos Suz , fervent as ever !

  11. I’ve just heard Adam say on the 93.3 FLZ Tampa Interview, that he thinks there’ll be no more singles from the current album. I can’t believe it. That is so disappointing! Why? And what’s gonna happen with Fever?

  12. peggyt#Glamb345 says:

    I am with Shar and also hope that he puts 20th Century Boy on a cd…I love it and listen to it a lot….
    Suz you have done a wonderful job of videoing and love them…After 8 concerts and the last one in Peoria, i am sad that it is all over for now………Hope he has a good tour overseas…..Take care so you can come back and entertain us all again…..

  13. THANKS SUZ 526,, You are being very good to us by bringing these Vids!!

    Love, Love our Guy Adam

  14. Scootersmom says:

    I’m already beginning to feel sad, Adam is leaving our country to go spread his beauty, talent and love around the rest of the World. I don’t know how I’ll survive without SUZ’s videos. Hopefully, she’ll be able to go with him and continue to feed us our daily dose of Adam!

    Also, I’d love just once to hear him sing John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Adam’s voice would be so wonderful with this fabulous song.

  15. WitchyAngel says:

    Suz526 has been at all of the concerts and did a good job. But I really go pretty frustrated that she didn’t show Adam and Tommy on purpose several times. Maybe she isn’t comfortable with their sexuality. It’s especially annoying during the band intros. She cuts away from Tommy when he’s soloing or goofing around with Adam 🙁

  16. thanks for the video i was there it was awesome! i never realized how gold and glittery he is live you really cant see it on videos i had the time of my life went to all three fla shows cant wait till next year!!!!!!!

  17. Phenomenal!! I can’t get through Soaked without crying!!! Wow!! What a voice! He belongs in a STADIUM!! No wonder he was in tears. The crowd f$%%ing loved it!!!!